06/02/2014 14:01:33 Obama submits to Taliban Demands, Allows Praise for Allah
"President Barack Obama apparently traded five jailed jihadis held in Guantanamo for one American soldier, despite federal law, which requires Congress to be notified before prisoners are transferred. Obama used a Rose Garden press event to tout the surprise trade, which he won by making critical, last-minute concessions, while the parents of the freed soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, stood alongside. At the end of the brief event, the soldier's father, Bob Bergdahl, recited the most frequent phrase in the Koran, "Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim" which means "In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate." --Obama breaks yet another law proving he is building a Socialist form of Government in the USA as per Vatican command. If you're a convert to Islam or one that agrees to uplift Islam on global TV, Obama shows he will come to the rescue. However, if you're Christian in danger, Obama will openly ignore you. Still, Obama does claim to be a Christian. But then, the Koran does state you can lie as long as your lies will benefit Allah. So, while claiming to be a Christian, Obama repeatedly goes against the Bible when it comes to abortion and other strange laws, he openly mocks the Scriptures on camera, he often blasphemes God and again, as is so apparent in just the last few years, he allows the persecution of Christians all over the world. While doing all this he has also been noted as one that repeatedly finds time to praise Allah, uplift Muslims, fund Muslims that kill Christians, bow to Islamic leaders on camera, dedicate his life to Allah with engraved jewelry and even wear Islamic robes. If you need all those facts along with additional articles, pictures and videos proving Obama is in fact a Muslim ... Click here.

06/02/2014 14:01:33 Argentina´s fight to hold onto religious freedom
"The law is a threat to all Christian freedom in Argentina," [Pastor Marcelo] Nieva told World Watch Monitor. "At first it is affecting only our church, so people don´t understand the danger of it. But we know how dangerous it is because we are living through it... Following the introduction of the law, Nieva says his church continues to be denounced by politicians, the police and local newspapers as a "controversial sect". --Nothing subtle about this one at all. This is happening in the Argentine province of Cordoba where a law targeting alleged "cults" was passed in 2013. Here's a copy of the law via Google Translate. Notice that since its inception only one church, a Baptist church, has been targeted in Argentina. Are they testing the waters so as to fine tune this type of persecution? (dumb question?) The province of Cordoba is Roman Catholic territory and it's obvious the pastor of this targeted church said or did something to anger the Catholic community, as now his church is being attacked "by politicians, the police and local newspapers" as the quote above states. Who might these politicians be? Check out these links for Governor Jose Manuel de la SotaSenator's Luis Juez and finally Norma Morandini. Notice they were all in power when this law was passed, and they all have the same alma mater, the University of Cordoba. By the way, the term 'alma mater' is Latin for "nourishing / dear mother." And yes, it's an homage to the Catholic Virgin Mary. That aside, the University of Cordoba is part of large missionary complex called the Jesuit Block and Estancias (Residences) of Córdoba and I'll give you 666 guesses who was a former resident there. Of course, the Seventh Day Remnant church rejects the Baptist creed as it is well influenced by Vatican dogma, but we will still keep this persecuted pastor and his congregation in prayer because it's laws like this that Rome will use to declare the true remnant people that proclaim this loud cry exposing the man of sin that we are a cult. Even though the Bible clearly defines the Roman Catholic church and all her "sisters" to be true cults. And, it's no mistake this is going down in the present Pope's previous homeland. He has already stated boldly that he will go after all Sabbath keepers once he became Pope.

06/02/2014 14:01:32 Accused Child Killer resigns from top Vatican office: Jesuit head makes startling announcement
"Amidst rumours that Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, may step down from his office because of his public prosecution for child trafficking and murder, one of his fellow defendants has just done so. Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas Pachon announced suddenly this week that he will resign from his office at the next General Congress of the Jesuits. ...Along with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) and Pachon are primary defendants in an historic criminal lawsuit being conducted by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels that commenced on April 7, 2014." --Definitely something to keep an eye on! This reminds me of the time Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict was the first Pope to ever be served papers to appear in court regarding his involvement in child molestations and other crimes. Could it be the present Pope is about to "resign" to escape justice as well? Or, will they "wag the dog" like Clinton did during his Lewinski scandal to pull the onus off of him? Me thinks yes, he will do this. After all, Bergoglio is a Jesuit and Clinton was taught by Jesuits at Georgetown, so he will no doubt use some lesser nation or its weakened leader as a pawn to generate a scandal that keeps his scandal on the back burner. But.. he will eventually have to own up. Jesus will exact judgment no matter how crafty he may be while still residing on earth.

06/02/2014 14:01:32 Scientist's plan to end tornadoes would have 100-mile giant wall in Texas
"It certainly would work [to block tornadoes], nature already tells us it works," said professor Rongjia Tao, who wrote the paper due to be published in the International Journal for Modern Physics B". --When Nimrod tried to build a tower tall enough to survive a worldwide flood, the Lord confounded the languages of the workers so they couldn't communicate and get the work done. Thus the plans were abandoned. But for all intents and purposes, they got off easy. The people of Jericho built themselves a wall for protection as well, but when the Lord decided to tear it down, there was nothing they could do to stop it. As expected, there's nothing new under sun as now some physicist thinks he can build a massive superstructure to protect us from nature's fury. Or is it to better corral those fleeing the enforcement of Rome's mark? Time will tell. In any event, will this thing really ever be built? I doubt it. But since politicians love to waste peoples time and money, who can know? If they do build it, the Lord could easily send a whirlwind, quake or even a hailstorm that would reduce it to 100 mile's worth of gravel in seconds. Still, in opposition to manmade protections, we know that our Lord offers us all a wall of protection to dwell safely behind; the 10 commandments. But the man of sin and his deceived followers have created a breach in that prophetic wall and they are now trying to bring the whole thing crumbling down. However the Lord's end-time remnant people will be the repairers of the breach just as prophesied. Still, we need more people who are willing to do the work. A 1000 foot tall, 100 mile long wall is nothing compared to the safe haven Jesus Christ offers freely to those willing to love and obey Him in truth and righteousness. But, if you are one that knows the importance of the work, but as Proverbs 22:13 says is as, "The slothful man saith, There is a lion without, I shall be slain in the streets." Please reconsider. We need those with the trust of God deep within that have seen with faith how the thrown pebble sank, the axe head floated, the lions mouths were closed, fires caused no harm and loved ones healed.  

