27/04/2011 13:12:46 3 men arrested for reading Bible
"A lawsuit has been filed in California to protect the rights of three men who were arrested after being accused of "impeding an open business" even though the "business" was the local department of motor vehicles, and it was closed. Oh, and the men were standing at least 50 feet from the entrance, impeding no one, according to the case that has been filed on behalf of the three men by the Advocates for Faith and Freedom." -Hundreds of Muslims are allowed to pray en-masse in New York City on public streets, but 3 Christians reading the Bible get arrested? In a Christian nation? If you haven't already noticed it, Christianity is being attacked and no one cares because they are more concerned about what's on TV tonight just as the enemy of souls planned all along. Satan has been very busy the last few decades, and it shows. Now some of you may get upset at how these Christians were arrested. Yes, it is illegal for the police to do this according to the Constitution. But then, it was illegal for Rome to do this for 1260 years just as it was illegal for the Pharisees to do what they did 2000 years ago. Our Lord knows exactly what they're doing and HE WILL REPAY. (Romans 12:19) Our duty is to pray for them. Bottom line is, if they knew what we know, they would never arrest a single solitary Christian from this day forward.

27/04/2011 13:12:46 Rocket launched over Japan.. April 24 2011
I am not sure what this means, but I find it rather odd that after a major quake someone fires a missile over Japan airspace? Now, don't think me worthy of a tinfoil cap, but could it be conspiracy theorists are right that Japan refused to bow to "someone" in recent days. And because they refused, a quake was generated using already confirmed HAARP technology. And could it be they still refuse to bow to that certain "someone" and now a warning shot is fired over their heads to scare them into doing so? Time will tell.

27/04/2011 13:12:46 Cops Using Facebook to Track Suspects
"Privacy advocates claim law enforcement may be going too far." -For those of you that ignored all the warnings about Facebook and how easy government can use it to track you and even dig up dirt on you, I just have to say it. I told you so! I just hope none of you out there have any "friends" that are willing to turn you in for crimes you never committed so as to get the cops off their back. But then, prophecy does say Christians will be accused of crimes they never committed just like Jesus and the apostles were. Not to mention the 500,000 million killed by the Vatican of course. By the way, how do cops dig into your Facebook account without being a "friend." Facebook ALLOWS them to! Want to see just how dangerous Facebook is? Click here.

27/04/2011 13:26:48 Facebook hopes users 'like' its social deals
"What happens when you cross the world's largest social network with one of the hottest business models in e-commerce? Facebook wants to find out." -The more information they have on you, the easier it will be to track you when the mark of the beast is enforced. Unless of course you are one of those that believe the mark of the beast, and all the prophecies leading up to it, which have actually been confirmed fulfilled, are nothing more than a myth. Then please disregard this video and or commentary and click here to be blessed and then educated on how you will be able to see certain things the remnant Christians see easily.

26/04/2011 12:11:55 Another video added to site!
Brother Craig of SDRAsia.org just uploaded another video version of a rebuttal response on "The Law of God" page on this website. It deals with the rebuttal where some declare we are no longer under the law but under grace. This is true, but not in the context they preach it to be. It's very easy for Satan to twist this doctrine as most that have left the Baptist church agree. Problem is, most miss this if they are already one who feels the Ten Commandments are no longer valid in the Christian church.

26/04/2011 12:11:54 New Haven, Conn. Church Launches in Local Bar
"The church is the body made up of its members, not the actual church building. One Connecticut church put that statement to the test on Sunday. Frontline City Church of New Haven held their Easter services in a somewhat unconventional location.. a bar." -The Word of God is clear. We are to display "no appearance of evil." For this fresh out of the seminary pastor to hold a church service in the bar declares boldly that the Word of Jesus Christ does not come first in such a church, nor is it held in high honor in Bible colleges. This is why the overwhelming majority of "churches" today do the same when it comes to strange things in their churches. Everything from Hollywood movies to Rock bands playing in these churches proves this hands down. Prophecy said the pastors would be more concerned at entertaining or "tickling the ears" of the people today so as to give them what they want, rather than what the Lord wants. So this type of activity is just par for the course.

