04/12/2011 13:30:05 Japan says Fukushima vegetables safe
'Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary makes a public display of eating Fukushima-grown vegetables, as TEPCO says cumulative radiation levels may exceed those of Chernobyl." -In this age of lying we simply cannot trust politicians. Especially when it comes to our lives and the foods we put in our bodies. Who's to say they didn't ship the veggies in from out of the area and acted like they were from the affected area when they ate them? After all, didn't Obama get caught lying when he acted as if he was swimming in the gulf polluted by the BP oil spill with his family when in fact he was found to be swimming in a disconnected body of water?

04/12/2011 13:30:05 Radiation affects Japan farmers
"Japan's agriculture industry is facing a possible crisis after authorities have found higher-than-standard levels of radiation in food samples near a quake-damaged nuclear reactor." -One video declares the veggies are radioactive, the next video has politicians acting like they're eating them. (see video above) Worse yet, this video shows a politician stating eating the radioactive food won't have an immediate affect on the people, or even a long term affect. So go ahead and eat it? Sadly, some people will trust them and be poisoned by it, just like the many that still get sick after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico or eating the seafood from there.

04/12/2011 13:30:05 Cat and dolphins playing together
Being a cat lover, this just made my day. With all the bad news we have a a regular basis now-a-days, I thought it would be nice to share something special like this video. Wouldn't it be so nice if mankind got along as well as different species seem to do?

04/11/2011 15:01:43 One month on, Japan rattled by big aftershock
"Japan expanded the evacuation zone around its crippled nuclear plant because of high levels of accumulated radiation. NBC's Charles Hadlock reports on this and the magnitude 6.6 aftershock that rattled the area Monday." -One month later and there are still strong after shocks? One can look at this in two ways. #1, the Lord is still allowing their region to shake, rattle and roll since they asked Him not to protect them when they accept Buddha as their god. #2, those in power that are playing games with H.A.A.R.P. are continuing to push the plates in the hopes of generating a 10.0. In case, I wouldn't want to be in Japan right now.

04/11/2011 15:01:42 New Texas fires quickly contained, but big blazes still out of control
"New Texas fires quickly contained, but big blazes still out of control. ...Still, despite successes in squelching these blazes, authorities were fighting to manage 19 other, appreciably bigger blazes. This challenge, as well as the weather outlook, had prompted the Forest Service to state that "conditions on Sunday could shape up to be among the worst in Texas history." -Calamities will increase. Prophecy will be fulfilled.

04/11/2011 15:01:42 Scotch Tape makes frosted glass clear (link fixed)
FYI: This is something that can obviously become an issue for some people. Many bathroom windows are frosted, as are security windows wherein sensitive or valuable equipment is stored. Just so you know.. there is a way around it. If you have such windows, look into it and do what needs to be done to protect whatever it is you seek to protect from prying eyes.

04/10/2011 11:20:00 Violent 'School Shooter' Game Removed From Web
This is absolutely insane! And no, I am not exaggerating in the least sense on this one! Some obviously possessed computer programmer has come up with a video game that many kids are playing today that has them killing their classmates in thee dimensional school building using very graphic scenes. Only in the last days do we see the children being brainwashed into such a demonic mindset as this! But then, how else will Satan be able to ready the minds of our young people to make them kill their fellow classmates when the prophesied law is passed making remnant Christians legally worthy of death?

04/10/2011 11:20:00 Biblical Discipline: What's Going Too Far?
This is nothing more than Satan's way of making real Christians that don't bruise and abuse their children to appear as if they do in fact do this simply because these Baptists that claim to be Christians are doing it and claiming the Bible sanctions such abuse. Why do this? Prophecy says a law will be passed wherein remnant Christians will be killed by civil authorities as well as regular citizens after the government actually makes it legal to kill those that refuse to bow to Rome's mark. Therefore, Satan needs to make Christians appear more and more sinister up until that day. This is also why the Catholic, SDA, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, and other churches claim to be Christian. Everything from murder, forcing church members to allow fatal government tests on their bodies, starting riots at funerals, to child rape is the norm in such churches. Are they Christian? Not according to the Bible. Does this make some people hate the Christian religion so much they either seek other religions or claim to be Atheist? Yes it does exactly that!

