27/05/2014 11:25:51 Pope kills plan to open secret archives
"Pope Francis nixed a plan to open secret Vatican archive files relevant to the Holocaust following pressure from Germany and France..." --Is this not par for the course? To bolster his "humanitarian" image, the last few popes demand the "secret" archives be open to the public, then after the praise and adulation subside, they change their mind so as to keep the facts hidden. First of all, how is it no one sees how wrong it is that a "church" has secret archives when it comes to wars of the past? How's that possible? Since when did Jesus instruct us to do anything in secret? And since when did Jesus ever instruct anyone to be a party to politics? Especially those that are designed to see millions dead? Secondly, we all know why he nixed plans to open those archives. Anyone with a competent view of history knows once opened, everyone else will know the Popes were not only responsible for the creation of Hitler and the slaughter he initiated in obedience to his Pope's command, it will also be discovered the methods they used back then to kill so many are the very same methods being used today by all nations in bed with Rome to bring about the long prophesied New World Order. The silver lining in all this? Prophecy says this church will be exposed in the end. I praise God that day is racing towards them as we speak!

27/05/2014 11:25:51 VIDEO: Switzerland rules nazi salute ok if "no intent to offend"
"Switzerland has ruled that giving the Nazi salute in public is perfectly legal, so long as you don't mean to be racist about it. According to a new ruling, the act is only punishable if you're pushing hateful ideology." --There is something very important they aren't actually mentioning here. Everyone knows Hitler was heavily controlled and ritualistically influenced by the Roman Catholic church. His Swastika was found first on the walls and floors of the Vatican. And you may not realize this, but what's called the Nazi salute of today was actually used first in Pagan Rome. Hence, that too was brought forth by the Vatican itself that presented it to the world via Hitler. Click here to see who also uses that exact same salute today.

27/05/2014 11:25:51 Pedophiles’ Brains Wired Differently
"Pedophiles' brains are "abnormally tuned" to find young children attractive, according to a new study published this week. The research, led by Jorge Ponseti at Germany's University of Kiel, means that it may be possible to diagnose pedophiles in the future before they are able to offend." --It will also allow for pedophiles to be considered "normal" in society in the exact same way homosexuals are now seen. In fact, this claim that pedophiles are "wired differently" is the exact same excuse used decades ago when the push to legalize homosexuality became apparent in the USA. As expected, they are moving ahead as planned to legalize pedopheilia.

27/05/2014 11:25:51 NSA Reform Bill Passes the House, With a Gaping Loophole
"The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that would end the NSA's mass collection of Americans' phone records. Unfortunately, it may not end the NSA's mass collection of Americans' phone records." --No, the author of the article didn't hiccup an entire sentence. The Bill re-write is an absolute joke. To be honest, I'm not sure why they even bothered. It may just be that the love for unjust laws is too strong for some to forgo and so they keep the law on the books, but attempt re-writes to calm opposition. In this case.. strike two.

27/05/2014 11:25:51 Articles confirming the Times we live in
Persecuted Christians Fleeing Iran for Germany * China's Demolition of Church in Wenzhou Leaves Christians Uneasy * VIDEO: RIVERSIDE: Resident sues city over clapping arrest * Democrat Compares Bill Allowing Late-Term Abortions to the 10 Commandments * VIDEO: Dangerous beauty: Incredible time-lapse footage of supercell storms * Planned Parenthood Uses God to Sell Abortions, Letter Tells Women Clergy Say Abortion's Okay * Judge: Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Must Answer for Massive Medicaid Fraud Scheme * This 'Misdirection Tactic' is Used by Mainstream Media When Reporting Outbreaks * VIDEO: Woman with massive tumor turned away because of lack of insurance * VIDEO: Scientists shocked to spot giant asteroid with Saturn-like rings * Parents jailed for hurting child's feelings

26/05/2014 14:06:07 VIDEO: Pope Francis on the Esplanade of Mosques: May no one abuse the name of God through violence!
"Pope Francis visited the Esplanade of Mosques in Jerusalem's old city barefooted. He went to Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest place in Islam." --As expected, he bows to the false gods of Islam and calls them his "dear brothers" so as to further garner support for his long prophesied ecumenical movement, which without creating the religion of Islam would be impossible today. But here's why I posted the video. His hypocrisy is absolutely amazing here. He stated, and I quote, "May no one abuse the name of God through violence." As historic fact conformed long ago, the office of Pope has seen literally hundreds of millions of innocent people killed for their faith in Christ, but worse yet, this Pope is a Jesuit who in fact took the Jesuit oath that repeats the following bloodcurdling words, (WARNING! GRAPHIC STATEMENTS) "I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus." (See entire oath here) Sometimes it's that easy to expose the hypocrite and liar simultaneously. Or as prophecy calls him, the man of sin.

26/05/2014 14:06:07 Killer virgin' claimed video games changed 'innocent, happy self'
"In his lengthy written manifesto, Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger wrote video games would impact "my innocent, happy self" and would play a significant role in his life. ...Of course, while playing these video games, my innocent, happy self knew nothing of the significant role video games would play during a large portion of my life...and the sanctuary such games would provide for me from the cruelties of this world." --Even though Christians have been warning people for years about the dangers of these violent video games and even though this kid admits the game did exactly as Christians warned they would do to him, don't expect these demonic games to be off the shelves any time soon. Also notice how the killer quotes from the violent video game character word for word in how he plans to kill. Notice how he even mimics the laugh of the demon in the game. Many will claim the game did not influence him so as to keep the sales going. But the truth is blazingly apparent in this case. Still.. violent games like this will never be removed from store shelves so as to allow our children to continue on their trek towards Hell. Proof? Christians have been warning people about Rock music even longer. Since the 1950's in fact! And literally thousands have admitted in writing that the music did "change them." (I admitted this when I first found Christ) Yet.. many decades later, the music is not only still widely popular and available everywhere, so much so it's piped into elevators, offices and grocery stores, the music is many times worse than it ever was. Everything from blatant rape and murder to mocking and blasphemy of our Lord is considered acceptable. After all, it's just a form of "art" as they claim.