06/02/2014 14:01:32 Articles confirming the times we live in
NC School District Condemns Christian Prayers at Vet Event as Violation of Policy * Gay Marriage Will Become Law Of The Land * Return of the 'White Plague': Fears over the rise of 'incurable' TB * Roman Catholics of the day * Vatican empire exposed * Chicago Pastor Paid Mistress Six Figures, Confessed Affair to Congregation * Belarus Is Planning To Bring Back Serfdom * Biden, Hagel obsessed with creating 'new world order' * 153 Democratic lawmakers push U.S. to toughen up Trans-Pacific Partnership rules * * Up to 200,000 Somali children could die from malnutrition: U.N. * How Do You Like Being Exposed to 80,000 Unregulated Chemicals Every Day? * VIDEO: schools give 6th graders access to condoms

06/01/2014 10:35:15 VIDEO Homosexual Pride Parade praised, condemned
"Downtown (homosexual) event is polarizing for community." --The man that sent out the alert to the citizens is 100% correct. This LGBT parade is nothing more than a "sex parade" as he puts it. If the LGBT community wants to be considered normal, why is it they act so abnormal at every event they put on? For example, when heterosexuals have a parade, they don't bring their bedroom items, lingerie or even perverted sex toys out onto the city streets in front of children declaring their sexual rights are etched in stone and everyone must know what they like to do in bed. No, they act like responsible adults and understand such things are simply not appropriate in public. And no, it's not all about the fact that I am a Christian and see this perverted activity as being sinful. I know Atheists and even some Homosexuals that find these parades offensive. But, these are the last days and as Jesus predicted, the demons that moved the lost to perform similar acts in public back in the days of Sodom are running rampant today. Just one more reason to leave the cities eh?

06/01/2014 10:35:14 India: 2 police fired for not acting in rape case
"Meanwhile, the chief minister's mocking comments to reporters were not a surprise to many in India. Last month, Yadav's father, a former chief minister and head of the state's ruling party, told an election rally that the party opposed a law calling for gang rapists to be executed. "Boys will be boys," Mulayam Singh Yadav said. "They make mistakes". --India's population is 1.2 billion people. Hindus account for 970 million of them. Before India began garnering worldwide condemnation for their callous disregard for victims of gang-rapes and acid attacks to women's faces, they were already notorious for something else; their unjust social caste system where ones "value" to society is based on their heredity standing with the lower castes, who are treated as sub-humans. It's part of their religion, as their "holy books" teach a version of immortality of the soul where you are reincarnated again and again until you reach perfection. If you are of a lower caste it's because you committed bad karma (actions) in your past life, so now you must pay for your bad karma in this life. Police officers are therefore unsympathetic of crime victims in lower castes and allow upper castes to victimize others with impunity. If Hindu's will treat other Hindu's that way, imagine what it's like to be a Christian there. With Jesus, there is no caste system (see Gal 3:28). Despite that, there's no doubt Pope Francis, the current man of sin, will publically claim the Hindu's pray to the same God Christians do during his tentative visit to India later this year even though things like this happen on a regular basis. Or will the Pope simply bow in worship to the Hindu god as his predecessor did in 1995? Time will tell. In any event, it's no mistake India's antics are being posted in all media outlets lately. It will allow for the Pope to swoop in and "save the day" when he visits India to convince them to repent. Of course, they won't repent. But the media will be instructed to clam up on their antics so as to make it appear the Pope was successful.

06/01/2014 10:35:14 VIDEO: Swat team attacks baby with grenade
"The mother recalls, "Everyone's sleeping. There's a loud bang and a bright light. The cops threw that grenade in the door without looking first and it landed right in the playpen and exploded on his pillow right in his face." The toddler was horribly disfigured by the vicious attack from police forces. His face and chest were ripped open in the blast. Sheriff Joey Terrell of Habersham County praised his warriors for their efforts. He also said that given the opportunity, he and his squad would attack the toddler again." --Not much to say but, may God have mercy on their souls. Don't blame the police. It's the demons controlling them that move them to attack like this. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." -Ephesians 6:12

06/01/2014 10:35:14 VIDEO: Black mob attacks victims 'like it was a game'
"Roaming gangs of black youths descended on a festival in Cincinnati, carrying out a number of attacks that resembled the "Knockout Game," a nationwide phenomenon in which randomly selected victims are struck in the head, sometimes fatally. In one attack, Sunday night, about 20 black teen girls kicked, stomped on and punched a man who was trying to catch a bus." --Watch the video and you will see exactly who's doing the attacking. Then notice the reporters do not mention all the teens that attacked the white men were black. It's getting to where it has become obvious that the media is being forced not to mention the fact these attacks are race crimes. Why? Now this is only my opinion, but it seems it has to do with the racist politicians in Washington DC. They are doing this to fuel a race war so as to get the onus off themselves. They know the American people are angry at them and they fear civil war against them personally. The 800+ prison camps on US soil right now confirms they fear the people. So, it appears the people they fear are being tempted to start a race war instead because it's far easier to attack your neighbor than it is to go after the well armored politicians. I can't wait to get off this planet! What a mess! Christians now know exactly what it means to be "vexed" as Noah or Lot were in their day.

