04/12/2012 13:07:16 Christian Leaders Welcome Weekly Rest Day for Maids
 "Pastors and Christian leaders in Singapore have expressed their support for a new requirement by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of a weekly rest day, or compensation in lieu by agreement, for foreign domestic workers (FDWs) or maids." -And what day of the week do you suppose they are trying to get off for the maids? Tuesday? Thursday? The real Sabbath? Nope.. the prophesied day of the Antichrist in Rome is Sunday! In fact, they actually call this day "their MARK of authority!"

04/12/2012 13:07:16 Catholic Cardinal says Adam and Eve didn't exist
"In comments that may shock some staunch Catholics, Cardinal George Pell has described the biblical story of Adam and Eve as a myth." -I don't know why they say staunch Catholics would be shocked at his comments. Before becoming a Christian I was raised in a Catholic family and almost everyone I knew was Catholic. Most of them also believed adam and Eve were a myth. It's mainly because the Vatican has been pushing that lie for quite some time, and as always, once the people get used to the lie, Vatican prelates then speak of it openly as if it has become dogma. This has always been the agenda of the Vatican beast. They attack the Bible at every turn so that their flock won't read it. And why don't they want them to read it? I'll give you 666 guesses on that one.

04/12/2012 13:07:16 AMA seeking laws to kill newborn babies!
"A new article published in the Journal of Medical Ethics (JME) suggests that parents should be able to choose whether or not they want to murder their children after birth because these tiny individuals apparently do not yet possess a "moral right to life," and are thus not actually "persons." -Ok, I'll bite, this seems outrageous and 100% impossible, right? However, that's exactly what some Christians said in the early 1970's when legalized abortion was being pushed to become law in America. If you think killing children is something government won't allow. Keep in mind they Have been doing this in China for decades, Herod did it in Jesus' day, and Pharaoh did it in Moses' day. What makes you think your generation would be any different? And please don't use the lame excuse that "we are civilized" today. Have you not seen bare knuckle cage matches wherein contestants actually die in the ring? Have you ever attended Medieval night at your local pub wherein Christians are depicted as prey? Have you ever watched Hollywood Movies or gone to rock concerts wherein death is the main theme? Ok, it's true, most Christians don't attend such things. But those seeking an answer to why this is all happening do. So, what say ye now?

04/12/2012 13:07:16 As weather gets biblical, insurers go missing
"As weather disasters strike with more frequency, homeowners first get hit with the destruction or total loss of property. Many are then hit with the unexpected loss of homeowners insurance policies as insurance companies re-evaluate their financial liabilities." -As expected, calamities are increasing. As also expected, those that make billions betting on less calamities are feeling the Heat. Or should I say floods, quakes, fires and tornadoes? Brothers and sisters. We know what happens after the prophesied increase in natural disasters occur. Are you ready? If not, why not?!

04/11/2012 14:24:44 Nun 'fired' for reporting priest's dirty mags
"Sister Joan Scary said she got one clear instruction when the Rev. Edward M. DePaoli arrived at St. Gabriel Catholic Church in September 1995: Don't ask questions. ...What Scary learned was that DePaoli, a moral and ethics teacher in a local Catholic high school, had been arrested on child pornography charges in 1985, convicted, and sentenced to probation. ...DePaoli's assignment to St. Gabriel's seemed unusual, Scary said, because "he didn't really have duties. ...He didn't do anything other than just be there." -In other words, the Vatican, a globally known organized pedophilia and child terrorist organization, of which even prophecy predicts would be homosexual in nature, sought to protect the priest and keep him on the payroll. But the minute he showed signs of going back to his old ways, a nun reports him, and gets fired for trying to protect the children!?

04/11/2012 14:24:43 Catholics and administration working together
"While the words "Obama administration" and "Catholic" have been used together in recent weeks frequently to only highlight discord between the executive branch and the U.S. bishops over the administration's mandate requiring coverage of contraceptives in health care plans, federal funding figures may tell a different story." -Need to create a new public agency wherein you can have a say politically? Start a stink about any viable issue at hand, and there's always plenty, you will have your federally funded springboard. Even if the president offers a valid change to the stink you raise, continue the stink regardless so as to force the president to "work together" with you. This will then allow you the opportunity to create a political office that can influence public policy that is biased towards your own agenda. The prophet Daniel said this beast would be crafty, and so it is!

04/11/2012 14:35:41 Russian media expose Obama birth 'forgery'
"While many U.S. mainstream media outlets spike news about the Obama eligibility investigation, Russia's government radio is keeping the world abreast of the scandal that has caused "the biggest censorship and blackout in the history of journalism." -Amazing! We can't get the News coverage regarding Obama's act of treason here in America, but we can get all we need from Russia? Now do you see why they want to censor the Internet and keep your access LOCAL to your country of origin? Ahh yes.. the trees are starting to appear in the forest for some of you aren't they?

