15/08/2014 13:59:56 Most Pastors Avoid Controversial Issues to Keep Tithes Up
"Pastors generally believe same-sex marriage and abortion are wrong, but most of them won't talk to their congregations about it for fear of losing members." --Prophecy declared most would be preachers of filthy lucre (money) today, and their collective actions from church to church confirms this prophecy fulfilled hands down. Truth is, the minute those pastors signed unto the long prophesied 501c3 so as to gain money from the government, Satan knew he had them. It was just a matter of time before he used their worship of money to get them to stop preaching as Jesus asked them to. Look around and you will see that America's boldly decadent society is the end result of these false teachers, pastors and preachers including the once blessed SDA church that not only defends Antichrist, but sanctions everything from homosexual marriage to claiming Allah is God. Society is now a mess because those ordained of God that were to help those precious souls back unto the path whenever they veered off have sold out for the almighty dollar. But then, those of us that study prophecy knew all along, it was prophesied to get this bad. In fact, it's going to get much worse thanks to the fact those ordained to stand at the desk have stepped away! Are you ready? Are you sure?!

15/08/2014 13:59:55 Why do Ferguson's police officers look like soldiers?
"The military appearance of the St. Louis County police prompted an outpouring of responses from veterans and policymakers on social media and in statements. Brandon Friedman, a U.S. Army veteran, tweeted a photo of himself deployed in Iraq next to an image of a police officer in Ferguson. “The gentleman on the left has more personal body armor and weaponry than I did while invading Iraq,” Friedman wrote." --Have you seen the video I did some time ago regarding martial law some months back? Most police stations are already armed to the teeth to enforce martial law in their respective areas right now. So, why not use what the government has already spent nearly half a billion dollars on supplying them with? After all.. if you were in the military and had been given a new "toy" wouldn't you want to test it and use it at every opportunity so as to make sure you can wield that weapon properly when called to do so on "that day" Rome drops the other shoe to enforce their mark? That being said, is it any wonder Congressman John Lewis is right now demanding Obama declare Martial Law in Ferguson?

15/08/2014 13:59:55 Vatican calls on Muslim leaders to condemn Christian persecution in Iraq
"The Vatican has called on Muslim leaders to denounce unambiguously the persecution of Christians and Yazidis in Iraq - and hinted that it is considering breaking off dialogue with Islamic representatives if they fail to do so." --Me thinks this is too little too late Jorge. For those with eyes that can see plain truth, we know this is not at all what it appears. If Rome was so concerned for the plight of Christians they would have spoken up years ago to stop the slaughter that now rivals that of the Inquisition of the Vatican wherein just as many Christians were martyred each year. But because they were more interested in shoring up Islamic powers in areas of Vatican interest, they allowed the killings to flourish off the charts. A win win for the man of sin seeing how prophecy declares his main goal is to kill Christians. In fact, this Vatican statement reminds me of similar Inquisitional statements wherein they were announced publicly so as to slow the persecution at times to see if their efforts to replace the real Christians with the weak ones that converted to Catholicism out of sheer terror was successful in certain regions. If it was, persecution ended. If not, they started up again. Iraq had over 1.2 million Christians just a few short years ago, but now, thanks to Rome and the Whitehouse ignoring the slaughter, they're now well under 200,000 in number. No, I'm not buying it. This is nothing more than the Pope echoing the exact same fabricated compassion Pope Pius XII, aka Hitler's Pope used when helping Adolph Hitler kill the Jews and Sabbath keeping Christians in his day. After all, just as the Vatican brought Hitler to power, they have been also exposed as doing the same with Islam. They aren't about to shut down their 4th Reich unless they've used up every political option to slaughter their prey. Then as we saw with Hitler, they will turn their backs on their present day puppets and Islam will be doomed.

15/08/2014 13:59:55 China will create own Christian belief system amid tensions with church, says official
"China's ruling Communist Party is officially atheistic and keeps a tight grip on religion for fear it could challenge its grip on power. It requires believers to worship in places approved by the state and under government supervision." --The Vatican and the People's Republic of China have been at odds with each other for decades since the Communist Party of China took power. When China was unable to fully quell Catholicism and Protestantism, they established the Catholic Patriotic Association, a state agency which supposedly rejects Vatican authority and only allows worship in state approved churches. In the decades since communist rule began, Protestant Christianity grew under the radar in many home churches. Daniel 8:25 said the papacy would use craft (deceit) to prosper and destroy many, and I suspect that's what we are seeing here. Let me explain. The story of course says China is planning to develop their own Christian belief system in the near future. Planning to? They've already been doing so for the past 63 years when China and the Vatican "politically" severed ties in 1951. This means the story is a lie right off the bat. I also suspect they're going to publicly reconcile with the Vatican, even though they have been working behind closed doors all along as their Socialist agenda today confirms; both Rome and China see the rise of Chinese Protestantism as a mutual threat. Back in 2007 Pope Benedict began to publically reestablish ties with China, and with Francis being an obvious communist the time is ripe to fully mend this relationship so as to slow the forward progress of Protestantism in that region. As is obvious, the Vatican has been using two of her puppet nations, the USA and Japan, to antagonize China recently over supposed territorial disputes in the ocean. These territorial disputes are obviously the cover story to sell war on the public if it comes down to that. The masses won't suspect the real reason for war is a Vatican takeover of China of course. So if China wants to avert war they will have to cave in to Francis and officially sanction him as the leader of all Chinese churches. Either way, China will eventually submit to the Vatican before long just like every other country on the planet will so as to assure Rome's long prophesied New World Order comes to fruition.

