13/06/2013 12:13:12 'NSA 'bamboozling' lawmakers for access to Americans' private data'
"American citizens hoping to change the way the NSA monitors their everyday activities have little hope of recourse, longtime agency veteran Bill Binney told RT. He said the way the Patriot Act is interpreted is the a big first step toward totalitarianism." --When you listen to what is said between 4:00 and 5:23 in the video, you may begin see something most miss. Prophecy says the Vatican will seek a way to force everyone on earth to receive their mark. As we know, God's remnant people will not be easily swayed. Still, the remnant people are sinners just like anyone else on the planet. This means some of them have skeletons in their closet that they have repented of and walked away from long ago. However, with this "PRISM" program, the powers that be can go back in time and pull the data they compiled on that person, whether it be from electronic or CCTV cameras and seek to use that against them by threatening to release that data to their church members and families. Quite often they won't find anything of any interest, but with today's technology they can manipulate the data in any way they wish to make it appear God's child is guilty. So, how does one respond to such an attack you ask? Just smile with as much love in your heart as you can muster, look them straight in the eye and say, what you're planning to do will only make my friends and loved ones think ill of me. It can never change my Father's opinion of me because He knows my heart, and He knows the truth. It is only His opinion that matters to me, because as it is written, I am not of this world. It is His kingdom I will reside in for eternity. With that said I echo my Lord's precious words in Matthew 10:28 wherein He taught me that I should "fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

13/06/2013 12:13:12 WARNING! Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks
"Pictures you've e-mailed or uploaded from your smartphone could leak information that can threaten your safety or that of your children." --If you have loved ones that place pictures of themselves or their children on Facebook or Twitter then you need to get them to watch this video. Immediately!

06/12/2013 12:51:01 Pope Francis: Idolatry is dangerous
"During his daily morning Mass at the Vatican's Casa Santa Marta, the Pope talked about the dangers of having idols." --This is always how Rome works. Because they know the majority of their members don't read Bibles out of obedience to their pastors. They also know their members have no clue about their own church's doctrinal statement. Yes, the prelates in Rome claim to be Christian, and even agree with certain biblical truths, while at the same time promote the sin in their churches and even demand their members do so. What do I mean? The Pope says idols are bad. But at the same time he teaches, as did the previous Popes, that removing commandment #2 is acceptable, and so you can still worship statues. This allows for the confusion prophecy said this church feeds on. Saying idols are evil allows him to make his followers believe their statues are not idols because he, like all Popes before him have bowed in worship before them.

06/12/2013 12:51:01 Lions, tigers and a zip line, oh my!
"This is the first zip line tour in the state of Arizona, and it's the first zip line in the world that we know of that goes over lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes," said Bryer. "(They're) wild animals. If you fell into their wild habitat, some of them could eat you." --When you have no respect for the life given you this side of eternity, how can you be allowed into Heaven wherein careless acts like this suggests the author of death is in control? There are so many opportunities today to risk one's life that crazed acts like this seem tame. They even have a name for all this to make it appear acceptable. They call it "extreme sports." Reality calls it extreme stupidity.

06/11/2013 11:52:41 Neil Patrick Harris' Hilarious canine kiss
"no comments on the video." --He actually allows the dog to place his tongue inside his mouth and then starts to act as if he's kissing the dog back on camera and they actually zoom in so we can watch! A few weeks ago Angelina Jolie posed nude in a seductive manner with a horse, and Geico made a commercial of a woman making out with a Walrus and now this? It appears students of prophecy were 100% correct again! Bestiality will be "lobbied" soon after homosexual marriage is legalized. I still can't help feeling pedophilia will also be brought into the "norm" as well. But perhaps they need to get even more vile before attempting something as vile as child rape as something an adult can seek legal rights to perform if he or she so desires. In any event, the days of Noah and days of Lot are certainly upon us just as Jesus said they would be when He returns.

