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04/03/2015 14:41:11
VIDEO: Q&A~ Moses' Law -vs- God's Law

This is the next video in the Q&A on Video series. I share some Bible passages that show the differences between the two Laws. All too often Christians are taught that the two Laws are the exact same Law when in fact there are many Bible passages that say otherwise. Hopefully this video can help some see what we as obedient Christians see clearly.

04/03/2015 14:41:10
Changes to Indiana law 'largest step ever toward gay rights'

"Nothing in this law would enable a small business to refuse to offer or provide services, facilities, use of a public accommodation, goods, etc.,” said Americans for Truth About Homosexuality President Peter LaBarbera, reading in part from the proposed changes before they were signed into law by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Thursday evening. “It looks like it would preclude a small business owner from using the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, ...Our legal advisers tell us that it actually changes our law in a way that could now erode religious freedom across Indiana. ...LaBarbera said a great deal of the blame for the hysteria in Indiana belongs at the feet of the news media, which, he said, are not even pretending to cover this story objectively. “This is a media-generated crisis, the media working with gay activists."

--As far as I can see, the Indiana Governor purposely caved so as to shore up the homosexual agenda of Rome. How do I know this? Look at the end result of his well televised actions. Keep in mind as well. He's a politician, and like any politician he knows the power of the media.

In the beginning of the week he played the part of "super governor" for the Christians that needed someone to stand in their corner. For a day or two, most Christians were glad. But then, as some of us expected, he showed his true reasons for doing as he did when he "acted" as if he caved.

Caving in the manner by which he did makes the homosexual agenda appear much stronger than it actually is. By using the media to fan the flames while picking one or two Christian businesses to plaster all over the media in a very hateful and negative way not only makes the homosexuals appear victorious and strong, (even though they're only 3.4% of the population) it makes the wishy washy Christians looking on even weaker. And rightly so. As the prophet Isaiah 4:1 predicted, they only claim to be Christians to take away their shame. And so any pressure against them will naturally make them cower in fear.

In today's world we have billions of people claiming to be Christians, but the overwhelming majority of them are not biblical Christians at all. Take the churches in America for example. All of them, including the SDA church have fulfilled the prophecy concerning the creation of the image of the beast. (Click here for info) Their graphic disobedience to God has declared openly they don't want Him in their lives. Seeing how they have free will to make such a decision, as God promises, He steps back and now they're on their own. This is why the smallest minority known to man (the homosexuals) have such power over them. Satan is their god and he has control over those that control the law making process and the media. The wishy washy Christians have no power at all, and so like this governor, they too will cave when the next homosexual comes into their place of business demanding they condone their sinful lifestyles. The fact they already caved and got a 501c3 confirms THEY WILL do all they can to protect their livelihood.

Still.. we must take into consideration that all those churches with the 501c3 also have the ability to lobby law thanks to President Bush "giving life unto the image" on March 7, 2006. I'm really surprised we haven't seen a single pastor step up to awaken the sleeping demon that is snarling in the 501c3 that makes them realize they can use the law of the land to fight the homosexuals in court. After all, they have no faith in the God they claim to worship, so they have no choice but to flex the political muscles given unto them as prophesied.

Is the homosexual agenda in the USA what finally gets the churches to get their feet wet in working side by side with corrupt politicians as the 501c3 granted them as of 2007? Time will tell. Bottom line is, they will eventually use this power when the need for Sunday Laws becomes apparent after the Loud Cry starts emptying their pews.

Oh.. and why haven't any of the "religious leaders" in America stepped up to defend biblical values? Two reasons. #1, they have no biblical values. As prophesied, they are in it for the money, and it's the money and not Christian morals that moves them to action. Which leads to #2, they fear losing their 501c3 tax-exempt status that allows them to make more money.

As expected.. 2015 is looking to be a very intense year. Especially for the lukewarm Christians out there.

