24/05/2011 13:31:35 Joplin hunts for survivors as more storms come their way
"Rescue crews dug through piles of splintered houses and crushed cars today in a desperate final search for survivors of the mile-wide tornado that killed at least 117 people when it blasted much of this Missouri town off the map and slammed straight into its hospital. The tornado was the deadliest single twister in the U.S. in 64 years and the second major natural disaster in less than a month." -And just think, the weather reports suggest more storms that look to spawn tornadoes are headed their way today! The pics and videos on this page remind me of what I saw in 1967 when an F5 came through our hometown. Calamities are becoming a weekly thing now, and some weeks it's daily.

24/05/2011 13:31:35 TSA Patdowns At Santa Fe Prom
"Despite a judge's initial ruling, Santa Fe High uses state police officers to help supervise instead." -What many people fail to realize is, these are government schools! They will do whatever they want and there isn't thing one you can do about it. Except of course homeschool your children. By the way, did you see some of the dresses the girls are wearing? They are so short and so tight that patting them down would be futile. You can see they aren't carrying any weapons. Our children have been so programmed to accept sinfulness as the norm that next to no one sees anything wrong in what they're wearing anymore. That is of course until that Eastern sky splits, but then, it will be too late for most.

24/05/2011 13:31:34 Fake job ads
This is insane! It's bad enough there are no jobs out there. But to waste peoples time who are really looking for work is criminal! There are corporations out there that place job ads in the newspapers all throughout the nation. But they are not looking for workers. They are only placing the ads to cultivate illegal aliens they can get green cards for. Why do this? For the same reason the Roman Catholic church caused most of their parishioners to have many children. Most illegal aliens in the USA are Catholic. Rome knows that the larger the number of Catholics there are at voting booths, the larger their chances to place Roman Catholic politicians in office.

23/05/2011 17:21:58 89 dead after tornado in Joplin, Missouri; number expected to rise
"A tornado that chewed through a densely populated area of Joplin, Missouri, killed at least 89 people as it tore apart homes and businesses, ripped into a high school and caused severe damage to one of the two hospitals in the city, officials said Monday. "Everybody's going to know people who are dead," said CNN iReporter Zach Tusinger, who said his aunt and uncle died in the tornado." -In all my years of living in the Midwest wherein tornadoes are rather frequent, not only has the number escalated greatly, the tornadoes are now hitting cities! That used to be a rarity because it used to be that the heat rising from cities would cause the storms to stall from entering. However now, it seems cities are becoming tornado magnets! Just one more reason to get out of the cites. As prophesied, the calamities are increasing!(click here for another video the day after when a another storm rolled in the exact same area!)

23/05/2011 17:21:58 Sakurajima volcano in Japan erupting daily now
"More large lava ejections, and static/plasma lightning discharge!" -On top of this there have been 2 to 3 earthquakes in Japan each and every day registering anywhere from 4.5 to 5.9. Yet I don't see anything in the media about this. Is Japan about to sink? If all these quakes continue, along with the volcanoes venting everywhere, I can't see them fairing too well at all.

23/05/2011 17:21:57 Texas Government Covers Up RADIATION in DRINKING WATER!!!
"From KHou news Houston, TX Government caught covering covering up cancer causing radioactive drinking water." -What's really upsetting is, the government knew about this for many years! One can only imagine what's being hidden from the general public right now. Especially since Fukishima is sending loads of lethal radiation daily to the West Coast United States. In this age of lying, one can only expect a lot more lies floating around now.

23/05/2011 17:21:57 Answering machine exploiting
FYI: Do you have an answering machine? Ok, who doesn't? If you do, you need to see this video so as to prevent hackers from using your answering machine to dial long distant collect calls all around the world. Just so you know...

22/05/2011 12:08:23 One more false prophet exposed
The way the media is playing with the story is exactly why Satan has false prophets like Harold Camping make false predictions. It makes real Christians look bad, while at the same time gives the media a chance to play down the truth that the world will actually end soon. The mindset of "peace and safety" must be cultivated, so false prophets will abound. Just like the little boy who cried wolf was eventually ignored when real danger appeared, Satan plans to get many in his camp by getting false prophets like Harold Camping to make Christian prophecy appear false and unreliable. As Christians we know whenever anyone predicts a "date" for the end of the world it proves they are 100% false, because our Bible clearly says no man knows the day or the hour. (See Matthew 24:36) But, most people don't read Bibles, anymore and most pastor don't preach prophecy. Therefore, no one knows predicting a date is an easy way to expose a false prophet! So, when people who claim to be Christians make false predictions like this, more and more people chose other religions out of fear that they will be laughed at for being part of a group known to be habitually wrong. Had they read their Bibles however, they would have known, that too was prophesied! How ironic eh?