15/08/2014 13:59:54 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
Emboldened ISIS Barbarically Slaughtering Christians In Iraq as Obama Plays Golf * Why Is China Nationalizing Christianity? * China cracking down on Christian groups along North Korea border * Obama's inattention to Iraqi Christians * VIDEO: Obama Says the "T" Word * VIDEO: Congressman calls for martial law * Organ trafficking and sexual exploitation: about 45,000 children and young people missing and abducted * VIDEO: Supreme Court just said lying is free speech * VIDEO: Police Brutality Spirals Out of Control * Apostate United Church of Christ Sponsoring Ohio's 'Gay Games' * Northwestern University to Offer ‘Gender Open’ Restrooms on Campus * Massive 'Florida red tide' is now 90 miles long and 60 miles wide * VIDEO: Storms Cause Massive Sinkhole in North Carolina * VIDEO: Massive deadly gas explosions devastate city streets in Taiwan * VIDEO: 'Ferguson police equipped as though they are occupying Afghanistan or Iraq' * VIDEO: Pentagon fueled Ferguson confrontation - USA Today

13/08/2014 13:21:35 World Health blesses untested Ebola treatment
"The panel, which comprised 12 advisers to the WHO from 10 different countries, was convened Monday in response to alarm over the use of the untested drug, ZMapp, to treat two American workers diagnosed with the deadly virus." --Some may assume I'm talking out of my hat on this one, but common sense just can't be avoided here. That being said, I have to ask why do you suppose they came up with ZMapp, or this "secret serum" so quickly? You guessed it.. common sense and fear of lost profits. They no doubt got wind of all the videos, blogs, and websites all over the Internet showing how Nano Silver can easily heal Ebola and any other pathogen known to man without side effects. (See my video on this here) So, using common sense, it appears obvious to me that they are using Nano Silver under the guise of a secret serum newly tagged 'ZMapp' so as to prevent a global awakening of just how effective Colloidal Silver really is. Viable gray matter dictates the reality that if they dragged their feet on this one literally hundreds of millions would have eventually found out about the Silver cure and started the "secret serum" at home. That would eventually cause the WHO and all their medical affiliates around the world hundreds of billions in profits monthly if the truth spread worldwide. So.. they can now prevent all that by merely stating they have a cure on hand. And as usual, their con job making all think the real doctors that use CS are still the quacks and it will lead most to again trust the AMA and anyone else involved in this world wide scam. How do I know this to be the case. Besides using common sense. Scientific fact is, there is no known cure on planet earth for any pathogen other than Nano Silver. This is why at first they tagged their "cure" a "secret serum." They simply can't allow the world to know they are the actual quacks who are moved by profit over and above their so called Hippocratic oath to help their fellow man. And NO, I am not saying all doctors are like this. Those that push these "sorceries" as Revelation 18:23 predicted would do so for Rome are. But the rest are rather blessed when it comes to wisdom.

13/08/2014 13:21:35 LGBT Population in U.S. Significantly Less Religious
"Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender are significantly less likely than non-LGBT Americans to be highly religious..." --The poll results are unsurprising to say the least. Truth is, they have nothing to do with the comments I'm about to make. I shook my head when I saw how they classified the 96-97% of the population who are heterosexuals (or in another words, what used to be termed as "normal"). The poll labels people as either LGBT or non-LGBT. So now the politically correct thing to do is use the acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender even when referring to straight people? In sorting people by LGBT status they've made being a homosexual the standard, or 'norm' by which people are to now be evaluated. I am sure this echoes Lot's society in his day.

13/08/2014 13:21:35 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
'Black Jesus' shows hatred of Christianity * VIDEO: IRS in clandestine move against churches again? * Obama seeks to appease pagan gods * Missouri church lures young men to ‘follow Jesus’ with AR-15 assault rifle giveaway * VIDEO: Incredible images of flash floods, storms from Arizona to New England * Black principal racially abused white teacher * VIDEO: HSBC closes accounts of Syrians in UK * VIDEO: 'Osama bin Laden' issues challenge to Obama * Racial violence cancels 1st day of school * VIDEO: 'Radicalized' father of Australian boy holding severed head has mental illness * VIDEO: Dolphin With Two Heads Washes Up on Turkish Beach * VIDEO: Teenager Made Corsicana Walmart His Home * Ebola claims 1st life in Europe * VIDEO: Switzerland train derailed in landslide * Snowden: NSA has secret ‘MonsterMind’ program that operates without human intervention

08/12/2014 15:25:43 NHS worker who 'bullied’ Muslim by praying for her
"Miss Wasteney said she was challenging her employers in court because political correctness in the NHS was stifling ordinary conversations about faith." --For years we have witnessed a stealth attack against Christianity being waged in the guise of anti-bullying campaigns. Bullying used to be using force or intimidation to dominate other people. Many of us, myself included know all too well about this from the government school playgrounds. But now it seems the term bullying been redefined as merely saying anything that upsets a group of people, even if it's for their spiritual benefit. In 2010 the anti-bullying movement went into full swing via the government controlled mainstream media with the introduction of the 'It Gets Better Project;' a national campaign designed to shame Christians who preach homosexuality is a sin. When the White House's official YouTube page posted a video of President Obama aligning himself with the It Gets Better Project, a blaring signal was sent to the whole world that stated boldly, anyone found preaching true Christian values will not be tolerated. As this story from the UK attests, the bully label will now be applied to Christians for doing anything the Lord commands them to do. Does not the bible command us to preach the gospel and salvation through Jesus Christ alone? But as we see here, this woman was punished due to the claim she was committing the act of bullying for sharing her faith in Jesus with a Muslim. Apparently that now counts as an attempt at 'forced' conversion. Yet the bloodstained machete wielding Muslim holding the heads of martyred Christians is not. How long will it be until sharing the truth about Sabbath or even God's Law for that matter is considered bullying? It'll be said we are trying to force people to reject the admitted unbiblical Catholic Sunday Sabbath when all we are actually doing is gently warning people with Scripture so as to let them make up their own minds. Satan knows many will see the truth for what it is, and so he has decided to fight against it just as prophecy predicted long ago. Don't let this turn of events trouble you brothers and sisters. By today's standard, Jesus was a bully who tried forcing the Pharisees to convert. And as Paul said so eloquently in Acts 24:14, "But this I confess unto thee, that after the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets:"

08/12/2014 15:25:43 The lavish homes of American archbishops
"Clearly, "lifestyles of the rich and religious" doesn't cut it for Pope Francis. The pontiff has said it "breaks my heart" to see priests and nuns driving the latest-model cars. He's blasted "airport bishops" who spend more time jet-setting than tending to their flocks. And he's warned against church leaders who bear the "psychology of princes." --This article actually tries to make this Jesuit Pope out as some leader in living in poverty, or at the very least one that emulates Christ's walk wherein Jesus stated in Matthew 8:20 that "The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head." What the article boldly leaves out is the fact the prophesied man of sin in Rome is not being truthful regarding the "room" he claims to live in. Not only is this "room" worth more than most entire homes in America, it's also one of the 1600 rooms this Pope resides in. The Vatican is the unrivaled largest mansion on the planet. Jesus said it best when speaking of such "religious leaders" 2000 years ago when He used the descriptive term, "hypocrites."

