14/06/2012 14:06:28 Ted Turner Depopulation Plan Exposed
--This is how these billionaires think. Satan has them so under his control that they actually believe killing billions of people will help save the planet. Anything that can get blood to spill will always be Satan's main agenda of course. His only difficult aspect in all this is convincing those in power to actually spill it. Prophecy said it will get very intense near the end, and men like this show how Satan will get us there. And by the way, it's always been proven that if mankind were to build a city that was designed like Paris with its thin roads and tightly packed houses, every soul on earth could live comfortably in a city the approximate size of Chicago. Yet, those in power can't seem to see that because like most today, their eyes are so clouded and focused on their own idol they can't see the forest for the trees. Praise the Lord, when He splits that Eastern sky, nothing will be able to turn their gaze away! EVERY eye shall see Him! Maranatha!  

14/06/2012 14:06:28 China's forced abortion policy funded by Obama
"In the video below, a "family planning" official with the government of Changsha City, in the Chinese province of Hunan, explains how she uses her friendly lieutenants to "persuade" women to have abortions when they exceed the country's one-child limit. The interview with the official was done last Friday by Bob Fu of the Evangelical Protestant organization China Aid." --Notice the fines placed upon the parents that want to keep the child? They are upwards of 6 times their annual income! And if they still refuse, they are "persuaded" to kill their child anyway? Such wicked people as this are what prophecy says  the seven last plagues are designed for. For the bloodthirsty, the Lord sends plagues 2&3.

13/06/2012 13:30:25 Poland, Russia clashes:
"At least 15 people have been injured as Polish and Russian football fans clashed in Warsaw ahead of the teams' 1-1 draw. Police were forced to fire warning shots and use water cannon to break up the fighting. At least 100 arrests have been made." --And still some don't think sports can lead to such strange behavior? Satan knew all along that eventually mankind would be easily lured into a frenzy when their favorite sports team lost. Think about the insanity of all this. People are being hurt, jailed and some are actually killed all because of a silly game?!

13/06/2012 13:30:25 Is there no alternative to public shaming on YouTube?
"A man films a neighbor allegedly abusing his stepson with a belt. Instead of simply handing his footage to authorities, he first posts the video to YouTube and Facebook. Did he need to do that for the alleged abuser to turn himself in?" --Watch how this need to videotape everything leads to a very easy way for the government to turn your next door neighbor into an informant just as Hitler did in his day. Only now, technology will make it far easier. Some may think it's all a coincidence that everyone has a cell phone with a camera in it that's linked to an online network. They also think it's just a coincidence that the government has the "legal" ability to monitor and even hack into their phones at any given moment. They fail to realize there is an supernatural intelligence behind much of our technology today. I mean, nuclear bombs, firearms, and a few other insane inventions makes that painfully clear. Worse yet, this same supernatural being is also behind all of the prophesied unjust laws of the land. His name is Satan. According to the only truth filled book known to man, the Christian Bible, he's been planning this attack for 6000 years. Historic fact is, we are right on the precipice if this all coming to a head right now. Still, if you were to say what I just said to a friend or any stranger on the street, you would be liked at like you had two heads. Reason being is, as prophecy also predicted, most are so naive they think believing a fallen angel can actually tempt political leaders and inventors to do such things is all just a crazy conspiracy theory. No matter.. they'll still enforce the mark, and Jesus will still come back. So don't worry... be ready.

06/12/2012 12:39:40 Another "pastor" defends Obama's homosexual marriage
"A Dallas megachurch pastor recently gave a sermon that supported President Obama's same-sex marriage stance and blasted fellow African-American leaders. ...Jesus never said a word about it [homosexuality]." --Most today pastors don't even read Bibles anymore. They only read pre-written sermon scripts that assure the seats stay full and the coffers remain bulging with donations. And every sermon must be politically correct if they want to keep their government funded status as "agent" still active. So one can expect more "pastors" coming out of the closet to support homosexual marriage. Biblical truth on this is, Jesus said plenty about homosexuality in the Word. What these false pastors fail to realize is, Jesus is "the Word made flesh." Being "the Word" as His affectionately called, there isn't a single sentence from Genesis to Revelation that He did not directly pen! One thing Jesus also stated in the Bible was there would be many wolves in sheep's clothing preaching on today's pulpits. This "pastor" is just one more wolf confirming Christian prophecy to be the only trustworthy prophecy on the planet.

