08/02/2011 13:01:37 Have a Video I can Post?
If you have a video you think I should post on this site that deals with prophetic events in any way shape or form. Or you feel the video you found is something the people that frequent this site needs to see, please e-mail me by clicking the above link at your earliest convenience and I will check it out. Thank you in advance.

30/05/2013 12:41:19 What happens when you collapse an underwater bubble with a soundwave?
"no comments posted on video" --In Genesis 1:2-3 it says, "And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." Ok.. picture a sphere of water in Space. God SPEAKS, "Let there be light," and that sound causes the sphere to collapse and as we see in this video, "there was light." Better yet, the scientists also discovered the heat and method by which the heat arrives is how the Sun in our Solar System works. Need I say more to confirm creation had a Creator? If so, click here.

30/05/2013 12:41:19 Transvestite superhero cartoon to debut on kids' network
"Just when you thought you'd seen it all, along comes an announcement from The Hub, a low-rated cable TV channel that is attempting to increase its audience of children between 2 years old and age 11 by airing a cartoon featuring a boy who gains super powers by wearing a special ring, and dressing as a girl." --Now do you see why most Christian households trashed their TV's years ago? After all, were we not warned the TV is to be used in more than one way to gather the masses into hellfire?

29/05/2013 15:41:27 Facebook wages censorship war against moms of autistic children who protest GMOs
"When Facebook suspended the account of a mom of two autistic children who held anti-GMO signs at the recent rally, it became national news. Drudge Report linked to our Natural News story which documented Facebook censoring multiple accounts for sharing a photo Facebook absurdly called "abusive." --Just one more article proving Facebook is not only a method by which the government can influence and censor political agendas, this article also sits atop of pile of over 180 articles and videos confirming Facebook is a tool of the government by which to control the masses. Most won't realize that until the  authorities seek a loved one for their "criminal" Christian faith, or the mark itself is enforced.

29/05/2013 15:41:27 War on Journalism: FBI accuses FOX reporter of aiding espionage
"The scandal around the US government spying on journalists appears to be spreading. In the latest twist it's been revealed that personal phone records and e-mails of a Fox News reporter were seized as part of a leak investigation." --When the government is corrupt they have no choice but to keep an eye on all honest journalists who happen to uncover their corruption. Rather than clean up their act, they choose rather to go after those that are exposing their illegal activity. Back in the 1980's many reporters found this out by losing their very lives. When the corruption gets to this point, all hope is lost for the innocent Christian that stands before the judge. Justice is no longer available when those in government are the real criminals. Just as in Jesus' day when the illegal courts condemned Him for crimes He never committed. We too will have to deal with injustice. But then, this is a world filled with sin and we are not of this world. Maranatha!

28/05/2013 12:24:04 Why the government won't allow treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease
"The truth about Chronic Lyme disease and evidence proving that Lyme disease was created by the government and leaked into Connecticut, spreading throughout the rest of the country." --This video will upset you very much. Our government actually created lyme disease via the help of a Nazi scientists as a form of bio-warfare. But the tics made it to the mainland and now any doctor that tries to help someone with chronic lyme disease will lose their license because treating it will eventually point to DC as the culprit. This means thousands of people are now sick, in pain daily and many are actually dying simply because doctors are unable to help them. It's many situations like this that show a blunt lack of concern for one's fellow man that are piling up all over the world that confirms we are most assuredly living in the last days.

28/05/2013 12:24:04 Woman unknowingly takes 30 pounds of pot across U.S.-Mexico border
"This is awkward. A woman who lives in Mexico and works in San Diego called the cops on herself when she apparently unknowingly transported 30 pounds of marijuana across the border." --The drug dealers attached the pot under car with magnets and followed her to work. They immediately approached her and started to remove the packages so she called police. Now here's why I posted the video. Without Christ in your life, how do you avoid such crazy situations as this? She could have been stopped at the border, arrested and jailed for decades for a crime she never actually committed. Without Jesus Christ and the hedge of angels He sends to protect His flock, you are literally a sitting duck! Still, that's no reason to seek Him as Lord. After all, He's not about fire insurance. The fact He loves you and want's to bless you in this life and the next with so much peace that even if you were jailed from something you never did, you would be in perfect peace and able to sings praises to Him as did Paul and Silas in Acts 16 when they were jailed for crimes they never committed.

