16/05/2013 12:41:30 Barack Obama The Case for Impeachment
"Just how much criminal activity does a president have to be involved in before impeachment becomes a serious possibility?" --Nixon resigned over a single issue, and no one died due to his criminal acts. Obama has almost a dozen crimes on record so far, and hundreds if not thousands have already died because of them. Why is he still in office? Besides the fact it's the last days and Rome needs him there, what the author of this video unknowingly reveals is how Satan was able to assure impeachment is impossible. Still, what if he is impeached? Now there's no easy way to say this, but judging by the way many citizens that dwell in big cities have responded to what they deem unjustified over the last few decades, one has to wonder what will happen if is he is impeached. What I mean is, we saw no riots in the nation when Nixon stepped down, even though many disagreed he needed to leave. Will it be the same if Obama leaves office? One can only hope.

16/05/2013 12:41:30 Florida quietly shortened yellow lights
"A subtle, but significant tweak to Florida's rules regarding traffic signals has allowed local cities and counties to shorten yellow light intervals, resulting in millions of dollars in additional red light camera fines." --How is it the powers that be, whether they be federal or local, are able to get away with blatant theft; but the people they over tax and over fine into financial duress are arrested when they steal a sandwich because they have no money left due to taxes and fines? It's the end times.

16/05/2013 12:41:30 The Truth about School
"Did you ever wonder how it is that kids spend 13 years from kindergarten to high school supposedly being prepared for life, yet when they get out they don't have any real skills?" --This video says it all. In fact, if you check out a few of the over 1000 articles on my Homeschool Spurs page you will see that yes. Schools don't educate the kids at all. They indoctrinate.

15/05/2013 13:45:46 The politics of immigration reform
"U.S. Catholic leaders see a tough path to immigration reform, but are hopeful the political winds are ripe for a successful outcome." --Listen how this video published by the Vatican confirms they are behind immigration reform in a big way. At 0:38 in the video the Vatican speaker says, "We need to bring people out of the shadows and get them into the system." It's common knowledge that the illegal immigrants in America hide "in the shadows" so they won't be deported. They hold fake ID cards, or no ID at all and it's next to impossible for cops or anyone else for that matter to find them when they commit a crime or even hold an expired green card. Rome knows they cannot enforce the mark of the beast unless they get those people out of "the shadows and into the system." With this new law they can have their cake and eat it too. First off, they get all the hiding immigrants out of the shadows and into the system. Secondly, they now have literally tens of millions of new Roman Catholic voters to push countless Vatican agendas forward. Prophecy WILL be fulfilled no matter how much the scoffers claim otherwise.

15/05/2013 13:45:46 33% of U.S. honeybees died last winter; food collapse approaches:
"One-third of honeybee colonies in US died last winter: The food collapse approaches." --Keep in mind, we didn't have much of a Winter when it came to cold last year. Yet 33% of the bees died anyway? And what will happen when we finally do get a real cold, or "normal" Winter? With only 66% of the bees left going in, one can only imagine how bad it will get. Prophecy does say it will get very intense even before the plagues hit. One can see that day has already come in many areas around the world. Still think we have centuries before Jesus gets here?

15/05/2013 13:45:46 Immigration Bill Trojan Horse for Biometrics
"The concerns related to the employment identification system in the new immigration bill are not exaggerated, but to understand why we need to connect a few dots." --Only one reason they need to use biometrics. It allows for absolute and total control on an individual basis. Now here's the thing. None of this is feasible unless you live in a city covered in cameras. This is the case for most cities today. However, down on the farm, not an issue at all. UNLESS of course you have a Facebook page. If you do, and your pics or your loved one's pics are posted on that government controlled site, the next time you go into town for supplies, the cameras already in operation can identify you by cross matching what you gave them on Facebook.

14/05/2013 12:30:22 Christian Heavy Metal Singer Tim Lambesis Allegedly Hired a Hitman
"Grammy-nominated As I Lay Dying's Tim Lambesis allegedly tried to have his estranged wife killed." --Besides the fact that no Christian would ever seek to kill his wife, this man, and this band is not displaying Christian fruits by any stretch of the imagination. Insane Rock music wherein they jam with the drums, steel guitar, head banging moves along with what sounds like crazed screams of demons is not something that will bring people to Christ. Still, many see this as Christian music sung by Christian men. This is done so that when the true Christians come walking up with peace in our hearts and love in our eyes we appear as extremists to the world. So be it. We have a King who is eternal and the perfect expression of love itself. 