04/11/2012 14:24:44 Teacher killed for stopping cheating
"In a shocking incident on Friday, two youths allegedly ran their car over a school teacher in the town of Sonepat in Haryana, for not allowing one of their friends, a Class 12 student, to cheat in board examinations." -Still feel your child is safe in a school wherein students see no wrong in murdering their teacher over cheat sheets? If so, click here.

04/11/2012 14:24:44 Account subpoenaed? Facebook sends police everything!
"But what happens if someone in authority decides they want to discover a little more about you? What if, despite your fine privacy settings on Facebook, the police or a prosecutor decides they'd like to bypass all of that? As part of its investigation of Philip Markoff, the so-called Craigslist Killer, the Boston Phoenix got hold of the documents that Facebook sent the authorities after a subpoena had been issued." -Are you a Christian? Do you study prophecy? Then you do know your faith will eventually cause you to become a criminal. Nuff said?

04/10/2012 14:09:46 Silent Scream: Sudan Ethnically Cleanses Its Christians
"The government of the predominantly Muslim nation of Sudan has stripped its 500,000 to 700,000 Christians of citizenship and has put them on notice that they have one week to leave the country. Even sub-Jim Crow dhimmi status is to be denied them." -Amazing how not a single mainstream media outlet covered any of this. Over 200,000 Christians die each year at the hand of Muslims and just as many are tortured simply because of their faith, and the Vatican, the US media and any other "moral" entity on earth is perfectly silent! Even the SDA church is promoting pastors that claim Allah is the Christian God so as to keep the smoke screen billowing around the sleeping virgins. No matter, the virgins are waking up as we speak, and those of us outside the SDA church have plenty of Oil in our lamps to do as prophecy said we will do! The Loud Cry will most assuredly remove the silence from this scream just as prophecy says it will!

04/10/2012 14:09:45 Doomsday shelters line Kansas missile silo
"Tucked deep beneath the Kansas prairie, luxury condos are being built into the shaft of an abandoned missile silo to service anxious, and wealthy, people preparing for doomsday." -Prophecy said they would try to hide from the Lord by going underground, and so they are. I did a short video on this back in 2010 about this. You can see it here if you have a mind to.

04/10/2012 14:20:30 Self proclaimed "prophet" T.B. Joshua proven wrong
"It was a prediction which was unfavourable to Nigerians but as a servant of the Lord, it was his duty to let the people know the truth, which in his position, could not be changed. It centred on Nigeria's draw with Guinea in a football match which would have secured a place for the country in the African Cup of Nations." -When someone claims to be a prophet, right off you know they are a false prophet. But it gets worse. This so called Christian Prophet has visions about football games!? Regardless of the fact that he was wrong in his prediction, this church congregation saw no wrongdoing in declaring the God of creation would give "visions" regarding sporting events that originated in Pagan Rome!? How does predicting a football game edify the church? How does it glorify God? How does it make any soul on earth want to seek out Christ as Lord? Especially if Christ is supposedly rooting for the opposing team!? Welcome to the last days brothers and sisters!

04/10/2012 14:09:45 EU puts 10m into Facebook data centres
"The US company, valued at around $100bn (63bn), says the grant was an incentive in picking Lulea, Sweden, for the "data centres". Facebook said the three centres, which will measure 300,000 square foot in total, will improve performance for European users." -Still think it's just some private website where you can "make friends" online? Governments are spending tens of millions of dollars to make sure facebook runs well in their country, and many don't see this as suspicious? When was the last time any government on the face of the planet every granted tens of millions of dollars to fund a privately owned website? If that doesn't convince you, let me ask you this. Since Facebook has so many servers costing well over $100,000,000, and millions of dolars a year to maintain, have they ever asked you for one thin dime to access their website? Sheeple are so naive!

04/10/2012 14:09:45 Cops can get your complete Facebook activity
"If police officers were to file a subpoena for your Facebook information, they would receive a printout of the data from the social network. This printout would be so detailed, complete and creepy that you should strive to be a good law-abiding citizen, just to prevent it from ever existing." -In other words, even if you are a law abiding citizen, what the police can fabricate from your Facebook page will make you a criminal! Still on Facebook? WHY?

04/09/2012 12:30:21 Jersey Sunday trading 'is too expensive'
 "A Jersey shop owner has complained new States rules have made it too expensive to open on a Sunday." -Satan uses money to move our political leaders into all sorts of sinful acts. This we have all seen all our lives. What we also see is he uses the same method to force the common man to close on Sundays. Don't think money is his favored tool when tempting the weak? When it comes time to enforce the mark, prophecy says he will make it impossible to buy and sell unless you bow to Antichrist in Rome. So yes, using money will be his method of attack in the coming days.