06/01/2014 10:35:14 Articles confirming the times we live in
VIDEO: N Korea gives missionary hard labour for life * VIDEO: Anomaly, C(lie)mate, Spaceweather * 60,000 illegal children swarm US - Mexico border * VIDEO: USA employs the most illegal immigrants * New federal database will track Americans' credit ratings, other financial information * VIDEO: Is Obama Moving to National Gun Confiscation * VIDEO: Afghan 'torturer in chief' flees anger at home, finds shelter in US * VIDEO: Average CEO pay tops $10 million for first time (James 5:1-3 soon fulfilled) * VIDEO: Ukrainian artillery hits Slavyansk children's hospital * VIDEO: Earthquake footage: 6.1 magnitude quake rocks streets in southwest China * A new Turkish aggression against Syria: Ankara suspends pumping Euphrates' water * VIDEO: Spain boosts cops' powers, non-violent protesters get hefty jail terms

30/05/2014 13:15:18 VIDEO: Vatican, Hitler, USA and Islam
--This video is the end result of another video that was recently posted regarding Switzerland courts allowing for the resurrection of the Nazi salute. You may be surprised to discover who first initiated this salute and who's actually using this long infamous salute right now.

30/05/2014 14:05:30 Vatican: Israel, Palestinian Peace Prayer June 8
"Francis has stressed that he is not seeking to jumpstart peace negotiations, but merely bring the two sides together to pray. He said he had arranged for a rabbi and a Muslim cleric to lead the prayers, along with him." --Yes, we all know that the Vatican is doing all it can to enforce Islam as a viable faith on the planet so as to have the means to enforce her mark on all. But were you also aware that Rome's plans for "peace" were prophesied long ago, and it is by these means "the little horn" of Daniel 7 shall "destroy many?" When speaking of this beast in Rome, Daniel 8:25 also says, "And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand." Now do you see why the cloud in Orion appears to be headed our way?

30/05/2014 13:15:18 VIDEO: Snowden: Obama Broke Vow to Change Bush Policies
"Snowden said Obama has failed to carry through on a pledge to reverse some of the policies of his predecessor. "He's embraced the policies and he's extended the policies," the former NSA contractor said."He's not Bush. He's his own president. But the consonance in the policies should be concerning for a lot of Americans.." --Prophecy says in Revelation 18:9-19 that the Roman power in the Vatican will eventually be snuffed out and all those that lived deliciously with her in the decadence of sin will mourn over the "smoke of her burning." That being said, I hope that before that time some like Snowden, who appear to be rather intelligent, will finally look at the facts as they are so blatantly laid out before them. In a nutshell, the reason a democratic president hasn't reversed the polices of a republican president is because they are both working for the same power located in Rome's Vatican. Many people already know this, and all students of prophecy have in fact proclaimed it for quite some time. But me thinks the overwhelming majority won't see the truth here unless one of two things happen. #1, they actually see the "smoke of her burning" in Rome and therefore discover how accurate Christian prophecy really is. Or #2, the eastern sky splits and their proverbial hindsight finally kicks in, albeit to late of course as Jeremiah 8:20 predicted for most. In any event, BOTH scenarios are racing towards us at break neck speeds. Maranatha!

30/05/2014 13:15:18 VIDEO: Military unveiling 'Iron Man' prototype suit
"The US military is weeks away from delivering its first version of a prototype combat suit reminiscent of Tony Stark's Iron Man. Called TALOS, or the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, the exoskeleton comes complete with cameras, computers, night-vision, medical telemetry and other sensors." --It's bad enough they're making suits designed to kill their fellowman more efficiently now-a-days. But to name them after demonic gods of mythology (Talos) boldly points their smoking gun directly to the gods of Pagan Rome that we all know run the military in the United States of America just as prophecy predicted so long ago. In short, they don't even bother hiding their actions anymore. But then, these are the last days when they think they have the upper hand just as Goliath thought in his day. Can you see the pebble sailing through the air yet? I know I can.

30/05/2014 13:15:18 Catholics need to risk being political party insurgents
"We all need to ask ourselves: Do we start with our partisan political bias and then shape our religious views to fit it, or the other way round? Do we let Catholic social teaching challenge the partisan orthodoxies, and our own opinions, on political matters? Neither party is a good fit for Catholic social teaching: Do we expect the party to change or the church?" --These words sound like the very same words the Beast has uttered over the last few decades to me. Only now, they do so with less pomp and circumstance so as to hide their long spoken agenda. As any history buff will tell you, the Catholic church never really changes, though they give the appearance of reforming to fool the masses. But as you can see here, being political party insurgents has been their goal all along: The Vatican has stated that "Constitutions can be changed, and non-Catholic sects may decline to such a point that the political proscription [ban] of them may become feasible and expedient. What protection would they have against a Catholic state?" -The State and the Church, pp.38,39, by Miller and Ryan, imprimatur of Cardinal Hayes. It was also stated by Rome that "They [Catholics] must penetrate wherever possible in the administration of civil affairs... all Catholics should do all in their power to cause the constitution of states, and legislation to be modeled on the principles of the true Church." -Encyclical of Leo XIII. As we've recently seen, the deadly wound which the papacy suffered in 1798 after 1260 years of papal supremacy has now been healed. Now the Catholic church is urging it's American congregants to transform this county into the united church and state image of the beast/Vatican the USA and all her churches were prophesied to become. The tools are already in place to enforce the Vatican's counterfeit Sabbath as the law of the land, and soon the deceived Papal faithful will flex the political muscle granted them via Rome's puppets in DC to make that law binding on all citizens regardless of religion or even lack thereof.