22/05/2011 12:08:22 Mother caught on tape trying to kill her child
"Footage from a hidden camera in a hospital room shows an 18-year-old mother smothering her 4-month old child." -WARNING! This is not an easy video to watch! This is what happens when children are allowed to have children. This is also what happens when their home has no knowledge of the Word of God, specifically commandment #6, and society teaches killing babies is acceptable. This young girl's love for her own child has grown so cold that she nonchalantly tries to kill it. She even does so with a bored look upon her as she waits for the baby to stop breathing! Christian prophecy is so amazing isn't it? We are truly living among a world filled with the walking dead.

22/05/2011 12:08:22 Obama is called "a God" on MSNBC
"The Media Research Center held it's 2011 Gala and DisHonors Awards on Saturday. Videos in several categories were picked as winners and the audience picked an anti-conservative outburst from MSNBC's Ed Schultz as the "Quote of the Year." -This video is filled with all sorts of strange statements, but scroll to 0:53 in the video and listen to what this politician says about Obama! 2000 years ago Caesar was called "a god," and today the Pope is called "a god." Soon, the pope's "many Herods" will also demand worship just as they did 2000 years ago.

22/05/2011 12:08:22 Wyckoff Middle School Students Told To Delete Naked Girl Photo
"It's deadline day in a sexting scandal in New Jersey. Students at a middle school in Wyckoff are being told to delete a naked photo of a 13-year-old girl or..." -I understand it's a good idea to allow your child to have cell phones for emergencies. But parents need to wake up and realize that giving them phones with other abilities like texting and photo transferring is not wise. Kids will be kids, but in this case they can actually end up in big trouble that would follow them the rest of their lives! Just one more reason to get your children out of the schools! They breed all sorts of decadence that will eventually lead to jail time, corrupted morals, drug addition, depression and eventually hellfire. Don't believe me? Click here.

20/05/2011 13:13:38 5-19-11 - 8.4 Libyan earthquake coverup!
If you go to the NIEP site where another video shows they recorded and posted the 8.4 Libyan quake, the link that leads to"latest earthquakes" is currently "not found!" (At 12:12pm 5-20-11) So, why did all seismic tracking websites delete the quake in Libya you ask? Could it be for the same reason all seismic monitoring employees were given the day off back in the 2004 quake that caused the tsunami that killed over 300,000 people? Never in the history of that office were those monitors unmanned, UNTIL that day because the monitors would have revealed something "un-natural" about the quake! Truth is, back then, they didn't have the technology to "hide" quakes that are man-made sufficiently enough, so they told the people to "enjoy Christmas" instead. Today, with the Internet connecting all seismic monitoring stations, they appear they do have a way to delete the records quite easily now. Why delete the one in Libya you ask? Rome has a vested interest in that region! But Ghadafi won't step down to let them create their "new" Constitution like all the others did that allow for Rome's Sunday laws, or as prophecy calls it, the mark of the beast. For a quake to hit there NOW when everyone that's anyone knows all about how HAARP works would be far too difficult to explain away. So, they had to hide the quake! Even my quake alert software deleted it as well! But then, that's easy to do seeing how most quake watching tools have up to an hour of delay time. At first I was puzzled as to why the delay, now it's obvious.

20/05/2011 13:13:38 Is this America?
This is amazing. A preacher is literally arrested for using the word "Hell" in a Gospel message he was preaching about Hell. I like the way the reporter brings up the fact that very offensive words are on the radio, TV and all over music album covers, but these cops don't like the word "hell" so much they arrest a Christian. I also like the way the reporter points out the music playing in the background as they arrest the Christian preacher. The police are showing us more and more that Satan now has 100% control over them, just as he did back 2000 years ago when he used Roman soldiers to harass and eventually kill Christians. Prophecy said Rome's wound would heal, and so it appears to be healing quite rapidly.

