17/08/2010 14:50:14 Are economic riots starting?
"For years, researchers such as Gerald Celente have been warning that the coming economic collapse is going to spark mob scenes and riots that are unprecedented in U.S. history. Many have scoffed at these predictions and have refused to believe that anything like that could ever happen in America. But if what happened on Wednesday near Atlanta is any indication, we could be on the verge of something really bad." Was this not prophecied as well?

17/08/2010 14:50:14 Roman Catholic priest killed for money owed for sex
"Roman Catholic priest Lionel Sham owed his lover and "own son" money for sex - and that is why he was killed." This is what the Roman Catholic church is, nothing more nothing less. It is a safe haven for those that want to have homosexual sex and be protected by the church. It's been a problem since 60AD. This is the most perverted and disgusting organization known to man, and the only reason it stays open is because, as prophecied, it has gained control over all the nations on earth. More and more of this type of activity is happening daily. But thanks to the controlled media, gagged judges, and Internet censorship, most of Rome's filth is kept under the rug. Praise the Lord it's all about to be graphically exposed! Maranatha!

16/08/2010 13:37:50 Lady Gaga meets Jesus at beach resort
"Jesus Is Number One!" shouts deejay priest Don Roberto Fiscer as he lines up the latest number by Lady Gaga for parishioners gathered at a beach resort in northwestern Italy. In Fiscer's unique way of spreading the gospels, he proclaims over throbbing disco music: "I have a message for you that comes straight from heaven: without Jesus there is no future, without Jesus we have no love, no joy." Surprised? I'm not. The certain damsel possessed of Satan has been preaching Jesus is Lord for decades using Christian Rock, so this is to be expected. This immensely perverted version of the Truth appeals to the young that want to feel good about themselves while at the same time party hardy. They learned this from their parents when Rome started the charismatic movement in the mid 1980's that spawned the preachertainment industry of today. And yes, this ear tickling message was also prophecied for our day.

16/08/2010 13:37:50 One third of Pakistan under water. 6 million in desperate need
"A third of Pakistan is now under water, and fresh rainfall threatens two more waves of flooding in the southern Sindh province." What could be worse? Many that usually offer help are refusing because of the political ramifications it may bring. Amazing how Satan has been able to make innocent children suffer for what their parents are doing. However, this will also be used by Rome in the coming days as a way to "come together" under "one god" so as to make a better world. That in itself will set the stage for the prophecied global community that is easily guided by Antichrist into killing the few to save the many. Sound familiar? It should, it was initiated 2000 years ago and recorded as such in John 11:50.

16/08/2010 13:37:50 Saint death cult followers pray
This is what Catholicism breeds. Death. The video on this page is censored from reaching here in the States, so I'm not posting it as a video. However, the pic that shows up on frame one proves that this church is extremely evil in that it causes it's members to worship skeletons. Yes, the article says "The Catholic Church is opposed to cult, despite many of its devotees calling themselves Catholics." But if you look at these pictures, you will see that yes, the Catholic church does approve of praying to, and worshipping skeletons. They always say one thing in the media while doing the exact opposite in their churches. This type of mind is what's cultivated when you pray to, and worship dead humans instead of God. As prophecied, they worship the creature more than the Creator. Rome has taught all their members that it's acceptable to bow before statues of dead people as if they are worthy of worship, and yes, according to Scripture, bowing is an act of worship.

16/08/2010 14:00:07 US abuse case against Vatican dropped
"Three men who sought to hold the Vatican liable in an American court for sexual abuses by Roman Catholic priests are abandoning the case, according to a court motion filed on Monday. Lawyers hoped to question Pope Benedict XVI under oath but had to get past the legal hurdle of the Vatican's sovereign immunity status in the US." In other words, the Pope gets off scot-free on a legal technicality! He is 100% guilty as the documented evidence has shown, but because Satan has convinced the Vatican to become both a Church and a State, just as prophecy predicted it would, they can hide behind "sovereign immunity." I wonder, will this cause Catholics to finally leave the church? They all know now their Pope chose not to testify and "clear his name" in that court room because the evidence was so damning. If he was innocent as some Catholics still assume, why not step up and prove it? He won't for the same reason Obama won't show his real birth certificate. They know it's easy to spin a lie than it is to admit the truth, so they lie.

