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31/07/2015 15:06:31
VIDEO: Obama said WHAT? (Hypocrite!)

After witnessing what happened on June 26, 2015. After seeing laws being passed that specifically declare the Bible illegal, Obama is standing as the leader in Rome's homosexual agenda around the world. And then he has the audacity to say this on camera?! Such staggering hypocrisy!

Please pray for Obama and all our leaders. They are obviously walking hand in hand with Beelzebub and have no clue as to where he is leading them.

31/07/2015 15:06:31
VIDEO: Obama: 'I could win' 3rd term in office

"President Obama quipped from Africa: If the Constitution allowed, I could definitely win another term as president of the United States. ...He said: "I am in my second term. It has been an extraordinary privilege for me to serve as president of the United States. I cannot imagine a greater honor or a more interesting job. I love my work, but under our Constitution, I cannot run again. I can't run again. I actually think I'm a pretty good president. I think if I ran, I could win. But I can't. So there's a lot that I'd like to do to keep America moving, but the law is the law, and no one person is above the law, not even the president."


That's all well and good but, as we know Obama and his cohorts in Congress and Rome have been drafting a brand new Constitution ever since this man stepped into the oval office. Now yes, I am fully aware that he (Obama) is acting as if this is all a big joke. But all this talk about a third term is starting to get a bit obvious lately. What I mean is, where you aware that 39% of the Democratic party wants him to run for a third term? There's a Bill that has been introduced not too long ago that will abolish presidential term limits? Did you know Rush Limbaugh believes Obama will still be "president" after his term ends? And World Net Daily actually stated that if Obama decided to stay in office in 2017 there will be little or no opposition to him being there. Or what of Fox News claiming a third term is possible for Obama? It's gotten so apparent now that one News group was chided for not treating Obama as an emperor back in January of 2013.

Race riots?

Did you also know that in the event there is a national issue that causes martial law to be enforced that all elections will be indefinitely suspended? How easy would it be for Obama or any other politician under his thumb to create a false flag attack that would #1, cause riots. #2, cause a disaster, or #3 cause civil unrest coast to coast wherein martial law is declared and all elections ceased?

The Papal factor

And yes, you had to know I would go here as this is my duty as a watchman on the wall. After all, since my Bible goes into such detail on this, am I expected to bypass it just because it's unpopular for some? That being said, you are aware the Pope is planning to speak to Congress on September 22, 2015 right? That being the case, were you also aware that every time a Pope visits a nation drastic changes or drastic disasters seem to "suddenly" happen to that nation not long after he leaves?

With the nations that will bow to the Pope's "suggestions" during his visit, the people there always experience "sudden changes" that are usually in the order of additional unjust laws that remove freedoms and benefit Roman power. As for the nations that refuse to do as the Pope "suggests" you always see drastic changes disasters in everything from "mishaps" that cause large scale destruction to assassinations of political leaders. In any event.. one can expect after September 22 we here in the USA will see some "drastic changes" that further remove freedoms that will also grant Rome more power over the individual citizen. Why do I say that? As prophesied, the USA has already bowed to Rome and will do whatever the Pope "suggests."

31/07/2015 15:06:30
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

County fights federal judge for right to pray * Iran city hits suffocating heat index of 165 degrees, near world record * VIDEO: Dispatcher tells 911 caller, 'deal with it yourself' * Ohio cop indicted on murder charge in traffic-stop shooting * A socialist as president? Polls say ... * Obamacare overhaul leaves taxpayers on hook for $2.4 billion * Celebrity 'super-keen on euthanasia vans' * Planned Parenthood faces new charge it broke law * Major U.S. companies go nuts for 'gay' rights * China presses for Internet 'kill switch' * VIDEO: The Dead Sea is shrinking! * VIDEO: Epic drought reveals Lake Mead's hidden sites * Windows 10 May Share Your Wi-Fi Password with Facebook

30/07/2015 13:21:37
VIDEO: Planned Parenthood prez slams video makers

"The president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, dismissed recent videos showing Planned Parenthood doctors preparing to harvest and sell parts of aborted babies. Richards claimed this morning in interview with George Stephanopoulos that the videos had been edited, and besides, she said, "the folks behind this, in fact, are part of the most militant wing of the anti-abortion movement that has been behind the bombing of clinics, the murder of doctors in their homes, and in their churches."


This woman in the video is an admitted killer of tens of thousands of babies in just the last few months, so of course she is going to lie about those people that caught her employees, her associated doctors and high ranking officials in Planned Parenthood admitting on camera that they do in fact "profit by selling body parts" of dead boys and girls.

I have been editing videos for years and so have tens of millions of other people that post to online video portals daily. One thing we all know is when you want to edit out something someone is saying or edit in something they said that it's 100% impossible to do so unless you use a second camera to have a transition wherein the choppiness isn't apparent. What I mean is. If I was to go on camera speaking on something and later when I watched the video realized I needed to edit out when I said a word wrong, coughed or sneezed it is apparent that when you delete that section of the video your head jerks to the new position in the video wherein you started to say the word properly or you're no longer coughing. In short, this woman is lying openly on camera that the video were edited because when you watch the video there is no choppiness at all. Yes, there is editing, but her claim they were "highly selectively edited" falls like a house of cards in an F5 tornado. When you watch the many videos that have been posted you see the video editor allowing the doctors to speak for long periods of time so as to get the full context of their statement. Again, yes they were edited so as to make them shorter because no one wants to sit through 2 to 4 hours of videotape waiting for the moments they say something bad.

One more thing

This woman claims the ones making the videos are behind the bombings and murders of doctors in their homes and churches. Those people were caught and are in jail right now. But then, when you are so embroiled in the blood of innocent lives as this woman is, it's to be expected that she will make those seeking to save the lives of those little boys and girls out to be murders, when in fact, by her own admission, she and all associated with her are in fact one of the worst killers in human history. I say "one of the worst" because the Vatican still holds the title of THE worst chiming in at 500,000,000 dead.

Yes, I am fully aware "it's legal" to kill your children in the USA. But we all know just because our corrupt politicians claim it's legal doesn't mean it's ok to do. Commandment # 6 clearly says it's sin. Now do you see why they hate Christ so much? His law exposes their law with as much ease as a candle can dispel the darkness in a cave.

Please pray for Cecile Richards. If she doesn't repent soon she will be held accountable for all those dead boys and girls by the very God that etched those Commandments in stone. She can claim "we broke no laws" all she likes on as many videos she likes. That's no excuse when the Law of God was written so plain that even a child with a grade school education can see that when it said "Thou shalt not kill" it means you should not kill, period!

30/07/2015 13:21:36
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Dying for Christianity: millions at risk amid rise in persecution across the globe * New Planned Parenthood video: 'It's another boy!' * VIDEO: UK spent 13 times more on bombing Libya than it paid to help rebuild * VIDEO: 10 year-old suicide bomber kills 15 people in Nigeria * VIDEO: Kenyans react to Obama 'blunt' stance on gay rights * FYI: Major Flaw In Android Phones Would Let Hackers In With Just A Text * Pope likely to alter economic message in the U.S., Vatican adviser says * 'Women Betrayed'! 65 U.S. cities protest Planned Parenthood * Principal kills self amid Common Core scandal * Judge blocks release of more Planned Parenthood videos * FYI: What One Can of Coke Does to Your Body in Only One Hour

29/07/2015 15:55:42
Islamic Society: The agent of jihad in America

"While there is minor disagreement over the total number, the consensus view is that at least 251 Muslims have attempted some form of violent jihad in the United States since 9/11/01. Of these, 109 were interdicted by U.S. counterterrorism personnel. Another 121 American Muslims were involved in attempting to join, otherwise materially support or finance known terror groups. The remaining 21 succeeded in shedding innocent American blood in the name of Islam. Despite clear evidence to the contrary, our government and major media still argue that “true Islam” was not the inspiration for any of these attacks; therefore, we must look to other root causes."


If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, the main reason they keep trying to put Islam in a positive light is because the Pope demands it. The Popes of Rome have openly supported and uplifted Islam over and over again and no one seems to notice because the media is convinced to do so would be financial as well as political suicide on their part. And with that reality being part of history, we also saw not to long ago how the Vatican was the first in the world to command all Catholic schools teach Islam to the children back in 2009; which was less than one year after our first Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama stood in the White House. Then directly after that we saw the Vatican mixing Islam with Christianity to such a degree the term "Chrislam" became the norm among all those in bed with Rome.

Why are they hiding the truth?

What I am about to say is what I have been saying for many years. Prophecy clearly says the Christians that refuse the mark will for the most part be beheaded. (See Revelation 20:4) We also know there are over 30,000 guillotines in America as we speak. (Also see this video) And just so you know, it was also discovered back in December of 2013 that Obamacare actually mentions using guillotines on US Citizens! In fact, I did a video on that here. I could go on and on, but I assume you're catching my point by now. That all being said, why puff up the Muslim?

Let me ask you this?

Many years ago I converted all my Bible studies from Dbase3 to HTML when the Internet came to town and built a website. Not long after that I converted the Truth Provided Newsletter from being snail mail to being emailed. My very first digital Newsletter was a repost of a snail mail newsletter that was all about Clinton's executive orders that were actually first penned by Roman Catholic John F Kennedy and then later "given life" by Jesuit trained President Clinton. Those orders are designed to lock down the USA when they are ready to enforce the mark. Yes, they will use a "natural" disaster of some sort to push the need for martial law forward, and we know this has been "in the mix" for a few years now as events like Jade Helm proved.

I don't know how many Newsletters I did over the years about similar "military exercises" on US soil that all appear as Jade Helm did, but that's not what my original point is anyway. We all know about the soon to come New World Order and so students of prophecy are prepared for it spiritually. What I mentioned that old Newsletter for was the "Combat Arms Survey" I posted at the end of the Newsletter that I was privy to thanks to the prison ministry I was working with at the time. (See the Newsletter here)

That survey was done on our military and some of our very own soldiers did in fact agree to shoot on a US Citizen if ordered to do so. That wasn't the premise for the survey but it was bluntly obvious when you came to question #43. Still, not all of them agreed to kill their neighbors, but sadly some did. Plus, we have to keep in mind, even though it's the very last days and most people are bone evil just s in Noah's day, those that claim to be Christians (as Isaiah 4:1 & Revelation 3:16 describes) some still claim to be "moral" while reveling in sin. Even as a "plastic" Christian some simply cannot stomach the idea of dropping a blade on their next door neighbor, coworker or classmate no matter how crazy it gets. But, a Muslim will because his Vatican inspired Koran confirms he must to please his dying god. And so he will do all he can to have the chance to man those guillotines because most Muslims believe a dead Christian is their ticket to paradise. And so the Popes of Rome have started a positive PR campaign to puff up Islam so as to have that "force" available when that day comes. And that day is racing towards us at break neck speeds!