27/05/2013 14:36:36 Secret UK courts break up families
"A secret court in the UK has put some people behind bars just for trying to take care of their own relatives. One woman whose father was pronounced 'mentally ill' was locked away. But since the hearings are behind closed doors, it's hard to know why." --The government is doing this because there's money to be made. They seize all finances and property as "payment" for the person they remove from the families, and then place the loved one in a secret facility which refuses to tell the family where they're at. As we know from past revelations, this is usually a severely underfunded government facility wherein torture and murder become the norm. Now here's the real shocker in all this. If the family tries to make the public aware of all this "secret court" has done, the "secret court" actually puts them in prison for contempt of court! We are most assuredly in the last days.

27/05/2013 14:36:35 Watch Washington bridge collapse
"CNN's Erin Burnett shows surveillance video of the Washington bridge collapsing and other crumbled bridges." --AGAIN?! The video shows a few more bridges that collapsed recently to make the point that nothing is being done about this. When the money to fix these bridges is piled into pockets of those that refuse to "protect and serve" the very people that elected them, more and more innocent people will die. It's just one more calamity to add the dozens that are happening every month all around this nation, and hundreds all over the world. How bad is the bridge situation in America? See the article titled, "Thousands of bridges at risk of freak collapse." And if that's not bad enough, see this article where a train hits an overpass as people drive on it. In other words, if age and decay doesn't cause the bridge to fail, perhaps a barge or a train will do it instead? Yes, the calamities are increasing, and sadly, so is the people's complacency. And yes, that too was prophesied.

27/05/2013 14:36:35 Parents Argue School Is Violating Separation Of Church And State
"Does teaching yoga in public schools violate the separation of church and state? That's what two parents are contending in a lawsuit against Encinitas Union School District in California. The parents, represented by The National Center for Law & Policy (NCLP), are suing their children's school district over "civil rights violations resulting from its inherently and pervasively religious Ashtanga yoga program," ABC News reports." --Yoga is a religion no matter what they say. Furthermore, "yoga is one of the six astika ("orthodox") schools of Hindu philosophy." Ask any Buddhist, Hindu, Jainist, or Sikh and they will confirm it as such. But, this courtroom won't see it that way, especially since they plan to allow the judge, who practices Yoga himself, to rule from the bench and without a jury. Convenient eh? Again I state plainly, schools are a not a safe place for children!

26/05/2013 12:14:58 Gender Bender Day causes controversy at Tippecanoe School
"Students at Tippecanoe School have participated in several different theme days during School Spirit Week, but Friday, May 23rd’s theme of Gender Bender Day caused some controversy. Members of the Student Council decided on day’s theme. It called for boys to dress like girls and girls to dress like boys." --Why is the government doing this? It's because it's a sin against the Lord and His will for His creation. How so? Deuteronomy 22:5 clearly says, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God." The principle claims this is not about sexual orientation, but then that's is an easy to realize lie. Why else would he ask the children to crossdress?  Especially now when the schools are pushing homosexuality on all the students they can all around the country. Tired of all this? Remove your child from the school system. As the number of students diminish, so does the government funding to the schools. Need a few reasons to use as fodder for your decision with the school administration when you remove your child? Better yet, would a thousand or so articles and videos that prove schools are a dangerous place for children?  If so, click here.

