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15/05/2015 13:11:04
VIDEO: Homosexual Marriage - major sign of the END

--Many missed a statement Jesus makes regarding what happened in Noah's day that is happening in our day and I am NOT talking about the way their thoughts are "evil continually." PLUS.. I need your assistance in getting a valid source for some ancient manuscripts we can use to better share this truth with the masses who for some strange reason prefer man-made statements over God's written Word. Right before God made the decision to end the world in Noah's day "something" happened. Well that very same "something" is happening NOW!

15/05/2015 13:11:01
VIDEO: Babylonian Talmud is GARBAGE!

I want to thank everyone of you that responded to my previous video (located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uffzJ8a2ldk ) that helped me find the Babylonian Talmud that spoke of same sex marriages before the flood of Noah. Had I known this book was so demonic and filled with so much graphic sewage I would never have bothered with it. As I state in this video, we have all we need to know what time it is. We don't need to borrow facts from demon inspired writings.

Even though the Talmud may have some historic facts within it, I would never want to use this series of rabid anti-Christian tripe as a valid source for anything. So, this second video that I whipped up a few minutes ago is somewhat of a disclaimer to the previous one I posted last night.

Just to give you an idea of how vile and disgusting the Talmud is, a brother in the faith emailed me the following passages he discovered in the books that confirm this is in fact a very offensive series of books written by men that openly hate Jesus Christ with a passion.

  • “‘Yashu’ (derogatory for ‘Jesus’) is in Hell being boiled in hot excrement.” (Gittin 57a)
  • "Yashu  was sexually immoral and worshipped a brick.” (Sanhedrin 107b)
  • “Yashu was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness and refused to repent.” (Sotah 47a)
  • “She who was the descendant of princes and governors (Mary) played the harlot with carpenters.” (Sanhedrin 106a)
  • “Christians who reject the Talmud will go to hell and be punished there for all generations.” (Rosh Hashanah 17a)

15/05/2015 13:11:01
Vatican recognizes 'Palestine' despite desecration of holy sites

"In a new treaty finalized Wednesday, the Vatican officially recognized the “state of Palestine,” providing the Palestinian Authority with a new victory in its bid to seek unilateral recognition of a state outside the framework of talks with Israel. ...The Vatican move comes despite the PA’s history of holy site desecration, the persecution of Christians and the Palestinians’ failure to ensure freedom of worship in territories under its control. The Vatican treaty governs the Roman Catholic Church in the Palestinian territories. ...The document “aims to enhance the life and activities of the Catholic Church and its recognition at the judicial level."

--This is par for the course in Rome. Take China for example. Christianity is illegal there unless it's a government regulated form of Catholicism sanctioned by Zyklon B salesman Pope John Paul II in talks with Communist leaders in China. And so, one can expect this to be the same format Palestinian Christians will see very shortly in their neck of the woods. The fact the Vatican is already sidestepping the fact Palestinians are for the most part extremely anti-Christian confirms this to be their favorite political pool to wade in. After all, it's not like the Vatican has ever hid their open hatred of Christians have they? One would think most would realize that after hearing about how the Vatican killed over 500 million Christians and then admitted of same not too long ago. Talks of "religious freedom" will soon begin in Palestine and like China we will soon see a form of government regulated Catholicism as being the only "Christian" religion allowed there. And also like in China, that prophesied act will never slow the forward progress of new Christian converts in Palestine any more than it did in China.

And yes, this is also why we see many violent seeds of unrest being planted all over the USA as well as talks of "religious freedom" right here in the States. As prophesied, Rome's plan to be truly "Universal" worldwide are right on schedule. Does that matter? Not one bit if you're an obedient Christian. But if you're lukewarm in any way or fearful in the slightest bit my only advice to you is that you need to repent. After you do that you need to get into the Word of God each and every day now and you will also need to get on your knees at least three times a day as King David and the Prophet Daniel did.

If you choose to ignore all the signs around you about the urgency of the times we live in so as to continue pandering to your flesh day after day, you will become one with Antichrist in Rome and forever lost because God's Word is truth and prophecy WILL be fulfilled!

It is a sad but truth filled fact to report that when the Eastern sky splits to reveal the "Kings of the East" (Revelation 16:12) most on planet Earth will declare "the harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." -Jeremiah 8:20.

My only prayer is that YOU do not echo those words at all. In fact, my prayer is that you echo Isaiah 25:9 instead which says, "it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the LORD; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation."

Now do you see why it is called a "great and dreadful day" in Malachi 4:5? It is great for the obedient, but dreadful for the disobedient that will soon be those that "weeping and gnashing their teeth." -Matthew 8:12; 22:13; 24:51; 25:30 & Luke 13:28;

15/05/2015 13:11:00
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Kenya's Christian schools warned of more attacks * Pastor Accused of Rape Flees and Gets Caught by Unsuspecting Traffic Cop * Satanic Temple Sues for ‘Religious Exemption’ to Keep Immediate Abortion in Missouri * VIDEO: Poor threatened with water shut-off in Detroit AGAIN! * VIDEO: RAW: Rescuers airlift stranded residents in flood devastated Texas * Gay-themed traffic lights get Vienna into mood for Eurovision Song Contest * Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized * Swedish Official Admits Toxic Chemtrails Are Real & NOT Conspiracy * VIDEO: DHS caught busing in illegal Somalis from Mexican border * VIDEO: Boy, 10, beats dog to death with stick * Survey: More than 40 percent of bee hives died in past year

14/05/2015 15:42:29
Psychiatric drugs kill 500,000 elderly people in the West annually

"According to researchers, doctors overprescribe antipsychotic drugs to many dementia patients in a bid to calm agitated behavior. Peter Gotzsche said that psychiatric drugs kill patients almost every year while causing few positive effects. Half a million elderly people living in the Western world die annually after taking these drugs."

--Why is it the American Medical Association (AMA) is allowed to kill so many people each and every year yet never once do you hear of a federal investigation into their practices so as stop or at the very least slow their forward progress of a literally systematic form of genocide? Money! That's right, money! Do you recall the article I posted over a year ago about how the AMA can kill elderly parents and get a cash bonus? Politicians are literally drenched in money from the AMA so as to "look the other way" when such crimes are committed. Their excuse being that the medical field is not an exact science and so some will die. But, when you know for a fact that some will in fact die when prescribed certain medications, yet continue to prescribe them, is that not murder? No if you have billions to funnel into the hands of greedy politicians.

Politicians in every district of the nation have at one time helped via large bribes or by sheer ignorance allowed the AMA to kill people all over the United States of America for many decades. On my AMA Insanity page I have well over 500 articles and videos as well as a growing list of data on vaccines and Obamacare exposing this unrestrained government funded entity in very graphic detail. And no, as is obvious by the now over 11,000 pages of printed facts exposing Antichrist on this site, my main calling is to expose the agenda of Satan via his man in Rome and not the AMA. I only came across this massive mountain of AMA articles by chance as I do my research each day.

Just to name a few of the more recent insanities:

The AMA has caused the death of a young woman to die after DNP diet pills ‘burned her to death from within, they allowed a man to die as paramedics watched with hands in his pockets near by. And can you believe it? Some AMA doctors actually prescribe demonic possession to relieve stress!

As hard as it is to believe, some AMA paramedics see no problem with taking selfies with dying patients as they transport them to the hospital. The only nice thing was, that poor soul was at least heading to the hospital where in another tragic situation a newborn baby died in the ambulance after more than one hospital turned her away. And yes, even these doctors, who already make insane amounts of cash, are still lusting after it as we saw with one cancer doctor that admitted to fabricating false positives to profit from selling toxic chemotherapy. Another doctor was caught falsifying 1,300 mammograms to make a profit. In one case 80% of a man's stomach was removed, but he never had cancer. And even though there is a documented report proving that cancer was misdiagnosed in over 1.3 million cases those that do such things are still in business to this day. And to make matters worse, the Government passes laws that allow the AMA to force chemo on teenagers even though we have the proof it doesn't work. And how many times have we heard about a woman that defies doctor's orders who tell her to abort her baby because it 'will die' who then delivers healthy baby?

The list I have on all this is in fact huge, so I won't go into all that here. Just click here for over 500 articles and videos if you need them for your own personal research. But just to change it up a bit, we also have some pretty disturbing stats that can be added to the already mountain of lethal acts of the AMA that some may find interesting. And I am only pulling from the top of the list to get this data...

Were you aware that AMA painkillers kill more people than heroin and cocaine combined? Big Pharma kills 100,000 per year and doctors prescribing those drugs net billions from drug firms each year? In just one Texas hospital alone more than 700 infants were exposed to TB! In another hospital a single hospital employee infected 30 patients with Hepatitis C. And yes, this is why many believe that doctors are more dangerous than guns.

Were you also aware that prescription painkillers poison 46 Americans every day? And just so you know, yes, the government knows about this insanity because the CDC: reported that Hospital infections kill 200 people daily in USA, yet not a single doctor is disciplined let alone jailed for causing these deaths? Oh, and just so you also know, 1 in 500 patients will wake up on operating table. Do you have school aged children? If so, are you sitting down? AMA meds were linked to 90% of all school shootings!

Now I can go on and on and on, but I've already posted the list online and I'm running a little behind today in my work so I will close with this. AMA drug deaths outnumber traffic deaths in U.S. and just so I don't leave you hanging in regards to finding a true way to get healed, that being natural methods of course, were you also aware that in the last 27 years there were absolutely no deaths from people taking vitamins and other natural means to heal their ailments yet 3 million people did die from prescribed AMA drugs? That is of course not counting the AMA drugs you can buy online or the street. Sounds like a no-brainer to me when it comes to who I will go to when sick.

So.. why did I share all this? Prophecy is actually being fulfilled here. How so? See this page on my site that shows the Vatican was actually linked to the AMA's big-pharma just as prophecy predictedWhere death is prominent we must always be aware that Satan is behind it, and when Satan is behind it we must also be aware that his main headquarters in Earth will have its talons deep within it. Prophecy WILL be fulfilled!

14/05/2015 15:42:29
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Pastor accused of killing wife after she confronted him about being gay * Jade Helm: Americans fear federal control of states * Today's black leaders 'worse than KKK, skinheads combined' * VIDEO: Prom Dress-Code Change Sparks Outcry at Connecticut High School * VIDEO: Tennessee senior prank gets principal suspended * Mom 'Sick' Over Daughter's Controversial Class Assignment * China to increase video surveillance in security push * Water Theft Becomes Common Consequence of Ongoing California Drought * A mysterious medical condition is killing toddlers to teens * 12 times this year people tried to open plane doors in China * VIDEO: Sheriff's deputies team with military for special-ops exercises * Amtrak engineer took curve at '107 mph'

13/05/2015 13:40:26
Surprising Christian weapon in war with 'gays' (?)

