08/12/2011 12:47:56 Obama Admin Decision Makes Obamacare Fund Abortions
"A researcher from the Heritage Foundation says a new Obama administration decision regarding the massive Obamacare law makes it so Americans were sold a bill of goods when they were told it would not fund abortions." -Absolutely every person that claims to be Christian in this nation will hopefully refuse to embrace Obamacare on this fact alone. But.. will they do it? As we look around at how sleepy the Christendom is at present, it doesn't look good at all. This will no doubt be a test millions will fail.

08/11/2011 13:32:04 Mobile video chat code seen in new Facebook Messenger app
"Shortly after Facebook launched a Messenger app for smartphones on Tuesday, early users found partial code for a video chat component tucked away inside it." -Most see this "partial code" as no threat because it appears undone within the software. So why would Facebook place the code in there if it's undone you ask? Could it be to "legally" cover their bases when someone maliciously taps into that code to video tape you without your knowledge? Need I remind you that trojans can carry code to finish the program Facebook conveniently left in there that turns on your camera without your knowledge? It just gets worse with each passing day for Facebook users eh?

08/11/2011 13:32:03 6 Republicans who've vowed no tax hikes named to debt panel
"Republican leaders in the House of Representatives and the Senate appointed six conservative lawmakers Wednesday to the so-called "super committee" that's charged with finding ways to trim the federal deficit by more than $1 trillion by year's end." -Some have wondered if the United States government was going to go along with this "super commitee," or "super Congress" as it was originally called, to create a more exact emulation of the Roman Catholic Church's Inquisitional courts of old. This article proves, yes, they are going ahead with this. We now have evidence to support the theory that the "debt crisis" was staged to get the Super Congress into existence all along. And yes, I understand completely that in the onset it's all about "taxes" for this committe. But as I said the other day, once they get this kind of power in their grasp, they won't let go of it. Worse yet, they will either form additonal super committees in the coming days, or add to the duties of this one so as to get their Roman agenda realized. Or, they will keep this all hush hush as best they can behind closed doors as Rome did for years, so that when it finally does come out in the open, the common man will be powerless to stop it. In either scenario, Christ is still coming to put an end to all of their folderol no matter how much they try to ignore it.

08/11/2011 13:32:03 APNewsBreak: Facial recognition in use after riots
"Facial recognition technology being considered for London's 2012 Games is getting a workout in the wake of Britain's riots, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press on Thursday, with officers feeding photographs of suspects through Scotland Yard's newly updated face-matching program." -Ok, this was an easy prediction to make on everyones part. Still, let me ask you this. Let's say you have a Facebook page. You have some pics on there of yourself and family members. A riot breaks out in your neighborhood. Your house is targeted. You are forced to run from your burning home as many have in London. Police photograph you in the rioting crowds as you seek a safe place to hide. The police then scan Facebook's database of faces to learn who was behind the riots. Your face, or one of your children's faces comes up on their computer. You are then arrested for rioting. Still feel safe about using Facebook? If so, click here.

08/11/2011 13:32:03 Feds consider turning foreclosures into rentals
"The Obama administration may turn thousands of government-owned foreclosures into rental properties to help boost falling home prices." -Is this not exactly what we thought would happen once Obama got control of the banks during the preplanned economy meltdown? Soon most homeowners in America will become rent paying slaves to the U.S. Government, which will in turn make the politicians even richer. Worse yet, once they become your landlord, they can force you to jump through all sorts of political hoops. This includes enforcing the mark of the beast. They come to your door, you refuse to comply with the Roman mandate. You're homeless.

08/11/2011 13:32:03 aphrodisiac pills made from dead babies
"An investigation by South Korea's SBS TV claimed that a hospital in China sells dead infants and their placenta to a factory that grinds up the corpses, places the material in pill capsules, and sells them to South Korea. The pills are described in South Korean media as "man pills," or aphrodisiacs." -Death fosters death. They kill their babies because they only want the sex, and not the child. Then they grind up the baby to make pills that will make them want even more sex? And still some people don't see signs like this as evidence the end is near?

08/10/2011 12:21:34 Vietnam jails dissident blogger Pham Minh Hoang
"A French-Vietnamese dissident blogger has been jailed in Vietnam for three years for attempted subversion." -Yes, you read that right. He was jailed for "attempted" subversion. He didn't actually commit the crime... yet. Yes, I understand Vietnam is a socialist republic form of government. But as we watch the USA and other nations slowly become socialist societies in their own right, as the present Pope stated in writing is a good thing, we will soon see websites like mine become illegal because the Pope is not only a "so called" religious leader, he is Caesar of Rome. In fact, the popes declare that title in writing!

08/10/2011 12:21:34 Don't write off the US economy, says top Vatican banker
"The United States is not necessarily "a nation in decline or struck to the core" according to the head of the Vatican Bank." -The Vatican knows if the dollar fails before they're plans to make it fail are all in place, they stand to lose it all. So of course, the Vatican bank needs to keep things civil... for now. Truth is, the United States still has a GDP that blows the doors off of any nation on the planet. That being the case, they still have some work to do to get it to crumble completely so as to bring about their New World Order. Bottom line is, as prophecy confirms, it's in the USA where Sunday Laws are enforced first. So they have to play this very carefully. As we watch all their political games moving ahead much more swiftly now from one side of the globe to the next, one can only wonder if the next elected president of the USA will be their first Herod in the modern age.

