31/05/2012 13:11:16 Planned Parenthood Encourages Sex-Selection Abortion
"The investigative pro-life group Live Action, which has released videos exposing the abuses at the Planned Parenthood abortion business across the country, has released a new video today showing a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Austin, Texas encouraging a woman to get a sex-selection abortion." --And still this mass-murdering government funded organization is still funded and protected by our elected leaders? Now that they are encouraging people to kill their babies because they don't want a little girl, it won't be long before their hair color will be a factor in whether they live or die! Over 100,000,000 girls have already been killed simply because they're girls! And I'm not talking about China! When will this end? When Jesus appears before every eye on the planet proving He is God, and He is very much alive!

31/05/2012 13:11:16 Body parts suspect focus of intnl manhunt
"The search for Luka Rocco Magnotta, the 29-year-old suspect in the grisly slaying and dismemberment of a victim whose body parts were sent in the mail, has now spread beyond Canada." --One week we hear of a man eating a homeless man's face, then we hear of a mother decapitating and then eating parts of her infant child, and now we have a man killing people and sending their body parts to random people in the mail? Still think demonic possession is just a myth of paranoid Bible thumpers? If so, are you prepared to be the next victim of Satan's rampage? Want to know how to be saved? If so, click here.

30/05/2012 13:58:20 Black Pastors to be coached for 2012 election!

"Representative Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri revealed on MSNBC Tuesday that lawyers from the ACLU, IRS administrators, and even Attorney General Eric Holder will soon be speaking with hundreds of pastors in the African-American community on how they can best comport themselves throughout the 2012 election. We will have representatives from nine denominations who actually pastor somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million people," he said, "and we're going to first of all equip them with the information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501c3 status with the IRS." --Keep in mind when those government funded pastors finally discover the truth about what the remnant people preach, by law they will be unable to warn their own flock of danger! Lyndon Johnson set up the 501C3 in 1954 and they simply waited until the majority of the money hungry pastors signed on to gain tax benefits. Then Bush signed all 501C3 pastors on as "Government Agents" on July 7, 2006 locking them in a spiritual death grip. Now yes, some pastors will realize their snafu and try to warn their flock anyway. However, when they do so, the government will fine them sometimes up to millions of dollars depending how long they've been enjoying their tax free benefits. They signed a contract and must abide by the small print they no doubt missed in that contract! Prophecy said they would preach for money long ago, and now we see how the love of money has prevented them from doing their duty! Ask your pastor if he has a 501C3. If he does, show him this page on my site. And by  the way, it's no mistake they are targeting only black pastors in this up coming meeting. They want to keep that 17% voting block in check so as to assure Obama gets their vote. Or at least prevent the pastors from influencing their flock from voting otherwise.

30/05/2012 13:58:20 Mother decapitates and then eats her baby boy
"33 year old Otty Sanchez decapicated, stabbed, then ate her 3 1/2-week old son. She ate the brains, fingers, and chewed off the toes. Afterwards she torn off the childs face meaning she ripped it off. She said the devil made her do it, and she wants her son back." --Still don't think the devil is roaring across the land seeking souls to possess knowing he has little time left to drag as many as he can to Hell with him? If so, he may be visiting your home next. After all, he loves going after those that refuse to read Bibles because he knows they have no clue as to how to spiritually protect themselves.

29/05/2012 10:02:35 New Italian earthquake death toll rises to 15
"A magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit northern Italy on Tuesday, killing at least 15 people in the same region still struggling to recover from another fatal tremor on May 20." --One can only hope some will realize the God of creation is soon to arrive and all those found in Babylon will die there. By the way, have you noticed the increase in earthquakes the last few days?