"As homosexual activists continue to wage monetary and political war against Christian businesses who won’t cater to same-sex marriages, radio host Rush Limbaugh is stepping forward to proffer his own possible solution to the battle. “I know that many of you out there run businesses that if a gay couple … came in and asked for your service, you would deny it, on the basis that you disapprove, your religion does not sanction the approval of gay marriage,” Limbaugh explained on his national broadcast Monday. ...“Instead of telling the gay couple that you refuse bake the cake because you disapprove of homosexuality, you should now say you are not going to bake a cake for the gay wedding because you fear Muslim backlash. Or, due to your respect for Islam, you cannot bake a cake for a gay wedding. See how that flies."

--For many, this will be seen as a wonderful and useful idea. But for the obedient Christian that knows lying is a sin, it would be a way for Satan to tempt them into using his methods to protect their interests. That being said, as close to the day of our Lord's return as we are, do you really want to fail such a test as this? Sin is sin. It doesn't matter if you're a murderer or a liar - sin is sin.

Do you really want to lie?

Have you ever been lied to by someone you trusted? You feel hurt and even violated don't you? It's almost as bad as being burglarized because your open door of trust was taken advantage of and it truly does hurt deep inside.

If we view lying as your Heavenly Father views it, how does lying measure up? What is the very first sin used against the obedient angels of God that caused a third of them to fall into sin and then damnation? And what was the first sun the obedient people in the Garden of Eden were victims of? Lies! Yes, pride of self was the first sin Satan committed all on his own before tempting anyone; but as we all know how misery loves company, he went a bit further and used lies to tempt many away from God.

When it comes to using lies to soil the character of God, Satan used lies to make the angels believe God was not worthy of worship, and he also used lies to make Eve believe God lied to her about dying if she ate of the forbidden tree.

So as is obvious, lying is especially offensive to God as it is the native tongue of Satan. In fact, when speaking of the devil, Jesus Himself said in John 8:44 that "...He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

And what does the Bible say about lies and those that embrace it?

  • Revelation 21:7-8, "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.  But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."

Now.. looking at the suggestion of Rush Limbaugh with all that in mind, do you see how Satan is behind his comment? The Word of God is quite clear on how crafty Satan can be, Now yes, for those that don't read their bibles as often as they should, this suggestion from Limbaugh does appear a good idea because we all know how cowardly homosexuals are in that they attack the only people on earth known to have a gentle loving way about them. (Christians) As is also obvious, they refuse to go into Muslim shops to demand their business even though they know full well the Muslims will refuse because they fear the Muslims may actually beat or even kill them. And some homosexuals in cahoots with D.C. also know the real reason behind their attack on Christians and such an attack is a waste of time on Muslims. So they go after Christians.

Satan knows he has the homosexuals in his grasp and he knows he has most of the Christians in his grasp as well. This is why he is suggesting through the most popular radio celebrity in history with the largest audience in the nation that using the lies invented by the devil himself will help Christians avoid their present day persecution. Once he has them doing this, and he will get many to follow his lead, he has the foothold he needs to further guide them to the eternal path of destruction.

13/05/2015 13:40:25
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

America going secular? Survey says - yes * VIDEO: Amtrak crash leaves 6 dead, scores injured * 2 babies die, 29 sickened from bad vaccines * No justice for man arrested for being sick * Police: Florida principal caught with student in pot-filled car * Young Sudanese Refugee Cast Out of Home for Leaving Islam * VIDEO: Woman Claims She and Daughter With Autism Were Kicked Off United Airlines Flight * VIDEO: Records: Thousands too injured to enter Baltimore jail * Just 9 days in U.S., refugee tries to rape woman * Governors sue Obama over forced Obamacare expansion * VIDEO: Scary Video Shows BoltBus Explosion Along Massachusetts Highway

05/12/2015 13:16:57
SDA Church Deacon Charged In Sexual Assault

"The Toronto Police Service are making the public aware of an arrest in a sexual assault investigation. It is alleged that on January 17, a 20 year-old man was lured into the basement of the Mount Zion Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church, at 140 St Regis Road, where the man was sexually assaulted. On April 28, Nonie Abrece, 33 of Toronto, was arrested and charged with sexual assault. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 9. Abrece is currently a Deacon at the Mount Zion Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church. Police believe there may be other victims."

--Surprised? No, neither am I. Why? Rome took over the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church decades ago so the pedophile and sexual perversion fruits of Rome were expected to eventually surface as time went on. You cannot make friends with the world and not expect to become one with them. 

To date there have been quite a few reports of homosexual activity in the SDA church as well as the most perverse dilapidation of pedophilia. But it doesn't end there. Rome is also known for many other crimes as well as aggressive demonic activity. For example, on my "Articles on SDA Corruption" page at SDAapostasy.org you will find quite a few articles that confirm the Roman Catholic Jesuits are running rampant in the SDA church.

These are just the most recent "15" articles posted out of 288 on the site right now:

It's truly amazing how evil the SDA church has become. But then, both Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy did in fact predict this.

05/12/2015 13:16:57
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Over 2,000 Wizards and Witches Gather to Hold Ritual in Kiev Over 2000 wizards & witches gather to hold ritual in Kiev * Could religious institutions lose tax-exempt status over Supreme Court’s gay marriage case? * Legalized Polygamy coming soon? * Adventist Healthcare Admits Guilt For Violating False Claims Act * VIDEO: Absolute no respect for the life God gave him! * 'High-level' lying by Obama * Dark side to Capitol Police cover-up * Naked Final Exam at UC San Diego Sparks Mom’s Outrage * VIDEO: Principal gets blatantly racial at graduation * Another quake hits Nepal!

05/11/2015 14:14:30
Woman killed from continuous Islamic exorcisms

"Sadly, the poor woman could not withstand the continuous sessions of torture by the exorcist – believed to expel jinns (demons) from the allegedly possessed woman. To cast out the evil spirit from her body, the Fqih loudly recited incantations and passages from the Koran, the holy book of Islam. With the help of four of his assistants, the Fqih hit her with a stick all over her body in order to “force the evil spirit” to leave her."

--Sound familiar? If you're Roman Catholic and have had or have witnessed someone who has had "multiple" exorcisms by the priests or prelates of Rome you know this Islamic cleric is using the Roman Catholic inspired method of expelling demons, Only problem is, it's doesn't work. In fact, it never works. The only thing leaving the home of such victims is large sums of cash given to the priest or in this case, the Fqih.

We already have confirmed evidence by more than one credible source that the Vatican wrote the "Islamic Holy Book" or "Koran" as it's called so as to have a shadow church they could use to continue their war against Christians worldwide. Not only does this book embrace and teach Vatican dogma as if it's truth, it also uses the same methods of the Paganistic exorcism adopted by the Roman Catholic church.

Look in your Bibles and you will not find a single instance wherein it took Jesus or even an apostle "multiple exorcisms" to cast demons out of people. It was always done instantaneously and never was there a "charge" for doing so. Rome, and obviously Islam, have been using this Pagan method of Exorcism for the sole purpose of making money. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do you recall back in November of 2002 when John Paul II tried to cast a demon out of a 19 year old girl in front of hundreds of witnesses during a Mass in the Vatican itself? That demon literally laughed at him and his "head exorcist" that day. And rightly so. That demon not only knew John Paul II had no power to cast out demons, he also knew the demon in John Paul II as well. The laughter was no doubt due to the fact they (the two demons) knew they were going to be able to make Jesus look very weak and Satan appear very strong that day when they used John Paul II, the supposed "main Christian" on earth, as a pansy to force him to fail in casting out that demon before many witnesses. One of the articles posted that day said the following...

Vatican Exorcism Fails
September 12, 2000 08:12 CDT

A British newspaper has reported an unusual encounter with the devil in the Vatican, with Pope Paul II, himself, attempting an exorcism of a possessed young woman.

The Telegraph reported "the Pope carried out an impromptu exorcism on a teenage girl after she began screaming insults in a cavernous voice during an audience in the Vatican City. Despite the Pope's efforts and those of his chief 'Satan-buster,' Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the girl remained possessed. The Devil's voice sneeringly laughed from within her at the Pope's failed attempt to drive him away," said the British news organization. -Staff Writer Sally Suddock

(click here for this article and more)

As I stated in the Newsletter I wrote back then regarding all this, this reminds me of a similar event recorded in Scripture 2000 years ago...

  • Acts 19:13-16, "Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth. And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so. And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded."

Like those that had no faith in Jesus, but plenty of faith in Paul the "man"; the pope and his so called head exorcist were unable to remove a mere demon from a young girl. Like the sons of Sceva, the Pope only has faith in mankind. The demon in that girl as well as the demon in the Pope knew this and so they used this to their advantage.

How so?

In the false doctrine of Transubstantiation, it is taught by the prelates of Rome that you must believe the lowly priests, and this includes priests in open sin, have the power to remove Christ from His throne. That being taught worldwide, the thought then comes to the minds of many after seeing the Pope fail in removing a demon that how is it possible for him to be able to remove Christ from His throne when they have no power to remove Satan from his? After all, Satan used to be a good angel and ... are you sitting down? Satan is a CREATED being.

You do know what this means don't you?

The Roman Catholic pope, and all his priests are now exposed in writing as bold faced liars. The Vatican doctrine on exorcism is not only proven a farce in Catholicism, we see it is also a farce in Islam as well. But it's far worse than just some Islamic cleric using the Vatican inspired Koran to torture and kill a girl he is supposedly trying to help.

The Vatican claims to be a Christian church, and billions on earth do believe it to be as such and therefore the Pope's failure to cast out demons is making a mockery of Jesus Christ Himself further weakening the faith of those billions bowing to the Pope in worship. For the demon to be too strong to be removed from his fleshly throne but Jesus is easily removed from His Heavenly throne is to openly declare to all the world that mere demons are more powerful than Jesus Christ!

In their Transubstantiation doctrine they say they can remove Christ from His throne, but when they approach a poor victim of demonic possession they can not remove Satan from his! When John Paul II failed before hundreds of witnesses in the Vatican in 2002 and then allowed the media to post their findings regarding his failure. In so doing they allowed Satan to preach to the masses using the Press that very day that the head exorcist and the Pope himself could not cast a demon out of a young girl.

To this day, every Roman Catholic believes the priests have the power to remove Christ from His throne in the mass because they are taught over and over again at each and every mass they attend that their priest does in fact do this. In fact, before a Catholic child even receives his or her "first holy communion" they indoctrinate this child into this unbiblical belief repeatedly so that by the time the child receives their first communion, they literally worship the priest as the most powerful being on earth.

Was that prophesied?

Yes it was...

Romans 1:22-25, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,  And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.  Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:  Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen."

May God have mercy on their souls!