16/08/2010 13:55:05 President goes for a swim in the Gulf - or does he?
"The official picture was intended to provide evidence that the region's beaches are back to normal. Yet it soon emerged that the private beach on which it was taken, off Alligator Point in St Andrew Bay, north-west Florida, isn't technically in the gulf." The Whitehouse literally lied about him swimming in the poisoned waters of the Gulf. Bu tthen, we are in the age of lying. The fact he was in a disconnected body of water proves they are trying to flim flam the people in that region. Why? I could go on for hours on that question. Suffice it to say, millions are going to get "mysterious" illnesses in the coming months and years. BP has already made arrangements with the AMA to escape all blame. With their kind of money, not even a millionaire lawyer will be able to do much to expose them. But then, why bother? "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." - Romans 12:19

15/08/2010 13:58:05 Exploit Islam's hatred of Christianity
"A new web trolling campaign to spread the rumor that Afghan President Hamid Karzai has converted to Christianity was sweeping the internet on Thursday, calling on people to "exploit Islam's hatred of all things Christian." Web trolling involves posting inflammatory statements online to provoke reactions." This is nothing more than seeking a way to get many Christians killed, and it's all based on a lie. This is how much Christ is hated today. Why do you suppose they have such boldness to go forth like this? They feel they have the support of a Muslim president in the USA who not only condones the building of a Mosque in NYC, but also one who refuses to partake in Christian prayer in the Whitehouse, yet celebrates Ramadam instead. And just think, this is nowhere near as bad as it's going to get. That being said, are you ready? Are you sure!?

15/08/2010 13:58:04 Islam slams plans to burn Quran
No, I do not think burning Quran's are a way to get Muslims to realize they are in eternal danger, anymore than I think Muslims urinating and spitting on Christian Bibles orburning Christian Bibles will convert Christians to Islam. Truth is, even the American Pentagon burns Christian Bibles. So how does this help anyone? All I see here is a way to anger people rather than reach out to them in the Spirit of Christianity. To the Florida church I pose the question. Would Jesus do what you're plannign to do? Or would He approach the estranged woman at the well with love and Truth?

15/08/2010 14:09:04 U.N. Children’s Rights Treaty Would Turn Parental Rights ‘Over to International Community’
"Sen. Jim DeMint (R- S.C.) said that if President Barack Obama gets his way and the Senate ratifies the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the precedent would be set to place parental rights under the jurisdiction of the international community." Does that sound like what Rome did with Hitler? Yes it does. Truth is, Article 28 of the U.N. charter made it illegal back in 1993 in most countries for parents to spank their children. The end result? Children running amuck. No authority in childhood, breeds no authority in adulthood. This is why society is in such a mess.

15/08/2010 13:58:04 Italy: Mafia thanks God for new boss
"A group of men stand in circle outside a church in a secluded patch of Italy, a statue of the Virgin Mary in the background. In the middle, an 80-year-old mafia boss speaks in heavily accented Italian, having been elected leader of “The Crime,” the local mob syndicate. "The Crime doesn't belong to anyone. It belongs to everyone," This is Roman Catholicism in a nutshell. No other Christian church on earth has actual criminals that kill for money as part of their accepted congregation. Only Rome can stake that claim.

15/08/2010 14:10:58 'Superbug' alert as resistant gene hits UK
"A 'superbug' that is resistant to the most powerful antibiotics has reached the UK. Scientists are warning the bug, an enzyme called New Delhi-Metallo-1 (NDM-1), could spread across the world as nothing is being developed to treat it." This is what happens when you stop using natural methods to heal the sick. The AMA was forseen long ago to help the prophecy of "pestilences" come to fruition.

15/08/2010 14:12:40 Peru battles rabid vampire bats after 500 people bitten
"Four children in the Awajun indigenous tribe died after being bitten by the bloodsucking mammals. Health workers have given rabies vaccine to more than 500 people who have also been attacked. Some experts have linked mass vampire bat attacks on people in the Amazon to deforestation." Are you studying your Bible every day? If not, the Lord won't be able to use you to help those that have no clue as to what's going on all around the world. It's about to get far worse. How soon? No clue. We need to be prepared no matter how long it takes. Truth is, the longer it takes for the end to arrive, the longer we have to do that which prophecy says we must do. So, again.. are you studying your Bible every day? Some of you already know what you're looking at. That fact alone proves in your heart Christian prophecy is solid as the Rock that spoke it!

