20/06/2014 11:45:48 Convicted Heavy Metal ‘Christian’ Singer Admits Being Atheist, Duped Fans to Sell Music
"A so-called Christian heavy metal band whose frontman was convicted of attempting to hire a hitman to murder his estranged wife has admitted that it duped fans into believing that they were Christian in order to sell their music." --What he fails to realize is, he only duped the lukewarm Christians that see no wrong in tattooed cov long haired Rock musicians gyrating on stage while playing satanic music. The elect cannot be deceived. When those claiming to be Christians do what the world loves and ignore what the Word teaches, the elect know they are not Christians. It's not rocket science, it's just simple truth. After all, is it not written in Romans 1:32 that "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."

20/06/2014 11:45:48 US slaps sanctions on Uganda for 'vile' anti-gay laws
"From Uganda to Russia to Iran, LGBT communities face discriminatory laws and practices that attack dignity, undermine safety and violate human rights," US Secretary of State John Kerry said at a Gay Pride event for his staff". --I do not condone Uganda's policy of imprisoning homosexuals because the Lord will dispense justice as He sees fit. What people do behind closed doors is their own business. As Christians our duty is to help guide them to repentance, not lock them up and throw away the key. But this story, with Roman Catholic politicians John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi comparing LGBT persecution to Nazi anti-Semitism needs to be addressed. The fact US Secretary of State Kerry had a Gay Pride event for his own staff shows where his loyalty lies. And have you ever heard Pelosi complain about the "breathtaking ignorance, injustice, and cruelty" Christians suffer in countries all over the world? Hundreds of thousands of Christians are slaughtered annually worldwide and countless millions more are displaced from their homes with nary a peep from them. Yet in Uganda when 17 alleged homosexuals were arrested, dozens fled their homes and one was killed, the United States government vows to do all they can to end this persecution. In every country where the USA intervenes on behalf of Christians their persecution increases exponentially. But watch and see; homosexuals in Uganda will become a protected class with rights far exceeding those of ordinary Ugandans in the near future. The Vatican's anti-Christian as well as pro-homosexuality agenda will be enforced, along with their Sunday Sabbath by the USA just as Revelation 13 prophesied. But the good news is the beast and his image will only be in power for a very short time and then obedient Christians who prove their love for Jesus will be going home for all eternity and none of this filth will matter or even come to mind for all of eternity. No we never seek to go against the Word of God and try to predict the day and hour of Christ's return. But we can know the season. Please pray this is the generation that sees our Lord's return. ,

20/06/2014 11:45:48 VIDEO: Justin Trudeau clarifies that anti-abortion Liberal incumbents would be forced to vote pro-choice
"Justin Trudeau now says incumbent Liberal MPs [in Canada] opposed to abortion will be required to support a woman's right to choose in any vote on abortion." --Forced to vote as ordered in the name of democracy right? Reading the article is one thing, but you've got to watch the embedded video to really learn what Justin Trudeau is all about. Hint: he's a Roman Catholic, and Catholic dogma dictates it is the duty of their faithful to vote in ways that advance the Catholic agenda. Their numerous election year "commercials" prove that hands down. The fact Roman Catholic politicians get away with supporting abortion (and same-sex marriage) without being excommunicated from the church also proves hands down that the Vatican approves of these things. But then, it's not as if people who have eyes that see didn't already know that. Still it is amazing how many souls are blind to this obvious truth. Last May, one of Trudeau's fellow Liberal party members, Gar Knutson, withdrew from a political race claiming he couldn't vote against his conscience. But read the last paragraph of that story for the real reason he "voluntarily withdrew". The Liberal party sent a "rapid response team" to Knutson's Roman Catholic church the "Divine Infant Parish" (how ironic?!) complaining of his pro-life stance. Did he really have a crisis of conscience, or was he threatened with excommunication for being anti-abortion? Honestly nobody but God can read his heart or the heart of his pastor; but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter as we do know the Vatican makes billions by killing babies in their hospitals. Any threat to that cash cow will be stifled I'm sure. Bottom line is this. There are people who love Jesus in every church. But if you are still Catholic I implore you to come out of this church before it's too late. You truly are going to be found without excuse when that great and dreadful day of the Lord soon dawns. If that doesn't move you to action, try looking at the faces of those you share your faith in Jesus with inside your Catholic family and friends. Pretty obvious eh? You're in the wrong church!

20/06/2014 11:45:48 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
VIDEO: Sri Lanka shaken by religious violence * Presbyterian Assembly: Gay Marriage Is Christian * LAPD Moves Closer To Testing Aerial Drones For 'Tactical Events' * Face-recognition pioneer warns of exploitation... 'Robbing everyone of anonymity' * VIDEO: US Nuclear workers: Government waiting for us to die to avoid medical costs * VIDEO: Fear and loathing in Bendigo over multi-million dollar mosque * Remote-Control a Human? Zabosu Project Aims to Give You That Power * ISIS scores big with Iraqi WMDs * Effort to stop webcam abortions to be decided by court