20/05/2011 13:13:38 Brad Pitt declares Christianity "stifling"
"At the Cannes Film Festival, Brad Pitt revealed his reservations with his "stifling" Christian upbringing. He spoke at a press conference for "The Tree of Life," in which he plays a 1950s father battling with his sons. "...Many people find religion to be very inspiring," he said. "Myself, I found it very stifling. I grew up with Christianity and I remember questioning it greatly. Some things didn't work for me. Some things did." -it's only "stifling" for those that love the darkness more than the light. It's fitting that his new movie is actually titled "The Tree of Life" is it not? At the end of the 1000 years when the wicked are resurrected to receive their final reward of eternal damnation, all those that thought Christ was too "stifling" to follow in life will then be fighting to get into the city to get at that tree!

20/05/2011 13:13:38 War's necessary! US defense contractors 'raking in the dough'
"America may be being dragged down by record debt and unemployment filtering throughout the economy, but there's one industry that's bucking the trend. It's a boom time for arms manufacturers right now, and they're branding themselves as saviours of the job market." -With a $658 billion dollar budget, yes, killing people is very lucrative to say the least! Notice the excuses some of the people working for weapons manufacturers use to ok killing their fellow man. The love of money clouds so many eyes into accepting the known evil as a "necessary evil." Kinda like abortion eh?

19/05/2011 14:16:29 Sharia already in Sydney, say Muslim leaders
"The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils has asked a Federal Government inquiry into multiculturalism to permit sharia, especially in divorce cases. But a sheik and Muslim leaders yesterday said sharia was already being used to end hundreds of marriages a year. Sharia is also being used by imams in cases of business disputes and neighbourhood fights." -Notice how it is stated on the video that Sharia Law is used in England and the USA? Yet, the media here in the USA is mostly tight lipped about it so as to allow it to grow to such an extent that no one can fight against it once it's istalled. This is exactly how Rome has worked her evils in the past with unsuspecting nations, and this is how they will be able to bring about laws that allow for the be-heading of Sabbath keeping Christians! And to think... the SDA church is helping Rome push Islam hand in hand!?

19/05/2011 14:16:29 Video Shows Officer Offering Truckers Freedom For Cash
This is nuts! The police let the guy go even though they know for a fact he has almost half a million dollars in cash in his truck from drug dealers. Problem is, it's not against the law to have that cash on him or transport it. So he should be set free. However, the police make the guy think it's a crime to get the money for their precinct and the district attorney declares it's perfectly acceptable!? No, I am not saying the drug dealers should have their money free and clear. In a normal world, the trucker should have been arrested because he admitted the money was drug money. The unsettling thing here is, cops and the district attorney see nothing wrong with lying to people to make them think they committed crimes so as to gain from it. That in and of itself is a crime is it not? But how can the people stop them in a police state? They can't. It's just one more unjust law on the books. Bottom line is, this video proves the cops don't care about the drugs, or the dealers. They only wanted the money. And the "law of the land" allows them to do just that.

19/05/2011 14:16:28 Busby: Fukushima reactors a raging radioactive inferno
"There are signs that two further reactors at Japan's troubled Fukushima plant may have gone into meltdown. Similar problems were earlier confirmed at the number one reactor. Its operators are suspected of failing to properly cool them after the earthquake." -It's not getting any better. It's actually getting much worse. For radiation to reach the USA means Japan is mostly covered in deadly radiation itself. So, as this continues to spew radiation unchecked, eventually the entire world will have to deal with this problem first hand. In other words, as prophesied, disease, famine, and calamities will increase.

19/05/2011 14:23:21 Stunning video: NASA captures giant comet hitting sun
"SOHO (NASA-ESA Solar & Heliospheric Observatory) watched as a fairly bright comet dove towards the Sun in a white streak and was not seen again after its close encounter (May 10-11, 2011)." -Keep in mind, the Sun is actually 109 times larger than the earth. That's just one comet hitting the Sun. Notice the huge explosion that followed that is at least 30 to 50 times larger than earth. When the Lord allows, life on this planet will end. In fact, when plague #7 hits, millions of 125lb chunks from a sky filled with comets will hit earth making it impossible for anything to survive. Except of course Satan and his demons. But according to Scripture, they will eventually die at the end of the 1000 years they stroll around the planet among all the dead. 