06/11/2013 11:52:41 Alex Jones Disrupts BBC's Sunday Politics Show 2013
"American "shock jock" Alex Jones joined Times columnist David Aaronovitch to discuss it - and ended up disrupting the show in spectacular fashion." --Watch how Alex Jones gets VERY upset and starts to act as if he is our fearless leader for freedom, justice and the American way after the truth comes out that there is one of two reasons why he was never "silenced" by the NWO leaders. They bring up the reality that either there is no NWO, and Jones is simply lying. Or #2, he's part of the NWO system. I agree with the host who said he is part of the system. In fact, this is what I have been stating for years. Alex Jones is a Jesuit coadjutor. I go into detail about this man on my "Alex Jones Exposed" page on the site. So, the obvious question here is, why do they need men like Alex Jones to be out there? When the powers that be go overboard in their corruption, they know the people will naturally revolt and force them out of office by any means possible. BUT, if the people think they have a man in their corner fighting for them and exposing the NWO, they relax thinking Alex Jones will do his best to right the wrong. Yet... it only gets much worse as we see today.

06/10/2013 14:43:42 Beck: Not a Jew alive if Hitler had Obama's tech
"As reports continue to flood in about President Obama’s massive surveillance state, media powerhouse Glenn Beck says, “There wouldn’t be a Jew alive on the planet today if Hitler had this technology.” --No I am not a fan of Glenn Beck, but what he says rings true here. Many years ago when I first started studying eschatology I found that what Hitler did in his day is what Antichrist must do in ours if he is to be successful in enforcing the mark. I also found that the only reason he failed is because he didn't have the technology we had today. What I also discovered, and now have confirmed is that the Pope was the one who brought Hitler to power. Along with Prescott Bush's funding and political connections, the Vatican was able to do what they did with Hitler. But as I've said so many times before, the timing was off. They needed to wait until the technology allowed them the means by which to implement their plans more effectively. That day is here right now. And Rome is still the one behind the scenes as they were in Hitler's day. They used Hitler as a puppet back then, and they use every US president since Reagan's second term today. In short, we're almost home. Maranatha

06/10/2013 14:43:42 'I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things'
"The source behind the Guardian's NSA files talks to Glenn Greenwald about his motives for the biggest intelligence leak in a generation." --As I stated years ago, as we get closer to the end and the corruption grows off the scale, there will be moral people in positions of power that simply cannot continue to work with the government, and they will choose to speak out. Lately the term "whistleblower" has been used quite a lot in the News media. Some people are simply getting fed up and they are in fact speaking out. This video highlights just one more whistleblower to add to the list that depicts a society that only prophecy could describe as the time when the mark is enforced. What he also describes is how the government has the power right now to follow up on a lead, whether it be true or completely false from a neighbor that hates you. They can then build a case against any citizen in any courtroom because they can refer back to every step that person made under surveillance; whether it be online or offline, and take those recorded moments, as innocent as they may be, and use them against that person on the basis of the "lead" given regardless of their guilt or innocence. Prophecy said some of us will be sent to prison for crimes we never committed. Here is one sure fire method by which they can do just that with childlike ease. Still.. think on this brethren. When that happens, and for many Christians it will; praise your God! You and your Christian walk is so blessed of God that you are now a threat to the enemy of souls! What a glorious day it will be when many will soon discover why Paul and Silas sang praises in prison that night! Yes,. their mortal lives at this point may not be worth a plug nickel. But their praises affirm it is not this life they are concerned about! It is the one wherein they can live with Christ our King for all eternity wherein peace and happiness reign forever!

06/09/2013 13:33:37 Modern polygamy: one husband, chosen by multiple wives
"Meet the members of these unconventional families who say they love their way of life." --Is this not exactly what students of prophecy predicted as homosexual marriage became the norm? Yes.. it is. Not too long ago, the Mormons declared polygamy a sin, and many in the church walked away from it so as to fill their church in the modern era. But as soon as the homosexuals were able to push their immoral agenda into the courts and then legalized, the Mormon's immoral lifestyle became less taboo, and so now, as expected, they too are speaking out publicly so as to gain acceptance. What's next? Will it be pedophilia, bestiality, or necrophilia? Time will tell.

