05/02/2014 15:45:41 VIDEO: May Day Protestors plea for Socialism in America!
--The "May Day" celebration/protests have let the cat out of the bag when it comes to Rome's Socialist agenda for every nation on earth, especially the USA. They have tipped their hand, but then, the timing is now perfect for them to do so. The mark of Rome is soon to be enforced.

05/02/2014 15:45:38 College Student Denied Admission Because He Said God Is Most Important in Life
"The problem is that you have a guy who is qualified in all areas, and in the rejection letter, they single out his faith as a reason for his rejection. That's just flatly unlawful," French asserted. "It's every bit as unlawful as singling out his race, or singling out his gender. To single out his religion is just as unlawful, and it violates the Constitution." --Let me state a couple of things to get them out of the way. This Christian student has some misunderstandings about Christian decorum. Christians shouldn't be filing lawsuits to begin with, (see Matthew 5:40-44, 1 Corinthians 6:1-8) and radiation therapy isn't a career worth pursuing, since it's a case of the cure being as bad or worse than the disease. That aside, the reason the school rejected his application was because while answering a question that had nothing whatsoever to do with his academic qualifications, he said God was the most important thing to him. Adrienne Dougherty, the schools director of radiation therapy afterwards told him "We have many patients who come to us for treatment from many different religions and some who believe in nothing at all. If you interview in the future, you may want to leave your thoughts and beliefs out of the interview process." In other words, she automatically assumed this young Christian was a bigot who would discriminate against non-Christian patients. Yes radiation therapy is one of the many frauds hoisted on the public by the American Medication Association; but given that she thinks it's a lifesaver, she believed a man who loves the Lord would intentionally mistreat and even intentionally cause the death of non-believers. This mindset has been so successfully fostered by the Vatican and the social institutions they control, including the education system, that schools nowadays will tolerate just about everything except Christianity.

05/02/2014 15:45:38 Supreme Court green lights detention of Americans
"A decision by the U.S. Supreme Court means the federal government now has an open door to "detain as a threat to national security anyone viewed as a troublemaker," according to critics. The high court this week refused to review an appeals court decision that said the president and U.S. military can arrest and indefinitely detain individuals." --The day of the Vatican dungeons has returned just as students of prophecy expected. The USA is doing exactly as prophecy said the lamb horned beast would do.

05/02/2014 15:45:38 U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children
"The United Nations heavily criticized the Vatican on Wednesday for what it said was a systematic adoption of policies allowing priests to rape and sexually abuse tens of thousands of children. The devastating report published by the U.N. Committee on the Rights of a Child said the Vatican must "immediately remove" all known or suspected child abusers within the clergy." --I'm curious.. have any of you ever heard of this UN Report? Do you recall any major News source covering it? And, since it was posted back on February 05 of this year, has the Vatican so much as removed a single priest? No.. not a single one as far as I can see. Why is that you ask? Read Revelation 13:4. The beast takes full advantage of the fact he has control over every nation and its media so as to continue sinning as if there is no God in Heaven to correct him. But soon... hopefully in our generation, we will see judgment fall upon this vat of sin in Rome so as to both vindicate the Lord they blaspheme as well as stop the torture they inflict.

05/02/2014 15:45:38 VIDEO: Botched execution marks new front in battle over executions?
"A botched lethal injection in Oklahoma has catapulted the issue of U.S. capital punishment back into the international spotlight, raising new questions about the drugs being used and the constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment." --How many botched executions will be "performed" and then pushed into the media before those in the media claim the American people demand a new method of execution? Guillotines perhaps? after all, the prophecy about guillotines must be fulfilled right? With that in mind, the only viable reason to keep botching executions is to change how they're done. If you think I assume too much it's only because you don't trust Christian prophecy. IT WILL happen.

05/02/2014 16:00:27 Articles of Interest
VIDEO: Ay, caramba! Mexican military invading U.S. * Antibiotic crisis bigger than Aids as common infections will kill, WHO warns * VIDEO: How Islam is Taking Over The World: Islamization Explained * VIDEO: Texas school bus driver walks off, tosses child keys * Kidnapped Nigeria school girls reportedly sold as brides to Islamic Boko Haram militants * VIDEO: Landslide swallowing a row of parked cars caught on video FYI: How to Stop Your iPhone from Remembering Everywhere You Go, All the Time * Catholic Group Leader Calls For Liberal Academics To Be 'Taken Out And Shot' * Progress on TPP deal with U.S. but a gap remains: Japan official

05/01/2014 16:02:21 Some Nepalis to be asked to "reconsider their faith" to get their ID papers
 "The Nepali government announced that all Nepali citizens will be provided with a national Identity Card. However, members of religious minorities will have to submit to greater scrutiny to obtain their papers. ...For Christian rights activist CB Gahatraj, "By discriminating on the basis of the national identity card, the government is trying to discourage us and those who wish to convert. This is against the law, democracy and civil rights". --You won't see the mainstream news media here the USA cover this story at all. But I do believe this is a way to test the implementation of national ID cards without garnering much attention from the people who live in the Western cultures. This is important since it was prophesied that Sunday laws will be enforced in America first. A question for those of you reading this; are you prepared to stand firm in the face of the extreme persecution all obedient Christians worldwide are soon to face (and many are already facing now)? And if you haven't been actively getting yourself prepared, what are you waiting for?! Satan knows his time is short (Revelation 12:12). Strange reality is, Satan also knows the time you have left to get yourself prepared is getting shorter by the minute as well (Psalm 89:47)

05/01/2014 15:44:55 VIDEO: Powerful Scientific Evidence PROVES evolution is a lie
"Jim Cantelon sits down with Dr. John Sanford Author of: "Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome" --Truth can be so profound and so life changing when the one embracing it has the blinders of Satanic lies removed from the eyes to allow him to clearly see the facts on any given topic. Specifically when it comes to the origins and future state of mankind. In this short 8 minute video this Scientist proves using simple common sense as well as across the board well understood and acknowledged scientific fact that has been documented in the field of population genetics that evolution is a lie. In layman's terms; they have proven that the simple aging process of mankind was in fact started at the fall of Adam and Eve. Our genes, chromosomes and cells mutate at such a rate that eventually we die. Every human on earth understands that clearly. No debate there. The problem is, that most are unaware that our genetic mutation is also passed to our children in every single generation. Meaning... the human race will eventually come to complete and utter extinction due to the fact we are genetically dying as a race because of the prophesied death spoken to Adam by our Lord if in fact he chose to sin in Eden. Which as we know, he did in fact do just that. Not only does this prove evolution false. It proves mankind's origin is not billions or millions of years in the past; nor can it be hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of years old either. At the rate our genes, chromosomes and cells mutate confirms as the Bible proclaimed long ago, we were created 6000 years ago, and we will all eventually die. No ifs ands or buts about it. Sad thing is.. MANY scientists know this about the human race, but like the Pharisees of old, they hate Christ and His loving truths so much that they refuse to admit to the people what the science proves, and therefore the majority have no clue that even science itself boldly proclaims WE NEED JESUS!