29/05/2012 10:02:35 CNN Wants This Video Banned (SEE WHY)
--What bothers me is how videos like this never seem to make it to the main stream media. This is why so many people have strange ideas about what's happening. They simply have no idea and therefore try to give their opinion. In this video you hear real concerns from the people and because it proves the people are fed up with the prophesied unjust laws and robbery of the poor, the media ignores their plight and then tries to hand pick people from the crowd to talk to that will paint a picture they want to paint. Problem is, it doesn't work well anymore because everyone is upset now. This angry mindset is boiling all across the nation and soon there will be a major problem for those in power. Are they worried? Not really. They've had 600+ prison camps set up years ago knowing this would eventually happen. Just as Hitler set up his camps in advance knowing full well the people would revolt, America has now done the same, further proving the Vatican is in control of D.C. The very same Rome that created Hitler is seeing it's mortal wound heal right here in America as expected. Still think Christian prophecy is a joke? I don't see too many people laughing any more. Do you?!

28/05/2012 11:11:19 Man yells 'Blair is a war criminal!' at Leveson Inquiry
"A protester burst in on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as he testified at a UK inquiry into media ethics at London's Royal Courts of Justice on Monday. The protester gained entrance to the court through a secure corridor and shouted "This man should be arrested for war crimes!" before being removed by security." --As we get nearer to the return of our King, more and more fed up citizens will be coming forward as this man did. The truth has to be shared about what's going on. It's so sad though that everyone in that court appeared to blow off everything he said.

28/05/2012 11:11:18 Naked man killed by police for eating man's face
"The officer ...approached and saw that the naked man was actually chewing the other man's head, according to witnesses. The officer ordered the naked man to back away, and when he continued the assault, the officer shot him. The attacker continued to eat the man, despite being shot, forcing the officer to continue firing. Witnesses said they heard at least a half dozen shots." --The man was obviously possessed. Still, why kill him? Wouldn't a taser worked here?

27/05/2012 12:52:18 Obama Admits He Is A Muslim
"Obama admits that he is a Muslim. Obama bowing before a Muslim king. Obama talking about his Muslim family. Obama quoting from the Koran. Obama defending Islam. Obama visiting a Mosque. And many more clips of Obama and his Muslim connections." --The video title is a bit misleading. Obama doesn't outright state he is a Muslim, and yes there is one quote in the video I know is out of context. But the fact remains, when you compile all the things this man has done for the Muslims, as well as how he uplifts Islam, their "holy" book and how he attacks Christians, you don't even need the out of context Freudian slip to know, yes, this man is a Muslim. That is why I post it.

27/05/2012 12:52:18 Pastor charged after camera found in church bathroom
"A Tippecanoe County pastor is facing charges of voyeurism as the investigation continues. Police say Robert Lyzenga was arrested after cameras disguised as air fresheners were found in the women's bathroom at Sunrise Christian Reformed Church in Lafayette." --If the church you attend does not embrace God's Law as the norm for obedient Christians, then you will need to be prepared for such things as this. Case in point. Look at how evil the Roman Catholic church has become. Following after that beast is bound to make its fruits appear in every church that embraces Roman theology as Gospel.

27/05/2012 12:59:27 Ontario girl's online banking speech goes viral
"Her articulate, punchy speech took third place at a speaking conference in Toronto. Her father posted a video of her speech online which has led to speaking engagements in Philadelphia and Montreal." --She's been taught error regarding Matthew 21 of course. Jesus didn't cast out the money changers because they were manipulating the currency to rob the people. Yes, they were robbing the people, but even if they were conducting business without robbing them, Jesus still said in Matthew 21:13 that "It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves." Conducting business, and not prayer is why He cast them out. Only the things of God were to be done in the church. Still, everything else this young girl says about the banks is dead on. It's amazing how she illustrates all of the economic woes can be easily repaired. But those that purposely corrupted the system aren't about to give up now. James 5:3 confirms that! The mountain of literal skeletons in their closets prove they will stop at nothing to keep their green flowing. So pray for them.

25/05/2012 12:50:45 Canada vs totalitarian govt crackdown
"Nearly 700 arrests have been made overnight in Canada, during the latest protest in Quebec against a huge planned rise in student tuition fees. The rallies have been on-going for more than 100 days. Police in Montreal dispersed unsanctioned protests and arrested 518 demonstrators on Wednesday night." --For the last 100 days the students have protested peacefully. However, the powers that be got fed up. So instead of stopping the problems that are causing the students to protest, they opt rather to pass laws that make protest illegal. They then they swoop in and actually attack and arrest the students. Unjust laws are the norm everywhere now, just as all students of prophecy expected.