06/09/2013 13:33:37 Taco Bell crash: mini-van smashes into restaurant narrowly missing customers
"CCTV shows a mini-van smashing into a Taco Bell restaurant in West Chester, Ohio, narrowly missing customers. The van driver crossed four lanes of traffic and a grass verge before ploughing into the outlet in West Chester. Police say the driver suffered a 'medical emergency' just before the crash..." --Again, if you're not a Christian who is ready to die at any given moment, how do you not know something like this will happen to you? No, I am not trying to scare people into accepting Jesus as Lord. I'm just letting you know that no one truly knows when they will die. That being said, why put off walking with Jesus? Especially since doing so will prove to be the best decision you ever made in life when His perfect peace and love is made known to you. You think life is exciting and fun now? Wait until you meet the Author of life itself! WOW!

06/07/2013 13:38:42 Pope Francis: God is present in the Eucharist
"We could never have imagined that the same Lord would become one of us and walk with us, be present with us, present in His Church, present in the Eucharist, present in His Word, present in the poor." --If he was in a biblically obedient Christian church, then four of his five statements would ring true. But the one where he claims the Lord is present in the Eucharist, no, that is Pagan theology. In fact, the Word of the Christian God clearly says in Acts 17:24, "God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;" And the Eucharist wafer is in fact made by human hands. (click here for more info on the Eucharist of Rome) (click here for more on Pope Francis)

06/07/2013 13:38:39 Internet monitoring system to stalk users who question safety of vaccines
"If you post articles to your Facebook wall that warn others about the dangers of vaccines, or Tweet links to the latest studies tying vaccines to autism through Twitter, the vaccine pushers of the world could soon know about it in real time. According to new reports, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-backed scientists in both the United States and Great Britain have jointly developed a computerized global monitoring system capable of tracking all social media activity around the world that defies mainstream vaccine dogma, and reporting it directly to authorities." --A few decades ago Bill Gates refuse to join in the political idiocy of Washington DC. So much so, they went after him with tooth and nail. So, he caved and hired lobbyists to start greasing the palms of the politicians that wanted some of his billions. And now, he not only openly speaks on using the vaccines to lower the world's population, he is actively helping the government and the AMA monitor those who know what he's doing is wrong.

06/07/2013 13:38:38 Buying a child for sex still not a felony in Oregon
"A proposed law would move up the crime of soliciting sex from a minor to a felony, but it's not as strong as proponents had hoped. "Morally, if you're paying to have sex with a child, that needs to be a felony," said Joel Shapiro with the "Kids Are Not For Sale Coalition." As it stands, it's not a felony, it's just a misdemeanor and the person paying never has to register as a sex offender." --Amazing! It makes one wonder who is involved in the decision making process in Oregon? I'm sure they're pro-pedophilia of course. But I would still like to know who is personally behind this. I can venture a guess.. but I don't think that would be wise at this point in time. I will let reality hit the presses beforehand. After all, it's always nice to have a source wherein the facts can be verified. Still.. if YOU know who's behind the political decisions in Oregon, email me asap. 

06/06/2013 13:31:12 Terrifying Future of The United States
"If this doesn't wake you up, I don't know what will." --As I watch this video I can't help seeing everything mentioned in the video is absolute confirmation that the means by which to enforce the mark of the beast is actually in existence right now. Yes, many of the fearful will look the other way hoping the prophecy is untrue and all this is just a coincidence. It is these we need to share the prophesied facts with. Still, even if they refuse to see what's happening right before their eyes, as Christians we still need to prepare for what has already begun. And what better to get as close to Christ as possible than by studying His Word while praying without ceasing? After all, it is prophesied those that "trim their lamps" are the ones who are wise and ready for that day.