That being said.. Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?

29/07/2015 15:55:42
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Persecution of Chinese Christian Churches Ramps Up * Sheriff's 'In God We Trust' decal sparks ire * GRAPHIC! New video: Planned Parenthood chooses 'per item' body-parts pricingState caught ignoring its own Obamacare law? * VIDEO: Imperfect vaccines could make viruses more dangerous, at least in chickens * Embezzling teacher now accused of sex with 5th-graders * FYI: Turns Out, Almond Milk Has No Almonds In It * VIDEO: Flight from DIA to LAX makes emergency landing in Grand Junction after at least six passengers get sick * Abbott: reduction in freedom necessary to save lives from terrorism threat * No Jab, No Pay reforms: Religious exemptions for vaccination dumped * Lawmaker: Money illegally spent for same-sex 'marriage'

28/07/2015 13:10:53
VIDEO: Baphomet in Detroit!

I had to make this video because the symbolism of Satan has always been the same since day one, and thanks to us being in the end times wherein many like to promote evil, we have a lot more evidence to point out where he is working. In fact, sometimes it's as easy as opening your eyes.

When you look at the symbolism in the Satanic, Wiccan and Pagan temples of today as well as ancient times you see the exact same symbolism in the Vatican from day one to today as well. There are a LOT more symbols that connect the church of Satan with the church of Rome than I share in this 5 minute video, but this should suffice for now. It's rather blunt and it does make it quite easy to point out now. And I only post it because of what they erected in Detroit the other day.

Later when I am not so hurried I may make a video where I can prove both churches are the same by sharing all sorts of symbols as well as dogmatic statements they all seem to like making on paper so as to make our job so easy. And no, I am not saying the Roman Catholic people are Satanists! What I am saying is their priests, prelates and especially their popes are in fact card carrying devil worshippers. It's no longer a conspiracy. It's now a proven fact. To make things much easier for all of us the pope himself carries the main symbol of Antichrist with him everywhere he goes as his obedient requirement so as to have both the power and wealth he enjoys today. But again, that's for a later video.

As a teaser to that possible future video ... notice this; Both the church of Satan and the church of Rome use black robes, monks, crucifixes, black candles, incense, chants, blood sacrifice repetitive prayers, sun worship, and both like to go after the youth in strange ways. Just so you know, that is nowhere near all similarities between the two. Hopefully I will find the time to do that video soon.

28/07/2015 13:10:52
VIDEO: Obama calls for African nations to treat gays equally

"President Obama called on African nations Saturday to confer equal rights to gays and lesbians, kicking off his first full day in the nation by undertaking a topic that remains highly sensitive on the continent. Kenyan President Kenyatta dismissed the importance of gay rights, calling it a "non-issue" in the nation."


When I saw this video I had to applaud the Kenyan president for standing up against Obama's strange agenda! Obama gets on camera and tries to push Rome's homosexual agenda, thereby forcing a response from the President of Kenya. Directly after Obama speaks, the president of Kenya openly and boldly disagrees with him before his entire nation and before the world via satellite! And again, I applaud that man for having the courage and the moral stature to declare what's much more important to his people, wherein it has nothing to do with what some people like to do in their bedrooms.


So, this is to be Obama's global message to all the world for the American people? He sidesteps all the wars, Christians being slaughtered, economies crashing from nation to nation, crime rates off the charts, drug use is skyrocketing, suicide rates are at an all-time high, and children the world over are being indoctrinated into all sorts of strange political agendas and Obama's #1 issue for the world today is to declare every nation must allow people to be able to perform sexual acts the Bible declares to be an abomination and the majority of society still declares to be immoral and dangerous to the spiritual well-being of those trapped in such a lifestyle? Is this how the world now sees America today? With all that's going on in the world we are promoted as being a nation more focused on the sexual desires of the homosexuals living among us? Seriously?!

28/07/2015 13:10:51
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

SDA church, Catholic church, Mennonite church, Pentecostal church and others meet in Ecumenical gathering * State defends firing for calling homosexuality 'sinful' * VIDEO: Obama: 'I could win' 3rd term in office * VIDEO: Model's shoot interrupted by illegals storming beach * Federal 'gay' mania sparks push for civil disobedience * VIDEO: Iris scans come to airport check-in lines * Boy Scout board approves end to blanket ban on gay adults * Palin: 'Which symbol killed 90,000 black babies?' * Girl complains about school prayer, wins $7,500 * FYI: Brain-Eating Amoeba Shows Up in Louisiana Tap Water: Here’s What You Should Know

27/07/2015 14:33:30
Marty Walsh: ‘This is history here in Vatican’

"Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, who was one of 35 mayors to travel to Rome, was awestruck after his meeting with Pope Francis yesterday, telling Boston Herald Radio’s Tyler Sullivan on “Fargo Street” that he had an “incredible opportunity” to hear the pontiff discuss human trafficking and global warming. In Walsh’s own words, he describes the experience: “It’s hard to put in words. You know, when the pope came in the room, everyone just clapped to him walking in. And then after a few seconds, complete silence. And I think everyone was in awe of the pope and, you know, and seeing the pope."


First and foremost, why are United States city Mayors meeting with the Pope? Do you study prophecy? Do you know what time it is? No? Okay.. to quickly summarize, they were hand-picked (all 35 of them) because the Vatican assumes these mayors will (obey) have meetings all over the USA via teleconferencing or even face to face regarding the Vatican's long prophesied agenda regarding climate change that will of course allow them to control all nations (city by city) so as to be able to enforce the mark of the beast. The testing grounds (and first to implement the mark) is obviously the USA. Reason being is of course our superior technology (already in place) that will be used to try (I emphasize the word "try" here) and stop the Loud Cry prophecy says will go forth that not only exposes the man of sin in Rome, it alerts the masses as to what the mark of the beast really is.

Seeing how Rome knows what the Lord plans to do in the coming days, because they do hear our message just as much as anyone else does; they need to have everything set in place to try and prevent the majority from hearing the truth we preach, just as the Philistines did with Goliath so as to assume (foolishly of course) that they will be able to prevent (or at least slow) the prophesied Loud Cry from doing what they know it will do.

So.. why were they clapping?

That's easy.. it has to do with what Revelation 13:3-4 prophesied 2000 years ago. It said, "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.  And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?"

All throughout history the Roman Catholic church has appealed to the masses merely because sin is very appealing to the lost who think if they just "say" they know Jesus they will gain Heaven. (See Isaiah 4:1) Most will say that Rome must be the true church because of its immense size. But looking to Scripture, one can see that size is a true giveaway that it is the prophesied evil church most "wonder after" in the last days. Case in point, ALL the world thought Noah and his family were wrong about the coming flood and end of the world. Only 8 people on the planet were walking with God at that time. As always, the majority on this dying world is to be those that are friends with the World. And so when one of them stand on top of the world as a leader in worldliness, as all the Popes have done, most will "wonder after him" as the Lord said they would.

27/07/2015 14:33:30
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

U.S. State Dept. Bars Christians from Testifying about Persecution * Pastor Commands Congregation to Eat Live Snake That Allegedly Turns Into Chocolate; Gets Arrested for Animal Cruelty * Proof Hillary doomed Stevens with 'classified' emails? * Mom: Kindergartener was "traumatized" by teacher duct taping him * VIDEO: Secrets Teachers Don’t Want You To Know * Three scientists investigating melting Arctic ice may have been assassinated, professor claims * VIDEO: New financial rules reveal Vatican had a billion euros off the books * Archbishop Okoth: Barack Obama is one of us

26/07/2015 11:53:36
State forbids pastors calling homosexuality 'sinful'

"The state of Kentucky has begun imposing a religious test on volunteer pastor counselors in its youth division, insisting that they refrain from calling homosexuality “sinful” and dismissing those who cannot bend their religious faith to accommodate the state requirements. The policy was uncovered by Liberty Counsel, which has sent a letter to Bob Hayter, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice, demanding that the state religious test be dropped and that a dismissed counselor be reinstated. “Liberty Counsel writes regarding the blatantly unconstitutional revocation of volunteer prison minister status of ordained Christian minister David Wells, who has provided voluntary spiritual counseling and mentorship to juvenile inmates under the control of the Department of Juvenile Justice. … This revocation was issued by Warren County Regional Juvenile Detention Center on the basis of the April 4, 2014, DJJ Policy 912, which mandates full DJJ support of homosexuality and transvestism."


Did we not declare this was coming? I just made a video about this two days ago!

Many years ago before I was a Sabbath keeper I did computer programming and networking for a prison ministry based in the south suburbs of Illinois. While there I had the chance to speak to all the prison chaplains every week as well as the head State chaplain once in a while and during my years doing this work I was a witness to how the US Government uses their power to force Christians (that are weak of course) to do as they command and ignore the Bible of their God. What I mean is, when these chaplains would call in to me so I could log their evangelistic "numbers" for the week we would get to talking and I found out about many strange things that were happening in the prisons, and especially against Christians. One of the worst was the fact that after some Catholic priests got wind of these Baptist ministers I was working with were sharing the truth with Catholic inmates and almost all of them left the Catholic church and joined the Baptist church. That of course angered the priests and so they used their political powers to get the laws changed inside the prisons to where it literally became illegal to proselytize inmates from their original faith no matter if they were Catholic, Methodist or even Wiccan!

And now that homosexual marriage is legal, they are once again forcing the prison chaplains to do as they command or they will lose their jobs. What amazes me is the timing. No.. I'm not talking about the fact they just legalized homosexual marriage, just as Jesus predicted they would do right before He returns. What I mean is, back when I was doing the work for that prison ministry they enforced a law inside the prisons that was illegal outside the prisons to enforce. They were able to do that because #1, the prisons are owned by the Feds and #2, most of the pastors feared going up against the Feds. That all being said.. why did they wait until AFTER they legalize homosexual marriage to flex their muscles in the prisons? Who knows and who cares. All I care about is how close we are to going Home.

Politics.. it's about as easy to understand as Vatican dogma.