18/05/2011 12:48:58 Obama's scary new law
This is very unsettling to say the least. You can get pulled over by police on any road for any reason, and if they want to, they can confiscate your MP3 player or laptop without a warrant. What they're doing is mostly behind closed doors at present because they know this type of unjust law would alarm most citizens. That being said, do you, or your children have any illegal copies of music? What used to be handled in a civil court will soon be considered a federal offense. Before you know it, there will be so many laws on the books that no one will be able to keep up. That means most citizens will be able to be arrested for crimes they never knew existed. Christian prophecy is amazing isn't it?

18/05/2011 12:48:57 Canadian wildfire forces entire town to flee
"Wildfires that blazed through a northern Canadian town forced the evacuation of nearly 7,000 people. The mayor of Slave Lake nearly one-third of the buildings were destroyed after strong winds..." -Just in case anyone was wondering, no, the calamities have not stopped. In fact they're getting much worse. Imagine, nearly half of a town burned to the ground in today's world with all it's high tech fire fighting methods. Just doesn't seem natural, does it?

16/05/2011 12:49:32 Have a video I can post?
If you have a video you think I should post on this site that deals with prophetic events in any way shape or form. Or you feel the video you found is something the people that frequent this site needs to see, please e-mail me by clicking the above link at your earliest convenience and I will check it out. Thank you in advance.

17/05/2011 13:10:38 China farmers face 'exploding' watermelon problem
FYI: "He said he had used chemicals to boost their growth on 6 May, and the following day more than 180 melons exploded. Mr Liu was reported to be the only farmer from the 10 households who used chemicals." -It's beginning to look more and more like the only food will be either well documented organic grocers, or food growing in your own garden. Strange thing about this is, farmers that don't use the growth chemical are also reporting exploding melons. The only link between all of them is the seeds they purchased were all imported from Japan. Could it be they're radioactive and therefore causing the problem? Who knows? And if they find out it's the radiation, will the media allow the general population to be warned? No, they probably won't, judging how they have covered up so many stories in the past. In any event, before buying fruits and veggies, please check where it's shipped from to be safe.

17/05/2011 13:10:38 Aussie messiah questioned
"Following A Current Affair's interview with the Australian man who believes he is Jesus Christ, new revelations suggest this religious leader may not be everything he claims. So what is going on behind the scenes and why are his followers so convinced he is the son of God?" -Prophecy did say false prophets, (like Harold Camping) and false Christ's, (like this guy) will abound right near the end of time. So this is just normal brothers and sisters. What's so sad is that the people that believe this false messiah could have been spared all this, as well as what's coming upon them soon by merely opening their Bibles. By the way, this false Messiah also has a "partner" who claims to be Mary Magdelon. This false Messiah even goes so far as to recommend Hollywood movies for his "flock" to watch. And thanks to Hollywood's ability to make people think satanic lies are actually truth by using special effects and crafty story lines, many will believe these two are Jesus and Mary, UNLESS they open their Bibles. Throughout the interview not one Bible verse is mentioned and not one Bible is seen in any of their gatherings. By the way, it's no mistake he "looks" like "Jesus" as well. A brother in our church family made a video recently that proves the "face" most people believe to be the face of Jesus Christ is in fact someone else. His name was Cesare Borgia and he was the son of Pope Alexander VI. This pope loved his son's "beauty" so much he that he commission artwork done from then on to use his son as a "model" for Jesus Christ. It later became the standard image of Jesus for the Vatican! Click here to see that video. So it's no mistake this false messiah in Australia looks the way he does. Both he and the Vatican worship and are directed by the very same god. Satan.

17/05/2011 13:10:38 Video 'proves' Obama birth certificate is fake
There are so many facts being laid out all over the Internet as well as a new book that was just published that proves the "official" Obama Birth Certificate (BC) is a fake that it's amazing to me that he's still in office. This video brings up something most of us missed right off because it's not common knowledge to know about such technological advances as this video reveals. The technology we use today to make printouts was not possible back in the 1960's when Obama was born. Yet his BC shows modern day printing technology within it. Why do I keep posting info exposing Obama the last 2 years? It's mostly to prove we are not only in the age of lying, the ones lying know they aren't believed. But their power is such that we can't do anything about it. They know if the people rebelled, the 600+ prison camps in America are all set and ready to gather them up to keep them quite.