04/09/2012 12:30:21 Women should marry a woman, says Facebook's Sandberg
"The most important thing, and I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it a hundred times, if you marry a man, marry the right one. If you can marry a woman, that's better because the split between two women in the home is pretty even, the data shows," she said." -Seriously, how can anyone that walks with Christ see nothing wrong with having a Facebook account when they push such demonic insanity as this and yet if a Christian posts a prolife message they immediately close their account? It's beginning to look like Facebook is becoming a religion all onto itself. If not a religion, then most certainly an idol!

04/09/2012 12:30:21 The Vatican's silence amid Cuba/s atrocities
"During his recent visit to Cuba, Pope Benedict XVI said nothing about the Castro brothers' victims. This is not surprising. For decades, the Catholic Church has remained silent about most of the Castro regime's worst crimes in its quest to expand its reach in totalitarian Cuba. One atrocity stands out because the church played a direct role in the events. On Jan. 2, 1981, three young brothers were executed for having sought asylum at the Vatican's embassy." -Why should this surprise anyone after watching how the Vatican was keeping silent regarding all the children they were raping all over the world? As you will discover in this article, the Vatican actually tricked the young men into thinking they were being rescued when in fact they were being lead off to be executed! Of course stories like this are never reported because the Vatican has much control over the main stream media than most care to admit. Praise the Lord real reporters don't usually respond to fear. Yes, they are few and far between, but they are out there!

04/09/2012 12:30:21 Vatican hides truth of girl's kidnapping
"Her kidnap in Rome by unidentified men has been the subject of scrutiny for three decades, with allegations that it was connected to blackmail and banking scandals involving the Holy See." -Surprised? You shouldn't be. This is in fact the home of Antichrist. This kind of activity is perfectly normal. In fact, it's just the tip of their bloody iceberg. Worse yet, they know it, and have no plans to stop it! They have that much political clout. ...For now.

04/08/2012 11:44:21 It's Christian blood for oil in newest Sudan violence
"There have been reports that money and weapons also are pouring into both Sudan and the recently independent south, which have been in conflict for decades because of the Muslim government's war on the mostly Christian and animist population in the south. ...Bashir says he wants to purify Sudan by driving out the country's remaining Christians." -As prophesied, over 200,000 Christians are martyred every year now by Muslims, and 200,000 more are tortured and STILL the SDA church has not rebuked their Pastors that declared the god of the Muslim is the God of the Christian!

04/08/2012 11:44:21 State shuts down everyone to stop Christian message
"The state of Wyoming has settled a dispute over Christian and pro-life speech in a pedestrian tunnel by ordering that no one again can display a message on the public property." -Will this not generate even more hatred for Christians? Of cousre! That's what propehcy says they're going for.

04/08/2012 11:44:21 BP Oil spill can still kill you
FYI: "Nearly two years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster gushed millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, tar balls from the spill still turn up on Alabama's shores after storms. Now, one researcher is recommending that people steer clear of these tar balls after studies find them chock-full of potentially deadly bacteria." -They are stating that the bacteria has a "30 percent fatality rate!" Was it not stated long ago that disease will be the norm for our day? Here's just one more fulfillment of that prophecy.

04/08/2012 11:44:21 12-year-old girl to be sentenced for arson
"Malcolm Campbell, the 12-year-old girl's lawyer, said at her sentencing hearing Thursday that prosecutors have blown the case out of proportion, and a stern warning or reprimand from a judge would have sufficed for his client." -But these "legal" child terrorists won't budge. Instead they will do all they can to make a buck. Even if it means sentencing a little girl to a living nightmare behind bars, where even her screams will be ignored. These are indeed hateful days we live in! It's amazing, they teach the children on TV, in the movies, in music, video games and the daily News reports that violence is acceptable and when a child that is unable to decipher from right and wrong acts on what THEY taught them, they jail them? Truly amazing!

04/08/2012 11:44:20 FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures!
"In the agency's latest decision, undoubtedly amazing thousands of individuals yet again, the FDA virtually erased 1 million signatures and comments on the 'Just Label It' campaign calling for the labeling of genetically modified foods." -In other words, the people that buy the products that make them insanely rich literally have no say in regards to what the government does to their food. This is what happens when Satan convinces your leaders to do as he demands over what your own citizens demand. Do a little research on Hitler and what he did with the water and you will see why they are messing around here.