30/05/2014 13:15:18 Articles confirming the times we live in
How Bad of a Nightmare Are Middle East Christians Living? * VIDEO: 'Eurasian Economic Union a huge wake-up call for US and its power' * Now heirloom seeds are under threat from EU regulations * VIDEO: Family living in home with feces, corpse * Swiss group to allow assisted dying for elderly who are not terminally ill * VIDEO: Trump: Obama rejected $50 million for birth records * Veterans Affairs police caused fatal stroke by beating patient 'tired of waiting' * Death Toll from Bus Fire in Colombia Now Stands at 33, Mostly Children * 'We Have Never Experienced This': Chilling Drug Cartel-Style Threats Hit Texas Billboards * Michigan protests plan to store millions of gallons of nuclear waste next to the Great Lakes * Obamas partied like kings on Africa vacation * Top Hungary court backs clampdown on internet comments

29/05/2014 14:17:23 Rebuilding God's Temple from the inside out
"If the Jewish Temple is ever to be rebuilt in Jerusalem, the massive curtain 66 feet high by 33 feet wide and 2 inches thick that once hung in the Second Temple and was consumed by fire in A.D. 70, will need to be recreated. That task is already underway in the Jewish community of Shiloh, located in biblical Samaria about 40 minutes north of Jerusalem, reports Israel Today." --No, prophecy does not say a third temple will be rebuilt. However, many false teachers (like Ron Wyatt) and Catholic prelates continue to say otherwise. Why? They need to belittle what Jesus did 2000 years ago so as to exalt their false god today. As is obvious, most Christians don't read Bibles or even understand prophetic symbolism because the wolves they call pastors have been busy working for Satan so as to bring forth the devil himself who will claim to be Messiah to the Jew, Jesus to the Christian and Mohammed to the Muslim. Jesus clearly said "it is finished" (John 19:30) when He breathed His last for us at the same time that temple veil ripped signifying the end of the earthly temple's spiritual existence. (Matthew 27:51) But Satan and all those that worship him, will of course demand a third temple be built so as to make Jesus appear as a liar. Whether or not they are successful in building the third temple really doesn't matter anymore because so many deceived souls have already bowed to the lie that its purpose may have already been served. Still, as Jesus said long ago in John 5:43, "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive." Will he do it in a temple, on a TV, or at a grand opening of a new shopping mall? Who knows, who cares. The obedient Christians will be waiting for the REAL Jesus wherein not just every "camera eye" will see Him.

29/05/2014 14:17:23 Law groups urge government to revamp cyberbullying bill
"The bill announces itself about being about cyberbullying and protecting Canadians from online crime, but certainly it far exceeds those parameters?," Michael Spratt of the Criminal Lawyers' Association told the committee, adding the bill is "not only overly broad, but it's likely unconstitutional." ...However, the families of several teens who died after high-profile cyberbullying cases have said they support the bill, and the government has regularly invoked victims' rights in defending the bill's expansion of surveillance powers." --Amazing how easily Beelzebub (god of dung) is able to get his unjust laws passed isn't it? All he needs to do is convince a few bullies to kill and then get the parents of his victims to lobby law and brand new unjust laws are passed with sweeping powers like this one wherein in the end will be used to tag the intentional broad definition of "bullying" on everything from what they consider homophobia to prophetic sermons that expose their agenda. So be it.. our Lord already has His plans to get the message out no matter what they do. They can huff and puff like Goliath all they want. David is still going to glorify the Lord.

29/05/2014 14:17:23 Obama administration proposes race-based legal system in Hawaii
"President Barack Obama's administration has quietly suggested it is willing to create a two-tier race-based legal system in Hawaii, where one set of taxes, spending and law enforcement will govern one race, and the second set of laws will govern every other race. The diversity proposal is portrayed as an effort to create a separate in-state government for people who are “native Hawaiians." --Hmmmmm... I wonder... will that same racist format for law work well right here on the mainland? Perhaps with people born here as opposed to, oh I don't know... maybe those that prefer a more violent more middle-eastern type form of government? One that prefers something like ... Sharia as a way to kill... er.. um.. govern Christians? And no, this is not a far-fetched political concept at all. Do you recall how Roe-v-Wade started in just one State and then spread to all 50 states and then to almost every nation on earth? Or for those less educated in the historic aspect of things. (no matter how recent they may be) Perhaps recalling how homosexual marriage started in just one State and then spread like hellfire er.. um.. wildfire into many more states in just a few short months and is now actually being considered coast to coast as "law of the land" soon? Perhaps reality checks like this might make one realize that racist laws like the one proposed in Hawaii can really become the norm in any other state without too much trouble. I mean come on all ready, it is the last days when the days of Lot were predicted to be the norm right?

29/05/2014 14:17:22 VIDEO: Rahm Emanuel proposes videotaping every gun sale in Chicago
"Chicago's mayor has a novel idea for making those wanting to buy a gun think twice. Rahm Emanuel wants every gun sale captured on video. In January, a federal judge struck down Chicago's long-standing ban on gun stores, and the proposal is part of the city's attempt to come up with new methods to combat gun sales." --Some believe the politicians are doing this to help protect citizens from criminals who use guns in criminal acts. But the facts prove otherwise. First and foremost, all nations that removed guns from law abiding citizens saw a massive increase in violent crimes because none of the criminals turned in their guns knowing that all the law abiding citizens were sitting ducks ripe for picking. Secondly, the fact the DHS is buying billions of rounds in ammo, automatic weapons, bullet proof armor and bomb making materials suggests they aren't concerned that much about protecting citizens. The fact Obama is making plans to use the military against US citizens as we speak also suggests they doing exactly as German officials did right before Hitler took over. The disarming of citizens is so they can win the all out civil war they believe is inevitable. In either scenario, the citizens ignoring all the warning signs still in the cities will lose in a major way. But then, if you study prophecy you not only knew this was coming, you also know it's wise to get out of the cities. NOW.