04/10/2011 11:20:00 CNN Calls The Libyan War The New World Order
This video seems a bit odd only in the way CNN keep placing a certain banner on the screen. The video is nothing more than a back and forth between a few politicians and the like regarding Libya. But all during their conversation, CNN keeps placing the term "New World Order" on the screen. As we know by studying prophecy, Rome needs Ghaddafi to either bow to the Pope, or get out of the way for someone they can place in his office that will bow. They cannot enforce the mark of the beast in that region until all the nations change their constitutions to allow for the Roman mandate of Sunday Laws just like Europe did.

04/08/2011 12:51:55 SDA Church defends Antichrist!
New video uploaded! There's an article that was posted by Adventist Today in which the SDA church not only defends the Pope, they claim Ellen White was wrong, and prophetic Scripture regarding the Antichrist has somehow changed! This is a must see for anyone seeking to illustrate how the SDA church has become Babylon just as both Scripture and SOP predicted.

04/08/2011 12:51:55 DNA - God's amazing programming; proof for his existence
"The discovery of DNA and it's marvelous programming to build God's creatures is one of the many, many proofs that God does indeed exist. I could not believe what an incredible insult to our intelligence to have some deluded atheist actually claim DNA was a proof for evolution, no one could possibly be that stupid, thus "decieved" is the proper Bible description for these folks." -Amen to that! In fact, I am convinced that most Atheists are nothing more than irate believers who are angry at God for some silly reason. A reason only Satan can conjure up. As for the rest? Like the one that posted the video said, they have been deceived into believing evolution over and above the mountain of facts exposing it.

04/08/2011 12:51:55 Man Burns 8-Year-Old's Hands as Punishment
"Arizona man under arrest for forcing young girl to put her hands on a hot stove as punishment for stealing." -Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." When I was a child, the term "stealing candy from a baby" was considered a good way to describe a hateful person. Today, such a description pales in comparison to the hearts of some people!

04/07/2011 13:51:00 The Law of God
The Law of God page on this site has an in depth study proving the Law of God is still to be obeyed by the New Testament Christian. On this page (at the bottom) is also a list of rebuttals to this doctrinal fact. Thanks to Pastor Craig of the SDRAsia.org site in the Philippines, many of these rebuttals have been converted into video format for those that may find them useful in sharing this truth with those the Lord put sin their path.

04/07/2011 13:51:00 Tenn. residents worried after sewage spill
"People living near the Little Pigeon River in Tennessee say they're concerned that untreated waste spilling into their community could mean health problems for them in the future." -In other words, if the Fukishima radiation, BP oil, or corexic toxins hasn't made it to your local river to aid in polluting them, your local sewage plants may be the ticket. In any event, the prophecy will be fulfilled. So whatever is needed to cause it to come to fruition, it will come.

04/07/2011 13:51:00 Toronto has its first "slut walk?!"
Homosexual parades, New Orleans "dancing in the streets" decadence, and now this? This easily shows how far our society has fallen! Women are actually marching in protest against those that refuse to allow them to wear immoral clothing in the work place. And one of them says it shouldn't be an issue that causes them to be raped? Yet, it will in fact do that very thing as we all know there are many men out there that are very weak. Especially in these last days were promiscuity is the norm, just as prophesied.

04/07/2011 13:50:59 Living in the tunnels of New York City
It is so sad that in today's world some people have to actually live inside sewers to keep warm in America. Worse yet, I am sure that when the city officials find out about their use of electricity, they will shut it off on them. I say, why not let them keep the electricity on? Wouldn't it be far cheaper than building homeless shelters? Still, some can argue it's unsafe down there. And I agree, but with the billions wasted each month on wars that protect no one from any harm, why not build homeless shelters for the people? After all, it's the politicians fault they're homeless. Please keep praying for them. Their's is a trial many of us would buckle under.