25/05/2012 12:50:45 Caught on tape: Passed out and robbed by many!
"It was a crime caught on tape, not once, or twice, but a whole series of thefts as bar patrons decide to strip a passed out man of his belongings rather than send for help." --In the very last hours of earth's history, this is something that is to be expected all over the world in civilized as well as uncivilized societies. Still, unless some actually see it happening first hand with their own eyes, they won't believe. So, check out the video, if you must.

24/05/2012 13:33:01 Nazi Kindergarten Shame
"A kindergarten in Latvia has been dragged into a row over teaching tyranny, after its toddlers were given a lesson by Nazi sympathisers, including getting hands-on with SS weapons." --Keep in mind, most of Germany is Roman Catholic. Also keep in mind that Rome's mortal wound is just about healed. As expected, the Vatican is about to form her fourth Reich. Training the children to idolize Nazism is a necessary cog in that wheel.

24/05/2012 13:33:01 Work Permits To Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants
"AB 1544, also known as the Work Permit Bill, would make tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who are already working in the food service or agricultural industry eligible to receive a work permit and legal status." --Place this Bill on the stack with the others as well as Obama's "Dream Act" and you have a massive amount of Roman Catholic voters that not only worship Obama for what he's doing for them, they will do whatever their priests tells them to and vote to keep him in office so as to assure their meal ticket continues on.

23/05/2012 13:49:30 NY cop ok's crime as long as he's obeyed
"A uniformed NYPD sergeant was caught on video unleashing a vulgar tirade against a group of Brooklyn men, threatening them with his gun even while condoning their criminal behavior. ...Sgt. Lesly Charles even indicated that some criminal activity is apparently OK on his beat, as long as he's paid proper respect. ...Charles, reached at home yesterday, said, "I'm just doing God's work. You know I can't comment ...Have a blessed day." --This is actually the norm in all US cities now. No, not all cops are corrupt, but most are now. I feel for the guy that taped this. He's in real danger now I'm sure. As you listen to this cop he sounds like he's the main gangster in the area and all others must bow to him. He has the power of the law behind him and he knows it. He even threatens to murder the guy and call his mother afterwards. Worse yet, the cop then tells the reporters that he's doing God's work?! Why does he think this? As we saw during the Katrina disaster, the cops are being told they can do all they wish because they are "ordained by God" as per Romans 13:1. Yes, they are ordained to be in that position. But they are not ordained to commit crimes, nor allow for crime! They will be held accountable just as the unjust husbandmen when that which was prophesied in Matthew 21:41 comes to fruition. .

23/05/2012 13:49:30 Closer look at the Muslim Brotherhood
--Keep in mind this Muslim brotherhood has direct ties to Obama who has even given them hundreds of millions of US tax dollars. They admit on camera here that Sharia Law is their main focus. In that law, Christians are legally beheaded. Now you do realize prophecy states that some of us will be beheaded for our faith, right? Couple that fact with the reality that the Vatican has been documented as the creators of the religion of Islam, and you have a perfect storm of exposure pointing directly at the Antichrist in Rome!

23/05/2012 13:49:30 Data Tattoo
--In this video they show how they can create a temporary tattoo that hides an electronic circuit in plain sight. Ok, first of all, this is not the mark of the beast. Those that study prophecy with eyes that see know this. If you need more info on the mark, click here. Still, a tattoo like this can be used to control either the wearer of the tattoo, or someone that is close to the one wearing it. What I mean is, someone can have this wireless device on them in your home broadcasting information to authorities if need be. Yes, it's a medical device now. But since when do they ever stop there? Those of us that do the research know; whatever technology the general public has, the government has technology sometimes 20 to even 30 years more advanced! In short, without Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour blessing you with not only eternal wisdom but discernment as to what's up, you're literally a sitting duck now.

