28/07/2011 12:46:43 Atlanta TV Station Breaks Big Story!
"Where is our money going? What is the U.S. Budget really all about?" -As we approach a default in our obligations to pay our debts here in America, $770 million is being sent by Obama to refurbish Muslim Mosques overseas. This is just one more red flag proving Obama is indeed a Muslim.

28/07/2011 12:46:43 14 yr old found guilty of beheadings
"A 14-year-old American citizen has been found guilty in a Mexican court of torturing and beheading at least four people and kidnapping three others." -It's crimes like this that make it easy to see just how crazy mankind has become in these last days. Jesus did say it will be as it was in Noah's day when the thoughts of man were evil continually. Even if you never read the News, have you seen Hollywood movies? Bought a video game? Listened to Rock music? Gone to a public school?

28/07/2011 12:46:42 Baptist pastor's blasphemous prayer!
"Pastor Joe Nelms started off the Nationwide Series race in Gladeville, Tenn, thanking God for many things, including his "smoking hot wife." -This has to be the worst prayer I've ever heard! Everyone actually laughed outloud during his "prayer" more than once, and especially when he mentioned his "smoking hot wife." This prayer was a major disrespect to our Lord and Saviour before millions of people! After praying for tires, engines, dodges toyotas, fords, and his wife he ended the prayer "In Jesus name, boogedy, boogedy, boogedy, amen!" What is this world coming to? Ok.. let's all say it together... AN END!

27/07/2011 14:45:48 Japanese government killing its own people in Fukushima

"On the 19th of July 2011, people in Fukushima had a meeting with government officals from Tokyo to demand that the government evacuate people promptly in Fukushima and provide financial and logistical support for them. Also, they brought urine of children to the meeting and demanded that the government test it." -As I watched this I couldn't help feeling that government officials the world over know they have power to ignore the people's demands and so they act accordingly. The smug and uncaring responses of the officials in this video confirm this as far as I'm concerned, while at the same time makes me very aware they probably can't do anything anyway because Japan's not known for having a lot of real estate to relocate their people to. Still, as the calamities increase the world over we start to see that in some cases, yes, the love of many is waxed cold, yes. But in government circles it appears the number is much higher.

27/07/2011 14:45:46 Famine risk in Africa
"Famine risk worsens in Horn of African with a 30 percent increase in Kenyans needing food and thousands facing starvation in the Somali capital. Marie-Claire Fennessy reports." -What many fail to realize is, most of the people in this region only eat when other governments send food to them. As the global economy is destroyed by NWO enthusiasts, one can expect famine to increase to biblical proportions just as prophecy said it would.

27/07/2011 14:45:46 Public School Students Learn to Pray to Allah
"In late May of 2010, Wellesley, Massachusetts public middle school students took a field trip to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, a controversial Saudi-funded mega-mosque run by the Muslim American Society of Boston. There, the students were separated by gender and the boys were asked to join the Muslim adults in their prayer. Several of the public school boys took part." -Inside America, Muslims with documented terrorist ties are allowed to teach American children how to pray to Allah as well as hate their neighbor. Could this happen without a Muslim president? Not likely.

27/07/2011 14:45:46 'Disposable' kids helpless victims of womb-for-rent business
"When it comes to having a baby, some couples are ready to embrace every possible method to achieve their dream. While illegal in many countries, commercial surrogacy is an option in Russia, but can carry a heavy financial and emotional price. RT's Daria Pushkova reports on how poor legislation fails to protect those involved in the process." -As expected, it's all about money when the girls seek to become surrogates, and it's all about designer babies when the parents seek perfection. In either case, the child loses. #1, if adopted out, they are removed from their real mother "for money." #2, if the baby appears sick, or the purchasing parents find a better baby elsewhere, the baby is killed to "save money." Sadly, in both cases, it's all on the mother!

26/07/2011 12:56:31 Internet censorship facts
This is very upsetting to say the least. However, as I've stated all along, the Lord already has a way for us to get the Word out when this brook Cherith dries up. That's right, it's looking to be more like the old school methods will be used. That being "face to face" of course. Truth is, that method has worked great for 6000 years already. Truth is, it's how I started Presents of God ministry. I handed out tracts each and every day. Praise the Lord, we now have tracts, books, videos, and audios to hand out. And soon, if I ever figure out how to run PHP from a USB drive, I will be able to hand out the website as well. They may be able to shut us down online. But never, face to face.