26/07/2015 11:53:36
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

What Is ‘Family’? High School Test Question Redefines Definition, Counts This Student’s Answer Wrong * Girl aged just TEN gives birth hours after complaining of stomach ache at school * VIDEO: Star Wars Action Figure Has Parents Furious * VIDEO: GMO companies won’t need to label their foods under new House bill * Public schools ruining U.S. kids with 'indoctrination * Ayatollah tweets photo of Obama with gun to own head – how apropos . . . shall we send more money? * 9 Terrifying Things That Will Make You Rethink Flying

24/07/2015 14:43:39
VIDEO: Pastors Caught RED HANDED

This video is in response to a video I saw recently of a pastor that obviously bowed to Rome's homosexual agenda as well as the 501c3 enforcement upon his pulpit. Instead of doing the right thing and dumping the 501c3, these pastors will now have to make up all sorts of excuses as to why homosexuality is to be considered acceptable and sanctioned by God within the Christian church. Reason being is, they know if they say otherwise they will lose their tax free contract with Uncle Sam and be hit with massive fines and excise taxes. So, like the government schools that "preach" (literally) to our children so as to change society via our own children in the way Rome desires, the preachers are going to do it as well from the pulpits because they no longer have a choice. To do otherwise would be financial suicide (so they think) and seeing how they worship the dollar, they will protect it with their very last breath if need be.

Yes, it's pretty bad now. But it's about to get so much worse that soon it will be very easy for those riding the fence to be able to tell the difference between the worldly Christian and the heaven bound one. The grass is most assuredly eternally greener on the obedient side. Care to join us for online worship? If so, click here.

PS.. I am toying with the idea of doing a "video a day" regarding my daily updates, or least the top three feeds for the week. Does anyone know of any video software that will make that task much easier? I am currently using Camtasia for the short videos, but I wonder if a slideshow type of software would work better wherein I can make a quick mp3 that can be converted to a video with pics, and if so, do YOU know of one? If so, please contact me asap.

24/07/2015 14:43:39
Pope Francis ignites a revolt that will overthrow American capitalism

"Pope Francis is the only real political leader that matters this year. Forget the rest. Here’s why: Pope Francis is not just leading a “Second American Revolution,” he is rallying people across the Earth, middle class as well as poor, inciting billions to rise up in a global economic revolution, one that could suddenly sweep the planet, like the 1789 French storming the Bastille. ...as Pope Francis’ revolution accelerates, as his relentless socialist message of sacred rights for all people makes clear. Why? Our mutating capitalist elite have triggered a massive backlash, a “profound human crisis, the denial of the primacy of the human person. The worship of the ancient golden calf has returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money."


It's nice to see that some in the world see what students of prophecy have seen for decades. Yes, I understand completely that most can't see what we see because of their disobedience and therefore lack of wisdom that is only granted to those that stay in the Word of God. (See Romans 10:17) Today's society is such that it's too inconvenient for some Christians to read Bibles when they have pastors that assume are supposed to do that for them. Which is of course insane. Any Berean can tell you that. But as I stated in a video I just posted, the government pastors have stopped reading those Bibles as well. Still, why some Christians think they don't have to read Bibles is not something one can easily explain. But then, the means by which Satan moves within the hearts of his pawns is not something one can easily list in a few comments on a blog. In fact, a few years in obedient daily Bible study is usually the means by which the Holy Spirit educates us on how to identify all the darts Satan uses to get permission to move into the lives of God's people.

In any event, we have been preaching for decades that the Vatican will move the governments of the world towards a Socialistic format, and first they would have to implement their plans in the United States because unless they do so their long prophesied enforcement of the mark will have to be tabled for a few more decades. Seeing how all the technology needed to bring that prophecy to fruition is in place today, one has to expect the now revealed man of sin is going to strike when the iron is hot. And that is "one" of the main reasons the Pope is planning to speak before the United States Congress in September of this year.

That all being said, Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?!

PS.. I am toying with the idea of doing a "video a day" regarding my daily updates, or least the top three feeds for the week. Does anyone know of any video software that will make that task much easier? I am currently using Camtasia for the short videos, but I wonder if a slideshow type of software would work better wherein I can make a quick mp3 that can be converted to a video with pics, and if so, do YOU know of one? If so, please contact me asap.

24/07/2015 14:43:38
VIDEO: Why Mark Bittman Is Eating Weeds on Oakland’s Sidewalks

"Would you eat a weed growing on the sidewalk? That’s what Mark Bittman did recently while on a tour of Oakland with two U.C. Berkeley urban foragers. Phil Stark and Tom Carlson want to boost awareness about the nutritional and local value of edible weeds in underserved populations. Their work includes testing the soil and developing a website that lets the public find, identify and share where to forage these plants. So what do they find? They pluck greens right off the lawns of houses, just feet away from empty paint cans and abandoned bicycle wheels."


I've actually been eating weeds for years. Seriously, there are some VERY tasty weeds growing out there that most people like to kill so as to have a pristine lawn, while at the same time struggle to pay their grocery bill. Okay, I understand that picking weeds in your neighborhood is not likely to lower your grocery bill right off, but. Check this out...

  • Psalms 78:19, "Yea, they spake against God; they said, Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?"
  • Psalms 23:5, "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over."
  • Isaiah 33:16, "He shall dwell on high: his place of defence shall be the munitions of rocks: bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure."

If you're a Bible reader you know all about the 40 years wherein the Lord miraculously spread a table for them in the wilderness as well as gave them water and firewood for cooking each and every day. I did a Newsletter on this years ago that may shock some of you regarding what it takes to do that each and every day and IN A DESERT to boot! The Newsletter was titled "Are you Scared" back in 2008 and it touches on what the Lord promises those of us staying firmly on the path of obedience. Yes the Newsletter was mostly a response and expose' to the fearmongering generated by the "so called" economic disaster of that year. But the truth never changes as it is written, and what we saw in the Word regarding long ago still applies to God's people today. So.. don't fret the small stuff.

If you are obedient, then you will not have to worry where your next meal is coming from when they remove your ability to buy and sell. For it is also written in Psalms 37:25, "I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread."

Many years ago the Lord moved me to investigate the weeds growing all around me on my land. Most of it's edible and some of it medicinal. It's amazing what's actually growing out there that most people completely ignore or could care less about. And if you're from an upper income neighborhood, look outside and you won't see a dandelion for miles because most people kill all the weeds so as to have a beautiful green carpet of grass. Give me a multicolored lawn any day of the week and I will chow down on all that's growing when "that day" arrives. :)

24/07/2015 16:21:42
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

20 years! 'Fresh' and 'frozen' baby parts sold across U.S. * VIDEO: It's THIS EASY to expose a liar (wait for it!) * Study: Demographics point to Democrat domination * Savage: 'The pope is another liar' about climate * Eminent domain turns N. Philly dream into nightmare * Pulsar Rips Through Companion Star's Disk * Gov. Brown blasts climate change 'deniers' during Vatican conference * Scientists in China Are Genetically Modifying Embryos Despite Concerns from Medical Community * VIDEO: Greece adds 10% VAT to everyday products * VIDEO: Arizona officer illegally enters woman's home, arrests her while she is naked * VIDEO: West Virginia Mom alleged to have injected FECES into her sons IV Bag

23/07/2015 15:14:02
Pelosi wants Planned Parenthood investigators ... investigated!

"House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is offering a new response to the undercover videos that reveal Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the sale of body parts of unborn children: Investigate the people who made the videos. ...Let’s have an investigation of those people who are trying to ensnare Planned Parenthood in a controversy which doesn’t exist."


This is so hard to witness. This poor soul doesn't seem to understand reality like the rest of us. No, I am not trying to be mean or even sarcastic. It appears this woman has been ravaged by the enemy of souls for so long that she has lost all common sense. This is the very same woman that not only pushed for Obamacare, she is the one that said we need to make it law so we can read it. That's right, she actually pushed (and won) to have the law passed without anyone in Congress reading it. And now, even though we have rock hard evidence on camera that no one with eyes and ears in proper working order can deny that Planned Parenthood has admitted on camera that they are not only harvesting body parts from forcibly dismembered little boys and girls, they are also negotiating how much money can be made by the sale of those torn body parts of little boys and girls. And for some reason Nancy Pelosi wants the wants using the cameras investigated? And yes, she is Roman Catholic for those that are wondering.

Ever notice this? Some of the most horrific laws have been passed , some of the most strange statements made and some of the worst crimes ever committed were done by Roman Catholic politicians in our generation alone. And now their assumed "god on earth" is coming to speak unto them in September so as to boost their abilities globally? It's about to go from already quite bad to much worse. And the fact that the majority of the Congress and Supreme Court is already Roman Catholic, most lukewarm Christians are just going to give up because they figure Rome has the control they planned for and therefore the unfaithful Christians figure since they can't beat them they may as well join them. Is there not a God in Israel? Are we not prophesied and called to glorify the God of all creation in these last days? You'd never know it by stepping into any of the churches today!

I have this to say to all those lazy, lukewarm and disobedient Christians out there that it is because of your weak faith that we are in this mess. Yes, I know it was all prophesied, but it was also prophesied that your lukewarm faith is what gave Satan permission to run as rampant as he has been. It is because of your lack of trust in God that we see so many unjust laws. Had you stepped up when you had the chance we may have seen God glorified and more souls brought into the fold. It is all your fault that Christians look like idiots to all other false religions in the world. Now do you see why Jesus said in Revelation 3:16, "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."

One more thing

While all the lukewarm Christians stand in line to receive the soon to be enforced mark of the beast, the obedient remnant will be used of God to glorify Him before all in Heaven and on earth. Why? It's because we have the faith, we do trust our Lord and why is that? It's because "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." (Romans 10:17) Seeing how we actually read our Bibles, we know all about David and how easily Goliath was defeated. We also know about Mordecai, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Daniel just to name a few. Those Christians that base their faith on the amount of fear Satan is fabricating before them will soon see God glorified. But sadly, like most, they will only be able to see it while breathing their last after plague #7 falls upon them to seal their fate. May God have mercy on your souls.

Who are they?

Have you ever seen my video "Weakest Christians of All?" Yes, it's all about the SDA and how even though they had the biblical, prophetic and historic truths on a silver platter that all the other churches ignored when they first came on the scene 170+ years ago. They sadly decided the flesh was much more enticing to them than the God they were called to glorify. So like all the rest they became lukewarm and are groveling in the muck and mire of sin like everyone else. But it's not just them. I am bringing up the lukewarm Christians because the woman mention in this article claims to be one. But then, we already know Roman Catholicism was never about Christianity. It was prophesied to be all about destroying Christianity from the inside. So you can't blame Nancy Pelosi as she is only doing as he dying god moves her to do. But there are other Christians of all walks of life that don't bow completely to Paganism of Rome or even the hypocrisy of the SDA church. Still, they do sit on the sidelines embracing Vatican dogma, they declare Allah is god they shout homosexual marriage is ok, abortion, death panels and a host of other sinful acts are perfectly ok in today's society. So again, it's all about the crippled faith of billions the world over and as prophesied it's only because Satan was able to move into the church thanks to the Christians granting him permission.