19/06/2014 12:58:08 VIDEO: High School In Woodbury Blocks Students From Accessing Conservative Sites
"Lampart even looked at Web sites focusing on abortion issues and religion. He found that "right-to-life" groups were blocked by the public school firewall but that Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice America were not. He also tried to get on web sites such as Christianity.com and the Vatican's web site but both were blocked. Islam-guide.com he found, was not." --Now do you see why so many Christian parents have opted to homeschool their children? Government schools are 100% political and they will bolster whatever evil agenda is being pushed by the administration because it is their job to follow orders. The powers that be do this because they know by hiding the truth on some issues the majority of the students will eventually become adults that agree with their evil ways and society will be as decadent as their wicked heart's desire. (click here for literally thousands of articles and videos exposing the government school's long prophesied agenda)

19/06/2014 12:58:07 Pope joins effort warning of impending global economic collapse
"The majority of the world's people are not Catholic, and many are not religious in any manner whatsoever, but no serious observer would consider Pope Francis a conspiracy theorist or a "doomsayer." And yet, in a new message to the masses, the pontiff is making observations that have been made for at least the past couple of years by other observers of the global economy who have been derided as conspiracy theorists: Things are not good, and in fact, they are looking more dire by the day." --In other words, since his plans to destroy the economy worldwide are finally appearing set in stone so as to better administer his mark, he chooses to chime in to play the prophet right before the deed is done. The Vatican's decades long "spread the wealth" campaign is part and parcel to the global collapse and this Pope looks to be primed and ready to play "that" part prophecy says will make him appear as savior to all that will follow his lead in the final act that brings billions to damnation. Satan's last hooray is close on the horizon.

19/06/2014 12:58:07 Frank Schaeffer, Former Evangelical Leader, Is A Self-Declared Atheist Who Believes In God

"One of my aims is to unhook them from allegiance to the Bible as something they follow instead of their conscience or, ironically, the example of Jesus," he said. "That's the choice you have to make if you are going to be a humanist Christian. I want to introduce younger evangelicals to the idea that they have to recalibrate their loyalty. They can live by the Bible or live by Jesus. They can't do both". --Christianity is about doing both because Jesus wrote that Bible! In fact, John 1:14 plainly says Jesus is "the Word made flesh, and dwelt among us." In short, no servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other. (Luke 16:13) This is what's being personified by this man's confused philosophy. During the times when he 'believes' in God, Schaeffer clearly hates Him, though it's self-evident Schaeffer never really knew Him either. This is what happens when people are taught to view the bible as a collection of out-of-context verses which can mean anything you want them too. Schaeffer is described in this article as "formerly evangelical royalty" because his father was Francis Shaeffer, who was hugely influential in the Christian conservative movement in the late 1970's and early 1980's. To give you an idea of how bad the elder Schaeffer's theology really was, famed false prophet Tim LaHaye cites him as a positive influence in LaHaye's terrible 1980 book "The Battle of the Mind." Both are a major reason why the Protestant movement is dead today with the exception of the small remnant which will not be defeated. We are in the 11th Hour right now, and if you are among those who haven't fully broken your ties with your old churches, please do so now! No, I'm not saying you shouldn't still try to reach out to people in the fallen churches, but you simply cannot continue to have fellowship with them if you want to be counted among God's true church. Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues (Revelation 18:4) isn't a suggestion. It's a command to the obedient child of God. When you receive a thus-sayeth- the-Lord from the bible, you need to take it seriously.

19/06/2014 12:58:07 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
Christians Targeted in Iraq´s New Civil War * Christians, Ahmadis and a TV station: new victims of the blasphemy law * VIDEO: Stunning timelapse of a supernova explosion over four years * Utah lawmaker proposes bringing back firing squads for executions * Bill of Rights 'don't exist on school's campus' * The Texas Drought Is Producing Bigger, Stronger, Meaner Mosquitoes * Giant bullfrogs invade Vancouver Island * Judicial appointments of homosexuals surge * VIDEO: Obama flaunts his 'gay' achievements

18/06/2014 12:27:59 The church fiddles while believers are slaughtered
"The true reality is Muslims are murdering Christians for the crime of loving Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Two of these stories, one an Iranian pastor and the other a married Christian woman who just had a baby while in chains, have been in the news for weeks and the response seems to be yawns from most people." --As Jesus prophesied so long ago, the love of many was to wax very cold in our day. (See Matthew 24:12) That fact alone not only causes crime to fly off the charts in every avenue of life, from abortion to rioting, this cold heartedness also allows for the so called "Christian leaders" to turn a blind eye to their assumed "brethren" being slaughtered all over the world. Worse yet, instead of speaking out against this outrage from the pulpit or even public venues, all the churches, and this includes the SDA church has decided rather to just join with the Muslims to proclaim their bloodthirsty and vicious god to be the loving and merciful God of the Bible. But then, that's what happens when the church stops reading Bibles. And that Bible says it is these "Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.  For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet." -Romans 1:25-27. Now do you see why homosexuality has come into the church? It's merely the end result of corrupt leaders.