03/04/2011 13:26:31 Have a video I can post?
If you have a video you think I should post on this site that deals with prophetic events in any way shape or form. Or you feel the video you found is something the people that frequent this site needs to see, please e-mail me by clicking the above link at your earliest convenience and I will check it out. Thank you in advance.

25/04/2011 13:59:11 Quake drill gets Indiana ready for rumble
"An estimated 600,000 people in Indiana took part in the first phase of what will be the largest earthquake drill in the United States." -Could they be planning something? Or are they actually aware prophecy says quakes are inevitable everywhere now? Time will tell. In any event, what I don't like about this is how they show children taking cover under their desks. I was sent a diagram recently that showed most people that die in earthquakes are those that are crushed under desks and other such things they hide under. What the diagram showed was that next to the desks are usually large enough areas for people to survive as whatever falls usually drapes over the desks leaving somewhat of a shelter. Perhaps one day I will be able to post that info online. Till then, search online. I'm sure someone has it somewhere.

25/04/2011 13:59:11 Demonic apparition of "Mary" videotaped
Just as we the remnant people knew this was going to happen long ago, demons masquerading as Mary will start to appear on camera and eventually televised. It's no mistake this is happening on the Ivory Coast either. Rome needs that unstable area to embrace their church for obvious reasons. As we also know, demons will be doing this more and more often now that we are so close to the end. At the same time, men in power that are possessed by demons will also be creating apparitions like this using present day holographic technology so as to make it even more confusing. The fact the "apparition" suddenly turned on and off near the middle of the video makes it appear rather obvious it's manmade. Besides, what better place to test their "beam" than in an area where the people are in the midst of war as well as completely uneducated as to what Scripture says about such things? Why do you think Satan appears "as Mary" to Roman Catholics? Most don't read or trust Bibles.

25/04/2011 13:59:10 Military patrols start Friday night in downtown Columbus
"Starting at 10 o'clock Friday, two senior non-commissioned officers from Fort Benning will be on courtesy patrol. The soldiers will be wearing arm bands that read, "Courtesy Patrol." -This is how the American government can get the people used to seeing military personnel on their city streets. It will make it that much easier to enforce mhen martial law in those areas they would deem difficult before. And by the way, according to the Posse Comitatus act of 1878, federal law forbids the use of military troops on U.S. soil for any reason. Just one more sign that the Constitution is quickly becoming null and void just as prophecy said it would. After all, you cannot enforce the mark of the beast with the present U.S. Constitution.

24/04/2011 10:17:20 Pastor kills self as police question him over girl
"Nicholas William Minerva, 52, committed suicide on Thursday, shortly after officers arrived at the Trinity Baptist Fellowship Church in south Phoenix, said Detective Frank Mendoza, a Chandler, Ariz., police department spokesman." -Keep in mind, this was the man that "fed his flock" every week for years. Odds are, no one was aware he was a man with the Lord's hand upon him. Did you notice the young girl that spoke of him in a positive manner regarding what he did for her just an hour before killing himself? The people are so blind today because the churches are spiritually dead. This will make our job so easy when those that seek God see His hand upon our work. It's no wonder the false pastors of today know that the only way to get people into their churches is to promise them all sorts of entertainment. The dry and lifeless sermons that can never draw the people to Christ certainly can do nothing by bore the people. The pastors have not the Holy Spirit to bridle their tongue so as to speak that which the people need to hear. How can one know for sure if that man on the desk is called of God? It's simple. Just do as the Berean's did. Look for the fruit Jesus spoke of in both word and deed. Problem is, most people prefer the entertaining ear tickling just as prophecy predicted. The fruit they seek is no different than what Hollywood has to offer.

24/04/2011 10:17:20 Tornados Tear Through Saint Louis
"Devastating storms have left the state's airport shut down indefinitely." -This is by no means normal! 13 tornadoes in that area alone! And a major city to boot? Still most people will think this is just a somewhat above normal weather pattern. Jesus did say they would be more concerned with their eating, drinking, marrying etc when the eastern sky splits. In other words, the prophetic signs all around them will be overlooked because the distractions they so enjoy in life. Look around... does it not appear like most minds are already conditioned to that end as we speak? By the way, click here if you want to see a short video of what it looked like in the airport during one of those tornado's.

