23/08/2010 13:28:31 Mexican police to patrol NY?
"In a series of events which has caused wide notice and a storm of protests, the government of Mexico, through its consulate in New York in the United Nations, has announced it will begin patrolling the New York City borough of Staten Island to “safeguard” its nationals there." -What kind of police does Mexico have now? Just the other day the Mexican police helped murder their own mayor! And now they plan to let them patrol New York? Is it just me, or does it look to you like they're trying to start a civil war in America? The government is literally going berserk!

23/08/2010 13:28:31 Headless, mutilated bodies hung from Mexico bridge
GRAPHIC CONTENT! "Four decapitated and mutilated corpses were strung from a bridge in a popular getaway outside the Mexican capital on Sunday, the latest atrocity as the country battles an escalating drug war." Ezekiel 7:23 does say clearly that in our day, "...the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence."

23/08/2010 13:28:30 Extreme close-ups of tiny jumping spiders
PICS: "Staring menacingly at the camera these exotic looking creatures look like monsters straight out of a horror film. But, despite their appearance, these creatures are actually jumping spiders, which measure a tiny six millimetres - and they live in this country. The harmless arachnids, which are capable of jumping up to six times their own height, can be found in grassy meadows and on the walls of houses on sunny days." -It is amazing to see the detail our Creator has put into each one of these tiny little faces! If you cannot see God's hand here, you cannot see it anywhere!

22/08/2010 10:49:57 Global currency around the corner?
"If the International Monetary Fund gets its way, the U.S. dollar will be replaced by the "bancor" as the world's reserve currency. According to a report published April 13, the IMF would like to adopt a plan of action that would expand the use of SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) to replace the U.S. dollar as the storehouse of value and eventually create a global currency called the "bancor." -Yes, I understand that most that frequent this site already know this was prophecied to happen. I post it for the newbies who are just now starting to realize that Christian prophecy is more than simply claiming to be accurate. It's absolute TRUTH!

22/08/2010 10:56:32 Gulf States pushing for attack on Iran
"First it was the United Arab Emirates ambassador in Washington, now it’s a Saudi Arabian editorial, and John Bolton says the entire Persian Gulf feels the same: an attack on Iran is the only option.. if it's not too late." -Rome will not stop until every nation on earth acknowledges them as the "moral" authority on the planet. So far, they have 175 nations with just a little over a dozen left to comply. Iran is in fact one that refuses Rome's demands. Will there be war? Yes, I'm sure of it if Iran refuses to kiss the Pope's ring and bow to his political leadership. This is why there are so many "wars and rumors of wars" in our day. Will Iran bow to the Vatican like Yassir Arafat did years ago? Or will Iran refuse like Saddam Hussein refused and find their country obliterated by American bombs? Time will tell.

22/08/2010 10:49:57 Academic scientists say oil from Gulf spill is not going away quickly
"Academic scientists are challenging the Obama administration's assertion that most of BP's oil in the Gulf of Mexico is either gone or rapidly disappearing -- with one group Thursday announcing the discovery of a 22-mile "plume" of oil that shows little sign of vanishing. That plume was measured in late June and was described Thursday by scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. The biggest news was not the plume itself: For weeks, government and university scientists have said that oil from BP's damaged well is still underwater." - I praise God that the truth is still being shared out there. After Obama and his family acted as if they were swimming in the Gulf, yet were actually in a disconnected water way, I was concerned that many would fall for this and get poisoned by following his lead. It's nice to see there are still some out there with enough clout to get the truth printed. However, the days are coming when such articles will not be allowed. I just hope the people realize that when that day comes.

22/08/2010 11:00:16 Oil plume from spill persists, data show
"Oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill formed an underwater plume of hydrocarbons the size of Manhattan, scientists said Thursday, raising fears of a lingering cloud of trace chemicals in the Gulf with an unknown long-term impact." -In other words, there is now rock hard evidence the government lied about the oil being "80% gone" in the Gulf. But then, they also lied about global warming, September, 11, Iraq, and a few hundred other major events in the past few decades. A mere generation ago it was considered a felony for a Government official to lie. Today it's considered politics! We are in the age of lying simply because it's Satan's last chance to get as many as he can into the pit of fire with him. He is using his favored tool to get the job done. Please stay in your Bibles. The Truth will indeed set you free!