08/10/2011 12:21:34 Facebook to boot prison inmate accounts from site
"Facebook has begun closing the accounts of California prison inmates after a convicted child molester viewed the pages of his victim from behind bars, authorities and the social networking site said on Tuesday." -Wait a minute! You mean to tell me that convicted criminals have been surfing, chatting, and "making friends" on Facebook from behind bars these last few years!? And the only reason they are shutting them down now is because some child molester viewed the page of his victim? How is this not illegal on so many levels? Why isn't Facebook in legal trouble on this one? Well, if you really must know, evidence has been unearthed more than a few times that it's because the same government that runs the prisons, runs Facebook.

08/10/2011 12:21:34 Arctic scientist under investigation
"Just five years ago, Charles Monnett was one of the scientists whose observation that several polar bears had drowned in the Arctic Ocean helped galvanize the global warming movement. Now, the wildlife biologist is on administrative leave and facing accusations of scientific misconduct." -I post this only because there are some of you out there compiling a mountain of evidence proving global warming was a lie to generate billions in profits for corrupt politicians. Here's one more article for your massive pile.

08/10/2011 12:21:33 ''Criminal' Obama secret gets no media attention
"If former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had a Social Security Number issued to her in Hawaii; a state she never lived in; would that raise suspicions among those in the national news media? Well, the situation is similar with President Barack Obama, who holds a Connecticut-based Social Security Number, despite allegedly being born in Hawaii, starting his work career in the Aloha State, and never having lived in Connecticut. Yet the national news media is virtually silent on this potentially criminal fact." -This is a historically accurate fruit of Rome. Their power is so "untouchable" that they are allowed the freedom to actually commit crime in plain sight. We must still pray for our leaders regardless. But today it's not so much for the Lord to guide them to do the right thing for the people, it's more important we pray they are blessed with a heart for repentance.

08/10/2011 12:21:33 Obama birth records
It appears someone posted the actual birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama for all to see. This was shown in a video some weeks ago, but it was hard to see. But this pic is clear as day. Better yet, they also show the fake birth certificate the White house released a few months ago. In this age of lying I am not a bit surprised that the constitution of the USA is completely ignored to allow a Vatican politician to gain the highest office. But then, that was prophesied long ago as well.

08/09/2011 13:02:42 Company Mysteriously Disappears After Giving $1 Million to Romney
"A mysterious company funneled $1 million into a Super PAC supporting Mitt Romney and then dissolved just months later, reports NBC News's Michael Isikoff. The contribution represented one of the largest donations of this election cycle and, according to Isikoff, "provides a vivid example of how secret campaign cash is being funneled in ever more circuitous ways into the political system." -There's only one organization on earth that prophecy says will be known to use craftiness with such precision. I'll give 666 guesses as to who that is. And yes, I am completely aware that I suggest the Vatican is behind all the political folderol since at least 1929. But then, that's the nature of the beast according to Scripture. Satan runs the world and he uses the Vatican to do it.

08/09/2011 13:02:41 India coast guard cleaning oil leak off Mumbai
"The Indian coast guard on Sunday began cleaning up oil leaking from a merchant ship that sank off Mumbai three days ago. Two coast guard ships were using chemicals to clean up the oil spread over an area of 7 nautical miles, Navy spokesman Capt. Manohar Nambiar said. "We have estimated that between 1.5 to 2 tons per hour of oil is leaking," Nambiar said." -They are again using toxic chemicals to make it all go away. The oil companies just keep doing what students of prophecy expect when it comes to destroying the planet. Keep in mind, the oil spills are bad, yes. But the pollution generated by the burning of oil is far worse and has been going on for quite some time. Alternative fuel methods like Hydrogen or even Hemp oil are far more efficient as well as cleaner. Yet because the common man can make the fuel in his own back yard, they decided on oil because it takes big money to drill for it. And so, we have a planet coughing it's way towards its prophesied demise.

08/09/2011 13:02:41 County limits free speech to 3'x3' space ...in woods
"...after she applied for and received the permit, she discovered the parks office had limited her to a tiny "Freedom of Speech Area" that she says is located 20 feet from a remote corner of a parking lot and far from foot traffic. Just in case she couldn't find the designated 3-by-3 foot zone, parks officials spray-painted an orange box in the grass to mark the spot." -No I am not posting this to prop up those that protest with a new desire to do so. I post this to show how unjust laws can run the gamut. They can keep free speech as law, but they add new laws to limit it to areas wherein it becomes useless. They started doing this back in 2000 at the WTO protests where they allowed people "free speech" blocks away from the actual meeting site. The politicians are flaunting their power in a way that makes the common man nothing more than a warm body with no ability to speak. But then, that's how a socialist society, which is endorsed by the present pope, is supposed to work.

08/09/2011 13:02:39 Pastors Charging Money for Prayer
"Ghana is known to be a generally "reached" country in Africa. Out of a 24 million population, about 17 million are professing Christians. Unfortunately, like any other "Christian" nation, it doesn't mean that all who claim to follow Christ really do. ...like the pastors charging their congregations for prayer." -It's just as Jesus prophesied it would be. They are preaching for the money instead of the souls. The article also touches on how some pastors are using witchcraft to help their churches grow. This is exactly what American churches do. They preach for money, and they use hypnosis (NLP) on their congregations to keep them in the pews.

08/09/2011 13:02:39 Bus runs over robbed passengers
"Robbers stopped an overnight bus early and made passengers disembark and lie down on the busy road that connects the commercial hub of Lagos to the capital of Abuja, Kogi state police spokesman Ajayi Okasanmi said. Another bus then ran over them and drove off." -Only in the last days do we see such things as this.

08/09/2011 13:02:39 Mysterious Orange 'Goo' in Alaska is Egg Mass From Unknown Species:
"Scientists have identified mysterious orange-colored goo that last week washed ashore and sparked pollution concerns in an Alaska village as small and possibly toxic crustacean eggs." -Toxic eggs? And an unknown species to boot? Most believe modern scientists are those that know absolutely everything about everything. But here it is made very clear they haven't got all the answers when it comes to what our God has created on this planet. Soon this will become very apparent in the coming days.