24/04/2011 10:29:15 Why Are Apple, Google Tracking Your Phone?
"Just days after researchers demonstrated that some Apple iPhone and iPad owners have had their locations tracked by their devices, another security researcher revealed that Android phones, which use Google's mobile operating system, store users' geographic information in a very similar manner." -Some may think that the mark of the beast is nothing more than a Christian myth drummed up by fear mongering preachers. But I have to ask, if that's so, why are there cameras everywhere you look? They're in stores, on street corners, at most intersections, in buses, taxis, airports, grocery stores, etc. Why do computers log everything you buy on or offline? Why does your computer track every website you visit? (except mine of course) Why do they need to store all that info about you sometimes for decades? Why are cars now being made with GPS tracking in them as standard equipment? And why are cell phones able to track whoever owns them? If the prophecy is nothing more than a myth, then why are they doing exactly as prophecy said they would?

22/04/2011 13:13:33 SDA church says Allah is God!
NEW VIDEO UPLOAD! On 12/11/10 3ABN televised a sermon by Pastor Dwight Nelson declaring Allah is the same God of the Christian and the Koran holds the same truths as the Bible! For more information how how far the Seventh Day Adventist church has fallen into apostasy and become Babylon just as prophecy predcited, see SDAapostasy.org and Lightministries.com

22/04/2011 12:32:19 Facebook Feud Lead to Murder of 15-Year-Old Florida Boy
"A teen triangle and bitter Facebook feud culminated in the savage killing of a 15-year-old Florida boy who was lured to his death by his former girlfriend, law-enforcement officials said." -Facebook, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Click here for more facts about how dangerous it can be to have an account on Facebook.

21/04/2011 13:02:28 Obama moves forward with Internet ID plan
"There's "no reliable way to verify identity online" at the moment, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said, citing the rising tide of security threats including malware and identity theft that have grown increasingly prevalent over the last few years. "Passwords just won't cut it here." -Sure, for some this appears to be a good idea. However, what most fail to realize is, soon you will not be able to surf the Internet without "someone" knowing every move you make. How can this be bad? Let's say you're looking online for clothing for your child and an XXX rated site created a domain name similar to your favorite and suddenly you find yourself on a very disgusting website. Worse yet, what if it's an illegal website and now the government has what they can use in a court as "proof" you went there and arrest you or your children for whatever reason. Another scenarios is, when the Truth we preach becomes illegal, they can either remove our websites from the Web, or harass anyone that frequents our website making it impossible for us to preach present truth online. No biggie. The Lord already has His plans in place when this "brook Cherith" dries up for us that even big brother can't circumvent. Soon the loud cry will become so loud the churches associated with Rome will start to empty. Especially when the prophesied signs start to follow His people and make literally millions realize their pastors and priests are those wolves in sheep's clothing Jesus spoke of.

21/04/2011 13:02:28 Town Washed Away in New Tsunami Video
"An entire town is washed away in minutes. Panicked residents try to escape as the waters rush toward them. It sounds like something out of a disaster movie, but it's horribly, terrifyingly real. Mashable points to the new footage of the Japan tsunami, posted on YouTube last week, and Charlie White deems it "the most horrifying yet." -The only reason I show this never before seen video is to illustrate a rather blunt reality for our day. The people on high ground heeded the warning like those in the remnant church that study end time prophecy have heeded the warnings to come out of Babylon. The people driving in the cars and trucks as the water approaches, and those running from their homes in a futile dash for their lives are those that ignored those on high ground that tried to warn them danger was coming just like those that ignore all the prophetic signs we preach until it's too late! Are YOU ready? Are you sure!?

21/04/2011 13:02:27 Hundreds of dead fish found in Ventura Harbor
"Hundreds of fish have been found dead in Ventura Harbor. This is the second large fish kill in Southern California this year. This time, hundreds of dead fish are floating in Ventura Harbor." -It's actually thousands, but the media down plays it to only hundreds in the headline. And again, they lie and say the fish died from lack of oxygen!?. Problem with that theory is, why is it only one or two species that die? If it's truly a lack of oxygen in the water then common sense tells us everything in the water that have gills should be dead! Click here for the big list of die offs that are being reported all around the world. One can only imagine which ones aren't being reported. The reason I am suspicious of the reports on this is, the reporter said an officer admitted this kind of die off happened 4 other times in Ventura Harbor in the last year, but this is the first time it's being reported. When you look at how many articles and videos I have listed on the site, it makes one wonder just how bad it really is if we have this many articles even after they try to hide the facts.

