25/07/2010 11:56:14 Catholic church tries to sell NY convent to Muslims!
Even the pastor of this Vatican church tried to stop this idiocy. But they persisted for months to "quietly" sell a convent to a Muslim group with plans to convert it into a Mosque! Does this not display the fruits of Rome as being cold as ice towards New Yorkers that finally stepped up to protest the sale? This "behind closed door" back scratching between Rome and Islam is so out in the open now I am genuinely surprised how so many are blind to it! Rome needs many Mosques so as to have a base of operations for their henchmen to persecute the people of God in the days ahead in the exact way they used Hitler and his SS to kill decades ago. No, I am not harping on this day after day as some may assume. Nor do I purposely look for such articles that grant me the opportunity to expose the connections between Roman and Islam. I simply research the same News sources every day, as well as receive articles from fellow researchers. It's just that Rome's antics are so frequent now it's impossible to escape notice.

25/07/2010 11:56:14 Will thousands of police layoffs unleash chaos and anarchy across America?
No, but it will give the politicians a way to make it look like chaos and anarchy reign so as to bring on martial law. Sure, some cities will fall into chaos without police, but many people that live in rural areas know that most small towns don't have more than one cop. Some real small towns don't have any. It's plain to see that most people are law abiding citizens outside the big cities. Besides, most farmers aren't pushovers. Truth is, most criminals (that survive) will tell you farmers have their own law wherein they shoot first and ask questions later. But since the government owns the media, they can make any scenario look believable. This is why the article states, "Officer Steve Leonesio, the president of the Stockton Police Officers Association, has announced that the police union plans to spend approximately $20,000 on at least 20 more billboards." The billboards are "blood spattered" and have a message on them that says, "Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California." Are they again trying to fashion public opinion? I thought they were chash strapped? How can they afford to blow $20K on billboards? So yes, it appears to be a publicity stunt so as to get a certain agenda met. After all, they used 911 to make billions believe untrained terrorists would have the ability to expertly fly jumbo jets 500mph at very low altitudes under the radar into buildings. They actually want us to believe one supposedly flew 500mph inches from the ground to hit the Pentagon no less, which left no debris or even holes in the building from wings! The American sheeple are primed and ready to believe just about anything their government leaders and church pastors tell them. Except the remnant of course. Truth cannot hide from wise eyes. And by the way. One more scenario has to be addressed here. With less cops on the force it makes it far easier and less costly for the government to use DRONES! Did I not tell you they would be using drones to police U.S. cities soon? Check out the next article below!

25/07/2010 12:12:33 Drones in U.S. skies - to keep an eye on us?
When we saw them use the drones on the Mexican border did we not calculate they would soon be using them well inland as well? Well, not only were we correct, they have been doing this for years! The author of the article "cites a 2006 news story, moreover, that "one North Carolina county is using a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) equipped with low-light and infrared cameras to keep watch on its citizens. The aircraft has been dispatched to monitor gatherings of motorcycle riders at the Gaston County fairgrounds from just a few hundred feet in the air – close enough to identify faces." Can these drones be used to track Christians when it's time to flee? Ok, dumb question. Truth is, that is why they were created. Satan dangles the carrot before the military showing them this new "weapon" knowing he will use it on Christians later on. What is our response? Pray and study the word of God brothers and sisters! You will need to fine tune your faith, wisdom and especially your discernment so that when you're on the run, like David, you will be able to clearly discern the Lord's voice so as to keep one step ahead of them each and every day.

23/07/2010 10:58:22 Christians killed because innocence 'doesn't matter'
"Two Christians were shot and killed on their way from a courthouse to jail after being accused by Pakistani Muslims of blasphemy because, according to an analyst, innocence in such a situation "doesn't matter." How can anyone in their right mind still claim Islam is a peaceful religion? Seriously! This is like saying Catholicism was peaceful while they killed over 500 million Christians for 1260 years. But then, Islam is nothing more than a Vatican invention to help them kill Christians in the modern age while hiding behind their "faith" just as they did with Hitler. As Hitler used Roman Catholic reasoning to kill in his day, so shall Islam kill for Rome today. They kill only those they deem guilty, or worthy of death simply because of their faith. Or as they put it, "innocence doesn't matter." This is the mind of Satan. Genocide is his invention to rid the world of Christians. Praise the Lord he has already failed.