18/06/2014 12:27:59 Obama: No American help for Iraq
"Al-Qaida smells weakness and seized the opportunity. This kind of terror also threatens Egypt and other allies. It’s time to stand strong in defense of peace." --Maybe it's just me, but I can't help seeing something strange happening here. Obama exchanges a US deserter for 5 top Taliban officials so as to shore up the Muslim leadership which will in turn allow for better organizing of Islamic forces. After doing all that he then declares in no uncertain terms that American forces won't interfere in Iraq's issues? Does this not suggest this was the plan all along? Build up their forces, then back off to let them take over? No I don't think we should be in Iraq either. But thanks to Bush's bloodlust desire for oil, we went there and now the damage is done. What I can't seem to get past is how the timing of Obama's statement appears a bit too perfect for this bloody storm that allows for the political birthing of a real antichristian power sanctioned and created by Rome in the middle east that will now have the resources to run rampant across "certain" nations with assurance that America won't interfere. Again, I may be overthinking all this. But the timing here seems too dead on. Especially after the Pope and many Islamic clerics were "praying" together just a few days ago in the Vatican.

18/06/2014 12:27:59 VIDEO: SDA Minister Barry Black praying in tongues
"This recording is a small sample from the public message given by Pastor Barry Black at the Glendale SDA Church." --Absolutely every aspect of Babylonian confusion is now being embraced by the Seventh Day Adventist church. And yes, I am fully aware that this is just one church in the SDA conference do this. (that we know of) But, this video was posted in August of 2013, and as far as I can see, not a single SDA Conference leader has rebuked him or the leaders of the Glendale SDA church for this "prayer" gathering. Besides the fact that this pastor is not kneeling in prayer, he is boldly speaking in the gibberish of the modern tongues movement. How do I know it's gibberish? See this page on my site when you get the time. There are specific instructions in the Bible when it comes to tongues. Like the Pentecostal church, this SDA pastor ignores God's written Word on tongues.

18/06/2014 12:27:58 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
VIDEO: Paper toy gun gets boy tossed from class * VIDEO: lady videotaped her own stroke (notice the AMA ignored it) * Appeals court overturns Alabama's gay-sex ban * How Americans are duped by race-baiting * Hernando teacher who was drunk at school will keep job * Bolivian military instructor kills dog in class * VIDEO: Stockton Man Says He Was ‘Zombie’ After Swimming In Stanislaus County Reservoir * Onlookers steal groceries from SUV after driver dies in fatal crash - a shocking glimpse into the coming food riots * Police Charge Catholic Hospital Worker With Euthanizing 10 Patients

17/06/2014 12:45:44 U.S. thrusts 'gay' agenda upon world
"Barack Obama has integrated promotions of homosexuality and other alternative lifestyle choices into his policy and practice since his election, successfully promoting the "gay" lifestyle in the U.S. military and forbidding the enforcement of the federal law called the Defense of Marriage Act that supported traditional marriage. The extent of the reach of his actions perhaps was epitomized by last week's announcement that the U.S. Embassy in Israel was flying a rainbow flag, representing homosexual activism along with Old Glory." --Amazing! I just did a video about this yesterday. Yet again, we still see them hiding the real culprit behind the homosexual agenda. If it's really all about Obama, why is it the Vatican is the only one on earth to actually benefit by legalizing and normalizing homosexuality?

17/06/2014 12:45:44 Obama to sign order extending LGBT protections
"After years of pressure from gay rights groups, President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating against employees on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity, the White House said Monday." --It has to start somewhere in the work place. Just as we see how blue laws outlawed Sunday work in the federal government first in the 60's and then later car sales, beer sales, and even hunting were outlawed on Sunday in many states. Now that the feds will be demanding their contractors allow LGBT benefits, soon other "federally connected" businesses like all the churches (with the 501c3 of course) will be forced by law since they too have federal contracts. Then, as we see with the blue laws spreading their tentacles to the private sector, all business, including and especially Christian businesses will be forced to allow sinful activity across the board as per federal law. Well.. let me rephrase that a tad. Only those secular and the so called Christian businesses that bow to the money instead of the Lord will obey the commands of the government. For the obedient remnant has always known that even here our "bread and waters will be sure" when threatened for our faith. Bottom line is, when you're obedient to the Lord that makes the promise, the promises of that very same Lord are set in STONE.

17/06/2014 12:45:44 Recession linked to more than 10,000 suicides
"However, according to study co-author David Stuckler, "suicides are just the tip of the iceberg." Stuckler, a professor from the University of Oxford, explained in the news release that "these data reveal a looming mental health crisis in Europe and North America. In these hard economic times, this research suggests it is critical to look for ways of protecting those who are likely to be hardest hit". --Obama's cronies, Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton are infamous for declaring that a 'good' crisis shouldn't be wasted if it gives the government the chance to enact new unjust laws, so how will lawmakers use this crisis to "protect" the people that are the most vulnerable? Will they pass legislation putting anybody who's unemployed or have lost their home on a forced regiment of Prozac or some other brain-frying drug? These drugs not so coincindently making people more suicidal, they also cause the user to more likely go on a shooting rampage. This ministry is not pro-gun for the bible says do violence to no man, but we recognize that the anti-gun lobby in Washington DC is being used by corrupt politicians to try to disarm as many Americans as possible before implementing martial law. A law they know for a fact will ignite civil unrest and even war. So rather than banning guns outright, they will ban them from the multitudes of people on psyche meds, which will get much more popular support as the days go by. What they also know is when people try to wean themselves off antidepressants and antianxiety meds like Valium, they often suffer from the rebound effect where the symptoms are now far worse than before they started the drugs in the first place. Since the problem is noticeably worse, these patients are convinced only the drugs can keep them sane. So as expected, many become lifelong addicts to these AMA approved poisons. By the way, someone needs to alert these medicated people that going on a diet of raw fruits and vegetables can counteract this effect. John said in Revelation 18:23 that sorceries would be used by the merchants of the Antichrist in Rome so as to easily control the nations. For those who aren't aware, the word for sorceries in the original Greek text is pharmakeia. And yes, that is where the English word pharmacy comes from.