20/04/2011 12:42:30 World Bank president: 'One shock away from crisis'
"Robert Zoellick cited rising food prices as the main threat to poor nations who risk "losing a generation." -Think about this real hard. The Clinton's and other politicians are stockpiling millions of dollars worth of dry goods because they know the ones with the food are the ones with the power. Bill gates and others have invested billions in the Norway seed vault for the same reasons. Could it be they had a decades worth of advanced notice that the food prices would soar right before they started their one world currency and New World Order? In other words. It's all planned so as to create a global economy that Antichrist can control allowing him to prevent buying and selling all around the world. In other words. They will soon have their "shock" so Rome can eventually enforce her mark, just as planned.

20/04/2011 12:42:30 Trump Blasts ABC: Obama And His Minions' Have Co-Opted You
"Donald Trump Takes On ABC News Host: Trump Blasts ABC: Obama And His Minions' Have Co-Opted You." -Yes, most of us realize Obama is not a natural born citizen. But this video needs to be seen so as to illustrate how lies are allowed to be aired even though they are easy to expose. Most trust the media and don't bother to check up on them. Notice if you will at 1:11 in the video, George Stephanopoulos tells a bold faced lie right on camera regarding the State department regulations for candidates that run on the presidential ticket. He tries to help Obama skirt the birth certificate scandal by lying about the laws of the land. The State Dept does not accept certificates of life birth as he said because they know that anyone can print one up. There are no signatures, seals, or prints on certificate of live birth as there are on birth certificate's. In fact, try to get a drivers license without the long form birth certificate. It's totally impossible. How many of us have lost our birth certificate's and tried to get a license recently? You know have to wait 6 to 8 weeks to get the long form birth certificate  before you can get your drivers license. But the media wants us to believe that you can become president without it? In this age of lying, Rome will use any tactic it can to make sure her beloved and articulate puppets are well protected in office so as to bring about the mark. Even if it means committing treason as we have seen in the past. And no, this sis not a post to suggest a vote for Trump. I cannot condone voting for any politician no matter what party they represent in today's world.

19/04/2011 13:01:49 No Pharma Liability? No Vaccine Mandates PSA
"No Pharma Liability? No Vaccine Mandates PSA, National Vaccine Information Center, NVIC." -This video will upset you, especially if you have, or plan to have children. The AMA has used their billions to manipulate the laws of the land to make it impossible for the common man to protect themselves against their poisonous drugs! As prophesied, unjust laws like this are the norm for our day! The only safe action at this point is to refuse any and all vaccines, period!

19/04/2011 13:01:49 16-Year-Old Girl Suffered Botched Abortion at Planned Parenthood
"Some of the information on the call was redacted, but Hubert was able to utilize the strong public records laws in Washington to learn the woman victimized by the failed abortion was only 16 years of age." -Even though Planned Parenthood is in the midst of an illegal sex trafficking scandal that should have closed it down permanently months ago, the Vatican controlled politicians in our government allows it to continue killing babies because of Rome's unrelenting prophesied thirst for blood. And now a minor's life is placed in danger due to yet another thirst? MONEY!? Will this get them closed? One can only hope!

19/04/2011 13:01:49 BP Oil Spill: Oil Remains in Gulf - ABC News 1:52
"Philippe Cousteau reveals what he sees each time he swims in the Gulf of Mexico." -Keep in mind, Philippe Cousteau is a real scientist. Unlike the lientists that say all is well, this young man will do as his father did before him. However, will he be allowed to continue sounding the alram? Especially since it may generate viable lawsuits against BP in coming years? Time will tell. But being in the age of lying wherein unjust laws are the norm, one can expect this young man to be gagged sooner rather than later.