04/03/2015 14:41:10
Russian strategist suggests nuking Yellowstone

"The best way for Russia to solve its problem with America would be to trigger a nuclear weapon at Yellowstone National Park and hope it would set off a supervolcano, destroying the continent, according to the chief of a Russian think tank. ...In the alternative, he wrote, a nuke on the San Andreas fault might set off earthquakes that also could decimate large parts of America. His hope would be that it would create a tsunami a mile deep that would wash across the U.S. nearly 1,000 miles inland."

--Living in the last days assures one thing. Power crazed leaders will do anything they can to assure they have a huge and constant paycheck. Even if it means killing over 100 million innocent people that did nothing to them at all, short of being in a country led by yet another power crazed leader.

That all being said, are you saved from the damnation that comes from entering the grave without Christ If not, do you really want to take the chance of going to an unsaved grave when only a simple phone call from Putin can end your life along with over 100,000,000 lives of your neighbors in a few moments? No, I am not saying that will happen. (I hope) But if not Putin in a bad mood, what of the drunkard crossing the double yellow line? Or the crazed gunman who lusts the blood of the innocent? Today mankind has more chances to die an early death than in any other time in history, yet at the same time, we are also living when most aren't ready to die. For it was written in Luke 18:8, "...when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"

04/03/2015 14:41:10
VIDEO: Scientists: New study a 'death blow' to climate hysteria

"A study by scientists at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Meteorology found that man-made aerosols had a much smaller cooling effect on the atmosphere during the 20th Century than was previously thought. Why is this big news? It means increases in carbon dioxide emissions likely cause less warming than most climate models suggest."

--Will this make the Pope and his approved puppet on global warming give up on their strange climate change agenda? Not a chance! Why? It's prophesied they will use the climate changes that are really happening as a way to enforce the mark of the beast. And by the way, so will the corrupt preachers. The fact the Vatican and Gore messed up when given a 50/50 chance to get it right only suggests, like the 8.4 feet of snow 1 hour from the Vatican, that they are liars and lies they will continue to promote. After all, it is their comfort zone.

So, the obvious question is, how can they use climate change to enforce the mark? Last Friday I posted a video titled "URGENT, US Senator Wants Sunday Laws." In that video I illustrate how this is a talking point Roman controlled politicians need to keep before the people in the well controlled media so as to have an easy avenue towards Sunday Laws. But, we all know that the Senator's suggestion for a Sunday Law was based on her thinking that in so doing would slow the immoral landslide of the American people. Problem is, if they tried to push Sunday Laws on immorality alone, she and all in agreement with her would find themselves in an unemployment line seeking government assistance.

The America people are reveling in immorality as prophesied, and there's simply no way anyone is going to stop them because in so doing would cause all the major corporations to lose trillions in profits. They would have to outlaw all gambling, sexually toned commercials, movies, sitcoms, alcohol, marijuana, homosexual marriage, abortion and porn just to name a few. Problem with that idea is, all those industries funnel hundreds of billions of dollars into the political bank account.

The only way they will be able to enforce the mark is to make the people believe their mortal (not eternal) lives are in danger. After all, the sinful decadence running rampant proves they don't care on bit about their eternal lives. That being the case, the prophesied increased calamities is the perfect out. They can keep sinning, but claim a moral act like going to church on Sunday will "appease the gods."

Of course, we know this is only their agreed upon excuse. We already know they only enforce Sunday Laws to slow the exodus from the government funded churches caused by the Loud Cry. 

Still.. another problem has arrived that those in the truth can use to our advantage as well. When they came up with that idea so as to hide their real agenda regarding Sunday Laws, they messed up and picked global warming instead of global cooling. To change their "scientific facts" midstream now would make it next to impossible for anyone to follow their lead. They would be a laughing stock and have to start over with a new agenda. But prophecy says they won't do that. They will choose rather to live the lie so as to save face. After all, Hitler's propaganda monster did say "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

04/03/2015 14:41:10
1,000-year-old onion and garlic eye remedy kills MRSA

"A 1,000-year-old treatment for eye infections could hold the key to killing antibiotic-resistant superbugs, experts have said. ...The remedy was found in Bald's Leechbook - an old English manuscript containing instructions on various treatments held in the British Library. Anglo-Saxon expert Dr Christina Lee, from the University of Nottingham, translated the recipe for an "eye salve", which includes garlic, onion or leeks, wine and cow bile."