08/12/2014 15:25:42 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
5-year-old Christian boy cut in half by ISIS * VIDEO: No Bible in my Classroom * New Jersey Police Ticket Christian for Posting Scripture Sign on His Vehicle * Muslims Hack Off Christian Man's Head After Forcing Him to Deny Jesus Christ * IRS Settlement With Atheists Could Mean Beginning of End for Your Pastor's Free Speech * VIDEO: 'Black Jesus' TV show 'guaranteed to offend' * VIDEO: Are iris scanners on school buses necessary? * Target tells shoppers it's going 'gay' * Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children's IQ * Americans Got $2 Trillion in Benefits from Federal Government in 2013 * 'We Are Jihad!': Miami Muslims Take to Streets Chanting in Support of Hamas, Allah * VIDEO: US terrorist watchlist contains 280k people with no terrorist affiliations * VIDEO: 'NSA aka No Such Amendment a grouse violation of rights' - Ex-CIA Officer * VIDEO: Microwave weaponry's use on people explained by Dr Barrie Trower

08/10/2014 15:21:11 THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!
Due to ongoing technical issues with the incoming feed to the poGm servers, the site will not be 100% in all areas until repaired. (especially regarding the audio/video poGm conference room) The replacement parts are on order and should arrive Monday morning. Praise the Lord His hand is still apparent and His will still the desire of His Son's obedient bride who grows stronger with each passing day.

Seeing how the equipment for the site will be upgraded on Monday, I cannot guarantee the site will be online during the technical repairs, or that the daily updates will be uploaded on Monday. However, I am certain (God willing of course) that by Tuesday all will be back to normal.

Again.. thank you for your prayers.

In Christ I Remain
-Pastor Nicholas

08/10/2014 14:15:51 Vatican Ends Suspension of Nicaraguan Priest
"Born in Los Angeles but raised in Nicaragua, Father d’Escoto, 81, is a liberation theologist who strongly supported the leftist Sandinista National Liberation Front in the 1970s during its push to overthrow a right-wing dictator. When the Sandinistas prevailed, he accepted a cabinet post, despite church rules prohibiting it." --I am surprised they waited this long to lift his suspension so as to sanction his Socialist ideals. As is obvious, he is an advocate for a socialist form of government and Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict praised socialism during his pontificate and now Jesuit Pope Francis has been doing the same since day one. It seems the old adage is true wherein it says birds or "cardinals" of a feather certainly do flock together.

08/10/2014 14:15:51 Medical debt will factor less in FICO's new credit-score model
"Someone who has unpaid medical debts but whose credit history is otherwise good should see his or her score rise by as much as 25 points, according to Fair Isaac Corp., known as FICO." --I think most who read this story can guess the real reason why medical debt will be less harmful to your credit score in the future. It's because making health care 100% government subsidized is the end goal. Once the government pays the bills, the masses will be forced to do as they're told in order to be eligible for benefits. Revelation 13:15-17 states the image of the beast, or Roman Church and all those wallowing in her 501c3 government pact will "causeth all" to receive the first beast's mark by controlling people's ability to buy and sell. Obviously the main thing to control first will be food, healthcare and housing. The private insurance options in Obamacare have proven to be a total debacle. Washington DC will drag this out as long as it takes until the public gets completely worn down. It is then they will be able to easily convince the masses that private insurance is too complicated. Therefore having a single payer system under the guidance of the federal government will be the only way to go. Amazing that we can eyewitness Revelation 13 coming true as we speak. Still, scoffers will deny the bible is true and our job is still quite obvious. Prophetically the Christian Bible proves itself on a daily basis, let alone doctrinally in all those that walk in obedience understand. Even the end-time scoffer was prophesied to stand in and outside the church so as to attack this present truth we bear. Strangely enough, even after showing them 2 Peter 3:3 and outline how they stand scoffing just as His Word predicted, they will still deny the truth as it is written. "I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit." - Ecclesiastes 1:14.

08/10/2014 14:15:51 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
This week's Earthquake Report * 'Christianity as we know it in Iraq is being wiped out' * Exclusive: Ohio State core class teaches Christians are dumber than atheists * VIDEO: Mosul Archbishop Nikodimos Daoud: ISIS Perpetrates Genocide against Iraq's Christians * Award-Winning Worship Leader Generates Controversy for Rejecting Genesis as Literal * VIDEO: Chinese earthquake death toll rises to 589 * City Pays $50,000 in Attorney’s Fees for Violating First Amendment Rights of Christians * 12-Year-Old Boy Stabs 9-Year-Old to Death at Michigan Playground * Iranian pastor charged with 'enmity against God' * Bishop of Gloucester questioned by police over assault allegations * Homeschool mom jailed over paperwork * What Ebola outbreak would look like in U.S. * VIDEO: Border agent: Feds releasing murderers into U.S * 'Transgender' Boy Receives New Birth Certificate Declaring Him a Girl * VIDEO: $7,060,259,674,497.51--Federal Debt Up $7 Trillion Under Obama * VIDEO: Cars, people swept away as flash floods hit Nevada