19/04/2011 13:08:23 BP Oil Spill 1 Year Later: Water Safe?
"Sam Champion heads to New Orleans to see whether the seafood is safe to eat." -I just had to post this video after watching the previous one! If you watched the video posted above this one, you will hear a trusted scientist say the Gulf water is still quite polluted. He speaks of the fact he has seen the oil still in the water along with all the dead or dying sea creatures. But as expected, this video, posted on the exact same Network says almost the exact opposite? How can their be such glaring differences? Well, it's quite easy to deduce. One is lying, one is not. And it's also quite easy to see which is which. For example, the scientist who has nothing to lose or gain by saying the Gulf is sick or safe, tells the truth. The government controlled media on the other hand that has much to gain politically and financially by saying the Gulf is safe, tells the lies.

18/04/2011 13:48:18 US Storms, Tornadoes Leave 45 Dead
"Rescuers are still searching for survivors after three days of storms and tornadoes hit the Southern United states. 45 people have died across the region. An emergency was declared in North Carolina, which alone was hit by 62 tornadoes, causing 21 deaths." -Keep in mind, the planet was not created by the Lord to be deadly to its inhabitants. The fact Satan's time is getting shorter and shorter, and most people don't want the Creator protecting them, this agreement with the enemy of souls by most alive today has allowed for the calamities to increase just as prophecy said they would.

18/04/2011 13:48:18 Why So Many Tornados?
As expected, the scientists are once again completely baffled by all the strange weather. But those of us that understand and study prophecy know full well that the strange weather is just one cog in the massive wheel of calamities that is rolling around the globe as we speak.

18/04/2011 13:51:15 Make mine freedom (1948) -repost
Check out this cartoon that was run long ago in the USA to stop the influx of Socialism. Notice how it speaks of things that are happening today. This is all part of a global plan. Look closely at what spews from D.C. and you will see how the politicians pit the people against each other to be able to create laws that cause a Socialistic society "to protect them" which actually puts an end to freedom. Politicians create and then use race wars, intolerance for religion, and labor strikes to create a need for the State to step in each and every time. Seriously, how many of your close friends act the way politicians say all of us act? They use this excuse to pass laws designed to stop such problems that never really exist in the majority at all. Take Arizona for example. Can you see how they purposely let this problem fester and boil over with all sorts of videos of illegal aliens coming into the nation so as to finally force the need for the State to step in? Or better yet, do we not see the present administration fabricating racial hatred in the tea party movement, or any other grass roots group for that matter that they deem to be a threat? Have not the economic problems they generated the last 3 years caused all sorts of strikes and unemployment just so they can pass laws that prevent strikes and other "benefits" that force millions to live on welfare and thereby become slaves to the government? Look at Obamacare as well. Does this not create a need for the government as well as a way for the government to remove the care so as to force you into compliance? Do you see what most people miss here? It's the perfect storm of a Socialistic society giving birth wherein Rome can rule with an iron fist just like she did long ago. The mortal wound is healing fast! For that I say praise the Lord! Because it not only means Christian prophecy is 100% dead on, it also means we are that much closer to home! Maranatha!

17/04/2011 12:38:12 Deadly Twisters
"Tornado watches and warnings are up across 8 states." -Over two dozens twisters touched down the other day and the strange thing is, most feel as if this is the norm for our climate. But a decade or so ago it would be considered quite strange. As Jesus predicted, the people will be acting as if everything is normal when the eastern sky splits and He ends all life on earth for 1000 years. The fact they look at all these tornadoes as "normal," proves they are indeed already well conditioned by Satan to ignore all the signs around them.

15/04/2011 13:35:33 Earthquake machine?
Before you e-mail me about this video, please understand I debated back and forth on whether or not to post it all morning long. Reason being is, this is one of those videos where it's hard to tell the truth from the fabrications. Still, it needs to be addressed. So, take it for what it's worth. I have been running across videos like this for quite a while now, but I usually hold them back for obvious reasons. It just seems so unbelievable. Nevertheless, after investigating HAARP for some time now, as well as noticing the "political timing" of some of these quakes, it appears rather plausible that the United States may in fact have the ability to do as this video suggests. What they don't seem to understand is, when you mess with the tectonic plates to cause quakes for political gain, nature has a funny way of responding. Something has to give on the other end of the plate their pushing. If they can do this, will their idiocy bring about even more quakes or volcanic eruptions? Seriously, the planet will have to vent the increase in energy somewhere. As far as I can see, they're messing with something that will eventually come back and bite them square in the face! In any event, prophecy did say the government of the United States would become extremely evil in the last days. Even if HAARP isn't capable of doing as some suggest, Washington D.C. has already become as evil as our Lord predicted. So, if there is such a weapon, I can see those men in D.C using it. Truth is, this is what always happens when the Vatican has control over any nation. History has proven that numerous times already. Praise the Lord this is their last stand!