29/05/2014 14:17:22 Articles confirming the times we live in
Pedophiles' brains wired differentlyVIDEO: White House: We Faked Vaccination Programs to Take DNA Samples * Top US astronomers: Alien life to be discovered within 20 yearsFlorida woman accused of killing 2-year-old while re-enacting Bible story * VIDEO: Court Rules Search Engines can Censor Results * Five Dead in Sierra Leone's First Ebola Outbreak * VIDEO: SCOTUS strikes down Florida execution guidelines * First edible insect farm opens in US * Russia steps up war on U.S. dollar *  Parents jailed for hurting child’s feelings? * Over 100 killed in Nigeria bombings * VIDEO: Your Tax Dollars Pay for Child Rape, Sex Trafficking and Fraud at Planned Parenthood

28/05/2014 05:22:10 VIDEO: Pope Francis in Middle East: 'He is our hero
"Pope Francis is on a three-day tour to the Middle East during which he is visiting Jordan, the Palestinian territories, and Israel. It is the pontiff's first visit to the Holy Land since his election last year." --When I was a teen I saw a News Reporter ask an Orthodox Jew on camera the following question. (I must paraphrase as the statement was made decades ago) "As a Jew, your people have been at war for thousands of years. Will you ever find peace?" What the Jew said next I remember word for word. So there is no need for me to paraphrase his response. He said, and I quote, "We would follow Antichrist himself if he offered us peace." This is EXACTLY what they're doing today! In fact, Jesus said long ago in John 5:43, "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive."

28/05/2014 05:22:07 VIDEO: Fred Phelps May Have Had A Change Of Heart Toward Gays, Relative Says
"Pastor Fred Phelps, the infamous founder of the intolerant, quasi-religious Westboro Baptist Church, apparently had a change of heart before his death". --It isn't really worth watching the video, but if you must, be forewarned there is foul language. Fred Phelps was the lead pastor of the notoriously vile Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). The WBC has made headlines over the years mainly by protesting funerals and mocking the deaths of homosexuals, Jews, American soldiers, and pro-abortion activists. I believe most protestant denominations were started in good faith by people who genuinely wanted to serve the Lord. Over the decades and centuries they became corrupted, but WBC was the work of Satan from the start. They were formed for the purpose of making churches like ours look bad. The Seventh Day Remnant Church practices the old adage "hate the sin but love the sinner." But at the same time we are not afraid to call sin what it is. We don't hate homosexuals, but we do warn them of their need to repent. Still, because of the actions of Mr. Phelps' church, when we try to help the sinner we are called hate-mongers and homophobes. People will say "you're just like the Westboro Baptist Church!" We warn the Jewish people they need to accept Christ as Lord, which will lead us to be labeled Jew-hater's "just like the Westboro Baptist Church." We know the truth about the USA's prophesied destiny and will be labeled anti-American subversives "just like the Westboro Baptist Church." We know abortion is murder and will be accused of wanting pro-abortion supporters to die "just like the Westboro Baptist Church," and so on and so on. As for Mr. Phelps' alleged change of heart, whether it's true or not, he didn't do himself any favors. If he really went from hating homosexuals to suddenly approving of their perverse lifestyles, then all he did was go from one wrong end of the spectrum to the other wrong end. Me thinks it's just another church bowing to the 501c3 ecumenical stipulations so as to have a piece of the Roman pie. In any event, there's simply nothing good about telling a brother or sister caught up in any type of sin that God suddenly has no problem with their behavior. But now when we share these truths, our enemies will be able to cite Phelps' alleged change of heart and claim that if a bigot like Phelps can change and we refuse, then we are even worse than he was. The hatred we are going to be subjected to will be unbelievably fierce. This is expected and we know that keeping in daily communion with our Lord will get us through it. So pray often and study the Word as much as possible.

28/05/2014 05:22:04 Congress reaffirms indefinite detention of Americans under NDAA
"This amendment would eliminate indefinite detention in the United States and its territories," Rep. Adam Smith (D-Washington), a co-author of the failed amendment, said during floor debate on Wednesday, "So basically anybody that we captured, who we suspected of terrorist activity, would no longer be subject to indefinite detention, as is now, currently, the law." --It's no surprise this amendment was voted down last Thursday. The fact that indefinite detention is even legal in the first place proves most politicians in Washington DC view the soon changing constitution as nothing but a historic document from a bygone era. Martial law is looming on the horizon and getting out of the cities while you still have time is imperative. If your new to this website and haven't been joining us online for church services, this past Sabbath pastor Craig gave a wonderful sermon using examples from the bible to prove the Lord is warning His people to abandon the cities for spiritually (and physically) safer country living. If you missed it you can listen it at this link. Scroll down to the bottom and click on "A Call to Country Living part 1." As you can see there are hundreds of past sermons and bible studies for you to check out as well. That being said, I invite you to join us for services online live. Here are the times we meet and I hope you can be with us soon.

28/05/2014 05:21:58 Articles confirming the times we live in
Laos Christians Still Detained as EU-Laos Human Rights Talks Begin * Zhejiang Province Unleashes Massive Attack on Over 64 Churches in China * Artist cooks, eats own hip on 'whim' * VIDEO: Helicopter view of Colorado 4 MILE LONG Landslide * Pregnant Pakistani woman stoned to death by family * VIDEO: Teacher body-slams student over cookie * Feds' biosurveillance to grab private medical records * VIDEO: Michelle Obama ADMITS on camera that Obama was born in Kenya!

27/05/2014 16:25:51 Pope kills plan to open secret archives
"Pope Francis nixed a plan to open secret Vatican archive files relevant to the Holocaust following pressure from Germany and France..." --Is this not par for the course? To bolster his "humanitarian" image, the last few popes demand the "secret" archives be open to the public, then after the praise and adulation subside, they change their mind so as to keep the facts hidden. First of all, how is it no one sees how wrong it is that a "church" has secret archives when it comes to wars of the past? How's that possible? Since when did Jesus instruct us to do anything in secret? And since when did Jesus ever instruct anyone to be a party to politics? Especially those that are designed to see millions dead? Secondly, we all know why he nixed plans to open those archives. Anyone with a competent view of history knows once opened, everyone else will know the Popes were not only responsible for the creation of Hitler and the slaughter he initiated in obedience to his Pope's command, it will also be discovered the methods they used back then to kill so many are the very same methods being used today by all nations in bed with Rome to bring about the long prophesied New World Order. The silver lining in all this? Prophecy says this church will be exposed in the end. I praise God that day is racing towards them as we speak!