26/05/2014 14:06:07 Judge: Obama Admin Can’t Force Christian Colleges to Obey HHS Mandate
"The lawsuit, Dordt College v. Sebelius, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Iowa, Western Division, argues that the mandate violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as well as the First and Fifth amendments to the U.S. Constitution".  --On the surface this sounds like good news.  But if the only thing stopping the government's mandate is the constitution, there is an easy way for the Obama administration to rectify that speedbump.  Just do away with it as prophecy predicted. When the First Amendment is discarded we can expect this website to be taken offline.  As a church we are a very small group of people as prophecy also predicted, so please, if you have ideas on how to help get our message out to as many people as possible when poGm is taken down, please contact this ministry as soon as possible at this link.  Yes, we've been working on different ideas for some time now, but we are always open to new suggestions. Who knows? Perhaps you'll have an idea that we never even took into consideration. Please don't think your input isn't needed, or that somebody else probably already submitted an idea you have. You don't know that for sure so keep those suggestions coming in. I Thank you in advance.  :)

26/05/2014 14:06:07 Articles confirming the Times we live in
Christian cop loses appeal-must attend mosqueVIDEO: Floods in southern China kills 19 people * They worship the spirit of death * VIDEO: Teacher's 'pay to pee' scheme made children wet their pants: parents * Critics Say Food Safety Standards Could Be Threatened by U.S./EU Trade Agreement * VIDEO: Massive wildfire in Russia * Yet another 'gay Christian' book emerges * VIDEO: Dozens of veterans' bodies never buried * Philly mayor set to perform homosexual weddings * VIDEO: Train accident kills at least 40 in northern India * Area evacuated as Alaska wildfire grows

25/05/2014 10:37:11 VIDEO: Scientists to Congress: aliens exist!
"Congress decided to spend some time figuring out whether intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe, and they learned that yes, it does. Two top astronomers, Dan Werthimer from the University of California and Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute, testified before congress there is a near 100 percent certainty aliens exist." --Rome's UFO agenda is now in full swing now that scientists are chiming in (as expected) so as to make that which Hollywood actor and Vatican puppet, Ronald Reagan stated back in 1987 appear necessary so as to bring about world peace. (See that video clip here) Even though both he and Pope John Paul II worked "craftily" together so as to destroy many "using peace" as the prophet Daniel predicted, (See Daniel 8:25) both of these men became mentally crippled in their old age. Therefore, the powers that be today must keep both their images uplifted in the eyes of many so as to keep their long prophesied agenda believable. This is why most modern day politicians on both sides of the aisle worship Reagan, and John Paul II was recently canonized a saint. They need to get the masses to forget what was so apparent when it came to how untrustworthy and frail their plans truly are.

25/05/2014 10:37:10 VIDEO: 'I’ll be a god': man makes sadistic video before murderous rampage in Santa Barbara
"I hate all of you. Humanity is a disgusting, wretched, depraved species," he said. "If I had it in my power, I would stop at nothing to reduce every single one of you into mountains of skulls and rivers of blood." --Yes, the media is stating he is mentally ill, but as you watch this video, you will see he is most assuredly possessed by a demon. But saying such things in public makes the Bible appear very real for many, so the media does all it can to hide certain realities. In any event, this kid's rampage and demise is the end result of today's society. Everywhere you look you see sex being used to sell everything from cars to candy bars. Compile that with the most violent movies and video games known to man and you get kids without morals and the coldest hearts imaginable. He literally admits he is killing innocent people because the girls he lusted after rejected him over the years and since he is now 22 years of age and still a virgin, they must now die. What a sick twisted world we live in. If it wasn't for the government school system that is designed to fuel his lust and his rampage, 6 are dead and 7 are injured!

25/05/2014 10:37:10 China, Iran and Russia: Restructuring the global order
"Ironically, instead of attempting to build new bridges and forging new partnerships to stall their declining global status as the balance of power shifts away from Europe and North America, Western governments unwisely antagonise key powers. Spying on the Brazilian president does not help, denying a visa to the next Indian prime minister can spell trouble ahead, giving strong warnings to China can raise tensions, but threatening Russia with economic warfare may prove to be a game changer". --This article paints the governments of the United States and the European Union as evil, (which is true) and the governments of China, Iran and Russia as having more noble intentions. (which is not true) In other words, this is just a propaganda piece on behalf of the Eastern nations.  East vs West on a global scale is comparable to Republicans vs Democrats on a national scale here in the USA.  It's basically a political theater for the masses. Basic reality is, none have any real concern for the welfare of their citizens.  But as the EU and the US align themselves with Israel and Japan in preparation for a global war against the aforementioned China, Russia and Iran, along with North Korea as well, we can clearly see the time of trouble, such as never was since there was nation even at that same time (Daniel 12:1) is on the very near horizon.  Along with all the natural disasters, these events will cause the citizens of the nations to be brought to their knees in despair and decide to turn to God for help.  But because they refuse to read their bibles, they'll seek guidance from the apostate religious leaders of the churches, who are now under the agreed leadership of the man of sin.  Who knows, maybe the East vs West tensions won't even escalate to an all out war.  After all with riots and civil wars breaking out within one nation after another Rome's depopulation agenda can still be achieved.  One large global war or dozens of smaller ones, either way Daniel 12:1's time of trouble is rolling along as we speak. The good news is Daniel 12:1 ends with this: "... at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book".  Is your name written in the book of life?  If not, now is the time to have your name added.