05/11/2015 14:14:30
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

SDA Church Deacon Charged In Sexual Assault * AUDIO: Obama to schools: Gender-bend or lose funding * It's official: Multiculturalism now trumps Americanism * VIDEO: Ogdensburg woman says border patrol agent shocked her with stun gun (GRAPHIC)* Obama Ignores Slain White Police Officer While Honoring Gray and Brown * Southern Colorado Military Installations On Heightened Security As Part Of Nationwide Directive * The sun is now virtually blank during the weakest solar cycle in more than a century * Obama has problem with ex-'gays' * State seizes kids from family living 'off grid * Ex-Gitmo warden 'beyond disgusted' Obama released Taliban 5 * VIDEO: 100 beachgoers brawl in Massachusetts

05/10/2015 11:38:55
Jeb: Stronger 'Christian voice' needed in world

"Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Saturday condemned the Obama administration's use of "coercive federal power" to limit religious freedom as he courted Christian conservatives at a Liberty University commencement ahead of a likely presidential run. Charging that "the Christian voice" isn't heard enough in the world, the Republican White House prospect lashed out at the Democratic president's administration for "demanding obedience in complete disregard of religious conscience." "The present administration is supporting the use of coercive federal power. What should be easy calls in favor of religious freedom have instead become an aggressive stance against it," Bush told an estimated 34,000 gathered for a graduation ceremony."

--Just as Tony Blaire converted to Catholicism in June of 2007 to boost his political career, Jeb Bush did the exact same thing in 1995. So, when Jeb Bush speaks of "Christianity" he is actually speaking about Roman Catholicism that is not actually Christianity but Paganism masquerading as Christianity just as prophecy predicted it would be. That means, when Jeb Bush speaks about "religious freedom" he is making the case for a legal precedent in America that defines religious freedom as being the right to be Roman Catholic and only Roman Catholic. Don't believe me? Notice the following quotes from Roman Catholic sources.

"There is, ere long, to be a state religion in this country, and that state religion is to be the Roman Catholic." 1st. The Roman Catholic  is to wield his vote for the purpose of securing Catholic ascendancy in this country.  2nd. All legislation must be governed by the will of God, unerringly indicated by the pope. 3rd. EDUCATION must be controlled by Catholic Authorities, and under education the opinions of the individual and the utterances of the press are included, and many opinions are to be forbidden by the secular arm, under the authority of the Church, even to war and bloodshed." -Father Hecker, Catholic World, July 1870.

"Democracy is a michievous dream where the Catholic Church does not predominate." -Brownson's Review.

"There is one, and only one, sure democracy, the Catholicism of the Popes" -The Catholic World, Oct, 1937.

"Some dwell on the vastly increased tolerance shown in this country now to Catholics and Catholic thugs... It betokens a decay of Protestantism." -Catholic World, Oct. 1935, p.66

The old Protestant culture is about at the end of its rope... Why can't we make the U.S. Catholic in legislation, Catholic in justice, aims and ideals?" -Father F. X. Talbot, editor of America, official jesuit magazine for the U.S. statement in New York Globe Dec. 14, 1930

"Religious liberty is merely endured until the opposite can be carried into effect without peril to the Catholic Church." -Bishop O'Conner of Pittsburg.

"If Catholics ever gain sufficient numerical majority in this country, religious freedom is at an end. So our enemies say; so we believe" -The Shephard of the Valley, journal of the late bishop of St. Louis.

In the book Confusion Twice Confounded, Monsignor Joseph H. Brady states that the U.S. Supreme Court is wrong in decisions regarding "seperation of Church and State." He says: "A sound view of the Constitution in its relation to religion probably awaits a change in personnel in our highest tribunal." -The Register, Jan. 23, 1955.

"But Constitutions can be changed, and non-Catholic sects may decline to such a point that the political proscription [ban] of them may become feasible and expedient. What protection would they have against a Catholic state?" -The State and the Church, pp.38,39, by Miller and Ryan, imprimatur of Cardinal Hayes.

"The Catholic Church in this nation must live on to accomplish her work, even though our Republican form of government disappears." -The Catholic World, April, 1935, p.12. "

They [Catholics] must penetrate wherever possible in the administration of civil affairs... all Catholics should do all in their power to cause the constitution of states, and legislation to be modeled on the principles of the true Church." -Encyclical of Leo XIII.

They will do this in America and they will do it very soon. In fact, they already have done it on paper. All the churches, including the SDA church have already accepted the Pope as their "God on Earth" and have been uplifting Roman Catholic dogma as if it is Protestant doctrine for decades. All that's left to do now is for the Protestant Churches to openly declare themselves Roman Catholic. And yes, as some of you know, they have already begun doing that! Do you recall this video brother Craig posted last year of Kenneth Copeland's convocation of ministers wherein they all agreed to be "Roman Catholic" on camera? Pastor Craig actually shows how the Seventh Day Adventist church was also in agreement with Copeland's ministers in a way most missed on the surface. Like Rome, the SDA church now declares evil to be evil in the mainstream, but declares it truth on paper behind closed doors.

Look at the doctrines of all the churches today. All of them except the Remnant of her seed and those that agree with us embrace the doctrines of Rome as if they were Gospel truth. Everything from Sunday keeping to Christmas celebrations confirm THEY ARE Roman Catholic already! Therefore, when Jeb Bush and other Roman Catholic leaders like him demand "religious freedom" for Christians he is actually demanding the Roman Catholic church become the One World Church prophecy predicted it would be.

05/10/2015 11:38:55
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Federal Judge Rules North Carolina Commissioners Can’t Present Prayers Only in Jesus’ Name * Eight-year-old smuggled into Spanish territory in suitcase * VIDEO: Inside the Government Lab Hacking Into Cars * Virginia woman claims Verizon Wireless gave her heart attack * VIDEO: Woman Cuts Family Off From WiFi Over Health Concerns * VIDEO: School-bus driver traps children inside * Obamacare goof could bring medical system down * AUDIO: Congress giving Obama 'blank check' for gun control * Social Security insolvent sooner than expected * VIDEO: Detroit TV Anchor Angers Local Muslim Community with ISIS Comments

05/08/2015 16:03:13
Yes, all is ok :)

First off I want to thank those that emailed asking if all was well. Yes, all is as our Heavenly Father would have it. The site was not updated since Monday because I was out of State at a Seventh Day Remnant Convocation. We had a very blessed time and the Lord's hand was made very apparent upon His obedient flock more than once.

We gathered in the foothills of Kentucky for fellowship with each other so as to share our experiences in the Lord, sing hymns with the holy angels all around us as well as enjoy the beautiful creation of our Creator God all around us in nature. Tears of joy flowed many times as the Holy Spirit moved among us. Six precious souls were added to the remnant number as they were baptized into the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in a beautiful pond that appeared to be designed by our Creator just for that purpose. He even created a wonderful staircase of rocks for those attending the baptism so as to witness the baptisms as well as sing together with those joining the eternal family of Jesus Christ.

The scene as it was created long ago reminded us of what it must have looked like when John the Baptist helped many obedient souls proclaim their open profession of faith in the Saviour of this world. For those of you that knew about this in advance, we all thank you for your prayers as they were answered just as expected. Our God is an awesome God!

05/08/2015 16:03:12
SDA Dr. Ben Carson: 'I Support Civil Unions for Gay Couples'

"In a Facebook post following his interview with CNN’s “New Day,” Dr. Ben Carson issued a statement, apologizing for saying people who change their sexual orientation after going to jail shows that “being gay is a choice.” In a recent interview on CNN, I realized that my choice of language does not reflect fully my heart on gay issues,” Carson said. “I do not pretend to know how every individual came to their sexual orientation. I regret that my words to express that concept were hurtful and divisive. For that I apologize unreservedly to all that were offended. ...I support civil unions for gay couples, and I have done so for many years. I support the right of individual states to sanction gay marriage, and I support the right of individual states to deny gay marriage in their respective jurisdictions,” Carson said.”

--This type of back peddling confirms what many already suspected about Ben Carson while at the same time confirmed what students of prophecy knew all along. Being and SDA as he is, he is naturally going to support homosexuality. After all, the SDA church he is a member of does openly, and so any leader in the prophesied 501c3 controlled SDA church will as well.

And yes, Ben Carson has not only gone directly against the Biblical truths in announcing his candidacy for the political office of the president of the United States, which is right now the vicious lamb horned beast that speaks as a dragon in Revelation, he is also declaring he would mandate forced vaccinations that will poison all US citizens. That being said, if he is able to convince Congress as president or just a sidelined mouthpiece on this if he loses the chance to run, I have to ask. If women have the "right to choose" what to do with their bodies by killing their babies, how is it legal for the same government to force them to vaccinate? Still, with Carson it's far worse.

He is killing two birds with one stone.

#1, Declaring he supports homosexual unions is to boldly declare his faith in the Word of God as being null and void, for it is plainly written in both the old and new Testaments that homosexuality is an abomination unto God for it mocks the Creator God by declaring He somehow messed up when creating certain people by placing the spirit of a "different gender" within them at birth. The so called "I was born this way" mindset is shored up when those that claim to be Christians spew perverse statements like Carson does because it makes the Bible appear to be outdated and untrustworthy. The fact people are not "born this way" as both Science and Creation confirms, no longer matters when leaders in the church say otherwise.

#2, As Ben Carson declares his loyalty to the homosexual community while standing as a leader in the SDA church, he is then declaring the "original" SDA theology to be suspect to massive perversion in the eyes of those seeking to investigate the 9th hour movement in prophecy so as to see whether or not that theology was truly of God and should therefore be emulated today. Prayerfully, those doing so will understand that this evil mindset in the SDA church was actually prophesied and the 11th hour church (SDR) has come forward to finish the work just as Jesus prophesied they would in Matthew 20:1-7.

In any event, the Loud Cry is going forth, the SDA church has fallen to become a "sister to fallen Babylon" just as the prophecies declared she would, and we are looking at the last few moments of earth's history unfold right before our eyes.

One last thing.

As you probably already know. Ben Carson announced he is running for president just the other day. But did you notice this? The SDA church is in fact backing his evil decision. How do I know that? Carson "hinted" at running for one of the most evil offices on the face of the earth (second only to the Vatican)  literally months in advance so as to "feel out" the opposition in the church. But when not a single SDA leader approached him to show him Scripture or even Spirit of Prophecy statements that openly tell him not to run, he went for it. This too was expected as students of prophecy have exposed the fact the SDA church was taken over by Rome decades ago.

Bottom line:

Before emailing me regarding the silence of the General Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist church (SDA) please understand the fruits of inaction are often far more visible than the fruits of action. The fact the SDA leadership refused to rebuke Ben Carson on his evil plans to run for the office of the presidency that is in bed with the Pope in Rome confirms, the SDA church is in fact backing him 100%. It literally doesn't take a brain surgeon to see the writing on the wall here at all!