14/05/2013 12:30:22 Louisiana teen dies days after vertebrae injury in Spring football practice
"While it initially appeared that Gipson might be able to regain motor functions --Farmerville Principal David Gray told KNOE in the immediate aftermath of the injury that the school was holding out hope he would make a complete recovery, the teen’s condition deteriorated significantly in the days that followed, to the point that his family apparently began to realize on Sunday that he would not recover mental capabilities." --In other words, because he would be "mentally challenged" after the accident, they opted rather to kill him? A few short years ago this kid would have been allowed to live, disabled or not. Today, doctors do all they can to convince the parents to... save money!

14/05/2013 12:30:22 'Obama hates Internet news media'
"NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd says President Obama was making it “clear” at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner over the weekend how he feels about the rise of Internet news sites like Politico, Buzzfeed and … well, WND.“He hates it.” --Why? It's because it's not controlled by the government office he stands in like all the rest are. This is why they concentrate so much on trying to regulate the Internet into oblivion.

13/05/2013 14:05:35 Frozen lake moves towards homes
"Up to 35 mph winds push ice into Minnesota yards." --This is absolutely amazing to watch! As students of prophecy expected, weather patterns are going literally crazy, and this video confirms what we have been saying for years. It actually looks like a glacier is speeding forward and then crashing into these homes. And all of this is happening on May 11 no less! That's over 3 weeks into the Spring season. Click here for another video where it shows the ice breaking through the walls of the homes.

13/05/2013 14:05:35 Monsanto killing the Bees ? - Part of Secret Population Reduction agenda?
"This is serious folks , Monsanto (Knight of Malta Creation) keeps pushing itself forward by transnational corporations that have a lot of money and power having a lot of influence on Lawyers and Judges in The Justice Supreme Courts , time to get all of these treasones profit worshipping clowns out of your government , High Level Freemasons , Knights and Jesuits they all should be kicked out of America and even banned world wide because they are the root of all these problems." --Not sure I would want to use that kind of language when warning people of such as these. Still, as true as that statement is, and as prophetic as it all is as well, you will never get these men out of power. Just as we saw with Goliath long ago flexing his powers before the believers on that day, the only way these men will be "removed" is by the Creator Himself getting involved. And THAT is exactly what prophecy said will happen when these men who "destroy the earth" and use their "sorceries" upon all of mankind grow to this size. In short, it's almost over. Maranatha!

13/05/2013 14:05:35 Dozens injured in New Orleans parade shooting
"At least 19 people, including two 10-year old children, have been wounded during a shooting at a Mother's Day parade in New Orleans. It's thought up to 3 gunmen may have opened fire on the crowds." --Now I'm just thinking out-loud on this one, so.. bear with me. In New Orleans there's a shootout where 19 are wounded and dozens injured. Yet no martial law crackdown to search for a suspect occurs is seen rolling through the neighborhoods? Could it be the "possible" staged event in Boston was already set up with police tanks and troops in order to use martial law directly after the bombs went off? What I mean is, it's obvious that the shootout in New Orleans wasn't planned in advance; thereby leaving the police unable to respond as they did in Boston simply because they were "at the ready" in Boston due to the fact they had prior knowledge of a staged event. Again.. this is me just thinking out-loud. But I must say it certainly lends even more credence to the possibility that Boston was staged. And in this prophesied age of lying, it's even more plausible.

05/12/2013 11:37:51 Bill Gates on GM foods, vaccines and Monsanto Nwo Puppet
"Many have long suspected that U.S. policy on genetically modified (GM) organisms was being influenced by the multinational corporations that profit from genetic engineering and the export-oriented agribusiness. However, recently released Wikileaks cables document just how close that relationship has become." --A few seconds into the video Gates states vaccines will prevent babies from dying, then at 30 seconds he says vaccines will help in "reducing the population growth?" That's right, he has no fear in declaring vaccines can and do kill children. And no, this was no slip of the tongue. If you have been following Gates and his wife the last 5 years you would have heard him make the exact same statements about "reducing the population growth" using vaccines literally hundreds of times! Gates also lies about what he called "fake papers" proving vaccines cause autism. Those studies are confirmed and valid. He then claims all sorts of studies have proven their effectiveness, yet as he has done so often before, not once does he give proof of his claims. Just like all the rest, he wants everyone to simply take him at his word? With his money behind this, some see the Georgia Guidestones as a real threat,. Still, our Lord will intervene long before they go do that. Yes, these billionaires are evil enough now to try it, and many will die as a result of their efforts. But it's the Lord that ends all life on earth, not them.