08/09/2011 13:02:38 Chinese Officials Seized and Sold Babies, Parents Say
"Then a new father at the age of 19, Mr. Yuan was holding his 52-day-old daughter at a bus stop when a half-dozen men sprang from a white government van and demanded his marriage certificate. He did not have one. Both he and his daughter's mother were below the legal age for marriage. Nor did he have 6,000 renminbi, then about $745, to pay the fine he said they demanded if he wanted to keep his child. He was left with a plastic bag holding her baby clothes and some powdered formula." -It's bad enough they lose their child to government agents. But to know your child is sold for profit on the black market must be horrific for the parents! Unjust laws are everywhere!

08/08/2011 13:13:31 America's own Taliban
 "Prior to 9/11, the Taliban government in Afghanistan did not register very much on American radar screens, with one notable exception: when it blew up two colossal images of the Buddha in Bamiyan province in early 2001. But destruction of treasured artifacts isn't just limited to the Taliban. There's a right-wing politico-religious presence centred in the US, but with a global reach, engaging in similar practises, destroying religious and cultural artifacts as a key aspect of its ideology of "strategic level spiritual warfare. Until recently a fringe evangelical movement, warned against as deviant, "spiritual warfare" is rapidly positioning itself within America's mainstream political right. It's well past time for political journalists to start covering what this movement is up to." -This is exactly what Antichrist in Rome has been working towards for centuries. With Rick Perry running on a politico-religious ticket, just as Herod of old did for Caesar, it appears we are closer to the end than many first assumed. Just so you know, a Politico-Religious presence in D.C. is a must if they are ever to pass Sunday Laws.

08/08/2011 13:13:31 Is your church killing America?
"Apple Computer is known for its open support of homosexual activism; Johnson & Johnson is a leading provider of abortifacients; and Google's support of probably the most abortion-loving White House administration ever is well-known. So why is a Christian church denomination using its pension fund to invest in those companies?" -Most people are unaware just how evil their church leaders are today. The Vatican, most of the Protestant church, and yes, even the Seventh Day Adventist church are guilty of investing millions of their flock's tithe in very evil corporations, which help Satan with his agenda against your fellow man. Babylon is indeed one big ball of confusion!

08/08/2011 13:13:30 Iran says U.S. 'will be taught the mother of all lessons'
"Specifically, Iran is looking into launching a cyber attack against U.S. electrical grid systems." -Will they do it? Time will tell of course. If they are successful it will cause many to have all sorts of fear built up in their hearts. Add this to the already large amounts of fear people have regarding the economy, jobs, wars, crime, disease, and simple unrest in their own familes and you have a prophetic fulfillment even the scoffer (who is also in fear) cannot deny. By the way, if they do knock us offline in this way, or just by making the truth we preach illegal, this ministry will continue to mail the Truth Provided Newsletters out each month, if the Lord allows. That being the case, have you subscribed to the Newsletter? And yes, the Newsletter is 100% free.

08/08/2011 13:13:30 Indonesia volcano erupts
"Manado, Indonesia A government official says one villager has been injured by an erupting volcano in central Indonesia. State volcanologist Surono says Mount Karangetang on Siau part of the Sulawesi island chain started spitting clouds of gas and lava up to 600m late last week." -One more volcano to add to the massive list of already active volcanoes all around the world. Is this how plague #5 will commence? I'm sure we'll find out rather quickly if this keeps up.

08/08/2011 13:13:30 Orange goo baffles remote Alaska village
"ANCHORAGE, Alaska.. Leona Baldwin's husband saw it first, and she got on the marine radio to alert others in the remote Alaska village of Kivalina that a strange orange goo was sitting on top of the town's harbor. The news attracted all the townspeople, anxious to get a gander of the phenomenon that covered much of the harbor and then began washing ashore Wednesday. The next day it rained, and residents found the orange matter floating on top of the rain buckets they use to collect drinking water. It was also found on one roof, leading them to believe whatever it was, it was airborne, too." -No matter where you live, no matter if you believe in God or not, YOU WILL have to deal with all that's prophesied to occur. That being the case... Are you ready? Are you sure!?

08/08/2011 13:13:29 At Auschwitz, future U.S. military leaders learn what not to do
"In an upstairs room at the only remaining synagogue in Oswiecim, 37 miles west of Krakow, 13 future American military officers, clad in jeans and T-shirts, were wrestling with ethical questions in the shadow of Auschwitz." -Why are they educating cadets about the do's and don't's of Nazi methods? When you discover there are over 600 prison camps that emulate Nazi concentration camps on U.S. soil right now, you no longer wonder.

08/08/2011 13:13:29 Vogue model aged just 10
"Top fashion magazine French Vogue has caused outrage by printing provocative pictures of a TEN-YEAR-OLD model." -You realize what this means right? The only people that would "like" such photos are pedophiles! This means that this magazine is literally advertising seductive pictures of children for them specifically! Will they be shut down? 50 years ago, yes, I sure they would be. Today? Not likely. By the way, it's bad enough the magazine is doing this. The parents themselves have a lot of explaining to do when that Eastern Sky splits.

08/07/2011 14:17:03 Victory for Islam: Al Jazeera in The Big Apple
"With Al Jazeera English (AJE) now broadcasting on a local station in New York City, a conservative media watchdog says those who distribute Islamic propaganda have won a victory, just in time for the tenth anniversary of 9/11. ...It's a big victory for Al Jazeera; it's a big victory, I believe, for Islamic propaganda," -Without a Muslim president who controlled by the Vatican that invented Islam, this would not be possible.