04/06/2011 13:39:31 Dreaded News "Plutonium" Leaking and Spreading
As the reporter said, if a minute spec of plutonium invisible to the naked eye is inhaled it can produce lung cancer. That's one tiny deadly spec! How many particles of plutonium have been wafting skyward? I'm sure they won't be very truthful about that anytime soon. Like the BP oil spill causing massive health problems around the world, things like this cannot be admitted due to the fact lawsuits would literally shut down even the largest corporations. Still. as Christians we have not to worry as our election and calling is sure, if in deed we are in our Father's will. We will glorify Him in whatever manner He deems useful. For the rest of the world? As prophesied, disease and pestilence is now a certainty.

04/06/2011 13:39:31 Feds call on industry to repair aging pipelines
"Federal officials are telling pipeline companies to speed up efforts to repair and replace aging oil and gas lines, saying recent deadly explosions in Pennsylvania and California highlight the need..." -It took a Federal order to force the gas company to repair their aging gas lines? What happened to common sense that says, if it's dangerous, fix it?! In the end times, yes, it does appear as "the norm" for some not to care much about their fellow man. Especially when you're the only game in town. If there was competition in towns for utilities, we would see far less of this I'm sure.

04/06/2011 13:39:31 Pakistan spiders flee floods in web-covered trees
This is an amazing site to see! It looks like millions of spiders were able to escape the floods in Pakistan by climbing into trees. Problem is, where spiders are, webs are prevalent. Or should I say everywhere? Only a creator God can educate spiders in such a way wherein even they, with the brains the size of a pinhead can figure a way out of danger. His love is amazing even when it comes to insects! Sadly, mankind made in His very image can't seem to figure out what's best for them and their own loved ones. When they ignore His will regarding everything from using a deadly substance to generate electricity, to digging for oil in extremely unstable environments, they cannot be expected to hear His will on how to best escape danger either.

04/05/2011 11:01:37 How To: Stupify Society Part 1 of OVER 100 Parts!
"This series is meant to show people how their IQ's are being dropped via chemicals and other techniques of mind manipulation for the sole purpose of keeping the masses and such from thinking "too much." -I agree with the one that posted the video, it is worthy of repeating. We know prophecy says the people of the world will be manipulated by drugs so as to make it easier for Rome to enforce her mark upon them, while at the same time make families dependent upon government when their children are mentally crippled by the AMA. As you watch this and realize this has been their agenda for decades, it becomes easier to see with hindsight being 20/20 as it is that we are clearly very near the end.

04/05/2011 11:01:37 Indiana man allegedly sets girlfriend on fire
"A 31-year-old Indianapolis man is facing serious charges after police say he doused his girlfriend with some sort of flammable liquid, setting her on fire." -What gets me about this is how the reporter coldly states the authorities say cases like this are rare but do happen, as if it's not that big a deal. These sure are amazing days we live in.

04/05/2011 11:01:37 From pop star to president: Haiti's election winner
"Supporters of "Sweet Micky" are celebrating his landslide win in last month's election in Haiti." -It's bad enough the people elect a man that is more entertaining than he is capable of running a nation. Do we need anymore evidence that some politicians are purposely placed simply because they can be easily controlled by someone else? A pop star would have no idea how to rule a nation, and that's exactly what Rome needs if their puppet is going to follow orders as well as men like Obama or Tony Blaire.. The last dozen or so presidents in the USA proved that hands down. They are most assuredly getting all their ducks in a row as we speak.

04/05/2011 11:08:12 4 boys charged with raping 11-year-old girl
"Riverside County prosecutors have charged four teenage boys and one 19-year-old with raping a 11-year-old girl in a park bathroom in Moreno Valley." -A teenaged girl lured this innocent little girl to a place where the boys raped her repeatedly. Had she been home schooled she may never have met the older girl that "befriended" her into this torturous attack. Click here for more reasons to homeschool.