05/12/2013 11:37:50 Documentary exposes the reality of illegal immigration
"Film maker discovers truth behind drug, human trafficking." --This is VERY upsetting! Turns out the borders are not secure, and never have been secure. This guy has the data and the videos to prove everything he's saying. Our political leaders have failed miserably to protect this nation. Thing is, I think they know they failed and this is why they're pushing for immigration reform. The only way to hide the fact they dropped the ball on this one is to open the floodgates to allow everyone into the country. That way no one will be aware they have been coming in easily all along. How is this prophetic you ask? Besides the corruption that causes this once Christian government to become Satanic, the majority of people coming through the borders are Roman Catholics that will vote pro-Vatican in the coming days. Catholicism is the ultimate tool by which to bring about an evil society. Their Pagan doctrines are embraced (unknowingly for the most part) by over 1 billion people allowing for all sorts of decadence as the norm. Having that many loyal voters in one place allows them to topple any government they wish from within. All they need to do is assure their numbers are high enough to swing the vote in any direction then need. Hence, the need to open the borders.

05/12/2013 11:37:51 Confidential Documents Show Revisions on Benghazi Story
"Jay Carney answers tough questions on what really happened with the Benghazi talking points." --This is amazing! In this age of lying, it's expected yes. but what concerns me is how most of the News Networks are ignoring all this. They revised those documents 12 times to try and hide the facts, yet it may happen that they get off scott free, and Obama will continue to do as he has from day one anyway. Still, does it matter? No, not really. It is annoying to witness of course, but the perfect peace wells up in the heart when we realize our God saw all this happening 6000 years ago.

05/10/2013 13:40:49 Mass surveillance on rise in the US after Boston attack
"The Boston terror bombings reinvigorated debate over the role of public surveillance in the US New York and other major cities have, in recent years, expanded the number of cameras, using Homeland Security department grants. The multi-billion dollar security industry is growing at up to 8 per cent a year. The question is: who's keeping watch on what Big Brother is up to?" --The false flag attack on 911 allowed for an unprecedented increase in surveillance. As the people eventually got antsy about it, the need for another false flag attack allowed for even more surveillance. It's just that simple. The powers that be know when the people start to get concerned about being watched, all they need to do is make them feel the need to be watched even more. But even they miss the big picture. Satan has them under his thumb as well. If you understand prophecy and know they need all this surveillance to assure every soul on earth is asked to receive the mark of the beast, a perfect peace comes upon you knowing our God is STILL in control! It's as Jesus said in Matthew 28:20, "lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen."

05/10/2013 13:40:49 Drunk tank pink
"no comments on video." -- Many years ago I was doing some research on creation and how the Lord did what He did on those 6 days, and of course how He rested on the seventh day. Before the flood of Noah, historic and scientific fact confirmed it never rained on the planet. (The "great deep" kept the plants watered.)  Plus the firmament (about 10 miles up) was still intact allowing for a perfectly pressurized atmosphere. At sunset the horizon, and then eventually the entire sky would glow pink all night long. It was found that this color actually helped all the animals, birds, fish and even humans clam down for the day so as to get to sleep easier. In other words, our Creator designed it to do just that and now science has again confirmed that which our God has done.

05/10/2013 13:40:49 Frat Party Brawl Video Shows How Party Turns to Violence, Arrests
"Arizona police say two non-students were attacked by fraternity members during a fight over a girl." --When the children are allowed to live on campus away from mom and dad's rules for a moral life, what else would you expect but an explosive reaction? It's the last days when prophecy says the craze for pleasure is number one on everyone's mind. So of course, as soon as the kids get a chance to be "free." They will go overboard. Having your kids go to college is one thing. Having them live on campus is a surefire recipe for disaster!

05/09/2013 13:43:58 'Earth is in the midst of a Mass Extinction of Life'
"Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is nearly 1,000 times the "natural" or "background" rate and, say many biologists, is greater than anything the world has experienced since the vanishing of the dinosaurs.." --Revelation 11:18 says, "And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth." We are that "near the end" brothers and sisters. The nations are angry, and judgment is just about over. Our reward is soon to be received at the same time our Lord destroys those that destroy the earth.