05/01/2014 15:44:55 Teacher with 97 bags of heroin placed on leave
"She is a teacher at Helen Thackston Charter School in York. The school board issued a statement today that Warner has been placed on administrative leave until the matter can be fully investigated. " --Herein lies the problem. The police seemed to have enough wisdom to realize this teacher needed to be arrested. The school on the other hand, which is trusted to teach our children common sense as well as the "three R's" opted rather to only suspend the teacher. Why do that you ask? It's because of the Satan inspired Unions that have much more control over the school system so as to work hand in hand with the government to assure certain evil elements are allowed to stay in the schools to teach the children.

05/01/2014 15:44:55 12 Abortions for Every 15 Births in Mexico City Since Abortion Was Legalized
"The figures are alarming. In 2009, the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI) reported 153,237 births in Mexico City, while El Colegio de México and the Guttmacher Institute stated that 122,455 abortions took place during the same period. That's 12 abortions for every 15 births." --Keep in mind, the overwhelming majority of girls getting these abortions are Roman Catholics. Why do they do this when their church leaders act as if they're against abortion? Two reasons. #1, not everyone is stupid. Most are fully aware that the church not only looks the other way, they also know Roman Catholic hospitals do abortions. Sad fact is, the majority of hospitals in Mexico are Roman Catholic. #2, the Roman Catholic priests really don't care what their flocks do. They are nothing more than hirelings as prophesied. The fact they don't reprove their church members when in open sin proves they are like all the other churches of the world. They look the other way so as to not rock the boat in direct obedience to Satan who is building a complacent society wherein only the Remnant refuse to participate. This not only makes the worldly churches appear loving and nonjudgmental to those that love to sin, it makes the remnant people that really love them enough to tell them the truth appear hateful. Not to worry obedient ones. He's already failed. Those that will obey WILL obey. Those that won't WON'T. All we can do is plant the seeds.

05/01/2014 15:44:55 Articles of Interest
FYI!:VIDEO Experts: If you have Internet Explorer, don't use it  * Christian girls are being forced to convert to Islam in Pakistan * Islamic Extremists Now Crucifying People in Syria and Tweeting Out the Pictures * FYI: VIDEO: How to see without glasses, no matter how bad your vision is * Names of 18 Schools in Birmingham, England, At Heart of Alleged Muslim 'Trojan Horse' Plot, Have Been Revealed * VIDEO: Baltimore sinkhole: Massive sinkhole swallows cars and train tracks * Arizona Muslim: OK for me to kill my wife * Homeschool leaders killed by tornado

30/04/2014 07:36:40 'Left Behind' reboot gets release date, DVD distributor
"It's also a historical account, in a sense, because it's based on a true story," he added. "It just hasn't happened yet, so it's very important to us that the core story not be changed. We had offers from three of the major studios in Hollywood to distribute this movie, but none would allow final control of the story to be left in our hands". -- Hollywood is at it again.  A new theatrical version of Left Behind is being released later this year, and the lukewarm majority will make the producer billions in profits.  Students of prophecy know full well this movie isn't based on truth at all. We also know the only reason they need a remake is because the prophecies they claimed were not supposed to happen until AFTER a "secret rapture" have already been fulfilled. So a remake is a no-brainer. This is why they stated the "core story" won't be changed.  Of course I have no intention of watching this nonsense, but I'm sure there will be people who do who will post online the differences between the book, the new movie, and even the previous movie version. It will be interesting to see which prophetic events they'll now claim were always prophesied to happen before, during or after the rapture now.  Equally interesting, but profoundly sad, will be the Left Behind fans who probably won't care that the story keeps having to be modified as time proves their "facts" to be wrong.  After all, the bible did say many people in these last days would be ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth (2 Timothy 3:7).  But for the remnant people this can be an opportunity to reach the ones who are sick of being carried about with every wind of doctrine. It's our duty to try and reach as many of them as we can.

30/04/2014 07:36:43 VIDEO: Teen killed by cop at party
"Samantha Ramsey, 19, was shot by a Boone County deputy Saturday as she tried to drive away from a field party in Hebron, Ky., at about 2 a.m. Police said she ignored the deputy's order to stop her car and then rammed him, sending the officer sprawling onto the hood of her car.' --Our youth are out of control on multiple levels now thanks to everything from peer pressure to simple lusts of the flesh. Is it because of her lack of discipline in life that she saw no problem with trying to run down the cop? Was the cop acting out of self defense? Or was it his bloodthirsty rage that moved him to use deadly force? Or.. is it as the teenage witnesses claim? Did the cop really shoot unprovoked causing the car to lurch forward due to "dead body weight on the gas pedal after she was shot?" We won't know until all that happened here in the open as well as all the other acts of mankind done behind every closed door throughout time when it is shouted from the roof-tops. For it is written in Luke 8:17, "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad."

30/04/2014 07:36:47 Cameron rejects support for separation of church and state
"David Cameron has said he disagrees with Nick Clegg in his support for the separation of Church and State, and the disestablishment of the Church of England. The Prime Minister was quoted in the Independent today as saying: "I think our arrangements work well in this country. We are a Christian country, we have an established church." --As expected, all the churches under the control of the Pope in Rome will have to do as he commands since they opted to elect him their leader back on June 26, 2000. And as prophecy stated long ago, a global church & State will grant the Pope absolute power to enforce his long prophesied mark.

30/04/2014 07:36:51 Rwandan President Speaks at Saddleback Church on 20th Anniversary of Genocide
"The past should be remembered, [pastor Rick] Warren added. "More than 2,000 years ago, another nation by the name of Israel was torn by war and everyone thought its days were over. But God raised up a business leader, government leader and spiritual leaders to restore the country. God knew it would take all three sectors to rebuild the nation. In this same way, Rwanda has been rebuilt."  --What bible does this man read?  God sent His only Begotten Son to rebuild Israel 2000 years ago, not those three sectors as Warren proclaims. In fact, the majority of "leaders" wanted Him dead for doing so. Business leaders made the Temple a den of thieves, their Roman appointed government leader by the name of Pontius Pilate gave the order to crucify Jesus, and this was done at the request of so called spiritual leaders. Were these wicked people really successful at rebuilding Israel?  If the 1,100,000 Jews who were killed in Jerusalem 40 years later in 70 AD could answer today, they'd give you a resounding NO!  Is that how Rwanda can look forward to being rebuilt in Warren's eyes? Considering that Rwandan President Kagame is a Roman Catholic, I'd say yes. This seems to be a favored tactic of Rome; destroy countries from within, cause the Catholic church to fall out of favor with the masses by killing en masse, then slowly bring them back into the fold by bringing in new Catholic leadership pretending to be reformers. Then to seal the deal they have Jesuit controlled evangelical churches convince their deceived flocks to embrace the new and improved Catholic church. I don't know if Council on Foreign Relations member Rick Warren is a full-fledged Jesuit Priest or not. He could be a short robed one at the least. But if not, he's certainly has the same credentials. Looking at his fruits appears he is very much in league with them. The dragon, the beast and the false prophet (Satan, the Vatican and the fallen protestant churches) will soon rule the entire world. But only for a short period of time. Then King Jesus will bring this all to an end; and we, His obedient bride will finally go home. Maranatha!