25/05/2014 10:37:10 Articles confirming the Times we live in
This week's Earthquake Report * Key Leader of Somalia’s Underground Church Slain * VIDEO: Foster children as young as one on psychotropic drugs * Christian sites in Europe face 'tremendous' rise in vandalism * VIDEO: Students create porn site of classmates * 25% of Americans Saving $0 for Retirement, Report Says * VIDEO: N.Y. State Suggests HIV Tests For 13-Year-Olds, Sex Ed In Elementary School * School Shows Children Same-Sex Marriage Propaganda Video

23/05/2014 12:07:24 VIDEO: Current Events In Prophecy part 2
--As promised, and thanks to all the emails requesting part two be posted quickly, I rushed this the video to YouTube as fast as possible. I pray it is a blessing to all, and I also pray many seeds are planted in fertile soil so as to make the family in Heaven that much larger. (New to the site? Click here for part 1)

23/05/2014 12:07:24 Tennessee brings back the electric chair
"The court made it clear over the years that the Eighth Amendment prohibits inflicting pain merely to torture or punish an inmate, drawing a distinction between a method like electrocution and old European practices such as drawing and quartering. The Constitution prohibits "unnecessary and wanton infliction of pain," the court said in 1976... First used by New York State in 1890, the electric chair was employed throughout the 20th century to execute hundreds and is still an option in eight states. Since 1976, 158 inmates have been executed by electrocution. It was considered humane when it was first introduced but has resulted in many horrific executions over the years". --Still think a "civilized" country like the United States would never revert to something as barbaric as guillotines? In the time it takes you to finish reading this, anesthesiologists worldwide will successfully put thousands of surgery patients to sleep, yet we're supposed to believe executioners are too incompetent to do the same thing here in the most technologically advanced nation on earth? Or that they cannot somehow obtain the necessary drugs because of a shortage, when every other drug, legal or illegal, is as easy to get buying bubblegum at the corner market? You don't have to be a prophet to see that plans are afoot to have as many "accidents" as it takes to get the Supreme Court to mandate a foolproof way to ensure the victim dies within seconds. Here's a sickening thought to contemplate; there are actually people in positions of power currently meeting in groups to discuss ways to make upcoming executions as brutal and torturous as possible so as to push this political agenda. If that's not bad enough, as the media turns this into a national debate, how many of us will hear family members, friends and coworkers admit they're actually fine with these executions being as painful as possible? Or worse yet, when will they start to discuss televising executions so as to entertain the masses as Rome did 2000 years ago? Perilous times have arrived. If you are still not serious about your walk, I fear for your eternity.

23/05/2014 12:26:58 Convert from Islam in Kenya Beaten, Arrested
"Those in the mosque beat him with a blunt object, kicked him and struck him until he was unconscious". --Will President Obama publically condemn the treatment of his fellow Christian and Kenyan countryman at the hands of Muslims? Sorry, dumb question. Obama isn't a really a Christian. The evidence of his Muslim faith is overwhelming. He also denies being Kenyan by birth, though in case you missed it, his wife said otherwise on camera. But leaving that aside, let's focus on our new Christian brother Hassan Hussein Mohammed. This brave man refused to deny his newfound love for Jesus inside a mosque full of Christian hating Muslims no less. Odds are he's not a Sabbath keeper. (yet) I don't know that for sure, but regardless, he demonstrated his loyalty and faith to the King of kings in a major way by putting his life at risk rather than denying Him. How many among us clam up to spare ourselves from something as paltry as being verbally ridiculed when we're around non-believers? How many of us refuse to deny our friends request to sin because we don't want to come off as obedient to Christ? This beaten believer was later arrested for the "crime" of converting to Christianity and his whereabouts are currently unknown. So please keep him in prayer. But also let him be a source of inspiration for you the next time a "friend" tempts you to laugh at a vulgar joke, watch a sinful program or even commit a sin because it's fun. Don't be afraid to tell anybody about your Christian faith. In fact, tell all who will listen and do so boldly. Bottom line is, there are no gray areas in Christianity. Either you love to speak of Jesus, or you are ashamed to speak of Jesus. Jesus said in Mark 8:38, "Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels."

23/05/2014 12:07:24 Articles confirming the times we live in
Boko Haram Leader Pledges War Against Christians * Homosexual Marriage Movement Gains Momentum as Federal Judge Strikes Down Another Ban * VIDEO: Shocking number of toddlers are medicated for ADHD * Judge: Utah must honor same-sex marriages performed during 17-day window * VIDEO: Palestinian Child Recites Poem on Hamas TV to Commemorate Nakba: I Shall Buy a Bullet * Openly Homosexual Judge Strikes Down Oregon’s Ban on Same-Sex 'Marriage' * VIDEO: Painful and rapid spread of new virus in Caribbean * AIDS Expert Fired for Testifying Homosexual Sex Is Harmful to Public Health * VIDEO: House passes NSA 'reforming' USA Freedom Act * Pro-Life Teen Assaulted After Standing for Life, His Reaction is Priceless