08/08/2014 14:34:21 VIDEO: NJ Cop: I don't give a damn about Constitution tarnished by Obama
"A wrong does make a right, according to a New Jersey police officer. Chastising resident Steve Wronko for photographing the Helmetta police station (a public building), Officer Richard Recine told the man he doesn't "give a damn" about abiding by the constitution because President Barack Obama has decimated the document during his time in office. He has since resigned. RT’s Lindsay France has the video." --OK, here's the thing.. Yes, he resigned, and yes the "police director" said it was "embarrassing." But the truth is, that cop said it because most cops believe it to be true. Our Constitution will be trashed just as prophecy predicted. The fact our leaders are doing just that and the police are following their lead proves this hands down. Most of the police right now ignore the constitution when told to do so as is apparent in numerous videos reporting same for over a year now, and the only reason this man resigned was because he was caught on camera saying what most cops already agree with. Had he been a young officer, he would have been suspended for a while and then back on the job. But this guy was obviously near retirement age and so he opted to take an early retirement.

08/08/2014 14:34:21 Jesuits tell their alumni in Congress: Protect border children
"The letter from [Thomas Smolich, head of the U.S. Jesuit conference] to the 12 Republicans and 31 Democrats appeared to be an effort to appeal to the Catholic loyalties of the House members who were educated by the Jesuits, which is Pope Francis' religious order." --Has the Jesuit order ever had as much influence over Washington DC as it does today? There's not enough space here to detail how obvious it is that President Obama takes his orders directly from the Jesuit Pope, and here you have a top ranking US Jesuit openly telling Congress what he wants them to do. The Jesuits are a military unit for the Vatican (as per admission in their documented oath) who are posing as priests and have been credited by high-ranking CIA officer E. Howard Hunt as the greatest intelligence gathering network in the world. The US government knows they are Roman spies, but in a display of public submission for the whole world to see, the official Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives is a Jesuit priest named Patrick Conroy. Check out the official US government website for the House Chaplain and notice dead center of the page they have post a quote from St. Ignatius of Loyola with the subheading "Thought of St. Ignatius of Loyola for Every Day of the Year." Who was Ignatius of Loyola? He founded the Jesuit order back in 1540 to destroy the Protestant Reformation, and now nearly 500 years later his creation openly flaunts their power over the American government just as the apostle John prophesied would happen nearly 2000 years ago.

08/08/2014 14:46:40 Catholic Church Plans Animal Fighting Contest
"St. Patrick's Parish in Hortonville, Wisconsin plan to host an event on Saturday, August 9 in which pigs are punched in the face, kicked, body-slammed, jumped on, yelled at and thrown into a bucket. This illegal animal fighting event is in violation of Wisconsin Chapter 951, titled "Crimes Against Animals", which outlaws cockfighting, dogfighting, and any other similar fighting between animals or animals and humans." --Despite all the negative press, the Catholic church has no intention of cancelling the event. At least that's what the event coordinator said. After all, they've been doing it 40 years. BTW.. There are plenty of phone numbers listed in the article to call if you feel the need to protest this one. Also many additional News Sources chiming in to alert the public. Still.. will it matter?

08/08/2014 14:34:21 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
Christians: 'We are dying - world too busy to care' * Baghdad church leader: 'Hell has broken out' * More than 76 Christians Killed in Taraba State, Nigeria in Last Four Months * Christians ordered to stop praying inside mall * VIDEO: Google's Illuminati secret summit: The Camp * VIDEO: Oops! Network reports Obama "from Kenya * After Arizona fiasco, back to future for death penalty? * Over 30,000 Iraqis trapped in mountains as IS threatens to kill them * VIDEO: Thousands of blue creatures wash ashore * CDC bombshell: Ebola spread to USA 'inevitable' * Did the Pope Just Wink at Gay Marriage? * Ebola Experts Warn of an African 'Apocalypse' * VIDEO: Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq to 'protect US personnel' * VIDEO: Burning crater in middle of highway after gas pipe ruptures in Mexico * VIDEO: This is a "girl's" hockey game! * Booted conservative soldier sues army * VIDEO: Teacher jailed after showing up at school drunk, pantless * CDC refuses to identify where previous Ebola tests originated * Italy Falls Back Into Recession, Raising Concern for Eurozone Economy * FYI: VIDEO: Spying virus infects smartphones, mimics regular software update * VIDEO: 'Bondage,' 'vibrators,' 'handcuffs' in school textbook

08/05/2014 11:42:59 VIDEO: A CURE FOR EBOLA!
--In this short video I share a clip from another video that confirms what many Christians who use natural healing methods have known all their lives. But the government and AMA keep this simple remedy hidden so as to make hundreds of billions of dollars each year keeping people sick. Some of us have seen this “solution” work first hand on many types of infections and viruses. Please share these facts with others so as to prevent unnecessary deaths of loved ones.

08/05/2014 11:51:33 VIDEO: Man who filmed NYPD choke hold video arrested on weapons charges
"The New York City Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, the largest union representing NYPD officers, said in a statement that it was "criminals like Mr. Orta who carry illegal firearms who stand to benefit the most by demonizing the good work of police officers." --The problem with that statement is Mr. Ramsey Orta didn't "demonize" a "good work" of police officers. Orta exposed police murdering a man they were arresting for selling bootlegged cigarettes. Is Orta being framed as retribution for posting the video of the fatal choke hold online? I don't know. The arrest seems suspicious, but what gets me the most was that disturbing statement by the police union representing the NYPD. The claim that Orta was "demonizing the good work" is completely twisted. If you read the rest of the story you no doubt saw the union's statement also said "Sadly, in the effort to keep neighborhoods like Tompkinsville safe, a tragedy occurred. But that doesn't change the fact that police officers routinely risk their lives for the benefit of the community." In other words, the police should be above the law because most of the time they do good? Using their logic, one could say that since most of the time the police don't murder people, we should ignore when they do on occasion. How well would that work out for any responsible citizen? Again for all I know Mr. Orta was arrested on legitimate charges. But it sure looks questionable. No matter what the truth is, local citizens will distrust and disparage the police even more now, which in turn will put the police on edge, making them more prone to overact violently because citizens will start acting out when they do. Satan knows full well how to stir the pot towards that end. So pray for our policemen and women because most of them are honest and this most assuredly is a thankless job. Still, they are ordained to be there so give them the respect they expect. (See Romans 13:1-7)