--You know why they call them "superbugs" right? It's because the AMA's approach at killing disease, that natural medicine has been killing for eons, is so inept and embarrassing that they had to make the bugs appear as "superbugs" to make themselves appear less clumsy.

By the way, this natural remedy, is just one of many that have proven the AMA is not concerned about fighting disease at all. They are however, very concerned about finding ways to allow disease to live on in the human host under the druggists supervision so as to make insane mountains of money. Insulin is one major example. Diabetes can be cured in 4 days with natural methods wherein now many shoot up insulin daily and shorten their life spans by decades so as to make the AMA rich.

04/03/2015 14:41:10
Pope announces extraordinary Holy Year

"Earlier, he told a Mexican TV channel Friday, the second anniversary of his election, that he "had the feeling" that his papacy "will be short." ..."I have the feeling that my pontificate will be brief: four or five years; I do not know, even two or three," said Francis. "Two have already passed," he added. "It is a somewhat vague sensation. Maybe it's like the psychology of the gambler who convinces himself he will lose so he won't be disappointed and if he wins, is happy," the pope continued."

--This not only confirms the man is a false prophet, he is also extremely conceited. If he was a prophet of God, words like "maybe, perhaps, could be or possibly" would not be in the same breath as a prophetic statement. But then, this is how Rome always works.

For example, the demon calling itself "Mary" or "Queen of Heaven" has made many "prophetic" statements wherein "she" (it) also states, "but if you pray, this can all be diverted." That means, it was NEVER a prophecy from God, but only an agenda of Rome.

What I mean is, like the present Jesuit Pope, these demons know that if they are unable to get a certain task done they will still "prophesy" about it but use extreme vagueness while doing so "just in case" their plans fail. That way, if their agenda fails, they can also claim the prayer of "the faithful" was answered, or the event delayed.

As for the conceit of this Jesuit in Rome that took an oath to kill men, women and children that refuse to bow in worship to him, if he dies in "two or three, maybe even four or five years" the media can 'puff him up" to be seen as a prophet so that the next pope can use his "sainthood" to his advantage. Could it be that's what they tried (and failed) to do with John Paul II's canonization? In any event, read your Bible. In it is Rock hard prophecy that has no gray areas. That way, you won't be fooled by all the Vatican smokescreens spewing all around the world.

04/03/2015 15:50:54
VIDEO: Anoka-Hennepin Schools May Start Depression Screenings

"Minnesota’s largest school district is discussing screening high school students for depression and anxiety in the classroom. As part of a state grant to improve mental health services, Anoka-Hennepin schools could offer a screening as soon as next fall. Dr. Nita Kumar, a mental health consultant for the district, said Friday that the idea is to get students to talk about something they may hide from their parents or not even understand what is happening."

--This is one more way the Psychiatric industry can continue to poison children with psychotropic drugs. But then, that was prophesied was it not? Don't believe me? See this.

04/03/2015 15:53:43
New ABC sitcom celebrates radical 'gay' activist

"Savage infamously has admitted that while suffering from the flu, he volunteered for Bauer’s 2000 campaign, licked doorknobs and other objects at a campaign office, and handed Bauer a saliva-coated pen with the intent of passing on the virus to the candidate and his supporters."

--Shocked? Why? Many homosexuals have done this and worse. The demons in them have done awful acts like this to garner support for their evil lifestyles. Some have also placed HIV infected blood in public areas, stabbed people with syringes filled with HIV blood and many are still lobbying to allow HIV infected people to donate blood.

Still, as evil as this all is, they are still supported and their vile hatred towards Christians encouraged by political leaders. Why? Have you ever read a Bible? If not, go buy one at the dollar store and look up Luke 17:24-30.

