17/05/2012 13:30:57 Greece to hold new elections after stalemate
"Greece will hold new elections in response to a political stalemate that left the debt-racked country unable to form a government, the office of President Karolos Papoulias said Tuesday." --It's literally becoming child's play to predict their next move now. Praise the Lord for His prophetic Word and the opening of His people's eyes to such things as this.

16/05/2012 12:05:44 Obama Turning America Into Sodom And Gomorrah
--What he's saying in this video is very true. It's one thing to have people from all walks of life claiming Homosexuality is acceptable. That's going to happen no matter where you live. But to have the President of a country proclaim homosexuality is normal and acceptable is exactly what the leaders in Sodom and Gomorrah did in their day. And we all know how the Lord dealt with them. Truth is, prophecy said this would happen and yes the 7th plague will put an end to all this. But I believe the statement proclaimed in this video is needed for some to get a grip on what actually happened when Obama endorsed same sex marriages. On top of all this, this proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Obama is not a Christian! But then, we already knew that.

16/05/2012 12:05:44 Loma Linda SDA minister Promotes Homosexual Marriage!
--Yes this video is almost a year old. I posted it first on SDAapostasy.org back in February of this year. But it definitely bears repeating today. Why? Obama's campaign strategy is now promoting homosexual marriage as a way to gain reelection. It's also Rome's long expected final promotion of their homosexual agenda to the forefront as a last ditch effort to normalize their homosexual priesthood. Also keep in mind that this could only be done after extensive demographic research on the political pulse of the nation. Thanks to all the churches "coming out" of the closet, Rome knows all of them, including the SDA church are promoting homosexuality. The basic reality is, in so doing their flock will mostly agree to be "tolerant" towards such things because they obey their pastors. Just like all the others, the SDA church has been instrumental in bringing this homosexual agenda to the forefront. And before you email me, understand that if your General Conference leaders haven't publicly rebuked this pastor yet, even though they had a year to do so, you have no reason to use the excuse that "all the churches" don't agree with this man, and so it's perfectly acceptable to stay in such a church. If you have the name "SDA," then you simply do condone that which your leaders do before the eyes of the Lord thy God! Truth is, not too long ago the SDA people used to warn that Catholics that staying in apostasy meant they were not only in Babylon, but headed for hell for ignoring Christ's command in Revelation 18:4. Why is it still the truth for Catholics today, but not the truth for SDA's who are in the same state of sin?

15/05/2012 13:46:34 Obama calls for repeal of Defense of Marriage Act
"President Obama openly spoke of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act at a fundraiser Monday, as he defended his personal view that gay couples should have the right to marry." --Jesus said in Luke 17:28-30, "Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed." This is our society right now brothers and sisters. We are very close to going home. This is indeed a bittersweet time to live in. By the way, did you notice that Obama stated (at 2:30) homosexual marriages actually strengthen the family!? There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

15/05/2012 13:46:34 Greece on Fire: 'Disaster looms, with or without Euro'
"Last week was a truly hectic one for the EU, with violent anti-austerity demos and political deadlock again casting doubts over the future of the euro. In Spain, as many as hundreds of thousands marched in nationwide protest." --The big picture? For me it seems a bit obvious. Greek leaders aren't as "friendly" with the Vatican as the Pope wants. However, could it be the banks are? After all, is not the Vatican the richest country on earth? If this is the case, could it be they are staging an economic disaster so as to bring about public unrest which in turn forces a new election so that Rome can finally install the leaders that are "friendly" with their prophesied agenda? Makes sense to me.