17/05/2011 13:33:10 History Channel admits anthrax attacks are an inside job
This was aired some time ago, but it warrants repeating as it solidifies what I've been saying for decades, and more so in just the last few years. We are in the age of lying. Leaders in our nation as well as all other nations on earth will do whatever it takes to get their agenda met. Especially if big money is to be had. If you'll notice, when they get caught, they have the power to avoid prosecution and walk freely among us as if they are above the law. But not for long. When Jesus returns, and all the prophecies fulfilled to date proves that day is fast approaching, they will have to answer for what they did. LIke any other person on earth, He is their Creator too, and they cannot claim to be above His Law anymore than Satan can claim that.. Our leaders were created to do good for their fellow man. So pray for them. If they fail to repent, their's is a fate no man would want.

16/05/2011 12:49:32 US Set To Reach $14.3 Trillion Debt Ceiling
"If the US Congress refuses to increase the debt limit, the White House has warned that the country would default on its repayments and spark a new financial crisis." -In other words, the last few presidents that boldly proclaimed they lowered our debt were lying? Fudging the numbers ha been a favored past time in this age of lying. However, lies have one very annoying feature. They are eventually to be just that, lies. And as usual, the discovery is always painful. Over the years we've seen many people proclaiming certain "elite" were planning to destroy America by raising our debt to levels no nation could ever hope to pay. They were called idiots, worry warts, and fear merchants by many of the same politicians still in power today. What say ye now? As prophesied, the few in power will pile their riches up so high that it will destroy the lives of billions. As was also prophesied, their riches will rust and be a witness against them.

16/05/2011 12:49:32 Dead body found in middle school parking lot
"Texas-Police were investigating Friday after a dead body was found in an Alief ISD middle school parking lot. Police said a man was found dead in a white pickup truck in the Olle Middle school..." -Again, schools are not a safe place for our children anymore! If you still donn't believe me, please click here.

16/05/2011 12:49:32 Sea plant disappears when touched
This is amazing! I had to watch this 3 or 4 times, and thought all of your would like to see it too. When you watch this, think about all those evolutionists in the world's scientific arena. As for me, I'd like to see theSe scientists with all their so called "miraculous" technology and "amazing" wisdom come close to making something like this using the same biotechnology the Creator God uses. Oh yeah, and before they even attempt such a thing, they haves to do so with absolutely nothing! Not even dust can be used because our God made that as well.

15/05/2011 12:31:02 Man beheads woman in Tenerife shop
"A British woman in Tenerife has been murdered after being beheaded by a homeless Bulgarian man, according to Spanish media." -Is it just me, or are we seeing more and more of a spill over into mankind from demons running amuck among the lost? It's almost as if the demons under Satan's rule are chomping at the bit with excitement knowing that soon that it will be open season on Christians. I guess it's bound to happen since like in Noah's day most people's hearts are filled with evil anyway. Historically speaking, this is the best time in the history of mankind to be a Christian. You cannot fight such powers without Christ at the helm of your heart.

15/05/2011 12:31:01 Students Expelled, Suspended For Threatening To Kill Teacher
"On April 20th, Menomonee Falls Police were alerted to the Facebook page of a 13-year-old student at Menomonee Falls North Middle School, asking if anyone else wanted to kill..." -13 year old kids will act out like this, especially in today's world thanks to all the violence in society. Everything from video games to Rock music fills their minds with anger and hatred like never before in the history of mankind. But thanks to Facebook making it "cool" to act out in front of your friends, they are now in real trouble because as we now know, Facebook is monitored by the government. That being said, do you have young people on Facebook who have "cool" friends they want to impress? Not too long ago a punk teenager making big claims in a school yard was usually blown off as some kid looking for attention. Now-a-days the slightest boast on Facebook can land you in jail, as well as land your parents into a major debt due to paying for lawyers to keep their precious child out of prison. Want many more reasons to get your children off Facebook? Click here.