There is a chance to still make it Home. Yes, it's a boiling festering mess out there. But it was prophesied as I just stated. Thing is, it was also prophesied that many of us will "come out of her" before the plagues hit. That being said, "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:" -Deuteronomy 30:19.

As always, you have free will. So choose wisely.

23/07/2015 15:14:02
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Meet the 39 Companies That Donate Directly to Planned Parenthood * Major U.S. city poised to implement Islamic law * Fukushima's 'mutant daisies' trigger radiation fears * VIDEO: Officer's K-9 jumps fence, mauls 7-year-old girl's face * ISIS now using 'suicide chickens' to kill enemies * VIDEO: Wesley Clark Calls for Internment Camps for "Radicalized" Americans * VIDEO: Iowa school district plans to outfit staff, administration with body cams * VIDEO: Pope Francis: Climate change is local issue * Scientists in China Are Genetically Modifying Embryos Despite Concerns from Medical Community

22/07/2015 15:44:36
Prayers to 'another god' promoted in US Schools

"We are walking up a slippery slope when we start to decide what books we are going to ban from the curriculum,” he said. Yet, this week administrators at Duval County Public Schools received a petition from several citizens protesting the use of two new books added last month to the third-grade reading list: “Nasreen’s Secret School” and “The Librarian of Basra” both said to be based on the true stories from the Middle East. ...The Facebook post, which addresses parents of elementary students in the district, advises that students will be required to “read two books, promoting prayer to someone other than God.” The post, which has made its rounds from the Facebook pages of local parent groups and churches to the inboxes of several School Board members, urges parents to sign and submit a petition to formally contest the proposed instructional material."


When I was in high school, I saw how the historic facts that I researched as a child (after my parents bought us encyclopedias) was changed, it became obvious certain records were being changed for political reasons in the government school system so as to create a new mindset in society via the teens they were brainwashing. That which was evil 5 years ago were suddenly no longer taboo and it started to become very apparent that history, at least as it was taught in the schools, was to be fiction from that day forward. This was one of the reasons I chose not to do homework, read assigned novels or even attend certain classes. Needless to say I was eventually asked to leave the school permanently. And no, I wasn't asked to leave because I was picketing the school with a political voice or anything. I could care less because I knew they could care less. Their obvious lying made me feel it was perfectly ok to act out and act out I did. For those of you that "experienced" the 70's the term "tough love" may ring a bell here.

So.. did their plans work?

Yes, very much so. Their lies made me angry as well as wandering in life with no real idea on how to live life. For those kids that did do the homework, some did ok, but many are now either dead, in prison, on welfare, homeless or still wandering the planet without a clue. But fast-forwarding to today's world wherein the government teachers have had just over 50 years of using altered history books, school lessons flavored by political agenda, and a plethora of other "government approved" methods on perfecting the art of brainwashing the kids, we now see how the overwhelming majority of the kids have no idea about real history and how the actions of our government were seen in other governments over the centuries with deadly results. And this is especially true with what the Vatican did to hundreds of millions of people and the real truth behind America's birth. The kids today think America was founded to escape massive taxation, to feed the desire for the riches of capitalism, or even the blood lust of human hunters that saw the natives as prey. Today, the reasoning behind how America was settled is based solely on the school board's political agenda. Nothing more, nothing less.

The actual historic reason America was founded was because the Vatican was killing so many Christians that some fled to this land to build a nation structured on religious freedom. And yes.. some of you have pastors that protect the Vatican and declare that's all a pile of anti-Catholic rubbish. No matter.. It's not like they're going to be able to lie forever. It's all going to be shouted from the rooftops when Jesus gets here anyway

Later when I became a dad I saw that when my children were in school we saw how the teachers were being told to teach the kids that having "two mommies and two daddies" was acceptable. When that flyer came home from school that day in the hands of our own children, my wife and I decided to pull our children out of school to homeschool them from that day forward. Today, homosexuality is not only considered a community onto its own, (as per one of the reasons for my next video) homosexual activity that was once illegal is not protected by law and homosexual marriage is acceptable as well that some churches even have homosexual couples as pastors. So again, their plans worked just as the (real) history books illustrated long ago. Well.. 50 years ago as I recall.

And now, the government school system is teaching the kids that "praying to another god" is par for the course in society? Need I wax prophetic and declare unto all what this will cultivate into the minds of millions of children across America? Agreed.. one doesn't need to be a prophet to see the writing on this wall!

22/07/2015 15:44:36
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

'Hackers remotely kill a Jeep on the highway' * VIDEO: New Anchor finally says truth about Obama * Criminal probe pushed for Planned Parenthood * Lawyer: Threat widens in federal gun grab * Sex-offender  illegal (out on bond) charged with attack on girl * Obama: New citizens can skip pledge to take up arms and defend the U.S. * Obama defends IRS, says tea party targeting didn’t happen * Armadillos spreading leprosy in Florida * VIDEO: 3 million more kids in poverty under Obama * VIDEO: Teacher found guilty of rape, sodomy of former student

21/07/2015 12:44:38
'Baby parts' orders show requests for brains, heads

"Undercover video of a high-ranking Planned Parenthood official casually discussing the graphic dismemberment of the unborn rocked the abortion debate last week, and the head of the group behind the video says there’s much more to come. ...We have dozens and dozens of hours of very shocking, troubling footage and admissions from within the top levels of the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood, coming straight from the words of top level Planned Parenthood executives and officials and medical directors and abortion doctors. ...We have probably 100-200 pages of Planned Parenthood body parts purchases, internal documents about the practice,” he added. Several of those documents have already been posted to the group’s website. For example, one order for the liver and thymus of a 16-week-old unborn baby was sent to Colorado State University’s pathology department: ...We also have very compelling eyewitness testimony from people who were actually in real life involved in the harvesting of aborted baby parts at Planned Parenthood clinics,” he said. ...It’s a really disturbing paradox to a lot of people, where we’re saying children are more valuable dead than alive."


You know what this means don't you? Since the United States Government funds Planned Parenthood and it has passed law after law to nullify valid lawsuits over the years against it, they will soon have to make harvesting organs of live babies legal wherein using draconian means flavored with Inquisitional methods so as to cause as much pain as possible to the baby, because as we all know, they do not anesthetize the infant as the "silent scream" video proved decades ago. The reason I believe they will legalize this is because, as the video confirms, this has been going on for years, and secondly, way too much money is being made to stop those that worship money from making it. Plus, we also have to keep in mind the satanic blood sacrifice involved in all this, but then that's another story for another day.

Now that the actual president of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors Council ( Dr Mary Carter) has also been caught on film negotiating the sale of baby parts, (see newest video here) it has become very obvious that this has been going on for years. In fact, this woman (Dr Carter) actually admits on camera that she's been doing this for years! (See her comment at 7:45 of the video)

The way this woman outlines the methods she uses to guarantee delivery of aborted baby parts as well as her heartless ways of discussing the costs she and "other affiliates are getting in California" as well as the morbid procedures and "less crunchy" methods they use in Planned Parenthood to get the baby parts illustrates that yes, I am completely convinced that new laws will have to be implemented wherein old laws that declare this to be illegal will have to be removed from the books so as to protect Planned Parenthood. I mean after all, it's not like they've never done that before. Just last month they legalized homosexual marriage which in and of itself was illegal since the inception of this nation. In fact, before 1974 it was considered a mental illness.

Yes, killing babies and then ripping their bodies apart to guarantee greater profits is a very sickening issue and the immorality of it all is off the charts, but then these are the last days when things like this aren't to be considered as bad as it used to be because the majority of souls are now in bed with Satan, just as prophesied. (See Matthew 24:37-39)

And by the way, you know what this also exposes? Since Planned Parenthood has been doing this for years and obviously making billions in profits all over this nation on an annual basis, one can expect that all those Roman Catholic hospitals that perform abortions are also selling body parts because as we all know, when you are in business, you always look into the practices of your competition so as to have the upper hand.

One can only imagine how many disgusting sins will be shouted from the rooftops on that day when all deception is wiped away and sin is seen in its true form.

21/07/2015 12:44:38
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

VIDEO: Aloha, summer! Snowstorm hits Hawaiian volcano * VIDEO: Fw: 4-year-old cancer patient "marries" favorite nurse in hospital ceremony * * VIDEO: (repost) Charlie Hebdo (censored) * VIDEO: Woman finds maggots inside Pop-Tart * VIDEO: Baby-selling Planned Parenthood doc: 'I want a Lamborghini' * 'Gays' shopped for Christian clerk to target * City admits it criminalizes man-and-woman marriage limit * U.S. lets in 127,000 students from Muslim nations * VIDEO: Warning: Arm yourself for ISIS 'war' in U.S. * Town Hit by Sleeping Illness Finally Gets Answer but No Resolution * Doctors Say Teen's HIV in Check for 12 Years Without Drugs

20/07/2015 14:48:56
2 Antidepressants Linked to Birth Defects

"A CDC study of almost 28,000 women has shown links between use of the antidepressants Paxil and Prozac and birth defects, Reuters reports. The study, published in the British Medical Journal, sought to answer long-debated questions about the effect of taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, during pregnancy, and whether the entire class of drugs or only certain SSRIs presented a risk, the news agency notes. ...Prozac was linked to a defect in which children's skulls were misshapen, while Paxil was associated with a defect in which the intestines poke outside the body, as well as missing parts of the brain and skull, the study notes; both were also tied to a heart defect."


This is what happens when you allow the already confirmed corrupt AMA doctors that prescribe drugs to use your body as a testing grounds for their sorceries. And yes, AMA drugs are sorcery, and yes they were mentioned in prophecy. Notice this...

  • Revelation 18:23, "And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived."