14/05/2012 13:36:01 Fans riot, clash with police in Turkey
"Turkey's football championship final ended in a mass riot, as hundreds of angry supporters of Istanbul side Fenerbahce reacted to their team's goal-less draw. After the game, Fenerbahce fans stormed the pitch as well as throwing flares and plastic chairs." --The enemy of souls knows exactly what he's doing with the masses! As expected, sports have finally escalated to the point where people can be easily manipulated into a rage over a silly GAME! Now, let me ask you this. If they can attack their own police force who actually have weapons, how easy will it be for them to attack Christians who have no weapons when the powers that be declare open season on us? No, I don't share this as a way to generate fear "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." according to 2 Timothy 1:7. What we see is prophetic fulfillment. The people of the world that do not follow Christ are being trained right now to attack at the drop of a hat. In fact, this is just one aspect of how well they are being trained. I go into a but more detail in a video I posted almost a year ago if you're interested. (See it here)

14/05/2012 13:36:01 Massive fraud ignored ... until exposed by WND
"Law-enforcement authorities sat on a major bank's money-laundering allegations, even denying they were handed the same information by a whistleblower, until the story was exposed by WND." --It's amazing how many so called "authorities" were helping to cover up this massive banking fraud. The only reason it's finally out there is because of the courage of some reporters and the man blowing the whistle. Pray for him. He's probably a marked man now that the word is out. What's really sobering is, if one bank has the wherewithal to do this without fear of prosecution, one can rest assured all the big banks do this! Something like this can in fact generate anarchy once these banks are shut down for fraud. But then, is this the plan? Prophecy does say it's going to get crazy. But how crazy? We will soon find out.

13/05/2012 13:18:30 Jesus never said anything about gays, Colbert says
-- Is this not evidence we are very near the end brothers and sisters? Not only can we find dozens of verses in both the Old and New Testaments about the sin of homosexuality, we also have prophetic statements regarding homosexuality's rise directly before the end comes. As expected, it's perfectly acceptable now in main stream America to not only mock our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, but this guy actually intimates that Jesus never said anything about homosexuals! And worse yet, he makes jokes suggesting Jesus and the 12 apostles were homosexuals. Many souls are most assuredly racing towards their final destruction with smiles on their faces, and it saddens my heart greatly. We have a lot of work to do dear ones. Looking for something to do for our Lord? If so, contact us asap.

13/05/2012 13:18:29 'Gays' to YouTube: Don't let anyone see THIS!
"Randy Thomasson says YouTube recently pulled the video simply because homosexual activists complained. Homosexual activists didn't like the truth that was in the video; they complained to YouTube and YouTube's committee yanked it," Thomasson said. "They did the bidding of the homosexual activists and apparently don't do their research and all of these are true facts. Harvey Milk is being called a hero and a role model. Actually, he was a sexual predator," Thomasson said. Thomasson added that the 2008 movie about Milk was largely fictional. "It doesn't show all of the young boyfriends Harvey Milk had. It made him look like he had only one steady, older boyfriend. It doesn't talk about all of the boyfriends who went and killed themselves because they got AIDS and so forth." --Just as Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms in their glory days to make worshipping him attractive, he is doing the same thing here. Satan never shows the decadence, disease, wars and death. That is why the homosexuals don't want videos about their heros REAL lives posted. Their god can't afford bad press! It's just that simple. (If you missed finding the link to the video they yanked, click here)

05/11/2012 14:09:51 Obama endorsed homosexual marriage - Hollywood sends cash!
"The campaign, within hours of Obama's interview in which he declared for the first time his support for gay marriage, blasted out a fundraising email to supporters. ...Hollywood is home to some of the most high-profile backers of gay marriage and the 150 donors who are paying $40,000 to attend Clooney's dinner Thursday night will no doubt feel newly invigorated by Obama's watershed announcement the day before. Overall, the dinner is expected to raise close to $15 million." --As expected, Satan figured out a way to makes someone rich and powerful by pushing yet another sinful agenda to the forefront of society. Good news? Prophecy said it will be as Sodom and Gomorrah when Jesus returns. (See Luke 17:28-30) Is this not our society today? Yes it is. Does that mean we are very close to our King's arrival? Yes!