26/07/2011 12:56:31 Facebook users continue to taunt girl they killed
"More than 140 high school students gathered in a Sydney park this afternoon to remember 16-year-old Daani Sanders, who died last night. Daani's friends, who gathered to mourn her at the Castle Hill reserve at 4pm, told Nine News the teenager was persistently bullied on Facebook, where she had nearly 2000 online friends. And sadly, the online bullying has continued since her death." -One good thing about Facebook is, it shows us just how evil our society has become. It confirms what Jesus said it would be like in the end. What amazes me is how parents allow their children to use Facebook in the first place. It have been proven to not only be a government run website, it also tempts kids to get thousands of friends from all over the world that they truly don't know. Many people out there are bone evil, and your kid may be "friends" with them? If you need more evidence Facebook is VERY DANGEROUS, click here.

26/07/2011 12:56:31 Harvey Milk Is Immoral & Evil
The government school system is doing all it can to make a vicious homosexual activist a role model for our children. The homosexual agenda, that we now know is undermined by Rome, is seeking to make him out to be a hero to children so as to cultivate hundreds of thousands of pro-homosexual adults later on. Just one more reason to homeschool your children. Click here if you would like hundreds more.

25/07/2011 13:36:23 Florida sinkhole swallows building
"An enormous sinkhole has opened up in the town of Leesburg, Fla., and it's hungry. It's already gobbled up a garbage bin, an oak tree, the back wall of the building housing a salon and racks of supplies. You can watch a video charting its path of destruction above." -Mankind pumps millions, if not billions of gallons of oil out of the earth daily, nuclear testing underground is done often enough to make massive caverns, and mines for all sorts rape the land of minerals. Not to mention the thousands of quakes each year that create gaps in the planetary structure along with volcanoes emptying the planets core. It's a wonder we don't have many more so sinkholes like this popping up (under?) today..

25/07/2011 13:36:22 Octopus demonstrates high intelligence
Ever look at your family pets and wonder if they understand anything the way we do? Truth is, if an octopus knows how to turn off a light without being taught by man anything about that light, then all animals are a lot more intelligent than we give them credit for. What I can't wait to see is how well we are able to communicate with these animals in our Father's kingdom.

25/07/2011 13:36:22 God Told Me to Rape & Kill
First of all, people that understand Scripture, know the God of the Bible never told this man to rape and kill anyone. It's only a demon in him seeking to make our God look evil as always. But what gets me about this is how gullible people fall for this malarkey. Why is it when God tells people to be kind and courteous to their neighbor, they find that next to impossible to do most of the time. But when they think God is telling them to rape and kill their neighbor they find that easy to do? Ok... I'm sure you get it. The flesh always panders to the flesh.

24/07/2011 11:14:35 Egypt's Christians Work to Stop Islamic Takeover
"The Muslim Brotherhood and the military council [have] hijacked the revolution," said Magdy Khalil, spokesman for Coptic Solidarity." -We new this would happen months ago after we saw how Obama openly supported the Muslim brotherhood. I don't expect a lot of change in this region mainly because "Coptic Christians" are actually Roman Catholics in doctrine. Their first agenda should be coming out of Babylon as their own Bibles command. Once they do this, their obedience would be blessed as promised, and the Lord would turn things around for them in that area. No, I don't expect this to happen enmasse because most cherish the sin they're in. But I do expect some Copts to finally realize their church has no power without obedience to Christ. Therefore, as prophesied, they will leave. But on an individual basis of course, as these are the last days. Still, the Copts do have one possible "worldly" out as I see it. Rome knows the Copts are doctrinally Roman Catholics. That being the case, it's very possible the Vatican will step up to "save the day" for them using their political power. Even with that happening, I don't see any end to the tensions between the Muslims and the Copts because Rome has no real problem with unrest. History has proved that so many times I lost count. Therefore we may still see some Copts coming out as Jesus wants them to according to Revelation 18. So please, keep praying. It's trials liek these that bring people to their knees.