05/09/2013 13:43:58 Arkansas school cancels entire graduation after being asked not to pray
"As Christians and a mainly Christian town I think, there were a lot of people hurt that our rights were taken away,” Sixth grade parent Kelly Adams told the station. “My daughter graduated last year from 6th grade and my son is graduating this year from 6th grade, and we had a pastor open our ceremony and my daughter actually closed the ceremony in prayer.” --The leaders in this school illustrate what's wrong with the majority of Christians today. It's lukewarm Christians like this that are causing Christianity to lose every battle in the courts so much so that our rights will soon be entirely eliminated UNLESS we agree (as China and other nations have) to embrace Catholicism as the official religion so as to not "offend" non-Christians. What really bothers me here is how the kids in this school are being taught it's best to cave into anti-Christian pressure than it is to stand up for Jesus!

05/09/2013 13:43:58 NASA Probe Gets Close Views of Large Saturn Hurricane
"MASSIVE HURRICANE ON SATURN: NASA's Cassini spacecraft has spotted a gigantic hurricane at Saturn's north pole. High-resolution pictures and video reveal a tempest 20 times larger than the average hurricane on Earth. The hurricane swirls inside a large, mysterious, six-sided weather pattern known as the hexagon." --Another day, another strange sign in the heavens. Just wait till the fall when that comet gets here. I'm sure that will raise some eyebrows.

05/08/2013 12:50:31 Nuclear Leaks: Radioactive materials 'lost' in UK spark terror fear
"Britain's under pressure to put tighter controls on its radioactive materials, after it's emerged that hazardous substances have gone missing in numerous locations over the last decade. Manufacturing industries, nuclear reactors, and even schools are implicated, in a list obtained by RT from the Health and Safety authority. Some of the materials are volatile enough to be sought by terrorists." --Absolutely every nation that has nuclear power plants or warheads have all sorts of material missing. Sooner or later someone with enough demons within will build something that will kill millions. That being the case, without Christ in your life you are literally a sitting duck. With Him in your life, you have perfect peace no matter what happens. Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace.

05/08/2013 12:26:20 Rio police heli opens fire in slum during drug baron car chase
"A shocking video of Rio de Janeiro police in a helicopter firing on a moving car in a populous slum has sparked a probe. Footage emerged of the high-octane chase a year after it happened, raising concerns over the excessive use of police force." --This is insane! You can see bullets sparking all over the place as well as on the buildings of which common sense tells us they entered those buildings. This is what happens when no one cares about their fellow man anymore. Love has truly waxed bitterly cold!

05/08/2013 12:26:19 Boy, 7, suspended for pencil as gun
"A Suffolk school suspended a second grader for pointing a pencil at another student and making gun noises." --Why is it teachers that can't distinguish the differences between a 7 year old playing around with a pencil and a 17 year old holding a bushmaster? That being the case, why are still allowed to teach children? If the teacher doesn't have a firm grip on reality, what will happen with the children she is entrusted to educate?

05/08/2013 12:58:04 Ice needles on a beach in Minnesota
"Despite temperatures climbing to almost 80 degrees on Sunday, beachgoers to a lake in eastern Minnesota saw spiky mounds of ice in almost volcanic-looking formations along the edge of the beach." --In the 80's one day, in the lower 30's the next. And yes, this strange weather was prophesied.

05/07/2013 12:58:27 Frantic 911 call leads to 3 missing women in Ohio
"The woman's voice was frantic and breathless, and she was choking back tears. "Help me. I'm Amanda Berry," she told a 911 dispatcher. "I've been kidnapped and I've been missing for 10 years and I'm, I'm here, I'm free now." --One of her kidnappers (3 brothers) was a School bus driver! Click here for over 1000 articles and videos confirming schools are not a safe place for children!

05/07/2013 12:58:27 Boston: Clothing Change Caught On Camera?
"When did they find time to do a clothing change for this ‘victim’ in the Boston Marathon bombing? It must have taken some serious effort to get this young man into a new shirt after he had his legs blown off. One would only have minutes to live before they bleed out after a horrific injury such as this, how could they have been able, while the guy is nearly bleeding to death, to do a clothing change?" --Our government is not only corrupt, as we learned most recently with September 11, Sandy Hook, and a host of other so called "attacks." We also learned they are seriously inept at hiding their own tracks. Still, because most people are unaware of this due to the fact that their sitcoms, sporting events, music and video games are too important for them to glance away from, the majority will trust the government.