08/05/2014 11:42:59 Facebook cool with dog torture, stabbings
"Photos include dead dogs in trash bags, dogs being dragged behind cars, dozens of purported dead dogs hanging from tree limbs, dog stabbings and dogs being held at gunpoint. ...One comment on the page, "I hate dogs," stated, "I injected cocaine in a dogs body two days ago, today he’s dead. Haha." After WND reported the comment, Facebook reviewed it and deemed it acceptable. It had allowed it to remain on the page since March 24, 2013. However, a day after WND’s report, Facebook reversed its decision and removed the post." --So why does Facebook allow such graphic images of tortured dogs, decapitated humans, child pornography, mutilation, bondage, homosexuality, polygamy and even bestiality to remain online, sighting "it doesn't violate our community standards?" It's because many (not all) of the people using Facebook are people of the world that embrace sin. Being the last days as it is, such disgusting acts as these are in fact part of most "unsung" community standards of today whether they want to admit it or not. The fact prisons are bulging at the seams suggests this to be true. Prophecy said it will be as it was in Noah's and Lot's day, and so it is!

08/05/2014 11:42:59 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
Christians: The world’s most persecuted people * VIDEO: NYPD assaults, arrests half-naked grandmother * VIDEO: Bangladesh ferry capsizes with 200 passengers aboard * Another Gun Confiscation Bill Introduced in Senate * VIDEO: Tens of thousands of legal migrants detained in US to meet prison 'bed quota' * 'No chance' of finding 159 Nepal landslide victims * Feds: Man Admitted Putting Needles In Store Meat ‘Just For The Hell Of It’ * Colorado rolls out driver's licenses for illegal immigrants * US judge orders Microsoft turn over customer's emails from overseas * To love and to cherish, until contractual obligations do us part * VIDEO: Radar Images Expose The Truth About MH17! * Drunk vicar crashes car, threatens to blow up cops

08/04/2014 15:04:29 'Nightmare bacteria' spread in Southeast
"Cases of the antibiotic-resistant CRE rose fivefold in community hospitals in the region from 2008 to 2012." --We keep hearing about supposedly antibiotic-resistant superbugs in the news but these stories fail to tell you that it's only the modern day big pharma designer antibiotics that these bacteria have become resistant to. Criminally 23,000 people die every year in the USA alone because the truth about colloidal silver is suppressed by the profit driven AMA. Unlike the prescription only antibiotics with their numerous side effects and weakened nature, there are no bacteria resistant to colloidal silver on the planet. So do yourself and your family a favor; buy a colloidal silver generator for home so you can make it yourself. Or make a primitive one using three nine volt batteries. And yes, colloidal silver works on pets too.

08/04/2014 15:04:29 Scientist fired for making dinosaur discovery
"A team of attorneys is jumping to the defense of a scientist who was fired after making the stunning discovery of soft tissue attached to a triceratops skeleton, undermining the belief that dinosaurs roamed earth no less than 60 million years ago." --In other words, they discovered by that soft tissue on the bones that the dinosaur didn't roam the earth 60 million years ago as Atheistic evolutionists keep suggesting. It's more like 5000 - 6000 years ago that this dinosaur lived. Since that proves the Bible true, their discovery cost them their job. No matter.. being that it has been 6000 years since Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden, Jesus is expected back very shortly.

08/04/2014 15:04:29 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
US cities' crackdown on homeless people is 'very close to ethnic cleansing' * VIDEO: Mudslides strand thousands of Californians * VIDEO: Housing Horror: US low-income families face eviction from government-subsidized buildings * VIDEO: Mysterious Lake Appears In The Middle Of Tunisian Desert "Gafsa Beach" * 12-Year-Old Girl Suffers Severe Burns Taking Part In ‘Fire Challenge’ After Seeing Videos On Facebook * TX police scramble to scrub Facebook after pleading for help to get 'God back in our schools' * U.S. history takes drastic left turn this fall * VIDEO: Judges say Senate can launch tax bills * Despite 40 deaths, VA chief 'still on payroll' * VIDEO: Earthquake in China's Yunnan province kills over 400

08/03/2014 13:39:14 Pope Francis should cast out Netanyahu’s demons, Nicaragua president says
"Israeli PM is apparently possessed by the devil, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said, urging Pope Francis to cast out his demons." --That is impossible on many levels. First and foremost, the Pope would have to be a Christian to be used of God to cast out demons, and his church doctrine boldly proclaims he is Pagan. Secondly, Jesus plainly said in Matthew 12:25-26, "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?"

08/03/2014 13:39:14 Interfaith temple: Rabbi, priest and imam crowdfund ‘House of One’ in Germany
"The House of One will be 40 meters tall, with a shared inter-religious space for 380 people at its heart, and a mosque, synagogue and church branching off in different directions." --It's going to be called the House of One to help further the satanic "One God" heresy embraced by apostate churches around the world. If you are one that use to dabble in the occult before finding Christ you know the title "the One" is specifically granted to Satan by satanists. The Catholic false doctrine of Trinity is being uplifted by the three so-called Abrahamic faiths. Even the term 'Abrahamic faith' is a slur against the Creator of the universe as it uplifts the man Abraham above God. But since those who would attend an interfaith temple aren't exactly bible-believing Christians anyway, we shouldn't be surprised they choose to go by that term. What do this Protestant pastor, Jewish Rabbi and Islamic Imam have in common besides sharing the same 'three in one' church? They all bow down to the papacy. While it is sad to see these lost souls condemn themselves so openly, there is something else even more frustrating occurring here. It's obvious the whole world is wondering after the beast just as prophecy said would happen; so why hasn't our Lord Jesus Christ returned yet? Because we, the Remnant people aren't doing our job and getting the gospel of the kingdom preached in the world for a witness unto all nations. Until that happens en masse, this sin sick world will continue to drag on and we will still long for Home. So I implore you to get busy and do our part. When we do that, Jesus will finally do His part, and we can all go home.