24/07/2011 11:14:35 Ancient Philistine Dig Supports Biblical Account
"Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered an altar in the ancient city of Gath, home to the Israelites' arch enemy the Philistines." -As we see Satan bringing forth "new" books, movies, and corrupted preachers to make it appear the Bible we have now is unreliable, more and more facts have been shared by God to counteract the devil's methods throughout the centuries to validate the Bible we've had all along. This is just one more of those facts no man can deny. Don't you just love having a filled toolbox? The work goes so much easier!

24/07/2011 11:14:35 Life-Size Noah's Ark Opens in Hong Kong
"One of the most famous Bible stories is Noah's Ark. Now people can visit a life-size replica of the ark in one of the world's most famous cities, Hong Kong." -This is all well and good. It's nice they will allow for what all previous civilizations already agree on. There was a global flood. However, they're basing this ark on today's standard for a cubit. A cubit was the measurement from a man's elbow to his finger tips. Problem is, Noah was no slouch. It has already been proven that men were anywhere from 14 to 16 feet tall back then. That would make the size of the original ark, which is still resting on Ararat, to be closer to three times larger than this one. Still, all in all a good project just the same.

22/07/2011 19:58:56 Loma Linda SDA minister Promotes Homosexual Marriage!
BREAKING NEWS!!! "Loma Linda University Religion Professor Julius Nam voices concern on Proposition 8. No on proposition 8." -Notice how he speaks of Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists as "followers of the divine." This is a Roman Catholic ecumenical statement coming straight from the SDA church in Loma Linda! Worse yet, Loma Linda is now promoting Homosexual marriage in America! And still, some claim this church has not become Babylon!? If you think the SDA church is not Babylon, click here.

22/07/2011 11:46:04 Minister demands Vatican response
"The Children's Minister has demanded that the Vatican should respond to the Cloyne Report on child clerical abuse within weeks. Frances Fitzgerald said it would not be acceptable if the Vatican delayed in addressing the Government's concerns about child safety in the Catholic Church and Co Cork diocese." -The Vatican keeps speaking lies with each report when it comes to child molestation. They act as if this is a new problem for the church with each report, and they declare they will do better at preventing it now that the truth is out. Yet, as far back as 60AD we see this corrupt church had a problem with molesting little boys. In every age they promised to "do better" with the kids and as history also proves, they never did.

22/07/2011 11:46:04 Killing of infants on the rise in Pakistan
"The babies are victims of what one relief agency calls Pakistan's worst unfolding tragedy: the killing and dumping of newborns. "Sometimes they hang them, and sometimes they kill by the knife, and sometimes we find bodies which have been burned." -This is not an easy video to watch. In most countries babies are aborted so their mother won't lose her boyfriend or their girlish figure. In other countries the babies are killed by government due to over population. In other nations they are killed by parents who don't want little girls. In any event, Satan is happy as a lark with all this killing. Ever notice this? Right before Moses arrived, "a Messiah type" they killed the babies. Right before Jesus, the true Messiah, they killed the babies. And right now before Jesus returns, they are killing the babies.

22/07/2011 11:46:04 Video gives evidence of CNN's 'gotcha' reporting
"A recent report on CNN's AC360 program accused terrorist-turned-Christian Walid Shoebat of being a fake, and now a video response has been posted that essentially tells the network: You're a fake news organization." -We have known CNN has been a government media outlet for years. This is nothing new. Their embellishment of the facts seems to be their fruit of choise. Their refusal to report on stories that expose Rome and D.C. is also a major fruit. But the reason I post this video is to make some aware as to why the media is going after Murdoch. He owns Fox News Network. His Network is openly hated by CNN and the Whitehouse because they have a tendency to report on things CNN and others ignore after D.C. tells them to. No, I do not take sides in either Network as both unknowingly report on things they have no idea are prophetic events. Praise God they are so unaware they let certain stories air unmolested. If they don't see a political threat to their agenda, they may let the story air as filler. So, they are at times quite valuable to those of us seeking to warn the flock they need to prepare for the coming of the Lord. Still, at times it does get difficult to find the truth in some broadcasts because in this age of lying, there's bound to be a lot of bone tossing to get at the meat. This is why God's people pray for discernment.

