16/08/2012 14:07:45 Who is Ayn Rand?
"Why are so many political leaders and people for the new world order into the teachings of Ayn Rand namely vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan among many others? I AM NOT DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN." --I too am no democrat or republican. I'm just one of many voices in the wilderness proclaiming present truth. And as is so obviously documented on this website, Catholicism is as Isaiah 4:1 puts it. They merely claim Christ Lord to hide their shame while embracing sin as something they are somehow exempt from thanks to purgatory. VP running mate to Romney is a Roman Catholic who supports Ayn Rand. Who is Ayn Rand? Watch the video. What I will say is this. Prophecy clearly states the Vatican will be used by Satan to try and change Christianity into "another Jesus" that allows for all sortsof decadence to emerge. Ayn Rand is the ultimate in Antichristian women. Yet, Ryan and many other Catholics embrace her work. But then, that is Roman Catholicism in a nutshell. And this is why our nation is such a mess. Since they took over the White House, as was prophesied, it's been downhill ever since. But then, that was their plan all along.

16/08/2012 14:07:44 Sinkhole: H-Bomb explosion equivalent possible
"A possible breach of a butane-filled well 1500 feet from Bayou Corne's sinkhole, the size of three football fields, is so "very serious," it has Assumption Parish sheriff and local residents ordered to evacuate worried about a catastrophic explosion, one according to scientists in an Examiner investigation, would be in the range of one and a half B83 thermonuclear (hydrogen) bombs, the most powerful United States weapons in active service." --And it's all due to manmade problems in the earth's crust! The hypocrisy of our elected officials is appalling and a constant source of prayer. Some of them are trying their best, while others are only doing as their demons lead. The powers that be make citizens stand in line for hours making sure every spec of CO2 is checked and double checked in their automobiles, yet they pollute the planet more than most cities can in 100 life times! This by the way is yet another prophetic fulfillment. Check out Revelation 11:18 says about how Jesus handles those that destroy the earth. Also notice the timing of His arrival and how it coincides with what's happening right now.

15/08/2012 12:43:46 'Auschwitz-like' US death camp hospital in Kabul
"Senior US military officers blew the whistle on horrific conditions at the National Military Hospital in Kabul. They revealed some graphic images, showing severely neglected, starving patients at the hospital, which the US military sponsors and helps oversee. Witnesses describe the conditions there as "Auschwitz-like", lacking basic necessities." --Not an easy video to watch! This is what happens when you join forces with the same power that controlled Hitler in his day. This is a repeatedly surfacing fruit of the Vatican all throughout history. Yet some governing officials still see no wrong in yoking with such a beast as this. However, soon all will weep and wail when they watch her burn just as prophecy says is her just deserts for embracing all that is Antichristian. (See Revelation 18:9)

14/08/2012 12:11:00 'Private corps do US govt's dirty work'
"It's been revealed that the U.S. government is secretly spying on its citizens using an advanced surveillance programme. Software called TrapWire allegedly has access to all security cameras across the country. Documents revealed through Wikileaks claim the software uses the collected data to monitor people via facial recognition. Censorship and technology campaigner Aaron Swartz says people's every move online and on the street is now being watched." --Still don't think the government has the power to track your every move? Well, of course you need to be living in a city for this to actually work. (hint hint)

14/08/2012 12:10:59 This is What Your Tap Water Looks Like
"A brief look at my water filtration 'overflow' tray." --This guy shows the overflow tray for his 12 stage water filtration system in his home. Living in a rural area where city water towers can't reach; you won't have to deal with such disgusting things like this. I post this video in the hopes that, on the one hand, God's people who still live in cities use trustworthy filters for their drinking water, or on the other hand they simply move out of the city altogether. This is truly downright disgusting!

08/12/2012 11:15:12 Israel to attack Iran before US election
"Israeli media says a military strike on Iran could be imminent and could take place in the coming months. Tel Aviv has long threatened to attack, saying international sanctions against the country over its nuclear plans are not enough. But, as Anastasia Churkina reports, an early use of force by Israel could leave Barack Obama red-faced entering this November's presidential race." --Whether this actually happens or not is hard to predict. What's amazing to me is that they plan to kill people in the best political move they can muster. As expected, thanks to the love of many waxing so cold as prophecy predicted, they have no concern for the lives of innocent people. They are only concerned with political posturing that can grant them the best position in the region.