05/08/2015 16:03:12
Obama's 'national civilian security force' endorsed (Martial Law in Baltimore!)

"Back in 2008, Barack Obama, then a presidential candidate, called for a “civilian national security force.” And he wanted it wanted it as big as all of the nation’s military branches. Combined. Now black activist Al Sharpton is suggesting a path that probably would accomplish that: nationalize America’s police forces. Sharpton, the National Action Network chief who has been sounding off most of the week on the death in police custody of Freddie Gray, said: “We need the Justice Department to step in and take over policing in this country."

--Only in the end times can we expect a known racist who admits on camera that he will use hate to push his agenda who is working side by side with a Muslim president who is also working hand in hand with the author of the Koran (The Vatican) to ignore the desires of the people so as to make situations like the murder of Freddie Gray boil over to such an extent that martial law can be suggested as the national norm by using flowery language like claiming it's time to nationalize the American Police force.

And did they listen?

Yes they did! Have you seen the headlines wherein the Baltimore Mayor is asking for the Federal Government to "investigate" the Baltimore Police Force? Martial Law is now in force in Baltimore Maryland!

Amazing isn't it? The reality here is that the Pope is the puppet of Satan, Obama is the puppet of the Pope, Sharpton is the puppet of Obama, the people are the puppets of Sharpton, and the people are the puppets of the age old crowd mentality who are then left with nothing better to do than riot and destroy their very own neighborhoods. Will it ever end?! Yes.. in fact it will.. sooner than most realize.

05/08/2015 16:44:34
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Professor proved herbicide makes males more feminine * Daughters of Lesbians Tell Supreme Court 'The Kids are Not Alright' * Church of England welcomes Vatican Statement on Climate Change * VIDEO: If you have kids, this is SCARY!! * VIDEO: Student failed for refusing to condemn faith * VIDEO: Report on internal refugees: 38 million people forced to leave their homes in 2014 * VIDEO: US military committed $50 million worth of crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq- report * VIDEO: Spying a la française: French MPs approve new surveillance powers * VIDEO: Drilling chemicals found in Pennsylvania drinking waterVirginia congressman claims ISIS has invaded Texas: ‘You can’t make up what a terrible problem this is’ * Army speeding up recruitment of 'Dreamers' (illegal aliens)

05/04/2015 05:53:20
Church of England welcomes Vatican Statement on Climate Change

"The Church of England's lead bishop on the environment says he shares a Vatican statement's clear view that climate change is largely caused by human activity and mitigating it is a 'moral and religious imperative for humanity'. The Right Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury, welcomed the statement on climate change by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences after a landmark conference in the Vatican this week."

--Prophecy clearly outlines that the mark of the beast will be enforced directly after the Loud Cry gets VERY loud. Yes, I know some SDA leaders are twisting that prophetic fact now on YouTube and other popular online sources, but that's only because the Vatican has taken complete control over the SDA church in the last few years. And so, their agenda as is outlined in prophecy must be darkened so as to keep the people unaware.

On this site I have a list of prophetic facts that show the "order of events" that bring on the Sunday Laws. We won't know the day or the hour of course, but we do know the events as they are outlined and their order. The annoying thing is, so does Satan and all his cohorts in the Vatican as well as all the other churches, and especially the SDA church wherein at one time Antichrist's agenda was well known and exposed by them. Today, most SDA's have no clue. And I don't say that sarcastically. I have countless emails and phone calls from exSDA's that have in fact confirmed their church no longer preaches present truth.

So.. what's next?

We already know they have all the tools they need to enforce the mark. All they need now is a reason that the general public will agree to. (or fall for) That reason is, Rome's agenda on climate change. We already know the Pope approached Al Gore to fabricate "global warming" as a way to get this done in the 1980's, and we also saw how the US Congress jumped on board within days of the present Pope's comments on climate change. So the stage is set and the tools sharpened and well honed to begin the task at hand. But what's missing?

The prophesied increased Calamities

Prophecy goes into detail, and reality has proven quite boldly that the planet is convulsing due to the arrival of the Creator. This is also the end result of man's sin just as we saw its end result in Noah's day. So, Satan, via his main puppet in the Vatican, has chosen to use the disasters to his advantage. As we just read in the article posted by the church of England, the upheavals in nature are their excuse to declare it a 'moral and religious imperative for humanity.' That's the key!

Soon the loud cry will begin to empty the pews of the Vatican and their cohorts worldwide. In order to stop the churches from emptying, Satan will fan the flames of anger underneath all those in bed with Rome to try and stop the truth we preach about the mark of the beast. BUT, they can't just declare openly that everyone must attend church on Sunday as a way to shut us up because they know the Scripture we use to back the truth cannot be refuted. So, since they already have the people in their hip pockets worshipping their pastors and priests instead of the God that wrote the Bible that confirms our message, the wolves on those pulpits will use what Satan uses best.


We don't know how long how long it will be before they do this because we don't know the day or the hour, but we do know THEY WILL DO IT! They will declare the increased calamities will be the end result of sin. Yes, that is true, BUT, they will claim the sin is the lack of obedience to the Vatican's Sunday Sabbath. Yes, that may seem far fetched, but we already have Vatican statements in writing declaring that Sunday is their MARK. And as the prophecy predicted, all the world already wonders after or follows the beast in Rome by keeping Sunday holy, even though all denominations admit (in writing) that the Sabbath was never changed by God for the Christians. Since they already disobey God, it will be easy to make them fearful because unless you walk with the Lord "who has not given you a spirit of fear" (2 Timothy 1:7) you have no defense against the whiles of the devil and so, they can declare that the increased calamities will get far worse and many more will die. That makes them very fearful! And so in order to prevent hundreds of millions and even billions of deaths, they will claim enacting Sunday Laws will show God everyone has repented and then the calamities will end. However, the Antichrist knows denying the Law of the Creator to uplift the law of his enemy from Hell will only make the calamities worse as prophesied judgment upon the disobedient. And since men won't repent but actually hate God for the calamities, they will get much worse. The lie will go forth that the calamities have gotten worse because of Christians who keep the seventh day Sabbath instead of Sunday holy. At first, they will declare no one can buy or sell anything unless they agree to keep Sunday holy so as to weed out the weak Christians. And after that's done (no one knows how long that will take) they will then focus on the stronger Christians (the remnant) and put forth a death penalty against anyone refusing to keep the Vatican Sabbath of Sunday. And because the overwhelming majority of so called "Christians" on earth will be obeying the Pope and their Sunday keeping pastors, most (like in Noah's day) will believe we, the "remnant of her seed" are worthy of death! And then God's wrath will be made know in a very graphic manner by allowing the 7 last plagues to fall. And when #7 finally hits, we will be on our way home to be with Him forever. MARANATHA!

05/03/2015 17:06:08
Six words that stopped Roman gladiator battles

"There were ten major persecutions of Christians in the first three centuries, and Emperor Diocletian’s was the worst. When Diocletian had lost battles in Persia, his generals told him it was because they had neglected the Roman gods. Diocletian ordered all military personnel to worship the Roman gods, thus forcing Christians either into the closet or out of the army. After purging Christians from the military, Diocletian surrounded himself with public opponents of Christianity. He revoked the tolerance issued by a previous Emperor Gallienus in A.D. 260, and then used the military to force all of Rome to worship pagan gods. In A.D. 303, Diocletian consulted the Oracle Temple of Apollo at Didyma, which told him to initiate a great empire-wide persecution of the Christian church. What followed was an intolerant, hateful and severe persecution of Christians."

--This is actually what Revelation 2:10 speaks of...

Revelation 2:10, "Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life."

This prophesied event happened from 303AD to 313AD. Yes, some Roman Catholic sources do like to lie and declare it ended in 311AD so as to make the prophecy and the Bible appear bogus because they know the Bible exposes them as Antichrist and they naturally hate that. In fact, they have stated in writing many times how much they hate the Bible. And yes, that hatred of the Bible is what also makes them hate Christians so much. And yes, when you look around today and see how many people hate the Christians, you can thank Rome for that. They were the first to hate them and they have stated as much in writing. And by the way, their hatred of Christians has moved the Vatican to turn Diocletian's tomb into “The Cathedral of St. Domnius.” Historic fact is, anyone killing Christians en masse as did this evil man would most assuredly be uplifted to sainthood by the ultimate killer of Christians.

This is why the US Government is presently doing all it can to get all Christians out of military duty. Do you recall the article "U.S. military ‘hostile’ to Christians under Obama; morale, retention devastated" that was posted 2 weeks ago? With the Christian in the military they know they will have to deal with opposition when the other shoe drops from Rome's up and coming legalized slaughter of Christians during the prophesied enforcement of her mark. So, get the Christians out of the military and those in public office need to either bow to the Pope or leave office in disgrace. In short, what we see happening today in the military towards Christian troops is via the exact same demon that moved Diocletian to kill the Christians in his day.

The article also went on to report the following...

"The faithful cried out in fervent prayer. Then Diocletian was struck with a painful intestinal disease and resigned on May 1, A.D. 305. Emperor Gelarius continued the persecution, but he too was struck with the intestinal disease and died."

I have yet to verify that statement historically, but knowing the Lord as I and many of my brothers and sisters do, we know His hand does work in this manner. Some of us have seen it first hand. For it is plainly written in Hebrews 10:31 that it is, "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." In short.. KEEP PRAYING! This is a Holy War we find ourselves in. And just as our God fought for David, Gideon and many others, He will fight for us! Prophecy will be fulfilled and HE WILL RETURN AS KING OF KINGS!

05/03/2015 17:06:07
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Hindu Extremist Attack in Assam State, India Depletes Village of Christians * 'Freedom to worship' – Obama's next bait & switch * Is this Obama's declaration of war on Christian schools? * Santorum: If Jenner 'says he's a woman, then he's a woman' * Finnish military preparing 900,000 reservists for 'crisis situation' * 9-1-1 terror as black mob rampages in Charleston * ‘What Kind of Mother Is 8 Months Pregnant and Wants an Abortion?’ * 40 Person Mob Assaults 2 Jews on Paris’ Boulevard Voltaire * VIDEO: Clashes in Philadelphia

05/01/2015 19:12:38
VIDEO: Q&A~ What does "many shall run to & fro" mean in Daniel 12:4?

--One more video for the Q&A Video stack. This has to do with what Daniel says in Daniel 12:4, "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."

Yes, most understand this to mean travel, but there's something else happening right now that confirms this prophecy fulfilled in a big way that most fail to realize. Worse yet, what we see happening in America makes it very easy to see now. But you have to at least know what you're looking at to see it and the only way to know what you're looking at in prophecy is to be obedient to the Author of that prophecy.