08/07/2011 14:17:03 Roman Catholic Gov. Christie Defends Muslim Pick for New Jersey Judge
"New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is defending his pick of a Muslim for a state judgeship, saying critics of a lawyer who represented suspects after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks are "ignorant" and "crazies." -This is how Rome works. A Roman Catholic Governor pushes a Muslim into political office wherein Americans will have to deal with a sitting judge who seeks Sharia Law in the land. His response to people exposing Rome's agenda towards Sharia Law? He calls them "ignorant crazies." However, if you look into the Koran as well as the agenda of Muslims the world over, you know Christie is helping the Vatican build their Islamic base in America so as to have the henchmen needed to behead those that refuse her mark.

08/07/2011 14:17:03 City sets preacher's speech rights on stranger's 'comfort' level
"What this means is that law enforcement officers can pick and choose what kind of verbal expression to allow and what to prohibit," he said. "If this kind of law is valid, then the First Amendment simply has no meaning." -Just one more unjust law to add to the growing number already on the books. Soon you will see what those in Hitler's day and the Inquisition saw when they spoke out against the illegal activities the Vatican controlled governments were doing. But then, as students of prophecy, we expect this and have prepared for it. Have you?

08/07/2011 14:17:03 Intense Solar Storm Could Disrupt Power, Communications; Auroras Expected
"The U.S. government has put on alert users of satellite, telecommunications and electric equipment as solar eruptions that happened over the past couple of days are set to trigger intense magnetic storms." -Just like the blood red inland waters, black ocean waters, quakes, calamities and other strange occurrences in nature suggest the end is near, so does the Sun prove it's readying itself for when the Lord allows Plague #4 to commence.

08/07/2011 14:17:03 Welcome To The Panopticon
"Carnegie Mellon researchers recently combined Facebook profile pictures and PittPatt's facial recognition software to identify supposedly-anonymous pictures from a dating site. Now they're planning to demo a smartphone app that identifies faces by tapping into cloud-based image databases and recognition software. What's next?" -What's next is a society wherein everywhere you go a camera will be watching you. Thanks to Facebook facial recognition, those millions of cameras can now discover who you are, where you live, who your friends are, where they live, what movies, books, music, etc. you like as well as any other personal info you place on Facebook. You may not think it's a big deal now. But when that day comes where you are trying to hide yourself and your loved ones from those seeking to force you to take the mark of the beast, your Facebook photos today will make hiding 100% impossible!

08/07/2011 14:17:03 Ryder to abortionists: 'Not with our trucks!'
"Ryder didn't know their trucks were being used for this. Penske didn't know their trucks were being used for this purpose either. When the owner, Roger Penske, found out about it, he said he didn't want any affiliation with that and ultimately had those trucks removed from that service," Marcavage said." -What's really upsetting about all this is, they need trucks to service abortion clinics! There are that many dead children being "processed" each and every day! Chalk one up for Ryder!

08/07/2011 14:17:02 UK eugenic abortion stats released
"The statistics reveal that thousands of babies have been killed for eugenic reasons, some of them (26 in the last nine years) for as minor a condition as cleft lip or palate, seven of them in 2010. These abortions were conducted under "Ground E, the rule that allows any child at any gestational age to be killed whom doctors believe have a "substantial risk" of having a "serious" disability." -A club foot or cleft lip is now considered a "serious" disability? How's that possible when both have been proven easy to correct with modern day surgical techniques? Seriously, how can they call themselves doctors with a straight face now? If this keeps up, soon mothers will be killing their children because they have mousey brown hair! Click here if you want much more evidence that doctors have become insane.

08/05/2011 14:08:01 U.S. news agencies 'looking to disarm American people'
 "The media are now working on preaching Islam, spreading the historically inaccurate whitewash of Islam. That is how they are using their considerable power to disarm the American people against a mortal enemy that seeks our destruction. They ask, why are we fighting? That is the role the media have chosen and it's no accident." -The Vatican knows Islam has no problem using vicious acts of violence against Christians that refuse to do as Rome demands. So they must make Islam look "friendly" by re-writing History in the media. And yes, they can do this easily upon the American public because much of history taught in our schools has been fictional for decades anyway so as to hide Rome's true agenda. After all, prophecy does say Christians refusing Rome's Sunday Laws will be beheaded. (See Revelation 20:4) So who better to do their bidding than Muslims who are known to behead people today? Historically speaking, this is how Rome always works. During the Inquisition they used the civil authorities to kill the people, during the Holocaust they used Hitler to kill the Jews, and during the end times it looks to be the Muslims who will do Rome's bidding. But then, this is to be expected since Rome invented the religion of Islam to do just that.

08/05/2011 14:08:01 Jesus, Mary and ... Josephine?
"...when the Holy Family arrived, it was two women with their baby," she said. "What we emphasized was that this was two parents, and this is our baby and this our story. They're two moms, but it doesn't stand out." Butler added, "It does fit so well biblically," noting that Jesus had a human mother, but Joseph was not the Savior's actual father. "If He was born of a virgin, then Joseph is not the father," Butler said. "He's not part of the conception." -It's bad enough they blaspheme and explain it away using feeble assumptions like this. But why is it if a Christian uses a Bible to preach truth to a homosexual it's a crime? But when a homosexual uses a Bible to preach lies it's acceptable!? Someone needs to use this kind of common sense the next time a Christian is arrested! There are hundreds of cases across this nation wherein they can build an amazing defense that will allow them to glorify God and His truth at the same time.

