14/08/2013 15:36:38 Pope Francis plans to consecrate the world to Our Lady
"The statue of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima will travel all the way from Portugal to the Vatican, where Pope Francis is planning on consecrating the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary." --What many fail to realize, especially Catholics is, this confirms Catholicism is not a Christian religion. It's a Marian religion. In fact, Rome calls Mary "Queen of Heaven" just as the Pagans of old called their goddess. (See her name mentioned in Jeremiah 7:18) Worse yet is the fact that instead of consecrating the world to Jesus the Creator, the Pope is doing so to a created being, "Mary" just as Romans 1:22-27 predicted those that worship creatures instead of the Creator would do in the last days. On top of all this, the Pope is also teaching all Catholics and those that look to their Pope as a religious leader to worship idols in that he is uplifting a statue as if it's a real living being. And finally, to claim Mary's heart was "immaculate" is to call the Word of God a lie wherein it says none but Christ are free from the stain of sin. So many souls are right now being lead into the pit of Hellfire by the unholy fathers of Rome, but then prophecy did say that all the world will wonder after this beast.

14/08/2013 15:36:38 1960s Subliminal Video of National Anthem Hides MKULTRA Message to ‘Obey’ Government
"Some have tried to debunk this. We sincerely hope someone will. Unfortunately, no one has yet, and all the evidence points to the film being 100% legitimate. In fact, multiple viewers have already informed us that they remember seeing this film on their televisions in not just the 1960s, but in the 1970s as well." --Now do you see why the Lord convinced His obedient remnant to remove TV's from their homes years ago? Why are they doing this? It has to do with what's planned for the people via those TV sets. Click here for more info on that.

13/08/2013 14:26:52 Video stunner: Boy prays to Obama
"While U.S. presidents may very well be the most powerful individuals on earth, the operative phrase is “on earth,” but a string of incidents has developed in which Barack is credited with much, much more. The latest is an online video in which a young boy appears to be praying TO Obama.Not for him. Not about him. TO him." --His parents are to blame of course. But the truth is, this is not the first time someone has prayed to Obama. But it is the first time a beautiful little child did it. It used to be only "adults" were the ones committing this blasphemous sin. Now it seems the parents are teaching their children to worship Obama as well. By the way, this is to be expected with political puppets of the Vatican. Just as Herod in his day thought he was a god, so will the "Herods" of our day.

13/08/2013 14:31:25 Forget REAL ID -- The Global Smart-ID is coming!
"The grand plan for Global ID is to give each person on the planet a way to identify themselves online. One ID number for each person, to signify all that they are. This is the full personal profile containing anything relevant for identification purposes. It means all our private details being managed by a corporation, in the cloud." --Besides the fact that this will allow them to better enforce the mark of the beast worldwide, it also allows them to discover who is exposing their agenda online. Once you get this "Global ID" they have you in their system, wherein everything you post online is filtered through their system. The second you speak the truth about their actions they have the ability to quickly shut you down! As students of prophecy, we've known this day was coming. In fact, we've been preparing for this for some time now. Soon, the only way the truth will be shared is when it is found on the printed page, or spoken from the lips of the Lord's obedient workers on the streets of every nation on earth. That being said, are YOU ready to continue the work offline?

08/12/2013 14:27:01 $100 million mega-mosque coming to this state
"Turkey’s Islamist government is constructing a massive $100 million, 15-acre mosque in Lanham, Md., that is expected to “become the largest and most striking example of Islamic architecture in the Western hemisphere” by October 2014." --It's no mistake the largest Islamic Mosque will be built in MARYland USA. Rome has many political interests in this State. Even the SDA church has its own "Vatican" in this State. And no, I don't merely claim it to be the SDA Vatican out of criticism. The SDA church officially named it their Vatican.

08/12/2013 14:30:12 17-year-old immigrant graffiti artist dies after being Tased by Miami cops
"Miami Beach Police Chief Ray Martinez told The Miami Herald that Israel Hernandez-Llach, who was known as “Reefa” in the local graffiti and skateboarding scene, began running when officers confronted him about “tagging” an abandoned McDonald’s. “The officers were forced to use the Taser to avoid a physical incident,” Martinez explained." --His crime was spray painting his tag on an abandon building. Police know for a fact that many people die each and every year after being tasered. But because the love of many has waxed cold as Jesus prophesied it would in our day, they don't care if there's a possibility that you, your grandmother, your spouse or your teenaged son can die. Instead of doing what they were trained to do in apprehending criminals, the police choose to pull a trigger and "take a chance" at killing everyone that is supposedly "innocent until proven guilty." Injustice was prophesied to reign in the last days!