06/12/2012 12:39:39 Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists
"It's almost two years since BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, scientists say they have found deformities among seafood and a great decline in the numbers of marine life." --What could be worse? Government agencies lied, including Obama who acted as if he was swimming in the Gulf so as to make the people think the seafood was safe to eat. Prophecy said disease will increase, and this is just one more (of many) ways it's doing just that.

06/11/2012 14:15:29 Nude Church! Pastor Bares Soul and More
"Virginia nudist group holds clothing-optional worship services." --As prophesied, immorality has become the norm. This lying pastor claims because Jesus was born and crucified naked that Christians should worship naked. What he fails to mention is that when Jesus walked among us 2000 years ago, He not only had clothing on His body everytime He preached, the Roman soldiers even cast lots for His clothing. Most churches do this with the Word of God today. They leave out key points in Scripture to validate their false doctrines all the time. It's just that this particular church has tipped the scales a bit more towards the flesh in their theology. Literally. And by the way, how do they claim to validate their decision to worship nude? They state in the video that since doing so their attendance and income have increased. So, once again, it's all about the money.

06/11/2012 14:15:29 Kids of Parents in Same-sex Relationships Fare Worse as Adults
"A new study finds that adult children of parents in same-sex relationships fare worse socially, psychologically and physically than people raised in other family arrangements." --As expected, the biblical design for the family unit is the only way to see healthy and well balanced children that later become responsible and moral adults. It truly doesn't take a rocket scientists to figure that out. Still, it's good to see they actually did the study and confirmed the truth Christians have been preaching all along..

06/10/2012 12:04:43 Massive cyber spy virus 'Flame' hits Iran, Israel
"A powerful data-snatching virus targeting computers in Iran, Israel and other Middle Eastern countries has been discovered by Russian experts. The worm has been used for years for what seems to be state-sponsored cyber espionage." --Just one more reason for the powers that be to assume we need to lock down the Internet. Problem is, with software like "flame" there's no way to stop them even if the Internet was locked down. Still, I'm sure that won't stop them moving forward on this anyway.

06/10/2012 12:04:43 Trayvon Martin gun range targets sold online
"An unidentified entrepreneur admits he is trying to profit off Trayvon Martin's death by selling gun range targets featuring the teen who's death has sparked a nationwide controversy." --Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." Nuff said?

06/08/2012 12:40:43 Killer Cops: Gun justice anger swelling in US
"They're on the streets to protect and to serve. But a rise in fatal police shootings across the United States is leading some Americans to wonder where the real danger lies." --This is what happens when the police departments insist on hiring only ex-military on the force. I also allows for the government to sidestep the now debunked posse comitatus act of 1878. Why they bother to hide it any longer is beyond me. Still, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know military personal are trained to be killers. As we've seen with every war, some men have not the ability to completely forget what they went through during their time on the front lines. This means our police force will continue to get more and more violent as we get closer to the end. Please pray for them. They are ordained of God to be standing at their post. They till will be held accountable by the God that ordained them if they abuse it.

06/08/2012 12:40:43 Kid slaps his own mother on Dr. Phil
--Yes this is an old video from 2008, but it bears repeating. Prophecy says in Romans 1:30 that children will be disobedient to parents. Jesus also said in Matthew 24:12 that the love of many will wax cold, and in this one video segment we see both prophecies being fulfilled in one child. And yes, I am fully aware this is just one child acting out. But as we watch the news day by day of kids lashing out against their parents in either simple disobedience, or actual acts of violence against them, we can see that yes, this is happening all over the world just as Christian prophecy predicted.

06/07/2012 13:36:23 Islamists Behead Christian Convert
--Yes, the link is broken and I will not post this video! But I will say this. Prophecy said they will behead the loving and gentle Christians for their faith, and as is obvious, they are doing this right now! That being said, I declare unto all that have eyes to see and ears to hear that any church that declares Allah to be the same God of the christians, is in fact a church in league with the devil himself! Truth like this should never be sugar coated! Many churches, including the SDA church are preaching this heresy and it is time brothers and sisters to get serious about your walk! Either you are going to stand strong with the God of the Bible, or burn in hell with the god of this world. The choice is, and always has been yours to make! Maranatha!