23/07/2010 10:58:22 Lose Christianity or face expulsion
"A lawsuit against Augusta State University in Georgia alleges school officials essentially gave a graduate student in counseling the choice of giving up her Christian beliefs or being expelled from the graduate program." Such boldness! yet, will there be a national outcry of pastors and preachers stepping up to help this young Christian? Don't count on it! They don't want to jeopardize their precious 501C3 money making contract with Uncle Sam. Since they are the prophecied hirelings that spareth not the flock, they will protect their money over and above their own church members! So, just as prophecied, we are about to see more and more Christians standing all alone in the courtrooms around the world. Praise the Lord! It will give them the opportunity to share Truth with many in those courtrooms, which by the way, was also prophecied!

23/07/2010 11:12:11 Does Presidential assassination program exist?
This article came across my desk a few days ago and I put it on the back burner because we all know that most governments do have "assassination programs" to deal with spies and terrorists. But it wasn't until a church member pointed out to me that in the article it clearly states the government can kill anyone that is merely suspected as a "terrorist" without checking into it first. A "shoot first and ask questions later" program. Do you recall how a few years ago the media coined the phrase "Christian terrorist" when they were searching for Eric Rudolph? Now that this new program is in the works, how hard would it be for Uncle Sam to come into your home and kill you simply because your neighbor accused you of being a terrorist simply because they didn't like your faith? In the article is states, "American citizens are targeted for killings far away from any battlefield, based exclusively on unchecked accusations by the executive branch that they're involved in terrorism." Turns out, I wasn't the only one that "missed" the intensity of this article. See this video when you get time.

23/07/2010 10:58:22 Catholic sex scandal as undercover reporter 'films priests at gay clubs and having casual flings'
"Using hidden cameras, a journalist from Panorama magazine - owned by Italian Prime Minister and media baron Silvio Berlusconi - filmed three priests as they attended gay nightspots and had casual sex." It just never ends with this church because since 60.A.D. they have had this perverted problem the prophet Daniel prophecied about. Praise the Lord there are some out there courageous enough to follow these priests around into their homosexual nightclubs to video tape them so as to wake up some of the Catholics still trusting these men. Prophecy does declare MANY will come to realize how evil this church is, and it's evidences like this that make it all come to fruition. That and the fact that there are websites like this one with literally tens of thousands of facts (per site) exposing the Roman Catholic Vatican as the prophecied home of Antichrist.

22/07/2010 12:26:24 Gov. Perry declares Sunday a day of prayer
 "Gov. Rick Perry has declared Sunday a day of prayer in Texas over lives lost and the environmental disaster of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill." Amazing isn't it? A Governor, not a preacher, has the power to "declare" a certain day of the week worthy for "prayer" when it comes to the Gulf disaster. This in a nation that supposedly seperated the Church & State image of Rome. Is it not prophecied they will use disasters (real, or man made) to generate a need for Sunday Laws? This is just one more nail in their coffin of deception that conditions the multitudes into looking upon Sunday as a "holy" day.

22/07/2010 12:26:24 Censorship: Labor's hidden policy
"Labor's internet filtering policy isn't being discussed in the run-up to the election but its impact on Australia is significant. ...the $30million+ filter is being sold by Labor as an internet block for child pornography, bestiality and extreme pornography with 'wide ranging support from the Australian public' and 'only minimal opposition against'. But after a new, lengthy investigation it transpires that virtually none of this is true. What Australia will get from this internet filter is a framework for censorship that doesn't stop "the worst of the worst" but will absolutely curtail discussion on politically incorrect topics like euthanasia, safe drug taking and graffiti while banning relatively-tame adult content." This is exactly what this ministry has been declaring is the agenda of all the Internet censorship advocates from day one. Truth is, Presents of God ministry has been the victim of censorship now for at least 6 years. So, this is something I have witnessed first hand. They will in fact do this globally. Of that I am certain. Rome needs to curb any political opposition out there. The world wide web is a very effective tool at exposing the Antichrist, therefore you can be assured they will do all they can to censor it. They have done this with every opposing force since day one. The most recent Vatican victim was of course the SDA church in that it was a very powerful voice in exposing Rome in its inception. So Rome naturally infiltrated till it fell into Babylon and stopped exposign them. This was just as prophecy predicted. Still, God has a Remnant to finish this work. When our "brook Cherith" dries up "online," our Lord already has plans to make the cry even LOUDER. Their attacks upon us will bring on their own demise.