17/06/2014 12:45:44 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
VIDEO: 48 Kenyans dead: Witness: Gunmen spared Muslims * Early signs point to a strong, disruptive El Nino * VIDEO: Dramatic video: Rare twin tornado rips through Nebraska town * Schools Under Fire for Isolation Room Punishment Tactics * VIDEO: 5-year-olds taught to celebrate 'queer pride' * Swarm of earthquakes in Alaska puzzles scientists * Deadly diseases crossing border with illegals * Blowback! U.S. trained ISIS at secret Jordan base

16/06/2014 14:52:39 This Sunday as Catholics Attend Mass, Muslims Are Praying at The Vatican
 "For the first time in history, Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran will be heard at the Vatican on Sunday, in a move by Pope Francis to usher in peace between Israelis and Palestinians." --Is this what Jesus would do? No, not at all. (See Amos 3:3, 1 Corinthians 15:33, 2 Corinthians 6:14,17, 2 Thessalonians 3:6,14 and James 4:4.) However, it is what the man of sin was prophesied to do. This is the obvious first step in getting Muslims to see the importance of Sunday keeping in obedience to Rome. It won't be long now!

16/06/2014 14:52:39 VIDEO: Homosexual flag hoisted above US embassy in Israel
--As we know, the USA is emulated the world over. So, when they promote something, no matter how evil it may be, most nations will follow their lead as prophecy predicts. At present, via Rome's instructions, the USA leaders are promoting homosexuality globally. But do you REALLY know WHY they're doing it?

16/06/2014 14:52:39 CEO pay up 10-fold [937%] since 1978
"Total compensation, including bonuses and stock options, jumped 937 percent since 1978, said a report by the non-partisan Economic Policy Institute (EPI), which is partially funded by labor unions." --Is it a coincidence that CEO pay skyrocketed starting in the same year Karol Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II who then spearheaded the Socialist charge or "spread the wealth" campaign from Rome? Is it a coincidence that a labor union funded think tank published this report at the same time when income inequality is at an all-time high and economic and social revolutions are happening all over the world because of this? Is it a coincidence that labor unions were prophesied to be one of the agencies that will bring upon this earth a time of trouble such as has not been since the world began? After all, we do know that money does move the masses. Is it a coincidence that earlier this year Roman Catholic Liberation Theology founder Gustavo Gutierrez was honored by the Vatican? Is it a coincidence that Liberation Theology was popularized in Latin America first and now North America is suddenly being flooded with socialist Roman Catholic immigrants illegally crossing the border? And that they're now demanding and soon to receive amnesty in the name of social justice? Finally, is it a coincidence that this is culminating under the watch of Pope Francis, the first Latin American / Jesuit pope in history? And we're surprised that CEO pay has gone up 937%? Remember? You can't have a "solution" without first creating the problem.

16/06/2014 14:52:39 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
Scalia comments as Supreme Court refuses big religion case * Dissing Christian prof costs college $700,000 * You won't believe new campus rules on 'rape' * VIDEO: Girl asked to leave restaurant because scars were scaring customersConey Island principal bans patriotic music during upcoming ceremony: teachers * VIDEO: California declares whooping cough epidemic * FYI: AT&T Suffers Data Breach * The border is lost – what's next? * FL woman kidnaps daughter to prevent her from being vaccinated, studying black history

15/06/2014 09:50:19 Malaysian Christian leader: With return of our Bibles it's time for forgiveness
"He continues "There is nothing to be gained from a lawsuit except revenge and a sense of satisfaction. That is un-Christian. "I call on Christians to forgive Jais as they were just doing their job but had wrongly interpreted the law. Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes, let us forgive them just as Jesus Christ forgave us". --Malaysia is currently ranked as 40th in Christian persecution, and the situation is getting worse because the Catholic church in that region insists on fighting Muslims over the "right" for Catholics to call God Allah. The evangelical churches in Malaysia are in error by following the Catholic lead and also demanding to use the name Allah for the Christian God, but this article gives evidence that eyes are starting to be opened. The Lord promised to put His laws into His people's minds and write them in their hearts as well. In the United States many "Christians" don't think twice about using civil courts to settle their greivences, but here we have a man who was arrested and temporarily jailed forgiving his persecuter's and acknowledging that it is un-Christian to sue your neighbor. Amen! Not surprisingly the Catholic Church will continue to persist on pushing the issue in courts to ramp up Muslim hostility. But the Latter Rain is pouring more abundantly as we speak, so please keep these persecuted Christians in prayer. Pray the Holy Spirit quickly reveals to them that the Catholic leadership in Malaysia has lead them astray over the years, not only by claiming Allah and the Christian God are the same as all the churches in America, which by the way includes the SDA church, but also by trampling upon the fourth commandment, bowing down to idols, worshipping Mary, etc. The Lord has people in every nation on Earth and as eyes are opened to the present truth we can look forward to witnessing the Lord's hand move in a major way in Malaysia. The Holy Spirit is working diligently to prepare a bride for the Bridegroom to recieve "For as a young man marrieth a virgin, so shall thy sons marry thee: and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee" -Isaiah 62:5