22/05/2014 13:43:16 Wisconsin Megachurch Pastor to Entertain Hollywood A-List at Cannes Film Festival
"A Wisconsin megachurch pastor hopes to entertain some of Hollywood's A-list crowd at the Cannes Film Festival in France where he plans to present his popular and humorous "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" seminar." --The prophecy is clear. Isaiah 30:10 stated long ago that the people of today, "Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:" These megachurch preachertainers are not what the Bible defines as men of God. The term "megachurch" confirms they are very appealing to the worldly Isaiah 4:1 type of Christian. Anyone that reads (and believes) a Bible knows, these megachurch pastors are the perfect definition of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

22/05/2014 13:43:16 Florida man demands right to wed computer
"Man sues for the right to marry his porn-laden Macbook, arguing that if gays are allowed to marry then so should other sexual minorities." --I have to admit, as a student of prophecy I did see the present day push for polygamy in the media as a no-brainer so as to set the stage for legalized pedophilia, which is already allowed in the Vatican and Islam. You can verify that as fact in how they are not only allowed to police themselves in regards to such crazed crimes, they are rarely incarcerated when their satanic perversion spills over into the mainstream. One can expect that if the Lord tarries much longer in His return, we will see bestiality and even necrophilia legalized. But I have to say this guy wanting to marry his computer caught me completely off guard. Wow! He truly wants to wed his macbook because the porn he has in it has become much more "fulfilling" to him than being with an actual woman. What is this world coming to? You guessed it.. AN END!

22/05/2014 13:43:15 Student handcuffed over 'deadly' lacrosse equipment
"This is a rare victory of reason and fairness over the kind of hysterical, irrational exercise of authority that teaches children to fear those in power, what I would call a draconian zero-tolerance policy run amok," said John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, which is working on behalf of students Graham Dennis and Casey Edsall." --I couldn't have said it better myself!

22/05/2014 14:47:13 Articles confirming the times we live in
Another Chinese church set to be demolished * Teen Whose Father Was Slain by Islamists for Refusing to Deny Christ Denied U.S. Visa * VIDEO: 'No Place to Hide': NSA altered web routers to spy on intl users? * Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Enrolls First Muslim Student * VIDEO: Suicide rate linked to foreclosuresTexas DOT Orders Ten Commandments Sign to be Removed from Private Property * VIDEO: '1984' vision of police state becoming reality * Muslim kills wife for cooking beans

21/05/2014 12:23:28 Science Media Centre Spins Pro-GMO Line
"Critics, however, question its independence from the GMO industry, despite the group's statement that each individual corporation or other funder may only donate up to five percent of the group's annual income, and warn that the organization is headed across the pond to the United States to provide more GMO spin here". --The first two people on this planet were gardener's. Isn't it high time you became one too, if you're not already? Of course many of you are still living in urban areas and don't have the land available to grow a full garden. Earnestly pray to your Father that He opens the door for you to get safely out of the cities before it's too late. In the meantime you can practice growing a few things even inside an apartment. I also suggest you buy some natural heirloom seeds now while you still can, so you will be able to grow a full garden when you do relocate to the countryside. Biotech firms like Monsanto and DuPont are working feverishly to control the worlds food supply and the day may soon come when they achieve this goal. At this point in time heirloom seeds are still very reasonably priced but GMO seeds have been contaminating natural crops for years now so the supply of untainted seeds will dwindle quickly. People worldwide are waking up to the fact that GMO's are extremely hazardous to our health despite the media, the medical industry, our corrupt politicians, and even the Vatican trying to convince us otherwise. Because of this and because threatening people with starvation will surely be a tactic used to enforce the coming Vatican mandated Sundays laws the time may soon come when heirloom seeds are prohibitively expensive or nearly impossible to find.

21/05/2014 12:23:28 VIDEO: Obama admin. uses banks to crack down on gun owners
"Gun rights activists and Republicans are taking on the Obama administration over financial rules thought to be behind increasing numbers of gun owners and retailers having their bank accounts shutdown." --Let's take a look at the facts shall we? As we see here in this video report, the Obama administration is now forcing the banks to close the accounts of gun dealers, while at the same time having the DHS stockpile weapons, ammo, bullet proof vests and even bomb making materials. Is Obama seeking to start a war with the American people? Or is it as most believe, that Obama and his cronies know the people are fed up with the feds and they are about to revolt? That being the obvious reality here, the Obama administration is doing all they can to disarm "the enemy" as they see most Americans so as to assure a win in this up and coming civil war. Yes, I hope I am wrong. But as most will agree, the American people truly are fed up and the present Constitution declares it their duty to stop the obvious turncoats in DC. And yes, this is also why the powers that be are re-writing the constitution. They want to make it illegal to do as the original Constitution says is legal. Now yes, they may re-write the laws and yes they may even make it possible to get many to lay down their arms. But we all know there are millions in this nation that will not do that. Hence, the DHS weapons, ammo, vests, bombs and FEMA camps for those "prisoners of war" as the "survivors" will soon be called. No I am not suggesting Christians rise up. As students of prophecy we expect all this to happen. We are however called to warn the people for the coming of the Lord. And events like this in politics boldly suggest, He is near! Even at the door!

21/05/2014 12:23:28 VIDEO: Girl, 10, raped by brother-sister team at school!
"The 10-year-old said she had gone to the restroom, and that's when a female classmate of hers and the classmate's brother began their assault. "The little boy pulled his pants down, pulled her pants down," said the mother, who indicated the sister held her daughter down while the 8-year-old brother raped her." --The sad reality in all this is that this is modern day America, and these are indeed the very last days! For an 8 year old boy to have the actual physical "ability," or even the lust-filled mindset to actually want to rape a 10 year old girl boldly states our society is an exact duplicate of both Noah's and Lot's day just as Jesus prophesied it would be. That being said.. are ready? ARE YOU SURE?! (Yes.. articles like this are not easy to read and even more difficult for me to post. But because this is now "the norm" for our society and disgusting acts like this are happening more frequently, I believe it is my duty to expose it just as any other watchman on the wall should. Turning a blind eye to such things can cause it to fester even worse.)

