16/08/2010 13:32:26 Crop Stop: Food crisis fears as heat hits wheat
"A quarter of Russia's grain crops have been destroyed by the unprecedented heatwave and wildfires. The government is planning to spend more than a billion U.S dollars to help producers. It's also imposed a ban on wheat exports to avoid a surge in domestic grain prices, which is expected to be lifted in October. But this has already caused a global wheat price spike." As you watch this video, think about the "rumors" that the Vatican, via her pawns in D.C., plan to empty store shelves so as to gain more control where they lack at present. Worried? You shouldn't be. Our bread and waters are to be given us from on High. This promise is not just for the time we can't buy and sell. In fact, many men and women of God have already seen the Lord feed them where usual methods were impossible.

16/08/2010 13:32:26 20 million homeless in Pakistan floods
"Twenty million people are homeless after Pakistan's worst flooding in decades, the country's prime minister has revealed. ...Meanwhile, fresh flood waves have swelled the River Indus, threatening nearby cities, towns and villages in southern Sindh province, said meteorologist Mohammed Ajmal Shad." From what I understand, disease is already hitting that area pretty bad. (see article in Headlines section above) Worse yet, as is intimated in some articles, some refuse to help the people for political reasons. As prophecied, mankind has most assuredly become very cold!

15/08/2010 14:14:45 Food INC
This is a very instructive video. In a few parts it shows how the modern day food industry is in regards to crazy methods used in growing crops and or animals. But that's something most of us already knew about. What got me interested enough to post the video was the fact that they show how it's no longer many different food companies controlling the food market. It's now just FOUR! Now, think about how the Vatican will able to convince these companies to do as they demand like they did the 5 companies that control the media today. When the day comes for Rome to drop the other shoe in both testing the people as well as finally enslaving the people by removing the food, they will have an easy go of it now that only four companies control the food. Now.. think about all the facts and rumors that have been surfacing lately about plans to empty the grocery stores in the coming days. Basica reality is that it no longer matters if it's a rumor or fact. They literally can do it now. Still, for the Christian this is no big thing. Sure, it will be rough for some of us, but we expected this. Our "bread and waters shall be sure" so we will be ok. It's the non-believers that will suffer! This is where the Lord can use us to share His love and truth to them. After all, Jesus did feed 5000 with 2 fish and 5 loaves did He not? And did not, "...God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul:" (Acts 19:11) If Paul and the other apostles were allowed to perform such miracles to the glory of God, why would not you, the prophecied remnant of her seed be any less blessed? Is it not prophecied that the rain that fell upon the apostles falls more abundandtly upon us? We have amazing days ahead! Are you ready? Are you sure?

15/08/2010 14:14:45 BP oil is killing millions of fish
"From the Gulf to the Northeast Coast dead fish have been washing up on the shores. All reports state the same cause...Low oxygen levels,oceans to hot from extreme heat ,and not do to red tides. We don't know if something is wrong with our ego system as of yet. Fisherman on the east coast states , it is very unusual for some many fish in two different locations to wash up dead from warmer oceans in this region. ...Funny how all the fish are the same type. And they are a huge part of the ego system food chain. One was in V.A. 25,000 fish washed up after a netting accident. The second in M.S. a fishing ship lost it's catch due to a net rip. Makes you wonder if it's not a bunch of lies to hide a bigger picture." One can only imagine how many fish kills are being covered up as we speak. If it gets any worse, even man with all his technology won't be able to hide the stink!

13/08/2010 15:04:03 Thousands of dead fish line Jersey Shore
"The N.J. Department of Environmental Protection has launched an investigation into the kill. Officials say initial water tests show no sign of toxic phytoplankton like red tide. They are still measuring oxygen levels." Notice how they made absolutely sure that the BP oil spill is not mentioned in any way shape or form in this video? Millions of gallons of oil and Corexit just don't disappear. But then, most will believe it did disappear simply because they said it did. After all, mant still believe the Twin Towers collapsed due to fire. 911 was the perfect test to see how easy it was to lie to the masses. Now that schools out, let the lying begin!

13/08/2010 15:04:03 Journalism 'under attack' in Mexico
This reminds me of the 1980's here in America when all the Investigative Journalists were murdered by those that control the media today. It seems, since Mexico is slated to be part of "Kingdom #1" whenthe New World Order is finalized you cannot have freedom of the Press in Mexico because in so doing you will allow the general population to see what their elected officials are really up to. Are the killings of the journalists payment for services rendered on the Arizona border? Makes one think doesn't it? You know what's really annoying about all this, besides the obvious? The American Media isn't reporting on this, nor is Mexico. It's actually being reported by an Al Jazeera News Network! Does this anger you? It shouldn't. Letting all this anger you will only cultivate ulcers. When the powers that be attack the little guy in neighborhoods all over the world some without Christ will allow this to upset them and it will only make things worse. With Christ you have perfect peace, and when they do what Christian prophecy says they are supposed to do you realize it's all ok because it proves our God is still the one true God, and they cannot do thing one without Him knowing it! Romans 12:19 says, "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." Truth is, it's also written in Isaiah 63:4, "For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come." No, I am not setting dates. So please no emails. However, regardless of when it happens, that passage will ring out loud in clear very soon just the same.