27/05/2014 16:25:51 VIDEO: Switzerland rules nazi salute ok if "no intent to offend"
"Switzerland has ruled that giving the Nazi salute in public is perfectly legal, so long as you don't mean to be racist about it. According to a new ruling, the act is only punishable if you're pushing hateful ideology." --There is something very important they aren't actually mentioning here. Everyone knows Hitler was heavily controlled and ritualistically influenced by the Roman Catholic church. His Swastika was found first on the walls and floors of the Vatican. And you may not realize this, but what's called the Nazi salute of today was actually used first in Pagan Rome. Hence, that too was brought forth by the Vatican itself that presented it to the world via Hitler. Click here to see who also uses that exact same salute today.

27/05/2014 16:25:51 Pedophiles’ Brains Wired Differently
"Pedophiles' brains are "abnormally tuned" to find young children attractive, according to a new study published this week. The research, led by Jorge Ponseti at Germany's University of Kiel, means that it may be possible to diagnose pedophiles in the future before they are able to offend." --It will also allow for pedophiles to be considered "normal" in society in the exact same way homosexuals are now seen. In fact, this claim that pedophiles are "wired differently" is the exact same excuse used decades ago when the push to legalize homosexuality became apparent in the USA. As expected, they are moving ahead as planned to legalize pedopheilia.

27/05/2014 16:25:51 NSA Reform Bill Passes the House, With a Gaping Loophole
"The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that would end the NSA's mass collection of Americans' phone records. Unfortunately, it may not end the NSA's mass collection of Americans' phone records." --No, the author of the article didn't hiccup an entire sentence. The Bill re-write is an absolute joke. To be honest, I'm not sure why they even bothered. It may just be that the love for unjust laws is too strong for some to forgo and so they keep the law on the books, but attempt re-writes to calm opposition. In this case.. strike two.

27/05/2014 16:25:51 Articles confirming the Times we live in
Persecuted Christians Fleeing Iran for Germany * China's Demolition of Church in Wenzhou Leaves Christians Uneasy * VIDEO: RIVERSIDE: Resident sues city over clapping arrest * Democrat Compares Bill Allowing Late-Term Abortions to the 10 Commandments * VIDEO: Dangerous beauty: Incredible time-lapse footage of supercell storms * Planned Parenthood Uses God to Sell Abortions, Letter Tells Women Clergy Say Abortion's Okay * Judge: Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Must Answer for Massive Medicaid Fraud Scheme * This 'Misdirection Tactic' is Used by Mainstream Media When Reporting Outbreaks * VIDEO: Woman with massive tumor turned away because of lack of insurance * VIDEO: Scientists shocked to spot giant asteroid with Saturn-like rings * Parents jailed for hurting child's feelings

26/05/2014 19:06:07 VIDEO: Pope Francis on the Esplanade of Mosques: May no one abuse the name of God through violence!
"Pope Francis visited the Esplanade of Mosques in Jerusalem's old city barefooted. He went to Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest place in Islam." --As expected, he bows to the false gods of Islam and calls them his "dear brothers" so as to further garner support for his long prophesied ecumenical movement, which without creating the religion of Islam would be impossible today. But here's why I posted the video. His hypocrisy is absolutely amazing here. He stated, and I quote, "May no one abuse the name of God through violence." As historic fact conformed long ago, the office of Pope has seen literally hundreds of millions of innocent people killed for their faith in Christ, but worse yet, this Pope is a Jesuit who in fact took the Jesuit oath that repeats the following bloodcurdling words, (WARNING! GRAPHIC STATEMENTS) "I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus." (See entire oath here) Sometimes it's that easy to expose the hypocrite and liar simultaneously. Or as prophecy calls him, the man of sin.

26/05/2014 19:06:07 Killer virgin' claimed video games changed 'innocent, happy self'
"In his lengthy written manifesto, Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger wrote video games would impact "my innocent, happy self" and would play a significant role in his life. ...Of course, while playing these video games, my innocent, happy self knew nothing of the significant role video games would play during a large portion of my life...and the sanctuary such games would provide for me from the cruelties of this world." --Even though Christians have been warning people for years about the dangers of these violent video games and even though this kid admits the game did exactly as Christians warned they would do to him, don't expect these demonic games to be off the shelves any time soon. Also notice how the killer quotes from the violent video game character word for word in how he plans to kill. Notice how he even mimics the laugh of the demon in the game. Many will claim the game did not influence him so as to keep the sales going. But the truth is blazingly apparent in this case. Still.. violent games like this will never be removed from store shelves so as to allow our children to continue on their trek towards Hell. Proof? Christians have been warning people about Rock music even longer. Since the 1950's in fact! And literally thousands have admitted in writing that the music did "change them." (I admitted this when I first found Christ) Yet.. many decades later, the music is not only still widely popular and available everywhere, so much so it's piped into elevators, offices and grocery stores, the music is many times worse than it ever was. Everything from blatant rape and murder to mocking and blasphemy of our Lord is considered acceptable. After all, it's just a form of "art" as they claim.