15/05/2011 12:30:36 Boy Rides Out Tornado In Dryer
"One Lenox resident said her son survived the tornado with quick thinking." -I just couldn't pass up the change to share some good News for a change. As far and few between as it's reported, I feel when a story like this pops up I go for it. This 11yr old boy literally crawled into the family dryer while the house was being ripped up by a passing twister. Praise the Lord for blessing this child with such an opportunity as well as the wisdom to think fast!

15/05/2011 12:30:36 Quake drill gets Indiana ready for rumble
"An estimated 600,000 people in Indiana took part in the first phase of what will be the largest earthquake drill in the United States." -Seems odd doesn't it? Do you recall how the "powers that be" had a "drill" for a plane hitting the Twin Towers the same day it happened? Or how they also had a "drill" of a bomb on a bus the same day a bomb exploded on a bus in London? Still, some ask, why do they pre-plan rescue efforts when they're planning to kill people anyway? Profits! There's a lot of money to be made in "helping" victims. Hospitals know they can get anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000 per patent from insurance companies. However, after Obamacare becomes law, payouts like this will be a thing of the past, which in turn means care like this will also be history. This is where the signs that follow God's people come into play. Soon there will be millions unable to get healthcare (even though the government makes them pay for it) who need a healing. God will be glorified and million will come out of the fallen churches! This much is prophesied!

13/05/2011 12:43:16 Cajun country prepares for 15 feet of water
"Army Corps of Engineers Col. Ed Fleming leaned over a podium and warned the crowd gathered at a volunteer fire station that where they were standing was projected to be swamped by up to 15 feet of water from Mississippi River flooding. The crowd let out a collective gasp. "From the ground?" an incredulous resident shouted at the meeting Thursday. "From the ground," replied Fleming, head of the corps' New Orleans district." -All the weather modification that caused the record snowfall in all areas that melted and headed downhill was no mistake. So this was easy for them to "predict," as it appears to have been planned. Another thing I noticed was, when you look at the pics below the video in the article of how the flooded already looks like from above, it looks suspiciously like the pictures of what it would look like if a massive quake was generated by HAARP in that area causing all that land to collapse so as to make numerous sea ports in the center of the nation. Which of course would generate more cash flow to the insanely rich in D.C. No I am not predicting that, but I do have to ask why did they generate so much snow knowing it would flood later on like this? If they are that evil and they do something that crazy, what's to stop them from saying the weight of the water caused the collapse so as to hide the fact they used HAARP to cause a massive quake in the New Madrid fault? After all, scientists have been "predicting" with more confidence lately that the New Madrid fault line is overdue for a 9.0 quake, are they not? This is something to watch to say the least. Check out the next video to see what I mean.

13/05/2011 12:43:16 Big 9.0 + New Madrid Quake Coming Soon?
"Friend of mine "Dutch" that had been working real hard on earthquakes has a worry that the New Madrid Quake zone is in the middle of the tension spot and may be ready to pop and relieve it's pressure in a huge quake along the new madrid earthquake zone." -Jesus said the quakes would increase, and whether they're natural or man-made makes no difference anymore. They ARE increasing. And now we see that a major quake in the New Madrid is inevitable? When? No clue of course, but all that shaking around the world isn't helping matters any. Nor is it helping that some in power have technology that can cause quakes. If you're not a Christian yet, what are you waiting for?

13/05/2011 12:43:15 At Least One Japanese Reactor Melted Down
"Toyko Electric Power and NHK (Japan's official news agency) have now admitted that the Number One reactor at Fukushima melted down, according to Reuters and other international news agencies." -There are also "unofficial" reports coming in now that reactor #2 and #4 have melted down as well. If your didn't believe it was all that bad before, your mind is about to change now.

13/05/2011 12:43:15 Pageant Mom Gives 8yr old Botox
"When a child smiles and flashes a couple of dimples, people usually comment on how adorable they look. But when you are the eight-year-old daughter of a pageant mum, even the most endearing imperfection cannot be tolerated." -How can the dimples on an 8yr old be considered imperfection? When you're living in the age wherein the flesh in "sexual tones" reigns high in the eyes of society, even your children are subject to change! What's worse is, the way they make up these babies makes men with low morals lust after them as well! These mothers have a lot to answer for when Christ gets back. Please pray they stop all this idiocy! Have you seen some of the pictures of these little girls lately? They look like women! And people wonder why child molestation is approaching epidemic levels?