08/11/2013 15:14:25 'HAIL SATAN' Painted in Latin on Church
"The vandalism includes three symbols and a phrase written in Latin, which translates to "Hail Satan." --Just so you know, there are only two organizations on earth that use Latin in their rituals. Roman Catholic prelates and Satanists. Also keep in mind that these two "churches" are also the only ones on earth that use black candles, incense, black robes, chanting, inverted crosses, and daily sacrifice. No, I am not calling the Roman Catholic people in the church evil. They are simply trusting their leaders not to lie to them. And no, before emailing me, I have to say this is not Catholic bashing either. For it is written in Ephesians 5:11 that we are to "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them."

08/09/2013 13:59:29 Surgery's dirty secrets
"Vigorous investigation of a topical issue. Panorama investigates concerns about the quality of surgical instruments being used on patients in the UK. Reporter Samantha Poling hears from those working inside the NHS who claim that tools with dangerous defects are being supplied to hospitals." --This is presently happening in the UK. Why am I posting it on an America website? A few reasons. First of all, many in the UK and other countries hit this site daily. Secondly, the people in the UK are under a government form of healthcare right now. When Obamacare comes to America, we too will have substandard government care just like all the rest. Not only will people be getting sick and unable to get care; once they do get care they may not survive it. That being said, many will need to seek other alternatives to being healed. This means, when the signs start to follow God's people, the Lord is going to need obedient and strong Christians so as to bring many into the truth. If you seek to glorify the Lord, this is one excellent way to do so. In short.. study your Bibles and pray daily so as to have the faith, courage and character needed to glorify the Lord. Maranatha!

08/08/2013 14:33:23 Florida school bus beatdown goes unnoticed by self-styled civil rights activists

"A viral video showing the beating of a 13-year-old white boy by three African-American youths in Florida has left hundreds of thousands of viewers horrified, but critics say the case doesn't seem to be attracting much sympathy from self-styled civil rights activists." --This confirms most civil rights activists are either openly dishonest about their agenda or they are really racist and could care less. Why is it always racial bias that gets the media pumping? For example, if the child was black and was beaten by 3 white boys on that bus, we would see another media storm for well over a week as we recently did with Trayvon. But he's white, and nary a chirp is heard from anyone in the mainstream media. Truth is, if Sharpton, Jackson, or any other so called "civil rights" advocate came forward on this, it would show a true concern for all peoples and not just those that have the same skin color as they do. It would also bolster their political career to do such a bipartisan or unbiased act. But the reality here is that the love of many has waxed cold preventing a better outcome even here. This is so sad. If true civil rights were the real reason that compels the activist, then why is it only active when the skin color of the victim matches that of the activist? As I recall, when Martin Luther King marched on Washington DC in 1963 one could see many different races in the crowd. Today, not happening. Christian prophecy is so amazing isn't it?

08/08/2013 14:45:50 University of Iowa claims top party school title
"College students consider the University of Iowa the nation's best party school, even though Iowa City has tried to make its famous bar scene less hospitable to underage drinkers." --Prophecy does declare that one of the final prophecies to fulfill before Jesus returns is the crave for pleasure. So, it is no surprise when we see schools jockeying for the top spot when it comes to parties. Yes, they may claim they don't like the idea, but the millions in profits each year does dictate how often they look away as the student party on. Makes one wonder who initiated the News report eh?

08/07/2013 13:13:25 School wants social media contract from students
"Teenagers protest for First Amendment rights." --They are attempting to use the "negative" comments that all schools deal with from students that cause suicides to remove their first amendment rights. Everyone knows however that the overwhelming majority of schools don't have an issues with kids killing themselves over this. Still, it is a problem and should be addressed. But to use it to try and prevent free speech across the board? Sounds fishy doesn't it? Deception is always a means by which corrupt officials can get their unjust laws pushed through. Doing this in Government schools is a no-brainer seeing how most politicians are all for the removal of free speech these days. Just one more reason to get out of the schools. Still.. if they get away this, they will eventually create a need for it in society in general. And seeing how the kids have already been indoctrinated into accepting it beforehand in the schools, they will have an easy way of removing everyone's free speech once those kids become adults able to vote.