05/11/2012 14:09:51 NATO's AMD in Europe to shoot down global peace?
"The Missile Defense plan in Europe will be up for discussion by NATO later this month. The alliance is holding a summit in Chicago that's expected to give the green light for the activation of interceptor missiles in Poland. But as Alexey Yaroshevsky reports, Washington's reluctance to co-operate might force Moscow to take action." --If you've ever done research in how Rome has always used deception in foreign policy, you know they do this so as to make friends they plan later to turn on for political gain. In fact, this is how Rome came to be a power in her day. They made promises to neighboring nations, and when relations were at their peak, they would either turn and attack, or simply take over their government and meld them into their own. This is "the" undeniable fingerprint or smoking gun proof that the Roman Catholic Vatican is in fact controlling the foreign policy of the USA just as prophecy said they would in the end.

05/10/2012 14:48:51 Obama backs gay marriage
"President Obama on Wednesday endorsed same-sex marriages, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to take that position following days of speculation about his "evolving" stance on the issue." --It's no coincidence Rick Warren is the one to ask Obama the questions. He is one of the most evil "religious" men on the planet, second only to the Pope. As the video proves, Obama is flipflopping his political agenda because he is extremely fearful he will not be gaining a second term. He stated many times in the past he was against homosexual marriage. But now that his election is not sure thing, he is for it. This man is doing all he can to please the millions of illegal Roman Catholic aliens, (by his brand new dream act) and now he is pandering to the Homosexuals in this extreme change in policy to make sure he has a massive voting block. This is so amazing! He is tempted by Satan to do all this for the love of power. He is right now bowing to Antichristian Theists and Homosexuals so as to keep his position of power. This will destroy our society even more now that he supports the homosexual agenda. This actually reminds me of Bill Clinton who was against abortion when running for Governor of Arkansas, and then totally for it when running for President. These men will do whatever they can to further their careers! And yes, this was all prophesied by our Lord long ago. The good thing about all this is MANY are finally realizing the prophetic facts in the Christian Bible. Not even the scoffer is sitting comfortably in their assumptions that the Bible is questionable anymore. God's remnant people can now take advantage of the signs of the times like never before.

05/10/2012 14:48:51 US Detention Facility to be run by Mercenaries
"Two Rivers Detention facility in Hardin Montana will be run by foreign company "American Police Force". Could this be for Gitmo detainees or US citizens? Why is Blackwater operating in a US town?" --The powers that be are setting things up so they won't have to worry about their police force having concerns about following orders that place their neighbors in their gun sights. These "police" won't be from this nation. The fact they have fictitious addresses, the U.S. Government is their biggest client, and their spokesperson refuses to give his name should concern many. But so far, no one seems to care.

05/09/2012 12:57:31 Channel 13 Investigates: IRS tax loophole
--President Bush opened the borders to allow millions of Illegal aliens into the country. Obama kept that border open and then passed the "Dream Act" that allows them citizenship as long as they go to school here, and the IRS created a loophole in the tax forms allowing these illegal aliens massive tax refunds each year by claiming children, even if they live in Mexico! Some families have received over $14,000 for one tax return! Why? Rome needs as many Roman Catholics in this nation as they can get. America is "the" unchallenged super power on the earth, and seeing how they have a heavy influence in Congress and the Senate, and now in the Whitehosue itself, they need to bolster their presence by manufacturing voters loyal to the Pope. To have a massive voting block in America that is happy with the leaders that bless them financially like this will most assuredly guarantee a vote by these same Catholics to keep them in office so as to keep their finances flowing.

05/07/2012 13:30:04 Christian persecution
This is not an easy video for a Christian to watch, so be forewarned. Only good thing about it is it's only just over 2 minutes long. Prophecy said Christians would be persecuted and all the governments would ignore our plight, and this is exactly what's happening. By the way, why do the leaders of all nations ignore it? Mostly because wolves in sheep's clothing standing as pastors proclaim Islam to be a peaceful religion that worships the same God as the Christian. So, most national leaders naturally ignore what the Muslims are doing to the Christians.