13/08/2010 15:13:06 Now there are massive fires in Portugal!
What's worse than having your home, farm, and livelihood go up in flames? Having no firefighters show up to help some of the farmers. Could it be there are so many disasters going on at once that firefighters are way too busy? Or is it that no one cares when those in trouble are so poor? For whatever reason, please keep them in prayer. This is when our God shines the most!

08/12/2010 15:16:17 Floods in Pakistan wash away homes
Disasters of this sort are becoming so common that now most think it's just how things will be from now on. Truth is, when we get very near the end of the world, disasters will be so frequent that the powers that be will use them to try and stop the Loud Cry because the government approved pastors are losing donations. Not much in the way of looking for a silver lining in any of this other than to say, some will finally start to look to Christ as Saviour knowing that yes, the end is near. Disasters are prophecied to increase. That fact alone makes out job much easier. So.. get to work :)

08/12/2010 15:18:13 Crazy big storm approaches beach in Hietaniemi
How would you like to see this coming at you? This is obviously not your normal thunderstorm. I've been in hundreds of storms in my life and I've yet to see one come in this fast and this low. Even the F5 I was in back in 1967 didn't look this ominous! Well, not until the actual tornado was on the ground. I would imagine more and more scary looking storms are in our near future as the atmosphere and the oceans that feed them are poisoned. Just one more sign of the times.

08/11/2010 14:53:33 Matt Simmons apparently drowned at his home Sunday night
Was he murdered to get him to shut up? I'm not saying he was, but it doesn't look good for friends of BP. He was the driving force behind an alternative energy source that he stated would, "profoundly change the world" by building Wind farms off shore. Plus, he was spearheading the exposing of BP oil plumes still under the water that proved the NOAA was lying about how bad the spill still is. Basic facts are, the government actually got involved to try and shut him up as well as discredit him. And then he somehow dies in a tub in his home? Not only has he shut up permanently now, the driving force to push off shore windfarms that could cost the oil industry billions and save everyone else untold billions has slowed, if not stopped altogether. Rather convenient I think.

08/11/2010 14:53:32 Iran prepares for war with the USA and digs mass graves
It's rather puzzling to see all the billions of dollars spent daily in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now the Vatican has their gun sights set on Iran? Amazing what you can do when you print money out of thin air isn't it? And yes, the Vatican is the one pushing these wars. Take note that every nation that is not at war at present have "ambassadors" in Rome that have politicall bowed to the Pope as prophecy predcited. The ones that refuse to allow the Vatican to control them are either at war, or on the very brink of it. If for nothign else, it's easy to see that Christian prophecy is dead on! There are wars and rumors of wars on a regular basis now. In fact, war has become so frequent that this is how our society is defined.

08/10/2010 14:33:07 Hundreds dead after China mudslide
337 dead so far and over 1300 are missing. China seems to be getting ot from all sides lately. But then again, the government does kill Christians there. It's not like they weren't warned. There are so many disasters happening every week now that it has become necessary to create a page that compiles them all. A brother in the faith has opted to do this work for me as I am swamped just trying to keep up with the daily news. You can access that page here.

08/10/2010 14:33:06 Death toll rises in Germany, Poland floods as hail hits Serbia
"While Russia's baking in the heat, Central Europe is swimming in floods. Heavy rains have caused rivers to burst their banks, and left at least 10 people dead in the last few days. The flooding's struck an area near the borders of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. Thousands have had to be evacuated from the worst affected areas. Helicopters are plucking people to safety from the roofs of their homes. Meanwhile, a state of emergency has been declared in some parts of Serbia after hailstorms, strong winds and heavy rain hit the country. Eyewitnesses reported seeing hailstones as big as eggs which destroyed some 1,000 hectares of orchards and crops." There are so many disasters happening every week now that it has become necessary to create a page that compiles them all. A brother in the faith has opted to do this work for me as I am swamped just trying to keep up with the daily news. You can access that page here.

08/09/2010 13:26:44 Food police target organic foods in California!
Amazing isn't it? They raid organic food stores with guns drawn as if the clerk is a terrorist. Their crime? The food that is 10 times healthier for you than the processed foods and GMO veggies in Walmart! Why do they do this? If food is allowed to be grown organically and shared between family, friends and neighbors, the government won't be able to starve the people into submission when they decide to make the food disappear off store shelves. It will be much easier to enforce the mark of the beast if you dangle fresh food in the face of those people that haven't eaten in days. Praise the Lord the real Christians won't see this as an issue because we have been promised that our "bread and waters shall be sure." Those that don't read their Bibles and trust the Lord will clamor to the government stations offering food for an exchange of their loyalty to God. They will gladly receive the mark just so they can eat. Jesus said in Matthew 16:25, "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it."