22/08/2010 10:49:57 Under threat from Mexican drug cartels, reporters go silent
"A new word has been written into the lexicon of Mexico's drug war: narco-censorship. It's when reporters and editors, out of fear or caution, are forced to write what the traffickers want them to write, or to simply refrain from publishing the whole truth in a country where members of the press have been intimidated, kidnapped and killed." -This is what Catholicism breeds. The majority of Mexicans are Roman Catholic. Since the church doesn't preach truth, but instead tell them all is well if they confess to a priest each week, they feel they can do all the sin they want. And if they happen to die in sin, Rome teaches them their loved ones can buy them into Heaven with indulgences. This is why most Catholic people do things real Christians would never dream of. Please pray for them. Some Catholics, and most of the Mexican people have a zeal to please God, but their church leaders are causing them to please Satan instead.

22/08/2010 10:55:24 Mexico's richest city plagued by violence
"A surge of drug violence in Mexico's business capital and richest city has prompted an outcry from business leaders who on Wednesday took out full-page ads asking President Felipe Calderón to send in more soldiers to stem the violence." -Ezekiel 7:23 does predict for our day that, "...the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence." And so it is.

20/08/2010 15:22:34 Storm-caused "fire tornado" burns 8000 acres
"The "fire tornado" or "fire whirlwind" whipped across the sagebrush late Wednesday afternoon, throwing out embers that ignited rangeland in all directions, said BLM spokeswoman Lynn Barclay." -I don't know about you all, but this strikes me as a bit odd to say the least. How can a scoffer, or even a Christian that doesn't study prophecy or Scriptures regarding God's wrath filled warnings not see something is happening in the world today. Praise the Lord for Christian prophecy!

20/08/2010 15:22:34 Egypt publisher: Christians forged their versions of the Bible
"An Islamic publishing house in Egypt has published what is says is a "forged" version of the Christian Bible, angering the local Coptic Church, independent daily al-Masry al-Youm reported Thursday." -You know what get's me about all this? They are 100% correct! It's amazing how non-believers that use the Bibles to try and battle Christianity can see the modern day Bibles are all Roman Catholic forgeries. Yet some Christians that study these corrupted Bibles daily can't see it. I've been exposing two such forgeries on my "Bogus Bibles" page for years. Truth remains, the only safe Bible out there is the King James. But most Christians are unaware of this for some strange reason. They feel it's easier to read the forged bibles because "they're in today's language." Such lazy Christians will get what they deserve if they continue to allow mankind to preach to them instead of the Holy Spirit who penned those Words.

20/08/2010 15:22:34 Arizona reverts to Wild West! Blood runs in streets!
"On July 29th, the new constitutional carry law in Arizona went into effect, removing all requirements that a lawful gun owner obtain permission of the state before carrying a firearm concealed. Just as the folks from the Brady Center Against Guns and the Violence Policy Center had predicted, virtually everyone in the state has either been killed or seriously injured by gunfire in the ensuing two weeks, and drug and outlaw biker gangs are running rampant, since the police can no longer ticket them for unlicensed carry of concealed weapons." -This is what happens when the U.S. Government stops caring for it citizens. Soon Ezekiel's prophecy will be the norm in many cities!

20/08/2010 15:31:16 China building new nuke delivery system, space weapons: US
"China is pursuing a major military buildup in a "secretive manner" developing survivable nuclear delivery system, a 1,500 km range anti-ship missile to hit aircraft carriers and has the most active land based ballistic and cruise missile programme in the world, Pentagon has said." -Not too long ago China was unable to do such a thing. Their technology was too cumbersome to be able to fashion the micro circuits needed to create such a weapon. Who sold them the technology to be able to do this? William Jefferson Clinton! While he was a sitting president no less! It is obvious Rome plans to use China as a military force. Truth is, they have over 1 billion in troops as we speak.