05/01/2015 19:12:38
'Brutal' black-on-white mob attack near Baltimore

"The incident began when the man, Richard Fletcher, noticed two girls fighting near his truck and went outside to intervene. That’s when a mass of youths, mostly from the nearby Baltimore Community High School, attacked him. A neighbor described the extent of Fletcher’s injuries, telling WBAL he had to get a blood transfusion, stitches on his face, and had suffered bleeding on the brain, a broken nose and broken ribs. Police officials say the man was placed in a medically induced coma for several days."

Two things:

#1, Have you ever seen my "Homeschool Spurs" page on this website? It has literally thousands of articles and videos describing in rather graphic detail how the Government school system is not only politically and morally corrupt. It is extremely violent thanks to all the evil things being pushed on the kids in the schools. What's happening in today's schools is exactly what was expected to happen even though everyone ignored the warnings of the preachers and even some of the teachers over the last few decades. It's so bad in most inner city schools now that they all have metal detectors at the entrances to make sure the kids aren't bringing guns and knives into the schools of our children. That all being said.. do you really think a second income is more important than your child's spiritual and physical well-being?

#2, What happened here was done by young kids who after just a few short years of Government brainwashing in the schools see no wrong in any of this. Worse yet, wait till they become adults! And just so you know, becoming adults is only 1 to 3 years away from most of them now. Violence like this is common place now and mostly done by children no less. However, the riots we see in the cities like the ones in Baltimore are for the most part adults, but most barely out of school to boot and it was all prophesied long ago for it is written in Ezekiel 7:23, "...the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence."

Another reason for all this violence and racial hatred is due to Christianity becoming a waste of time or boring in the eyes of most people. That means most kids growing up today just blow it off as a false and useless faith. Especially in the inner cities wherein "turning the other cheek" constitutes a sign of weakness by most. So, these kids gravitate towards everything sin has to offer. After all, partying with your friends appears much more fun to them than readying for the second coming of Jesus Christ. In fact, sin has become very popular now and so for most kids, Christianity is an annoyance to them and is avoided like the plagues all of them are running towards as we speak. And that too was prophesied. Their lust for the sinful things in life have made their hearts very cold towards their own neighbors. Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

05/01/2015 19:12:37
VIDEO: Prisoner in van: Freddie Gray 'trying to injure himself'

"A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle and believed that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post. The prisoner, who is currently in jail, was separated from Gray by a metal partition and could not see him. His statement is contained in an application for a search warrant, which is sealed by the court. The Post was given the document under the condition that the prisoner not be named because the person who provided it feared for the inmate’s safety."

--I opted to use the video posted here by WND instead of going to the original article in the Washington Post because this video is not present there for some reason. Notice how as this CNN reporter tries to make it look like the victim actually caused his own injuries by taking the word of another prisoner who couldn't even see the victim in the other area of the Police van. This reporter even goes so far as to seed the conversation towards that way of thinking when he starts a back and forth with the Prosecutor on camera. He tries to get her to agree with him that Gray tried to injure himself. She then puts reality back into view by saying it's very hard to get someone to believe that someone could sever their own spine.

In any event, it's obvious. The media has already picked sides. At least at CNN has as it appears that they will do all they can to make Freddie Gray appear the bad guy who injured himself so bad that he not only sought to make Cops look bad, but that he was suicidal as well. But as many of you already know, CNN messed up as the truth has come out and those 6 officers are right now up on charges of murder.

Still.. in this prophesied age of lying, I wonder if CNN is going to be put to the task of retracting their vicious claims. In fact, I wonder if anyone in the media will ever be held accountable for all these riots they themselves cause? They may never be held accountable by the courts of this land, but judgment is soon to be passed on all of them when that Eastern sky rips wide open in TRUTH.

05/01/2015 19:12:37
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Freddie Gray's death ruled a homicide * Afghan taliban commander gang-raped suicide bomber before attack * Obamacare tax shock far worse than predicted * VIDEO: Socialist Bernie Sanders in the race for President! * VIDEO: Chile’s Calbuco volcano erupts a third time * PHOTOS: Massive Hailstorm Buries Sydney, Australia * VIDEO: Mysterious Lights Spotted South of Downtown San Diego * Hundreds of Muslim refugees headed to Idaho * VIDEO: 'Bodyguard' Sharpton shields Baltimore mayor * VIDEO: High-school teacher 'poisoned' * VIDEO: Dad shoots school-bus bully's grandfather * French soldiers accused of raping CAR children

30/04/2015 19:17:50
VIDEO: Geraldo goes 'mano a mano' in Baltimore streets

"While reporting for Fox News Tuesday night, Geraldo Rivera almost came to blows with a protestor interfering with his camera shot. “C’mon, get out of the way man,” Rivera said to a protestor who was interfering his camera shot. “Don’t touch me!” the protestor shot back. The two went back and forth, seeming to shove each other."

--And that's how the article ends. BUT, that's not the real story here at all. Yes, some guy blocked the camera, and yes Geraldo yelled at him. But that man as well as the woman yelling behind Geraldo, and even the State Senate majority leader were obviously upset with Geraldo being there. They all more or less said the exact same thing to him and he ignored them as if they were speaking a different language.

Their message?

They wanted Geraldo and the media to LEAVE!! The majority leader even said the media was "inciting the violence" in her city and she wanted the people to go home and the media to back off so that peace could resume in Baltimore. But Geraldo purposely acted as if she meant she wanted him to move to a different location away from the people to report on the violence. When he ignore her notice her body language! That's not hard to miss at all. Her disgust towards Geraldo and his fabricated reporting was very apparent on her face!

As I've been saying all along, The media is creating this monster in city after city so as to allow the government the ability to go forward with their plans for martial law that will then bring about their long sought after plans to bring about Rome's Socialist format in America and then the world. You simply cannot enforce the mark of the beast in Rome without a Socialist form of government.

It seems obvious to anyone watching this video that everyone on camera around Geraldo didn't want him there, and they knew they were being set up so as to give the media the "story" they need that can be used to fuel violence in many more cities in this nation. In fact, they were successful in getting it to spread to New York just last night. So it works and they will keep doing this as long as the people let them.

Praise God not everyone in Baltimore is as violent and crazed as the media is painting them to be! In fact, have you heard the latest? Even gang members in Baltimore have united for peace! In other words, the media has been caught red handed LYING! They even went so far as to twist the reason the Bloods and the Crips took that picture together. The gang members did it to show they were unified to stop the violence. And they say that on camera! But the media said they were unified to "shoot on cops!"

It's shocking to say, but even more shocking to witness. But as is apparent to me and many others, the United States Government is doing all they can to ignite Civil War in America as we speak!

30/04/2015 19:17:50
Big Brother finds EZ way to secretly spy on drivers

"The city and state of New York have installed a network of wireless-reader devices to monitor the locations of drivers who use the E-Z Pass tag to electronically pay bridge and tunnel tolls, according to documents obtained by the New York Civil Liberties Union. The program – meant to monitor traffic patterns, according to officials – came to light when a privacy activist hacked his E-Z Pass transponder and programmed it to make a sound each time the device was being remotely read. He discovered a network of locations in Lower Manhattan, far from any toll plazas, where his presence was being monitored."

--As usual, the age of convenience makes it childishly easy for big brother to CONvince its citizens convenience is much more important than privacy. No, it was never openly declared by the makers of the E-ZPass system that their users can be tracked, but the assumption is obvious in that when you drive on a toll-road your vehicle will be tracked so that you can "conveniently" avoid the slower toll booth lanes. So what's to stop them from tracking you off the toll-road as this hacker just discovered is happening? Nothing. Our government is corrupt. We get that. But this is getting downright annoying if you ask me.

Again, I am not saying that the E-ZPass system was purposely designed to track you as you do your daily chores. It was specifically advertised as a way to "conveniently" quicken your commute to and from work. However, the system can also be manipulated easily enough as this hacker proved to allowed the government do spy on you and essentially all your travels.

But, will they do it?

In the coming days, if you happen to be a Christian seeking to flee the city when martial law is enacted or even the mark itself is being enforced, do you honestly think they won't use it? After all,  it's not like they've never been caught doing this before. Need I mention how they presently have the ability to tap every phone call and text you make? (Is your phone tapped? Click here to find out)

Okay.. yes.. It's obvious you can avoid the toll-road when you flee the cities. And yes you can remove the E-ZPass device from your car and avoid all toll-roads or use the toll-roads and pay using cash. But.. think about this. If you do that, what's to say your cell phone's GPS device isn't already being accessed by the government to verify your location? And if you use the toll booth, by then cash will be illegal and so you will have to swipe your debit or credit card which is also in a global network already thanks to the corrupt banksters that have been working directly with Rome since day one. Or let's say you figured out a way to avoid the use of cash, cards and toll-roads, won't your car's built in lojack device let them know where you're at anyway? You are aware most newer cars come with lojack and GPS as standard equipment right? But let's say you're mechanically inclined and you figured out how to disable those devices without causing your car to be undrivable or let's say you buy an older car that has no such devices and you head out of the city. What about the redlight cameras in most city intersections that read every license plate that passes through the intersection? You're not naive enough to think they only access those cameras when they need to if you blow the light, right? Or what of all the cameras in the city parks, stores and street corners that like in Chicago are already connected into the police CCTV network making all those cameras one huge civilian network the police can use whenever they want? That's of course without mentioning the Chicago Police's POD network that's been online for years. They can spot you using their facial recognition software right now. But let's assume you get passed all that and somehow get close to the edge of town only to be pulled over by a cop who's automatic plate scanner cameras that work 24/7 as he drives through the city? Still... let's say you somehow get out of the city, what about the cameras located high atop numerous freeway light posts that are used to not only report on traffic trends multiple times a day on the radio and Internet, but are used to assist cops in high speed chases? All they need to do is tell the computer to look for your car and or plate numbers on any freeway and eventually it will lock on to you and alert all police in that area. Or.. here's a thought.. what if you get on a train or a bus that's headed out of the city? Unless you have a fake ID and have stolen a debit or credit card that has yet to be reported stolen, how will you get on that train or bus? But if you do somehow get on board. As you sit back in the seat.. look up. See that camera? That's right, they have cameras there as well.

Still.. let's say you avoid every pitfall I just listed that have been previously placed there by the powers that be under orders by the enemy of souls and you escape the city 100%. You are aware that the Police have already been allowed to legally and sometimes illegally place magnetic tracking devices on "suspect" vehicles over the years right? That means they can track you from 50, 100 or who knows how many miles away if they want so as to lead them to your "secret" hideout in the woods, hills or caves. Wouldn't it be better to simply be out of the city before all that happens?

That all being said.. can you finally understand why so many Christians have already left the cities?

On last thing.. Before you email me to suggest a fitting for a tinfoil bonnet, paranoia has to do with something that is fabricated in the mind and most of the time nonexistent in reality. Everything I just listed above is in fact being used in our cities as well as on toll-roads, railways and highways right now!