30/04/2014 07:36:55 Articles of Interest
Terrorism: Over 2,596 (Christan) Nigerians killed in three months * Young Christian man killed in Pakistan for not converting to Islam * VIDEO: US city to pump sewage water directly into homes * Azerbaijan strengthens control over religious organizations * VIDEO: DOJ: Police shouldn't need warrants to search cell phones * 50 People in the Bible Confirmed Archaeologically * FYI-VIDEO: Mini Greenhouse * Jars of Clay Frontman Comes Out in Support of Homosexual Marriage * Minister Claims He Received 'Strong Nudge from Jesus' to Announce Support for Homosexuality * Filipino protester burn Obama in effigy

29/04/2014 04:50:01 'He made himself the savior, and people ate it up'
"Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, with its messianic characterizations, the photographs where a halo was cast around Obama’s head, the worship-like adulation from crowds, gave Holocaust survivor Anita Dittman nightmares. ...About Adolf Hitler. The petite 86-year-old survivor of one of the world’s ghastliest times over the weekend told a riveted audience at Olive Tree Ministry’s "Understanding the Times" conference it’s because she sees clear parallels between Nazi Germany and present-day America." --This is exactly what students of prophecy have been saying all along. It's not that Obama is Hitler in disguise, or that he's even one infatuated with Hitler. It's just that it was the Vatican that brought Hitler to power as well as the same one that brought Obama to DC. What amazes me is how they use the exact same tactics as they did back then and no one take notice. However, the complacency that guides the eyes of most Americans today is one thing Rome focused more on this time around. The only silver lining I see here is that, it confirms all the prophecies and declares boldly, ... we are not far from Home.

29/04/2014 04:50:05 VIDEO: Miracle escape: Driver rescued after truck crushed in crash in China
"A Chinese truck driver has had a miraculous escape after his cab was crushed by steel bars after he stopped sharply at a toll gate." --When you see this you will know that yes, he should be dead. That being said, how positive are that you won't be in an accident like this one day? If you're human, like most of us, then you can be easily killed in a mishap. It happens many times a day all around the world. So, knowing this is a fact of life, (or death) I have to ask, are you ready to die? If not, click here.

29/04/2014 04:50:08 Big chill: Feds want to scour Net, media for 'hate speech'
"The one-page bill, ... calls for the Justice Department and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to "analyze information on the use of telecommunications, including the Internet, broadcast television and radio, cable television, public access television, commercial mobile services, and other electronic media, to advocate and encourage violent acts and the commission of crimes of hate." --Keep in mind that right now, Bible Scripture is declared hate speech by many countries. (also see this) If, or should I say, when they do this, present truth will become illegal. It's signs in the government like these that move those with eyes that see to come up with valid ways to spread the truth offline. If you are one that has any ideas in this area, please email me.

29/04/2014 04:50:11 VIDEO: Sarah Palin: "I Was Not Allowed" To Tell The Truth About Obama In 2008
"Sarah Palin Destroys Obama and his "Phony Scandals" ... In this sneak peek clip of the special, Greta talks to Sarah Palin who exposes that in her 2008 vice presidential run, she was forbidden from talking about Obama's relationships with both Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, as well as his job experience." --I only post this to show how much control the media has even when it comes to who stands in high office in the land. Yes, many of us are aware of this, but there are some out there that still can't see how it all works. Sarah Palin's experience in all this may shine some light on it if you're interested. Prophecy said we would be in an age of lying, and anyone with half an ounce of gray matter can see that prophecy fulfilled hands down.

29/04/2014 04:50:14 Articles of Interest
VIDEO: Muslim group's spokesman promotes wife-beating * Female church workers raped and killed in South Sudan * VIDEO: CIA heart attack gun * Many Americans Think Bible Is Silent on Homosexuals, Represses Women * VIDEO: Punch thy neighbor? 'Fight church' doesn't turn the other cheek * VIDEO: Shocking Video Shows Mom Pushing Baby’s Stroller Into Oncoming Rail Tracks

28/04/2014 18:36:10 War on Christians: The Politics of Persecution
"Persecution of Christians is on an upward trajectory that runs parallel to the Islamist awakening and has accelerated under the so-called "Arab Spring." Yet it has not made it to the top-ten list of priorities for American policymakers, which is ironic, given that our nation was founded on the principle of religious freedom. Reports from North Africa and the Middle East attest to the fact that at least one side of this conflict sees it as a religious war." --When speaking of the USA in prophecy, the Word of God says in Revelation 13:11, "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon." Historic fact is, the USA did in fact start out as a Christian (lamb like) nation just as prophecy predicted. As we now see, the other half of that prophecy is racing towards fruition as we speak. For Obama, and previous presidents to continually turn a blind eye to the Christian persecution around the world confirms the prophetic statement wherein the USA turns from its lamblike nature to that of a dragon is obviously here. And it's about to get even worse. Not only do our leaders in America ignore the Christian plight due to following orders of the Vatican that controls DC which also stated in writing they hate the Christians, soon this so called Christian nation will openly attack, persecute and kill the obedient Christians in this nation as well as all other nations so as to help Rome enforce her mark.

28/04/2014 18:36:10 VIDEO: MyNYPD: Victims troll NY-cop PR with shots of violent men-in-uniform
"It was intended as a fun campaign to boost the New York Police department's image, but it's ended up as a publicity disaster. The force had taken to twitter, asking people to share any pictures they have with their officers, but as RT's Marina Portnaya now explains, they didn't get quite what they were hoping for." --I am sure many laughed out loud when they saw the NYPD announce this PR campaign because over 110,000 people shared photos of police brutality against themselves or those around them in as little as 24 hours. One can only imagine how many more have posted since this started. Yes, they are doing all they can to spin this politically under the rug, but it's obviously too late. Truth like this cannot be hidden when the people have been attacked en masse by their own police force. Will it change things? Not a chance. In fact, it will probably get worse when the police start to attack even more the minute they see a camera or cell phone pointed in their direction. Still.. it's out there now and as expected, most are now aware we are in a police state in the USofA.