06/06/2013 13:31:12 Verizon Treason: US govt seizes millions of call records at FBI's request
"Millions of Americans are reportedly having their phone records seized without their knowledge. The U.S. National Security Agency has allegedly secretly forced Verizon, one of the nation's biggest phone companies, to hand over all its call data." --A secret court was used to do this. Why a secret court? Had it been made public, millions would be protesting and nothing would have been possible for those seeking bring about yet another unjust law. Now, the red tape needed to stop all this is so mountainous that nothing will ever been done to stop them. Still, does that matter? We knew this was coming, and we have perfect peace because we also know our Lord is still in control. Maranatha!

06/05/2013 13:21:51 The Beginning of The 2nd American Revolution
"We're past the point of no return." --This is why the US Government now has well over 600 prison camps on US soil right now. They knew years ago they would no longer be trusted by the population because of their illegal activities; so, the camps were built and manned waiting for the day when the people revolt. As Christians, we cannot have anything to do with revolts of this manner. In fact, this is why many Christians have already left the cities as prophecy predicted they would. Being in a city when this happens will be very difficult, especially if you have a family to care for. If you refuse to join in the fight, you appear to your friends and neighbors to be on the government's side, which may cause them to become violent against you. If you join with them to fight, or even fight them when they attack you for refusing to join, you appear to your friends and neighbors to be on the side of the world, and therefore soil the image of Christ you seek to emulate. It's a lose lose situation for the obedient Christian. Hence, the reason for the long expected exodus.

06/05/2013 13:21:51 'Gay' students voted 'cutest couple'
"The duo voted “cutest couple” in the senior class at a suburban New York high school say they’re getting teased about it but not because they’re both boys." --A decade or so of re-conditioning the kids into thinking this is all "normal" has lead us to this point. As for the comments made by the "couple" at the end of the video. It was obviously written for them so as to get as much bang for the buck as possible. This is not uncommon for government agencies to do this. And as we know, all schools are in fact government agencies. And by the way, all churches are also government agencies thanks to what Bush signed into Law on March 7, 2006. Is it any wonder the churches echo what the schools proclaim about the homosexual lifestyle?

06/04/2013 11:42:37 One of the Most Dangerous Schools in America
"Diane Sawyer looks at the courage and struggle to educate students under dangerous circumstances." --This is absolute insanity! The parents are forced to place their children in immediate danger because the Government demands their children go to school. Even if the school guarantees a large number of the kids will be harmed and many out right killed, the parents must still agree to place their children in harm's way. As you watch this video you can't help feeling the school is being run like a prison with wardens and prison guards. Sad truth is, they are preparing the majority of these kids to get used to that type of societal structure because they will eventually end up in prison thanks to the lack of education and ample supply of highly lucrative criminal ventures offered up in school.

06/04/2013 11:42:37 New SARS-Like Virus With No Cure Kills at Least 27
"ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser reports that the respiratory virus MERS has no cure or vaccine." --This sounds like the perfect means by which to use Executive Order #11004 which allows the government to "relocate" you and your family and designate your home or even entire community "unsafe." This "virus," whether it be real or contrived, has no cure or no vaccine. However, I am sure it can be milked politically for two reasons. #1, it allows them to detain anyone they deem a threat;. #2, it allows them the "authority" to vaccinate you by force. In any event, this is most assuredly one to watch. And by the way, it's easy to see how this is all political hype when you look into the current statistics regarding the "normal flu." It infects about 98 million people per year in the USA alone. And of those 98 million, 20,000 to 40,000 will die. That's just the USA alone! Yet we never see cities quarantined? So why are these so called "new" viruses that infect only a few hundred or so, and kill perhaps a dozen are being pushed in the media as if they are the most deadly strain on the planet? Besides the obvious option to control the masses being placed on their plate, money is to be made here. LOTS of money! They know they can't control the real flu, so they make up these "scary ones" to get people to spend billions to buy their toxic vaccines. When the money pours in and the coffer fills, they let the "scary one" die away so they can claim success. Then when the next "scary" virus pops up, even more people will buy the vaccine due to their recent "success." And all this is done while tens of thousands still die of the real flu. Only in the last days.