08/05/2011 14:08:01 Witnesses describe mobs, some people claim racially-charged attacks
"Witnesses' accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night." This isn't the first time this has happened. I received two articles a few months ago but sat on them because I wanted to make sure it was legit. And now this article comes out? The articles I received in June are described in their headline alone. "Black mob violence: "Kill all the white people." As we get near the end expect a lot more hatred from racists. Especially when Obama's camp keeps using the racist card whenever a white politician disagrees with him. This is most assuredly what's fanning the flames as we speak. But then that appears to be their plan.

08/05/2011 14:08:00 Hispanics abandoning organized religion, pollster says
"Crucifixes, Virgin Mary statuettes, ornate Spanish-style churches: so many religious images seem permanently linked with Hispanic Americans. But that's eroding fast, according to pollster George Barna." -In other words, we need to get busy sharing the present truth to those that finally realized the Vatican churches are not safe havens for families, especially children! Click here if you need Spanish tracts.

08/05/2011 14:08:00 Volcano watchers raise alert status for Mount Cleveland
"The Alaska Volcano Observatory reports "heightened or escalated unrest" and the possibility of an eruption at the 5,676-foot volcano, according to the observatory's website." -Just one more sign of the times. If anyone has an accurate list of active volcanoes on earth, please email me.

08/05/2011 14:19:09 Shell admits liability for huge Nigeria oil spill
"Oil giant Shell has agreed that a Nigerian community devastated by two huge oil spills can seek compensation in an English court, a lawyer told msnbc.com, potentially opening itself up to bigger financial damages in future." -This happened in 2008 and 2009 yet we're just hearing about it now? Reason being is, now the courts are involved. Before, only the people, and their government, were aware. Makes one wonder how bad it actually is out there when stories like this are being covered up.

08/05/2011 14:19:09 New Tick-Borne Bacterium Found in Upper Midwest
"Ehrlichia infect and kill white blood cells, causing fever, body aches, headache and fatigue. In severe cases, other organs such as the lungs, kidneys and the brain may be affected and in rare cases, the infections can result in death." -Honestly, if you're not an obedient Christian that has been promised protection by the only true God in existence, you are really in a maze of deadly items looking to harm you each and every day of your life.

08/04/2011 12:59:09 Air Force Suspends Christian-Themed Ethics Training Program Over Bible Passages
"The Air Force has suspended a course that was taught by chaplains for more than 20 years because the material included Bible passages." -In the military you have a much higher risk of dying than in any other profession on earth, so what does the armed forces of America do with their soldiers? Everything they possibly can to assure them Christless graves. Please keep our soldiers in your prayers each and every day. They are in more danger than most realize.

08/04/2011 12:51:01 Superbug Resistant to Anti-biotics Found in UK
"Instances of infection have grown to 500 worldwide in 2008, from only a handful in 2002, according to a report in The Journal of Infectious Diseases." -Once again we see the term "superbug" being used by the AMA when their unnatural methods to heal are boldly found unable to heal anyone. Natural methods on the other hand are not only tens of thousands of times less expensive, they are permanent in healing. Yes, they may take a bit longer in some cases to do the job, but the end result is a healing wherein the patient is not subjected to life long routine of taking handfuls of harmful drugs each and every day for the rest of their lives. The drug industry makes literally hundreds of billions each year without healing a single person. And they call the natural doctors that do actually heal people quacks!?

08/04/2011 12:51:00 Rawesome Raid: Federal Agents Arrest Owner, Dump Food
"Rawesome foods, a private market in Venice California, has been raided a second time by federal agents. Initial reports from NaturalNews.com reveal that the owner, James Stewart, has been arrested and is being held on $123,000 bail." -Their crime? Making and selling milk and other dairy products. Yes, they are doing this "raw" without the additives the government insists upon. This process is allowed in all countries except the USA. Why? As you see them raid the innocent using loaded guns and then throw all their food on the ground, you begin to understand why.

08/04/2011 12:51:00 Yikes! Look who just endorsed Obama for 4 more years
"While noting he is disappointed with "some aspects" of the Obama administration's domestic and foreign policy, Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA, threw his support behind Obama's re-election bid." -As is obvious, no one supports any candidate unless they see that candidate as being good for their agenda. As we see the present Pope declaring his approval of a socialist form of government, and we see Obama doing as he is told by the Vatican that funds his agenda, it's no wonder communists are supporting Obama. Bottom line is, you cannot enforce the mark of the beast in a free society.

08/04/2011 12:51:00 Your face on Facebook 'your own worst enemy'
"Using publicly available data, it is now possible to identify strangers and gain their personal information, even their Social Security numbers, by using facial recognition software and social media profiles, according to a new study to be presented tomorrow at the Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas." -Would you like many more reasons to get off Facebook? If so, click here.

08/04/2011 12:51:00 Facebook facial recognition called illegal
"German data protection authorities say Facebook's new facial recognition feature is illegal and have demanded the social networking site end its use and delete all related information." -Will they do it? Does it matter? They already have what they need to invade every user's private life already. They have what  they need to track you down if need be. (as long as you stay on Facebook of course) Don't believe me? Click here.