28/04/2014 18:36:10 Dishonest global warming reports are good, as long as they promote certain agenda, paper says
"As reported by Breitbart News, the authors, Assistant Professors of Economics Fuhai Hong and Xiaojian Zhao, accept it as a given that the media and the science establishment routinely exaggerate the issue of climate change. However, unlike the majority of their academic colleagues, who flatly deny that any such problem exists, they go a step further and actively endorse a policy of dishonesty as a way to force through desired policy objectives." --It was prophesied our Scientists would lie to hide the truth about the calamities, and here we see they are being well trained to step up to the task at hand. Here they obviously lie to push forth an agenda that makes a profit. Soon they will lie to prevent the "signs of the times" being made known so as to allow for the prophesied mindset Rome now promotes that has long been called "peace and safety."

28/04/2014 18:36:10 Many Wyoming parents question childhood vaccines
"It is hard to find a doctor who will treat children who are not vaccinated in Casper, she said... "A parent would bring a highly contagious child into their office," Dowell said. "It's one thing if the child has been appropriately vaccinated and comes in with something that's highly contagious. That's part of medical care. But with moms intentionally not vaccinating their children, it certainly endangers other kids" in the doctor's office". --Simple question; assuming vaccines worked like the wildly corrupted medical establishment claims they do, if the other kids are vaccinated, how can an unvaccinated child endanger them in any way UNLESS the vaccine is a farce and they know it? If an unvaccinated child got the measles, aren't the children who've been vaccinated for it immune to it? Doctor's like this one presumably have a high degree of "book-smarts" but not much on common sense. Would you even take your child to a doctor who refuses to treat some children because their parents didn't let someone inject toxins directly into their bloodstreams? The same doctor who made that opening quote also states that there are no studies showing that mercury causes problems in vaccines which is a bold-faced lie. Now when you read this story please take note of this; religious exemptions from vaccines are mentioned seven times in this article. Okay, but then the story proceeds to claim child mortality rates would be higher if vaccines weren't in heavy use. Put two and two together and you can easily see that the pestilences Jesus Himself said would be ravaging our planet in these last days (Luke 21:11) will be blamed on Christians who refuse vaccines. Therefore, one can see that religious exemptions will therefore have to be made illegal.

28/04/2014 19:25:07 Articles of Interest
South Sudan church leader: 'We have lost everything' * VIDEOS: Deadly Tornado Outbreak * Shaky ground in tornado alley * VIDEO: Islam Taking Britain back to the Dark Ages  * Satanic Temple launches campaign to 'protect' children and permit them to pray to Satan * VIDEO: NESTLE Claims Water ISN’T A PUBLIC ‘RIGHT’, And the World Bank Agrees * VIDEO: LGBT Activist Masha Gessen - Gay Marriage is About the Destruction of Marriage * Former NY Church to Be Turned Into Mosque, Have Crosses Removed Despite Landmark Status

27/04/2014 23:51:08 Christians targeted in global persecution
"Reports of religiously-motivated atrocities against Christians appear almost daily but the West, including some Christian leaders, seems to be in a state of denial". --Are so-called Christian leaders in a state of denial or is it something worse?  Are they actually complicit instead? At the end of this article it states "Many European Muslims are good, law-abiding people, who want the same things for themselves and their families as the rest of us... But if they remain silent it can increasingly be seen as acquiescence". I agree with that last part; the silence among the majority of Muslims regarding their own religion's violent persecution of Christians and other non-Muslims should be regarded as evidence they condone it in the same way that Catholics condone child molestation by their silence.  Many of the ones who do speak out only do so when their fellow Muslims become collateral damage.  The question I have is when are today's lukewarm Christians going to apply that same standard to their own leaders? This story speaks of Western political and religious leaders 'sleepwalking', 'being in a state of denial', and minimizing the intensity the suffering Christians are going through.  The author of this story even refers to this as a "conspiracy of silence".  It's high time Christians recognize this for what it is.  These supposed leaders are acquiescent, they do condone and they are complicit.  The Catholic church, the Seventh Day Adventists, along with popular mega-church leaders like Rick Warren and Robert Schuller (to name just two out of who-knows-how-many now) all embrace Chrislam openly and therefore they can't speak against it for fear of appearing as hypocrites.  After all, they consider Muslims to be brothers in the faith who worship the same God we do.  As for politicians, they will occasionally claim to show concern for the plight of Christians, but as reality dictates, and historic fact confirms, these are empty words and nothing more than rainless clouds as prophesied.  Their lack of action confirms it's nothing more than vote cultivating sentiments designed to make the listener think they care.  Frankly I think the only reason politicians worldwide even mention Christian persecution at all is so when people like us rightfully accuse them of being complicit, their defenders in the mainstream media can air a quote or two to fool the people into thinking their leaders actually do care.  Fact is Washington DC's foreign policy only makes matter worse. But then.. that too was prophesied.

27/04/2014 18:51:07 VIDEO: Is the Holy Spirit a Person?
--It has come to my attention numerous times over the last few months regarding the need to make my "Who is Melchisedec" page at  into a video so as to help those being lured into heresy by wolves standing on their church pulpits. So.. finally.. here it is. I pray this page and video can be used to combat the false doctrine that is destroying the faith of some poor souls who refuse to do what the Lord would have His people do today. These satanic sidetracks have ruined enough lives already.

27/04/2014 18:51:07 Christian Convert Dragged From Home and Publicly Executed in Somalia
"Suspected al-Shabab militants have murdered a woman professing the Christian faith earlier this month after breaking and entering into her home in Mogadishu." --This is so very upsetting! When is enough enough for the Catholic church to admit they messed up by inventing the religion of Islam and then demanded this false religion be taught to their children? Or when is enough enough before the SDA church chooses to recant after they declared not once, but two times on camera that Allah is the Christian God?! Or when will all the Protestant churches who joined with Rome to uplift Chrislam the world over to repent? I also ask when is enough enough before the Protestant, Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist people sitting in those pews decide to "come out of her" instead of sitting complacent to listen to the biblically proven and confirmed wolves masquerading as pastors before their lukewarm eyes? Jesus is coming soon!! Those of you dragging your feet acting as if it's no big deal as your church leaders embrace all sorts of apostasy are about to experience the wrath of God upon you AND YOUR CHILDREN! WAKE UP ALREADY! How much prophetic, doctrinal, or even common sense shaking do you need before you realize it's time to "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." --Revelation 18:4. Do you REALLY think staying in an apostate church will save you? Notice this obedient people of the church who look to share these truths with the lukewarm souls. It's ONLY Catholics and Seventh Day Adventists that now proclaim "you must stay in the church to be saved." Does this not confirm the Whore of Babylon has taken the SDA church just as prophecy predicted?