21/07/2011 11:54:26 Obama's Civilian task force considered
"Rangel's plan specified that "national service" means "military service or service in a civilian capacity that, as determined by the president, promotes national defense, including national or community service and service related to homeland security. It is the obligation of every citizen of the United States, and every other person residing in the United States, who is between the ages 18 and 42 to perform a period of national service as prescribed in this title." -This is the exact same thing Vatican puppet Adolph Hitler did for his pope. And now we see the last few U.S. Presidents following in his footsteps. And still, some don't see the Vatican as a threat? This comes from ignoring Christian prophecy. Now do you see why you can't find a church that preaches prophecy? And if they do they avoid calling the Pope Antichrist as their church founders did, IN WRITING.

21/07/2011 11:54:25 New Terror Report Warns of Insider Threat to Utilities
"Sabotage by an insider at a major utility facility, including a chemical or oil refinery, could provide al Qaeda with its best opportunity for the kind of massive Sept. 11 anniversary attack Osama bin Laden was planning, according to U.S. officials." -Question, do you believe 911 was an inside job as most Americans do? Do you believe the media is controlled by the government? Do you believe they use fear to keep the masses in check? If you're a Christian, you know our Lord has not given us a spirit of fear. Therefore, this is Satan doing all he can to make sure "Men's hearts (will be) failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken." (Luke 21:26) Our Lord saw this long ago, and so He warned us to watch for this in prophecy. How serious is a prophetic fulfillment of this type you ask? The very next verse gives us the understanding that this is the final prophetic event. For it says in Luke 21:27, "And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory."

21/07/2011 11:54:25 POLICE STATE 2011: Police Chief Shuts Down Children's Lemonade Stand
"Police ramp up on their nationwide crackdown of illegal lemonade stand enterprising. 'We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, of what the lemonade was made with,' says police chief in Midway, Ga." -They did this last month as well. A few young girls were selling lemonade to generate cash for a charity and they police shut them down. Not all, but some police are doing all they can to make children fearful because they know they will become adults with that fear of the police deeply ingrained within them. They hope this will make them into obedient citizens. It's one thing to be obedient to laws of the land. It's quite another to be oppressed by unjust laws. No, I am not suggesting we break the laws of the land because as it is written in Romans 13:1, our leaders are ordained to be just that. Our leaders. However, it has been prophesied there is coming a day wherein they will try to force us to break God's Law. It is here where Christians are commanded in the Word of God to "obey God rather than men." -Acts 5:29

20/07/2011 12:48:38 He Thinks He is God: Left Attacks & Atheists Sue Rick Perry
 "He Thinks He is God: Left Attacks & Atheists Sue Rick Perry For Mentioning Jesus While Ignoring Obama's Love of The Resurrection of Our Savoir Jesus At the White House." -Perry, Obama, and a host of other politicians knew well in advance Atheists would get angry and bring lawsuits to court regarding their religious statements. But they did it anyway because Rome demanded it. Prophecy declares the beast in Rome must create a Church & State form of rule globally, and unless they take the Atheists to court so as to fine tune the law and remove constitutional the separation of Church & State, they can never hope to enforce religious laws. They're pushing the issue forward simply because it's time to do it. How long will it take the courts to create a political church Rome can be proud of? No man knows the dates and times in prophecy anymore. We can only know what will happen next, not when. By the way, for an Atheist to claim Rick Perry is a god proves Satan has his tongue and prophecy will be fulfilled. Rome will once again stand with Caesar who claims to be a god, and his many Herods will rule the land.

20/07/2011 12:48:38 Grandmother Loses Custody of Girl to Father, Sex Offender
"Coleman, now a registered sex offender with a history of domestic violence and aggravated assault, is able to get custody of Miranda because he was still married to Crews Coleman at the time of Miranda's birth and is considered the legal father." -Unjust laws abound! The court knew the man was a registered sex offender, they knew he was violent due to recent arrest records, they knew he was divorcing the child's mother months before she died, they knew she left him back in 2005, and the court knew the child was not his. Yet they still gave him the child because he was "legally" married to the mother up until she died. My question is, since they knew it wasn't his child, why didn't they do a DNA test and then give the child to her grandmother? She would be the only living relative if they can't find the real father, right? The justice system is so corrupt now-a-days it's hard to believe any justice is done. But then, prophecy declares it has to be corrupt so as to bring Christians to court on crimes they never committed, just as they did to our King 2000 years ago.