08/06/2013 13:48:09 Pope discusses gays and women in church
"no comments in the video." --Notice this is you will. When speaking of homosexuals, the Pope says "who am I to judge." And when speaking of women in the church, he quotes John Paul II and says the issue is closed. This means, in both cases he completely avoided the chance to uplift Christ and His written Word. Besides the fact this confirms his hatred of the Word, which has been the case for the Popes for eons. Scripture clearly says homosexuals, or anyone else in open sin, cannot be allowed to serve in the church until they are freed from their grievous sinful state. And Scripture also says women cannot serve as pastors even if they are godly women because the Lord has other amazing and very blessed plans for His obedient women. This Pope makes homosexuality appear like no big deal when in fact the Word says it is an abomination to God. And when it comes to women he ignores the written Word that highlights their blessings and makes it appears as a very big deal. In both cases we see prophecy fulfilled here. The prophet Daniel not only declared the Vatican priests would be homosexual, he also said they would also be anti-women as well. Click here for proof.

08/05/2013 14:28:29 Roman Catholic Church Declared Transnational Criminal Organization

"On February 25, 2013, the Roman Catholic Church and its highest officials were lawfully convicted of engaging in Crimes against Humanity and an international Criminal Conspiracy to aid and abet child trafficking. This verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice found that the Church and its governing body, the Vatican, Incorporated, constitutes a criminal body under international law. (1) On July 11, 2013, Pope Francis 1, Jorge Bergoglio, confirmed the criminal status of his church by establishing new internal church policies that counsel and compel criminality among his followers, clergy and employees. These policies and Bergoglio’s own public statements reaffirm the existing canon law that protects child rapists, Crimen Sollicitationis, by directing all Catholics to suppress evidence of child rape and trafficking within their church, and threatening punishment of those who disclose such evidence. (2) ...This Proclamation, signed and dated by the user, will constitute the legal authorization of these actions, as will the adjoining Bench Warrant Order issued by our Court on August 1, 2013." --This is one shocking video! This ministry, as well as countless others have been exposing the Vatican as a criminal organization for decades. But because they control many courts in many nations, they continue to commit their crimes daily. And some of these crimes are horrendous. Just to name a few of the many crimes, like child trafficking, child torture, and yes countless millions that have been molested and raped by Vatican priests has been the daily norm in this church for too long! (Since 60AD in fact) Prophecy does say in the end this church will be exposed wherein all "with eyes that see" will recognize the prophesied "man of sin" in the Vatican. That day is now here. It's only a matter of time wherein we see the "smoke of her burning" billowing up before the eyes of those she has "committed fornication and lived deliciously with her." -Revelation 18:9

08/02/2013 13:56:13 Another New poGm Video uploaded!
--This is another old Truth Provided Audio Clip, this time from May of 2003, wherein I discuss the Vatican's claim and political desire to be "the" moral authority on earth. The Word of God plainly declares every Christian's duty is not only to share the present Truth message to the World, we are also called to be wise "fruit inspectors" of those claiming to be of the church. This new video, titled "Vatican claims moral authority" exposes the well documented truth that the prelates of Rome, especially the Popes, are by no means moral by any stretch of the imagination. The facts laid out here may be something you can use when speaking with loved ones that are on the fence between leaving and staying with mother Rome. And no, this video will not be uploaded to my YouTube channel. You will need to go to www.john1429.org to get this video. It will be the top video on the list with the "yellow" highlights around it.

08/04/2013 11:47:45 Denver college students flunk 8th-grade exam
"Maybe there is an explanation for the 2012 presidential election – in the responses from students at Denver’s Metropolitan State College, who took stabs at explaining the eligibility requirements to be president." --The dumbing down of America obviously started with the school system. The fact Obama was able to win election proves this as fact. Had he run in 1912, none of the voters would have allowed it because as children they were taught in the schools what the basic requirements to be president were. Today, the majority of the people have no clue, and those that helped Obama win knew this going in.

08/02/2013 13:56:13 'Your TV might be watching you'
FYI: "Today's high-end televisions are almost all equipped with "smart" PC-like features, including Internet connectivity, apps, microphones and cameras. But a recently discovered security hole in some Samsung Smart TVs shows that many of those bells and whistles aren't ready for prime time." --Most Christians I know only have TV's to use for "morally safe" DVD's they plan to watch. But if you are new to the fold and do have a TV with a camera, or a laptop or tablet with a camera. To be safe, just do as they say in the video. Cover up the camera lense with tape. I would however be careful not to stick the tape directly on the lense itself. You can tape a piece of paper over it so as to not gum up the lense when you do want to use it.