06/07/2012 13:36:23 Little girl kicked off bus far from home
"A Utah mother says she is traumatized after her 7-year-old daughter was abandoned in an unfamiliar neighborhood by an Alpine School District bus driver." --The excuse the driver gave was absolutely insane! It shows a heart that has no love whatsoever for children and their safety. Yet, she drives a bus filled with children. Prophecy said the love of many would wax cold, and that's just every day life today.

06/07/2012 13:36:22 US student loan trillion dollar ticking time bomb
"The American Dream is a symbol of education and success, but many are finding themselves left with a lifetime of debt trying to achieve it. U.S. graduates can end up owing tens of thousands of dollars after college, in an economy where they then struggle to find a job." --The student loan program is actually financial slavery. If you get a loan from a private company or bank to go to school and fail at getting a job, you can file bankruptcy to lessen the burden upon you. But the overwhelming majority of students have to get a loan from the government because the banks won't take the risk. Problem is, the government does not allow you to get out of that loan using bankruptcy! In short, you become a slave to the government just as prophecy predicted.

06/06/2012 12:50:31 Desperate WI democrats invoke Satan in Seance!
--This is without a doubt the most demonic group action I've ever seen in my entire life! A large group of democrats outside the Wisconsin capital perform an "omming seance" invoking Satan to help them with their agenda! Do we need any more proof Satan is gaining souls en masse when we see the common man seeking his assistance in such things as this? Their sin has brought them to difficult times and instead of repenting so the Lord can bless and heal their land, they choose rather to continue in their wicked ways and even invoke the fallen angel that brought them there. Please pray the loud cry swells up so loud it brings some to their knees in repentance.

06/06/2012 12:50:31 Debate over using drones to monitor American cities
--You know what amazes me? The deafening silence of all those scoffers that laughed when I stated unmanned drones would become the norm over US cities soon. This has been our reality now in almost a dozen cities, and now talk of every city having them is on the table. Drones are instruments of war and therefore should never be allowed in our airspace. What's next? Fully armed Blackhawk helicopters? The Posse Commitatus act of 1878 was supposed to insure this never happened on US soil. Those days are gone. But then, prophecy did predict that as well. Just one more reason to get out of the city!

06/05/2012 12:17:00 Kill List Controversy
"Chris Stirewalt, Juan Williams and Congressman Raul Labrador discuss the controversy over the Obama Administration "Kill list." --Had this "controversy" been known or even contemplated as a talking point on some rogue network just 20 years ago there would have been a very well publicized outrage across the board. Today? After 911? Not so much. Welcome to the last few hours of earth's history.

06/05/2012 12:17:00 Federal workers raking in millions in bonuses
"A new in-depth database of federal worker salaries shows the government paid out a whopping $105 billion in salaries last year for most of its civilian workforce, to boot, the workers got $439 million in bonuses." --Amazing! It's as if our government is doing all it can to bring our economy to a collapse. Widespread corruption like this proves those that make the prophesied unjust laws know they can get away with any crime they commit. The fact government has gotten so big makes it nearly impossible to jail a corrupt official. And they know it! Prophecy said it would be as it was in Noah's day and it's been this way for literally decades now.

06/04/2012 15:19:28 Pope decreed Sunday rest on June 3rd 2012
 --Notice in this video that the Pope first admits the 7th day is the Sabbath. He then boldly contradicts that easily verified Bible truth and declares Christians should keep Sunday as Sabbath instead. And then he goes on to say some things they can do on Sunday to keep it holy, one of which is "to play and do sports!?" But doesn't Isaiah 58:13-14 clearly say, "If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath, from doing thy pleasure on my holy day; and call the sabbath a delight, the holy of the LORD, honourable; and shalt honour him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words: Then shalt thou delight thyself in the LORD; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it." The pope openly declared to all the world he does not adhere to or even understand simple biblical jurisprudence! Still think the Sunday Law prophecy as it relates to the mark of this Roman beast is a hoax? If so, click here.