08/10/2012 12:59:39 Missile defense or world dominance?
"Washington has boosted sales of detection systems and missile batteries to countries like Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. This map shows how the Iranian state is being increasingly encircled by all kinds of U.S. military bases and weapons." --If you're a Christian that doesn't study prophecy as much as others do, this appears as a fulfillment of what Jesus said in Matthew 24:6,7 regarding "wars and rumours of wars." But if you're one to study prophecy a bit more, you will know how Rome is prophesied to use the USA in the end to dominate all nations so as to have the means by which to enforce the mark.

08/10/2012 12:59:38 Hundreds of tanks moving in California
"(Warning -- explicit language): It is possible that they are being shipped to an army base in Southern California to be painted with camouflage. But no Southern California civilians have ever seen so many tanks before." --I wish I could delete the many curse words that start the video. But it's obvious the young man watching all this is shocked at what he sees. This is at least the third video I've seen in different States in the last few years were hundreds of military tanks were on trains like this. Is this the harbinger to martial law? Or is it just the USA stockpiling weapons to help the Vatican do as prophecy says they will do soon? Or both? Yes... both seems logical to me as well.

08/09/2012 14:07:29 Pelosi 'Swears' Spirits Spoke to Her in White House
"And then I realized Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Sojourner Truth, you name it, they were all in that chair, they were," said Pelosi. "More than I named and I could hear them say: 'At last we have a seat at the table.' And then they were gone." --Yes, some will say she was only speaking fictionally, BUT, she does say "this never happened to me before," and then later said, "they were gone" which proves she believes this to be an authentic event. Many of us know about the numerous demonic acts in the White House by previous politicians (and their wives) who claim to have seen or even talked with dead predecessors. But for one to stand before all, and on camera so many times that it appears she's taken up the role as a paranormal evangelist, shows us how far spiritualism has infiltrated the White House. Those that embrace such things speak of it as if it's the norm! What many aren't aware of is the fact this was actually prophesied to happen right before the end.

08/09/2012 14:07:29 Muslims kept children underground for a decade!
"Over 70 members of a reclusive Muslim sect have spent a decade in an eight-level catacomb in Russia's Tatarstan. Their 27 children, some of them born underground, lived with them without access to education, healthcare or even daylight. The founder of the sect, 83-year-old Faizrakhman Satarov, claims he is the last Muslim prophet." --Cults like this are just one more sign we have precious little time left to "prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight." -Mark 1:3

08/08/2012 14:23:44 7-Year-Old A Suspect In Violent Home Invasion
"An Eyewitness News exclusive, a violent home invasion has Philadelphia police hunting for some preteen suspects. Authorities say they beat a 51-year-old woman with some unusual items, including a plunger." --Amazing! They were only 7, 10 and 12 years old! Thanks to all the violence in our society thanks to the video games, Rock music and movies, kids as young as 7 are beating their neighbors down to get at their valuables! This is what happens when you remove God from the home. As Romans 1:30 predicts, even the children will become boldly disobedient!

08/03/2012 13:12:54 New Video Uploaded
--This video is a mere smattering of the many facts now posted on SDAapostasy.org The video is mostly a collection of the "Evidence in pictures" page on this site. There are also numerous studies doc files, videos, articles, SOP references as well as Scriptures proving the SDA church is in fact a sister to fallen Babylon just as SOP and Scripture predicted.

08/07/2012 11:57:23 Deadly sinkhole incident caught on camera
--Let me ask all those young people that feel they have time to decide that know who Jesus Christ is and have yet to make the final decision to give their life to Him. Since you know life eventually ends, and since you also know without Christ, Hell is your only option; do you really think it's wise to wait until you get older to accept Him as Saviour? Especially when the very path you're traveling in life can literally collapse under your feet in a split second? Life may be a bed of roses right now. But that can all change in a New York, or even end as it did for this unfortunate soul in the video. Don't know how to ask Christ into your life? Click here.

08/07/2012 11:57:23 Stun gun used on patient upsets family
"The wife of a man with severe Alzheimer's spoke out Wednesday out after she says police used a stun gun on her husband inside a nursing home last month." --So far little children, grandparents, blind people, and believe it or not, people in wheelchairs have been tazed by police. In all cases the officer claimed he feared for his life. And now, a disabled man in a nursing home is tazed 5 times. Tazers should not be used unless the officer truly is in danger, and he doesn't want to use a firearm to kill! It seems most use it today because it's easier than actually doing the job they were supposedly trained for. The end result of all this is, the general public now fears the police. And THAT is exactly what they're going for here. It's no longer to "serve and protect" as much as it is "to intimidate and torture." But then, these are the last days, and unless you control the masses, you can't enforce the mark.