26/05/2013 12:14:58 War on terror at a crossroads
"What is our next step?" --This speech of Obama is nothing more than a reverse on players of Clinton's "wag the dog" attempts that he used to pull the onus off him during the Lewinski scandal. Obama is desperately trying to change the subject that is so glaringly destructive in the media regarding his three scandals. One can only hope he fails and positive changes will be the end result. But I'm a realist, and I must say, that's not going to happen. Prophecy will be fulfilled. Whether Obama is there to help Rome do it, or some other pawn sits in DC, it truly doesn't matter because our God said it will happen, and His people know truth when they see it.

26/05/2013 12:14:57 Pope Francis: Mary sustains Chinese Catholics
"Friday, May 24th, is the day dedicated to the liturgical memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians, who is venerated with great devotion at the National Shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai. ...Making our own a few words of prayer to Our Lady of Sheshan, together with you I would like to invoke Mary: "Our Lady." --This is "Mary worship" no matter how you slice it. And why does this Pope, like all his predecessors do this? Look into the other non-Christian religions and you will see that Mary is mentioned outright, as in the Koran, or her rosary is uplifted as a method of prayer. If the Pope chose rather to declare that "Jesus sustains" all as Scriptures confirm, then Muslims, Buddhists and even the Voodoo high priest would be offended. But if you choose rather to ignore Christ and uplift the "Queen of Heaven" as Rome and ancient Pagans called her, then all can agree.

24/05/2013 14:52:30 US media's new system to shield leaks
"Meanwhile, as the US government's apparent war on whistle-blowers gathers pace, some media outlets are taking steps to shield their sources. The New Yorker has launched a system that allows people to anonymously submit leaked documents and messages to the magazine." --This is amazing! Do you realize what's actually happening here? Our political leaders are so wicked, so evil and so corrupted that some in the media are going to extra lengths now to try and share information regarding their illegal activities and our governing leaders are doing all they can to stop them. The government is so corrupt now that no one is able to send in the authorities to arrest the criminals in power because there are no more trusted authorities to do that! The only recourse the people have now is to try and expose them all in one fell swoop. Sad truth is, this will not end well because the people in power have the ability to control any "official" in federal or local government that either fears them or agrees with them. Only in the last days is something this insane possible. Maranatha!

24/05/2013 14:52:30 Hundreds Of Dead Fish Wash Up On Beaver Lake
--Yes, I am aware I usually post these type of articles on my "Strange Animal Deaths" page. But this one is a must to post on the main page because it exposes all those lying Scientists out there that always claim "a lack of oxygen killed the fish." Besides the fact that if that were true, how come only one or two species of fish seem to die each time this happens, while all the others still survive? But they truly got exposed on this one because the Beaver Lake fish died even though there was an aeration system on the lake! This CONFIRMS the scientists are lying just as prophecy predicted they would!

24/05/2013 14:52:30 13 killed, 19 injured in Chinese factory blast
"A man has been rescued from the rubble of a factory in China after a blast ripped through the building. But not everyone has been as lucky, 13 people were killed in the explosion and 19 others were injured. Rescuers at the site, in Zhangqui City, are still searching for 10 missing people." --Prophecy did say in Ezekiel 7:23 that in our day "the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence." And so it is! Nearly every city on earth now has experienced large and small disastrous situations quite frequently now. Everything from off the chart crimes to freaks of nature, like the recent tornadoes ripping through cities in America. Is it any wonder many are leaving the cities? And yes, that too was prophesied as a move agreed upon by students of prophecy as a wise choice.