26/05/2014 19:06:07 Judge: Obama Admin Can’t Force Christian Colleges to Obey HHS Mandate
"The lawsuit, Dordt College v. Sebelius, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Iowa, Western Division, argues that the mandate violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as well as the First and Fifth amendments to the U.S. Constitution".  --On the surface this sounds like good news.  But if the only thing stopping the government's mandate is the constitution, there is an easy way for the Obama administration to rectify that speedbump.  Just do away with it as prophecy predicted. When the First Amendment is discarded we can expect this website to be taken offline.  As a church we are a very small group of people as prophecy also predicted, so please, if you have ideas on how to help get our message out to as many people as possible when poGm is taken down, please contact this ministry as soon as possible at this link.  Yes, we've been working on different ideas for some time now, but we are always open to new suggestions. Who knows? Perhaps you'll have an idea that we never even took into consideration. Please don't think your input isn't needed, or that somebody else probably already submitted an idea you have. You don't know that for sure so keep those suggestions coming in. I Thank you in advance.  :)

26/05/2014 19:06:07 Articles confirming the Times we live in
Christian cop loses appeal-must attend mosqueVIDEO: Floods in southern China kills 19 people * They worship the spirit of death * VIDEO: Teacher's 'pay to pee' scheme made children wet their pants: parents * Critics Say Food Safety Standards Could Be Threatened by U.S./EU Trade Agreement * VIDEO: Massive wildfire in Russia * Yet another 'gay Christian' book emerges * VIDEO: Dozens of veterans' bodies never buried * Philly mayor set to perform homosexual weddings * VIDEO: Train accident kills at least 40 in northern India * Area evacuated as Alaska wildfire grows

25/05/2014 15:37:11 VIDEO: Scientists to Congress: aliens exist!
"Congress decided to spend some time figuring out whether intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe, and they learned that yes, it does. Two top astronomers, Dan Werthimer from the University of California and Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute, testified before congress there is a near 100 percent certainty aliens exist." --Rome's UFO agenda is now in full swing now that scientists are chiming in (as expected) so as to make that which Hollywood actor and Vatican puppet, Ronald Reagan stated back in 1987 appear necessary so as to bring about world peace. (See that video clip here) Even though both he and Pope John Paul II worked "craftily" together so as to destroy many "using peace" as the prophet Daniel predicted, (See Daniel 8:25) both of these men became mentally crippled in their old age. Therefore, the powers that be today must keep both their images uplifted in the eyes of many so as to keep their long prophesied agenda believable. This is why most modern day politicians on both sides of the aisle worship Reagan, and John Paul II was recently canonized a saint. They need to get the masses to forget what was so apparent when it came to how untrustworthy and frail their plans truly are.

25/05/2014 15:37:10 VIDEO: 'I’ll be a god': man makes sadistic video before murderous rampage in Santa Barbara
"I hate all of you. Humanity is a disgusting, wretched, depraved species," he said. "If I had it in my power, I would stop at nothing to reduce every single one of you into mountains of skulls and rivers of blood." --Yes, the media is stating he is mentally ill, but as you watch this video, you will see he is most assuredly possessed by a demon. But saying such things in public makes the Bible appear very real for many, so the media does all it can to hide certain realities. In any event, this kid's rampage and demise is the end result of today's society. Everywhere you look you see sex being used to sell everything from cars to candy bars. Compile that with the most violent movies and video games known to man and you get kids without morals and the coldest hearts imaginable. He literally admits he is killing innocent people because the girls he lusted after rejected him over the years and since he is now 22 years of age and still a virgin, they must now die. What a sick twisted world we live in. If it wasn't for the government school system that is designed to fuel his lust and his rampage, 6 are dead and 7 are injured!

25/05/2014 15:37:10 China, Iran and Russia: Restructuring the global order
"Ironically, instead of attempting to build new bridges and forging new partnerships to stall their declining global status as the balance of power shifts away from Europe and North America, Western governments unwisely antagonise key powers. Spying on the Brazilian president does not help, denying a visa to the next Indian prime minister can spell trouble ahead, giving strong warnings to China can raise tensions, but threatening Russia with economic warfare may prove to be a game changer". --This article paints the governments of the United States and the European Union as evil, (which is true) and the governments of China, Iran and Russia as having more noble intentions. (which is not true) In other words, this is just a propaganda piece on behalf of the Eastern nations.  East vs West on a global scale is comparable to Republicans vs Democrats on a national scale here in the USA.  It's basically a political theater for the masses. Basic reality is, none have any real concern for the welfare of their citizens.  But as the EU and the US align themselves with Israel and Japan in preparation for a global war against the aforementioned China, Russia and Iran, along with North Korea as well, we can clearly see the time of trouble, such as never was since there was nation even at that same time (Daniel 12:1) is on the very near horizon.  Along with all the natural disasters, these events will cause the citizens of the nations to be brought to their knees in despair and decide to turn to God for help.  But because they refuse to read their bibles, they'll seek guidance from the apostate religious leaders of the churches, who are now under the agreed leadership of the man of sin.  Who knows, maybe the East vs West tensions won't even escalate to an all out war.  After all with riots and civil wars breaking out within one nation after another Rome's depopulation agenda can still be achieved.  One large global war or dozens of smaller ones, either way Daniel 12:1's time of trouble is rolling along as we speak. The good news is Daniel 12:1 ends with this: "... at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book".  Is your name written in the book of life?  If not, now is the time to have your name added.

25/05/2014 15:37:10 Articles confirming the Times we live in
This week's Earthquake Report * Key Leader of Somalia’s Underground Church Slain * VIDEO: Foster children as young as one on psychotropic drugs * Christian sites in Europe face 'tremendous' rise in vandalism * VIDEO: Students create porn site of classmates * 25% of Americans Saving $0 for Retirement, Report Says * VIDEO: N.Y. State Suggests HIV Tests For 13-Year-Olds, Sex Ed In Elementary School * School Shows Children Same-Sex Marriage Propaganda Video

23/05/2014 17:07:24 VIDEO: Current Events In Prophecy part 2
--As promised, and thanks to all the emails requesting part two be posted quickly, I rushed this the video to YouTube as fast as possible. I pray it is a blessing to all, and I also pray many seeds are planted in fertile soil so as to make the family in Heaven that much larger. (New to the site? Click here for part 1)