08/06/2012 14:12:39 Should Obama go to prison for supporting Al-Qaeda?
"Obama and our government is funding the Al-Qaeda!" --This is absolutely shocking! This is an open act of treason. But then, so was Clinton's sale of miniaturizing technology to China during his administration. That sale allowed them to create Nuclear ICBM"s that can now reach American cities. What many fail to see here is what History reveals about how Rome worked in the past. They make friends behind closed doors, they use those friends as villains as well as friends to meet their agenda. Daniel 11 uncovers this in prophetic detail. And now we see America doing this. (and yes, Obama is doing this!) Why? It's as prophecy also stated long ago. Rome has infiltrated and finally taken America over politically. Obama just happens to be the most recent puppet they have in DC.

08/06/2012 14:12:39 Faithful flock to 'bleeding' Virgin Mary
--The report ends with the words, "seeing is believing," and that's exactly what prophecy says satan prefers to use to lure billions into Hell right before Jesus returns. As for a bleeding statue. No, impossible. As for people worshipping the statue, or even Mary? That too was prophesied to happen. And as we see in this video, it's becoming the norm for many.

08/05/2012 13:14:11 Teachers who prey on their students
"Almost on a daily basis we are hearing news reports of the unthinkable in our school system: teachers committing sexual crimes against students. This should come as no surprise when you see what kind of education students in America are subjected to. Students are being taught to throw off American values and virtue while embracing or adhering to an un-American, immoral and sexually perverted lifestyle. ...Instead of teachers being criminally charged for their crimes, the teachers unions are paying off arbiters (the fox in the chicken coop) to lessen the punishment on teachers who sexually harass students, who only received suspension and fines for their criminal activity." --Not an easy video to watch. Especially if you have children in School!

08/05/2012 13:14:11 Nun, 82, breaks into Nuke Plant
"Two men and an 82-year-old nun who allegedly broke into the U.S. government's only storage facility for weapons-grade enriched uranium and splashed it with human blood may face additional charges, the U.S. Attorney for Eastern Tennessee told ABC News Thursday." --Two things... Yes, it was sinful for her to break the law, but then Rome does teach you can be saved while still in sin, so she no doubt is unaware of such things. And yes it was insane that she was able to get into the facility. But what really bothers me in all this is, as sensitive as this situation is, why is it broadcast on the air for all including the many sleeper cells throughout the nation? Did they do this to let the terrorists know that are within our borders that our nuclear plants are easy targets? Something like this should never have been broadcast over the air! One can only imagine where this will lead in the coming days. And to think, if it does go bad, a Roman Catholic nun helped it all come to fruition. Please pray for her. She too has the gift of salvation offered to her just like anyone else.

08/03/2012 13:12:54 Chick-fil-A confirms 'record-setting day' on 'Appreciation Day'
"Chick-fil-A announced Thursday morning that supporters who flocked to the restaurant for "Appreciation Day" propelled the company to a "record-setting day." --Keep in mind, Dan Cathy didn't just come out and declare homosexual marriage wrong out of the blue. He was asked the question and simply answered it. And now we see it backfired on those that tried to build on that truthful statement in a negative way. Another truth is, it's not just about marriage anymore. Government is using the homosexual marriage as a way to censor religious freedom of speech, while at the same time bring religion into politics. Yes, it looks confusing, but the prophet Daniel did say (in Daniel 8:25) that craftiness will prosper in the hand of the beast. I hope Dan Cathy uses his financial windfall of late to fund a work that will slow the forward progress of those seeking to censor freedom of speech for Christians. The blunt and often unnoticed reality in all this is, when the many corporations stood up for homosexual marriage, did Christians attack them? No of course not. Most Christians just chose not to buy their products. But when Christian corporations take a stand for traditional marriage did the homosexuals attack? Yes they did. Why is free speech acceptable in the eyes of our governing leaders, but not for Christians? Have you been studying prophecy? You have? Then you know the answer to that one.