30/07/2013 14:45:52 Hackers Reveal Nasty New Car Attacks
"Stomping on the brakes of a 3,500-pound Ford Escape that refuses to stop, or even slow down, produces a unique feeling of anxiety." --Who was the brainiac that made the decision to use electronic devices to control such things as breaking, accelerating and steering in new cars today? All three of these basic devices should be completely mechanical in today's world wherein hackers can be anywhere and anyone from your next door neighbor to a disgruntled employee. But because the love of many has waxed so cold, the car manufacturers never factor in common sense where profits can be made. And so, more lives will be lost, and murderers will be able to commit their crimes without so much as a slap on the wrist. However, the true and trustworthy Judge is soon to come and His "reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be." -Revelation 22:12

29/07/2013 13:58:18 Bikini-clad worshippers attend Rio Mass
"no comments on video." --Immorality has been and always will be the absolute norm for Vatican prelates. In fact, prophecy and history confirms this as fact. The sad and heartrending reality in all this is the fact they don't even try to warn their flock that bikini's, and worse yet, the infamous nude beaches of Brazil are allowing Satan to have his way with them on a daily basis. How are they ever to escape the lusts of the flesh if they are told by their leaders and now their Pope that all is well, and their Lord has no problem with such decadent behavior. They won't. According to the Lord's well written prophecy, that's the ultimate agenda of Antichrist.

28/07/2013 11:54:26 Teens exposed to toxin while detasseling
"A sudden shower turned a day in the fields into a trip to the hospital for dozens of teenagers. More than 70 teens were detasseling corn Thursday morning, just south of the intersection of Co. Rd. 200N and 1100E, when a crop duster accidentally sprayed them." --Here's what they're not saying in this News report. The chemicals were being sprayed on a corn field to prevent fungi. Corn, is FOOD! But the chemical was so toxic that they had people arrive in hazmat gear hosing the teens down! No thought whatsoever came to mind that a toxic chemical that is dangerous to humans was "legally" sprayed on food that will eventually be sold as food to either humans or used as cow feed for cows that humans will eventually eat. All this appears 100% normal to them now! I know, those crop dusters fly over my home at least twice a year! May God have mercy on their souls.

26/07/2013 14:37:08 New type of sci-fi Gospel books
"A nun's children's book series explores Jesus and characters from the Bible through a sci-fi lens." --This children's book borrows heavily on fiction as is admitted by the nun sharing it. Yes, it does have aspects of truth within it, but as always, Rome mixes truth with lies so as to entice the listener. For example, the book speaks on Jesus and other characters of the Bible, which are of course truth. But it also speaks on some children that go back in time. That is fiction, and the basic reality of fiction is that it is nothing more than lies. As we all know, Satan is the father of lies. (John 8:44) Fiction is purposely designed to destroy one's spirituality by eclipsing truth found in reality with lies found in make believe. As the child grows enjoying to excitement found in fiction, simple truths in the Word become less exciting to him and eventually Satan becomes their means by which to be entertained. In short, they begin to enjoy and actually love the lies over the truth. And what does the Word of our God say about such as these? It says those that "loveth and maketh a lie... shall have their part in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone." (See Revelation 22:15 & Revelation 21:8) As gentle and loving as this nun may appear to some, to those with eyes that see, she is cultivating a satanic spirit in the hearts of those beautiful innocent children. That being the case, please pray for the children as well as that nun.

19/07/2013 13:52:14 New poGm Video Uploaded!

--This new video is also from an old WTPR radio broadcast I did back in July of 2003. It highlights the problem Rome has with alcoholism and their methods to promote it. Just go to www.John1429.org and click the first video on the top left you see highlighted in yellow. And again, this video won't be posted on YouTube due to their bowing to the Vatican's demand to remove my videos exposing their church as is the duty of every obedient child of the living God. (See Ephesians 5:11 and 2 Thessalonians 2:3) This new video is titled "Rome & Alcohol." Please share it with as many as possible. Especially those that may believe alcohol is no big deal when it comes to gaining entrance into the city of Heaven.