Strong's Concordance

SORCERIES:  5331 pharmakeia {far-mak-i'-ah} from 5332;; n f

 AV - sorcery 2, witchcraft 1; 3

 1) the use or the administering of drugs

 2) poisoning

 3) sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it

 4) metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry

The modern day word "pharmacy" was derived from the Greek word "pharmakeia." Were you also aware the Vatican was involved in all this for eons? The Lord led me decades ago to declare that as such because His Bible says so in Revelation 18:23, and it wasn't until June 29, 2012 was I vindicated against all those scoffers that laughed at me when I shared the Bible prophecy as written and declared that Rome has to be involved because the unerring Word of God says so.

What I am talking about is an article that was posted back in June of 2012 that made it public that the Vatican was involved and has been making crazy amounts of money along with the Pharmaceutical companies for who knows how long. (Well we know.. but then who's counting?) You can read that article here.

Do you recall Hitler's "Angel of Death" as he was called. His real name was Josef Mengele. He was notorious for how he would select certain victims already slated to die in the Vatican's approved and funded Nazi gas chambers that were well fueled by the gas sold to them by Pope John Paul II before he escaped prosecution for war crimes by hiding in the Vatican as a priest, only later to become a Pope. Mengele would perform deadly medical experiments on the victims he selected that most would agree would have preferred death in a gas chamber over and above the hand of Mengele. Reason being is, he never used anesthesia while cutting in to them to remove muscles, organs and even bones, and some of the "experiments" resulted in slow painful deaths via disease on their own. He claimed it was done for "scientific research" in the same way the AMA tests their drugs on the people today. So, just as Hitler was well connected with the Vatican in his day, it's no mistake we see the AMA being as such today.

NONE of these drugs are safe, and ALL of them have a long list of side effects that often end with the words "death" in them. Yet for some unknown reason, people stand in line to buy them because, with no Jesus they have no peace. They have yet to discover to know Jesus is to know peace.

Were you aware that death by AMA drugs now outnumber traffic fatalities in the entire USA? Were you also aware that they lie about natural methods claiming people die from then even though a recent study was published showing that in the last 27 years not a single person died from vitamins yet over 3 million died from unsafe drugs prescribed by their doctors?! Why do they get away with so many killings? The AMA makes hundreds of billions of dollars a year off the people they "help." And a large chunk of that money ends up in the hands of lawmakers that protect them from authorities that will most assuredly place them behind bars awaiting execution.

Are you one that has been prescribed such dangerous drugs? If so, click here to learn how to wean yourself off of them. In fact, I would look into as many reputable health clinics as I can that offer ways to get off prescription drugs if I were in your shoes. A second opinion applies here as well.

20/07/2015 14:48:56
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Local SDA leaders support women in clergy * Church congregations and pastors have added to concealed carry license increase * VIDEO: Justice Dept. Wants to Legalize 12 'Perversions' * Where is the uproar over mutilated babies? * Obamacare fraud captures GOP attention * Most new California licenses go to drivers in US illegally * VIDEO: California freeway bridge collapses, blocking Ariz. traffic * VIDEO: 3 members of family die as mobile home swept into Ohio creek * VIDEO: (RAW) Thunder storms trigger flash flooding in ArizonaArkansas Governor authorizes National Guard to "arm full-time military personnel" * VIDEO: New DARPA AI software carves up American cities into combat zones

19/07/2015 14:27:24
Vaccines, government & Big Pharma's dirty money

"Vaccines are big business. Pharma is a trillion-dollar industry with vaccines accounting for $25 billion in annual sales. CDC’s decision to add a vaccine to the schedule can guarantee its manufacturer millions of customers and billions in revenue with minimal advertising or marketing costs and complete immunity from lawsuits. High stakes and the seamless marriage between Big Pharma and government agencies have spawned an opaque and crooked regulatory system. Merck, one of America’s leading vaccine outfits, is currently under investigation for deceiving FDA regulators about the effectiveness of its MMR vaccine. Two whistleblowers say Merck ginned up sham studies to maintain Merck’s MMR monopoly.

Big money has fueled the exponential expansion of CDC’s vaccine schedule since 1988, when Congress’ grant of immunity from lawsuits suddenly transformed vaccines into pay dirt. CDC recommended five pediatric vaccines when I was a boy in 1954. Today’s children cannot attend school without at least 56 doses of 14 vaccines by the time they’re 18.

An insatiable pharmaceutical industry has 271 new vaccines under development in CDC’s bureaucratic pipeline in hopes of boosting vaccine revenues to $100 billion by 2025. The industry’s principle spokesperson, Dr. Paul Offit, says that he believes children can take as many as 10,000 vaccines."


Not an easy article to read or stomach. Now do you see why I as well as many others expose vaccines as nothing more than a money making scam. Ever since the government allowed them to vaccinate babies wherein even if the vaccines can be proven to have maimed or even killed the babies, the parents could not by law sue the doctors. Once they had that unjust law passed, they no longer had to worry about testing the vaccines or even making vaccines that truly work.

Being a trillion dollar a year industry, they can use their government associated powers to actually put toxins in the vaccines they know will generate customers for their "big pharma" friends, who by the way have just recently been linked with the Vatican in a historic lawsuit in Canada; they can generate insane amounts of money. With that kind of cash there isn't a single politician that will slap their wrist because if the politician so much as causes a ripple of dissent, manufacturers like Merk have two options readily available at all times. #1, they can offer the politician looking to stop them a few million dollars in cash under the table. #2, they can hand a million to a hit man to make sure the problem is "neutralized." With that kind of money and power, it's not very likely anyone will see jail time.

Who can you trust now-a-days?

That all being said. how on earth can you ever trust the vaccine industry? Sure, I am positive there are some honest doctors and scientists out there doing all they can to create real vaccines like the ones in the old days that actually prevented disease, but they are so surrounded now by corrupted scientists in it for the money that the real vaccines can't be found anywhere floating in the sea of toxic ones. So, who do you trust? Truth is, none of them! Reason being is, even the honest ones have to "by law" keep it quite as to what's in their vaccines so as to protect the vaccines that do have toxins. What I mean is, if some of the more honest doctors give the ingredient lists to their vaccines then the ones putting lethal toxins in them that refuse will be found out by simply reading the non-existent labels. So.. all of them have to clam up and we, the people have no choice but to walk away. Or in some cases, hobble away.

What's worse?

The fact they now pass laws that make it mandatory that school kids get vaccines in California proves, the politicians are in on it and people will be crippled and even killed by these insane doctors and none of us can do anything about it. HOWEVER, Jesus, our King, is returning. Pray for these corrupt doctors because their fancy white coats don't make them immune to judgment. They too must answer to Him just as much as everyone else. In fact, it says in Acts 10:34 that, "God is no respecter of persons:" That means the king as well as the beggar will be judged by the King of kings and Lord of lords. And there are no gray areas in perfect judgment. If you sin, and refuse the Remedy of all sin, you will die.

19/07/2015 14:27:26
What we need to do

The thought came upon me that we as a remnant people of God need to go forth to spread present truth and even train people of God to go out into the field and share the Gospel so as to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ all over the world. We have enough souls in the church now and our Father has us scattered strategically all over the globe so as to be very effective in doing this work, so me thinks sticking while the iron is hot is best. And society has never been "hotter" in regards to haw bad it's gotten out there. We need to step up and show the Lord we are willing and able to do whatever it takes to help those He loves that are trapped in sin find their way to repentance and then into the arms of Jesus Christ.

We need to go two by two to homes in the hopes of finding those precious souls that are seeking the truth to make more disciples of Jesus Christ. Even though we have trials, struggles and pain in life like everyone else has, we still need to go into the field showing everyone how wonderful the peace and promises of Jesus still are in the midst of all this. The fact we can smile during the trial will bless hearts that are experiencing the same things, but without Christ. Teaching them of Jesus and His peace will be a very effective method of evangelization in that everyone alive today has some sort of trial in their life right now wherein they need help or advice. Jesus is the answer to their problems and we need to introduce them to Him. Is it not written in Romans 10:13-14, "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?"

As bad as it is in the world we need to show people how wonderful it's about to be for all eternal citizens of New Jerusalem. For those wondering why we don't have a central church building to meet in, have you studied prophecy? Do you not know that we don't need a physical church building to go to on Sabbath day any more than did the apostles of old? According to His Word the bride of Christ is the church. Like the apostles and believers of old, we meet in our homes each Sabbath. After all, our faith is now illegal and church buildings will make it that much easier for us to be targeted and persecuted anyway. So why make it easy for them? We are the body of Christ that should be active in building God's eternal kingdom in every city live near or come to. Brick and mortar will soon be completely useless when that great and dreadful day arrives where even the mountains will shake like reeds in the wind. Our faith is such that we know gathering in Christ will be far safer than huddling in church building or even under mountains as some plan to do to escape His wrath.

We need to help the old as well as the new people of God learn how to go forth two by two just as Jesus did with the 70 in Luke 10. And just as they didn't try to force anyone to believe the truth they embraced, if the people don't want to hear it, we simply walk away and "shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them." (Luke 9:5) No need to be pushy, no need to be in their face or standing with a picket sign slamming them for their sins. Sin is sin no matter if it's what some consider big or small. All sin separates us from God and we all need to repent no matter how many big or little sins we have festering within us.

So please pray. Whether or not the Lord blesses us with a building to have as a school to teach God's people how to go door to door, or He blesses us in our own homes to do it, or over the phones or even online to continue teaching is all up to Him. For now, we have a work to do and it must be done now.

"Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me." -Isaiah 6:8

Just a thought I was moved to share today. I pray you're were blessed.

in Christ I Remain

19/07/2015 14:27:29
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

USDA to Allow Chickens From U.S. to Be Shipped to China for Processing and Back to U.S. for Consumption * 5th holistic doctor (age 33) died in Florida making 5 dead and 5 more missing * VIDEO: Misconduct suits, payouts cost police departments millions of dollars * Obama collecting personal data for a secret race database * VIDEO: Detroit's black rape gangs target couples * Letter: Kagan, Ginsburg acted 'unethically and unlawfully' * 'Culture of death' now targets school girls * Exploding Muslim immigration overwhelms FBI * Company Buying Aborted Baby Body Parts From Planned Parenthood: “We’re Proud” Of Doing It * PICS: California wildfire jumps Interstate 15 in Cajon Pass

17/07/2015 13:43:32
VIDEO: Thank Pastors for Homosexual Marriage

This is a sermon I shared back on July 04, 2015 wherein I go into detail regarding the prophesied law that legalized homosexual marriage on June 26, 2015, I also go into detail as to why the pastors had no choice but to allow it to happen. As for the ones waving the rainbow flag, you’re not going to like how this video ends. I make no apologies for truth. Especially when it is Biblical and as blunt as this truth is. If you wave that flag, be it known on to you that everyone in the SDR church are in fact praying for you. We love you very much and we know you can be freed from sin as well as the misery you are experiencing right now. If you give Jesus a chance you will experience a peace and happiness you never knew existed. If you need help taking that step towards salvation, peace and happiness in Jesus, contact this ministry or click here to visit a page that outlines that brightly lit path to Heaven.