23/05/2013 15:57:45 Pope Francis Says Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed
"Pope Francis rocked some religious and atheist minds today when he declared that everyone was redeemed through Jesus, including atheists." --This will of course help those Catholics that have had "seeds" of truth implanted to realize they need to get out of this church before the plagues hit. The Bible CLEARLY says you must accept Jesus as Saviour and allow Him to be Lord of your life in order to gain entrance into His kingdom. After all, it is His kingdom is it not? And if you don't love Him, honor Him, or even trust Him, you would not only be unwelcome in His kingdom, you wouldn't want to be there anyway since the sins you cherish simply aren't allowed there because they break the Law of His kingdom. Think of it this way, if Atheists and nonbelievers were part of an eternal kingdom, would you want to live for all eternity in a place that has the destruction of sin all over it like this world does? No thank you! The other toss of the coin on this is that the Pope claims all you need to do is "be good to gain Heaven." This is also what the Buddhist, Muslim and other nonChristian religions teach. In so doing, this Pope nullifies what Jesus offered at the cross for those seeking eternal life. Bottom line is this. This Jesuit Pope is doing the same thing John Paul II and Benedict XVI did when they said you don't need Jesus to gain Heaven. He's just avoiding the blunt statement by hiding the fact he obviously believes anyone can go to Heaven without Jesus as Lord. Still, what he said is just as easy to prove a lie. And we have God's Word on that.

23/05/2013 15:57:44 Suspected Muslim terrorists hack man to death on busy London street
"Two men wielding a machete and a cleaver hacked a man believed to be a soldier to death on a busy London street Wednesday while yelling "Allahu Akbar," in an attack that was caught on video and left the nation shocked and horrified." --He boldly stands before the camera, his hands literally covered and dripping with the blood of his victim, he quotes from the Koran, and shouts "Allah Akbar" off camera, and the reporter says he's only a "suspected" Muslim? Can you not see the media sympathizing here? Is this any different than during the middle ages when Rome killed hundreds of millions of Christians, and those they "hired" to do the job were given preferential treatment by the Pope and his cohorts? Still, it really doesn't matter how they report or how they lie anymore since soon it will all be over anyway. FOR ETERNITY! (also see this article describing certain details in all this)

23/05/2013 15:57:44 This Is What A Tyranny Looks Like
"The tyrants of our modern age are smart enough not to declare themselves to be tyrants. They simply don't follow the rules that have been set for the common citizens. The other smart move that they have made is that the real tyrants don't put themselves in the supposed positions of power. Does anyone really believe that the President is the top of the food chain in Washington? But if the political puppets aren't the tyrants, then who are? The ones who can't get prosecuted for their crimes, obviously." --Powerful video describing today's American society.

22/05/2013 18:08:59 Pope: 'Absurd' to look for Jesus without the Roman Church
"Pope Francis celebrated the feast day of St. George, his patron saint, with a Mass as the Pauline Chapel, along with the resident cardinals in Rome." --He will be successful on a global basis only because of the long term ecumenical efforts of Vatican II, and the prophesied lukewarmness of most Christians the world over. Praise the Lord the elect cannot be deceived. And how easy is it to escape such deception as this that lures people to accept the mark of this beast? As easy as reading a Bible, and praying to the one and only true and ever living Creator God each and every day.

22/05/2013 18:03:19 98% of drone casualties are civilians
"Charlie McGrath, founder of independent media outlet Wide Awake News, says the American War on Terror breeds violence instead of curbing it." --As prophesied, the US Government has been taken by Rome, which in turn caused it to become the most bloodthirsty entity on earth. Literally billions alive today will attest to the fact that the United States Government has become the most powerful terrorist alive. That too was prophesied.

22/05/2013 18:03:19 Stockton student, teacher brawl over makeup
"A high school freshman has been suspended and her math teacher is on leave after a wild fight broke out in a Stockton classroom." --As you watch this fight you have to keep in mind one of them is a teacher who is supposed to teach the child how to be an adult. It appears she failed. But then, this is not what the school system is really concerned with. In these last days, the schools system is designed to manufacture society as it is based on the wicked morals of mankind. See my "homeschools page" for confirmation.