27/04/2014 19:48:57 Additional articles of Interest
This week's Earthquake Report * 67 British Doctors Who Signed Blank Forms Authorizing Abortions Face No Discipline * VIDEO: Egypt Confirms First Case of Deadly MERS Virus * Plant Worker: Aborted Babies Had Been Incinerated for Years, "There Was So Much Blood" * VIDEO: Dead Cats Found In Bags Hanging From Trees In NYC Suburb * UK Physicians Group Refuses Diplomas to Doctors Who Oppose Abortion Drugs * VIDEO: Ebola virus shows no sign of slowing

26/04/2014 00:12:30 Banker Jumps To Her Death In Paris (After Questioning Her Superiors)
"There have been 13 senior financial services executives deaths around the world this year, but the most notable thing about the sad suicide of the 14th, a 52-year-old banker at France's Bred-Banque-Populaire, is she is the first female. As Le Parisien reports, Lydia (no surname given) jumped from the bank's Paris headquarters 14th floor shortly before 10am. FranceTV added that sources said "she questioned her superiors before jumping out the window," but the bank denies it noting that she had been in therapy for several years." --First of all, I doubt very seriously that she was "in therapy for several years." If that were true, and she was there for serious mental issues, why did they not remove her from her position years ago? Lies are sometimes that easy to expose. The fact 14 bankers committed suicide recently brings all sorts of conspiracies to mind. Being a Christian, and being one who does much end time research, my opinion will be filtered through what I have seen the last few decades with my own eyes. For 14 bankers to commit suicide like this suggests a major event in the financial world is about to take place.  Suffice it to say, could it be these bankers were approached and told about the Vatican's plans for the near future and they were being "questioned" by their superiors to see if they would continue to do their part with absolute loyalty now that the final piece of the puzzle was revealed to them? And could it be that so far, 14 of them realized what they actually helped to build in regards to the system that prophecy says will help Rome enforce the mark of the beast? With that new knowledge, could it be they opted to follow the lead of Judas Iscariot out of abject guilt of being used by Rome to betray the entire human race? We may not know the answer to that question until the very day it is shouted from the rooftops. Maranatha!

25/04/2014 19:12:29 VIDEO: Vatican cross crushes man to death
--If the Vatican claims a woman that is healed by John Paul II many years after his death somehow makes him into a valid saint, which according to Scripture is a bold faced lie, then using the same Catholic theological basis for assumption, I have to ask would a statue erected in honor of John Paul II that crushes a man to death, would it not also be valid to assume now that John Paul II is evil? After all, you can't claim a good act while ignoring the evil act can you? Sadly, most Catholics are taught the end justifies the means. So, most Catholics will ignore this man's violent death, as well as John Paul II's past employment as a Cyanide salesmen to Hitler, as well the one who struck down a means by which to stop all molestations in one fell swoop, as well as a Pope that declared Adam and Eve a myth, or the fact he declared you don't need Jesus as Saviour to gain Heaven just to name a few. So no.. I don't see this man's death under that Vatican cross will matter for most Catholics. (See many more evils of this Pope by clicking here.)

25/04/2014 19:12:29 U.S. Muslims demand Americans' private emails
"A Muslim organization is targeting seven Michigan residents who opposed plans for a major Islamic construction project in their neighborhood, and a legal team defending them alleges that the goal is to intimidate the project opponents and send a message to others. The case is being discussed by officials with the American Freedom Law Center, which is representing the people, whose names were withheld to protect their privacy. A variety of subpoenas for information, including private emails and other documents, had been delivered by officials representing the Council on American-Islamic Relations." --The only reason it has gone this far is because of the Vatican installed Muslim President we have standing in the WhiteHouse. No matter, they won't stop the arrival of our Lord, Saviour and eternal King, nor will they destroy the faith of His faithful bride. Still, keep your brethren in prayer who happen to be living in Michigan.

25/04/2014 19:12:29 Articles of Interest
Fukushima flooded with 200 tons of radioactive water * VIDEO: cop shoots Texas man’s dog on sight * Brazilian Town Reports 21 Murders in One Day Amid Police Strike * VIDEO: 22 Senators denounce Obama's threat to Constitution * Nigeria: Boko Haram Slaughters Students En-Route to Exams * VIDEO: UConn Professor mocks creationist group, shouts "praise Darwin!" * The IRS Tea Party Targeting Scandal May Have Just Gotten a Lot Worse

25/04/2014 00:18:59 VIDEO: Pope confirms fruit of Antichrist
"Pope Francis called an Argentine woman married to a divorced man and reportedly told her that she could receive the sacrament of Communion, according to the woman's husband, in an apparent contradiction of Catholic law. "She spoke with the Pope, and he said she was absolved of all sins and she could go and get the Holy Communion because she was not doing anything wrong," Sabetta told Channel 3 Rosario, a CNN affiliate." --It's not clear in the article if the divorce was the end result of adultery on either side, so I see no need to comment on whether or not she is ok to remarry or not. However, for the Pope to claim to have the power to absolve this woman's sin is not only blasphemous, it is one of the many blunt signs of the Antichrist. We all know the Popes claim to be "God on earth" thanks to many documented statements made by these men. And yes, that is also one of the many blunt fruits of Antichrist. But it seems many are unaware that the doctrine of Rome in regards to the so called "confessional" is spoken of in Scripture as blasphemous. When seeking to slander Jesus Christ, who actually does have the power to forgive sin, the Pharisees said in Mark 2:7, "Why doth this man thus speak blasphemies? who can forgive sins but God only?" For those that may email me asking how I know blasphemy if a fruit of Antichrist, read Revelation 13:1 before sending off the email. Christian prophecy is THAT accurate!

24/04/2014 19:18:58 Aborted babies incinerated in Oregon to provide electricity
"The British Columbia Health Ministry has admitted that the remains of babies destroyed by abortion in B.C. facilities are ending up in a waste-to-power facility in the United States, providing electricity for residents of Oregon." --I don't recall the article off-hand, but I do recall posting it a few months back or so wherein aborted babies were being burned to generate power for people in an American city. And now we see them doing it again?! Only this time they got the slaughtered children from Canada. Did they think they could hide it better by using foreign babies?! I have to say, even for the end time mind set of the wicked, this is bad even for them! If someone was to tell me 30 years ago girls would kill their babies to prevent stretch marks or the loss of their boyfriends, I wouldn't believe them. But if that same someone was to say they would burn the dead children to make electricity, I would laugh out loud and think that person was insane to even think of such a thing. Now.. it's the norm! This is so sad! It's bad enough those mothers chose to kill their innocent babies, those poor children never even had a decent burial! They are treated like waste! I would NOT want to be in the shoes of the unrepentant child killers when Jesus gets here. Talk about a dreadful day! Wow!