22/05/2012 14:05:50 Pastor says homosexuals should be electrocuted!
"The pastor, identified on YouTube as Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C., condemns President Obama's much-publicized endorsement of same-sex marriage while calling for gays and lesbians to be put in an electrified pen and ultimately killed off." --Obama is most assuredly the most evil president we have had to date. PLEASE pray for this man. The lust for power is destroying him right before our eyes. There are so many different "divisions" among Americans now due to his desire to do as Rome demands is amazing. Everything from race to politics has Americans arguing with their neighbors, and now his commanders are demanding he go after the churches. I guess the contraception fiasco wasn't enough to fuel the flames of hatred in our nation. So in order to fan them up a bit, Obama endorsed same sex marriage and now pastors like this, who claim to be leaders in the Christian faith no less, declare homosexuals should be murdered?! Will this not make Christians hated even more? EXACTLY! That's what prophecy said they would do all along!

22/05/2012 14:05:50 Bisexual Pastor, Divides Church Softball League
"James Semmelroth Darnell has been a pastor at St. John United Church since October and is openly bisexual, a fact that caused his church pull out of the St. Clair Church Softball League after other teams refused to play against them." --The term "bisexual pastor" just a few years ago would be considered an oxymoron. Today? Not so much. The fact this "pastor" is not married also suggests he is having "relations" with male and females outside of marriage. So besides be homosexual, he is now a fornicator as well. And he's a pastor? Worse yet, people go to his church? If that's not bad enough, all his church members defend their pastor and feel the other churches wronged THEM somehow? Satan has got to be literally strutting around like some sort of proud peacock on this one!

21/05/2012 14:06:11 'We want NATO ended': Thousands march in Chicago
"NATO's summit in Chicago has been greeted by crowds of activists pouring into the city streets to protest against the bloc's costly and deadly wars. Saturday saw clashes with police and further arrests, with the protesters pledging their numbers will swell over the next two days." --Still think this can't happen in your neighborhood? I not only grew up in the Chicago area, I worked in the Loop for years and I have to say, this is not normal for the people there. They are genuinely upset! And by the way, notice what they said at the start of the video. The police kept the protesters 2 miles away from the NATO meeting! In other words, protesting is a complete waste of time now. This is why the many prophesied unjust laws get passed every year. Our political leaders never get to hear their constituents concerns about their unjust plans! Satan actually has them bathing in a false sense of security as well as every life they affect by their strange public policies. They go to the meetings, they never hear a single cry from the people, so naturally they are tempted to think all is well, and those that are moved by Satan deeper in the heart that rule over them easily sway them into doing what that fallen angel demands. Another sinister side to all this is, the media plays to the crowds ego by placing bits and pieces of their protest on local TV so as to make them think they actually accomplished something. However, as we see in New York, if the people finally wise up and realize they've been played, we may see an occupy movement in Chicago soon. Then the media won't have any choice but to report on it nationally. In any event, it clearly appears no city is safe to live in.

21/05/2012 14:06:10 'NATO war machine responsible for global violence'
"Day one of the NATO summit in Chicago has been marked by mass demonstrations that resulted in fierce clashes with police. A dozen people were reportedly injured and around 60 arrested after officers started using batons to disperse thousands-strong crowds." --This is so upsetting to say the least. I have to ask, (again) why is it nothing's ever done about the police and their violent methods on the citizens they are sworn to protect? In just about every protest for the last few years it has become clear that the only ones getting bloodied and beat up are the protestors! And to top it off, even if a protestor tries to fight back when their rights are violated, the police are literally covered in armor. And to add insult to injury (literally) the citizen that is beaten and bloodied by the police are actually charged with assault? Unjust laws do in fact abound just as prophecy predicted! One last thing. This is yet another reason to leave the cities. When it comes to your city, (and it will) will you not be tempted to protest as well? And will this not place you in harm's way when those that are ordained by the Lord to maintain order actually break the laws they were hired to uphold and literally beat you bloody and through you in jail? Prophecy is going to be fulfilled no matter what. You cannot stop it. Me-thinks it would be best to make sure your own house is in order to meet the Lord.