21/05/2014 12:23:28 Articles confirming the times we live in
Dozens charged in child porn case in NYC area * VIDEO: Girl, 10, raped by brother-sister team at school!40-foot sinkhole at Austin Peay State University's stadium * VIDEO: Student booted due to skin color: "Because I was white, they feel unsafe? * VIDEO: INCREDIBLE- Bottom Literally Falls Out of Storm Cloud  * Why thousands of 9-1-1 calls got dropped * VIDEO: Woman dies as dentist extracts 20 teeth * VA Scandal Whistleblower Suspended for Refusing to Falsify Records

20/05/2014 13:28:36 VIDEO: The False Prophet Revealed
"The false prophet is a collective term for false Christians who preach for the enemy of souls. The false prophet will do wonderful works with speech, healings and such. They will also turn the grace of God into lawlessness. They do not preach in favor of the law but they preach against it. " --Amen! This video boldly exposes the long prophesied false preachers, false prophets, false teachers, false healers, and false pastors running rampant within the so called "Protestant" churches of today. It is presented so that many children of God still trapped in these churches, or even in their very own homes worshipping these TV preachers as if they are men of God can finally see the truth and escape the clutches of Beelzebub as prophecy predicts many will do.

20/05/2014 13:28:36 AUDIO: Rush Limbaugh: Death panel at work in VA
"Now we learn of these deaths by attrition, secret waiting lists, and this is the real bad thing of it. People on these lists assume that they’re being moved ahead of the line. That’s the purpose of the secret list, that they’re going to really be taken care of. Because the backlog is so jammed, the line for treatment at the VA is so long that they’ve come up with this secret list business, and the people on that list think that they’re essentially being moved to the top of the class, or the head of the line, in front of the line. And they’re just being ignored,” he said." --And why are they being ignored? Rush Limbaugh reveals that there is a government bonus given out whenever someone is removed from the list. And how do they get off this "secret" list? They are allowed to simply die. Limbaugh even goes so far as to suggest death panels at work here, or at the very least, (due to Snerdly's insistence) massive incompetence is the culprit. But, while the latter is apparently true, the fact they can make money when someone dies proves the death panel assumption is absolutely correct. How can money be made here? Think about it. What's cheaper? Paying a one-time bonus to a murderous employee, or paying for medical care each and every time a Veteran needs it? So, of course the bonus idea makes financial sense to those with hearts that have waxed just as cold as Jesus prophesied they would. (There's a second audio on this page, you need to hear as well from a caller. Shocking!!)

20/05/2014 13:28:36 Uruguay is First Country in World to Fully Legalize Marijuana- Now Selling for Less than $1 per Gram
"Last December, Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize cannabis". --The product will be supplied by companies who are awarded government contracts to supply the general public. Consumers will of course have to register to use it. The government promises to control the price and keep the quality very high so as to keep the populace in a stupor. Is it Obamacare? No, it's Uruguay's socialized pot party care. Uruguay was the second South American country to legalize homosexual marriage (the first was Pope Francis' home country of Argentina). To keep the appearance of morality well fueled in the Vatican, Francis publically pretends to condemn drug legalization as he does with abortion and the aforementioned homosexual marriage. But it's all just a ruse as anyone with half an ounce of viable gray matter can attest to. Uruguay legalized marijuana just seven months after Francis met their current President Jose Mujica, which I have to say is no coincidence. At any rate, obedient Christians can take comfort in knowing this insanity won't last much longer. And with that I shout, Maranatha!

20/05/2014 13:28:36 Articles confirming the times we live in
VIDEO: Thailand's army invokes martial law: military TV * John Paul's legacy stained by sex abuse scandal * VIDEO: 9-Year-Old Children Could be Given Sex Change Drugs by Britain's NHS * Best and worst companies for Internet privacy * VIDEO: Aerial flood footage: 'Worst in century' deluge swamps Balkans * Illegal-alien population surging under Obama * VIDEO: Deadly crash between freight and passenger train near Moscow * Nosebleed revives radiation talk in Japan * VIDEO: California drought will cost thousands of farm jobs: study

19/05/2014 13:19:25 VIDEO: Current Events in Prophecy part 1
--This video outlines some current events within and without the church that declare boldly we need to get serious about preparing for our Lord's soon return. I pray you are blessed by what is shared here. And yes, there is a part 2 coming soon.

19/05/2014 13:19:25 New identity for 'Mystery Babylon' of Bible?!
"A prominent Bible-prophecy teacher claims the true site of the biblical Tower of Babel is in Saudi Arabia and the concept of "Mystery Babylon" actually refers to Mecca, not the Vatican, as some researchers of Scripture claim." --I was wondering when Walid Shoebat was going to let the cat out of the bag regarding his Vatican loyalty, and now that day has come. This man has been preaching bold faced prophetic lies for many years. He has used Vatican Bibles and falsified statements and even historic forgeries to preach his prophetic heresy. And now, he has handed us the smoking gun confirming his long suspected papal worship. He is now going forth to proclaim Islam is Babylon and therefore "the" Antichrist just as some that bow to Vatican liars have declared recently. But using common sense and historic facts, it's childishly easy to prove they are lying. Herein lies their long ignored problem. That problem being the obedient child of God. We have been keeping our lamps well trimmed and we have been studying the Word of God and as prophecy also predicted, we know who the man of sin is. And thanks to the fulfilled promises of our amazing Creator, we have eyes that see that the Vatican Bibles and forgeries hold no viable truth whatsoever. In short, Walid Shoebat is working for Rome just as much as the media of the day during Hitler's day did. Rome was using Hitler to kill back then, and today they are using Islam. So, like the liars that helped Rome hide their now confirmed ties to Hitler during WWII, we see their same demons are very much alive in men like Shoebat who seek to help the Pope hide again in our day. If you study the Bible, you have nothing to fear from men like this. Your God will keep you safe and He will guide you to New Jerusalem as promised. However, if you're too busy or lazy to study your Bibles. You may already be under their spell. But you can still break their spell so as to not be counted among those who will be weeping and gnashing their teeth.