05/07/2012 13:30:04 Biden 'absolutely comfortable' with gay marriage

"Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, quickly issued a statement saying, "We are encouraged by Vice President Biden's comments, who rightly articulated that loving and committed gay and lesbian couples should be treated equally." --Biden is Roman Catholic, and therefore he knows his "religious" leaders allow him to do as he pleases as long as they aren't looked down on when they publicly contradict not only the Bible, but their own flock's perversions. Keep in mind the Roman Catholic church has the largest voting block in the United States of America. That fact alone illustrates why we see such laws being passed. Public opinion always dictates public policy. Rome knew it would come to this. In fact, it was their agenda all along. In 1930 they said, "The old Protestant culture is about at the end of its rope... Why can't we make the U.S. Catholic in legislation, Catholic in justice, aims and ideals?" -Father F. X. Talbot, editor of America, official jesuit magazine for the U.S. statement in New York Globe Dec. 14, 1930 (For more quotes like this, click here)

05/06/2012 11:53:24 HOW did the camera follow the lander

As many are aware that know me, I do believe the landing on the moon was a hoax for a multitude of reasons. Everything from the fact the dust was undisturbed under the lander AFTER it landed to the deadly Van Allen radiation belts that the Lord placed around our planet to protect us from solar radiation. Those two belts would kill any living matter passing through them! This video is just one of at least half a dozen that I've looked into over the years that make me wonder why people still believe we went to the moon. In this video you will see the lunar lander taking off from the Lunar surface. That lunar lander would have to have ALL the astronauts on board before taking off because they could not come back for the cameraman. They only had the one lander! So.. I have to ask as does the author of the video post, who was it that moved the camera and zoomed in on the Lunar lander as it ascended from the surface of the moon? Little green men perhaps? As prophesied, we are in the age of lying! But then, that's par for the course seeing how Satan is the father of lies and this is when prophecy said he pulls out the big guns seeing how he knows how little time he has left.

05/06/2012 11:53:23 'Cop brutality fuels fire of student anger in Canada'
"Riot officers charged, maced and detained dozens of protesters, while the police chief publicly complained that his forces were worn out. The students are incensed over a tuition fees rise which the government says is necessary. But journalist Bernard Desgagne, says heavy-handed policing will only provoke the students further." --It's amazing how the police can beat you senseless and no law is broken. But if you so much as "touch" a cop, they can legally claim assault, beat you unconscious, and then after all that, you are the one charged with a crime. What they fail to realize is, police are ordained of God to protect and serve. (See Romans 13:1) They will soon answer for their crimes against those they swore to protect in the Highest Court of all. So keep them in prayer.

05/04/2012 12:29:54 Obama:says Jesus Knew Doubt and fear?!
"At an Easter Prayer Breakfast he hosted for Christian clergy at the White House on Wednesday, President Barack Obama said Jesus "knew doubt" and had "doubts", a view some Christian scholars have criticized." --Obama also said "Jesus knew fear" when in fact 2 Timothy 1:7 clearly said, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." Obama is a well documented liar who is being pushed by Rome to make Christianity look weak and useless so as to have the control needed over billions that claim to be Christians. This is also why we have Jesuit Coadjutors like Alex Jones who work directly with the government to fan the flames of fear so as to make Christians weak when it comes time for them to seek God's assistance in prayer. If they have doubt and fear Satan knows their prayer life will be easy to circumvent. Satan knows what happened when he got Peter to fear the wind and the waves while walking on the water. He knew he was able to get Peter's faith to fail by using simple fear! This is why Obama declared in this obviously Roman penned "sermon:" that Jesus was fearful! Obama then quoted Mark 14:34 which said, "And saith unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death: tarry ye here, and watch." Where in the English dictionary does the word "sorrow" = "fear"?! Obama lied here in suggesting such a thing. As for Obama's claim that Jesus had doubt. Jesus is the epitome of faith! Always has been, always will be! How dare he suggest Jesus had doubt! Jesus was the epitome of faith! Never was there any doubt in our Lord's heart! EVER! In fact, when Peter sank in that water that day, Jesus rebuked Peter for his doubt! (See Mark 14:31) In other words, Obama is following Satan's lead wherein he is accusing Jesus for what he and all his cohorts are doing. Obama, the Pope, and every corrupt leader on earth dreadfully fear our God and rightfully so! For it is written in Psalms 14:5 "There were they in great fear: for God is in the generation of the righteous."