20/05/2012 12:35:28 Pope meets with Jewish Congress in Vatican
 --Quite recently the Jewish people agreed to bow to the Pope's demand for a Sunday Sabbath in their nation. Then the Pope gained sovereign authority over the wailing wall in Jerusalem, then we discover there are plans to allow the Pope to preside over Jerusalem proper, and they are also working towards handing the Pope king David's tomb to boot! (Click here for more info on why this is happening) Is it any wonder the Jews have this first ever meeting with the Pope on his turf? And a German Pope no less?! The Jews are a major cog in the wheel that rolls towards Sunday Laws. Anyone with an ounce of the "Spirit of Prophecy" knows all too well about this.

20/05/2012 12:35:28 How much do you really know about Obama?
--I don't post this for what some may see as a political reason. What's happening here is very appalling to say the least. It's hard to believe that Obama would actually admit in a book he wrote that during college he actually did experimented with drugs "enthusiastically", attended socialist meetings often, pick his friends carefully and actually hung out with Marxists, and for a stranger than fiction tidbit, he ate dog. Yet, he was not only elected to be president, he is still President, and next to no News outlets reported on the contents of his book that has literally been on book store shelves since 1995! That being said, do you still think the media is not controlled? Still some may ask me why I would share such things and what does this has to do with prophecy? When they start to enforce the mark of the beast, will you hear about the dangers of this prophetic event in the News? And as we see them on a daily basis conniving behind locked doors on how to censor the Internet, do you actually think my website and others like it will be online for long when that day comes? Can you see why they would want to control what the general public knows about their plans, especially when it has to do with what prophecy says Rome plans to do?

18/05/2012 13:24:19 Homosexual marriage? Canada's hateful example
"Just this week I received a phone call on my radio program from a listener from Maine who said that homosexual marriage was defeated in his state in 2009. Then he said, "Here they come again." I responded that he was not dealing with people who are ruled by law, and their objective is to overthrow law. I said, "Don't you remember the 'change' that was promised by the first gay president, who is clearly not ruled by our Constitution? So what do you expect? Every state where the vote has gone to the people, homosexual marriage is voted down. Thirty-two states out of 50 have defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Now I hope you can understand why the radical homosexual community does not want the vote going to the people." --In other words, this is why homosexuals choose to pander to politicians and not the common man. They know the overwhelming majority of people in the nation, (and the planet) know their lifestyle is extremely sinful and perverse. The article moves on from there with some interesting talking points that do make perfect sense as to why the homosexuals are doing as they do. And then there's of course the videos that YouTube shut down as "hate speech." All in all, it's still amazing that in today's society Biblical truth is now considered HATE! And yes, that was prophesied!

18/05/2012 13:24:19 Armed drone flies over Elgin, Ill
"Filmed in Elgin, Illinois about 40 miles from Chicago, the following video (uploaded to Youtube on May 13) shows what seems to be an MQ-1 Predator drone. Armed with AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles." --Why is it flying so low? It's cloudy. The camera simply can't see through clouds. Why is it armed and flying over a peaceful neighborhood? To generate fear no doubt. Why do they want to keep the people fearful? Satan knows how fear worked on Peter when he sunk in the water and he hopes to use the same fear on Christians today. Will it work? On some that don't study the Word daily, of course it will. On the elect that will glorify Christ before the Universe? Not a chance.

17/05/2012 13:30:58 Justice for Sale
"In Washington, is justice for sale? President Obama took over $49 million in campaign donations from Wall Street, his Justice Department is full of former white collar defense lawyers, and 4 years after our financial collapse, not a single senior Wall Street executive has been charged with a crime. Learn the truth." --No, I am not posting a political add to influence the vote. I don't vote. However, the truth in this video is so plain it has to be heard. We have all witnessed that four years have gone by and still no charges have been brought against a single banker thus far. Literally millions of Americans are out of work because of all this and still, no one has been charged with a crime. Corruption this high up is not only going to cause many people to lash out in this nation, it was prophesied. Hence, the powers that commit the crimes are already prepared to jail those that expose them coast to coast.