19/05/2014 13:19:25 Warren Buffett has given $1.2 billion to abortion groups
"The so-called "Oracle of Omaha" has donated more than $1.2 billion to abortion organizations from 2001 to 2012. That's equal to the cost of roughly 2.7 million first-trimester abortions, more than twice the number of abortions that occur in an entire year in the United States." --Some may think millionaires and billionaires donate large sums of money to abortion lobbyists for political reasons. But think about it and look a tad closer at the end result in all this. There is no major political agenda behind abortion other than the legalization of cold blooded murder. And there is no real money to be made in doing so either. The fact the abortion clinics can't stay open without government assistance proves that hands down. That means these men aren't donating to further a candidate, a political agenda or even a padded bankroll. They do it because the god of dung, Beelzebub. demands it of them. It's nothing more than a blood sacrifice to that fallen angel. Being Luciferin devil worshipers as they are, they use their wealth to gain blessings from their false god for killing the innocent children in the same way they gain power by sending innocent men to their deaths in war. What's worse is the fact they have no clue their false god lied to them. In fact, this demon knows he's already lost the war. In fact, he's no doubt whimpering out a nervous giggle from time to time at how easy it is to get the so called leaders of this world to do his bidding, which in the end will grant them the exact same fate as his. Death and damnation for all eternity. So be it. You cannot change one jot or even a minuscule tittle of that which has been written.

19/05/2014 13:19:24 Articles confirming the times we live in
VIDEO: Bus fire kills over 30 children in Colombia * Pennsylvania Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison for Dumping Newborn Son in Toilet Tank * FYI VIDEO: How Pickpockets Can Snag Your Wallet at Grocery Stores, Restaurants * 'We're being watched': 2,000 cameras monitor Penn State campus, more on the way * FYI VIDEO: Dog detects cancer and saves his owner's life * Mom Held After Baby Survives Being Tossed in Trash Can * VIDEO: Obama obviously cooking the booksUS responsible for Ukrainian crisis after investing $5 billion in regime change, Russia’s envoy to UN * VIDEO: NATO false flags in Ukraine

18/05/2014 12:57:54 Christian woman given 72 hours to deny Christ or die
"Refusing an Islamic judge’s offer of clemency if she would publicly deny her faith Jesus Christ, a pregnant Sudanese mother of a toddler has been sentenced to death." --Please pray for this woman! She is looking death square in the face and hardly anyone with the power to help her is doing anything. And have you noticed? The Pope, who claims to be a Christian hasn't lifted a finger. In fact, I don't recall this evil man saying anything at all about his friends in Islam killing the Christians he claims to pastor. The last few months of his pontificate confirms, he could care less. All the years of Benedict and John Paul II sitting in Rome also confirm, these men did nothing to stop the killing. Why? It's because Christian prophecy is true. They are the ones killing the Christians! They're just using Islam to do it in the exact same way they used Hitler to kill the Jews.

18/05/2014 12:57:54 VIDEO: Energy giants might be behind Ukraine unrest
"Self-defense forces are on full alert in East Ukraine's newly proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic. The region cut ties with Kiev after a popular vote last Sunday, and activists are expecting a new wave of government crackdown. Tensions are highest in the city of Slavyansk that's been besieged by troops for weeks. Reinstating control over the restive region isn't the only agenda driving Kiev's ongoing offensive." --If you watch this video you will see why there's unrest in this region and you will also see why Joe Biden's son was hired to work with the energy giant in this region as well. Today, as expected, war isn't about one nation being immoral or even unethical towards its citizens or neighbors anymore. Sure, that is sometimes the excuse used by US forces to invade countries the last few years. But as we see here, it's all about the chance to make billions of dollars in profits. It no longer matters who dies as long as those with the money continue to stockpile the money just as the prophecy found in James 5:1-3 predicted they would. Perhaps we need to list all those companies with vested interests in these wars and boycott them here in the States? Just a thought.

18/05/2014 12:57:54 Claim: Christians sin by putting kids in public school
"Christian parents, do you wish to obey God and reclaim America from a godless culture? Then remove your children from the nation's public schools.That’s the plea from E. Ray Moore, who has been taking his message public during his campaign for lieutenant governor in South Carolina." --First and foremost, he makes this claim so as to further his political career. Nothing more, nothing less. But, he does have a point. No I am not saying parents are in sin for placing their children in public schools any more than parents were in sin Daniel's day when he and his three friends were forced to be educated by Babylonian leaders. We are in the last days, and our government school system is wholly, utterly and hopelessly corrupt. If the parents do have the ability to allow one of the parents to stay home to homeschool the children and they choose not to because they like the extra money or fancy toys money can buy, or they're just too lazy to bother worrying about their children, then those parents are going to be held accountable by the Lord that looks upon the heart. But, for those parents that are forced into government schools due to being single parents, or simply too poor to do otherwise, pray with your children every morning before sending them off to be in the midst of the world. Who knows, you may be raising the next Daniel who needs to experience life in such a place as this so as to pass the REAL tests that come from above.