05/04/2012 12:29:54 Fruits of Egypt revolution
"The worst violence Egypt has seen in months is stoking political tensions in the country, ahead of the Presidential election. At least 11 people were killed and around 100 injured, when a group of unknown assailants attacked protesters early on Wednesday, sparking further fierce clashes." --Political leaders have stated since day one that a revolution would bring peace in the region. So the people believed them and joined in their agenda for a peaceful nation. We are indeed in the age of lying!

05/03/2012 12:49:08 NATO needs Afghanistan as launch pad for regime changes
"Hundreds of people have demonstrated in a southern Afghan town, accusing NATO troops of killing 4 children during a gunfight with insurgents. It's the latest episode in a major setback in the relations between the US and Afghanistan in the past months, and comes as President Obama arrives on an unannounced trip to cement the countries' future relations." --These "leaders" of ours have a lot to answer for when the Easter sky splits. Please keep them in your prayers. As prophecy stated long ago, there will be wars and rumors of war. And yes, this is today's world. Not much we can do about that. Still, to see innocent children being killed like this is insane!

05/03/2012 12:49:08 Mom claims TSA treated 4-year-old 'like a terrorist'
"Girl left crying after getting pat down for hugging her grandmother." --Nazi Germany has been resurrected just as students of prophecy expected all along. The Fourth Reich is upon us. Fear is what moves the masses, and this is what they're going for here. If they can keep us all in line, it will be that much easier for them when it comes time to enforce the mark of the beast in Rome.

05/02/2012 13:30:40 Secret Government Plans to Evacuate Chicago
"CBS 2 News in Chicago is reporting that government officials in the Secret Services and the Department of Homeland Security are secretly planning for the possibility of having to evacuate Chicago." --They are doing this because NATO is having a conference in the city. But because our government knows the people are angry about their evil and oppressive methods, they fear a riot. So, to allow the corrupt leaders freedom to walk in and walk out unscathed, they actually plan to create a "red zone" in the Loop where fully armed agents in battle gear will be walking the streets for 3 full weeks before the actual event. Still think it's ok to live in a city? You do? Then check out what's happening in Crookston Minnesota. Our "leaders" are testing how easy it will be to take over. Had any of this been done 50 years ago, people would have flooded out of their homes immediately. Now do you see why it's so important for Fluoride is in the water and other chemicals in the food? Hitler knew how well Fluoride worked to keep the people complacent, so, his predecessors simply repeated the process.

05/02/2012 13:30:40 Osteen: Romney is a Christian
"Famed pastor Joel Osteen reiterated his position that Mitt Romney is a Christian on Tuesday, saying as long as the likely GOP presidential nominee believes that Jesus is the Son of God then he subscribes to the Christian faith." --This same "famed pastor" also stated Jesus Christ isn't needed to gain Heaven not too long ago in the same way John Paul II and Benedict XVI did. That fact alone should make some realize he's not one for stating the facts. Osteen is actually nothing more than a yes man for the ecumenical prelates of Rome. He is always so careful not to offend because in so doing he may lose money. But then, all preachers of filthy lucre do that. This is what happens when it's a career rather than a calling to stand on that pulpit. As for Romney. He's a Mormon, and Mormons are not Bible Christians per se. They don't even use Bibles for that matter. As for Wolf Blitzer saying that only 18% believe Obama is a Muslim. No, his numbers are obviously a bit off. But then he is working for the media that is directly controlled by the government so, one can always count on them to lie.