08/03/2011 13:23:47 No relief from the blistering heat -- even at night
"The temperatures sound like daytime highs, but they're not. The figures, 99 degrees, 86 degrees and 87 degrees were the readings recorded by the National Weather Service at midnight in Dallas, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Kansas City, Missouri, respectively." -Could this be a harbinger of plague #4? It certainly looks this way. No, the plagues haven't begun yet. But like the blood red waters being found everywhere around the world, the Lord is certainly letting the lost souls know He is about to do as He prophesied He would. As for the Christians who do trust the Lord? We have our Lord's promise that, "There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling." -Psalms 91:10 So, that being said, "lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." -Luke 21:28

08/03/2011 13:23:47 China charges forward with nuclear reactors
"A new report warns that Chinese plans to build 24 more nuclear power plants could have a number of unwelcome side effects because of the nation's demonstrated inability to take technology and apply it safely..." -And why not? China hasn't shown much concern for their fellowman for eons. The lead filled toys they send to the USA proves that hands down. If they go ahead with this plan with foreign manufacturers like they did with their bullet train that just crashed and killed dozens, we may have a lot more nuclear accidents to contend with soon. Still, not to worry. Our Heavenly Father is completely aware. As promised, His Son's bride will be cared for.

08/03/2011 14:00:31 Torture? See how China gets its way with victims
"It's a new high-tech torture, officials say. In China, officials severely tortured Christian human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng with the camera running and then coerced a tax evasion "confession" from artist and dissident Ai Weiwei by showing him the Gao video, and warning him that's what could be coming. ...The footage is not news video footage. It was a movie by the Chinese government. The torture is real and is known as a worldwide tragedy," Shan said." -No, they don't show a video. But they do describe some scenes that are insane. As we watch how the present Pope who is in agreement with socialist governing, it's no wonder Rome is forcing our nation to emulate a China's communist form of Government, we can expect American Christians to be dealing with this soon as well. Brothers and sisters, always remember 1 Corinthians 10:13. If you honestly cannot handle such things and still stand firm in the Lord, our God will not allow it.

08/03/2011 13:23:46 Scientists want regulation for "Frakenstein-type" experiments
"From sheep with human livers to cows whose udders yield human breast milk, scientists have created all sorts of animal-human hybrids. But now a group of British scientists is calling for a regulatory oversight committee because of the 'Frankenstein fear' that the medical research which creates 'humanized' animals is going to generate monsters," -It used to be that heart born morals guided most scientists where they would never even consider doing such insane things as this. But prophecy says the minds of man will be as it was in Noah's day, wherein evil was the norm. That being the case, we must expect such strange goings on. But not for long...

08/03/2011 13:23:47 Vine's Dish-Shaped Leaves Send Sound Signals to Bats
"The scientists found that the plant attracts bats by using its dish-shaped leaves to bounce back echoes which bats pick up easily and frequent the plants at higher rate, helping the pollination process." -And some still believe there is no Creator God? If it wasn't so heart wrenchingly sad, and I wasn't moved by the Lord with concern for their souls, I'd think I would be angry at how they ignore Christ's love and mercy all around them.

08/03/2011 14:06:24 Android App Secretly Records Calls
FYI: "An application for Google's Android phone secretly records phone calls and transmits the recordings to malicious hackers, security researchers said Tuesday. The app, which is not officially named but is thought to have a name like "System Messages," is known as a "Trojan app," and researcher Dinesh Venkatesan said it is one of the most invasive apps he had ever seen. The app asks users for permission to intercept outgoing calls and record audio before it is installed, and once downloaded all calls the user makes are logged into the phone"s memory, which can potentially be accessed by the app's makers." -Just so you know. Be careful what you install.

08/02/2011 12:37:43 Death in seconds: Radiation pockets found at Fukushima
"Tepco said Tuesday it found another spot on the ventilation stack itself where radiation exceeded 10 sieverts per hour, a level that could lead to incapacitation or death after just several seconds of exposure." -It's been many months since this disaster happened back on March 11, and still there are areas that can kill you in a few seconds!? When we add this constant source of lethal radiation to all the other polluting methods killing the planet, it becomes obvious that yes, on top of other prophetic reasons, Jesus is also coming back to "...destroy them which destroy the earth." -Revelation 11:18

08/02/2011 12:37:43 Blast a politician? It could mean jail
"A federal judge who owes his lifetime appointment to Barack Obama today concluded that a pro-life organization whose leaders criticized a politician for supporting Obamacare for funding abortions just might be guilty of defamation, and possibly worthy of jail time." -If he does this, he will be following perfectly in the steps of Adolph Hitler. But then, this is expected seeing how the Vatican that controls the politicians today is the same one that puppeteer'd Hitler in his day. And no, I am not a Catholic basher. I'm just being both painfully honest and historically accurate

08/02/2011 12:37:43 CDC: 1 Death, 76 Illnesses Linked to Ground Turkey
FYI: "Federal officials say one person has died from salmonella poisoning that appears to be linked to eating ground turkey, but the government so far has declined to say who produced the meat or initiate a recall." -Yes, I understand most in the remnant number have already quit meat eating so as to be ready for translation, but what gets me here is the government hasn't released who's selling the toxic meat nor issuing a recall! I guess 76 people sick isn't sufficient reason to strain the profits of the meat manufacturers. More people have to actually die before they stop them!? This is just one more reason to quit eating meat. Truth is, prophecy does touch on the fact that in our day certain foods will no longer be safe.

08/02/2011 12:37:43 13 killed in Bangladesh bus crash
"At least 13 people were killed and 50 others injured when two passengers buses collided head-on in Bangladesh." -Yes, it may be hard for some to believe, but there is yet another bus crash wherein many have died. Before long even the hardened scoffer will start to consider the prophetic facts outlined in the Word of God. Will God's people be ready to administer the truth to them on that day? Yes, but only those with sufficient oil in their lamps.

08/02/2011 12:37:43 Street View cars grabbed locations of phones, PCs
FYI: "The cars were supposed to collect the locations of Wi-Fi access points. But Google also recorded the street addresses and unique identifiers of computers and other devices using those wireless networks and then made the data publicly available through Google.com until a few weeks ago." -As much power as Google now has, one can expect a mere slap on the wrist for this one. Still.. if you live in a city wherein Google scanned "street views" of your neighborhood, you need to at least change your WIFI network passwords. If you keep your passwords logged on your PC or phone somewhere you may want to change them as well.