08/03/2014 13:39:13 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
This week's Earthquake Report * Scientist claims California university fired him over creationist beliefs * VIDEO: Factory blast in east China kills at least 65 * VIDEO: Officials fear largest Ebola outbreak in history could go global  * Abortion Costs US Over $16 Trillion in Federal Revenue * VIDEO: 'We tortured some folks' - Obama on CIA tactics after 9/11  * VIDEO: Nepal landslide kills 8, prompts flood risk * VIDEO: Too Much THC: Colorado Tightening Edible Pot Rules * VIDEO: Strong quake kills at least 175 in southern China * FYI: 9 secrets your debt collector doesn’t want you to know * VIDEO: Don't drink the water, says 4th-largest Ohio city * U.S. government seeking to test Ebola vaccine on humans: reports

08/01/2014 14:26:47 VIDEO: Pope asks all to deny Christ!
--A very quick video on something the Pope of Rome said that will no doubt shock you! He is doing exactly as prophecy said the man of sin must do to prevent souls from finding Christ as Saviour. This is one major fruit of Antichrist!

08/01/2014 14:26:44 VIDEO: Want world peace? 'Build 3rd Temple'?!
"The Temple Institute, which has recreated 60 vessels to be used in a Third Temple and which sponsors educational programs about the temple worldwide, has created a $100,000 Indiegogo campaign to draft plans for a Third Temple." --There is no prophesied, nor is there any biblical need for a third temple. However, Antichrist working with the deceived minions in every nation on earth will demand a third temple so as to mock what Jesus did for us 2000 years ago. Jesus plainly said "it is finished" when He died for us on that cross. (See John 19:30) In fact, the Bible also shows the temple veil was torn from "top to bottom" when Jesus died proving it was finished. (See Matthew 27:51) Like the keeping of feast days by some unfortunate Christians that have allowed themselves to be lured into apostasy by false teachers, Jews erecting a third temple today so as to sacrifice lambs for their sins mocks what Jesus declared was finished at Calvary. Will they build the temple? No clue.. no care. However, if it helps to deceive billions, then count on it. Truth is, the campaign to do so has already deceived many to date. So, whether they build it or not doesn't really matter because many are already being led to mock Christ so as to accept Antichrist when he stands as Messiah before men demanding their worship.

08/01/2014 14:26:44 U.S. sues Pennsylvania state police, alleging sex discrimination
"The department is seeking a court order to have the test stopped, and to provide back pay, hiring offers and retroactive seniority for women whom the test discriminated against, the department said in a statement." --Police routinely have to deal with combative suspects, so setting physical strength and endurance standards for officers is just common sense. Now, don't email me hate mail calling me a male chauvinist piglet, but the fact that men were created to be physically stronger than women is not only biblical, it is obvious enough where even small children can understand it. Kids know by simple observation that daddy does the heavier lifting around the house right? So are we supposed to believe adults responsible for public safety are too stupid to know that as well? The real agenda here is obvious. If you put physically weaker officer's on the streets, then in order to "keep the officer's safe" you have to allow a more liberal use of potentially deadly force. And since you can't discriminate by sex due to the prophesied unjust laws, most officers will be off the hook for overusing deadly force, and fewer police brutality lawsuits will be successful. This ploy by the US Justice Department is all about giving law enforcement impunity when martial law is declared. They need to be able to impose a federal standard which local jurisdictions cannot override. They even want to give women who were supposedly discriminated against in the past instant seniority when they're hired. That means there will be people with less experience promoted over those who've been on the job for years. That will of course lead to increased bad judgment calls when police situations get out of hand, which will lead to more dead suspects and yes, more dead officers when the stressed out public gets pushed too hard. Which in turn will lead to even more unjust laws giving police much more leeway to use deadly force at their discretion. In short, this is just one more reason to get out of the cities today. Tomorrow may be too late.

08/01/2014 14:26:44 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
VIDEO: End-time biblical signs and beginning of sorrows: July 2014 * WHO: Ebola outbreak 'accelerating' * VIDEO: Massive deadly gas explosions devastate city streets in Taiwan * VIDEO: More of America's teachers to be armed VIDEO: MindRDR is mind-control for your Google Glass * VIDEO: Obama’s writer confesses brainwashing tactic * Child sex abuse surge sees police overstretched * 'Pastor' Ma$e Leaves Church to Return to Rap Career * 2,500 Ground Zero workers have cancer * VIDEO: Why burn pits could be Obama's Agent Orange * VIDEO: Modern Day Slavery: The exploitation of Qatar's migrant workers * VIDEO: Naked Man On Leash In W. Va. Could Face Charges * VIDEO: 6 Philadelphia Cops Arrested In Corruption * 1st-grade teacher arrested on sex charge * Ex-teacher jailed for assaulting student, 6

31/07/2014 13:08:40 Obama To Jesus Heckler: 'I Believe In God'
"President Barack Obama responded to a heckler in Kansas City on Wednesday, with Obama responding to the woman yelling, "Jesus is the Lord of Israel." "I'm sorry what you hollering about?" Obama asks the woman, as the crowd noise picks up to drown her out. He then casually replied, "I believe in God. Thanks for the prayer. Amen. Thank you." --Sir, just saying you believe in Jesus isn't how Christianity is described in the Word. In fact, it says in James 2:19, "..the devils also believe, and tremble." As Christians we must be known to be those that walk WITH Christ in actions and not just lip service. We are also called to be fruit inspectors. That being said, Mr Obama, you can say you believe in God just as much as Satan himself does. But like Satan, your fruits confirm you are not a Christian. And for those pro-Obama followers who also claim to be Christians. Before you accuse me of finger pointing or even slander. Have you ever read Ephesians 5:11?