04/06/2012 13:35:51 How GOP got Catholicized
"There was a time when the Republican Party was strictly for White Anglo Saxon Protestants. It was an alliance between Country Club Episcopalians and twice born followers of the Old Time Gospel, all firmly opposed to mass Catholic immigration from Europe. The nativism of the GOP drove Catholics into the welcoming arms of Al Smith, Jack Kennedy, Tip O'Neill and the Democratic Party. But this year's GOP front-runners are a Mormon and two Catholics, Rick Santorum (a cradle of Italian descent) and Newt Gingrich (a convert)." -It became Catholicized because prophecy predicted long ago the three frogs would join to work together. It's amazing how many people simply don't read Bibles anymore. But then, that's part of Satan's plan. The less they read, the more they are surprised at every turn. That keeps them unprepared and that makes Satan's job childishly easy. One would think they would have at least got the hint when the Vatican's Jesuits declared back in 1930 that "The old Protestant culture is about at the end of its rope... Why can't we make the U.S. Catholic in legislation, Catholic in justice, aims and ideals?" -Father F. X. Talbot, editor of America, official jesuit magazine for the U.S. statement in New York Globe Dec. 14, 1930 (click here for more quotes like this)

04/06/2012 13:35:51 Notre Dame Caught Funding Pro-Abortion
"Notre Dame has actually funded some of the controversial internships. TFP also found that in the past, the school has supported questionable groups like the National Organization for (some) Women and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute." -Surprised? You shouldn't be. The Pope admitted back in 2000 the church performed many abortions and many Catholic hospitals have been performing abortions all along. This is how Catholicism works. They say one thing, and always do another. But because most people have short term memories due to lack of concern for such things, the Vatican keeps claiming to be holy and they simply believe it. But then, that too was prophesied.

04/06/2012 13:35:51 Russia working on electromagnetic radiation guns
"WHILE many believed it to be an April Fool's Day joke, Vladimir Putin has confirmed Russia has been testing mind-bending psychotronic guns that can effectively turn people into zombies. The futuristic weapons, which attack their victims' central nervous system, are being developed by scientists and could be used against Russia's enemies and even its own dissidents by the end of the decade." -It is idiocy like this where only Divine Intervention can put an end to it. So, pray we must! I don't see this as a problem for God's people as we have a hedge about us. But there are countless souls it can work on, so again, please pray.

04/06/2012 13:35:50 Free military equipment to police departments
"The police in the United States have been steadily militarized over the past decade to the point of absurdity, as recently exemplified by police rolling out an armored personnel carrier (APC) to the Occupy Tampa protests." -Students of prophecy have been declaring for decades that America (and other nations) were headed towards a police State form of government so as to have the tools needed to enforce Rome's mark. Yet still, some don't believe it? What say ye now?

04/06/2012 13:35:50 National ID threatens 'ultimate control'
"A coalition of organizations led by officials at the Rutherford Institute is urging members of Congress not to even consider plans to revive the failed Real ID Act of 2005. ...a national ID card would enable the government to track citizens and, thus, jeopardize the privacy rights of Americans." -It was still made law, but never implemented. Will they still ever use it? If not this card, I'm sure a "new and improved" one will be used. You simply cannot enforce the mark of Rome without at least having some form of control over each citizen on the planet. And seeing how we are headed towards a cashless society as prophecy predicted, they will no doubt mix the ID card with the debit and credit cards to assure it works across the board. After all, most people already have at least one ID card and a debit card. Is this ID card the mark of the beast? No, of course not. However, as I discuss on my "Global ID" page, it is a method by which they can enforce the mark. Is it sin to accept the car? No. They will only use that card to prevent you from buying and selling when you refuse the mark.

04/05/2012 13:55:26 Obama finally talks about Jesus
"Despite the fact many Americans continue to believe he's a Muslim, President Obama talked in depth today about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, perhaps his most in-depth discussion of the basics of Christianity since he took office." -If you saw the video you will notice he was reading from a script and not "talking" about Jesus. His constant tripping over the words proved he didn't much agree with what he was forced to read. However, if you saw the other video where he slammed Jesus and His Word, he appeared much more relaxed in reading that script. So, the big question here is, why is he suddenly talking about Jesus? It's because most US Christians are weak in the faith and very gullible with no viable memory to rely on. He knows if he just says "Jesus'" name once in a while they will vote for him. And THAT is why he's doing it. As students of prophecy we have been saying for decades they would eventually push "faith" into political office so as to have a church & State form of government. Truth is, you simply cannot enforce a religious law like the prophesied mark of the Roman Catholic Popes without a "religious" man in office. This is why Santorum, Perry, Romney and all the rest suddenly started to push "faith" in their speeches. Obama is just following their lead.

04/05/2012 13:55:26 Homosexual student claims "Jesus is not a Homophobe"
"A Waynesville High School student sued in federal court Tuesday after school officials refused to let him wear a T-shirt with the slogan "Jesus Is Not A Homophobe." -No, Jesus had no fear at all. But He did preach against homosexuality in both the Old and New Testament. Satan always does this. He accuses Christians for doing what his cohorts actually do under his guidance. What I mean is, Christians don't fear Homosexuality. We know it is sin, and out of love for our fellow man we try to warn people of the danger they are in. No fear there. Just love and concern. The truth is, the Homosexuals fear the truth we preach and so they accuse us of being fearful when in fact it is they who are fearful. So, don't let lies like this upset you brethren. After all, is it not written in Ephesians 6:12 that, "we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." The homosexuals are not the problem. It's the demons prodding them that we fight against. So, pray for our fellow man entrapped in this sinful lifestyle. They too can be spared hellfire just like anyone else. Sin is sin to our God. Whether it be homosexuality or lying, sin is just that. Sin.