18/05/2014 12:57:54 Articles confirming the times we live in
This week's Earthquake Report * VIDEO: This is how fast Texas wildfires can move *  VIDEO: Hamas TV Children's Show Encourages Killing of Jews * VIDEO: Thousands evacuated as record flood stuns Serbia * VIDEO: Wildfires engulf southern California * VIDEO: Have the Homeless Become Invisible? * VIDEO: VA chief fears widespread cover-up of deaths * VIDEO: Iowa Democrats Pray for Abortion Rights

16/05/2014 15:01:43 Belgium Euthanasia Doctor Visits Nazi Death Camp, Why? You'll Be as Shocked as Us
"Therefore, it seemed a logical step to us to plan the next study trip to the place that is the eminent symbol of an unworthy end-of-life being Oswiecim, better known as Auschwitz, the extermination camp of the Nazis in Poland. This site is an inspiring venue for organizing a seminar and reflecting on these issues..." --Do these sound like the words of medical doctor or a serial killer? His name is Wim Distelmans and he's considered the leading propagandist for euthanasia in Belgium, the only country in the world which allows children of any age to choose doctor assisted suicide as an option in some circumstances. This demonic man is also a university professor and head of a government committee tasked with determining whether euthanasia cases are carried out within legal boundaries. In other words, the Belgium government allows this murderer to police himself. According to this story, in 11 years his committee has not referred a single case to prosecutors for further examination. One of his critics was quoted as saying "He wants a little too much to be the Pope of euthanasia in Belgium, and that's not a good thing." No that's not a good thing at all. These are the last days indeed.

16/05/2014 14:33:18 Increased Prosperity Brings Added Alcohol Risks to Developing Countries
"Rapidly developing economies in Southeast Asia, the Western Pacific region and Sub-Saharan Africa are likely to see drinking increase as individuals become more prosperous and more young people and particularly women begin drinking". -- 2 Timothy 3:1-4 forewarns "That in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God." This story is yet another example of this coming to fruition. The bible plainly declares drunks will not make it to heaven. (see 1Co 6:10, Gal 5:21) So it's only natural that the enemy of souls is going to be doing everything he can to make alcohol consumption seem acceptable. One way he is able to do this is by generating confusion over the use of the word 'wine' in the bible thanks to pastors who don't actually study the word of God to learn its true meaning, but rather read it to justify their creeds. For a quick overview please see this page regarding the biblical use of wine or this video. Bottom line is, alcohol defiles the body and no Christian should ever consume it. Therefore, it will be no surprise to find that the Catholic church defiles itself with fermented wine more than any other nation on the planet. Satan's tactic is to convince people that drinking in moderation is okay. But think about how illogical that really is. Alcohol is poisonous. Is poisoning yourself "in moderation" sensible? Of course not. But the enemy of souls has convinced billions to rationalize alcohol in this manner. That's why outfits such as the World Health Organization put out propaganda actually proving alcohol is causing death and injury on a grand scale, but at the same time they don't try to stop it's use outright. Instead they propose governments put policies in place to mitigate, but not fully eliminate, the risks. Have you noticed how well that works in the USA? Alcohol related death is still at the top of the charts, but at the same time the money made in arresting people for its "illegal" use in traffic makes billions for all local governments. As Christians we mustn't fall for this lie because "they are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error." -1 John 4:5-6

16/05/2014 14:33:18 Measles outbreak in Ohio linked to Amish missionary trips to the Philippines
"Unvaccinated Amish missionaries who visited the Philippines triggered the latest U.S. outbreak of measles in Ohio where 73 cases are confirmed." For decades this ministry has been warning that remnant Christians will be blamed for the pestilence and other calamities befalling the world. And no I'm not suggesting the Amish are remnant Christians. Sure in many ways the Amish are far less conformed to this world than most denominations, and it's no secret they've largely rejected vaccines over the years. But as your read further into the story it's reported "they [the Amish] have been very receptive to coming in and getting immunized" due to this outbreak. This despite the fact the measles vaccine doesn't work. But like most lukewarm Christians are doing now, they will conform to this world; at least enough to keep from being persecuted when all is said and done. Then they will join with the rest of the world in targeting the remnant holdouts who refuse to obey man over God. Religious exemptions against vaccines are still legal. But for how much longer? As it is now, U.S. travelers to the Philippines are not required to obtain any vaccinations. But I have no doubt that will soon change. The Seventh Day Remnant church has a large presence over there and if you are considering relocating to that country, do so as quickly as possible. Same thing with moving out of major cities, even if you plan on staying in your home country. Prophetic signposts indicate that large population centers will be the first to make vaccinations mandatory with no exemptions allowed. Even in rural areas you can be sure no children will be allowed in public schools without forced vaccinations. So now is also the time to start homeschooling your children if you haven't done so already. If you are new to this ministry and don't understand the dangers of vaccines please do some research on your own; this page is a good place to get started. And one more thing. Did you see this video? They claim a woman was healed of cancer by measles. Nevermind the fact she mentions at 0:49 in the video that they tested this on six people and only ONE woman was healed. Hopefully, it can be further researched. But I have to think this video's timing is overly convenient. First we see the Amish bowing to the demand to vaccinate. Then we see proof it doesn't work. And now the vaccine cures cancer? What an amazing twist of fate that this story came out on the exact same day as the Amish/measles story eh?! Are they trying to convince Christians it's high time they get with the program and get vaccinated before we all die of cancer? But what if the new vaccine is so expensive we can't afford it unless I sign up for Obamacare? Hmmmmm.. my brain hurts! I wonder if they have a vaccine for that?