15/06/2014 09:50:19 VIDEO: Dad: NJ threatens to take away son after pencil-twirling incident
"Ethan was seen by a social worker, and had his blood drawn and urine taken. In the end, no behavioral problem was found. The state, it seems, is ignoring that set of testing, demanding further evaluation and threatening that if Michael doesn’t comply, they are will terminate his parental rights and free Ethan up for adoption." --This is what can happen to any parent that has their child in the American school system. The child did absolutely nothing wrong. But because the schools are "legally" able to scan for and even create "issues" like the traffic cop looking for burnt out bulbs in taillights, they are now putting this child and his father through a literal nightmare!

15/06/2014 09:50:19 Muslim who converted to Christianity sues church for publishing baptism news
"A former Muslim who converted to Christianity has filed a civil lawsuit against a Tulsa church, arguing that leaders endangered his life by publishing his baptism announcement." --That man never converted to Christianity at all. Had he done that he would not fear what man can do to him nor would he be ashamed to proclaim Christ Lord. I have met some Muslims in my day that claim to accept Jesus as Lord, but the minute baptism comes up they want to keep it private. But baptism is to be a public profession of one's faith in Jesus. To keep it private means you're ashamed of your conversion. And Jesus clearly said in Mark 8:38, "Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels." Another truth in all this is, suing thy neighbor is some Jesus Christ specifically states in Matthew 5:40 as a sinful act. Had this Muslim truly converted, or at least read the Bible, would he not know what most obedient Christians know today? Or.. could it be this Muslim "converted" knowing his name would be published so he can make some money in a lawsuit as well as further force Christians into a closet by declaring it a fearful act to proclaim Christ Lord? It may work for some, BUT NOT the obedient remnant of her seed.

15/06/2014 09:50:18 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
VIDEO: Terrorists sing of slaughtering Jews, Christians * Bhubaneswar [India], the government demolishes 30 Christian homes and a church * We cannot continue to ignore religious persecution * Pakistan Christian lawmaker shot dead by bodyguard: officials * Gay pride flag hoisted above US embassy in Israel * VIDEO: Holder seeks to make "normal" criminals out to be terrorists! * VIDEO: Shock Video Shows Grade School Children Receiving Mandatory LGBTQ Indoctrination

13/06/2014 12:31:04 VIDEO: Why we left Babylon
--Do you follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth? Or do you still cling to those religious leaders prophecy clearly defines as Babylon in heart? Would you rather follow the man of sin in Rome who has now openly gathered all churches under his banner? Or is it the Lamb of God you seek to follow? This video may help you see things a bit more clearly so as to make the proper choice.

13/06/2014 12:31:02 Hunger Games’ salute used as protest in Thailand
In "The Hunger Games" movie series and book trilogy, the salute symbolizes rebellion against totalitarian rule, signifying thanks, admiration and goodbye to a loved one. But Thai protesters gave varying explanations. Some cited the French Revolution’s trinity of values: liberty, equality, fraternity. Others said it means freedom, election and democracy". --Isaiah 5:20 says "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" That salute looks familiar doesn't it? Most people equate it with the Nazi's but it's actually been around since the days of pagan Rome. Just a couple of weeks ago I posted a video where this same salute was being allowed in Switzerland as long as it's not used to push "hateful ideology". Now Thailand is doing it too thanks to a movie about high school students murdering each other in a televised battle to the death. As stated in that video, this salute is going global and will do so very rapidly. This isn't the first time movies and pop culture have conditioned people to emulate a satanic salute, as the corna or "sign of the horns" has been adopted by heavy metal fans and the college football team the Texas Longhorns. Even Spider-Man is used to teach children to emulate this gesture at an early age. (notice no web is shooting forth) What's most disturbing about this trend is that there are millions of professed Christians who know these symbols are satanic in origin, yet don't seem to care as long as they are portrayed in a positive manner. But this shouldn't be surprising since a large percentage of them also know full well Christmas and Easter are of pagan origin, yet they couldn't care less that Jesus is blasphemed and even mocked when those evil days are called good by Christians. That being said, will we eventually see pastors in the fallen Protestant churches giving the Roman salute to their congregations with them saluting their pastors back in the same manner? I wouldn't be surprised.