04/05/2012 13:55:26 Pope denounces priests seeking to abolish celibacy
"Pope Benedict XVI issued a blistering denunciation Thursday of priests who have questioned church teaching on celibacy and ordaining women, saying they were being selfish in disobeying his authority." -He can't say they're disobeying Biblical Jurisprudence because he knows what 1 Timothy 3:2 says about pastors (bishops) being married. So, he has to flex his own authority when demanding celibacy. But then, this is what Roman Catholicism is all about anyway. As prophesied, over 85% of their doctrine is man-made. Yes, it was the Pagans that invented those doctrines first, but they're people too. And by the way, what most fail to realize is. 1 Timothy does declare pastors should be "the husband of one wife" if they so choose. The Pope is openly demanding they ignore that Scripture just as prophecy also predicted.

04/05/2012 13:55:26 EU presidential candidate will push for shariah law
"The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate for Egypt's presidency, Khairat el-Shater, has pledged to press for the implementation of sharia (Islamic law) if elected, a Muslim think tank said on Wednesday." -Just as I've stated over the years on WTPR or in sermons, Rome tested the global currency, the global constitution and the global passport in the European Union. Is it any wonder they would seek Shariah Law in that region that allows for the decapitation of infidels? After all, prophecy does say those that refuse the mark of the beast will lose their heads. (See Revelation 20:4)

04/05/2012 13:55:26 Catholic priest flashes homosexual porn before parents and children!
"A Catholic priest in Northern Ireland insists he has no idea how gay porn ended up on a memory stick he was using for a Powerpoint presentation to families before their children's First Communion. After he clicked on a folder and explicit images filled the screen, the "visibly shaken and flustered" cleric quickly removed the stick, one parent tells the BBC. "He gave no explanation or apology to the group, and bolted out of the room," leaving the parents and one 8-year-old child present "horrified and distracted." -Will it ever end with these perverted men claiming to be God's messengers? Yes, when the eastern sky rolls back!

04/04/2012 15:00:46 Michiganistan: Christians must waive rights
"A city described as a "serial violator" of religious rights that has been ordered to pay tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees in cases prompted by its actions against Christians has come up with a solution; demanding that people waive all their rights. ...The lawsuit was filed this week in federal district court in Michigan against the city of Dearborn and its police chief over the city's "new tactic" to stop Pastor Terry Jones from speaking out against Islamic law in the area. Dearborn has the largest population of Muslims in the U.S. ...The agreement requires Pastor Jones to surrender all of his legal rights if he wants to speak on public property. It warns the participants that "these risks could result in damage to property, personal, and/or bodily injury or death, including injuries or death to the individual participants" -In other words, the Christians are on their own. The wording also suggests the police won't protect them when a mob scene erupts where they get injured or even killed! This city is doing all it can to seek a way to push the Christians out "legally," while at the same time allowing Islam to flourish so as to have a jumping off point for the nation when Rome's final pieces of the puzzle are set in place. Just as they did this with abortion, homosexual marriage, or any other wicked agenda, they need a State to be the frontrunner to begin their rush to victory. When abortion or homosexual marriage was passed in one State, the rest eventually joined the bandwagon. This is what we see in Michigan when it comes to Rome's Islamic agenda. Why else would they risk yet another financial loss to the city as they did recently when they paid out $100,000 for violating Christians rights? Someone is obviously funding this agenda! I'll give you 666 guesses as to who I think it is.

04/04/2012 15:00:45 Cameron defends Govt surveillance plans
"David Cameron today insisted there were "significant gaps" in UK security as he defended Government plans to allow all calls, emails, texts and website visits to be monitored. The Prime Minister said his job was to do "everything that is necessary" to keep the country safe." -As history has proven, the only thing people like this seek to keep safe are their own vested interests. Anyone that can read a Newspaper knows the terrorist agenda is wildly fabricated at best. Seriously, look at who is killing the most people with military grade weapons today. It's the USA and the UK. Once in a while you will hear of a Muslim lashing out with a suicide bomb in response. Some actually believe they do this because they have no other way to express their anger at what the real terrorists are doing to them and their families. Men like Cameron are merely doing as prophecy said Satan would have them do so as to assure success when Antichrist in Rome is moved to demand worship upon all who reside on earth.