14/04/2011 14:13:47 Japan raises nuclear alert
"The Japanese nuclear disaster is 100 times worse than officials first thought. The severity level of the nuclear crisis at the quake and tsunami damaged Fukushima plant has been raised from five to seven, the highest level on the international scale, and on a par with Chernobyl, the biggest nuclear disaster ever." -What most fail to realize is, Chernobyl was only one reactor. Fukishima is actually four reactors melting down! Soon millions will be sickened just as prophecy predicts, but like with Chernobyl, most doctors will help their local governments to cover it all up so as to prevent lawsuits.

14/04/2011 14:13:47 Ground is Swaying in Japan-Liquification
As you watch this is looks like the ground is floating on a large body of water. Could it be the earthquake has caused a rift under Japan allowing water to rush in so as to cause this effect? For the ground to rise and fall slowly like that suggests water is underneath. If this is in fact the case here, how long will it be before the land dissolves and the buildings begin to splash into the ocean just underneath the surface? In other words, it's not over for Japan. Not by a long shot.

14/04/2011 14:13:47 Sanford mom faces charges after confronting school-bus driver
"Laura Booker of Sanford, was arrested Thursday on charges of resisting an officer without violence and trespassing on school grounds and refusing to leave after she confronted the man who drives her daughter's school bus." -If you watch the video you will see that she was merely asking the bus driver about a problem he was having with her daughter. After calling her daughter a liar, he gets angry that the woman won't leave and calls the police. She then gets arrested because she told the police she will get off the bus if they let her do it under her own power. Notice also that the bus driver tells her she is on "federal property" when he asks her to leave the bus! Public schools have federal power to do whatever they want, and the police will back them simply because their paycheck comes from the same place. Yes, the woman can sue and will probably win her case in court. But the way she was arrested shows we are indeed in a police state even in the school system now. The woman only wanted to ask the bus driver about why he has a problem with her daughter, and she lands in jail for it. The governing leaders in our society are most assuredly unjust, just as prophecy predicts!

13/04/2011 12:51:02 Public School Bans Homemade Lunches
"Students at Little Village Academy, a public school, are not allowed to bring a lunch unless they have a medical excuse such as food allergies, reports The Chicago Tribune. They are instead required to get lunch from the cafeteria or go hungry." -In other words, the schools want to make money by selling your children food each and every day. Problem is, it's already been discovered that the food sold in schools is of a much lower standard than pet food! One more reason to homeschool! If you need hundreds more reasons, click here.

13/04/2011 12:51:02 Giant crack in the earth - Black Lava - Peru
"A girl and her family were "sucked into" the crack with their house! One can assume they didn't survive.. no report on that yet." -This looks very similar to the crack that is traveling in Michigan that runs parallel to Lake Michigan. See that video hereand here. Calamities appear to be rushing towards a "daily" issue now. It used to be annually, then monthly, weekly, but now it's becoming easier to surf the web to find some sort of a disaster on a daily basis! Christian prophecy is so amazing isn't it? 

13/04/2011 12:51:02 Girl Scouts go high-tech for cookie sales
"Girl Scouts are once again out in full force at shopping malls and knocking on doors with Thin Mints in tow. But there's a slight change this year, those girls in brown and green sashes are now accepting credit cards." -Thanks to smart phone apps, we can now see an easy avenue towards a cashless society. Yes, credit cards are so convenient. However, what most fail to realize is, even if you pay your balance off each and every month, there is still a fee to the bank for using them each year. Still, most will go for it out of "necessity," and the prophesied cashless society will be born so as to make enforcing the mark of the beast that much easier. After all, if you're going to enforce a law that says you cannot "buy or sell" without the mark of Rome, you need to be able to enforce it. You simply can't do that with cash. So, out the door it must go.