13/06/2014 12:31:02 'Right-to-try' laws give hope to terminally ill
"Louisiana became the nation's second state to join the budding "right-to-try" revolution yesterday when Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a bill allowing terminally ill patients to access medications that could save their lives, even if they are not approved by the FDA." --First of all, the FDA never once shows concern for peoples lives. What I mean is, they act as if they have to approve the drugs first, and even when they do "approve them" they list a few paragraphs of side effects that show they can literally maim and kill people. So this "right to try" is merely a political way for the AMA to sidestep the "testing" stages that never worked or was even considered viable in the first place. So, the Guinea pig mentality can now gain ground, and even more people will die via the side effects. After all, the fact the people buy the drugs eve after hearing the long list of deadly side effects proves they WILL take them no matter what they can do to their bodies. And yes, I understand many will be temporarily healed in small ways by these drugs because every human is nothing more than a chemical puddle anyway. So they never really know how it will affect each user. Hence, the list of side effects. Still.. why not make the "right to try" available for natural healing methods as well then? Not only are they a fraction of the cost, they actually work without any side effects. Oh.. wait.. silly me.. I forgot what time it was. ... nevermind.

13/06/2014 12:31:02 VIDEO: Boy sees 'gun' in cloud, school goes ballistic
"Draw a picture of what you see in the clouds from your imagination, and that picture is a gun," Kody told his teacher. The teacher sent the 8-year-old to the school office and filed a behavior report." --Again, these "teachers" are the very ones paid by the United States Government to teach our little children about common sense and simple reality. How does that make any real sense? Well, none actually. But then the powers that be also know they were able to convince many people to think Roman Catholics priests that never marry women and for the most part are homosexual can be good marriage counselors. Makes about as much sense as a penny eh? This is one strange planet we dwell upon.

13/06/2014 12:31:02 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
European Christians Face Threats, Loss of Livelihood for Expressing Faith * In 20 states, Islam largest non-Christian faith * US pushing local cops to stay mum on surveillance * With new hack, cellphone can get data out of computers * VIDEO: Girl, 6, Brings Heroin to School: Police * VIDEO: Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin labels used on beer in Italian supermarket * Another white motorist beaten by black mob in Detroit * VIDEO: Student, 11, forced to clean toilets as punishment * FYI: Computers now hacked without Internet * 2nd stabbing attack linked to Slender Man meme * Indian woman 'gang-raped' at police station * VIDEO: Teacher’s invention could save your child’s life from school shooting

06/12/2014 05:58:10 VIDEO: After Pastor's Son Comes Out, Church Breaks With Denomination on Homosexuality
"A Southern Baptist church in California has broken with the denomination's stance on homosexuality and has decided to accept the LGBT community without judgment. The church made the change after its lead pastor announced that he no longer holds to the teaching that homosexuality is a sin." --And why did he do it? The article goes on to say that "his son came out to him as gay." The truth here is that there is nothing wrong with loving your child unconditionally. But, it is sin to put your child and his sinful choices above the Word of God. especially if you're a pastor called to lead the flock. Jesus said in Matthew 10:37, "He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." And no, this isn't only about homosexuality. If the son "came out" as a drunk, addict, thief or even a serial killer his father wouldn't even think to change his faith to sanction his son's lifestyle choices. But he does do so for homosexuality because that is the sin that stains the character of God before all the Universe just as Satan planned. It is known by all that God created man in His image, (Genesis 1:26) and so Satan is doing all he can to soil that image. So be it. Prophecy will be fulfilled. What most miss lately is how it actually comes to fulfillment. Their own sin has so blinded them that fulfillment can be right before them and they have no clue. And yes, that too was prophesied for our day. See Luke 17:26-30.

06/12/2014 05:58:13 Revolutions, but not as we know them
"What is new is that recent uprisings have taken place not in autocracies but in countries that have reasonably healthy electoral democracies, that have experienced fairly steady economic growth, and that are often held up as "emerging" market success stories. New social movements are coalescing not around regime change but around anger with political institutions and elites that have failed to deliver the prosperity or equality they have promised". --If you're not familiar with the term Liberation Theology check out this brief definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary. It was soon recognized as Marxism and fell out of favor; so by craft Pope's John Paul II and Benedict XVI where brought in to fool the world into believing they were anti-communist, pro-democracy prelates. Behind the veil they were using their influence to enrich the kings and merchants of the earth (see Revelation 18:3) in order bring about the rampant wealth disparity of today, which is moving the masses to reevaluate and embrace the Marxist ideals needed to enforce the Mark of the Beast. As these social justice revolutions increase  Pope Francis is doing all he can to make himself appear to be a man of the people, and the media is doing all they can to reinforce that notion. The Vatican's deadly wound has indeed been healed. Once the media succeeds in making the scars fade, the whole world will finally wonder after the beast. Oh.. and by the way, just so you know, Pope Benedict, aka Cardinal Ratzinger stated the following under the Pontificate of John Paul II. When asked about...  "Liberation theology." Ratzinger said.. "The 'absolute good' (and this means building a just socialist society) becomes the moral norm that justifies everything else, including--if necessary--violence, homicide, mendacity." -Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger ~  US News & World Report, Dec 2, 1985

06/12/2014 05:58:16 SWAT team ambushes innnocent man
"A man says that while he was working on his tractor in his driveway, a van pulled up and a dozen men with rifles piled out and assaulted him. As they bashed his head in, breaking bones in his face, he believed they were there to kill him. It was later determined that police had attacked a completely innocent man due to a false police report, drawing questions about why police acted so brutally against a man who did not resist and made no threats." --There's no getting around the fact that not only was the man innocent, he was absolutely no threat to the police as he was not the criminal they sought. That means, the tactics police use today, wherein even an innocent man can have bones in his face broken prove, we are in a police state. Still living in the city? If so, see this.