08/02/2012 12:22:48 Wrigley Co. Uses Bestiality to Sell Skittles
"You can laugh and say it's just a joke, but through a war of inches, Hollywood continues its assault to define deviancy down and to normalize destructive behavior. Humor is an excellent way to get us used to and to take the shock value out of something hideous and immoral." --Hollywood did this with homosexuality by making it "fun" in their many sitcoms, and now they are doing it with bestiality? I wonder how much longer before they make pedophila and polygamy appear "fun." When sin is not considered sin you get a society where literally anything goes! Maranatha!

08/02/2012 12:22:47 TV Show Prompted Woman’s Suicide
"A Minnesota family says their loved one's treatment on national television led her to take her own life." --Jesus said in Matthew 24:12 that "because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." Nancy Grace's disgraceful show is literally bulging with iniquity and much hatred for people making mistakes in life. So much so that 2 women (so far) have committed suicide after she displayed their mistakes on National TV. What's worse, Grace's viewers keep her on the air because they like the way she attacks her fellow man. This lack of love is running rampant across the board! Only in the last days do we see such Jerry Springer theology running amuck. What is "Jerry Springer theology?" Read Romans 1:32.

08/01/2012 13:21:46 City stands still for a full minute
 --The leaders in the city asked the people to do this for their fallen heroes in war. But students of prophecy see a more sinister reason behind it. Nebuchadnezzar did this in his day. (See Daniel 3) Whenever the people heard the loud sounds they all stopped and bowed in worship to the golden idol the king set up so as to break God's Law. Notice how all these people stop dead in their tracks at the sound of a loud siren. it appears obvious to me that the powers that be are actively conditioning the masses to do whatever they ask. How far of a leap will it be for them to do the same thing in every city to acknowledge Antichrist and his prophesied demands upon the masses to break God's Law? Worse yet, how hard would it be to spot the Christian that refuses to bow when everyone else around them are doing so? We know how Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego experienced that first hand, do we not? Will they use this tactic to seal many en masse? No clue. But it sure looks to be a viable option seeing how most political leaders are into Paganism and ancient Egyptian god worship.

08/01/2012 13:21:45 Anaheim Police Dressed in ACU's
"In an effort to prevent protestors from reaching Disneyland, who were marching against the shooting of an unarmed man by the Anaheim police, horse mounted patrols and officers in full ACU battle dress were sent out to quell the march." --I don't approve of such websites that have a somewhat militant view towards such things, but the pictures they display do in fact say a mouthful. The "police" came out wearing what appears to be full military combat gear as an obvious show of force against American citizens. The Posse Comitatus act of 1878 has been trampled into dust just as students of prophecy expected. Now, for all those that think preaching prophecy is a waste of time today, how prepared will you and your family be when you ignore all the signs our Lord saw fit to place in Scripture? After all, if it's a waste of time, why is it in the Bible? And please don't email me claiming prophecy never brings a non-believer to their knees seeking Christ. Read 1 Corinthians 14:24,25

31/07/2012 12:11:21 Teens filmed bullying, abusing boy on bus
"A US mother has released a shocking video of her son being verbally and physically bullied aboard a school bus, with the driver doing nothing to stop it." --Government schools are not a safe place for children! Especially now when many children are lashing out due to demonic activity in their home life as the norm. What am I talking about? Most homes in America allow the children to play violent video games, watch violent movies, listen to violent Rock music, and read violent novels or comic books. And all of this is called "entertainment." Truth is, this craze to gratify the flesh at every moment was prophesied.

30/07/2012 13:49:12 Sunken German U-boat off Massachusetts coast
"Divers have discovered a World War II-era German submarine nearly 70 years after it sank under withering U.S. attack in waters off Nantucket. ...They've looked for it for over 20 years," Mazraani, a shipwreck diver, told The Boston Globe. "It's another World War II mystery solved." --Many rumors have surfaced over the years suggesting the Germans were very close and in some cases on U.S. soil during WWII. But the government opted to keep the people in the dark on this. This makes one wonder how many terrorists are on U.S. soil right now. Especially since Bush and Obama made sure the borders remained wide open. Prophecy declares it's going to get very intense right before it all ends. Without Christ and the hedge of Angels He places about your family, why would anyone want to walk without Him? What must you do to be saved? Click here.