22/07/2010 12:39:10 Oliver Stone: US should nationalize oil resources
First Rosie O'Donnell says it, now this guy? And look at the boldness of this well publicized comment of his. The article says "The Gulf of Mexico oil spill shows that the United States should follow the example of South American socialists in nationalizing its energy industry." He literally states we need to follow the example of "socialists!?" Does this not suggest the media is slowly but surely preparing the American public for a new form of government based on Roman Catholic Inquisitional methods? If you study Christian prophecy, you most assuredly say, yes.

21/07/2010 13:52:34 Obama's religion adviser pushing Islam!
"A religion adviser to President Obama has close ties to the imam who wants to build a 13-story Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero. The two have been documented together discussing America as "the ideal place for a renewal of Islam," Have you received the emails I have recently that shows up to 10,000 protestors in New York trying to stop this Mosque? Yet you haven't seen anything on main stream News about this have you? They seem able to censor the protest while other stories about the oil get through. That clearly suggests that Islam appears to be the focus of D.C. So they concentrate their efforts there. They need a positive spin on Islam so any negative press of same won't be aired. Do the math, all other nations that have Muslim citizens don't see this kind of push politically until the population of Muslims grow to about 15 to 20%. Why is this being fast tracked in the USA? Rome needs to use the unsuspecting Muslim like they did Hitler. The best way to do so is to have a Muslim president making it easy for pro-Islam politicians to bend his ear in a pro-Vatican slant. Still not convinced Rome is behind all this Islamic activity? Click here when you get time.

21/07/2010 13:47:41 Oil refinery explodes in China!
You're not going to believe this! Not only did this refinery explode, but it left a thick sludge of crude oil on the Yellow Sea for 71 square miles! Check out the pictures in this article! It's hard to believe it's happening again, and with such intensity! As we watch this happen knowing what prophecy says about the fish dying all over the world, can we not see what we're looking at here? What's worse? There is a tropical storm heading to China which is the second major storm in less than a week! The last one killed 700 and there are still hundreds missing. Some are starting to see what we see I'm sure.

21/07/2010 13:47:41 Is experimental well cap making disaster worse?
I have to say, articles like this shock me. Why? The government is so ready to censor and quench any story that shows truth regarding their bungling methods, yet stories like this still get out. Truth is, it's stories like this that make them realize they need a better handle on the media. They will eventually lock it down like Hitler did. For now, the truth is, "Scientists huddled Tuesday to analyze data from the ocean floor as they weigh whether a leaking well cap is a sign BP's broken oil well is buckling." By the way, this is why some in D.C. want to uncap the well. If the sea bed fails under all this pressure there would be absolutely now way to ever to stop the oil short of Christ's re-creation of the planet at the end of the executive judgment.

20/07/2010 10:28:43 73,000 blogs disappear in an instant
"This is causing high anxiety over the possibility it is the beginning of a wider crackdown, since a free blogging platform has been taken down by its hosting provider on orders from the U.S. authorities on grounds of "a history of abuse". More than 73,000 blogs are out of action as a result. Some folks are asking why all 73,000 were removed from the Internet." Their "testign the waters" worked. Soon they will shut down anyone they deem a problem. Who do they fear the most? Christians!