17/07/2015 13:43:32
Pope rips unbridled capitalism, 'idolatry of money'

"Pope Francis appealed to world leaders on Saturday to seek a new economic model to help the poor, and to shun policies that "sacrifice human lives on the altar of money and profit. ...Putting bread on the table, putting a roof over the heads of one's children, giving them health and an education, these are essential for human dignity,"


That's all well and good, and it's actually what many nations are in fact doing, EXCEPT the Vatican! When was the last time you heard of a Pope selling one marble statue, ancient painting or solid gold icon to feed the poor? If the Pope was to sell one or two paintings, statues or icons a year he would be able to feed all the poor around the world for an entire year.


This Pope, more than most, is actually a hypocrite. And lying doesn't seem to be very high on his list of moral no no's. He has been lying about climate change, lying about what the Bible says about celibacy, he lies about homosexual marriage and he even lies about what the Bible says about heterosexual marriage and the divorce of same. So lying about his reasons for a socialistic form of government for his new world order is par for the course. Like Obama, he is a politician and like all politicians he will lie to better his agenda politically. This is his fruit and this is prophesied as the absolute nature of the man of sin.

Yes, some say I am a bit too blunt when I speak of these corrupt leaders in the church and in government. But they have been approached hundreds of times by preachers with good intentions for decades and it goes in one ear and out the other. So it has become quite apparent the soft approach doesn't work for them. Sadly, neither does the strong approach. So the best avenue that I have found always works best no matter what they do is to keep it real. Did Jesus beat around the bush when He called them hypocrites? No. And why not? Truth is truth and in some cases it has to be said and quite often that truth angers some people no matter how much you sugarcoat it. One can only hope it leads some to repentance as it did Solomon in his later years. 

That being said, the answer is yes. You can and should pray for these men in political power no matter how evil they may appear to be. We do not have the ability to see or even judge their hearts to know if they have become reprobate. Only God can read the heart. So again, pray for them. They may actually repent and make it home to surprise many of us in New Jerusalem. Wouldn't that be nice? :)

17/07/2015 13:43:32
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

VIDEO: Terrorist kills 4 U.S. Marines in Chattanooga * BIG LIST of Muslim terror attacks in U.S. since 9/11 * VIDEO: Cameras captured police killing of unarmed man outside LA * Rome Colosseum: Tourist forced to knees, ISIS-style * Mum REFUSES To Break Into Expensive BMW To Save Toddler Son From Heat * Abortion body parts: Not just for medical research * VIDEO: Dozens killed by stampede at religious festival * VIDEO: "Untouched" private funds being seized by government * Feds sued over massive water-rule power grab * VIDEO: 'Apocalypse': Big retail shuttering at record pace * VIDEO: Doctor gives chemo treatments to healthy patients * Rubbish! Homeowners pitch fit over city's garbage snoops * VIDEO: Arrested: Man films fatal car crash instead of helping

16/07/2015 15:26:22
54 stingrays die at Chgo zoo when oxygen level drops

"Officials say all 54 stingrays in a popular exhibit at a suburban Chicago zoo died because the oxygen levels in their tank dropped too low. The Chicago Zoological Society released a statement Saturday saying the four southern stingrays and 50 cow-nose rays in the Brookfield Zoo exhibit were in a shallow pool that allows visitors to touch and feed the creatures. Most died Friday afternoon.


Do you recall the prophecy of 1 Thessalonians 5:3 that says, "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." Yes, I am sure most people do. What most people don't recall is the next passage that says in 1 Thessalonians 5:4, "But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief." What that means is, because we are obedient, we can understand prophecy. And because we can understand prophecy, we have been declaring for literally decades that the animals, birds, fish and insects will be dying because the prophecy of Hosea 4:1-3, that said long ago, "Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away."

The problem is most Christians today know about the peace and safety prophecy, but they don't know their own pastors and the mainstream media are actually preaching the "peace and safety" lie and have been for decades. It has to do with the fact that for most, that day WILL overtake them as a thief because their disobedient pastors cannot understand prophecy and because they can't understand it, they can't preach it. See the Old and New Testament reasons why this was prophesied to be this way today on this study / sermon online.

On this site I created a page years ago that I stopped updating because the deaths of the animals, birds, fish and insects were happening so often and in so many different places that I simply could not keep up with it and do the work as a watchman on the wall at the same time. Still, I was able to compile enough data to show that prophecy Hosea spoke of has been fulfilled. That page is called "Strange Wildlife Deaths" and it is one of the larger pages on this site. I have thousands of links on that page to articles and videos from all over the world documenting that prophecy of Hosea. But notice if you will how I had to make a special section just for the nation of America. Most States in this country are seeing more deaths per month than entire nations see annually all over the world. Why? Read Hosea again. It's because this nation embraces sin more than most.

Why I really posted the article?

They lied in that article. How do I know that. First and foremost, Brookfield Zoo is near my old neighborhood and stomping grounds as a teen and I know all about those fish tanks that held the Stingrays. I also know how to use a fish tank as I have had many in my lifetime over the years. If the oxygen level drops, you simply turn up the tank's aerator and within minutes all is well and the fish are no longer stressed. Plus, when you search through those links on my Strange Wildlife Deaths you will find hundreds of so called "officials" claiming the oxygen levels are what's causing the deaths in the rivers, lakes and oceans. But here's how easy it is to expose that lie. In all cases only ONE species is found dead at any given location. Yet all the other fish in that very same area are perfectly happy and healthy. Common sense dictates that if the oxygen levels were so low that it killed that one species, why didn't all the other species of fish die as well? It's because they lied and they cannot explain away what God is doing as per the prophecy of Hosea.


Are you sitting down? For Brookfield Zoo to claim the low oxygen levels is what killed the Stingrays is to declare unto all reading the articles that they think everyone is so stupid they cannot see they lied about how simple aquarium mechanics work. Those Stingrays died in a controlled environment that had manmade aerators to keep the oxygen levels up to a perfect level 24/7 and have been doing so for decades in that same huge fish tank! They (like the lying scientists) cannot explain what's happening because #1 they don't really know since most "officials" don't read or trust Bibles. And #2, if they did know, they don't want to let the people know God is doing it, and #3, in either case their lie is allowing for the prophecy mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 to be fulfilled. If everyone thinks it's just oxygen issues and not a fulfillment of Bible prophecy that dictates just how close to the end we are, then the people will have a false sense of security to think all is well. The people can then keep on partying and living life as if nothing's wrong and the world's not coming to an end.

Now... I understand that the Zoo is not where we are to find preachers, Bible teaches or prophets, nor would I ever suggest such a thing. But society has fallen so far into the pits of hell that lying has become the norm across the board because everyone, including the "officials" that claim oxygen levels are dropping in the oceans, rivers and lakes, are human beings that, (for the most part) still attend churches that glorify Satan's ways above and beyond God's written Word. This is why everyone is in on it. No, it's not a massive conspiracy, it simply the end result of Satan's prophesied control over the majority of souls on earth that cherish the lie over and above the truth. After all, Jesus did say in Luke 18:8, "...when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" In order to get to that place in society you have to have a majority believing what Satan says over what Jesus said. THAT in a nutshell is our world today.

16/07/2015 15:26:22
What those climate geniuses aren't telling you

"As the average global temperature has remained steady for more than 15 years, climate-change alarmists have been found exchanging emails questioning where the warming has gone and strategizing how to shape their message in light of the facts. Now another obstacle has surfaced with a report that European scientists have unveiled a new scientific model based on solar cycles that shows a “mini ice age” is on the way, due to decreased solar activity. So, finally, can the dire predictions of life-destroying “climate change” and “global warming” be put to rest? No, said Marc Morano of Climate Depot, a leading expert on the topic. Morano contends the “global warming” movement was never about the science behind the issue; it was always about creating a global system of controlling energy production and consumption."


Notice if you will that whenever the global warming lie is mentioned they never seem to bring up the fact that it was the Pope's of Rome that started all this decades ago. Okay, I get the fact that they did it covertly, (and got caught) and I know the present Jesuit pope is very popular (as prophesied) and so they will protect him from the negative press on his foundational efforts that spearheaded this whole fiasco. But what about the fact the present Pope is very vocal on global warming even though we have rock hard evidence he's lying right now thanks to good science?

It has to do with past controls

The present day controls already in use to censor and limit the truth in the media are such that only a few "alternative" News sources are able to get the real truth out there. And so, the mainstream, which has the public eye thanks to their hourly televised blitzkrieg, has no fear whatsoever that the less controlled News sources (that are very small in number) have the truth. All they need to do is, whenever they see one truth filled report being placed online that they know exposes the truth about their lies, they counter with at least a thousand false reports making the truth appear to be a crazed conspiracy theory at best. And so, evil men like the present Pope can be allowed to boldly lie to the masses without so much as a slap on the wrist or a ripple in their forward motion.

Prophecy said they will use climate change to control the nations and then eventually the individual people in each nation, and this is why we see all this happening now. Ready or not, here they come!

16/07/2015 15:26:21
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Western Christendom bows to Shia Islam * VIDEO: Obama leaves 4 Americans behind in Iran deal * VIDEO: Skinny jeans can be bad for your health * VIDEO: Taxpayer Burden: Cost of war in Afghanistan hits $4mn/hour * VIDEO: British Irony? Radical Muslim preacher hired as counter-terror watchdog * VIDEO: Family sues NYPD after officer slammed autistic teen’s head against concrete * Roy Moore: Supremes 'destroyed institution of God' * VIDEO: Obama allows 46 drug offenders back on American streets * Rapes are skyrocketing in New York City * VIDEO: Four U.S. Marines shot in Chattanooga

15/07/2015 14:26:59
Iran nuke deal 'sheer insanity'

“This is sheer insanity,” Iran expert Clare Lopez told WND. “This agreement legitimizes Iran’s overt nuclear weapons program and provides both cover and funding for its clandestine nuclear weapons program, with extra financial bonuses for its global terrorist network,” said the vice president for research and analysis at the Center for Security Policy. “I don’t trust Obama on this anymore than I trusted him on ‘if you like your plan, you can keep your plan,’” talk-show host Laura Ingraham told WND. She added, “Elections have consequences—from our healthcare system, to the definition of ‘marriage,’ to our military strength, to now our national security, Barack Obama has, indeed, ‘fundamentally transformed’ America.”