13/08/2010 14:43:21 U.S. warned of threat worse than Katrina, plague, WWII
"More horrifying than the plague of Black Death across Europe. More costly in lives than World War II. Financially, it could make the Katrina repairs look like a pocketful of change. And it's not a matter of if, but when. ...The issue of EMP dangers to the Earth – either from a CME, a coronal mass ejection, which is an eruption of power from the sun, or from a nuclear-triggered EMP wave intended to destroy a society – have been the subject of multiple reports in recent months. ...never before has civilization faced what could be coming, because historic storms hit before people were so dependant on electricity and all that it does, from turning on a cell phone to powering the pumps fueling the transportation system to keeping food from spoiling. The domino effect, he explained, is what could cause deaths in the millions. " Live in a city? If the Sun or a terrorist generate an EMP you're going to be in the dark for a loooong time. It's impossible to support the size of our cities today without electricity. Just one more reason to get out. By the way... It's not just an EMP that the Sun can toss our way. Plague #4 (and common sense) says heat is also the end results of large plumes of fire. Whether this is an act of God, a terrorist, or just a D.C. lie to get the "apporval" to attack Iran remains to be seen. In any event, Christ is coming. That much is clear.

13/08/2010 14:43:21 Fish are dying all over the world!
Now do you see why they need to control the media? This article reeks of government propaganda designed to hide the BP spill. In it they say, "Dead creatures of the sea are washing ashore up and down the east coast of the United States as officials scramble to find a cause. Hundreds of thousands of dead fish are washing ashore, possibly as a result of low dissolved oxygen levels in the water caused by hot summer temperatures." I can understand a lack of Oxygen causing it de to oil and Corexit, but hot temps!? Now I'm just spitballing here but, do ya think perhaps millions of gallons of crude oil and Corexit could be killing fish? Ok, that's just a wild guess but, common sense seems to be easier to trust... no? And it's not just the East Coast either! 

13/08/2010 14:43:21 Wildfires in Russia, Canada create poisonous ring around planet
"Raging forest fires in central Russia, Siberia and western Canada have created an enormous cloud of pollutants covering the northern hemisphere, according to NASA. Carbon monoxide, one of the most poisonous gases released into the atmosphere from forest fires, has been detected well outside the territories of Russia and Canada." Adding the injection of more toxins into the atmosphere from this poisonous ring along with the already poisonous air thanks to Corexit and Benzine evaporating into the clouds thansk to the BP spill, and you have the makings of what can eventually become a real plague. So.. Mr and Mrs scoffer.. anything yet?

13/08/2010 14:52:57 Brazil and UFOs: Making sure the truth is out there
"Fed up with secrecy shrouding reports of flying saucers, Brazil has decreed that any UFO sightings will now be logged by the government and made available to researchers of the paranormal. A government decree issued this week orders Brazilian military and civilian pilots, as well as air traffic controllers, to register any sightings with the country's aerospace defense command -- and to include any video or photos if they have them." Hmmm do you suppose they have an agenda behind all this? I'm just thinking out loud here, but could it be Rome is setting their final deceptions into play so their documented invention of UFOs hundreds of years ago can finally be used to further deceive the masses into believing what they want? To use such idiocies as this proves Satan is running scared! He knows his time is short. VERY short! I wonder.. do you suppose they will say it's UFOs killing all those penguins on the shores of Brazil? Ot are they killing all the fish in their rivers? No.. it's not UFOs. It's simply obvious. And by the way.. are you aware Brazil has the largest amount of Catholics in the world? 136,979,016 to be exact! Now we understand why they have so many nude beaches, sex crimes and a massive homosexual problem. Catholics will do just about anything their priests will allow. It makes sense they would be the ones to spearhead the Vatican's UFO agenda!

13/08/2010 15:00:38 New meds could stop Cancer by cutting off its blood
"Researchers at Tel Aviv University are developing a new family of medicines that could provide preventive treatment for cancer, or turn existing cancer into a chronic disease that one can live with for years." You do realize what this means don't you? They finally figured out how to make Cancer patients customers for life! That is what they've been researching all these years. They don't want a cure! They want a way to manage the disease instead! A cure for Cancer is as old as life itself, but the doctors don't want people to know about it. So they let literally billions die so they could create a drug that allows Cancer sufferers to stay alive on their drugs without every curing the Cancer. They did this with Diabetes decades ago, and they may have just done it with Cancer it seems. Natural doctors already have the cures, but because the AMA doctors have so much money and power where many actually treat them "like gods," they have CONvinced most people to believe the real medicine God has given us in Nature is false, and the sorceries they manufacture are true. But then, that too was prophecied