05/01/2012 13:39:14 Shut down bill before it shuts us up
"If you put a frog in boiling water, it'll frantically try to climb to safety. If you put a frog in cool water and slowly turn up the heat, it'll likely not become aware of the impending boiling water before it's too late. Anyone who's been paying attention to the enormous expansion of power the government's executive branch has granted itself in the last decade knows the water is rapidly nearing 212." --No need to sign petitions or get on a list, just please keep praying.

05/01/2012 13:39:14 Motel goes nude to save business

"Hodge said the switch to a clothing-optional resort is a last-ditch effort to save his business. ...The motel is only three doors down from Shepard Park, which will be filled with children every day as soon as summer hits." --Just a few short decades ago the owners of a failing business would just give up and move on. Today, with society mostly ruled by sin and seeking after pleasure as prophecy predicted long ago, it's a viable option to use sex to keep the doors open. And if this man thinks having a "family orientated" nudist camp in his motel won't lead to lasciviousness, he has an amazing blindness upon him.

30/04/2012 14:13:18 Pills for war thrills: 110 000 soldiers on meds
"Thousands of US soldiers are going into battle fueled by all sorts of prescription medications, be they amphetamines, antidepressants, sedatives or others. Largely unmonitored consumption of drugs can lead to aberrant behavior and mental disorders. Over 110,000 American service personnel took prescribed medications in 2011 to battle through everyday military routine." --What's worse is, many soldiers, as the one on camera, admit that while on these AMA drugs they cannot make rational thought when it comes to whether or not the person with the weapon in front of them is friendly or not. This is why so many innocent people are dying in nations where we have our soldiers stationed as "protectors." These drugs have also been known to make killing rampages appear the norm for some. Especially after you've been in a few fire fights. It's not within out nature to kill anything that moves, and so major problems occur when taught to do so. And then it's all enhanced when the drugs take away all shame and inhibition. Now for the scary reality in all this. All U.S. cities now insist on hiring only ex-military for their police force! Amazing how easily Satan can make society much worse by using a simple pill.

30/04/2012 14:13:18 Teachers caught red handed bullying child
"The morning of February 17, I put a wire on my son, and I sent him to school," Chaifetz says in a video he created to showcase the audio clips. "What I heard on that audio was so disgusting, vile, and just an absolute disrespect and bullying of my son, that happened not by other children, but by his teacher, and the aides, the people who were supposed to protect him. They were literally making my son's life a living hell." --Government schooling at its best.

28/04/2012 23:45:14 Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses Christian Teens
"As many as 100 high school students walked out of a national journalism conference after an anti-bullying speaker began cursing, attacked the Bible and reportedly called those who refused to listen to his rant "pansy a___ed." --Keep in mind that many Hollywood stars and Obama himself have funded this man's open hatred of the Christian God and the Bible. Be forewarned, he uses foul language and his hatred of our Lord is very apparent because being homosexual he simply cannot agree with his eternal fate. This sadly mistaken and angry man is were prophecy says society is headed to in our day. (See Luke 17:28,29) More and more people applaud open hate speech like this while at the same time jail Christians that share love and concern for their souls. Why isn't he arrested for breaking the laws government has passed regarding hate speech? It's because Christians have become third class citizens. I say praise the Lord for this because their actions against us confirm we are obviously not of this world!

28/04/2012 23:45:14 Tasered to Death: Should all be afraid of cops?
"In the US, there's also strong concern over how far and with how much immunity, police can push their sweeping powers. A recent human rights group report blamed law enforcement officers for tasering 500 people to death over the last decade. And Tim Cavanaugh, managing director of Reason dot COM, says for Americans, the first reaction to police is fear, rather than trust." --When the police kill innocent people for honking a horn, actions like this will eventually cause most citizens to hate the police and many fed up citizens will actually lash out against them. Anarchy is racing towards us as we speak and it's all because of murderous actions of a few police. It is then Satan will convince the powers that be that a Police State will be necessary to restore order. Now do you see why there are over 600 internment camps on U.S. soil right now?