25/07/2013 14:48:39 Pope to Youth: Forget about false idols. Only God offers true hope
"After a warm welcome, Pope Francis celebrated his first World Youth Day Mass in the Basilica of Our Lady of Aparecida. The Pope remembered that upon his election, he entrusted his pontificate to Our Lady. At the very start of the Mass, he once again asked Our Lady for the success of WYD and the protection of Latin America." --It's bad enough he preaches that Catholic statues and Pagan gods like "Mary Queen of Heaven" are not idols and so worship towards them is acceptable. But at 2:12 in the video he says that Christians should never be in constant mourning. This is true, but what he's not telling them is, the black cassock of the priests and nuns is actually defined as "a color of mourning arid death". This Pope, like all before him are easily seen as one who allows Satan to speak through him with confused theology so as to keep the people under the control of the prelates that they hope will lead them straight to Hellfire. And no, I do not declare that with sarcasm. It has not only be confirmed in massive volume that the Roman Catholic priests are evil and only concerned with glorifying Satan and his demons, but this church has been caught red-handed holding Satanic worship services inside the Vatican not too long ago.

24/07/2013 15:02:17 Church pastors become atheists

"More than 200 church leaders across the country now say they no longer believe in God, including a Houston-area pastor who was one of the first to publicly announce his decision." --Why is it 270 pastors have decided to deny God's existence? I'm sure there are many reasons. I can see three right off. #1, Bible colleges that train pastors have been proven as far back as 1970's to teach a Gospel not found in the Word. So much so, a poll taken in 1977 by the Pittsburgh Press on September 24 revealed that 98% of student ministers didn't believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ! These are your pastors today! #2, after they graduated these pastors no doubt stopped reading Bibles except for when they needed verses to make a sermon appear valid. #3, due to the previous 2 reasons, these pastors were enticed by the world and decided to embrace it with their whole hearts. In short, a prophecy stated in Luke 18:8 confirmed a lack of faith will be a common issue in most churches today. And thanks to pastors like this Atheist, we see this prophecy fulfilled in our day in every church. Keep in mind, if 270 pastors are leaving Christ behind, one can rest assured thousands more pastors are becoming atheist. But they stay on the pulpit because the money they worship is just too good to deny. Sadly, that too was prophesied.

23/07/2013 14:37:44 AFTERBURNER w/ BILL WHITTLE: The Lynching
"Bill Whittle examines the death of Trayvon Martin and trial of George Zimmerman. Is the acquittal of Zimmerman one of the great civil rights injustices of our time? Find out." --One word.. WOW! You have GOT to see this video if you have any doubts about what happened in this trial and the media blitz that accompanied it. The American people are being played like a fiddle, and the powers that be are no doubt laughing out-loud on this one! When I saw this video and the facts sourced within it I couldn't help wonder how bad our media will be able to paint Christians as being evil in the coming days so as to make the obedient ones worthy of death when the Vatican's prophesied "death decree" is placed upon them when they enforce their mark. The fact the media was able to make an innocent man appear guilty to literally tens of millions proves this prophecy will come true upon the remnant of her seed that is and will remain obedient for all of eternity to her Lord.

23/07/2013 14:37:44 Video: Protesters clash with police as Pope visits Brazil
"Hundreds of protesters have clashed with police on Monday after Pope Francis arrived in Rio de Janeiro. The anger was provoked by the $53million price tag of the papal visit to the city." --The Pope, like any corrupt politician can't see how a starving people would not be pleased with his flagrant display of wealth and wasteful spending of their own money when the people in that nation can't put three square meals a day on the table. But then, as prophecy so perfectly outlines, the Popes of Rome are not about helping the needy. At present in fact, prophecy states he will be more about fashioning a New World order.

22/07/2013 14:56:27 11-Year-Old Yemeni Girl Nada Al-Ahdal Flees Home to Avoid Forced Marriage: I'd Rather Kill Myself
"no comments on the video." --This happens every day around the world. Countless numbers of beautiful children are either slaughtered by their "husbands" of they are forced to commit suicide to get away from the daily torture of being married to a Muslim pedophile. And still, the Catholic and SDA churches still claim the god of the Muslims is the same God of the Christian?! Now I know that statement offends some SDA's. But before you email me, as yourself this question. When Jesus returns for His OBEDIENT bride. Will they be in a church they have admitted for decades to be in apostasy? Or will they be the ones that have "come out of her" as Jesus commanded His bride would do in Revelation 18? And no, I am NOT saying the SDA church is the "Whore of Babylon." Prophecy is clear, that title is for the Roman Catholic church. What I am saying is that Scripture, historic documentation and Spirit of Prophecy do declare the SDA church would become a "sister" to fallen Babylon right before the end. Not only has that day come, we have ample evidence to confirm that as fact for all to see. That being the case... are you still offended by the truth as it is written by the Lord? If so, then you will no doubt stay in apostasy and be forever lost. Only those unashamed in this adulterous age who follow the Lord in obedience can be counted worthy to be His bride.