23/05/2014 17:07:24 Tennessee brings back the electric chair
"The court made it clear over the years that the Eighth Amendment prohibits inflicting pain merely to torture or punish an inmate, drawing a distinction between a method like electrocution and old European practices such as drawing and quartering. The Constitution prohibits "unnecessary and wanton infliction of pain," the court said in 1976... First used by New York State in 1890, the electric chair was employed throughout the 20th century to execute hundreds and is still an option in eight states. Since 1976, 158 inmates have been executed by electrocution. It was considered humane when it was first introduced but has resulted in many horrific executions over the years". --Still think a "civilized" country like the United States would never revert to something as barbaric as guillotines? In the time it takes you to finish reading this, anesthesiologists worldwide will successfully put thousands of surgery patients to sleep, yet we're supposed to believe executioners are too incompetent to do the same thing here in the most technologically advanced nation on earth? Or that they cannot somehow obtain the necessary drugs because of a shortage, when every other drug, legal or illegal, is as easy to get buying bubblegum at the corner market? You don't have to be a prophet to see that plans are afoot to have as many "accidents" as it takes to get the Supreme Court to mandate a foolproof way to ensure the victim dies within seconds. Here's a sickening thought to contemplate; there are actually people in positions of power currently meeting in groups to discuss ways to make upcoming executions as brutal and torturous as possible so as to push this political agenda. If that's not bad enough, as the media turns this into a national debate, how many of us will hear family members, friends and coworkers admit they're actually fine with these executions being as painful as possible? Or worse yet, when will they start to discuss televising executions so as to entertain the masses as Rome did 2000 years ago? Perilous times have arrived. If you are still not serious about your walk, I fear for your eternity.

23/05/2014 17:26:58 Convert from Islam in Kenya Beaten, Arrested
"Those in the mosque beat him with a blunt object, kicked him and struck him until he was unconscious". --Will President Obama publically condemn the treatment of his fellow Christian and Kenyan countryman at the hands of Muslims? Sorry, dumb question. Obama isn't a really a Christian. The evidence of his Muslim faith is overwhelming. He also denies being Kenyan by birth, though in case you missed it, his wife said otherwise on camera. But leaving that aside, let's focus on our new Christian brother Hassan Hussein Mohammed. This brave man refused to deny his newfound love for Jesus inside a mosque full of Christian hating Muslims no less. Odds are he's not a Sabbath keeper. (yet) I don't know that for sure, but regardless, he demonstrated his loyalty and faith to the King of kings in a major way by putting his life at risk rather than denying Him. How many among us clam up to spare ourselves from something as paltry as being verbally ridiculed when we're around non-believers? How many of us refuse to deny our friends request to sin because we don't want to come off as obedient to Christ? This beaten believer was later arrested for the "crime" of converting to Christianity and his whereabouts are currently unknown. So please keep him in prayer. But also let him be a source of inspiration for you the next time a "friend" tempts you to laugh at a vulgar joke, watch a sinful program or even commit a sin because it's fun. Don't be afraid to tell anybody about your Christian faith. In fact, tell all who will listen and do so boldly. Bottom line is, there are no gray areas in Christianity. Either you love to speak of Jesus, or you are ashamed to speak of Jesus. Jesus said in Mark 8:38, "Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels."

23/05/2014 17:07:24 Articles confirming the times we live in
Boko Haram Leader Pledges War Against Christians * Homosexual Marriage Movement Gains Momentum as Federal Judge Strikes Down Another Ban * VIDEO: Shocking number of toddlers are medicated for ADHD * Judge: Utah must honor same-sex marriages performed during 17-day window * VIDEO: Palestinian Child Recites Poem on Hamas TV to Commemorate Nakba: I Shall Buy a Bullet * Openly Homosexual Judge Strikes Down Oregon’s Ban on Same-Sex 'Marriage' * VIDEO: Painful and rapid spread of new virus in Caribbean * AIDS Expert Fired for Testifying Homosexual Sex Is Harmful to Public Health * VIDEO: House passes NSA 'reforming' USA Freedom Act * Pro-Life Teen Assaulted After Standing for Life, His Reaction is Priceless

22/05/2014 18:43:16 Wisconsin Megachurch Pastor to Entertain Hollywood A-List at Cannes Film Festival
"A Wisconsin megachurch pastor hopes to entertain some of Hollywood's A-list crowd at the Cannes Film Festival in France where he plans to present his popular and humorous "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" seminar." --The prophecy is clear. Isaiah 30:10 stated long ago that the people of today, "Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:" These megachurch preachertainers are not what the Bible defines as men of God. The term "megachurch" confirms they are very appealing to the worldly Isaiah 4:1 type of Christian. Anyone that reads (and believes) a Bible knows, these megachurch pastors are the perfect definition of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

22/05/2014 18:43:16 Florida man demands right to wed computer
"Man sues for the right to marry his porn-laden Macbook, arguing that if gays are allowed to marry then so should other sexual minorities." --I have to admit, as a student of prophecy I did see the present day push for polygamy in the media as a no-brainer so as to set the stage for legalized pedophilia, which is already allowed in the Vatican and Islam. You can verify that as fact in how they are not only allowed to police themselves in regards to such crazed crimes, they are rarely incarcerated when their satanic perversion spills over into the mainstream. One can expect that if the Lord tarries much longer in His return, we will see bestiality and even necrophilia legalized. But I have to say this guy wanting to marry his computer caught me completely off guard. Wow! He truly wants to wed his macbook because the porn he has in it has become much more "fulfilling" to him than being with an actual woman. What is this world coming to? You guessed it.. AN END!

19/05/2014 18:19:25 VIDEO: Current Events in Prophecy part 1
--This video outlines some current events within and without the church that declare boldly we need to get serious about preparing for our Lord's soon return. I pray you are blessed by what is shared here. And yes, there is a part 2 coming soon.

05/11/2014 16:17:34 VIDEO: Rome readying for Sunday Laws
 --As expected, disobedient church leaders are right now putting forth a concerted effort to suggest church "action" is now necessary to address the increase in calamities around the world. If you are a student of prophecy you know this "action" will eventually lead to the long prophesied excuse that Sunday Laws are needed to appease God so as to stop the disasters. We also know this excuse will be fabricated as a way to stop the Loud Cry from proceeding. That being said, ARE YOU doing your part to proclaim the Loud Cry?