08/12/2010 14:56:51 Tell the terminally ill to 'trust God,' get yourself fired
"We are dismayed that they found that Mr. Amachree had not been discriminated against on the grounds of his faith. This decision will send yet more shock waves through the Christian community when they realize that a couple of comments encouraging faith in God can lead to a person being dismissed for gross misconduct," Williams said." Truth is, this has been going on for years! I witnessed it first hand some years back before I went into the ministry fulltime. I was "asked" (in writing no less) to stop sharing Jesus with tenants of an apartment complex I was contracted to remodel. They all knew I was a preacher and so they asked me some questions regarding a myriad of topics. To top it off, the owners knew that I would "clock out" each time I would share Christ, and then "clock back in" when I was done. it never cost them a dime. When I was asked by a tenant to help in a study group some Mormons were going to do to try and lure some from Christ, which was to be after work hours, I was fired. That was about 8 years ago. So.. yes.. it's been happening for some time now. What to do? Go ahead and "Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine." -2 Timothy 4:2 It's what Christians do! THAT is what the wicked fear.

08/12/2010 14:56:50 A Gospel choir's heresy
Turns out, the author of the article wa sin Wal-mar looking through CD's when she saw "...a gospel tribute CD to President Obama. Some of the tracks include "inspiring words" from our president." The basic reality here is, Obama worship is still being pushed by Rome. Why? Caesar was worshipped as a god was he not? The pope does claim to be Caesar in writing, therefore leader worship must be indoctrinated so the pope can stand before the people to be worshipped. Truth is, all of the world's leaders (expect those at war, and about to be at war) have bowed in worship before him, just as prophecy predicted!

08/12/2010 14:56:50 Facial-recognition tech catch ID thieves
"New York this year became one of more than 30 states to deploy the controversial technology at its Department of Motor Vehicles. Gov. David A. Paterson will brief reporters Tuesday on hundreds of cases the state is prosecuting as a result — including at least one that officials will tout as a major criminal apprehension." The premise for such invasive technology is that they tell us they can use this to protect us. The very same mind set was that of Hitler until he gained power. Then that which he convinced the people was good for them, he then used against them to be able to tract down those he deemed a threat. Today, even those with their heads in the clouds can see that this type of technology can be used to find you in any crowd you stand in. They have this set up in airports all around the world already. Soon, it will be in all shopping malls and every street corner, "for our protection." Can you see why the Antichrist in Rome needs such a thing? Prophecy says he will have the power to demand every soul on earth do as he commands. Praise the Lord he won't successful. In fact, that is why the Vatican eventually demands the death penalty on those that refuse to follow his orders, which by the way is in fact worship.

08/12/2010 14:56:50 Massive ice chunk threatens oil platforms, shipping lanes
"An island of ice more than four times the size of Manhattan is drifting across the Arctic Ocean after breaking off from a glacier in Greenland. Potentially in the path of this unstoppable giant are oil platforms and shipping lanes. ...It's been a summer of near biblical climatic havoc across the planet, with wildfires, heat and smog in Russia and killer floods in Asia. But the moment the Petermann glacier cracked last week — creating the biggest Arctic ice island in half a century." What if this ice hit an oil platform and adds to the already poisoned ocean? Or an oil barge? I agree with the reporter. This has been a Summer of biblical events! I love it when reporters help confirm prophecy. Sadly, most do it unaware.

08/11/2010 14:36:52 They're doing it: U.N. makes its move into your school
"The agenda of the United-Nations-funded and -run International Baccalaureate Curriculum is making massive inroads into America's public schools, with operations already established in more than 1,000 locations. Worldview Weekend President and Founder Brannon Howse says the program is trying to train American students to embrace an anti-Christian worldview." Prophecy did say the Christian would be hated, and now they are teaching kids to hate us. How close do you think we are now? For more shocking articles and videos about corruption in the School system, click here

08/11/2010 14:36:51 UK Police run radio ad to turn in your neighbor
"The ad was part of a campaign for a police anti-terrorist hotline. It described a man who "likes to keep himself to himself," doesn't have a bank card and keeps his curtains closed, before advising that "this may mean nothing, but together it could all add up to you having suspicions." This is nuts! In fact, this is what the Vatican did with Hitler decades ago. Many people tuned in their neighbors to make peace with the Nazis on one hand, as well as turn in a neighbor they didn't like on the other. With all the Christian hating going on out there now, it's not hard to imagine a world wherein being a Christian will literally get you jailed. Did you see the previous article I posted above this one? They are actually training kinds in schools to hate Christians. And now the cops want people to call them if their neighbors use cash or have their curtains closed? One good thing is, the UK Authorities banned this commercial. But the fact the cops made such a commercial proves they are testing the waters. Eventually it will be aired without being banned.