Yes, this is "sheer insanity" and I don't think the majority of Americans trust Obama on anything he says because, being a Vatican puppet that is viciously against anything Christian, who can only read a teleprompter means every "important" statement made to the American people by this man is 100% scripted.

As was indicated in the article, he lied about his so called "affordable care act" on many levels. Speaking of that so called "affordable" care act, I have no doubt the media is under instruction to keep calling it "Obamacare" so as to hide the fact it's anything but "affordable." The premiums of absolutely everyone on it have skyrocketed. Some as much as high as 78%! How is that affordable? It's not. So they do all they can to hide the fact he lied about its affordability by calling it Obamacare instead of it's true name, that obviously lets the lie be seen clearly for all those with a grasp on the English language.

Not buying it!

The American people are not the smartest people on the planet thanks to the dumbing down in the schools as well as living in a society ruled by entertainment in every decadent format possible. But there are many that have done their homework that do know all about why certain "deals" are made in back rooms by corrupt politicians. I don't know about you, but I get a sad feeling deep inside wondering when the next false flag attack hits. I am sure this time they will use a small "dirty nuke" or an actually sub launched nuke to take out an American city. Iran will of course be the perfect target of blame and the church of Rome will use the American military might as they have always done with pawns they controlled in their past so as to gain more political power. One will also see how they will most assuredly renege on their promises with Iran after their problems grow exponentially so as to take them, which will then all the power they need in the Middle East to do as they have been wanting to do for 2000 years.


Could it be this is what's already happened? Minus the nuke of course. What I mean is, could it be the deal was already struck and Iran has agreed to play the part of the patsy with Jerusalem as the prize? We all know how Rome is pro-Islam and Obama is really a Muslim granting Rome the puppet they need in DC to have been able to get this close this fast. Both the Vatican and Obama hate the Jews with an historic passion. Prophecy and recent fulfilled events confirm Rome will seek to set up their NWO shop in Jerusalem, and Iran is in a perfect geological position to help both Islam and Rome win the prize they seek. Little to the Muslims know however, as we saw with the crusades; Rome is not to be trusted. As they reneged back then, they will do so again and it is then the lower ranking soldiers in Islam will finally understand why their leaders have been saluting Rome all along. Not all will agree with this conglomeration of powers and so more bloodshed will result.

The bad toss of the coin would be, even though Iran "may have" already agreed to all this, if they later back out of the deal as it changes from month to month, as most political idiocies have a tendency to do, Rome always has the "dirty nuke" option wherein they can force Iran to finish their end of the bargain and play the patsy in reality instead of just on paper. Kind of reminds me of how things went from a handshake of friendship with Roman Catholic Donald Rumsfeld to hanging from a noose for Saddam Hussein. In any event, I truly hope and pray God's true obedient people are prepared for what's coming next.

15/07/2015 14:26:59
LGBT activists: Marriage was never the 'end game'

"Now, the real fight begins, say leaders in the LGBT movement. And it won’t be for the faint of heart. So-called “marriage equality” is not the end-game, according to the activists. It’s merely a window through which they will push for other rights, in housing, education, health care, employment and religious practice. [they want to] ...Create a specific anti-fascist infrastructure of social media, legal, research and watchdog groups to expose and defeat the right wing culturally and politically,” writes the article’s authors, a trio of LGBT rights activists. “In sum, the work ahead for queers is to be transformative, not transfixed. A perusal of commentary from LGBT leaders shows that marriage was never the end game. The next step will be for activists to fan out throughout the 50 states, with a special focus on those less-friendly states in the Bible Belt and middle America."


And we're supposed to be surprised? Why? Students of prophecy have been warning the world that the society before Jesus gets here was to be just as evil, perverted and decadent as it was in both Noah's and Lot's day. So why do any of the LGBT community think (real) Christians would be surprised about any of this? We understand prophecy because we are obedient.

I will give you this though...

There are some "Christians" that will and are very surprised the homosexual community is not stopping with the legalization of homosexual marriage because their pastors are boldly disobedient and have not the slightest understanding of what a prophetic symbol, is let alone the fulfillment of same. This is why they are still preaching Jesuit fiction like a seven year tribulation, secret rapture and eternal life in hellfire just to name a few. The 501c3 pastors of the world are totally caught off guard because they decided years ago to place money, fame and creature comforts before their ordained duty to feed the sheep Jesus sent to them. So, stand surprised mr & mrs Christian!

Not just your pastor's fault!

For those Christians that are surprised at this article wherein the homosexuals are now ramping up their attack on the last few morals left in society, what did you expect? First of all, you don't read your Bible as you should, your perfectly happy to be in your fancy houses, cars, clothing and gold lined churches that you forgot what Christianity was all about. Read Isaiah 4:1 and hopefully some of you may come to realize Isaiah was talking about YOU! That's right! Your lukewarm approach towards Jesus has gotten you so weak and complacent with sitting in a pew filled with the odors of hangovers, day old perfume, lipstick and the occasional whiff of marijuana that you now stand there like a deer in the headlights  thinking, what happened? How did it get so bad? Kind of reminds me of Jeremiah 8:20 that many lukewarm Christians will soon declare, which says, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." Unless you "come out" of those apostate churches and REALLY start to seek Jesus and His will for you and your loved ones, you will be one that stands surprised on that great and dreadful day.

15/07/2015 14:26:58
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

VIDEO: Top abortionist confesses: I sell dead babies * VIDEO: China stock market crash: 'Not a catastrophe, but rather very serious problem' * Obama creates three new national monuments locking down 1 million acres! * VIDEO: NSA allowed to resume bulk data collection on Americans * WikiLeaks Exclusive: Secret core text from Trade in Services Agreement negotiations * Facebook now harvesting the list of all the other websites you visit: total online surveillance is here * VIDEO: Supreme Court blocks Texas abortion-clinic rules * Homosexual marriage around the World * VIDEO: All the world wonders after the beast * VIDEO: GM wheat crop fails to repel bugs, trial branded ‘a waste’

14/07/2015 12:36:33
Pope says it can be 'morally necessary' for couples to split

"Pope Francis said on Wednesday that it may be acceptable or even "morally necessary" for married couples to split up if they are at war with each other. The head of the Roman Catholic Church, an organisation which has traditionally been implacably opposed to divorce, said there was even greater justification for separation in cases where the wife was being abused by her husband. ...The Jesuit pope acknowledged that separation and divorce had created many “so-called irregular families, even if I don’t like this word”. ...The Pope has shown a more inclusive, compassionate approach to issues such as divorce and homosexuality since being elected two years ago, though he has stopped short of introducing any doctrinal changes."


This poor deceived soul has attacked the Word of God non-stop since stepping up to his admitted "god on earth" throne 2 years ago. But then, that has been par for the course of every Pope seeing how their statements confirm clearly they either don't read the Bible or they hate it with a passion. Sadly, their well historic comments confirm the latter to be the case. In fact, his office has stated quite often in writing the Bible is useless. In fact, one of his predecessors stated long ago that the Bible is "a poisoner of souls." Another called it a "dead and speechless book," and another stated it was "not intended to be a textbook for the Christian religion." (see all those quotes and more here) So of course he is going to echo their exact same sentiments as much as possible. Just sitting in the office of Pope blasphemes the Author of the Bible, so of course he's going to have issues with it. So... when it comes to marriage, this has always been Rome's #1 target.

How so?

All priests must remain celibate. (unmarried) All nuns must remain celibate. This Pope has declared his approval of homosexual marriage as a cardinal in Argentina and quite recently as a Pope in Rome. And now he has once again spit upon the Word of God by targeting marriage by declaring it is perfectly acceptable to divorce your spouse even if they haven't committed adultery as the Bible clearly says is the only way out of the marriage while both spouses are still alive.

Now I do understand that some spouses are abused verbally and some physically in marriage. But even here divorce is not permitted. However, one can separate from the abusive spouse so as to protect themselves and/or the children. But when separated they must not seek another to take the offending spouse's place. To do so would entail committing adultery.

14/07/2015 12:35:57
VIDEO: Joel Osteen mega-heckled, arrests galore

"Sunday was no ordinary preaching day for Joel Osteen, as the Texas megapastor was heckled with shouts of “You’re a liar!” and “Shame on you, Joel!” resulting in six arrests. The incident took place at the Lakewood Church in southwest Houston, and the individuals who shouted out are from Wells, Texas, associated with the Church of Wells."


I don't know what these "Church of Wells" people said to Joel, but I can imagine if in fact they are a church seeking revival, as they are described in the video, it was something Joel, nor his prophecy fulfilling wife didn't want to hear. But that's not why I posted the video. Notice what a witness says on camera about the incident. At about 1:20 in the video he says he was concerned that there was about to be another "church shooting." But then he also said the church security was "real quick" in getting the hecklers out of there.

See what I see?

Thanks to the church shootings and burnings of churches in America and around the world we can now rest assured that they will all have secular security forced all over the place just as the Pope has with his secret service and bullet proof popemobile. No faith in God means you must put faith in man to protect you. Think about it, just 35 years ago when Christianity was somewhat acceptable by the majority you could walk into any church unmolested. Slowly but surely church doors started to be locked during the day and now, thanks to these "shootings' we will soon see armed guards and metal detectors installed in most government churches. And yes, I did say government churches. That exactly what prophecy said they would become and that's exactly what the 501c3 has done as of March 7, 2006.

The other toss of the coin?

Now I don't suggest walking into strange churches to place tracks and the like, but some people do in fact do that. Some even attend them to make friends within to draw them out into the truth. However, anyone with TRUTH stepping in to share it with the people will be stopped very quickly. I am sure with the security will soon come church ID cards and such. No matter.. doing it one on one is much better anyway.

And one more thing.. We need to pray for those people that are blessed in more than one way that ae seeking to do the right thing for God that are trapped in these false churches. Prophecy does declare they will eventually come out, and in so doing bless the real work of God financially, physically and even spiritually. Sooner or later these real Christians will decide they have had enough of the spiritual hypocrisy and do as prophecy says they will do. So again, pray for them. We don't have that much time left to do the work. Yes I am fully aware that this won't stop the lies from going forth from those spiritually crippled churches. But it will slow them down a bit. Sometimes that's all that's needed to cause a poor soul to take a step back to look into what's actually happening all around them.