08/02/2011 12:54:49 San Francisco Considers Legal Protection for Criminals
"A legislative proposal in San Francisco seeks to make ex-cons and felons a protected class, along with existing categories of residents like African-Americans, people with disabilities and pregnant women. If passed by city supervisors, landlords and employers would be prohibited from asking applicants about their criminal past." -Not only is this an unjust law, it shows the lack of leadership in politics. One can rest assured someone is getting rich on this one. Praise the Lord for the perfect peace He grants His bride. Without it more people would go screaming into the night

08/01/2011 14:00:10 The Conservative Double Standard on Christian Terrorism
"Ever since the murderous rampage in Norway last week, Bill O'Reilly and other American conservatives have sought to insist that the alleged Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik is not a Christian. "Breivik is not a Christian," O'Reilly said on his Fox News show on Tuesday. "That's impossible. No one believing in Jesus commits mass murder." Elsewhere on the channel, Fox contributor Ralph Peters argued that "[Breivik] defines himself as a Christian, but you know, anybody can claim anything." And conservative Christian activist Jordan Sekulow wrote at the Washington Post that "to label Breivik a 'Christian' requires a depraved understanding of what it means to be a Christian." The belief underlying these denials of Breivik's professed Christian identity is that news outlets would only label a terrorist "Christian" in order to discredit Christianity." -Exactly! They tried this back in 2003 with Eric Rudolph, but with Brevik they have many news sources now claiming he's christian along with the fact he actually killed scores of people. It appears they now have their poster-boy to work with that will generate a holy war against Christians by Muslims. Will the media back off on this as it grows more bloody? Not likely, they have been uplifting Islam for years even though Islam has been killing 200,000 Christians annually all along.

08/01/2011 14:00:10 Norway's mass killer pursuing anti-Islam crusade
"The blond killer of at least 93 people in Norway sees himself as a righteous crusader on a mission to save European "Christendom" from a tide of Islam." -Truth is, as we know by simply opening a Bible, this man was not a Christian. However, Rome who is actually a proven murderer that claims Christ Lord so as to destroy Christianity from within, knows that if enough media outlets push this guy forward as if he's some sort of anti-Islam Christian, they can fan the flames of hatred so that even more Christians are tortured and killed. The fact Islam is torturing at least 200,000 Christians a year and killing 200,000 more is not enough for Antichrist. Before enforcing the their mark Rome believes if they lower the Christian number, it will better their chances to seal billions for Hell. Truth is, it took only 12 to start this church. And according to prophecy, it will take only 144,000 to finish the work. Bottom line is, when our numbers are this small in comparison with the billions with Rome, it is here when our God shines the most! After all, we know it's His fight anyway. And like David, we will only do as our Father directs. As prophesied, it will be His hand that brings Goliath to the dirt.

08/01/2011 14:00:10 'Jesus is a Muslim and worships Allah'
"Welcome to the upside down world of Muslims Against Crusades (MAC). Great Britain's radical Muslim group now claims that Jesus Christ was a Muslim. According to their website:" -This is of course a last ditch effort to make Christians bad in that the Muslims are now acting as if they are the victims in this war they have declared with Christians. They lie about our God to anger Christians as well as soil the image of our King. Their website title, "Muslims against Crusades," reminds us of who it was that started all this. It is the Pagan Vatican that killed tens of millions of Muslims during the crusades using the name of Christ as their banner, not Biblical Christians. This well documented historic fact has no doubt caused many Muslims to fear the Christians enough to kill off as many as possible today. After all, is it not Islam that is killing on average 200,000 Christians every year now? I have to ask, how many Muslims have been killed by Christians? As per historic record of fact, none so far. But soon the King of Christians will return and all the martyred Christians will arise while all those that hated them will die. Truth is, this is the real fear that drives them today. (See Acts 2:43) Of course Satan doesn't tell them that, but not to worry brothers and sisters. They will find out soon enough.

08/01/2011 14:00:10 25 migrants dead below decks of wildly overcrowded boat from Libya
"Twenty-five African migrants trying to reach Italy from Libya died in the hold of a rickety boat so packed with people that the migrants could not get out as they struggled to breathe, officials said Monday after the bodies were found below decks." -Yes, even this is counted as a calamity to those that suffered and died. On top of this, it's also the end result of Rome pressuring Gahdaffi to give up Libya to Roman rule via their demon inspired Constitutional changes that demand Sunday Laws. Still, I wonder if anyone notices how many deaths have been attributed to boats lately?

08/01/2011 14:23:57 Termites hold up traffic
"TERMITE busters are calling on residents of Lautoka to turn off their lights at night after swarms of flying termites engulfed suburbs and brought traffic to a standstill, triggering frantic calls for help. ...People were alarmed at the size of the swarms. Some of the clouds of termites were so thick when they went across roads that traffic was brought to a standstill," said Rosa Daituicama, the spokeswoman for Operation Kadivuka." -Just think, when the plagues begin this will look like a walk in the park.

08/01/2011 14:25:14 Adultery service offers money back guarantee
"An adultery website that has almost half a million Australian members is now providing a money-back guarantee if its customers don't have an affair." -Only in the last days does such activity that brings a profit to those selling sin like a supermarket product become the norm.