20/07/2011 12:48:37 Shock video: Medicaid caught encouraging fraud
"Undercover citizen journalist James O'Keefe is at it again, this time capturing on video an Ohio government worker helping a "drug dealer" commit Medicaid fraud." -Planned Parenthood, ACORN, and now Medicade are caught committing fraud on camera. Yet do we hear of any arrests in D.C.? Makes one wonder what else is happening as we speak. Without Christ, we truly stand alone in a pit of vipers.

19/07/2011 11:59:33 Rep. Gohmert: Obama: 'Scarer-in-Chief'
"Rep. Louie Gohmert accuses President Obama of using scare tactics in blocking all spending cuts in the debt talks." -This is why I can't stand politics. They say one thing and plan another thing. It's bad enough in this age of lying that they lie like this so often. But to do so at the expense of others is downright shameful. The expense I'm talking about is our senior citizens that rely on their Social Security (SS) checks! As this politician states, there's enough money in the SS fund to pay the checks for 3 years running. But Obama lies about the checks not going out on August 2 because he wants something done (for Rome) his way. Therefore he places fear in the hearts of millions of people on SS. Worse yet, as is intimated by this video and others like it, there is no real plan to fix the problem. Could it be they are allowing this to happen so as to do what prophecy says regarding controlling money? Time will tell. In any event, as prophesied, the people are already crying unto God for what their leaders are doing. Soon, very soon, their prayers will be answered!

19/07/2011 11:59:33 American Government teaching torture!
WARNING, not an easy video to watch. We know that torture is a fingerprint of the Roman Catholic church. Of this no one with a competent knowledge of history can deny. This is one of the main reasons it is described as a beast. Still, not to worry, read 1 Corinthians 10:13 and you will see that if this is something you are unable to handle, the Lord won't allow it. However, this promise is only for obedient Christians. If you don't want Christ in your life, then He will do as you ask because He has also blessed even those that deny Him with the free will to do just that. Unlike the Roman version of Christianity, the true God never forces His will on anyone.

19/07/2011 11:59:33 Dust storm hits Phoenix area again
"For the second time this month, a wall of dust moved through the Phoenix area Monday evening, turning the sky brown. The dust wall, which was estimated at 3,000 feet high, reduced visibility and caused some flights out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to be delayed, according to the Associated Press." -AGAIN!? Two massive dust storms in one month? Some may think it's just a dust storm. And so it is. But, it does cripple the city for as long as it's there. As for the people in the area and what they feel about it? The emails I receive suggest it is a fearful sight to behold indeed. After all, it is 5000 feet high and 50 miles long! 

18/07/2011 11:53:21 Okla. governor calls for prayer to end heat wave
 "CBS News correspondent Cynthia Bowers reports that it's been so hot for so long in Oklahoma, the governor called for a statewide day of prayer in hope of some divine intervention." -The prophecy says politicians will demand people keep Sunday holy to avert all the calamities. This is why politicians keep making "religious" demands upon the people lately. Bottom line is, Satan needs to get them used to doing this, as well as the people need to get used to hearing it if Rome is ever going to be successful in enforcing the mark.

18/07/2011 11:53:21 End of the world? Debt stalemate invokes language of Armageddon
 "With time quickly running out to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, the Obama administration is turning to biblical rhetoric to underscore the disastrous consequences if the United States defaults." -It is no mistake more and more biblical statements are being declared via D.C. lately. Rome is in total control. They must get the politicians used to speaking in such ways if they're ever to install their "Herod's" around the world. Plus, the fact they claim the "end of the world" simply because their dollar is in jeopardy confirms yet another prophecy fulfilled. See it in James 5:1-4 Still.. this is just one more religious statement being made to ready the American people for the final "religious" statement. The mark of the Roman beast. If you still think the prophecy about Sunday Laws is unfounded, click here. If it's really bogus, why are they doing exactly as the prophecy said they would!?