08/09/2010 13:26:45 Chinese poor locked up at night
Notice how they use so many different excuses as to why they say it's a good idea to lock people up in their own towns to prevent crimes. The problem is, the governments of the world simply aren't able to do their jobs anymore because the money they get is used to fill the silk lined pockets of their leaders instead of protecting the people that pay their salaries. Ok, yes, they do feel like this is helping, but as this idea spreads to more and more towns, it will eventually become a good idea for other nations. Then locking in citizens every night will become the norm, just as it was in Hitler's day.

08/08/2010 13:22:56 Baby preacher
No, he is not preaching, but the crowd is egging him on as if he is a messenger from God. This little boy is merely playing with the microphone yelling gibberish, and the adults in the church applaud him and tell him to "preach on" while praising God for his "message." Yet he never says anything you can understand! If his parents don't get him out of that church soon, this poor child is going to be convinced he is a prophet, a healer, or a preacher when he is older, but will he ever be? Not if he stays in that church. This is what happens when you don't read Bibles and refuse to go to churches that have pastors that read Bibles. But then, that too was prophecied for our day.

08/08/2010 13:22:56 Moscow wildfires choking city

"Almost nine hundred wildfires are now raging across Russia, with a dense layer of smog thickening around Moscow. Dozens of flights have been unable to take off due to poor visibility, with many others diverted to alternative destinations. Face masks are being worn all over the capital as Muscovites struggle with the haze." Forest fires? In Russia!? What could be worse? Those fires are actually heading towards the Chernobyl site that can cause radioactive material to ascend into the air via the smoke, which of course will eventually rain down on neighboring villages. Still, this is happenign in Russia. I don't recall them every having such a problem as this before. Could the rumors be true that the US Government is using weather modification weapons on them? I know that sounds far fetched, but didn't Germany admit they were testing weather modification techniques not too long ago? If Germany's doing it, you can rest assured the USA has already perfected it. Amazing how such things happen and still some won't accept the fact that we are living in the last days. I guess with some, they will only believe when the Eastern Sky splits wide open.

08/06/2010 13:40:23 Craigslist called Wal-Mart of sex trade
This is crazy! It seems Craig was approached by someone that will help him make millions over night selling sex online. He is literally helping thousands of young girls make money in prostitution! This is not an easy video to watch in that you can easily see that Craigslist is in fact being used for ill gotten booty. (no pun intended) Notice how when he is asked the blunt questions by the reporter he just stands there and stares at her and refuses to say anything. Now that was strange! Please pray for those young girls that are being exploited by Craigslist. It's amazing how disgusting the world is getting out there. Just one more sign of the time.

08/06/2010 13:40:23 Poor examples of Weather Stations
I just had to post this! This is apparently how Gore and his friends can make some of their global warming stats appear legit. They literally place their temperature reading devices near areas where extra heart is generated! There is no way they're getting accurate readings from these instruments, yet they claim they are? This is indeed the age of lying! If you can come up with a lie that can make some corporate big wigs billions, then they will do all they can to make that lie believable.

26/07/2010 14:41:53 Have a video?
Do you have a video that you think is prophetic in nature that you think Presents of God ministry should post online for all the world to see? If so, please send me an email with the llink to the video and I will check it out. By the way, do not send the video in the email as my server will reject it. Please only send the link.

08/04/2010 14:24:42 Nancy Pelosi avoids question on Jesus' right to life
What many fail to realize is, Nancy Pelosi is Roman Catholic. Watch in this video how she attempts to uplift the Word of God as if it is her anchor in life and the next minute avoid it at all costs. This I am sad to say is par for the course for most Catholics. I know, I was one 26+ years ago. This is also par for the course for Rome itself. One minute they declare abortion is a sin, the next minute Roman Catholic hospitals and Roman Catholic doctors are caught performing abortions, and Roman Catholic politicians are passing laws to allow for same, including partial birth abortion! Not to mention many Roman Catholic woman having abortions on a daily basis in this country alone. This is why Roman Catholicism is so popular. You can sin all you like. Just make sure you confess your sins to a priest after doing so to prevent damnation. Problem is, confessing to a priest actually increases the odds of damnation.

08/04/2010 14:28:27 Scary looking storm cell
This is the storm cell that dropped 2lb hail stones in July of this year! in of all places, So. Dakota! How would you like to see this thing coming at you!? This is the stuff nightmares are made out of! Most find it hard to believe that puffy clouds can carry such immense weight in them. They fail to recall how heavy water itself is, let alone the fact the wind alone can lift just about any weight on earth. Need I mention how easily a tornado can turn a brick home into rubble, or how a strong east wind can blow a dry path through the Red Sea?