24/04/2014 19:18:59 VIDEO: SWAT this! Teen latest victim in bizarre craze
"A victorious 17-year-old Internet gamer from Long Beach, N.Y., is the latest victim of "SWAT-ting," a prank in which a false criminal report is made on an innocent person that prompts police to dispatch SWAT teams." --If you're old enough, do you recall when the Rock and Roll music became popular and preachers warned about how dangerous the music was? Do you also recall how no one listened? Have you seen the fruits of Rock music today? For years now, preachers have also been warning about the violent video games. And as expected, most ignore them. But to make matters worse now. You can play the games online against real people! That generates even more issues as we see here in this video. At present, the sore loser is only "swatting" the victor by sending SWAT to his home. Later I am sure the sore loser will seek out those that killed them in the game to kill them in real life. Notice what the teen that was "swatted" said at around 2:00 in the video! He admits on camera the game DOES IN FACT generate anger issues for him so much that he is backing off because he "honestly doesn't like" what the game is doing to him personally. Smart kid! In this case, he appears smarter than his own parents who allowed him to play that game in the first place. In any event, can you see how easily Satan is able to cultivate killers with these games? (Have you seen this video?) Compile the video games with Rock music, mind altering "legal" and illegal drugs, anti-Christian comments from politicians and even so called preachers, homosexuals declaring obedient Christians the enemy, and then the Antichrist declaring the Sabbath keeping Christians are the reason for the long prophesied increase in calamities and you have a perfect storm wherein the entire world will be gathered to do as the prophecy of Armageddon predicted. Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?!

24/04/2014 19:18:58 Evangelicals sell Marijuana to help spread Gospel
"A California couple claim that they own and operate a medical marijuana dispensary in order to help the sick and spread the Gospel at the same time. Bryan and Lanette Davies began selling marijuana out of their Canna Care shop after claiming that God spoke to them. Now they consider themselves Sacramento's only evangelical medical cannabis provider. ...You can't judge people for sinning differently than you... weed was grown in the garden of Eden, so it's nothing but God around here." --First of all, there were no "weeds" in the Garden of Eden. In fact, the Word of the Creator of Eden said the "thorns and thistles" sprang up from the ground that was "cursed" AFTER Adam and Eve sinned. (See Genesis 3:17-19) It wasn't until they were ejected from the Garden did Adam realize that it would now be by "the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return." (Genesis 3:19) Common sense and simple truth dictates that God also created poison ivy. But you don't see people with viable gray matter pulsating between their ears rolling in it simply because God made it. If you know the Creator as He is introduced in Scripture, you then know you don't smoke pot, or roll in poison ivy because He also gave us WISDOM to know the difference between His will and our own will. Truth is, God also created the tree with the forbidden fruit in the garden. Does this mean that the forbidden fruit in that tree is suddenly ok to eat because He made it? According to the theology of this pot selling evangelical couple, yes. But according to Adam and Eve's plight, the truth is, no; God's will is plain as the weeds that sprang up in their post-Eden garden.

24/04/2014 20:00:07 Articles of Interest
British, Danish, Dutch jets chase away bombers * New York art scene tries to convict pastor * VIDEO: 'UN: 'Piles of Bodies' in South Sudan Massacre' (GRAPHIC!) * Antarctic Lava Lake Huffs and Puffs Like a Sleeping Dragon * VIDEO: Weather Channel founder destroys global warming mythology * China splurging on military as US pulls back * Prosecutors: Man strangled his girlfriend, then texted her dad: 'She's dead. I have the last laugh' * VIDEO: Florida Woman Struggles to Unenroll from Obamacare * Scientists close to reading minds -- Should we be scared?

23/04/2014 19:25:45 Texas second-grader says teacher took away Bible during reading time
"The family of a second-grade student at a Texas elementary school says their daughter's teacher took her Bible away during a "read to myself" session. ...The teacher reportedly said the Bible is inappropriate reading material." --First of all, this is to be expected in government run schools because we are now under a pro-Islam format and any reading materials they deem damaging to their agenda will be prohibited. The silver lining in this is what happens with the child. This youngster is obviously from a Christian household. When his parents got wind of this they no doubt told their child this is what Christians are to expect from those that hate Jesus. This is a major seed planted in the child. Now that the child has witnessed this persecution firsthand, he or she will be better prepared to combat it as an adult when the seed is well watered.

23/04/2014 12:21:58 VIDEO: Pope John Paul II a Saint?!
--This video is a short expose' on the antics of John Paul II and the church of Rome. I made this video more as a means to equip the present truth evangelist with the tools needed to illustrate the truth that is for the most part hidden regarding the church of Antichrist.

23/04/2014 09:25:45 Lawmaker shelves bill to name Bible as state book
"A Shreveport lawmaker is scrapping his proposal to name the Bible as Louisiana's official state book." --No need to read further because for Louisiana to adopt the Bible as their State book, that which happens in New Orleans each and every year with their open homosexual acts in broad daylight in the streets of the city under the watchful eyes of their police would be considered hypocritical. So, rather than demand a revival unto repentance so as to make the State worthy of such a book, they opt rather to scrap the idea to continue the debauchery. Who ever came up with the idea to place the Bible as the State book had to have known this day would come. Perhaps that is why it was done in the fist place. To make the point that revival is needed in Louisiana as well as every State in the Union. I doubt that will happen en masse. But I do see it happening on an individual basis.

23/04/2014 09:25:45 Goat to be cloned to treat rare genetic disorder
"Scientists in Brazil have genetically modified a goat to produce milk with an enzyme to treat a rare genetic disorder, O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper reported Tuesday". --Drug companies charge the Brazilian government $113 million a year to treat about 600 people with an enzyme deficiency known as Gaucher's disease. This equates to $188,333.33 annually per person. To save money, scientists decide to create a GM goat to produce milk with a specific enzyme to treat them, and are planning on cloning this goat to produce the enzyme on a larger scale. What's wrong with picture besides everything?!

23/04/2014 12:21:48 VIDEO: Christians Arrested on Canadian Campus for Distributing Literature Against Homosexual Behavior
"Two Christians who focus their ministry efforts on the defense of the biblical family were arrested on a Canadian university campus on Monday after officials asked them to leave when they disagreed with the content of the literature that they sought to distribute." --The truth in the Bible has been illegal in Canada for years. In fact, I did a Newsletter on it back in 2003. So this is to be expected in Canada. Not long after that law was passed up North, we saw the "Philadelphia 11" arrested by police in America for protesting the homosexuals in parade in 2004. But that's not why I posted the video. Notice how the Canadian police chose to arrest the preacher in Canada. No, I am not saying those two police women were lesbians; but the police did choose to have two women arrest the preachers and they knew all along they would do so on camera. Secondly, notice how the crowd cheered when the preacher was led off in handcuffs. Is it not written in Romans 1:32 that "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."