31/07/2014 13:08:40 Ebola outbreak: fight against disease hampered by belief in witchcraft, warns British doctor
"A British doctor fighting the devastating Ebola outbreak in west Africa has told how belief in witchcraft is hampering the fight to stop the spread of the deadly disease... Belief in witchcraft and traditional medicine is still prevalent in parts of west Africa, particularly the remote rural areas of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia where the outbreak has been concentrated." --Using the term "Traditional medicine" is another way of saying those that embrace witchcraft also believe in natural methods for healing. Here we have the news media aiding the medical establishment in demonizing the only real method of healing, that being 'traditional medicine', which bible believing Christians know full well are vastly safer and more effective than the highly toxic so-called medicines created by the pharmaceutical industry. No one ever died from a "traditional medicine" overdose or had to deal with ANY side effects. Yet, most have been healed completely rather than becoming lifelong customers of the AMA. As we expect, those of us that use such proven methods will be accused of causing deadly diseases to spread unchecked and therefore be labeled as public threats. The last paragraph of this story ridicules the legitimate and well documented fear of vaccines as a conspiracy theory to stigmatize all dissenters and convince the general public we are going to get them all killed. In May pastor Craig of SDRministries.org did a two part sermon online sermon titled "A Final Call to Country Living". You can access both parts at this link by scrolling to the bottom of the page and finding the sermons dated 05-24-14 & 05-31-14. The term "final call" was no joke. Major population centers are already filthy, but soon will be downright rotten with pestilence and forced AMA treatments will be the law of the land even though more people die at their hands by side effects, overdose and misdiagnosis in the world than all causes of death combined. This is of course without counting abortion and doctor assisted suicide. In any event, it's not like they can't come after you if you live in the country away from any big cities. But the powers-that-be will have their hands full in the cities so you and your family's will be much safer out of sheer inability to corral everyone. So, again, I implore you, if you still live in a city, today is the day to actively start making plans to get out of there. Time is running out.

31/07/2014 13:08:40 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
ISIS goes on horrific beheading spree * Planned Parenthood Sued for Doing Abortion on Raped 13-Year-Old, Returning Her to Rapist * VIDEO: Obama Moving To Criminalize Criticism of Islam * Scientists: Companies could monitor your brain waves to test TV advertisements * VIDEO: Prison Industrial Complex Profiting from War on Drugs! * Liberian Official: Ebola Outbreak 'Is Above The Control Of The National Government' * Catholic hospital employs unrepentant abortionists * VIDEO: Snowden leak: Skype calls, private e-mails, online polls on GCHQ menu * VIDEO: California drought expected to cost state $2.2 billion in losses * VIDEO: Judge rules to allow bathroom cameras

30/07/2014 15:29:30 VIDEO: URGENT Prophetic Events
--Methinks the title speaks for itself. It took a bit to get it online, so the content is a few weeks old. And just so you know, I've gotten many emails about Bishop Tony Palmer the last 2 weeks, and I do mention him in the video before he died. All I can say about what happened to that poor soul is, he died directly after playing his part as a Judas to Christ's people.

30/07/2014 15:29:28 Adventist leaders applaud announcement for nominee of U.S. religious freedom post
"Seventh-day Adventist leaders said they applauded the announcement of a nominee for a religious freedom advocacy position at the U.S. Department of State." --Wow, about the only way the headline could be any more damning was if it said '7th Day Adventists applaud as the beast that rises out of the earth nominates a Christ-denier as religious freedom ambassador'. If the SDA General Conference was truly a Christian church led by obedient men of God they'd be praying for Rabbi David Saperstein to accept Jesus as Saviour before it's too late. Instead, they honored him with an award at the Religious Liberty Dinner in Washington, D.C., and cheer as this Jesuit employee (he's a law professor at Jesuit owned and operated Georgetown University) is nominated to be an agent of the US government as well. Look at the photo the Adventists chose to accompany the story with. They highlight Saperstein's involvement at the World Economic Forum; a one world government promoting organization which in 2013 set up the Global Agenda Council on the Role of Faith. Those of you who insist on maintaining ties with the SDA church will most assuredly be wailing and gnashing your teeth if you don't walk away from them as Jesus commanded. Seriously, what more can your leaders do to make it any more conclusive they've been conquered by and even defend the papacy? Relocate the General Conference Headquarters at the Vatican? Have you seen what they now have in Maryland? It appears the term 'lukewarm' doesn't only apply to prophetic and spiritual understanding. It also depicts a careless and indifferent heart and blind eyes to the obvious.

30/07/2014 15:29:28 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
Nigerian Christians Killed by Muslims in First Half of 2014 Nearly Equals 2013 Total * VIDEO: Five killed, over 100 feared trapped after landslide near Pune * VIDEO: Spike in deadly melanoma * VIDEO: Walmart ice cream sandwiches do not melt! * VIDEO: Romania ravaged by deadly deluge * VIDEO: Son of Hamas Leader Turned Christian Exposes Group’s Goal of Muslim Domination * Marriage Now Gender-Neutral in Britain’s Chambers Dictionary * 'Big Brother' airport installs world’s first real-time passenger tracking system * VIDEO: Top Ebola Doctor Dies of Virus * More mystery holes appear in Earth's crust * Judges 'open door' to marriage of 3, 4 or 5 people * VIDEO: Sarasota County reports death from 'flesh-eating' bacteria * VIDEO: Teen poisoned by fish he caught and ate