13/07/2015 14:59:32
Christian college extends benefits to 'gay' couples

"Administrators with Hope College in Holland, Michigan, announced “gay” married couples affiliated with their school will now be granted the same benefits heterosexuals get, a direct outcome of the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges ruling. Hope is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America, which does not condone homosexuality but professes adherence to the Christian faith."


The College said it "does not condone homosexuality but professes adherence to the Christian faith." Being a college one would think they would understand the definition of the word "oxymoron" applies here rather boldly. As expected, and as I outlined in a soon to be posted video, this college has no choice to cave in and allow for homosexuality to infiltrate and destroy their college because #1, their doctrinal stand confirms they have never been truly "adhering to the Christian faith" since day one so as to grant them the faith needed to help them through this long prophesied trial, and #2, seeing how they have bowed to the 501c3 decades ago as well as numerous Vatican doctrines, they were easy prey for Satan and wholly unable to protest or even make a gentle suggestion against the Roman Catholic Supreme court's decision to sanction homosexual marriage. And yes, the Supreme Court is Rome Catholic. In a country where "majority rules" the fact 6 of the 9 judges in the Court are Roman Catholic thereby confirming it is controlled by Rome. But then we knew that day was coming for some time now

As I stated in that sermon back on July 4, all we see happening in America is the direct end result of preachers of filthy lucre. They clamored after the dollar just as Jesus prophesied the "hirelings" would do, and in so doing they have now found themselves trapped just as the enemy of souls planned. But because they never really trusted Jesus in the first place, bowing to the demands of the Government was a no-brainer to predict for students of prophecy today. In fact, if you understand real Christian doctrine you know none of these pastors and preachers would have the courage to stand for truth because they left it behind them long ago. Worse yet, their teachers in the "Christian colleges" are even more so to blame as they are the ones that taught the pastors of today.

The catch 22 here is, those teachers are mostly preachers and pastors as well. So.. again.. not hard to see this coming down the road. As I stated decades ago when I started to expose Rome's homosexual agenda. It was going to happen because Rome stands to benefit greatly by it. It will not only make their child molestation lawsuits lesser in number, it was cause them to be lesser in payout as well.

This "Christian" college is not the first and it is by no means the last to cave in on this issue. But notice how they will do it. Watch for all the excuses they give so as to "look the other way," or claim the "battle isn't over yet" or whatever. They will say and do all they can to keep their 501c3 while doing as Rome demands when it comes to homosexual marriage because money if their god. Seriously, can you see a multimillion dollar Christian college close in obedience to God today? No! Not a chance! And since they won't do it for something as trivial as homosexual laws, it will be even easier for Rome to get them to agree with Sunday Laws. Especially since all the colleges (including the SDA ones) agree with Rome's Sabbath.

Something most will miss:

Rome knows what really happened with the Two Witnesses during those 3.5 years long ago and he especially knows what happened when they resurrected. He is right now setting the stage to mimic that event in a lying format to his advantage! As I've been saying for as long as I can remember; the politicians all over the world are allowing things (under Vatican orders) to get so immoral all things evil so popularized that the people in their respective nations will cry out for a government sanction (enforced) revival to bring society back to normal. I wouldn't doubt it if two demons appear to act as if they are the Two Witnesses from back in November of 1793 to June of 1797, only with a twisted version all the false prophets and teachers have been spewing on about for well over 100 years. After all, Satan has mimicked the Lord's Sabbath, the true marital design, as well numerous prophecies that he has "inspired" the Jesuits of Rome to re-write so as to grant Rome additional power both in as well as outside the church when the other shoe finally drops. And it's headed for the floor as we speak! So.. it's about to get real strange real quick! But then.. students of prophecy are prepared. It's the lukewarm Christians that are about to understand what real fear is. So.. pray for them. Many will join the remnant church as prophesied.

07/10/2015 15:42:34
VIDEO: Pope apologizes for past sins of Christians?!

 "Pope Francis asked forgiveness for the sins of the colonizers of America which were committed "in the name of God."


It must be understood that first and foremost, Christians never committed the sins this Pope and his predecessors have supposedly apologized for. It was Roman Catholic prelates and Roman Catholic civil authorities that killed those Christians, Jews, and nonbelievers to the tune of over 500,000,000 dead. The only reason this Jesuit Pope is echoing the "mea culpa" of Pope John Paul II is because #1, it allows him to proclaim on camera that Pope John Paul II is now to be considered a saint, and #2, it allows him to uplift the statements of John Paul II who is anything but a saint (see mountain of proof here) as if he is a heavenly being with powers from on high so as to declare wonderful truths all the world must now trust, obey and bow to. This is why I have stated many years ago, and during Pope John Paul II's pontificate many times that I believe he is the end time pope. No, I am not saying I see him "resurrected" to become "THE" Antichrist as some false prophets have been caught red handed doing recently; what I am saying is, what this man did and what this man placed in writing WILL be used by the Pope of the day to enforce the mark of the beast. But only after the Vatican popularizes this evil man they call a saint to such a frenzied position that all the worldly will wonder after this beast in Rome without question just as prophesied. That will make their next and final step that much easier.

Why do I see and say this?

Right now we see this Jesuit Pope declaring the man (John Paul II) who sold Zyclon gas to the Nazis to kill Christians and Jews is now a saint on camera. He is also echoing the written words of this evil war criminal from his infamous and long prophesied document titled, "dios domini" that was penned in July of 1998 which was partially shared during his mea culpa back in March of 2000 so as to further declare this evil man as especially blessed and insightful so that whatever he says must be followed religiously by the masses in agreement with the Vatican, which is actually ALL the 501c3 churches as of June 26, 2000 when the United Religions Initiative was ratified. Why uplift John Paul II's words as if they are saintly you ask? It has to do with them having the power needed over the people when they enforce the mark of the beast. Pope John Paul II literally said the following words in his Dios Domini...

""Christians will naturally strive to ensure that "civil legislation" respects their duty to keep Sunday holy." -Section 67, "Dies Domini", July 7, 1998

Those words will be used by the Pope of the day when that mark is enforced. This is why they canonized this man as a saint o as to have the "spiritual" leverage needed over the weaker masses that need a "word from Heaven" that this is God's will when it comes to Sunday Laws that are being advertised (at that time) as a way to stop the calamities happening all over the world. Of course students of prophecy know they won't be seeking to enforce those laws for that reason at all. The real reason is to try and shut up the soon to swell up Loud Cry coming from the lips of God's obedient remnant that's emptying their pews; but it is then they will be fighting against God and we all know how that will end. In fact we have God's Word on that! His hand will move just as Psalms 119:126 declares for, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law."

By the way, it was prophesied the Popes of Rome would apologize so as to make themselves and their heresies more popular in the end with the well-conditioned sheeple of the world. THAT not only started 15 years ago with that mea culpa of John Paul II, it has been exemplified this very day as expected!

29/06/2015 13:26:42
VIDEO: Obama demands Christians Deny Jesus!

Back in April I did a video of how Hillary Clinton demanded Christians needed to ignore what the Bible says and bow to the demands of a sinful society. Now that homosexual marriage is legalized, we see Obama saying the very same thing. Only this time directly associating his anti-Christian comments with homosexual marriage. He is demanding everyone deny the teachings of Jesus Christ and simply accept same sex marriage as something sanctioned by the Christian God. And yes, what we see happening today is exactly what Noah saw in his day. Right down to the legalization of same sex marriage! That in fact is what moved God to flood the planet. That is why the homosexuals keep waving the rainbow flag! Satan is moving them to mock God's promise.

19/06/2015 14:22:03
VIDEO: Global Warming to bring Global Government

 As promised, this is the current events sermon with all the info I shared last Sabbath (06-13-15) that proves global warming is Rome's way of forcing all nations that signed unto the Secretive Copenhagen Treaty to go along with their New World Order, as well as a way to create a smoke screen that makes the masses think the coming plagues of Revelation are nothing more than "climate change" and therefore nothing to worry about. This is part of the "peace & safety" spoken of in 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

This "climate change" agenda also makes it possible for them to have their long prophesied excuse to pass religious laws as a way to stop the truth being proclaimed during the loud cry that is emptying their church pews. These laws will then lead to the mark that they hope will garner support worldwide against the true remnant people that WILL NOT bow to their commands that force all to ignore God's Law.

 It is now God's obedient remnant will echo Psalms 119:125-126 that says, "I am thy servant; give me understanding, that I may know thy testimonies. It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law."

15/05/2015 18:11:04
VIDEO: Homosexual Marriage - major sign of the END

--Many missed a statement Jesus makes regarding what happened in Noah's day that is happening in our day and I am NOT talking about the way their thoughts are "evil continually." PLUS.. I need your assistance in getting a valid source for some ancient manuscripts we can use to better share this truth with the masses who for some strange reason prefer man-made statements over God's written Word. Right before God made the decision to end the world in Noah's day "something" happened. Well that very same "something" is happening NOW!

24/04/2015 23:05:15
VIDEO: Fox News calls for Global Ruler?!

--This is something students of prophecy have been waiting and watching for. The mainstream media is right now setting the stage for talking points to begin regarding the need for a "global leader" who we all know will head up the Vatican's New World Order so as to not only bring on the arrival of THE Antichrist, but the mark of the beast as well. Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?!

14/02/2015 00:53:25
VIDEO: SDA Conference: Sunday worship 'no big deal'

--The title of the video says it all don’t you think? Yes, many will think I’m ignoring the fact they claim to be doing a "community outreach" by having Sunday worship services. But this is a church structured worship service on the Roman Sabbath that flies directly in the face of the truth put forth in James 4:4. Worse yet, this pastor says something at the end of the article that literally echoes Rome’s reasoning to worship on Sunday during Constantine’s day! And.. this isn’t the first time the General Conference has okayed the gathering for worship on the Roman Sunday Sabbath. In fact, dozens of SDA churches worship on Sunday right now. Surprised? Yes.. some may be. But then it’s not like the SDA church wants to make it globally known... well.. at least not yet. After all, in prophetic fulfillment, timing is everything. Even if you're on the wrong side.

02/06/2015 22:39:38
VIDEO: Obama says Christians are killers too

--Unless you see this video and hear what Obama said with your own ears, you may not believe it. The video of him speaking is less than a minute but it packs quite a wallop and it is totally against Christians! So.. can you guess as to why he needs to make Christians look as bad as the killers in Rome .. er.. um.. Islam?