21/05/2013 14:38:38 Texas lawmakers pass Merry Christmas bill
"Texas lawmakers have just made it politically correct for teachers to say Merry Christmas in the classroom." --Besides the fact they are chipping away at our separation of church and state, even though the term "Merry Christmas": is not Christian as most think it is. What does the term "Merry Christmas: really mean? The term "Merry" obviously denotes joy. The term "Christ" is of course referring to our Lord, Saviour and King Jesus Christ. The term "mass" is a Roman Catholic term adopted from Paganism meaning "destruction of the victim." So of course the State would be more than happy to allow the schools to use the term, as it denotes their joy of supposedly destroying Jesus Christ. (Click here for more info on this)

21/05/2013 14:38:38 IRS asked group about 'content of their prayers'
"Their question, specifically asked from the IRS to the Coalition for Life of Iowa: ‘Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers,’" --Just one more benefit of having a 501c3. The IRS has much control over the churches and any ministry seeking to sign on, and they use their corrupted methods to intimidate the fearful. What are the other benefits of the 501c3? They're VERY scary, and VERY prophetic. Click here for the facts.

21/05/2013 14:38:38 Insane youth hockey fight from Russia
"Thus continues the storied tradition of Russian youth hockey fights, as seen here and here previously. Ah, kids today. Clearly they've been watching too much Vityaz Chekhov." --These kids are 11 years old. Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." What are these kids being trained to become?

20/05/2013 15:10:55 The IRS targeting of Tea Party groups tied to Obama’s political agenda
"The IRS couldn't do enough to part the waters to make sure that every progressive, left-wing leaning organization got their new tax-exempt status,” she says. “So they were able to get a favorable tax treatment, while Christians, pro Israel, conservative, Tea Partiers, pro-growth, pro-job, pro-business, they were hurt.” --Absolutely everywhere you look you see Christians being targeted in one way or another by government. Prophecy said this would happen, and sadly, prophecy also said most will miss all this as "the way things are" because of complacency and love of the world. But prophecy also said a "remnant of her seed" won't miss any of this.

20/05/2013 15:10:54 Tornadoes Rip Through Homes in Oklahoma
"Powerful tornadoes swept across the Midwest leaving a path of destruction and debris." --Spring is in the air! Yes, most believe this is "natural" but it is not natural at all. Our God created a perfect planet. But thanks to sin, it has nearly been destroyed. Please keep those of us in the path of these storms this time of year in prayer dear ones. And as expected, the numbers of tornadoes have increased. In just 2 days we saw 50 tornadoes in that region of the country.

20/05/2013 15:14:01 The Long Ride: ACLU of Michigan Investigates
"A yearlong ACLU investigation uncovered the disturbing practice of officers approaching individuals who appear to be homeless in the Greektown area, forcing them into police vans, and deserting them miles away." --Amazing how hateful some can be towards their fellow man. Worse yet, is how the police treat the homeless now. Jesus said the love of many will wax cold in the end, and this video proves that hands down. When the people need help the most, their own local governments are doing the exact opposite when their pleas go forth.

19/05/2013 16:10:54 JESUIT WARS pt.2
"The world has been duped into believing that the so-called "War on Terror" is to benefit humanity when it has only wiped out and continues to diminish cherished freedoms. The fight we are pursuing to keep our cherished liberties is a continuation of the struggles men had during and after the Reformation against the Papacy and its most loyal soldiers, the Jesuits and if we don't understand the history, we will definitely repeat it." --This video will open the eyes of some who have no idea as to who the Jesuits are. (have you seen their oath?!) Now that there is a Jesuit Pope, I'm sure many will find out first hand.

19/05/2013 16:10:54 Criminal and Complicit Mainstream Media
"Michel Chossudovsky speaks in Kuala Lumpur (2012). Reflections on the criminal mainstream mass media after the 9/11 events and "covering up" as obstruction of justice." --He confirms what students of prophecy have known for years. If it wasn't for the media being used by the White House, the terrorist situation would fall "flat on its face," and never able to continue. In other words, if the media stopped reporting on the "manufactured" terrorism, IT WOULD STOP! But they won't stop. The Pentagon just stated the wars they are running at present will be going on for decades.