30/07/2012 13:49:12 US drone industry: Nothing to hide - nothing to fear
"A staple of America's wars abroad, unmanned drones might soon be used to spy on the country's own citizens. By 2015, the computer-controlled jets will have access to airspace usually reserved for piloted planes. A director from a US drone training company supporting their increased use says that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." --That's true. But now they have thousands of laws on the books and truthfully, no one knows them all. Having the police watching  your every move grants them the chance to arrest us for laws we have no idea exist. Plus, flying over the homes of people they know are innocent is not police work. It's called a police State. But then, that is what's needed if Rome's mark is to be implemented. For them to say "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" can also be used if they ever passed a law that said they could break into your home with or without a warrant in the middle of the night. In essence, this is what these drones are capable of doing as well. We all know about the x-rays and thermal imaging cameras they use now. What's to stop them from doing this from a drone? In short, if you think you can evade making an decision regarding the mark of the beast think again. Everyone will have to make that choice! Are you ready to? Are you 100% sure?!

29/07/2012 12:34:09 Black wedding banned by Baptist church
"It was to be their big day, but a Jackson couple says the church where they were planning to wed turned them away because of their race." --No, the pastor is not to blame here. He was the one that wanted to marry the couple! It was some of the church board members that forced the pastor to refuse their wedding. I can understand a church refusing to marry homosexuals. But to refuse to marry someone because of their skin color? That's spiritually insane! How can they not see that if we cannot get along with each other down here, how will we be able to get along with each other in our Father's kingdom wherein all races reside? This is yet another reason it's called Heaven. Racists simply won't be there. How do I know this? Read Matthew 22:37-39. The peaceful love of Christ is not in the heart of the racist. After all, Jesus created every race in the Universe!

29/07/2012 12:34:08 Kid Opens a Gun Safe by Jostling It
"A gun safe's purpose is obvious in its name, but many readily available models fail to deliver, as this 3-year-old safe-cracker is quick to demonstrate." --Most companies today are all about profit. For them to allow such unsafe items into the hands of the population proves this hands down. But then, prophecy did say money would rule the lives of most today.

29/07/2012 12:45:02 Olympic Athletes pose naked for cash
"The Olympic Games in London have got off to a shaky start, with political controversies, security failings and traffic concerns. And now it's some of the atheletes in the main spotlight, and not only because of their sporting skills. It's their toned bodies that are grabbing the headlines." --As expected, the Pagan inception of the Olympic games is reverting back to their original sexual roots. As we know, and as is confirmed in this report, the original Olympic athletes performed completely naked. It appears their advertisements are echoing that very same decadence! Because some athletes may not win big financially, they have decided to grab their piece of the pie now by selling sex. Once again we see the love of money ruling the hearts of the lost. And yes, I purposely broke the link to the video. I do not feel comfortable showing images that may tempt the weaker brethren. Keep in mind the Olympics is a global event! Everyone on earth now sees how low our political and corporate leaders have degraded to. Jesus so evidently questioned in Luke 18:8 that when He returns "shall he find faith on the earth?" Dear Lord, please bless the faith of those who do have a desire to make you smile; for you also stated in Matthew 24:24 that your elect will not be deceived.

27/07/2012 13:11:08 White House refuses to name Israel's capital
"The White House refused to name the capital of Israel today, not once, but twice, as the two most senior White House correspondents cornered Obama's press secretary, doggedly questioning him on whether the Obama administration considered Jerusalem or Tel Aviv to be the capital of the Jewish state." --Is it Tel Aviv or Jerusalem? At present the Obama White House won't say. What does prophecy say? Read Daniel 11:45 and you will see Rome, who we now know invented Islam, seeks to take over Israel. As we also know by historic fact, Rome always hides behinds their political puppets to get the job done so as to keep the Vatican image out of the spray of blood. The most recent evidence of her actions in this regard is how they used Hitler and then all the presidents in America since Reagan to gain global power. At present, the Vatican already has sovereign authority over the Western Wall, the Temple mount and is right now working on David's Tomb as we speak. So, have they already done it? It certainly looks that way doesn't it?

27/07/2012 13:11:08 US govt admits spooking, to spy more
"Congress in the US is considering extending the Act which gives federal agents broad wire-tapping permission. Officials have now come clean and said that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act has been used to violate people's Constitutional rights at least once in the past 4 years. US activist Aaron Swartz describes the practice is virtually illegal." --Yes, this video does report on something that may anger some of you. Especially if you're innocent of any crime. Perhaps this thought will calm your heart. This is all supposed to happen before we get home. Feel better now? I know I do.