29/04/2012 12:05:42 CISPA abolishes right not to be unreasonably searched
"Soon, Americans may find every private email they write could be opened, copied and inspected by government snoopers." --CISPA is nothing more than the government's most current response to SOPA and PIPA's failure, who most think was only the entertainment industries Bill. What everyone is missing here is that everytime the government fails in controlling the Internet, they will come up with another method. SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, ... it's all obviously from the exact same source! If CISPA fails, one can rest assured a brand new Bill will rise up right after it. They will eventually get the control they want because without it their other plans sit dead in the water. What we must do is prepare as if that day is already here. And by the way, Obama said he would veto this Bill if it passed. However he said the same thing about NDAA, but then signed it into law anyway. So why did he say he would veto it and then didn't? It's an old political trick that's been used time and time again whenever the population is bound to rise in opposition. If the president says he will veto it, no opposition forms against it because most figure it will die anyway once vetoed. So it easily passes and then he goes against his word and signs it. As I've said before, we're in the age of lying. We need to expect them to do things like this. So, will Obama veto it? No clue. But like many of you out there, I am leaning towards, "probably not."

27/04/2012 13:11:32 CISPAtriot Act: End of privacy approved by House
"A controversial cyber security Act CISPA is now a step closer to becoming law, following US Congress approval. The process now heads to the Senate, although the White House had already threatened to veto the bill. Internet users slammed the proposal accusing it of breaching American's privacy. Critics point to the fact that the act could eclipse all existing laws protecting people's privacy. RT's Gayane Chichyakyan reports from Washington. And Declan McCullagh, correspondent from C-net news, says it's the most alarming part of the bill." --One more reason to stop using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail and other online services. Truth is, you can actually create your own email server at home using free software! The only thing you will have to pay for is a domain name. And they go for as little as $8.00 to $15.00 a year! As for Facebook and Twitter type software, that too can be built on any PC with an Internet connection for free.

27/04/2012 13:11:31 Cops Beat Man Up In Front Of Wife And Kids

"It looks like either two plainclothes cops laid a severe beating on a North York dad's face or the man's face did a number on the police's fists." --The only reason some cops do this is because they simply aren't ordained of God to be cops. They are nothing more than killers, plain and simple. Some (not all) cops do this on a regular basis now. They beat someone up and claim THEY were assaulted. But the truth is, the one they claim assaulted them is laying in a pool of blood. The fact all large cities are now hiring only ex-military as police officers proves we are very close to the police state we have been expecting. When martial law comes, we will be as Nazi Germany was in every single State. But then, this is needed to ramp up the fear so as to make enforcing the mark that much easier on weak kneed Christians that are too lazy to read Bibles. Are you the man of the house? Do you love your family? Then read your Bible and prepare them for what's coming. It can't be said any plainer than that.

26/04/2012 12:12:50 European Sunday Alliance CENSORS New Video
 --If you're in the United States, don't expect this video to work in your browser. The SOPA, PIPA, and or CISPA toys for censoring the Internet that have yet to be passed as law, are already working (illegally) in most nations regardless of the fact the masses that write their elected officials paychecks don't agree with them. This "new video" is not being allowed to go outside of Europe. Why do you suppose something as trivial and "supposedly" unpolitical as the "European Sunday Alliance" would deem it necessary to censor their audience unless they know for a fact popular Christian websites in America would speak out against them slowing their forward motion. That being said, if you're from the EU, post this video to YouTube and please let me know so I can post it here.

26/04/2012 12:12:50 Free Speech is now a Felony in USA!
--This is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution, which says, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Perhaps this new law is something so blunt and bold enough that it will cause some to re-think their position on Christian prophecy? As Christians, and avid students of prophecy, we know it was stated long ago that the U.S. Constitution would eventually be done away with, and this new Bill signed into law by Obama has done just that in a big way! Now that they've been able to do this, the rest of the Constitution should be an easy task to shred.