21/07/2013 14:18:37 Zimmerman defense team responds to Obama’s comments

"While we acknowledge and understand the racial context of this case,” the defense’s statement continues, “we challenge people to look closely and dispassionately at the facts. We believe those who look at the facts of the case without prejudice will see that it is a clear case of self-defense, and we are certain that those who take a closer look at the kind of person George Zimmerman is." --I've seen numerous videos and articles on this subject the last few days and I must say none of them share what the actual lawyers in the case revealed in that courtroom as well as explain in this public statement. If everyone will just stop looking through racist colored glasses and realize that regardless of skin color, a crime was actually being committed that day, and the victim merely did all he could to save his own life. But the media wants us to ignore this so as to focus on the color of skin to keep the anger boiling. Worse yet, our very own president's strategically placed comments are stealthily granting permission to the violence as the video in this article clearly shows. What's also being ignored is how most people define "white" in today's world. According to those "standards," Zimmerman is not a white man at all. He's actually both white and Hispanic. Yet the media and the White House keep ignoring his Hispanic mother so as to make this all about whites hating blacks. In other words, the Government controlled media looks to be setting the stage for a coast to coast race war in America. To further confirm this as fact. Click here for literally hundreds of articles wherein black teens are attacking white people simply because of their skin color. Notice that the exact same media outlets ignored all this since Obama took office. It's literally been going on for years! So I have to ask, why is it ONE article about a so called "white" man killing a black man who is attacking him keeps flooding the media when the hundreds of articles of black mobs attacking whites are all but ignored? It appears obvious to me. They WANT a race war in America!

19/07/2013 13:52:14 US Textbooks Say Muslims Discovered America - YouTube
"no comments found in the video" --This is appalling to say the least! American schools are teaching all sorts of lies to the children about Christianity while at the same time uplifting Islam as if it is the true faith. They do this because if they don't do it they won't receive the large government subsidies for teaching the children about Islam. That being the case, how can any Christian parent feel safe having their children in the American school system today?

18/07/2013 15:26:20 Fema Camp Documents Leaked
"No comments on video." --When you listen to the arguments given by the government as to why they deem it legal to kill foreigners or even American citizens you can actually see the bigger picture much easier. If the USA was a single sovereign nation like it used to be, issues like this would not be on the table. But because Rome uses the USA military as its own assassin pool, as prophecy predicted, then every soul on earth, foreign and domestic naturally become a threat because to rule globally means all peoples in all nations are subject to rule. That being the case, not everyone will agree with their agenda, and they know it. So, sweeping powers are in order so as to kill anyone anywhere that threatens their New World Order. According to the last half of Daniel 2:33, it will come to fruition! But prophecy also says it only last a very short time! Verse 34 confirms it! (click here for more info on what Daniel reveals about all this) Brothers and sisters, there is no terrorist war. The fact political leaders can travel to any war torn nation unmolested proves they don't need these laws to quench terrorism. They need these laws to kill the prophesied enemies of Rome. Or as history calls them, Christians! If you're a Christian who knows Christian prophecy is truth in its purest form, then you better get your heart right with the Lord. The prophesied unjust laws are on the books right now. In fact, they are already being used against Christians the world over. Dragging your feet to repentance will only cause you to echo the words of Jeremiah 8:20 that says, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved."

18/07/2013 15:26:20 Pope Francis: Ramadan Will Bear Abundant Spiritual Fruit
"During his visit to the island of Lampedusa, the Pope sent his best wishes to Muslims in light of the start of the Ramadan. The Pope greeted them by saying 'o'scià', which is a phrase in the island's dialect meaning 'my breath' and is used by locals as a friendly greeting." --I think I posted this video the other day, but I missed the fact he declared the Muslim's unchristian ritual will bring "spiritual fruit." The great commission of Christ is to proclaim His truth as it is written in His Bible. This Pope, like all the others before him, deny Jesus as their God and uplift the numerous false gods of the world. He claims to be a Christian, yet instead of sharing Christ with the Muslim people to lead them to salvation and eternal life, he pats them on the back and declares their false religion to be blessed of God! Still, prophecy does say he would do this. But just so you know, prophecy also says YOU the Christian, will do the work the Popes refuse to do so as to bring souls to Christ. That being said.. are you?