20/08/2010 15:22:34 Saudi judge asks hospital if it can damage convict's spine as punishment for paralysing man
"A Saudi judge has asked several hospitals in the country whether they could damage a man's spinal cord as punishment after he was convicted of attacking another man with a cleaver and paralyzing him... one of the hospitals, located in Tabuk, responded that it is possible to damage the spinal cord, but it added that the operation would have to be done at another more specialized facility." -Now do you see why Rome invented Islam? It displays her fruits with wicked perfection! Like Hitler, Islam has no problems with death and destruction. What most don't realize is, Hitler openly said many times that he did what he did "for the church." Islam is the perfect tool for Rome. They can do what they did with Hitler, but act as if they are totally disconnected while doing so. Problem is, the elect cannot be deceived, or can they be silenced.

19/08/2010 14:54:03 Fatal cloudburst devastates Himalayan desert town
"a rare and extreme cloudburst devastated the Himalayan town of Leh in Ladakh, India – normally one of the driest regions on Earth. Heavy rainfall is common elsewhere in the Himalayas, but not in Ladakh. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, Ladakh receives an average of about 15 millimetres of rain during August." -This is just one more disaster to add to the growing list that will grow larger and more frequent in the coming days. To see the big list of disasters, click here

19/08/2010 14:54:02 Russian tycoon orders all his employees to find God and get married after fires
"A religion-obsessed Russian tycoon has ordered his employees to quickly embrace the Russian Orthodox Church or lose their jobs. ...The farming tycoon said he was forced to resort to extreme measures after Russia was struck by an unprecedented drought and thousands of wild fires this summer." -One thing I've always noticed about Russians. They never pull their punches. When they are given a task to do, they do it without beating around the bush or by gilding the lily like most other politicians do to try and hide their true agenda. That being said, you are aware the Russian Orthodox church officially joined with the Vatican back in 2009. Could this be a harbinger of church demands upon the secular community? Ok.. dumb prophetic question.

19/08/2010 14:54:02 Iris Scanners Create the Most Secure City in the World. Welcome, Big Brother
"Biometrics R&D firm Global Rainmakers Inc. (GRI) announced today that it is rolling out its iris scanning technology to create what it calls "the most secure city in the world." In a partnership with Leon -- one of the largest cities in Mexico, with a population of more than a million -- GRI will fill the city with eye-scanners. That will help law enforcement revolutionize the way we live." -Mankind calls it technological advances. The Lord calls it prophetic fulfillment.

19/08/2010 14:58:22 Greece in an economic "death spiral"
"There's hardly a worker in the shipbuilding district of Perama who could still manage that. Unemployment in the city hovers between 60 and 70 percent, according to a study conducted by the University of Piraeus." -The house of cards is falling. Soon this will spread globally "as planned" so as to ensure more power to those in power. Amazing how unloving and evil mankind has grown. One can see Satan smiling from horn to horn. Praise the Lord he is about to have that smile wiped permanently off his face!

19/08/2010 15:01:06 Rep. Rangel: Let's have mandatory national service
"A bill introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., would reinstate a compulsory military draft during war time and require U.S. citizens not selected for military duty to perform a "national service obligation" – as defined by President Obama – for a minimum of two years." -It's not bad enough the government is killing thousands all around the world to push Vatican ideals, they now want to kill their own citizens in these corporate takeovers disguised as wars. The Vatican knows that money moves the politicians. If you look closely you can see that these "wars" are nothing more than invasions by the Vatican using the American military. Each so called "war" has a major carrot dangling before the sitting president that grants him untold riches and power, while at the same time Rome gets theirs. Pun intended.

18/08/2010 15:08:27 Surveillance: two rare glimpses into who's watching you, and how
"If it hasn't become apparent to you yet, you are living in an age when your every online step is being monitored. The notion of communications privacy has been steamrolled in the interests of security, and the occasional tiny chance we get to peek back at the people who make it their business to watch us is truly frightening. Two new stories from America this week give a rare glimpse behind the curtain at just how closely you're being watched, and by whom." -This is our society today.

18/08/2010 15:08:26 No money down home loans ... Say it ain't so
"Apparently, while we weren't looking, Bam and the boys thought it would be a good idea to start giving away homes again, and when I say giving them away I mean giving them away, as in no money out of your pocket." -If they do this, which in fact they have already started, they will be able to destroy the economy much quicker thanks to the fact that millions more are out of work now than there were before they used the predatory lending method on the American people last time. For them to go ahead with this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do have plans to destroy the dollar so as to bring on the anarchy that will fuel the fervor for martial law in D.C. as well as global government, cashless society and a Vatican global rule. Could it be they expected far more trouble when the Bush administration did it, and now that they see it fizzled out they need to try it again? Will the people let them give them the loans and homes? Yes they will because money always makes people happy. How long will it take before we see this? As long as it takes for them to be assured most have forgotten about the warnings regarding them doing all this. Why do this? Won't they lose money too? Not really. The way the stock market is set up, the super rich stand to make trillions of dollars by betting on the common man's plight. It's just as prophecy predicted! They're hoarding their riches for the last days.