06/03/2013 15:12:58 Millions flood Brazil for the world's largest homosexual parade
"3.5 million revellers headed to São Paulo to celebrate LGBT rights at the world's largest gay parade." --Brazil has been known for decades to be the most promiscuous country on the planet when it comes to sexual perversion whether it be hetero or homosexual. But what many fail to realize is, it's also the largest Roman Catholic country on the planet. As prophecy stated, when they make the decision to worship the flesh over the Creator of that flesh, the Lord allows them to be taken by Satan to embrace homosexuality. (See Romans 1:25-27) This is why we see the Roman Catholic leading all other churches in homosexual congregants. No, I am not saying all are homosexual. In fact I know many Catholics that are trying their best to please God. It's our duty to show them they can learn to please Him in a way that prophecy says only His obedient people can in the last days. It's found in Revelation 18:1-5.

06/03/2013 15:12:57 University President's Notre Dame-Priests Joke Lands Him in Hot Water
"Ohio State University's Gordon Gee is apologizing to several schools offended by his remarks." --Here's the thing. Yes, it was a joke, and it was done in poor taste. The truth is, there's nothing funny about it at all. Why? It's 100% truth. But in more avenues than he let on. On Sunday most Catholic priests choose to act like their god's on earth. But the rest of the week the demon in them takes an open and obvious step forward. Sad thing is, there are literally hundreds of millions alive at present that can verify that statement as fact. And no, I am not just whistling Dixie here, nor is this catholic bashing. My site alone has over 10,000 pages of data to verify all this and so much more. And there are millions more websites out there doing the same. Yet.. because it "sounded like a joke" they are forcing this man to apologize? Please pray for those that prefer to ridicule and even force others to apologize for making their sins visible instead of repenting. No, I'm not suggesting all should openly point fingers when someone is in sin. Scriptures denote a proper method that grants them the chance to repent before they are to be openly shunned. (See Matthew 18:15-17, 1Timothy 5:20 and even Ezekiel 3:17-21) Sadly, most choose the latter.

06/03/2013 15:12:57 Supreme Court upholds DNA swabbing of people under arrest
"The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the police practice of taking DNA samples from people who have been arrested but not convicted of a crime, ruling that it amounts to the 21st century version of fingerprinting." --Only problem is, with that swab on file in a corrupt political system or in the hands of a crooked cop, who can place trace amounts of your DNA at a crime scene, this invasion of privacy is a big deal. Comparing it to a fingerprint is way out of line. Still, for some, concerns of this nature may seem a bit sci-fi and even paranoid. But do a search online for police corruption and brutality and you will find there are far more crooked cops out there now than ever before. After all, we are in the last days. Still, there are good cops out there who understand they are ordained of God and are blessed to do this work for Him and us. (See Romans 13:1-7) The fact over 1000 showed up for a Kentucky cop's funeral the other day confirm this as fact. There are good cops out there! In any event, this Supreme Court decision is yet another unjust law as prophecy predicted, and it's one more bold revelation that the Constitution of the United States is under attack and will be shredded. And yes, that too was prophesied.

06/02/2013 13:14:47 Deadly Tornadoes Strike Oklahoma Again
"Torrential rains, flash floods trap dozens of motorists on stretch of interstate." --Literally for decades students of prophecy have been declaring an increase in calamities was inevitable. Reason being, this was all prophesied well over 100 years ago. So the students themselves are merely echoing that which was already penned. Sadly, does this change the hearts of most? Not at all. And yes, that too was prophesied.