17/07/2013 14:49:29 CBS2/KCAL9 Reporter, Photographer Attacked During Crenshaw Protests
"All of the sudden, this guy came up from behind, he had a hood, and he knocked David on the head and he pushed the camera guy down. The camera guy went down, the camera went down, David went down,” witness Joseph Deguerre, said. “I was in shock.” --It has become obvious now! Our nation is purposely being divided so as to allow Rome even more power over the people. If this keeps up, race riots will ensue, which will bring the need for martial law, the suspension of the Constitution in major cities, and all elections paused until the "terror" ends. Problem is, just as we see them milking the nonexistent "terror" agenda since September of 2001, what's to say they won't permanently suspend the Constitution so as to bring in a Socialist society as the Pope suggested? I mean seriously; when was the last time we saw a political leader give up power he or she gained over the people? Once they get it they never let go of it. What better catalyst to that end than a race war coast to coast? After all, it will be easy to implement martial law because every major city in America is a hodgepodge of different ethnic groups. They can easily use the excuse of locking them down would appear a "necessity" to calm the anger would it not? If this is their agenda, then we will see more Hollywood celebrities and political leaders "honoring" Trayvon like Obama did 3 days ago. Will it work? Will the sheeple riot out of control? After all, over 100 million are on foodstamps now and out of work. Boredom has proven time and time again to make for great numbers in protests seeing how most are looking for something to do. In any event, this is just one more reason to get out of the cities.

16/07/2013 13:43:49 Iphone, Iseize: Mobile phone content on UK police menu
"Travellers on their way to Britain might want to leave their phones at home, after it was revealed they could be seized and browsed through by police. And amazingly it's totally legal." --What many fail to realize is that the terrorism excuse to remove the people's rights is a bold faced lie that can and will be milked for decades. The fact politicians can repeatedly visit terrorist nations unmolested proves there is no terrorist threat at all. The only threat now is from our own political leaders who in turn fear the people. Their evil acts are so well known now that most in office are doing all they can to restrict the freedoms of the people. This is just one more perk to living in the last hours of Earth's history. Satan knows his time is short. Being this close to the end causes him to force his pawns in leadership to generate a society ruled by unjust laws so as to assure success. Thing is, prophecy confirmed long ago he already lost. We're just waiting for the other shoe to drop so we can go home to be forever with our Lord.

16/07/2013 13:43:48 The Blunt Truth about The Trayvon Martin Case
"Let's take a step back from this Jerry Springer circus side show and put the Trayvon Martin Case into perspective." --As you watch this video and listen to what he is saying you will have no choice but to agree 100%. Reality is that transparent at times. Problem is, the sheeple living all around you won't be able to understand such things because they are so used to trusting anything they hear on the evening News, their favorite sitcom, or from their corrupt pastors. Videos like this can play 24/7/365 in some homes and still the ones viewing won't realize they are being duped into allowing the powers that be to slowly but surely build a cage around them and their loves ones so that their final agenda of enforcing the mark of the beast can and will be done just as Christian prophecy predicted 2000 years ago. And yes, their blindness that brings about this mark was also prophesied. So be it.. it has to happen sooner or later anyway. Why not rip the bandaid off sooner and get it over with eh?

15/07/2013 13:26:24 Superstition Springs Chrysler commercial

 "comments on video are commercial based and not worth posting" --This commercial is one of many that are popping up all over the place. Businesses will push Sunday as "family day" as they did in the EU to make Rome's job easier to push Sunday Laws. So much so they actually lie in this video as to why they close on Sunday. A few decades ago the United States government made it law that all car dealerships close on Sundays so customers can walk the lots without being pressured by a salesman. (I know.. I used to sell cars) But this salesman says they closed the stores for "family time." In any event, have you noticed what happened after that law was passed? All car lots put up fences around their car lots preventing customers from checking out the cars on Sundays. The fact the authorities didn't stop them from erecting those fences proves it wasn't about allowing customers the option to view cars unmolested. It was all about doing as the Vatican demanded so as to bring about Sunday Laws that much easier later on. This is also why they plan to make the infamous John Paul II a saint. His "Dios Domini" document demanding "Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy" will then become the "words of a saint" according to Rome's political prelates. Compile that with the millions of 501c3 government funded pastors who can now lobby law according to George W. Bush's pen on March 07, 2006, these wolves in sheep's clothing that are prophesied the create the "image of the beast" will have all they need to push for Sunday Laws to try and quench the Loud Cry God's people are proclaiming that's emptying their churches. Are you ready for all this? If not, why not?