22/04/2014 15:36:24 New 'hate speech' attack targets Internet
"Barack Obama, when he was new in the Oval Office, signed a "hate crimes" law that created a two-tier system of punishment, increasing the punishment for a Christian pastor who attacked a homosexual but not for a homosexual who attacked a Christian pastor. The reasoning was simple. The homosexual is in a protected class of U.S. citizens, but the Christian pastor is not. ...The law cracks down on any acts that could be linked to criticism of homosexuality or even the "perception" of homosexuality. Obama boasted of his accomplishment." --In other words, just being a Christian would make you suspect of a crime now. But then, we were warned of this. Maybe it's just me, but it appears either Obama or someone controlling him has a dog in this fight. What I mean is, we know the Vatican in 98% homosexual, and we know the Vatican controls the US Government as prophecy predicted. Common sense dictates they are the ones behind this agenda. (See this video) But it wouldn't work well for them unless they already had a president that was compassionate towards their agenda in the first place. Yes, Obama is a Muslim and Rome is making out like a bandit right there almost daily, But the way Obama keeps uplifting homosexuals in the media, and the fact he has used the word "gay" in speeches 272 times since he gained office suggests he was placed in office because he is a willing voice for the homosexual. Compile these facts with the many legal end runs around Christians to help homosexuals prosecute and persecute them, and we start to see all those reports about Obama being homosexual may have some validity to them. After all, the reports started long before he was elected and it was only until after he was elected that he helped homosexual marriage become the norm in America.

23/04/2014 12:29:06 VIDEO: Sharia coming to America?
--Do you see what I see? A Muslim president... The Vatican creates and then promotes Islam... Islam is now worshipping the Catholic Mary... 30,000 guillotines on US soil... 200,000 Christians martyred each year by Muslims. Do you see what I see?

22/04/2014 10:36:24 Justice Stevens: Make 6 changes to Constitution
"The result is Stevens' new book, his second since retiring from the court at age 90, in which he calls for no fewer than six changes to the Constitution, of which two are directly related to guns. Others would abolish the death penalty, make it easier to limit spending on elections and rein in partisan drawing of electoral districts." --For those that think the Constitution will never change and the prophecy regarding same is bogus. Have you see my two videos on this? (See #1 here and #2 here) It's going to happen. The fact they are now writing books about it and "talking points" are seeping into the media almost daily declares the prophecy is sure. Still.. notice this one soon to be witnessed reality in all this. When they do this, they WILL NOT ask the American people for their opinion on what they think should be in the Constitution. The fact they are already meeting behind closed doors to re-write it as we speak suggests this to be the case. Nary a citizen will have the slightest input into the structure of this societal life changing document for the USA. Socialism will come to America just as Rome demands.

23/04/2014 12:29:06 VIDEO: Obama's origins resurface at intel expert's trial
"In a nearly empty courtroom at the Southwerk Crown Court by the historic London Bridge, a hearing took place in a criminal case that not only has national security implications for the United Kingdom, but, curiously, is woven into the increasingly bizarre fabric of the controversy over Barack Obama's presidential eligibility." --What this video and article brings forth not only confirms what many have been saying for years about Obama's Kenyan birth, it also touches on evidences most are unaware of. Still, will this force Obama out of office? I seriously doubt it. However, as we saw in Kenya when certain officials were killed to prevent the truth from coming out in 2008 and 09 about Obama, he may very well go ballistic here in the States to prevent his ineligibility to stand as president from being confirmed. Of course, to go ballistic for a president is not good. As we saw with Clinton and his "wag to dog" campaign that saw many dead just to slow the reports about Monica Lewinski, Obama can do the same or worse, he can bring his fight to the American doorstep with everything from another executive order that hinders our freedoms to out and out martial law itself. The man is in power and being as such, he may do whatever it takes to stay there.

22/04/2014 10:36:24 Abortion Backer Chelsea Clinton Announces She's Pregnant With a "Child"
"Abortion supporter Chelsea Clinton announced today that she's pregnant, not with a fetus or clump of cells but with a "child." --The moment she became pregnant she became a mother. The child will not be "arriving later this year" as she puts it; according  to Scripture and even Science itself, it has already arrived. You are "with child" from day one. How anyone cannot understand that basic truth is beyond me. But then, these are the last days wherein common sense does not seem part of society. Her mother, Hillary Clinton even refers to this human being as her "grandchild," yet will they repent for supporting the murder of approximately 125,000 fully human children each and every day? Me thinks, only if it was politically expedient to do so. Still we need to keep this entire family in prayer because no matter how vile their pro-abortion stance is, we have a King who says "Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward" (Psalm 127:3) This Loving God wants people like the Clinton's to repent of all their sins and be saved just as much as He wants each and every one of us to do as well.

21/04/2014 19:43:18 The Trade and Industry adheres to Sunday nonworking
"Members of the Board of the Centre for Trade and Industry (CCI), showed their commitment to bill submitted by the Julian Moon through which the closure of shops on Sundays is sought to ensure, in this manner, the rest of the workers". --This article was converted from Spanish to English through Google translate and some of it is badly translated. The last paragraph in particular is poorly worded; but you will notice that same paragraph identifies Argentina as the place where this is happening. Why is that important? First of all, it's where the present Jesuit Pope stood as Cardinal for decades. It this very same Pope who declared he will do all he can to uplift Sunday as law due to his hatred of Sabbath keepers. He harbors this hatred because his own blood brother is SDA. This is the first time I've heard of any South American country officially trying to push Sunday laws through their legislature. We have watched for over a decade how the European Union has been working to legislate Sunday as a legal day of rest, and so are the Members of the Knesset (MK) in Israel. (MK = Israel's version of congress) In case you missed it, those two articles just linked were dated from January and February of this year! All over the world, Sunday laws are rapidly approaching. They are already included in the constitution of the United States (see page 13) in the form of blue laws set up by Roman Catholic President John F. Kennedy, though not yet being "legally" enforced. But just as we saw them take 52 to enforce the 501c3, we will see them enforce Sunday Laws when the time is right politically. As was prophesied, labor and trade unions are already being used to bring these things to fruition.

23/04/2014 12:30:45 VIDEO: Blood Red Moon Prophecy
--Thanks to Rome's long term manipulation of the Bible, especially in areas wherein the prophecies expose them as Antichrist, most Christians today are falling for the false prophecies flooding into the media now. There are 3 verses in Scripture that speak of the blood red moon, and all three refer to a past event Rome needs to keep hidden!