18/07/2011 11:53:21 CIA faked public vaccine alert
"Last week, the Guardian broke the news that in the run-up to the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, the CIA used a vaccination campaign as a ruse to get DNA evidence from the al-Qaeda leader's kids. With help from a Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi, they set up clinics in two neighborhoods, delivering doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine to local children." -Now do you see why the AMA has such power here in America? Rome needs that ace up their sleeve to do what they need to to do in the very near future. This is also why certain Executive Orders have been penned by Washington to assure better control of the masses in the event a health crisis occurs. Do you recall the Swine Flu fiasco? They can, and they will "fake it" if they need to.

18/07/2011 12:02:57 Proof Obama's SS# was bogus at least 25 years!
This means he has been involved in infiltrating American politics "for a reason" for at least 25 years. And now he's finally president. Add this to the fact he's a Muslim who has shown hatred towards Christ and His people many times over just the last 2 years alone, and you have someone that emulates all that Rome is in politics.

17/07/2011 13:00:31 Illegal arrested working inside Arizona nuclear plant
"An Illegal alien from Mexico was arrested on Wednesday while working inside an Arizona nuclear plant, KVOA-TV reports. The plant is the largest such facility in the country. ...Alvares was deported in 2000, but paid a human smuggler for re-entry into the U.S., Arpaio says. And last month, Mesa Police cited Alvares for driving on a suspended license." -You know what means don't you? The largest nuclear facility in America does not do proper background checks. It's incompetence like this that get many people killed. Praise the Lord for the hedge of angels He has about His remnant.

17/07/2011 13:00:31 Milky Way vs. Largest Known Galaxy
When you look at this, even if you're not a Christian, you have to realize that life on other worlds is an absolute. To think we are the only planet in trillions of planets to support life is astronomically self centered. (pun intended) Still, that being said, it doesn't mean that these beings would ever be allowed to travel to our Galaxy, let alone our planet. Why? Because the God that created us, also created them. And His plans for this planet and it's occupants far outweigh any idea man has that would allow for us to be visited by such alien beings. What we are called to do in Heaven for our Father is something, if known by the Christian heart, makes it clear it would be impossible for aliens to travel to this planet. Period.

17/07/2011 13:00:31 Mom feeds family on $4/week
FYI: I posted this video a year or so ago. But it really bears repeating today for obvious reasons. I am sure knowledge liek this will be very helpful in the coming days when inflation rises even higher at the grocery stores.

15/07/2011 12:25:09 The Brides of Jesus Christ
"Consecrated virgins of the Catholic Church participate in controversial rite." -Leave it to the Catholic church to twist the title "Bride of Christ" into something all about the flesh. But then, this is needed for Rome to do so as to better confuse the issue as they have done with most Christian doctrines. What better way to attack Christ than to twist His Word by using loving caring people that appear to be Christlike? Or as Jesus described them in Matthew 7:15 where He said, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

15/07/2011 12:25:09 Man beaten to death near police station
"Coimbatore police have arrested a four-member gang for murdering a 29-year-old man. The CCTV footage shows the gang first hit the victim with two-wheeler after they had a quarrel with him, they then dragged him on the road and later smashed his head with stones. All this happened in broad daylight as commuters stood as mute spectators." -GRAPHIC VIDEO! As prophesied, "...the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence." -Ezekiel 7:23

15/07/2011 12:25:09 Mind over memory
The concept to figure out how the brain works is a good idea. But it never ends there with modern scientists who will do anything for money. Yes, this may help some people with brain disorders. But as we found out a few weeks ago with the article that suggested certain "religious memories" could and should be erased; we can see that they now have the technology to do just that. Still, not to worry. Your Father knows your heart, and 1 Corinthians 10:13 declares He won't allow the enemy of souls to do anything to you that you cannot handle. It's all those people that don't want the Lord's love and protection that will have to deal with such things as this.

15/07/2011 12:25:09 Smart Meters
This is a very disturbing to say the least. But what if you already allowed them to place the smart meter on your home, and you have figured out a way to get them to remove them without losing your electricity? Contact me. Many of God's people would like to remedy this situation.