08/11/2010 14:36:51 Texas ranch taken over by Mexican cartels and cops ignore it for 16 days!
"After 16 days of denials by Laredo law enforcement and local officials regarding a Mexican drug cartel takeover of a Laredo area ranch, a Texas police blotter proves the alleged incident did in fact happen and that multiple agencies responded to the scene of a seized U.S. ranch." They actually seized 2 ranches! Welcome to Barack Obama's new and "improved" version of America. Perhaps the open borders allowing drug cartles was a mere oversight of the Vatican. Or perhaps not. Whatever the truth is on that doesn't seem to matter. The politcal desires of the present administration to allow for the New World Order appears far more important than th elives of honest American citizens. This is what happens when the leaders clamor  for the "gift" instead of doign their job. Proverbs 29:2,4 says, "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. The king by judgment establisheth the land: but he that receiveth gifts overthroweth it." This is exactly what's happening in D.C.

08/11/2010 14:47:21 Scientists plan NASA mission to land on asteroid on possible collision course with earth
"Asteroid 1999 RQ36 has a 1-in-1,000 chance of hitting the Earth at some point before the year 2200. And its orbit means that it is most likely to hit us on 24th September 2182. An impact with the 1,800 feet-wide asteroid would result in an explosion on Earth equivalent to hundreds of nuclear bombs detonating at once." First of all, as Christians we trust the Lord will protect us. Secondly, Christian prophecy is plain, the seventh plague says nothing about an asteroid! 125lb hail stones does not an asteroid make.

08/10/2010 14:22:53 Monsanto: The world's poster child for corporate manipulate and deceit
"At a biotech industry conference in January 1999, a representative from Arthur Anderson, LLP explained how they had helped Monsanto design their strategic plan. First, his team asked Monsanto executives what their ideal future looked like in 15 to 20 years. The executives described a world with 100 percent of all commercial seeds genetically modified and patented. Anderson consultants then worked backwards from that goal, and developed the strategy and tactics to achieve it. They presented Monsanto with the steps and procedures needed to obtain a place of industry dominance in a world in which natural seeds were virtually extinct." What does this all mean you ask? Ask any farmer and they will tell you that all the seeds they buy are only good for ONE crop! The old days of harvesting seeds from a crop to make a new crop are over. This is why there's a "doomsday seed vault in Norway." They know if something were to happen with the seeds, at least this vault can help them start over. But the investors that own the vault (like the Clintons and Bill Gates) know how easy it is to make a profit with such things. Since no one can buy seeds that allow them to grow food in their own back yards, the owners of the seeds can become insanely rich by selling them to the highest bidder. Yes, many will starve so as to raise the price even higher. Not only does this prove James 5:3 is being fulfilled, it also confirms the "famines" that are prophecied for our day. As soon as they drop the other shoe and remove the food the scoffers will start to see what we see.

08/10/2010 14:22:53 Radiation, plague, and fires: Foreign embassies urgently evacuate staff from Russia
"A hasty evacuation of diplomatic staff from foreign embassies, like a stampede, began in Moscow. Many embassies are trying to hide the evacuation for political reasons. Mass evacuation of the embassies of Canada and Poland was officially reported at night on August 7. ...According to unofficial information, warehouses of chemical and bacteriological weapons were also burnt down. ...It is possible that the diplomats, through the intelligence services of their countries, know something that is not yet known to the general public." Could it be they are aware the fires are lofting radioactive particles into the smoke from Chernobyl? Judging by how the leaders in all nations today are mostly liars and worried about their own skin, yes, that scenario seems more likely to me. This poisonous fire will just add to the other disasters around the world to further contaminate planet earth for all of mankind. Will they milk this for even more profits in the coming days? Ok.. dumb question. What's worse? The article also stated "The radiation, according to the newspaper, comes from facilities for the production of atomic bombs (400 km east of Moscow) burning in Sarov." Add that to Chernobyl and yes, you can see the days ahead will be a bit rough to say the least.