29/07/2014 11:13:05 Minnesota man asked to leave Southwest flight after critical tweet
"A Minnesota man and his two sons were asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight after the man sent a tweet complaining about being treated rudely by a gate agent." --Users now send 500 million Tweets a day on Twitter. Yet it took Southwest Airlines (SWA) only a few minutes to sort through all those tweets to locate one man who complained about a boarding agent on their plane. He was ID'd so quickly SWA was able to kick him and his family off the plane before it even left the terminal! They even threatened to have him arrested if he didn't delete the tweet! He decided to delete the tweet so he could get home. Free speech? Not anymore! As Christians with eyes that see, we know here in the USA all the tools necessary to enforce the mark of the beast already exist. The Lord and His angels are the only reason the 'four winds' have been held back as His elect are still being sealed. Being scattered across vast distances as we are, we need the phones and even the internet at times to contact each other. It is so apparent now that those communications can and will be monitored. But still, we're not supposed to tempt the Lord by hoping He protects us when we do things we know can jeopardize our safety. That being the case, why would Christians broadcast everything on public forums for all the world to see? Sites like Twitter spend untold resources developing algorithms to monitor all sorts of topics and even censor the ones they don't like. Let's say you put something on Twitter like.. "Big crowd expected for the arts & crafts festival. Gonna go pass out tracts." Is it a surprise then if the police coincidently pull you over on the way there for some trumped up infraction? After all, they know where you live, what you drive, where you were going and what likely routes you would take. When you use social media outlets you make it too easy for the devil to run interference against you and that which the Lord would have you do. So do yourself a favor and stay away from these online public forums. The more our efforts are hampered, the longer we have to stay on this sin sick world.

29/07/2014 11:13:05 China warns journalists not to share unpublished materials in social media, with foreign media
"To put it bluntly, you now can only say what's sanctioned by China's propaganda officials," said Chen, now a visiting scholar in Taiwan." --Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels would be proud. On June 18th, China's official state news agency Xinhua put out a press release warning reporters that they cannot write stories critical of the Chinese government unless they get government permission first. Imagine if you had to get Barack Obama's permission in advance to do a webpage exposing him as a Kenyon born Muslim. How well do you think that would go over? Here's that press release from Xinhua at Google Translate. Here it is in its original Chinese if you care to see it. As always Google Translates results leave a lot to be desired. But if you read it carefully, working out the translation flaws as you go along, you'll see in the first paragraph you have to get government permission to criticize the government. Good luck with that. It gets worse in the third paragraph. If the government considers you a threat you'll be held criminally responsible. So the mere act of requesting permission to criticize them could get you thrown in jail anyway! Worse yet, if a journalist's supervisors don't stop their employees from reporting "false news" they can have their licenses revoked and even be subject to criminal investigations themselves. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). China ranks 3rd behind only Turkey and Iran as the country imprisoning the most journalists. Did you notice the USA is listed on CPJ's site of offenders as well? Yeah sure, we only have one imprisoned journalist, a blogger named Roger Shuler. That's not so bad is it? Considering this is supposed to be the land of the free, it's appalling. Especially when countries like Cuba and Venezuela aren't on the list at all. At least we can take solace in knowing our government only imprisons half as many journalists as Somalia! One can only wonder how long it will be before the United States moves up the list, especially with media coverage of the NSA scandal creating diplomatic rifts between the USA and her allies like Germany. In any event, free speech is a thing of the past. And don't think for a moment that because the USA has only one blogger in jail that free speech is allowed. The USA Government has complete control over the News Media now. This is why we see no main stream reporters behind bars.

29/07/2014 11:13:04 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
VIDEO: Obama inviting 'invasion of murderers, gang members * Obama thanks Muslims for 'building the fabric' of U.S. * Sinkhole opens up inside high school * VIDEO: Tornado Rips Through Boston Suburb In Rare Weather Event * Facebook says page calling for death to Jews doesn't violate 'community standards' * Woman in labor blocked from hospital by Obama motorcade * VIDEO: Near Miss: July 2012: Solar storm almost destroyed Earth * VIDEO: Is the US breeding terrorism? HRW thinks so * U.N.: ISIS orders genital mutilation in Iraq * VIDEO: Softball size hail falling at Cherrystone Family Campground * Free pot to the poor * VIDEO: Feds: Pastors not welcome at immigration camps * Banker Deaths Climb to 15: Goldman Sachs Managing Director Found Dead

28/07/2014 11:50:26 Death Penalty: Kill en quick
"In terrorist nations today, there's no compunction on dealing with people considered to be deserving of death. "Off with their heads" is not a figure of speech. It's what they do, and it occurs regularly. In addition, it's frequently accompanied by cameras to record the grisly act for bragging rights, and to put fear in the hearts of potential enemies." --As I shared in a recent video about the talking points being made by politicians concerning the legalization of the guillotine in America, this article goes a bit more in that direction, and I'm not even sure if the author realizes it. In any event, all the botched executions, and especially the one in Arizona wherein the man took 2 hours to die, they are building up their case for the guillotine in a big way now. Prophecy says the people of God will be beheaded in Revelation 20:4 and now, after all the other prophecies confirming we are in the last days have come to fruition, the final ones regarding the mark of the beast and how it will be enforced are naturally to be in the limelight when it comes to talking points next. Hence, the guillotine is THE topic of Rome who actually controls the media that reports on it.

24/07/2014 15:04:10 VIDEO: Execution by Guillotine in USA
--As many already know by frequenting my Guillotines in America page as well as the many YouTube videos wherein people are using an old radio broadcast I made about the Guillotines that yes, this prophecy WILL be fulfilled. And yes, everyone knows they passed laws in Georgia to allow for the use of the guillotine on death row. But were you also aware a federal judge has now joined the ranks of those pushing for the use of guillotines nationwide? Now do you see why they "botch" executions repeatedly now? In fact, they just did it again yesterday in Arizona! They need to make the people demand a better way to kill, so botched executions will continue and PROPHECY WILL BE FULFILLED!

21/07/2014 13:06:35 VIDEO: Islam in Christian Prophecy?
--As hard as some may find this to believe, the Christian Bible does touch on the fruits we see displayed by Islam today. But because "Chrislam" has become the norm in all churches, including the SDA church, sharing such prophetic facts has become taboo for the Jesuit trained pastors.

07/01/2014 23:32:44 VIDEO: Jesuits granted global power to kill "true believers"
--Obama just appointed a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest to head up the "International Religious Freedom" Commission. If that's not bad enough, hear what the Jesuits are right now discussing at Georgetown University! (WARNING: I read the "red" paragraph of the official Jesuit oath I have posted online here.)