16/05/2014 14:33:18 Ukraine hires Joe Biden's son?!
"In the span of a few weeks, an energy firm little-known inside the United States added two members to its board of directors, scoring connections to Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden in the bargain. On April 22, Cyprus-based Burisma announced that financier Devon Archer had joined its board. Archer, who shared a room in college with Kerry's stepson, Christopher Heinz, served as national finance co-chair for the former senator's 2004 presidential campaign. Then, on Monday, the firm announced that Biden's younger son, R. Hunter Biden, would join the board of directors." --OK, I might be seeing more than it apparent here, but, have you ever done any research into how a Socialist form of government and or society really works? The ones in power are always the ones that stay in power because they only hire their friends and those related to ones already in power. Not only does this show America is headed towards Socialism, it shows it will be a global form of Socialism just as prophecy predicted, and the Pope in Rome demanded. For them to hire Biden confirms Rome's New World Order is not only on schedule, it appears to be a tad ahead of schedule. It also suggests that Putin was in on granting America control in the region all along. Or at the very least, be in agreement as one politically under Roman rule when they finally stop this charade and admit the NWO is here. They can trash the Constitutional foundations of fair-play to claim Biden is a "private citizen" all they like. The obvious conflict of interest blatantly exposes them as in the region and in power. You simply can't place the son of a foreign government in such a position without that reality intact. Why be in that region you ask? First of all, it allows for Rome's NWO to have its foundation well set in that hemisphere, and it also allows for the world's police force, the US military, to have the right to set up shop to protect their own. Still, for those that may think I'm blowing smoke in all this, do you recall how back in 2008 Obama already made it apparent he had plans to move in that region all along. Could it be that he and Putin agreed on this action if and when he won that second term? Time will tell. In any event, it looks like they have all the toys they need to spark World War III any time now.

16/05/2014 14:33:18 Articles confirming the times we live in
Pregnant Christian to die for refusing to convert * VIDEO: Disney's effort to indoctrinate the kids into welcoming "protection" from drones * Mom fights court order to circumcise toddler * VIDEO: partially Parched: Half of US Is In DroughtNew Study: Just One Week of Organic Eating can Lower Pesticide Levels by 89% * VIDEO: Torture, abuse against Afghan women on rise * Texas under fire for banning 10 Commandments sign * VIDEO: Raging California wildfires turn deadly * South Sudan facing 'catastrophic' hunger * VIDEO: Have the Homeless Become Invisible?

15/05/2014 15:29:49 VIDEO: Operation American Spring to hit D.C. to oust Obama, Biden, Boehner, Holder
"A group of self-described revolutionary-style patriots with a million mobilized militia members are heading to downtown Washington, D.C., this week to bring a simple message to political leadership, from President Obama to House Speaker John Boehner: Get out. ...For more than five years, 'we the people' have been writing, calling, faxing Congress, the media, screaming in town halls, marching, rallying, demonstrating, petitioning, all to no avail. ...government looks at 'we the people' whom they have taken an oath to serve as 'pests'" --These men in the militia appear to be very serious and I believe this is why we see politicians in DC stockpiling weapons, ammunition and even bomb making materials lately. And yes, even caskets to help clean up the mess they plan to make if successful. Will it get out of hand tomorrow and will we see martial law enacted as a result? I certainly hope not. But then, "something" has obviously been brewing in this nation for a few years already now. Whatever's been fermenting in the minds of many is bound to eventually blow. I just hope it doesn't happen tomorrow because I don't see many Christians being ready for all this. In any event, keep these men in prayer that are headed to DC. They're only doing what the Constitution says is their right and their patriotic duty to do when our leaders become this corrupt. Now do you see why our leaders are re-writing the Constitution? One more thing.. As we know, there have been many articles written over the last few years about "missing nukes," be it suitcase nukes to 50 actual warheads going offline for 45 minutes allowing any "enemy" full access. As corrupt as our leaders are, would they be so corrupt to purposely leave DC in droves knowing the Militia is coming so as to nuke the city and kill them all off in one fell swoop? The days ahead are prophesied to be intense. Will they be that intense? I hope not.

15/05/2014 15:29:49 Miami police kill 2 unarmed suspects by shooting disabled car 377 times
"In an attempt to apprehend a possible suspect in Miami FL. cops opened continuous fire on an unarmed suspect’s vehicle. While occupied by the suspect and an innocent passenger, the car was impaled with several hundred bullets. Witnesses describe the incident as a chaotic and frenzied show of police force and also said that the vehicle's 2 occupants were trying to surrender. But that did not stop a total of 23 police officers from firing at least 377 shots at the vehicle. The officers' bullets not only hit the suspects, but also several neighboring houses, businesses, and vehicles." --These two unarmed men were actually raising their arms in surrender when the second volley of bullets rang out to end their lives. We are in a police state in America just as students of prophecy have been warning people for decades. That being said, either repent and get your house ready to meet the Lord as King and Saviour, or party on and stop claiming to be Christians. It can't be said any plainer than that.

05/11/2014 11:17:34 VIDEO: Rome readying for Sunday Laws
 --As expected, disobedient church leaders are right now putting forth a concerted effort to suggest church "action" is now necessary to address the increase in calamities around the world. If you are a student of prophecy you know this "action" will eventually lead to the long prophesied excuse that Sunday Laws are needed to appease God so as to stop the disasters. We also know this excuse will be fabricated as a way to stop the Loud Cry from proceeding. That being said, ARE YOU doing your part to proclaim the Loud Cry?