08/10/2010 14:22:53 Moscow deaths now 700 a day as city chokes in smog
"Deaths in Moscow have doubled to an average of 700 people a day as the Russian capital is engulfed by poisonous smog from wildfires and a sweltering heat wave, a top health official said Monday." Seriously.. if you're a scoffer, what say ye now? This "smog" is airborne. Yes, it will dissipate, but the fact of the matter is, it's still in the air you breath no matter how much is disperses. Add this to all the other toxins already in the air as well as the Corexit of the BP oil disaster and the Benzine in oil itself, and you have the perfect soup for a plague of biblical proportions in a comparatively short period of time. There are so many disasters happening every week now that it has become necessary to create a page that compiles them all. A brother in the faith has opted to do this work for me as I am swamped just trying to keep up with the daily news. You can access that page here.

08/10/2010 14:22:53 17 year old girl auctions off virginity to save house
"The teenage schoolgirl who auctioned off her virginity to a British businessman has called off the deal after the besotted bidder asked her to marry him. The 17-year-old blonde -who started the sale to stop her mum's home being repossessed - will reopen the bidding on Hungarian television on Thursday. The original sale was closed down by auction website eBay after the bidding had topped 100,000 GBP. Now local TV channel Tabu has taken over the sale, which will close on August 25. The freckle-faced girl - who claims she has never had a boyfriend and lives in northern Hungary with her mother - explained:" I don't think there is anything wrong with it. "It's just for one night. And I think it's actually quite romantic because the man who pays me this money will be helping to save my family from being homeless. He will be our saviour." Can you imagine? They are actually going to auction he roff on television!? What's this world coming to!? Oh.. yeah.. I remember now... AN END!

08/09/2010 13:17:13 Radical Islam's conquest of America
"America is surrendering in the war against radical Islam. This is the real meaning behind the decision to build a 13-story mosque and Muslim cultural center 600 feet from the site of ground zero. A New York City panel gave the green light Tuesday for the project - despite intense resistance from many families of the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Most New Yorkers and Americans do not want this mosque erected: It will be a symbolic monument to the triumph of Islamism in the United States." In every nation that Islam has conquered they erected a Mosque. Even though we know they were helped by the US Government to attack the Towers on 911, they are going to claim victory in this attack so Rome can have her bloodthirsty pawns in America to do as Hitler did for her in Europe. And praise the Lord I am not the only one that sees Nazi's and Muslims have many of the same agenda and fruits. Many know all about this! By the way, have you seen this website that shows Islam in D.C.? Have you noticed they do this in the name of "freedom of Religion?" But I thought Muslims hated freedom and all it stands for. Funny how they like to use it now eh? Rome's wound is healing quickly!

08/09/2010 13:17:13 S510 - Illegal to grow, share, trade, sell homegrown food
"If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public's right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one's choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God." It is similar to what India faced with imposition of the salt tax during British rule, only S 510 extends control over all food in the US, violating the fundamental human right to food." ~ Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistleblower." Seems rather obvious doesn't it? They want absolute control. Will this happen? Does it matter? Jesus will still come back.

08/09/2010 13:17:13 Millions of fish dead in Bolivian Ecological disaster
Yes, the original headline said "1 million" but the update says it's now more like 6 million now. The article states, "Over 1 million fish and thousands of alligators, turtles, dolphins and other river wildlife are floating dead in numerous Bolivian rivers in the three eastern/southern departments of Santa Cruz, Beni and Tarija. The extreme cold front that hit Bolivia in mid-July caused water temperatures to dip below the minimum temperatures river life can tolerate. As a consequence, rivers, lakes, lagoons and fisheries are brimming with decomposing fish and other creatures." Are you keeping track of all the disasters? If not, click here.

08/09/2010 13:22:58 Hungry for genetically engineered fish?
"A major U.S. fish research company has tampered with the DNA of Atlantic salmon by adding a quick-growth gene that allows the fish to eat year-around and grow more quickly. And the Food and Drug Administration is about to allow these genetically engineered salmon to head to market, the company says." Looking back into the early 1900's, do you recall the pics and videos I posted where the overwhelming majority of the people had absolutely no problem with obesity? We can now see that Americans eating meat with growth hormones in them are not only growing considerably larger than their grandparents, their own children are "blossoming" into puberty by the age of 7. So, yes, we know growth hormones in meat are causing problems. Now they have modified salmon that are massively larger than normal salmon and they can't see how this will be a problem in the near future? This is what happens when not so intelligent people become scientists. It's painfully obvious that book learning cannot teach wisdom. I guess you can lead a scientist to the facts, but you can't make him think.