04/04/2012 15:00:45 Homeland Security: Anti-abortion activists = terrorists?
"A Homeland Security Unit in Charlotte's Mecklenburg Police Department is now targeting anti abortion activists as possible domestic terrorists by labeling first amendment protected protests as stalking." -Ever notice how those that follow Satan and his suggestions always claim others to be guilty of what they are actually doing? What I mean is, how can someone that wants to stop the terrifying murders of babies who are ripped apart limb from limb as terrorists? Isn't the better definition of terrorist placed upon the doctors that actually kill the babies? The very same mindset is in society when it comes to Christians. Even though "real Christians" are historically characterized as meek, loving and wise, we are looked upon as violent, hateful and uneducated. Yet, those are actually the characteristics of those that allow Satan rule over their lives.

04/04/2012 15:00:45 Supreme Court Allows Strip-Searches for Any Arrest
"The Supreme Court on Monday ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, however minor, before admitting them to jails even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband." -Did not the Roman soldiers do this to every prisoner so as to generate fear, ridicule, shame and a subservient attitude? The prophesied wound is healing just as expected brothers and sisters. Not to worry, if our Lord can handle such invasive and vulgar treatment by them 2000 years ago, He's promised to help us deal with it in our day as well. So, expect it, and remember. It will all be over soon and none of this idiocy will ever come to remembrance for all eternity.

04/04/2012 15:00:45 Radiation warnings not found on the News
"Cesium levels in the Pacific had initially gone up an astonishing 45 million times above pre-accident levels. The levels then declined rapidly for a while, but after that, they unexpectedly levelled off.In July, cesium levels stopped declining and remained stuck at 10,000 times above pre-accident levels.This means the ocean isn't diluting the radiation as expected. If it had been, cesium levels would have kept falling.The finding suggests that radiation is still being released into the ocean long after the accident in March, 2011." -Prophecy said disease will run rampant in our day. Now do you see why? And by the way, it's not just seafood anymore. What some fail to realize is, the ocean actually fuel the clouds with the rain water we use to water our crops. So.. here's a novel idea. Make a cheap hoop greenhouse to cover your garden and then water your crops with well water. Just one more reason to get out of the city. Not much well water there.

04/03/2012 13:50:44 Arizona law would censor the Internet
"Arizona House Bill 2549, which is now on Gov. Jan Brewer's desk for signature, was created to counter bullying and stalking. The law would make it a crime to use any electronic or digital device to communicate using "obscene, lewd or profane language" or to suggest a lewd or lascivious act, if done with the intent to "terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend." -I've been evangelizing Catholics 27 years and SDA's about 15 years to try and get them to see the danger they're in. Quite often the truth I share with the in Scripture is defined by them as "terrifying, intimidating, annoying and offensive." Some have even gone so far to say I actually harass them when in fact all I do is answer their questions with Scripture. In fact, I just received an email from one today using that very same excuse. So, I wonder, will this law be used to censor Christians? Yes, I am sure it will be. But what will true Christians do when they are told to stop preaching the truth? They will echo Peter and the others that said "We ought to obey God rather than man." (Acts 5:29)

04/03/2012 13:50:44 Apple & Google help police bypass phone security
"The solution is for police, with a judge's approval, to require that Google "resets the password and further provides the reset password to law enforcement." That will work, but will also have the undesirable side effect, from law enforcement's perspective, of tipping off the account holder that his or her phone has been compromised by the cops." -In other words, once they gain access to your phone, you are warned they did just that. But by then, it's too late. They already gathered all the info they needed anyway. This means, even if you clam up in the interrogation room about family and friends when that day comes to kill us for our faith, they will able to find them by simply using your phone. That being the case, memorize your loved ones phone numbers. It's just that easy. However, if you have pictures and info about them on Facebook, you have already helped them go after those you love. Nuff said?

04/03/2012 13:50:44 Priest joked of abusing 3 boys in week
"Jurors in a landmark priest abuse trial on Monday heard about a priest-turned-camp prowler and another who was accused of bragging about having sex with three boys in a week." -It appears the general consensus among Catholic priests is that they know they can get away with what they're doing to the boys. For this priest to brag about it, as well as the fact they have documented all this in writing as a problem for the chruch since 60AD, proves that my original assumption was dead on. Catholic priests don't become child molesters. Child molesters become catholic priests because they know they will be protected by the Vatican. The fact John Paul II vetoed the Bishops plan for "zero tolerance" in 2002 proved this hands down.

04/03/2012 13:50:44 HDTV: It's not just crisper images and richer sound
"The evidence shows that HD technology can also be used to remotely gain complete control over the thoughts, emotions and actions of people who will have no power to resist. The power that could potentially be wielded by those capable of remotely controlling people's thoughts and actions is virtually limitless. An "experiment" of what can happen when large numbers of humans are subjected to remote control was successful in 1990 and witnessed by the whole world when Iraqi troops began surrendering to coalition forces." -Do you recall years ago when I posted a page on my site called "Meeting the Devil?" People laughed outloud and said that's impossible! There's no way TV can be used to control the masses. I wonder... are they laughing now? Or are they transfixed by their TV's into thinking I need a tinfoil bonnet?