14/07/2013 14:28:29 ‘I’m Sick and Tired of Christians Being Tolerated!’
"A video was recently posted on YouTube that captures a barefoot atheist jogger screaming at the top of his lungs for nearly ten minutes at a Christian man holding a sign in opposition of atheism." --A few years ago I did a radio broadcast, which later became the page "Hating the Christian" on this website. Some thought it was a bit premature in its content. What say ye now?

14/07/2013 14:28:29 Sharpton: Slap in the face to those who believe in justice
"no comments on video" --This is why we have racial riots in America. Our justice system isn't perfect. Only our God can judge perfectly. Still, like some countries, we have a somewhat fair method to get to the truth in the courts. 12 jurors looked at all the facts and were present for every single statement made in the courtroom from both sides of the fence. They heard arguments from the defense as well as the prosecution. With all that information, that men like Sharpton could not possibly gather by watching TV a few moments at time, this jury of 12 souls made their decisions and still, this man makes comments like this that will no doubt fans the flames of racial hatred in this nation. Is Zimmerman innocent or guilty? According to our justice system, he is now considered innocent. But the fact remains, only our God can know for sure. Making racist statements to cultivate additional hatred and a possible race riot will only guarantee more violence which will then lead to more arrests and then guilty verdicts across the board. Worse yet, this man claims to be a man of God while doing this. Is it any wonder Christians are ridiculed and hated why hypocrites like this are allowed to lead them? Please pray for those being tempted to act out due to this man's unChristlike comments. There's been enough bloodshed already.

07/12/2013 14:13:15 UPDATED: Papa Francisco y la Ley Dominical

"comments in another language" --I am not surprised this SDA pastor is not from the USA. His message would not be allowed by the General Conference of the SDA church here. It is my prayer the people he is speaking to in this video are those that will awaken, trim their lamps, and come out of the SDA church to do the final work as the Word of God says the "remnant of her seed" will do. I recently discovered that the preacher on this video was kicked out of the SDA church for doing the work. Still, prophecy is the final word no matter how much the false leaders say otherwise. The SDA church is a sister to fallen Babylon just as Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy predicted. Still, it is VERY important you see this video because he unearths information about the present Pope most people know nothing about. The Pope's older brother has been SDA for 52 years, and this pope told him he will avenge himself upon his church. (click the "CC" to read the English subtitles) Many have wondered and now we know why this is why we see the present Pope acting as if he is moral and holy and righteous and loving. He knows what appeals to the SDA people who, unlike their corrupt leaders, are still somewhat faithful to the Lord. Like all Jesuits before him, he knows exactly how to speak and act so as to gain the approval of those he seeks to deceive. Will he be the Pope that brings about Sunday Laws? Many think he is, and this is his admitted plan. But no man can be sure because we have yet to be "told" this by our Lord. Still, does it matter? No. We know that being obedient will grant us all the peace and all the love of God upon us no matter who is used by Satan to bring about the mark of the beast. Being "first" to declare this Pope as one prophecy spoke of doesn't matter to those that seek to please the Lord. It's only important to those that seek to glorify the flesh. So, study the Word, pray as did Daniel, and be obedient and you will be ready when our Lord calls you to do what He has been training you to do all your life. (NOTE: If you can verify the present Pope had a sibling who was SDA please email me asap.)

07/11/2013 12:17:16 Congressman Roger's opening statement on Health Care reform
"no comments found on video" --What this Senator is either not seeing or is purposely avoiding is the fact that he just admitted Obama's healthcare plans will not only place government control on the 15% that have no healthcare, it will also force the 85% with healthcare in the private sector to allow the government to have control over them as well. In other words, as prophecy predicted, they will have a means by which to control 100% of the people. Obamacare is one major step towards that end. After all, every soul alive will eventually need healthcare sooner or later.