06/12/2014 05:58:19 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
Biblical viewpoint grounds for discrimination? UNCW thinks so * Crossdressing protected by Louisville school * Medicare to Now Cover Sex-Change Surgery * The new school curriculum: Reading, riting & recreational sex * Russia Is Actually Abandoning The Dollar * VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Instructs Minors on 'Torture Sex' * 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook * Cable companies duped community groups into fighting net neutrality * Police Killings Up 53 percent This Year * Woman makes up boy on Facebook to talk to her niece, who asks fictional boy to kill her aunt, uncle, cousin and dog

06/11/2014 18:06:17 VIDEO: President Obama expresses frustration after OR school shooting
"No developed nation on earth would put up with mass shootings that happen now once a week and disappear from the news within a day, Obama said - no nation except America". --Actually it's worse than once a week. We're right now 161 days into 2014 and this is the 37th school shooting this year. Do the math and you will see that the USA is averaging a school shooting every 4.35 days this year! 37 this year is actually equal to the total number of school shootings reported in 2013 alone. But this year isn't even halfway over. We can expect this number to continue growing exponentially since it's believed 200,000 students who've been bullied bring weapons to school. That's not even counting the kids who aren't bullied that also bring weapons to school because movies, TV shows, video games, and music glorify death and violence like never before; not to mention the millions of children on mind altering antidepressants and ADHD drugs. Imagine how much better we'd all be if those 200,000 students brought bibles to school instead. But schools are doing their best to keep that from happening while also doing what they can to ensure the Quran is uplifted in our classrooms. If somebody told me when I was kid that there would one day be a viable market for selling body armor to school children I'd have laughed it off as the plot of some cheesy sci-fi horror movie. No wonder homeschooling is increasing in popularity to the tune of 700% faster than public school enrollment. After all does not the bible say "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6).

06/11/2014 18:06:16 War Gear Flows to Police Departments
"During the Obama administration, according to Pentagon data, police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft. The equipment has been added to the armories of police departments that already look and act like military units." --I did a short video about these "tank like trucks" (MRAPS) arriving in every city and small town recently. And now even more "items" are flowing in? That being the case, I have to ask the scoffer. Do you still think martial law is a scare tactic of concerned Christians to get you into church?

06/11/2014 18:06:16 VIDEO: St. Louis Archbishop Didn't Know Sex With Children Was a Crime
"The St. Louis archbishop embroiled in a sexual abuse scandal testified last month that he didn't know in the 1980s whether it was illegal for priests to have sex with children, according to a court deposition released Monday." --Yeah, my jawed dropped and I'm sure yours will too when you see this video. You're simply not going to believe your ears when you hear this Archbishop of the Roman Catholic church actually claiming with a straight face that he did not know it was a crime to have sex with little children. How can he claim this as a defense? Is he going for the insanity plea? Common sense dictates that he and everyone in the court knows he's lying. I wonder if the prosecuting attorney will ask the obvious questions. Don't priests claim to be Christians? Don't they also claim to be teachers of the Bible? And don't they also claim to believe it? Worse yet, this is no simple priest who is supposed to be a Christian who reads and teaches the Bible, he is the man that put in place by the Pope to supervise those priests that are also claiming to be Christians who read and even teach the Bible of Jesus Christ. If the leaders in the church don't know it's wrong to have sex outside of wedlock, let alone with little children, are the ones the Vatican places in positions of trust to supervise those closest to the children. That being said, how can anyone still feel their children are safe in this church? If he doesn't know what basic Christianity or even "common sense" is when it comes to pedophilia are lying for that matter, how can he know how to teach doctrine, council married couples or even pray before the people?

06/11/2014 18:06:16 High Court Orders 13-Year-Old Girl To Have Abortion
"The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was impregnated by a 14-year-old boy and initially wanted to keep her baby. Social services asked the High Court to decide whether the pregnancy should be allowed to proceed as the girl - who has an IQ of just 54 and the comprehension skills of a seven-year-old.. ...The judge added that, in any event, if the girl were allowed to give birth, there was "very little chance" she would be allowed to keep her child." --So they actually admit they could take the baby away from her so that a responsible adult would care for it? So the claim she was incompetent to raise the child is off the table, is it not? Then why kill the baby anyway? (which they did by the way) It's because, being the end times, when convenience is king and most have a bloodthirsty way about them thanks to unjust laws allowing for legalized murder, killing the child is the favorite option. But the real favorite among the modern day ghoul is that there's money to be made in killing the babies.