30/04/2015 19:17:50
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

VIDEO: Times Square shut down as protests spread * Philadelphia law professor accidentally sends students porn link instead of article on legal briefs * VIDEO: Strong winds knock over a train in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana * Tylenol could be numbing a lot more than your headache * Justice Kennedy 'to invent new constitutional right' * 850 rabbis line up against same-sex marriage * VIDEO: New Jersey cop detains man for videotaping * How California Cities Are Making Millions Seizing Property and Money From Law-Abiding Citizens * VIDEO: Public slams school board over teacher sex cases

29/04/2015 19:52:10
Pat Buchanan: Baltimore needs 'decisive force'

"The arson, looting, vandalism and violence that have ravaged Baltimore should have been met days ago with superior and decisive force. There is no justification, no rationale, no excuse for what has been going on in the streets of Baltimore. None."

--You do realize why he said that right? "Decisive force" is no different than "certain" laws that fabricate a response from the police force long before any crime is committed. For example, have you noticed (as most have) that since Obama took office how racial tensions have boiled over in city after city wherein in most cases the local authorities ignored what was happening just long enough to allow the people to destroy their own neighborhoods. After all, many on social media have caught on to this lately proving it's more obvious than some realize. But now... we appear to have proof.

Have you seen this video yet? It's a video of the mayor of Baltimore. In the video, when speaking of the rioters trashing and burning her city, she actually said, "we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well." Talk about your Freudian slips! What she said echoes and confirms what many have thought regarding what's been happening in so many cities already. Only difference here is, she actually slipped and said out loud what was supposed to be kept between her and the powers that be that gave her the command to "give them space to destroy."

So.. why let them destroy?

It has to do with what Buchanan just said about decisive force. We know by their fruits, and now via the loose lips of the Baltimore mayor, that they have purposely allowed these riots to get out of hand so as to have a reason to put forth talking points on "decisive force" when drafting yet another unjust law to Congress. What we're about to see in America is what those under Nazi control saw in their day. Dissenters will be jailed and even killed long before any riots burn down cities. Using "decisive force" as so called "conservative activist" Pat Buchanan puts it will give the police force much more power to stop riots long before they even start. Well.. that will be their excuse when arresting you that is. Yes, some will say that's a good thing, but where will it lead? It will lead to Rome's 4th Reich as students of prophecy have been warning people about for literally decades now. Only this time it will happen first in the "land of the free and home of the brave" before going global as Rome's New World Order which is solely based on a Socialist format.

Looking back in history one can see that proper political dissent is what shaped America into not only a free country, but the most successful and most powerful country in the modern age. Whenever the Senators tried to do something the people new was unconstitutional back then it was met with protest. Thanks to their efforts, laws were repealed and society was somewhat normal for quite some time thanks to things working as prophecy predicted it would during this nation's infancy. But now that the leaders in our nation have become wicked as prophesied, many illegal laws are being passed almost daily now and the constitution is being shredded at every step that those doing these illegal acts in DC know the people will protest as they did back when this nation was formed. Only difference now is, their protests will not change things at all because the political leaders in this nation aren't running a nation anymore. They're running a business, and it's all about profits. That being the case, they also know the people will act out when they realize they are being ignored left and right.

So, their remedy is?

Echo the Vatican's command that was enforced by Hitler to make any political dissent, right or wrong, 100% illegal. And the best way to do that is to allow those that wish to destroy some "space to do so" so as to have the perfect political reasons to bring before Congress that can make it easier for them to make those protests truly illegal in America just as Hitler did in his day.

Prophecy will ... er.. um... IS being fulfilled!

29/04/2015 19:52:11
Media blitz to 'normalize' transgenderism

"The establishment media has suddenly gone ga-ga over transgenders.Whether it’s Bruce Jenner’s prime-time interview with Diane Sawyer to discuss his “journey” from a 1976 Olympic decathlon stud to surgery- and drug-induced womanhood, or teary-eyed parents waxing softly about their child’s difficult but rewarding transformation from one sex to another, the American public is about to be inundated with journalistic stories, TV shows, books, movies and ads promoting transgenderism. Like all good propaganda campaigns, it starts in the schools."

--Yes this is very vexing and yes most Christians can now understand what Lot went through when living in Sodom; but there's a silver lining to all this. Yes, as most expect, it does confirm we are a lot closer to the end and the return of our Lord, Saviour and King. But many fail to realize how some Christians that wrestle with the flesh can now easily step towards being the overcomers they were called to be.

What do I mean by that?

Many Christians, and for the most part especially men, have a battle with the lusts of the flesh. They see a pretty girl and the enemy of souls does all he can to lure them into lusting after her so as to commit adultery in their heart and seal them into a sinful situation that if left unrepentant will find them in hellfire when that day finally arrives for the lost. But now, who can tell if she really is a woman or not? Today we find more and more men have denied their Maker and sinned against Him by declaring "I was born this way" when in fact their very own bodies testify to them that they were not. In fact, such a mindset was prophesied long ago...

Isaiah 45:9,10 "Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands? Woe unto him that saith unto his father, What begettest thou? or to the woman, What hast thou brought forth?"

Romans 9:20, "Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?"

In today's world you really aren't sure anymore that it's a girl on the TV screen or even standing in front of you. That being said, are you being tempted to lust after a man without knowing it? You truly can never know for sure now. In fact, no one can thanks to makeup artists, certain ways to wear clothing, hormone therapy and plastic surgery. And knowing Hollywood as we all do in that they love to live the lie, one can only imagine how many models have already been out there the last few years alone acting like women who are actually men? In short... this transgender thing is going to make it that much easier for some Christian men out there who have weak flesh to be able to stand firm in Christ I'm sure. So, take advantage of this long prophesied insanity and walk that much closer to Jesus. It's so much easier now to look the other way and keep your eyes on Jesus thanks to just how putrid, perverse and disgusting the enemy of souls has become. He truly has become the god of dung as his given name describes. For sin truly does beget death!

29/04/2015 19:52:10
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

VIDEO: ‘We will not obey’: Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience if Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage * Quebec town can’t have prayers at council meetings, Supreme Court rules * Martial Law in Baltimore? * Baltimore Mayor slips up as declares hidden agenda on camera * Wikileaks documents reveal Apollo program was a fraud, moon landings never happened * Obama's executive action rollouts increasing in pace * ‘Killing Jews is Worship’ posters will soon appear on NYC subways and buses * VIDEO: Marines Prep for Riot Control in America * Students accused of raping girl inside class * VIDEO: Professor hits 'breaking point,' fails entire class * Teacher ousted for saying Obama not Christian * Pope decries "scandal" of lower salaries for women

28/04/2015 20:22:09
All-out war in Baltimore

"Rioters flooded the streets of a Baltimore neighborhood Monday, throwing rocks and attacking police officers, leaving 15 officers injured and six in shock trauma, according to police officials. One officer was knocked unconscious after being hit in the head by an object, and another officer’s left knee cap is said to be severely damaged. Even teenagers leaving school “thought it was cute to throw cinder blocks at officers,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts at a news conference late Monday evening."

--This is so expected! It's as if the powers that be have a switch they can flick whenever they want the people to act out so as to flex their muscles that will eventually bring about martial law coast to coast. This is happening way too much to be a mere coincidence now. Worse yet, now that Al Sharpton is headed to Baltimore, it's about to get much worse. Wherever that man goes he fosters racial hatred and causes the anger of the people to boil over and out of control. In fact, he admits using hate to further his agenda on camera! What most people don't realize is, Sharpton could care less about the people. He's truly in it for the money. In fact, some of his ex-followers admit that on camera.

All the powers that be need to do now is kill an unarmed citizen in just about any city they want and that causes the people in that city to go berserk. Now yes, the people should calm down and take care of all this the proper way by making sure those cops involved be dealt with properly in the courts. But then, have you also noticed? The Internet has literally tens of thousands of stories posted wherein the people tried that and in many cases the cops literally got away with murder anyway. Still.. not all cops are bad. In fact, MOST AREN'T! But the media, or shall I say the "switch" the powers that be love to keep flicking is being used to indoctrinate the general public towards hating the cops. Will this not both generate and then fuel hatred towards the cops in the hearts of many so as to assure the need for martial law in yet another way? Of course it will! It's no mistake the media keeps posting these stories. Being as controlled as they are, those behind the scripts posted to the teleprompters know if they don't report on it the people will go home because they know, without the media making a big deal about it, they can't hope to keep the people rioting. Sooner or later they will find a reason to riot that the media can puff up for much longer than a week which will then also give them the opportunity to spread the unrest across many cities and then martial law will go coast to coast. The fact the police are "armed and ready" to the teeth confirms this is what they hope happens.

Now for the other toss of the coin.

 It's the end times. This we know. And so, as Jesus prophesied, the love of many will indeed wax very cold. Not only do we see parents killing children and children killing parents; we see those that were ordained (Romans 13:1-7) to protect and serve have become very cold in their tactics towards the people they're sworn to protect, who according to the Constitution are supposed to be "innocent until proven guilty." But it's not just the fault of the police. Have you also noticed how angry everyone else is? Take the cop that's doing his job who literally gets inundated daily with hateful slurs and insults from people who were caught red handed breaking the law on the roads. Dealing with how most people respond to traffic tickets like that on a daily basis after a decade or two and it's bound to gnaw on you. Worse yet, these are the very last days wherein many will be tempted to lash out more than ever before. Many fail to realize that cops are people too and some of them simply crack under all the pressure. if you have eyes to see you can see that it's actually the perfect storm of hell. And yes, it was all prophesied long ago.

Ezekiel 7:23, "Make a chain: for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence."


There is none. Prophecy will be fulfilled. No getting around that. The only way to keep yourself and your family safe is to do as prophecy predicted many will do in these days. You need to get out of the cities! But then.. I think that's fairly obvious now don't you think?

28/04/2015 20:22:09
VIDEO: Obama mocks the Lord to get a laugh

"Bachmann, the former four-term Republican congresswoman from Minnesota, criticized Obama earlier this month for his support of a framework agreement with Iran that she says will lead to war and bring judgment on America. Obama took her to task in a half-joking, mocking tone. “Michele Bachmann actually predicted I would bring about the biblical end of days,” Obama told the correspondents, who erupted in roaring laughter. “Now that’s a legacy. That’s big. I mean Lincoln, Washington, they didn’t do that.”

--It's not just Iran and their ability to bring on World War 3 Mr Obama. It's your pro-homosexual stance that will bring judgment upon this nation, it's your pro-abortion stance, it's your efforts to racially divide this nation, it's your mockery of the Word of God on a regular basis, it's your uplifting of Islam, it's your obvious Muslim faith and it's your obedience to the man of sin in Rome  just to name a few that's going to bring about judgment upon this nation and especially upon those that stand with you.