05/07/2013 13:01:54 Excuses keep coming from Washington
"Did the government really do everything it could with the Boston bombings?" --I like the way this judge outlines the truth behind a few of the most recent failures in the US Government, including the Boston Marathon bombings. Common sense is such a blessing sometimes. One can only hope more of it spreads so as to make our job that much easier when sharing the three angels message. If people would just stop, look and listen they would see the puzzle pieces fall into place.

05/06/2013 13:11:08 Are some federal regulations deadly?
"New lawsuit filed against Obamacare." --More and more regulations, (new for 2013 = 6,600+) are driving US business owners straight into the ground. Therefore when the businesses look to opt out of Obamacare, Obama then levies massive fines on them. This means, if you choose to use Obamacare, you are financially strained. If you opt out, the fines will also put a financial strain on you. Worse yet, when the business owner tries to save money to prevent bankruptcy by cutting back the hours for their employees, the economy is further strained by a lack of money in the pockets of those that actually fuel the economy. In short, we can see now that THIS IS THEIR AGENDA!

05/06/2013 13:11:08 Whites attacked by blacks for walking
"In Virginia Beach last week, 40,000 black people rampaged through the Oceanfront at a gathering organized by black promoters, marketed to black schools and attended by people in buses from black fraternities. Everyone involved in the violence and lawlessness was black. The videos and eyewitness accounts and a subsequent town hall meeting remove any doubt about that. This racial violence was just one of more than 500 episodes documented in “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It." --Yet again, like all the other reports of this nature that have occurred since Obama took office, there is no mention of racially motivated hate crimes? Why is that? Is this to allow for hatred to grow so as to generate racially motivated riots that can lead to martial law? Some say yes, some say no. But when you add this to the many other means by which to generate civil unrest, like the economy, corruption in DC, Wall street, Obamacare, thousands of new "regulations" that strain businesses, unjust laws, unjust wars, Obama sending billions of our tax dollars overseas, immigrants flooding in knowing they will gain amnesty, false flag attacks, police beating and tasing grandparents and people in wheelchairs, Obama wasting tens of millions on parties and vacations, not to mention the fact he has been on more vacations than any other president before him, it seems as if they are throwing as much fuel into the fires of civil unrest hoping it will make the American people snap so as to bring out martial law.

05/06/2013 13:11:08 Hawthorne Schools Speed Up Lunch Line With Palm Scanners
"Two schools in Hawthorne are introducing palm scanners in hopes of speeding up the cafeteria lunch line. In a trial program at Hawthorne Middle and Ramona Elementary schools, students are being asked to use their palm prints to register for their mid-day meals." --Truth is, schools are run by the United states Government. Before palm and fingerprint scanners came along, the only way a person could be "in the system" was they had to have committed a crime. Now.. all you need to do is show up hungry and in a hurry? The very second your child allows themselves to be scanned, they are forever locked into the police system. And in today's world, that's not a good place to be. Ever.

05/05/2013 14:14:55 Former Sen. Mike Gravel says White House suppressing evidence of ETs
"Even as most Americans wonder what planet politicians are from, is it possible that the government is squelching evidence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth? One former presidential hopeful says yes, and that the conspiracy goes all the way to the top." --We watch our government fabricate terrorist attacks on a regular basis now. We see them lie on camera about all sorts of things, and now we see them creating a staged event in a citizen meeting designed to look "official" in some manner further pushing a UFO agenda wherein aliens from another planet are supposedly visiting us. Regardless of the fact that biblically speaking, this is 100% impossible. So, why are they doing it? First of all, you need to see a short clip of Reagan's speech of some years ago and then take a look at a Newsletter I wrote back in July of 2008 wherein I show undeniable evidence that the Vatican has been creating this "UFO" hysteria for a few hundred years now. There is a method to their madness that only the demons acting like aliens can understand. After all, they're the authors of it. In any event, as I stated in 2008, they have plans for all this and we are about to see them firsthand very soon.