06/11/2014 18:06:16 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
VIDEO: Teen assaulted by 40-year-old man: 'I thought I was going to die' * NJ diocese: We’re not liable, because molesting boys not part of priest’s official duties * VIDEO: Something ate this great white shark, but what? * VIDEO: Bodyguard Blanket invented to protect children from shootings * VIDEO: Need Proof that Cops are Above the Law? * Moms on antidepressants have babies with malformed brains * 'Mass beheadings' in Iraq * VIDEO: Another school shooting! * VIDEO: Mystery disease turns Oregon's sea stars to goo

06/10/2014 17:11:36 VIDEO: Islam victor over USA and Vatican?
--In this new video upload I show how the recent video of Obama and Bergdahl's father glorifying Allah on the White house steps was actually expected by students of prophecy so that Rome can have Islam in position to do as they need them to do. I cannot stress how important it is to make sure you and your house are ready to meet the Lord. It's about to get much more intense now that Obama and Rome are declaring Islam the victor over both the main Christian nation and the so called Christian churches.

06/10/2014 17:11:36 Quebec Approves Bill Legalizing Euthanasia on Demand
"Bill 52 legalizes euthanasia by re-defining it as a form of healthcare under the term "end-of-life care." The measure passed this afternoon by a 94-22 margin, with no abstentions. ...Bill 52 claims to limit euthanasia to voluntary requests from people who are at the end of life but Bill 52 does not define end of life," he said. "Quebekers should not trust their life to the provisions in Bill 52, which are imprecise, open to abuse and based on the Belgian euthanasia law. In Belgium, euthanasia is being done to people who are not terminally ill but living with depression, euthanasia has been extended to children and studies have proven that euthanasia is often done to people" --It's bad enough people have no faith whatsoever in Christ to heal them that they are conned by doctors to give up and seek death, therefore trapping them in a judgment they won't survive either, but to grant them this option on the spur of the moment when many people in high stress situations make rash decisions is insane. But then, Satan knows this and goes for it like a doper jonzing for his fix. What's worse is how many "professional" people are literal puppets in the hands of this fallen angel. 

06/10/2014 17:11:36 FYI: Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system
"During each cycle of fasting, this depletion of white blood cells induces changes that trigger stem cell-based regeneration of new immune system cells... Prolonged fasting also lowered levels of IGF-1, a growth-factor hormone that Longo and others have linked to aging, tumor progression and cancer risk". --Daniel 12:4 says in the end times knowledge will increase. That's not just Scriptural knowledge either. (see proof here)  Thanks to the Word of God, for thousands of years His people have known the benefits of fasting, and now once again science vindicates the Bible. Amen! But do most doctors acknowledge such eternal wisdom? We know chemotherapy destroys the immune system, but thanks to the government run AMA, millions of people believe it's actually a viable cure for cancer. Well this study confirms that fasting not only lowers the risk of cancer, it also helps mitigate the toxins of chemotherapy as well. Think about this; with all the toxins we're exposed to on a daily basis nowadays, be it chemtrails, radiation, food additives, unclean foods, or just plain pollution, taking the Lord's advice and fasting actually helps us physically overcome our poisoned environment. We need this now more than ever so as to be better prepared to understand the task at hand. If you haven't been fasting from time to time as you should, what are you waiting for? It's not only a blessing physically but spiritually as well. After all, with knowledge comes wisdom "And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation.." (Isaiah 33:6). Truth is, anyone can read a Bible and gain some knowledge, but only the believer can gain wisdom.

06/10/2014 17:11:36 China may have hacked your company, too
"By charging five Chinese officials with hacking into U.S. companies and stealing trade secrets, the Justice Dept. has added a new dimension to America’s national-security strategy. Yet the danger posed to the nation and its business sector may be far greater than even the government lets on." --Do you own a server? Then you too know that China will try to hack your server no matter how small you may be. Why? If they gain access, they can use your server to mask their location. I know.. they have tried to this this to my server for years. What most miss here is the fact that these hackers have been traced back to the Chinese government / military. Is this about to be the next "rumor of war?" Or an all-out war? In either case, prophecy is still fulfilled.

06/10/2014 17:11:36 Additional articles confirming the times we live in
The worst places on Earth for Christians * Concern at calls to outlaw religious conversion in Nepal * Cameron Partridge Will Be First Openly Transgender Priest To Preach at Washington National Cathedral * VIDEO: Obama Has 'Replenished the Enemy in Wartime' with Bergdahl Swap * Revealed: Thousands of Irish orphans were used as 'drug guinea pigs' * Protests erupt over Nigeria's new Islamic authority -witnesses * Osteen made it clear that he is on board with Pope Francis’ message for unity * 42% of Drug Reactions Are Vaccine Related, Groundbreaking Chinese * Obama Administration Currently Working to Make 'Anti-Muslim' Speech Illegal and Punishable by Law

06/09/2014 00:24:15 Iranian leader celebrates: U.S. has 'given up'
"Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei took to the stage last week to proclaim the U.S. has "given up" on using military force to stop its ambitions and to boast that a worldwide "Islamic Awakening" cannot be stopped." --This is exactly what was to be expected when we all saw how Obama helped a deserter get home after releasing 5 top officials in the Taliban. Islamic leaders would see this as an open sign of weakness on our part (as planned) and then Rome's puppets in DC could be called upon to allow Rome's puppets in Islam to run rampant across the land so as to further shore up the foundation needed to enforce the mark. All the world truly is a stage. Problem is, the ones directing it are quite evil and rather childish when you look closer. Once they realize what they gave up for the chance to sit on the top of this huge ball of dirt, weeping and gnashing of teeth will ensue.