Mr Obama, if I was o stand before you I would obey the God you mock and declare unto you that you sir need to repent because you are not immune to the judgment seat of Christ, nor are you immune to the wrath of His Father. You were called to lead the people as president, and instead of doing as a God fearing leader should do, you have done all you can to mock the Creator Himself, which in turn has led this nation into even more sin in the last few years. And now you make sport of the prophecies of Jesus Christ regarding the end of days by using them as a punchline to get a laugh? May God have mercy on your soul!

28/04/2015 20:22:09
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Baltimore streets fill with National Guard troops * It's about to get worse! Sharpton headed to Baltimore * VIDEO shock: Black rioters drag white man from store * We are in a police state right now * Parents fighting secret government tests * VIDEO: Congressman Mike Honda's Transgender Granddaughter Makes Him Proud * Largest Bank In America Joins War On Cash * GM, Ford, And Others Want to Make Working on Your Own Car Illegal * Chinese mobile phone app lets you hire thugs to carry out beatings * Kenya: Cow 'starts eating sheep' on Nakuru farm * Media fail to identify leader of Baltimore riots * Gender-bender bathroom doors flung open for preschoolers * Massive killer hornets could be heading to the UK this summer * Not science fiction: Miami wants to predict when and where crime will occur * Baltimore burns and media wonder: Where's Obama? * Court: Businesses can refuse to make 'gay' shirts

27/04/2015 20:01:18
2nd state resisting militarization of cops

"WND reported last month New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed into law a bill that bans local law-enforcement agencies from obtaining nightscopes, military assault rifles, grenade launchers and 14-ton Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicles through a federal program without local oversight. The issue drew national attention when law-enforcement officers in Ferguson, Missouri, outfitted like an invading army, were deployed against violent protesters outraged by the shooting death of black teen Michael Brown by a white police officer."

--I wonder if anyone sees what I see here. Yes, I am sure many do, but the lack of outcry suggests that most really don't. What I mean is, I understand completely that the Police need to have the means by which to control violent protests and riots. We have the technology old and new that can be used that has proven to be quite effective. Everything from old technology like tear gas and water cannons to new technology like the LRAD sound cannon to the crowd dispersing microwave cannon that can force people to feel intense pain in either their ears or all over the skin. So.. the question has to be, why is the government supplying the police force with the grenade launchers and tanks?

Common sense prevails:

As we have all seen for literally decades, violent protests and riots are fairly easy to control using present methods. But the truth is, we are in a police state right now, and with the massive stockpiling of ammunition by our government as well as the militarization methods of the local police in almost every major city, the powers that be are in fact preparing for a civil war wherein they will literally kill citizens en masse. After all, you don't use grenade launchers on people holding protest signs do you? They didn't build and distribute those grenade launchers so as to lob water balloons! I mean come on already, common sense dictates that you will need to use grenade launchers, hollow point bullets, and tanks on angry citizens that are armed to the teeth that do eventually come against the police. What remains to be seen is how this all comes to fruition. Will our government bring about another false flag attack to have the excuse for martial law, or will they use another more stealthy means that allows them to (literally) cook up a 'natural' disaster? In either case, as prophesied, it's time to get out of the cities!

27/04/2015 20:01:17
VIDEO: Hillary: change 'religious beliefs' of nation

"White House hopeful Hillary Clinton called for big changes in America’s culture, saying “religious beliefs” need to be overhauled in order to make way for birth control, abortion and women’s health care. Far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth, and laws don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice, not just on paper,”

--Why she and her cohorts keep calling abortion "reproductive healthcare" is beyond me. How is it "reproductive" when you actually prevent reproduction? Yes, I know, it makes about as much sense as a penny, but then she, like her cohorts and especially her Jesuit trained husband (the real power behind her desk) they are all politicians and unless they lie, they simply cannot hope to gain power.

Satan is the father of lies and so all successful politicians must uplift his hell spawn theology no matter how ridiculous it may seem to the rational populace looking on. Common sense is repeatedly ignored so as to keep their dying god happy, and so, the mind of the human has to resort to finding ways to sanction their ill-fated decision so as to continuing bowing to Satan. After all, unless they do, their 'promised' power and wealth will fade. So, like Hitler's right hand man they must echo the thought process that if you repeat a lie long enough, eventually the people will come to believe it. Well... at least until the Author of Truth gets here that is.

In short.. Hillary's comments are nothing more than another antiChristian attack on the Creator God and His obedient remnant few that still stand in opposition to her and Beezlebub. So be it, it's not like we haven't been warned. And since we are students of His Word and understand the prophetic signs of the times as He promised we would, many of us are either outright prepared for what's coming, or at least on the final path to that preparation that causes us to shout boldly, MARANATHA!

27/04/2015 20:01:17
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Concerns Raised Following Approval of Sharia Law in Malaysia * VIDEO: Obama's worldview is perverse, he thinks US is the problem with the world – US think tank chief * VIDEO: 100 Afghan Students Poisoned By Beans Sold By Vendor At School Gates * Two huge magma chambers spied beneath Yellowstone National Park * Hear about Uber driver who shot Chicago thug? * VIDEO: Hot times at Yellowstone: huge magma chamber found deeply buried * District Apologizes After Transgender Book Read to Children Without Parental Notice * Committee Votes to Advance Effort to Overturn Abortion ‘Non-Discrimination’ Act * VIDEO: Body Cam: Cop Ignores Dog Sign, Hops Fence in Response to a Burglar Alarm, Kills Homeowners Dog * California senate committee passes bill to deny education to unvaccinated children * As arguments near, Justice Ginsburg has already made up her mind on gay marriage * VIDEO: The age of lying CONFIRMED! *

26/04/2015 19:55:52
Top scientists start to examine fiddled global warming figures

"Last month, we are told, the world enjoyed “its hottest March since records began in 1880”. This year, according to “US government scientists”, already bids to outrank 2014 as “the hottest ever”. The figures from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were based, like all the other three official surface temperature records on which the world’s scientists and politicians rely, on data compiled from a network of weather stations by NOAA’s Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN).

But here there is a puzzle. These temperature records are not the only ones with official status. The other two, Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) and the University of Alabama (UAH), are based on a quite different method of measuring temperature data, by satellites. And these, as they have increasingly done in recent years, give a strikingly different picture. Neither shows last month as anything like the hottest March on record, any more than they showed 2014 as “the hottest year ever."

--This is literally music to my ears! Why? The Vatican chimed in back in January of this year promoting global warming so as to push their world-wide control agenda forward that we later discovered was first initiated by John Paul II after he approached Al Gore in the 1980s to work with them on global warming. When Jesuit Pope Francis did what he did he actually made our job that much easier in proving this all was nothing more than a bold faced lie. Yes, I am a realist and understand even though the Vatican was caught lying about global warming red handed, it still won't stop their forward motion pushing the bad science students of prophecy knew all about from day one. We've known all along it had to do with their long prophesied agenda regarding the mark of the beast. Problem is, most people on this planet are now defined as indoctrinated sheeple and the Pope knows he will have them bowing to him in droves, just as their leaders have done for decades. (See that video in HD now) In fact, he already had all the world wondering after him proving THE WOUND IS HEALED! The people that refuse to read and/or trust Bibles are ready, willing and able to be easily dazzled enough to stand in line to accept the mark. HOWEVER, the Lord Jesus said you cannot deceive the elect.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:24, "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

Yes, they have the sheeple following them around in blind obedience just as the prophecy said they would. But the elect read their Bibles and they have the wisdom that is promised from on High to those that follow Christ. Silliness like this can't possibly be embraced by them. But now, we have the upper hand in that we now have good science on our side to share as well as a growing mountain of bad science to expose the Vatican's lies. It really has become that much easier to show "real" Christians the truth now, and we have the man of sin in Rome to thank for it. But the, the truth is, every Pope has made out job easier. Well.. only when those we approach with the truth that actually read Bibles of course. It's just that this Pope has helped us by speaking doctrinal as well as scientific lies in his pontificate so as to make it easier for us to use a Bible and Scientific Facts to expose him step by step. That all being said.. since we have the tools, and the truth is most assuredly on our side.. are you doing the work? If not.. WHY NOT? Need I remind you of Matthew 25?

26/04/2015 19:37:42
District Apologizes After Transgender Book Read to Children Without Parental Notice

"Officials with a school district in Maine are apologizing after a book about transgendered child was read to elementary school students without advance notice to parents. An estimated 20 out of 22 classes in kindergarten through third grade  at Horace Mitchell Primary School in Kittery Point were recently read the book “I Am Jazz,” written by and about Jazz Jennings, a 14-year-old transgender activist. The book was part of a lesson to children about tolerance and acceptance."

--The teachers and school administration knew day one it was illegal to read that book to the children, but they did it anyway so as to further indoctrinate the innocent children into a sinfilled mindset that is in agreement with the government approved pro-homosexual lifestyle the vat of sin in Rome has been pushing in America for decades. Not only did the school know it was illegal to read that book to those little ones, they knew they would have to apologize later. So why did they do it? It's simple. Once it's read to the kids, that offensive book's homosexual filthiness cannot be undone in the minds of those precious little children. If it's accepted as truth, and most little kids trust adults impeccably, then those beautiful little innocent babes will grow to embrace homosexuality as the norm. Worse yet, many of them will be moved to become homosexuals themselves.

And by the way, this isn't the first time the schools have been caught doing such things they knew parents wouldn't approve of. This is their modus operandi in fact. They share offensive material they know will alter the thinking process of the little children and they also know the parents would never approve of it if they were alerted beforehand. But they do so anyway knowing that even if they have to apologize, the deed is done and the children have been indoctrinated just as they planned. May God have mercy on their souls.

26/04/2015 19:37:42
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Sentencing of Christians explodes 10,000% in China * Bakers Fined $135,000 for Refusing to Bake Gay Wedding Cake * Gofundme blocks fundraiser for Christian bakery * VIDEO: Nepal earthquake: Hundreds die, many feared trapped * Avalanche sweeps Everest base camp, killing 17, injuring 61 * FYI: VIDEO: ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease): Fishing for Answers * VIDEO: ‘Systematic brutality and targeting’ created anti-police protests – Lionel * VIDEO: 11-year old girl suspended for recording her teacher bullying student * VIDEO: Pregnant restaurant manager fired after armed robbery * VIDEO: Holograms for Freedom: Thousands join virtual demo against new protest law in Spain * VIDEO: Destructive hail storm destroys windshield * VIDEO: New York Rabbi Arthur Schneier Welcomed As Knight Of The Catholic Church * VIDEO: Sports have gotten so violent that.. well.. you know * VIDEO: My Body, My Choice! Why is vaccine coercion pushed by progressives? * VIDEO: Ash cloud from Chile volcano grounds flights to Buenos Aires

24/04/2015 18:05:15
VIDEO: Fox News calls for Global Ruler?!