04/03/2015 14:41:10
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

VIDEO: Democrats hate Christianity * VIDEO: Big government cracking down on tiny houses? * VIDEO: Fox News talker: Gay rights going 'totalitarianism' * VIDEO: Brown orders California's first mandatory water restrictions: 'It's a different world' * VIDEO: Scientists: New study a 'death blow' to climate hysteria * VIDEO: Atlanta cheating scandal: 11 of 12 convicted * VIDEO: VA makes vet prove leg amputation with X-ray * VIDEO: Dozens dead as Russian trawler sinks off Kamchatka * Does barbaric Georgia prison cell photo depict an American Abu Ghraib? * VIDEO: Leaked Video of Cruise Missile Hitting Pentagon on 911 DOWNLOAD & RE UPLOAD * Iran boasts: 'We will continue' nuke program * 'All evidence suggests Iran already has nuclear warheads' * NYC bomb-plot suspect tied to 'mainstream' U.S. Muslim group * FYI: Volvo Has Developed A New Product To Help Bicyclists Stay Safe On The Roads

04/02/2015 15:54:01
Stop being 'wimps,' GOP governors told

"Liberty Counsel Chairman Matthew Staver is urging Republican governors in the cross hairs of the religious freedom debate to stop being “wimps” and let the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts in their states to stand as they are. ..."People are looking for a strong leader,” he said. “They’re not looking for wimps. They’re not looking for people who backpedal. They’re looking for people who are strong leaders. Pence needs to be a strong leader and not buckle. Hutchinson needs to be a strong leader. They need to stand up to these bullies.”

--As I said yesterday, it does appear as if the governor's back pedaling due to political and financial pressure, while at the same time bowing to Rome's long prophesied homosexual agenda that allows for more and more religiously toned political banter in the media so as to indoctrinate the American people.

It's amazing to watch how easily some people are conned into bowing to all this folderol in a Christian nation that is supposed to have at the very least read a Bible once in a while. Most political leaders mention their "Christian heritage" while campaigning so as to get the job that will then grant them millions when denying their Christian heritage.

Praise the Lord there are still some among us that do read Bibles and do know what we're looking at when we see how homosexuality is being brought forth as not only "the norm" today, but a viciously protected lifestyle that placed all others, especially Christians, in the cross-hairs of any immoral politician with a bulging wallet that needs filling. For it was written long ago in Luke 17:26-30 that says, "And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.  They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.  Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;  But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.  Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed."

One last thing, this video just came in; (click here) in the video we see the media making it very clear that homosexuals are upset at this "new" law. Some have even threatened to burn down a Pizza place that said they would refuse to cater a homosexual wedding. The language in the video intimates the "changes" to the wording of the law would made that decision illegal.

So.. I have to ask... how is this religious freedom when those in power cave in when those in open sin declare they will commit acts of violence against Christians? Again.. the law should be penned in a way that allows for people to deny service if when doing so goes against their faith. The fact there are thousands of pizza parlors and bakers all over Indiana confirms the homosexual has plenty of options to choose from.

QUESTION: If a Christian walked into a homosexual bakery seeking a cake would they be refused? YES. In fact, see this video of a man asking homosexual businesses for cakes with pro-traditional marriage messages on the cakes and they all refused. Yet, they're not mentioned in the media, nor are laws passed against them? Why? See the above Bible verses I posted from Luke 17. We are THAT close. It seems the homosexuals are not for equality at all. They truly do want to have their cake and eat it too.

04/02/2015 15:54:01
Most Americans now say Jesus actually a sinner

"But when the divinity of Jesus is asserted, only 56 percent of Americans agreed. Among Elders – those born before 1946 – 62 percent said Jesus was God, but among Millennials, the number dropped to 48 percent. Those rejecting Jesus as God said He was a just another spiritual figure, comparable to Muhammad or Buddha."