21/04/2014 19:33:51 When Pope Francis washes women's feet, arguments follow
"On Thursday evening (April 17), in a familiar reprise of an ancient rite, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wis., will wash the feet of 12 men, all seminarians. a re-creation of Jesus' action at the Last Supper when he washed the feet of his disciples and, according to Catholic doctrine, formally instituted the priesthood." --First of all, that is not true at all. Jesus did not institute the priesthood of Roman Catholicism. He ordained the ordinance of humility that EVERY Christian must partake in. Not just priests. But the prophesied man of sin in Rome knows that for his people to follow the lead of Christ will bring about a humble heart in the masses, and in this obedient state, they may come to know the Pope is a liar and not the true representative of Christ on earth. So, like his predecessors before him, this Pope chose to "act" like Christ by demanding HE ALONE does the act, while the faithful flock who need lessons in humility not do the act. I was a Catholic 29 years and NEVER were we taught to wash each other's feet. But we did watch the Popes do it every year at this time. Secondly, the Word is plain about the appearance of evil. For a man to wash a woman's feet is not permitted for many reasons most with common sense can deduce. But, this Pope has sanctioned homosexuality as EQUAL in all aspects of life both secular are religious. This means men and woman are also equal on all levels. I'm sure this sinful act of the Pope may even lead to women priests before long. The order set forth in the Garden of Eden is nullified by his actions so as to allow for even more confusion in the churches. The article went on to say, "Francis did something similar last year, shortly after his election, when he stunned church observers by traveling to a juvenile detention center outside Rome and washing the feet of 12 young people, two of them women and two of them Muslims." Not only does this go against the Word of God when it comes to common sense. And it is bad enough he washed the feet of two women. But he also washed the feet of two Muslims. The Bible states in thunderous tones how we are NOT to yoke unequally with those outside the church. No, I am not saying the Catholic church is in fact a Christian church. In fact, I proved otherwise years ago. BUT, they claim to be Christians and in this claim soil the image of Christ as prophesied. He is not only yoking unequally, he is doing so with those that kill Christians. But then, Rome and Islam are actually one in the same on many levels. Especially when it comes to killing Christians. Rome averaged just over 400,000 Christians killed per year in their first reign, and they are using Islam to the tune of 200,000 a year now. So, if the truth be told, the Pope actually stood true to form here by washing the feet of two Muslims.

23/04/2014 12:30:45 VIDEO: 5 Corporations Profiting From Your Fear
"Abby Martin attention to five corporations that are profiting from the constant fear mongering that keeps the US at war and has resulted in the slow erosion of Americans' civil liberties." --Does this not confirm those in power do study the Christian prophecies so as to benefit from them while at the same time create ways to circumvent them by hiding their fulfillments with numerous smokescreens in the well-controlled media. Jesus Himself stated long ago in Luke 21:26 that "Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken." Sound like today? You bet it does. In fact, large corporations are betting billions you are fearful enough for them to make a profit off your fear. But then, that too was prophesied was it not? Yes it was, but not in a way that will please the rich. For it is written in James 5:1-3, "Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days."

21/04/2014 18:38:43 Bible outpaces Fifty Shades of Grey to become surprise hit in Norway
"Norway's Bible Society promoted the new translation like a pop fiction novel, stirring anticipation by giving out teasers of biblical stories before its release". --A bible society promoted it as fiction! Well actually it is, since this new translation decided to make outrageous changes such as altering the description of Mary from 'virgin' to 'young women' when she gave birth to Jesus. The story also states the US Conference of Catholic Bishops made the same change but doesn't say why. Not really sure what's up with that. Anyway this story came out last year. The only reason I found it is because I did a web search on Helga Haugland Byfuglien after stumbling across this disgraceful video of her. Not only does she blaspheme by taking the title "Reverend" as so many false pastors do to this day. (See Psalm 111:9. Only GOD can be called "reverend") She usurps authority over men and therefore the written Word of God as well to claim the office of archbishop of the church of Norway. (See 1 Timothy 2:12) That description says a lot about the state of the church in that region. After hearing what she said in that video it's no surprise the Norwegian Bible Society makes such a mockery of the bible they view as fiction. Still before I read it, when I saw the headline I actually thought this story might put a smile upon my face. I couldn't have been more wrong. Among other things, stage plays featuring Jesus as a drunk are apparently very popular in Norway too. The twisted ways Satan gets mankind to ridicule the Lord and His holy scriptures seem to get worse by the minute. Please keep these people in your prayers. Pray they might come to repentance before long. But take comfort in this; whether they do or not, their laughter won't last much longer. In fact, Psalms 2:4 says it is "He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision."

20/04/2014 17:29:51 Lawmakers stunned by new revelations of IRS corruption
"Tea-party leaders and lawmakers are flabbergasted over the latest bombshell revelation in the IRS scandal, that ex-IRS official Lois Lerner was discussing with the Department of Justice a strategy to criminally prosecute conservative groups." --Just for clarification; whenever the media uses the term "conservative groups" in connection with Tea Party types it's usually because the majority of Tea Party "conservatives" are actually professed Christians. But the media doesn't want to let the public know that the IRS is in fact targeting Christians. They need to keep this attack in stealth mode just as it's always been in the USA. In fact, that is why Lyndon B. Johnson set up the 501c3 back in 1954 in the first place. He didn't like the way the Christians were able to manipulate the vote so easily from the pulpit. So the idea was to offer the preachers money by removing sales taxation but remove certain rights (in fine print of course) once they signed on. Being that most "Christian leaders" today are fulfilling prophecy in their lust for money or "preachers of filthy lucre" as they are described, it's obvious Johnson either knew of this prophesied event coming to fruition soon, or the demon prodding him to create the 501c3 did. In any event, the IRS is just one more government entity that has had its eye on persecuting Christians from day one. (I wonder.. is all the talk in the media about the "evil IRS" setting the stage for the new tax laws written into the new constitution they are fast tracking pen to paper as we speak? I am sure we will find out very soon.)

23/04/2014 12:30:44 VIDEO: Adventist Church Invites Catholic Priest for Lent
"Auburn Seventh-Day Adventist church invites Catholic Priest to preach from the pulpit." --It's bad enough they are celebrating the Pagan festival of Lent in the SDA church. They are also allowing Roman Catholic priests to speak form their pulpits! But then, this was expected was it not? Not only does prophecy illustrate that the SDA church would join hands with Babylon so as to become one with her. Neal C. Wilson admitted it to be well on its way to fruition in 1981 when he stated the following, "there is another universal and truly catholic organization, the Seventh-day Adventist Church." (Neal C. Wilson, General Conference President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, in Adventist Review, March 5, 1981, p 3). (Click here for many videos exposing the fruits of the apostate SDA church here)