05/05/2013 14:14:53 Whistleblowers Gagged: 'US national security used to cover up torture'
"With the mass hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay nearing the end of its third month - pressure's being stepped up on President Obama to deliver on his long-running pledge to close the notorious facility. RT's Gayane Chichakyan talks to Ambassador James Jones, a member of a key US think tank, which has slammed Washington's treatment of the detainees there as torture." --The Vatican used the exact same methods back during to Inquisition to not only torture, but to hide the torture from the general public. However, they would "leak" occasional reports of torture to people they were trying to keep fearful so they wouldn't spread the true faith that exposed their Antichristian agenda. This is why we see the exact same thing today. Rome has control of DC. Students of prophecy not only knew this all along, they saw it coming long before the government itself knew they were a target of Roman prelates. And now.. it's too late for them to change anything. Like the common man they supposedly work for, they too can only get their house ready to meet He who is about to tear the Easter sky wide open.

05/05/2013 14:14:53 'Holy Fire' ceremony in Jerusalem ushers in Orthodox Easter
"Tens of thousands of pilgrims have visited the Old City of Jerusalem impatient to observe what the faithful see as the miracle of the 'Holy Fire' ceremony." --At the last few seconds of the video you realize what's actually happening here. Watch how they raise their hands in worship to a Sun beam that enters the building. It is the likes of these that Plague #4 is reserved. Sun worship, which includes SUNday worship, is a direct violation of God's will and absolute obedience to Satan's command. So pray for these people and do all you can to warn those near you that you know embrace such things.

05/05/2013 14:25:40 Roman shops decked out with religion
"Roman business owners and workers discuss the religious decoration in their coffee shops and restaurants." --This is so very sad. These loyal Roman Catholics claim to be Christians, yet they are taught by their priests to fill their shops with pictures of Popes. Not that I think a picture of the Papal version of Jesus is needed or even wise to display. But if they claimed to be Christians, why do they glorify Popes? It's as prophecy said. All the world wonders after the beast. And those in his church will actually worship him. And no, that is not a sarcastic statement. See my video "act of worship" for confirmation that Catholics are taught to worship the Pope.

05/03/2013 13:35:56 Prophetic signs of the end of the world: April 2013
"Full credits to fidockave213. Thank you brother for producing these great videos based on the prophetic warnings on the end of this age from Christ, the soon returning King." --If you're a Christian that trusts Christian prophecy but still think we have hundreds of years to wait before Christ gets here, I have to ask what else are you waiting for? There are only a few prophecies left, and all the signs of their soon arrival have already come and gone. That being said, are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?

05/03/2013 13:35:56 Police fire flash bangs, pepper spray at protesters in Seattle
"Violent clashes marked the final hours of May Day protests in Seattle, as police officers fired pepper spray and launched 'flash bang' grenades into crowds, leading to two local reporters being pepper-sprayed and 17 arrests." --Yes, that's Seattle Washington, not some war torn Middle Eastern State, or some depressed European nation. This is now happening in the good ole USA. Still, most Christians are waiting to leave the cities? You do realize that soon, it will be impossible to leave the city right? Some say their waiting for the Sunday Laws to be passed. I have to ask why wait when you know they are working towards that end right now? And for those who know who Ellen White was, have you read her book titled "Country Living" wherein numerous reasons and prophetic warnings were given to leave the cities long ago?

05/03/2013 13:35:56 High Winds and Heat Cause Wildfires to Rage in the West
"Firefighters battle to save homes and neighborhoods in Southern California." --This is going to be a VERY bad year if the fire season is kicking off 4 months early. And to top it off, 50mph winds is making this fire spread very fast. I have to say I've never seen a fire like this wherein wind was blowing on it to make is so violent before. Still, most will only see this as a "normal" mother nature event so as to revel in complacency. But praise the Lord some do see what's happening here, and everywhere else for that matter.

05/02/2013 13:03:39 China Moves Against The Dollar
"China has just made several moves against the U.S. dollar, and currency wars with the U.S. have a way of turning into real wars." --This guy gives an excellent explanation as to why American presidents have always decided to go to war. With that information at hand, one can see we are now in a very sticky wicket when it comes to the fact China, a nuclear power, is showing signs of planning to do what all the other countries tried before our presidents obliterated them. Those countries failed because they could not effectively fight our military arsenal. China however can. Worse yet, their economy is booming allowing for a longer term hold out while our already diminished resources evaporate. In any event, this is just a "rumor of war" as the prophecy predicts. But this is one major rumor nonetheless.