06/04/2012 15:19:28 Bible going viral?
--First of all it's no mistake they have a Roman Catholic priest plays the role to suggest he is "taking credit{" for the Bible's approval rating worldwide. Rome has always done this to try and ride the wave our Lord's truth creates in the hearts of men. People clamor to the truth because it is truth. But Rome has always been known to thrive on lies. Claiming to be one that can even assume to comment on Scripture, or even be the ones generating a reformation of sorts is ludicrous at best. Why do I say that. Here's just one Vatican approved quote of many regarding their opinion of the Bible. "Do you allow your flock to read the Bible at all?" said a writer in the Contemporary Review to a friend of his, a parish priest. "No, sir, I do not; you forget that I am a physician, not a poisoner of souls." -Contemporary Review April, 1894, p. 576. By the way, the priest in this video admits he's on Twitter, but then states he will only "tweet spiritual tweets" to his "friends" every day for 3 months if his twitter friend base doubles within 24 hours. He also admits he has 10,000 "friends" already! Yet, unless he gets 10,000 more, he won't bother doing for them what he supposedly vowed to do when he became a Roman priest? Amazing isn't it? And the media clamors to such men as if they are Biblical scholars? But then, that is to be expected in these last hours.

06/01/2012 15:24:06 NEW VIDEO UPLOADED!
--I HAD TO RE-ULPOAD THE VIDEO! YouTube only posted half of it for some reason. --This video titled, "homosexual marriage" touches on something I've been noticing occurring in the Christian church for some time now. To sum it up in a few words, the present day homosexual movement that prophecy stated was to be part of our day, is all do to disobedient Christians. That's right. It's the church's fault for not doing as Jesus said they should have done all along.

06/03/2012 00:41:46 Extreme weather events and Earth changes May 2012
"Note this video does not imply the world is going to end in 2012. Extreme weather events and earth changes May 2012 - Earthquakes, Sinkholes, Strange lights." --Just over 14 minutes of reports about disasters in the month of May alone. There are other videos out there that do show 2012 from start to present that are good as well. I've posted some here. But this one shows only the month of May, which does show an obvious increase in calamities as prophecy does say is inevitable the closer we get to the end.

06/03/2012 00:41:45 Child singing homosexual hate song in church
--It appears a pro-homosexual group posted the video of course. But I have to say, I don't know what's worse. The so called "Christians" applauding and cheering when the child says "ain't no homo gunna make it to heaven." Or the hateful comments made by homosexuals. Still, I have to wonder how can Christians applaud such a thing. Worse yet, they taught this child to sing this hateful tune! No, I am not pro-homosexual. But I am anti-hate! To think "Christians" cheering when someone is headed for Hell is now acceptable in society just boggles the mind! As for the comments by the homosexuals claiming Christians are homophobic. I'll simply repeat what I posted in the comments of this video... Whenever the Bible says something is sin, we the Christians become phobic? So, I guess we are drunkardphobic, killerphobic, adultererphobic, liarphobic, gossipphobic, fornicatorphobic, and yes, even homophobic. No, the truth is dear ones, Christians don't FEAR sinners. We FEAR where sinners are headed. And so, out of (real) love for them, we try to help them see the danger. Still, Christians that YELL at sinners or applaud songs like this about homosexuals, need to repent. That's not Christian!!

06/01/2012 15:01:25 Lawmaker goes ballistic over reading the bills
"If you thought you were frustrated with lawmakers not reading the bills before voting on them, you'll love a Republican lawmaker who went ballistic over the matter, even invoking Moses quoting God in the Old Testament. Mike Bost, a state representative from Murphysboro, Ill., went on a tirade of righteous indignation yesterday, screaming and throwing papers, as he was frustrated over a Democrat-led plan to overhaul the state pension system." --And no, he wasn't just angry about that one Bill. As you watch this you realize he is fed up! Why have a Congress when one man controls everything they do anyway? All the Bills over the last few years have not only removed many of our freedoms, they have tied the hands of "some" Congressmen who do want to do the right thing. And yes, this is all part of Satan's plan to assure his agenda is met.

05/01/2012 15:01:25 Church Sues Oregon Family For Defamation
"Officials at Beaverton Grace Bible Church weren't too thrilled to learn that a former member had written negative online reviews of the service and congregation, so they filed a lawsuit against an Oregon mother and her family." --Jesus said "by their fruits you will know them" in Matthew 7:20 right? This is how easy it is to see if a church is a true follower of Christ or not. The Word of God also said never to take brethren to court in 1 Corinthians 6:1,5-9. If you claim Christ Lord, you will be obedient to His Word. It's just that simple. Did Jesus sue the Pharisees when they lied about Him each and every day? Yet churches all over the world, including and especially the apostate SDA church take brethren to court, and they do this in front of the entire nonbelieving world! And yes, sadly, this is to be expected in these last days.