04/04/2011 13:17:08 Japan workers rush to track radioactive water leaking into Pacific
"Highly radioactive water is leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the earthquake-ripped nuclear power plants on the coast of Japan. NBC's Lee Cowan reports. ...Workers used a milky white dye Monday as they frantically tried to trace the path of highly radioactive water that is gushing from a tsunami-damaged Japanese nuclear plant and leaking into the ocean." -The clouds are wafting the radioactive material around the world, and now the ocean is helping to do the same? As prophesied, all the necessary means by which disease and pestilence will spread world wide are actively busy at this time. Compile this disaster with the BP oil spill and Corexit toxins filling the air and waters, it won't be long before we see prophecy coming to fruition in such numbers that everyone on earth will either be sick, or they will know someone who is..

04/04/2011 13:17:08 Many Schools Skipping the Pledge
"Is Pledge of Allegiance being phased out of classrooms?" -Keep in mind these are government schools refusing to recite the pledge of allegiance. No, I am not one that sees a necessity in such a pledge as I pledge loyalty only to Christ. But this act of the teachers does suggest the government is moving forward on an agenda we have been warning people about for decades. The teachers are only following orders as is apparent on how they base every decision on the ability to make money. Schools know if they don't do as the government says they will lose money. That being said, it's obvious they are up to something. What is it? Common sense. If America is to be dissolved all the way down to its sovereignty, they can't have the kids reciting a pledge of allegiance to a defunct nation. Their loyalty to the New World Order is soon the be their pledge. Click here to see what else the schools are up to.

04/04/2011 13:17:08 School Shooting in Indiana
"Jeremy Hubbard reports on the incident involving two 15-year-old boys." -Parents need to be made aware that the school officials knew this would happen, yet nothing was done to protect the child. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Click here to see how crazy it is to have children in schools today.

04/03/2011 10:46:09 Ivory Coast: '800 die in Ivory Coast ethnic violence'
"We have information that at least 800 persons were killed on 29 March in Duekoue in inter-communal violence. Our colleagues saw hundreds of bodies," ICRC spokeswoman Dorothea Krimitsas told Reuters news agency. The head of the ICRC delegation, Dominique Liengme, said in a statement: "This incident is particularly shocking in its size and brutality." -Wars and rumors of wars, riots in many nations, protests on multiple fronts, economic crash, animals dying, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, slavery, serial killings, homosexual weddings, corrupt governments, Catholic priests molesting children, weather modification, Banks collapsing, minors having sex with teachers, Muslims killing hundreds of thousands of Christians each year, millions of foreclosures, legalized marijuana, fuel prices skyrocket, stock markets crashing, legalized infanticide, insane asylums are packed, Satanism is recognized as a religion, hundreds of millions on welfare, Christian Bible is hate speech, chemtrails are poisoning billions, children killing parents, parents killing children, prisons over crowded, false prophets are everywhere, thousands of interment camps globally, weather has changed, magnetic poles are shifting, suicide rate insanely high, food prices sky-rocketing, bloody crimes in the streets, mad cow disease spreading, worker strikes daily, demon possessed people are everywhere, schools teach homosexuality, new diseases every year, millions are starving, police are beating citizens, and the list goes on. One question, do you think it's the end times? If not, why not?

04/03/2011 10:46:06 Pole Dancing for Jesus
"Every 2md Sunday of the month, Crystal Deans invites female church-goers into her pole dancing studio. On Sundays, we do pole fitness for Jesus. We do the upbeat contemporary Christian music because people have to bring their church program to get into the class, so we basically are just continuing the whole worship thing here." -This is the prophecy of Isaiah 4:1 fulfilled in living color! The churches are claiming Jesus Lord while deciphering the Bible their way, walking as they please in life, but they insist on being called Christians to take away their shame.

04/03/2011 10:46:05 Police Beating Caught on Tape
This is insane! These police clearly saw this man's hands raised in surrender, yet they beat him mercilessly. Worse yet, the second lawyer that comments suggests they may have had a reason? The video is plan, he was not resisting. He was surrendering. This is happening more and more frequently as we get closer to the end.