--This is something students of prophecy have been waiting and watching for. The mainstream media is right now setting the stage for talking points to begin regarding the need for a "global leader" who we all know will head up the Vatican's New World Order so as to not only bring on the arrival of THE Antichrist, but the mark of the beast as well. Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?!

17/04/2015 21:44:42

"With the assistance of Republican leadership in Congress, the Obama administration took a major step toward systematically putting into place a two-ocean globalist plan that will dwarf all prior trade agreements, including NAFTA. ...It would give President Obama what is known as “fast-track authority” to push through Congress the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation, free-trade agreement involving the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Chile and Peru. Under fast-track authority, there is no provision for Congress to modify the agreement by submitting amendments. Fast-track authority also treats the FTA as if it were trade legislation being negotiated by the executive branch, not as a treaty that would require a two-thirds vote from the Senate. ..."

--Prophecy said things would speed up in our day, and as anyone that's been watching what's happening on a global basis around the world knows, the political movements that solely benefit the Vatican's "New World Order" are in fact kicking it up a notch.

Obama's Emperor type mindset in the WhiteHouse is also no mistake. This is why so many fear he's not going to leave office in 2016. I must say, it does look plausible due to all the signs of martial law activity, the police state mentality of most cities and the fact the Senate just "rewrote the Constitution to give Obama more power" does suggest he's up to something. Or should I say his puppeteer in Rome is up to something.

Now yes, it is also plausible that he can just as easily leave office because the next president will simply continue on with business as usual. After all, this is what they've been doing since Reagan left office after giving the Vatican the WhiteHouse in his second term.

During the Reagan administration, President Ronald Reagan, after much pressure, appointed an ambassador to VATICAN CITY! When W. Kenneth Dan was asked why we need an ambassador in Vatican City, He replied;“It would allow the USA to influence the political decisions of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH!”


Religious establishment prohibited. Freedom of speech, of the press, and right to petition. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

Now the other toss of the coin is, what if Hillary gains office? That's how bad it is now. When Obama came to office, all he had was a "strange" past in the homosexual and Muslim community. His scandals all came about after being elected. Hillary on the other hand has quite a few already on the books. Still, the Democratic's best choice for the WhiteHouse is Hillary Clinton. Yes, she is extremely inept, and yes her husband will no doubt be the real power behind the desk, but Obama has proven to be the ultimate puppet for Rome. That being the case, the prelates in Rome no doubt drool at the option of keeping him in office indefinitely.

So.. how would they do it if they wanted to keep Obama in office and install him as Emperor? (Even though he already acts as emperor now) They only need to enforce martial law to do so.

Back in January of 1999 I posted a copy of an old Newsletter I had previously snail-mailed. In fact, this was my very first "online" Newsletter. In it I list the Executive orders of Roman Catholic President John F. Kennedy that were given life by Jesuit trained president William Jefferson Clinton. Notice executive order #13010.

  • E.O. #13010 - Turns the job of the Presidency over to the Military. (Executive Order # 13010 can be found: 37350 Federal Register / Vol. 61, No. 138c / Wednesday, July 17, 1996 / Presidential Documents. Signed William J. Clinton.)

So.. as I see it, the powers that be will most assuredly have a Socialist / Nazi format in America very soon. All they need to do is fake another economic crisis, use HAARP to cause just about any natural disaster they want, or even cause racial riots coast to coast by sending out some rogue cop to kill another unarmed citizen. In short.. The one world government WILL become a reality. Prophecy will be fulfilled! Truth is, it's already here on paper.

All they need to do to assure their agenda it met is to make sure all their ducks are in a row before dropping the other shoe. And that day is racing towards us at break neck speeds. They have all the tools necessary to create the NWO the Pope has been pushing since World War II, only now they have all the nations bowing to the Pope as prophesied and the technology is here to lock down and track every human on the planet.

So.. I must ask the question... Mr & Mrs Scoffer, you stated decades ago when I spoke to you on the streets that we could never create a technology that can track every human on the planet. Let me as you this, do you have a cell phone? Do you have a credit or debit card? Do you have a fairly late model car? How about that new alarm clock next to your bed? Do you have a 9-5 job? Do you live in a city? Is your brand new refrigerator running? How about your flat screen TV? Do you have a webcam? Laptop? Tablet? Or wristwatch? Do you have a security system? Does your home have electricity? Do you have children in school? Do you frequent a workout center? Do you buy groceries? Have you been to the Mall lately? Do you bank? Do you have a Social Security number? Are you a member of a 501c3 church? Do you have a family pet with a verichip?

Most people will answer yes to many of those questions. That being said, you are aware that every product I just mentioned is manufactured with WIFI and GPS capabilities? Are you also aware that all public and private workplaces are literally covered in cameras inside and out watching your every move? And by the way, what I just mentioned is only a few out of thousands of products and services now available wherein a person can be tracked, plugged in, connected, or turned on today. Right now, the corporate big wigs that met with the Pope back in June of 1999 to discuss how to do all this are claiming they're only doing so to better understand your buying and selling habits so as to help them better "advertise" items that you may personally buy. Soon, all that data will help them find you to prevent you from buying and selling. Ironic eh?

So the big question is... Am I paranoid? Not at all. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." -2 Timothy 1:7. You don't have to be paranoid to know what you're looking at. After all.. you do have eyeballs do you not? And if you read your Bible and then your Newspapers you know for a fact , that which was prophesied is happening right now!

For more info on the TPP and NWO see the following short videos..

 For many more videos..

04/12/2015 18:37:56
SDA Ben Carson wins hearts at Al Sharpton event

"Ben Carson hasn’t yet announced a run for the presidency in 2016, but he’s making the rounds of possible voting venues – even winning hearts and minds at the National Action Network’s annual convention, an affair run by Rev. Al Sharpton and his very liberal-progressive supporters. Sharpton introduced Carson as someone with whom he nearly always disagrees, calming the crowd’s initial negative response to the renowned neurosurgeon’s presence with humor. A.R. Bernard, a senior pastor and founder of the Christian Cultural Center church in Brooklyn, and a political bigwig in the city, also stepped forward to label Carson “a leader,” worthy of the NAA’s embrace."

--Now I hope some of you don't get upset with what I am about to say but, Al Sharpton has displayed himself as one of the most racist men in America. In fact, people of all races, including his own see him as racist. He even stated in 1992 that he will use hate to achieve racial justice. And right now, he stands alongside Obama as an advisor on racial issues? Is it any wonder the racial divide in America has fallen back to the 1960's in most areas?

With that said, why is the most racist organization in the nation promoting disobedient SDA surgeon Ben Carson as a political leader worthy of their vote? Have not the last few years of racist politics taught Americans enough about how using the race card allows for certain political insanities to go forth without opposition because no one wants to be tagged a fabricated racist by the actual racists? It's bad enough this man (Ben Carson) is denying Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy to delve into politics and even make positive statements towards a run for the presidency. But to ignore the bold and blatant racism of a man like Al Sharpton just to gain votes from those Sharpton leads suggests this man will do absolutely anything to gain votes that will put him in office. Or at the very least fan the flames of continued racism in America. He's already denied Christ openly by embracing politics, so accepting other deals inspired by the 6000 year old enemy of Christ will be that much easier with each passing day. Did we not expect this?

Will he run? I don't know I don't care. If he runs, will he win? I seriously doubt it. The fact he is in politics alone has done all the damage Satan needed him to do already so, all I see Carson doing now is surfing the waves of corruption as if it's some crazy joyride towards his "second" 15 minutes of fame. His first being of course his agreement with Satan's elite in Hollywood when he agreed with them to make a Hollywood movie about him. Sad reality ion all this is, being SDA and being disobedient as he is taught to be in the SDA church, He's about to find out very soon however just how dangerous it is to make friends with the world. Satan is infamous for spitting out those he's already chewed on and used up to his advantage.

04/10/2015 20:40:31
VIDEO: Q&A Who are the 144,000?

This is another Q&A video sent in by an “anonymous” viewer this time. The question of course is “who will be in the 144,000” when the Lord chooses that prophesied obedient people to do the final work at glorifying Him before all creation. It’s actually quite simple when you use just a little of your spiritual common sense. In fact, the question can be answered using just ONE verse! (Well actually many more can be used as well. But this one verse is POWERFUL!)

04/03/2015 19:41:11
VIDEO: Q&A~ Moses' Law -vs- God's Law

This is the next video in the Q&A on Video series. I share some Bible passages that show the differences between the two Laws. All too often Christians are taught that the two Laws are the exact same Law when in fact there are many Bible passages that say otherwise. Hopefully this video can help some see what we as obedient Christians see clearly.

27/03/2015 19:56:59

 --That's right, you read the title correctly! Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen, while discussing gun laws, actually suggested to the Senate Appropriation Committee mandatory attendance in churches on Sundays for all US citizens! If you're one to ignore or scoff at the prophetic facts being fulfilled regarding the mark of the beast and Sunday laws, if you're one to ignore the thousands of articles all over the world promoting Sunday Laws, what say ye now? And if you're a lukewarm Christian who is more concerned about trivial matters in life, do you think it's time you started to get serious about your walk and do what you were created to do? The Lord needs SERIOUS Christians to go forth in the loud cry! ARE YOU ONE?

27/03/2015 19:56:58
VIDEO: Q&A~ Is God Showing Signs Today?

--As promised, this is the first video in the "Q&A on Video" series I was 'asked' to do for the brethren when I was in prayer last week or so. This video's question is, "Why doesn't God use the blunt and amazing signs and prophetic fulfillments He used in the Old Testament?" I hope and pray this new page titled, Q&A on Video is a blessing to all concerned. (If you have any questions you would like to see answered on video, email me and I will get to it asap)

13/02/2015 19:53:25
VIDEO: SDA Conference: Sunday worship 'no big deal'

--The title of the video says it all don’t you think? Yes, many will think I’m ignoring the fact they claim to be doing a "community outreach" by having Sunday worship services. But this is a church structured worship service on the Roman Sabbath that flies directly in the face of the truth put forth in James 4:4. Worse yet, this pastor says something at the end of the article that literally echoes Rome’s reasoning to worship on Sunday during Constantine’s day! And.. this isn’t the first time the General Conference has okayed the gathering for worship on the Roman Sunday Sabbath. In fact, dozens of SDA churches worship on Sunday right now. Surprised? Yes.. some may be. But then it’s not like the SDA church wants to make it globally known... well.. at least not yet. After all, in prophetic fulfillment, timing is everything. Even if you're on the wrong side.

02/06/2015 17:39:38
VIDEO: Obama says Christians are killers too

--Unless you see this video and hear what Obama said with your own ears, you may not believe it. The video of him speaking is less than a minute but it packs quite a wallop and it is totally against Christians! So.. can you guess as to why he needs to make Christians look as bad as the killers in Rome .. er.. um.. Islam?