04/02/2012 15:07:39 Bishop concerned unions haven't taken stand against work on Sundays
 "The Church's commission on work issued a statement expressing its disappointment that commercial establishments have been given permission to open on public holidays that fall on Sundays." -Was it not prophesied that unions would become a major issue for Christians in the last days? Keep in mind that whenever Rome makes a public demand like this, everyone in politics scampers to please the Pope. Truth is, if you're in a union you know all too well how politicized they have become the last few decades. So, one can expect union officials to jump at the chance to be recognized as "players" in the Pope's NWO plans. After all, if there's money to be made, one can expect it will be sought after. And still, some think Christian prophecy is outdated, bogus, or just plain false? Why do they think that way? Read Amos 8:11.

04/02/2012 15:07:39 Texas Sabbath showdown -- the inside story

 "Beren Jewish Academy of Houston, an Orthodox Jewish high school, fielding a superb basketball team, had battled its way to the semifinals of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools. Ironically, although TAPPS was a sports league of private and religious schools, the association was determined not to honor any Sabbath, except Christian Sunday." -Amazing! In a land where "religious freedom" is guaranteed by the Constitution to be the norm, those that keep the true Sabbath have to go to court to gain the right to do so? Yes, they are Jews, and yes most think the true Sabbath is for Jews only. But that is not what the Word of God says. Still, schools are operated by the government, and prophecy does say this government founded by Christians will exchange it's love of God for hatred of His people. This court case is no doubt something they can "learn" from on how to better enforce the mark when that day comes. This is a hurdle they must surpass if Rome is to have any hope in performing their task at hand. And so, I'm sure we will see more Sabbath court cases in the coming days.

04/02/2012 15:07:39 Obamacare regulation: free sterilization for all college women
"the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued new guidelines mandating that all college-age women have free access to sterilization procedures. ,,,the new sterilization guidelines will reportedly apply to all women of college age, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in college, and to all health plans." -Can you imagine the sales technique that will be used to push this? You can save money on birth control pills if you allow us to make you sterile! Wide spread promiscuity is what makes insanity like this appear moral to some. But then, these are the last days.

04/02/2012 15:07:39 ANOTHER Asteroid to get neighborly with Earth on Sunday
"Get ready for another asteroid to zoom past the Earth, closer than the moon. Space.com reports that Asteroid 2012 EG5 will get within 143,000 miles of the planet at 8:32 a.m. PT on Sunday -- that's a little more than half the distance to the moon." -Once again the declaration of "peace and safety" is proclaimed by a government funded authority. How many shots across the bow will it take before they finally admit the Lord Jesus is coming soon? Perhaps when the seventh plague dumps billions of massive hail balls all across the globe they will finally "see the light?" Truth is, EVERY EYE will see it that day!

04/02/2012 15:07:39 Obama praises Planned Parenthood in video
"President Obama taped a video message praising Planned Parenthood and telling members he will continue fighting Republican efforts to cut their federal funding. "For you, and for most Americans, protecting women's health is a mission that stands above politics," Obama said in the video titled "A Message to Planned Parenthood Supporters." -He vows to help them stay open for "women's health?" How does killing babies have to do with "women's health?" Truth is, it's already been discovered that abortion actually causes many health problems for women. And some of them are fatal! But seeing how lying is the new truth today, who's going to know the difference?

04/01/2012 12:36:30 Officials: 3 killed as human sacrifices in Mexico
"Authorities in the northern Mexican state of Sonora have arrested eight people accused of killing two boys and one woman as human sacrifices for Santa Muerte, the saint of death, officials said Friday." -Many don't believe those that claim to be "Christians" would ever do such evil acts. Even though the Vatican "says" they don't recognize Santa Muerte, she is still a Roman Catholic saint to most Catholics the world over. Saying they "don't approve" is an ancient tactic of Rome. They have been declaring their disapproval of many sects of Roman Catholicism for centuries, yet the fact they still flourish unmolested proves they approve. This is why Catholicism is so popular. Their leaders teach them it's ok to embrace sin while claiming Christ Lord, but when they're rituals get out of hand, as they usually do, their leaders can always act as if they don't approve, while at the same time grant their congregants absolution if enough money changes hands. Bottom line is this. If it's true the Vatican disapproves of the use of human skulls in their rituals as they claim is the case here, then I need to ask them to explain this video.

04/01/2012 12:36:30 Mother who baptized her children needs jailtime?