04/01/2011 13:35:04 3/31/2011 - Updates on Fukushima -- Fairewinds Associates, Inc
This is an actual nuclear engineer explaining what's actually happening at Fukushima. He uncovers the fact that the Japanese government is hiding certain facts and in so doing people are not being evacuated. Just as the BP oil spill poisoned the ocean in a way that mankind can never hope to clean, Fukushima is "feed and bleeding" 200 tons of radioactive water into the ocean as we speak. In short, prophecy will be fulfilled. Jesus will return shortly to destroy those that would destroy the earth.

04/01/2011 13:35:03 Scandal Mars Philadelphia Archdiocese
"Priests placed on leave for alleged inappropriate behavior." -It never goes away for the Roman Catholic church because, as prophecy declared thousands of years ago, this church is not only the home of Antichrist, it is the largest known organized group of homosexual child rapists on earth.

03/01/2011 13:35:03 Hazmat crews respond to chemical spill at Rock Island water treatment plant
FYI: "The chemical, Hydrofluorosilicic acid is used to add fluoride to the plants water. Although it poses a burn risk to skin, those living nearby were in no immediate danger." -Are they kidding? They put this in drinking water, it burns through concrete, and they say there's no danger to humans?

04/01/2011 13:41:34 What America has Become Folks!
"Does anyone else see something wrong here or an I Just nuts?" -This is nuts, and this will probably upset some people as to how the "officials" use the police to enforce their unjust laws and threaten to arrest the homeowners if they try to interfere. The local actually officials went around town and literally stole peoples basketball hoops early in the morning and without waiting for a legal response from letters that were sent to State reps proving they will do whatever they wish. On top of that, they literally lied (on film) to the homeowner regarding the process of how they will remove the poles and what happens to the poles. What you're seeing here is a "lite" version of martial law. More and more unjust laws will be the norm now so that when martial law comes in, cops will be there to help any elected official enforce unjust laws upon the people just as prophcey predicted. What are some of these unjust laws? Click here to find out.

31/03/2011 13:50:45 Full meltdown in full swing? Japan maximum nuclear alert
"In Japan, radiation levels in the seawater near the Fukushima plant continue to rise. They're now more than 3.5 thousand times higher than normal." -This is one of your more informative interviews as to what's really happening in Japan. As the facts are laid out, it's beginning to look more and more like there has been an actual meltdown regardless of the reports coming from inside Japan. The only reason officials would lie about such things is of course to prevent stock market problems as well as to prevent further investors walking away from the nuclear industry. To think, they would put the lives of tens of millions at risk for profit. Only in the last days do we see such heartless acts of men.

31/03/2011 13:50:44 Will the government "shut down" on April 8?
"On April 8th, funding for the federal government runs out and a number of lawmakers are saying that they won't pass another short-term extension. The battle in Congress got particularly heated today when Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer was caught on tape on a conference call urging fellow Dems to blame the Tea Party for a possible shutdown." -Seeing how they're already planning to "blame" the tea party for it, it looks inevitable. What happens when a government shuts down, and is it prophetic in nature? See my February 01, 2008 Truth Provided Newsletter for more info. But I will say this, the last time they "shut down" the government, Bill Clinton closed all the national parks. A few days later when the government was "rebooted" we suddenly saw all State park signs sporting a brand new blue plaque stating the parks were now the sole property of the United Nations.

31/03/2011 13:50:44 Tornado near Greensburg(Hempfield) PA on March 23rd 2011'
The kid in the video is understandably excited because he is literally filming a tornado over his home. He does mention he is in Pennsylvania where tornadoes are not at all normal by any means. Many students of prophecy over the years have stated that somehow it has been revealed to them that the weather would be messed up near the very end of life on earth. And it is in fact messed up. In the Midwest we had no Fall last year to speak of, and now that Spring has arrived over a week ago we still have 40 degree highs and 20 degree lows. Not to mention the snow in California or in London. Is it true the Gulf oil spill has permanently destroyed our weather patterns by stopping the Gulf stream dead in its tracks? Time will tell.