31/07/2011 13:27:39 House OKs bill forcing ISPs to log users' Web history
"The House Judiciary Committee approved legislation on Thursday that would require Internet service providers (ISPs) to collect and retain records about Internet users' activity. CNET reported the bill would require ISPs to retain customers' names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and temporarily-assigned IP addresses for 12 months. ...This is not protecting children from Internet pornography. It's creating a database for everybody in this country for a lot of other purposes." -Just so you know, make sure your children are aware that whatever they look at online can be recorded and made to look like everyone in the family is surfing illegal sites.

31/07/2011 13:27:38 Facebook unmoved by Shoah survivors' plea
"In a personal plea made by 21 Holocaust survivors earlier this month, social media giant Facebook has been asked to refuse access to anyone wanting to use the site to promote Holocaust denial. Meanwhile, Facebook officials, citing free speech, have refused the survivors' emotional appeal." -This denial of the Holocaust is a Roman Catholic tactic to help cover their well documented war crimes. They have been caught changing history books so many times, it's obvious why they need to do this. In fact, we now know they were the brains behind Hitler. But what gets me is how some people believe this propaganda. Let me ask them one simple question. Did all those Concentration Camp survivors tattoo those numbers on themselves for fun? And what about all those photos of mass graves or emaciated victims standing behind barbed wire half naked in Winter? Was that just a fun weekend for them back then!? Or was photoshop invented in the 1930's?

31/07/2011 13:27:38 Stegobot steals passwords from your Facebook photos
"THINK twice before uploading your holiday pictures to Facebook, you could be helping someone to steal information from your computer. A botnet called Stegobot was created to show how easy it would be for a crook to hijack Facebook photos to create a secret communication channel that is very difficult to detect." -Need more reasons to get off Facebook? Click here.

31/07/2011 13:27:37 Around 100 feared dead in DR Congo boat collision
"Around 100 people were feared dead in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Friday after the latest in a string of boat accidents in the central African country, officials said." -Did you catch that? they said "latest string of boat accidents." Calamities like this continue to increase, while at the same time blindness continues to grow darker and darker for some.

31/07/2011 13:33:40 17 dead in head-on bus collision
"A bus crowded with passengers has collided head on with a truck in northern Bangladesh, killing at least 17 people and injuring 30 others." -Another bus tragedy in less than a week? Not to mention multiple boat tragedies. Still, it is amazing to see how most will just look at this as dumb luck. Why do they ignore the obvious? It's simple. When you don't read Bibles, you don't study prophecy. When you don't know these calamities were prophesied long ago, it all looks like bad luck for some people. But when you do study prophecy you know what you're looking at and you get your house in order for what's next. That being? The return of our Saviour as King of kings and Lord of lords.

31/07/2011 13:39:05 Toxic fumes given off by rotting plants kill 31 wild boars
"British holidaymakers have been warned to be on their guard against a thick blanket of slimy 'killer seaweed' suffocating the beaches of northern France. The alert comes after the carcasses of 31 wild boars were found on one beach on the Brittany coast. All are thought to have been killed by toxic gas as dangerous as cyanide released by the seaweed as it rots." -Nature killing itself? Are some still scoffing? Probably. How bad is it getting out there? Click here to see the articles that have yet to be censored.

29/07/2011 12:01:00 North Dakota Catholic Conference says 'Sunday law' benefits all people
 "Courts upholding Sunday closing laws have recognized what the Forum does not," Dodson explained, noting that the laws "serve a secular, not religious purpose." He said that all people need periods of rest and free time for the sake of their families, social lives and religious activities." -This is how they manipulate the masses into thinking religious laws aren't religious at all. That is of course up until the time they do demand Sunday Laws for religious reasons of course. For now, it's just a matter of conditioning the people into accepting such topics in politics. Notice the picture on the right of the article. That's Raymond Arroyo. The one that interviewed George W. Bush when he declared the Pope to be "God." Arroyo is the director of the Roman Catholic Television program "EWTN News." He actually broadcasts from the John Paul II cultural center in Washington D.C.

29/07/2011 12:00:59 Why are we ignoring simple, painless debt solution?
"In the last year or two the Fed has been buying up U.S. Treasury bonds in an effort to lower interest rates and boost the economy. The most recent round of that buying has been dubbed QE2, and has come under a good deal of criticism, though most economists agree that it was a generally helpful policy. The result is that the Fed now holds nearly $1.7 trillion in U.S. debt. But that is really phony debt. ...Get the Fed and the Treasury to rip up that debt. It's fake debt anyway. And the Fed is legally allowed to return the debt to the Treasury to be destroyed. A trillion and a half dollars is currently about what spending is expected to exceed tax revenue in 2011." -Keep in mind, it's not like they don't know this phony debt pile exists. They do. Will they erase it and give them ample time to do the job right? Time will tell. However, I can't help feeling all the debt problems around the world are nothing more than a way to bring about the prophesied New World Order. We know the debt is far too high for anyone to pay no matter what country is in default. So this will force the banks to restructure the way debt is generated on a global basis, which in turn forces governments of the world to restructure how they do business. This is especially true when it comes to currency. The need for a global currency that can be easily controlled on an individual basis for when the mark is enforced will be a real perk to Rome. Being this close to their prophesied agenda may be too tempting for some to resist. They could start the ball rolling as soon as next week, or at they could push it off on the next crop of elected official in 2012. They could even drag it out to 2016 if they want. Truth is, we realy don't know the day or the hour of each prophesied event. However, we do know they will enforce that mark, and we do know the global economy is in disarray.

29/07/2011 12:00:59 Childhood virus kills 70 in Vietnam
"A health official says a surging outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease in Vietnam has killed 70 people so far this year and infected more than 23,000, mostly children under 5." -Jesus said 2000 years ago in Luke 21:11 "And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven." Isn't it awesome how one sentence from our Lord can carry so much detailed information about today's world?