"A mother in Tennessee faces contempt-of-court charges and potential jail time for baptizing her two children without notifying or gaining the consent of her ex-husband, according to the Associated Press. In doing so, she violated a court order stating all religious decisions about the children's upbringing are to be made between the mother and father. The mother should go to jail as an example for other people." -No, baptizing children is not biblical baptism. However, this mother and the court system don't know that. As far as they're concerned, it is biblical. That being the case, if they send her to jail, they will literally set the stage in the legal court system that will make true Biblical Christianity illegal! Yes, that may seem like a far fetched statement to some. But so was the argument regarding Roe-v-Wade leading to abortion clinics considered a far fetched claim as well. Yet, do we not see abortion clinics in every neighborhood now? As we have seen so many times before, all the corrupt lawyers in Congress need to get unjust laws passed is for ONE CASE to be placed on the books that can be argued into a "believable" context, and before you know it they have a brand new unjust law enforced for or against the people.

04/01/2012 12:36:29 Facebook App Lets You Declare Your Enemies
"EnemyGraph, a new app for Facebook, allows users to do just that: Declare their enemies on the world's most popular social network." -Just one more way for Satan to get unsuspecting souls used to the idea that you must hate someone. How I ask can a Christian agree with this or even stay on Facebook after what they've doing in just the last two months alone. Not too long ago they declared war on any Christian that speaks out against killing babies in "legal" abortion clinics. And now they want you to declare with glee that you actually hate someone? What did Jesus say about how we were to treat our enemies? Matthew 5:44-45, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven:" But Facebook says "hate your enemies?!"

04/01/2012 12:49:36 Ibrahim Ali calls for 'Apostasy Act'
"He alleged that there are many cases of Muslims who are getting close to other religions and some turning apostates, something which he believe is worrying. ...Less fortunate Muslims are not being helped, thus the Christians are using charity as a means to get close to (poor) Muslims," he said." -Praise the Lord some Muslims are coming to know Jesus Christ is truly the Lord of Heaven. Please pray for those courageous Christians that are literally risking their lives to preach the Gospel.

04/01/2012 12:36:29 Sure, Have a Drink With the Sermon
"On Sunday evenings, two watering holes in the Williamsburg neighborhood regularly host Christian congregations, not for after-church drinks, but for full services with scripture, sermons and prayers. The odd arrangements have been a boon for the bars and those they serve." -Why do you suppose Satan would want his preachers holding services in bars? 1 Corinthians 6:10 clearly says no drunkards are allowed in Heaven. However, if Satan can get a preacher to come into your bar to preach to you, then the drunks assume it must be ok to drink. It is, if the reward you seek is hellfire.

30/03/2012 13:37:59 Chinese police raid Christian home churches
"China's 40-million strong "house church" movement, an underground network of Christians who meet in private homes because the government disallows them from registering larger spaces to worship and repeatedly cracks down on open-air gatherings, according to Radio Free Asia." -As soon as the Vatican is able to enforce Catholicism on Americans soon, this is what will most assuredly happen here. Like China, it will be "legal" to be a Catholic but illegal to be a Christian. Will this stop the loud cry as Satan hopes? No, it will make it even louder! How will they do this in the USA? Well, they've actually already started. They are right now trying to force ministries to get the prophesied 501C3. If you refuse, they charge large fees for you to receive donations or shut your ability to receive donations all together as PayPal did to me recently. Soon it will become illegal to be a church without it. Still, as Acts 5:29 says, "we will obey God rather than man" when that day comes!

30/03/2012 13:37:58 Entire Mosques Coming to Christ

"The idea of more than 200,000 former Muslims coming to faith in Sub-Saharan Africa within a few short years is mind-boggling. But entire mosques in Sub-Saharan Africa coming to faith? That news is even harder to wrap one's mind around, but it is in fact what is happening according to reports from a former church planter among Muslims in West Africa." -Don't even think for a moment it's hopeless! Prophecy said this truth we preach will spread and so it will! The love and truth of Christ is very powerful! As prophesied, this truth will open eyes and cut many hearts as the Latter Rain falls more abundantly. This is what Satan fears the most, and this is why persecution has been ramped up against God's obedient people  lately. Maranatha!

30/03/2012 13:37:58 On Day 3, Justices Weigh What-Ifs of Health Ruling
"You really want us to go through these 2,700 pages?" Justice Scalia asked a lawyer for the Obama administration, adding: "Is this not totally unrealistic? That we're going to go through this enormous bill item by item and decide each one?" -Now do you see why Rome made certain the Bill was massive in size? Not only did most Congressmen refuse to waste time reading it, it appears now that all the Supreme Court judges also refuse. That being the case, will they judge properly? How's that possible?

30/03/2012 13:37:58 Cashless society closer than most realize
"So will we see a completely cashless society in the near future? Of course not. It would be wildly unpopular for the governments of the world to force such a system upon us all at once. Instead, the big banks and the governments of the industrialized world are doing all they can to get us to voluntarily transition to such a system. Once 98 or 99 percent of all transactions do not involve cash, eliminating the remaining 1 or 2 percent will only seem natural." -It's good to see articles like this where they literally echo what we've been preaching prophecy said was coming all along!