20/07/2010 10:28:42 Orwell's nightmare - - big brother is here
"In George Orwell's chilling novel, 1984, the author depicts a future society in which citizens are controlled by an all-seeing, all-knowing big government, referred to as 'big brother.' Orwell's nightmare is here, now." Those that live in big cities already know this, so I guess the author of the article is from the boonies. Problem is, as the article outlines, not even rural life is as safe as it used to be in how "big brother" has his talons in every aspect of life just like the Vatican did during the Inquisition. Check out the video in my "Videos of Interest" section regarding "Top secret America" for a look at just one aspect of government control.

19/07/2010 13:26:31 Revealed: Brutal guide to punishing jailed youths
"Drive straight fingers into the young person's face, and then quickly drive the straightened fingers of the same hand downwards into the young person's groin area." If you look back in history, absolutely every time the Roman Catholic church gained power in certain areas, torture became the norm for governing officials. Ever since Rome took control of Washington D.C., torture has become the norm there as well. This is indeed a confirmed Vatican fingerprint, and now it's spreading State by State.

19/07/2010 13:26:31 'Seep' found near capped BP oil well
"Bad news is trickling in for oil giant, BP and its capped oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, as a seep and possible methane have reportedly been detected near its busted well." Do you recall the video I posted a few days ago that showed the sea floor spewing oil? Well.. it's now confirmed that this is in fact the case. Yes, they capped the major leak. But they can never cap the cracks they created. This has now become the norm for the Gulf region from this day forward. Will they allow normal activity to continue on the water? Truth is, they already have in most areas. Will local fishermen hit the waves to bring in seafood filled with toxins that many eat it as if all is well? Time will tell.

19/07/2010 13:33:18 Police taze a woman in medical distress
"Michelle Schreiner's blood sugar was dangerously low when a friend called 9-1-1 and Gresham police and paramedics arrived to find her holding a syringe full of insulin. The officer ordered Schreiner -- who was dropping in and out of consciousness and was having trouble speaking or moving -- to drop the syringe. He shot Schreiner with a stun gun before handcuffing her and allowing paramedics to treat her." The cop couldn't wait for the girl to faint to take the syringe? And even if she wasn't fainting, are they not trained to handle such things? But thanks to their supervisors teaching them to taze first and ask questions later, this kind of thing happens daily. Worse yet, and as obviously planned, it generates fear in the hearts of the people who used to be able to trust the local cop. Now? He is a threat.

18/07/2010 11:43:19 The EU in now recognized as a State under international law
And still some claim the message we preach to be false? How is it the Christian prophecies outlined in the Word of God are ignored by so many even after prophetic events in our day come to fruition so often? Is it just coincidence that the antichrist in Rome was prophecied to combine all 195 nations into ten regions so as to better control them when they enforce their mark? Soon the USA, Canada, and Mexico will be recognized as a Roman State, as will all the other countries. Truth is, many will come to see the truth as we see it one day. And praise the Lord many will do so before it's too late. But for now, we have to deal with the scoffers that cannot see the forest for the trees. Be patient brothers and sisters. Our calling is sure. We will do a mighty work for the Lord just as His prophecy declared.

18/07/2010 11:43:19 'Thought police' slam media with fine totaling $125,000
"A Christian-inspired media group is being targeted with a fine of about $125,000 for its broadcast of television ads that promote the traditional family by using video footage of homosexual "pride" events and asking "Proud … of what?" As we are painfully aware, this is considered hate speech today. Yet, homosexuals can parade vulgar images all over the media in these parades knowing it offends Christians yet that's not considered hate speech? The reason they have this power is because the political monster in Rome is behind it. The Roman Catholic Vatican is the largest known homosexual organization known to man. Yes they act as if they abhor homosexuality in the global arena, but they also act as if they abhor child molestation, and we all know how they lied there. Rome will always play the innocent card when they are behind the evil act. Their man Hitler proved this in court. The Vatican is also the largest and oldest known political entity on earth. That fact alone proves who is behind these homosexual laws. Roman prelates are mostly homosexual, they are the most powerful politicians, putting 2 + 2 together, we can see the truth. Even without the prophet Daniel exposing them as homosexuals long ago we have all the facts laid out today before our eyes. That being said, there is something YOU can do to slow their forward motion on such decadent lifestyles, whihc will also help in the prophecied final reformation. Click here for a partial list of "pro-homosexual giants" in the corporate world today. If enough Christians boycott these companies they will start to see their precious money slip away from them and react accordingly. Money always moves the wicked. So, being wise as serpents and harmless as doves, let's ge to work!