06/02/2013 13:14:47 Scuffles with police at Frankfurt protests
"Police used batons and pepper spray to break up a small group of activists, who were throwing stones and smoke bombs, during a second day of anti-capitalist demonstrations in Frankfurt." --I'm not posting this video for the reason most will assume. Yes, they're protesting, and yes it is appalling to watch to say the least. But the reason I posted it was to illustrate how easy it is to get the masses to follow the corrupt leaders straight into whatever direction they deem feasible. In America for example, the government was looking for a way to get the people to agree to dispense with some of their freedoms so as to better control the people, so the powers that be staged a false flag attack on the Twin Towers and now most people agree it's good we have a sense of prison security in all airports and most train stations, schools, and courtrooms. But in Europe, as it will be in all nations soon, the Vatican contrived NWO needs a socialistic / communistic form of government to be able to enforce the mark of Rome. Truth is, Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict did in fact suggest this years ago in writing. So, they needed to stage their economic false flag attacks to move the sheeple into responding exactly as planned. Twenty years ago the thought of seeking a Communist form of government would be considered insanity, and quite often a jailable offense if mentioned in a public forum. Now, at the very start of the video we see the crowds proudly displaying a HUGE banner that says "Let's Choose COMMUNISM." Blind sheeple are just that easy to corral.

06/02/2013 13:14:47 HAPPY HOLIDAY! let the violence begin
"While locals fled in anticipation of the annual celebration of violence and chaos during Black Beach Week over the Memorial Day holiday in Miami Beach, large-scale black mob violence erupted in Jacksonville, Rochester, West Bloomfield, and Baltimore. A lot of it on video." --Even though this has been happening since Obama took office, only WND is reporting on it. Most of the other News sources refuse to touch it. And those that do, refuse to tell who's really behind the violence and what's really happening. One thing is painfully obvious. These a racial hate crimes. But never is this mentioned by the mainstream. One can only imagine as to what they're up to.

31/05/2013 15:14:31 Pope Francis: the Roman Church leads us to Christ

"The whole history of salvation is the story of God seeking man, offering him her love, welcoming him. Even today, someone will say, "Christ yes, the Church no". But it is the Church that leads us to Christ and to God." --Before I share please understand that all I am about to say can and has been documented as factual. All of of which I share is posted on this site with sources intact. The Pope claims the Catholic church leads people to Christ, but the facts as they are declare the Roman Catholic church, nor any other church on earth cannot lead anyone to Christ until they are obedient to Christ. In the case of Roman Catholicism, this means the church has to give up Sunday Sabbath, politics, child molestation, Rock music in the Vatican, Satanism in the Vatican, idols, worship of statues, worship of Mary, Paganism, hoarding gold, refusing to feed the hungry with their trillions in resources, murder, money laundering, hatred of the Bible, embracing and promoting Islam, celibacy, canonization of confirmed killers, Eucharistic worship, ethnic cleansing, Nazisim, manufacturing of wine, purchased prayers, Harry Potter, Hollywood in general, drug manufacturing, their UFO agenda, denial of Jesus Christ as Saviour of all mankind, the New World order, the Roman international criminal court system, ongoing castration, homosexuality, the "holy office", nudity, and the global promotion of pedophilia just to name a few. It is by the fruit of obedience we are known as followers of Christ. Not disobedience.

31/05/2013 15:14:30 NASA is Tracking a Large Near-Earth Asteroid
"NASA is tracking a large near-Earth asteroid as it passes by the Earth-Moon system on May 31st. Amateur astronomers in the northern hemisphere may be able to see the space rock for themselves during the 1st week of June." --Is it just me, or have you too noticed an alarming increase in asteroids that seem to be passing by? Yes, these are among the many prophesied "signs in the Heavens" for those that understand prophecy. Sadly, it's just another asteroid that makes it into the Newspapers for most.

31/05/2013 15:24:02 Millions protest genetically modified food
"Jake Tapper reports on the controversy that surrounds GMOs and one of the companies that makes them." --Two million people in 436 cities and 52 countries are protesting the influx of GMO food products into the market. But will it matter? We know prophecy says the once "clean" animals will become unfit for human consumption. That being the case, we also know these protests won't stop them from poisoning the food supply. The fact Monsanto, and all the processed food manufacturers that use their products stand to make billions in profits by forcing such foods on the populace confirm this prophecy has already been fulfilled. Is it any wonder Christians the world over are moved to get off all forms of animal food products? Is it any wonder some and even started their own vegetable gardens?