19/05/2013 16:10:54 CCTV of thief hit by bus after robbing woman in Colombia
"A Colombian thief badly botched his getaway after swiping a woman's mobile phone in a Bogota bus station. . Report by Andrea Lilly." --Praise the Lord he survived that bus slamming into him Perhaps now he will have time to think about where he would have ended up had he died. Still, most people sin carelessly like this man day in and day out never truly realizing they could be killed in a split second by a freak accident forever to be lost. In short.. we have some work to do. Many souls are perishing like this daily.

17/05/2013 14:40:32 YouTube BANS poGm Video

This morning I tried to upload the NEW VERSION of my Antichrist video in HD. But I was stopped by YouTube. Why? I made a video back in February of 2008 wherein I shared a Roman Catholic commercial seeking to lure people back into the arms of Rome. (That was prophesied by the way) In the video I stopped every so often to show how the Vatican was lying, twisting Scripture, and even promoting Pagan theology. Three and a half years later, the Vatican finally got wind of the video that exposed them. They then contacted YouTube via one of their satellite ministries claiming copyright infringement. That was a lie. Click here to see Copyright Law defined. I am not selling their video, nor do I seek donations for anything posted in the video. In short, there was no "copyright infringement" at all. They simply lied, but then this is the home of Antichrist. Basic reality is, if there their definition of copyright infringement was true, then over 90% of all the YouTube videos need to be deleted as well. Yet, YouTube not only removed the video titled "Vatican Commercial Unplugged," (see it on John1429.org) they restricted my account to where all future videos are limited to a 15 minute play time. This is why my 17 minute Antichrist Video was deleted by YouTube today when I tried to upload it. I am now seeking YOUR HELP! I need to restructure www.John1429.org to where it emulates YouTube structure in that any "real" Christian can freely upload or download all the videos they wish as long as they abide by REAL copyright laws wherein they gain no monetary increase by doing so. This is a big project, yes. But I believe it needs to get done. I am looking for software that can do just that. In fact, I recall seeing something years ago that could work, but have lost the link since then. If you know of such software, PLEASE email me asap.

17/05/2013 14:40:31 Shock Video: California Police Break Into Home, Tase Victims
"In perhaps one of the most shocking police brutality videos ever, police in Cotati, California respond to a call about "domestic violence" by kicking down the door of a man's home before tasing him and his wife." --If there was true domestic violence called in by a neighbor, the fact both parties inside the house declared clearly there wasn't, proves there wasn't. Yet the police still broke down the door and tased the woman and then the man in their own home! The Constitution of the United states is no longer valid just as prophecy predicted!

17/05/2013 14:40:31 Pope Francis Slams Global Financial System As 'Cult Of Money'
"Pope Francis has denounced the global financial system, blasting the "cult of money" that he says is tyrannizing the poor and turning humans into expendable consumer goods." --As expected, the Pope is sharing talking points for a global currency wherein he, as the supposed "moral leader," can have complete control so as to "help the poor." Truth is, if he was truly seeking to help the poor he would liquidate the now over one trillion dollars worth of gold, paintings, and miscellaneous riches he has in the Vatican banks as well as all over the Vatican walls. Not to mention the thousands of mansions that house Bishops and Cardinals all over the world. No, he doesn't care for the poor at all. He is exactly as prophecy paints him. He is the man of sin.

17/05/2013 14:55:08 Middle Easterners caught trespassing at Boston reservoir
"Seven people from Pakistan, Singapore and Saudi Arabia – the country of 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers, were caught trespassing in the middle of the night at a reservoir from which Boston draws its drinking water." --Again, if you live in a city you have to contend with the possibility that you are in danger on many fronts. But if you live in the rural areas, much of what city dwellers experience almost daily is no longer an issue. Nuff said?