18/07/2010 11:58:11 Earth atmosphere collapse puzzles scientists
"An upper layer of Earth's atmosphere recently collapsed in an unexpectedly large contraction, the sheer size of which has scientists scratching their heads, NASA announced Thursday. The layer of gas called the thermosphere is now rebounding again. This type of collapse is not rare, but its magnitude shocked scientists." Ok.. I'm not a scientist, but I do know the military's H.A.R.R.P project does in fact bulge the atmosphere outward for many miles when it's being used as a weapon. Do you think this manipulation of the atmospheric pressure can affect the thermosphere? Seriously, does it take a brain surgeon to see the relation here?

16/07/2010 14:48:27 Cops: Kids can't pray at US Supreme Court
"Even though they were not obstructing traffic, not demonstrating, and praying quietly in a conversational tone so as to not attract attention, a court police officer approached the group and told them to stop praying in that public area immediately," ADF reported. "The prayer was stopped based on a statute, 40 U.S.C. §6135, which bars parades and processions on Supreme Court grounds." My advice? Pray anyway. The worse that can happen is you share your faith to the police. Truth is, you may never see a courtroom because they fear anything like this hitting the courts, and especially the media.

16/07/2010 14:48:27 Vatican 'speeds up' abuse cases
Yes, it's nothing more than another PR campaign to try and hide the fact that the Vatican will continue to abuse children until the end of time. Why do I say this? Look at their history. Each generation has seen the Vatican get caught raping their kids and each generation has heard them declare methods like this to make it appear that finally something is being done. It would be believable if there wasn't hard evidence proving they have been doing this since 60AD. Worse yet, their own words in the article  expose their true heartfelt desires on this issue. They stated that "child pornography is a crime against Church law." But in the same article they say that "ordination of a woman as a "grave crime." Yes, I agree woman are not called to be ordained as pastors. But to place that doctrinal issue above child porn as a much worse crime exposes the mind-set of the men in the Vatican. Like the prophet Daniel said long ago, they will be women haters, or as we call it today, "homosexuals" that run things for Antichrist in the Vatican. Seeing how they look at ordaining women as a "grave crime" and child porn a mere "crime" speaks volumes to their strange lifestyles in Rome..

16/07/2010 14:53:53 The Solar 'Katrina' storm that could take our power grid out for years
"John Kappenman, 55, an obscure electrical engineer from Duluth, Minnesota, is determined to save civilization from the mother of all blackouts. If he succeeds, the daily life of billions around the world will continue undisrupted. But if he fails, we may well suffer on a scale that makes even World Wars seem trivial in comparison." Is this why some of God's people are led to build hybrid electrical systems for their homes? Time will tell.

15/07/2010 15:16:24 Suffer these crimes in Oakland? Don't call the cops
"44 situations that his officers will no longer respond to and they include grand theft, burglary, car wrecks, identity theft and vandalism. He says if you live and Oakland and one of the above happens to you, you need to let police know on-line." I guess if you don't have Internet you're asked to suffer? Money is of course the problem here. 80 cops are being laid off. Will the government step in and create martial law? Perhaps this is the plan. When you lay off that many cops the criminals are going to have a field day. You're then left with no choice but to send in the troops. Is Oakland the test case that Rome will use to get all cities under martial law like they did 2000 years ago and tried to do in Hitler's day? Are YOU up on your prophetic understanding?

15/07/2010 15:16:24 Whitehouse has direct ties to Google?
“In April it was revealed that ... McLaughlin used his personal email account to engage in official business, including discussions on policy matters under his review with [Google],” Ok, ok.. so we all knew this already. But it's nice to see what we've been warning the people about regarding Google and the fact they are run by corrupt politicians in D.C. is confirmed. It's always a red flag when websites started by teenagers end up making them billionaires overnight. When big money buys out sites like Google, YouTube, MySpace, and the like, it's always a no-brainer to guess who's behind it.