18/08/2010 15:08:26 Run on banks! FDIC moves on 100 insolvents
"China's holdings of U.S. debt are now so extensive that last week China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange felt compelled to come forward to assert that China would not use the "nuclear option" to dump U.S. Treasuries in a move to damage the U.S. economically." -Many are right now being tested all around the world. Do you trust God? Or do you trust money? Money is about to be taken away. God is eternal. Nuff said?

18/08/2010 15:08:26 Now smuggling operations infecting northern border
"The images of weapons stockpiles and drug-cartel mayhem may not be coming from Mexican and southern U.S. border cities much longer, according to experts who say the continuing criminal enterprises are moving north, and already have reached both Middle America and the nation's northern perimeter." -It's beginning to look more and more like international criminals know America is about to collapse. Everyone wants to get as many chunks of the fallout as possible. Again.. not a good time to be in a city.

18/08/2010 15:25:43 Gibson's dad blasts Catholic church
"Mel Gibson's father has hit headlines after reportedly blasting the Catholic Church and declaring Pope Benedict XVI a 'homosexual' on a US radio show." -One thing about truth is, it eventually comes out before the eyes of many. Even if the Vatican spins this out of existence, it won't change the truth that all this will be shouted from every rooftop very soon. By the way, prophecy does predict the priests of the Roman Catholic church would in fact be homosexuals. Daniel 11:37 says, "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all." To see the facts regarding their homosexual problems, click here. To see how the Pope's "magnify himself above all" clck here. Christian prophecy is amazing!

17/08/2010 14:50:14 70 avowed socialists in the U.S. Congress
"In October 2009, the Democratic Socialists of America released in its newsletter a list of 70 members of the U.S. Congress who are members of the organization:" -This article lists them. The only reason I post it is because some think it's all just a conspiracy theory that the Vatican influenced Congress is moving towards a Nazi Socialist party so as to better control the people they plan to enforce their mark upon. Perhaps this documented list of 70 Congressmen and women will put that disbelief to rest. One can only hope.

17/08/2010 14:50:13 Scientists stunned as bee populations continue to decline
"Scientists remain stymied as honeybees in the United States and across the world continue to die in large numbers. "There are a lot of beekeepers who are in trouble" said David Mendes, president of the American Beekeeping Federation. "Under normal condition you have 10 percent winter losses ... this year there are 30, 40 to 50 percent losses." -Compile this with the poisonous atmosphere, and GMO seeds and what do you have? The perfect storm for a global food source crash. How does it look? It looks like the world needs a Saviour right? Wars, inner city crime, drugs, disease, droughts, famines, corruption, floods, forest fires, earthquakes. Yes, it looks like the perfect storm is brewing so Antichrist can step up and act as if he has all the answers for mankind. How long will it take? Not much longer I'm sure as mankind reaches the breaking point.

17/08/2010 15:02:04 Will bizarre weather of 2010 set the stage for a major global food shortage in 2011?
"Record-shattering heatwaves all over the world, massive wildfires in Russia, truly historic flooding in Pakistan and China and devastating droughts in many other areas are playing havoc with harvests all over the globe. This is leading many analysts to predict a sharp rise in food prices for the rest of 2010, and there are even whispers that 2011 could see the outbreak of global food riots that are even worse than what we witnessed back in 2008. The truth is that things are starting to get more than a bit frightening out there. One quarter of Russia's grain crops have already been wiped out by the unprecedented heatwave and the massive wildfires that have been ravaging that nation. In fact, the Russian government has announced that they have banned all grain exports for the rest of this year. This has caused a dramatic surge in the price of wheat on world markets. " -It appears the rumors to remove all the food off the shelves in 2011 are becoming more and more plausible? It appears their advertising for that as we speak. And just think, all they needed was a few weather modifications to get the job done.