--This was prophesied to happen long ago. Not only does this fulfill the prophecy wherein they will preach "another Jesus" unto the people, it also fulfills 2 Timothy 4:3-4 that said, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;  And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables."

To believe Jesus sinned opens the door to many false gods that the people are tempted to think they can find peace with. But as the article also illustrates, this claim that Jesus sinned also makes it easy to believe in the false "one God" theology of some SDA's and all Roman Catholics. Some SDA's have even gone so far as to quote fallen heretical people they claim as pioneers to shore up this heresy. This Trinitarian theology wherein Jesus isn't a God and the Holy Spirit is just a thought process or even just the breath of God allows them to agree with Rome, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and all the other false religions that declare there is but "one" God. This mindset is a must when "the One" as some occultists affectionately call Satan appears as Antichrist on earth.

See this page on my site that exposes the lie of the trinity in much detail and then see this page that shows why they have been tempted to preach 'one God' or Trinitarian theology. And yes, it all has to do with readying a people to accept the coming Antichrist as a god on earth.

04/02/2015 15:54:01
Iranian General: 'Erasing Israel Off the Map' Is 'Nonnegotiable'

"The commander of the Basij militia of Iran's Revolutionary Guards said in an interview that "erasing Israel off the map" is "nonnegotiable," The Times of Israel reported. "

--It's this type of madmen that Obama and his puppeteer in Rome are making deals with on a daily basis now. Muslims' hate Jews, this is a no brainer. We also know that Obama is a Muslim, the Vatican is pro-Islam and
Hitler, a Roman Catholic Emperor following orders for his papal god in Rome killed over 6 million Jews. Why? As prophesied, Rome craves the land of Israel so as to set up shop there. They already have sovereign
authority over more than one holy site.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not saying the Jews of today are the "chosen people." They are not. Click here for a quick study in the Word and historic record or click here for a short video to confirm this.

What I am saying is that it is insane to think it's perfectly ok to commit genocide so as to benefit one's political power as well as build up a financial standing. But Rome, who is obviously influencing both Obama and Iran, have committed acts of
genocide many times in their history. In fact, it was after annihilating 3 nations, they set up shop as the prophesied "woman on the beast" (Church & State) when Vigilus ascended the papal chair under the military protection
of Belsarius. So, once again... all roads lead to Rome.

04/02/2015 15:54:01
Michelle Obama: 'Black girls rock!'

"Obama got arguably the night's loudest ovation as she came on stage and declared "Black girls rock!" - the slogan and name of the organization founded by Beverly Bond."

--I purposely waited a few days to see if any major News Network picked up on this, and they didn't! So, let me ask you this. If a white political leader was to come on stage and shout "white girls rock" would the media scream racist? Yes, they would do so in big bold letters! So, why is it Michelle Obama can shout "black girls rock" and no one in the main stream media is saying anything about it?

And by the way, the article does state that it wasn't just black girls attending that event. Many young white girls were there as well. That means it was not only a racist remark, it was a slam on those white girls in that gathering. And all this from the first lady of the United States of America? ...not good.

04/02/2015 15:54:01
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

VIDEO: 147 dead Christians in Kenya University * VIDEO: US readies $5bn for anti-China orbital defense weaponry * VIDEO: ‘Resisting arrest’ could lead to felony punishment in NY * VIDEO: ‘Provocative, foolhardy’: US army parade hardly conducive to peace, stability in Europe * VIDEO: Nearly 1 billion DOD tech items sold on eBay, Craiglist * VIDEO: US ‘War on Terror’ killed 1.3 million over decade * VIDEO: Britain to offer all infants meningitis B vaccine as part of nationwide program * Assange Reveals That The West is Behind ISIS And Ukraine Crisis And Israel Behind Hamas * VIDEO: Shut up and pay the fine: Obamacare * VIDEO: Filipino Catholics take part in self-flagellation to mark Good Friday * 'Gay'-rights advocates back Indiana law

04/01/2015 12:47:30
VIDEO: Indiana Governor calls for 'clarification' of religious freedom bill

"The Governor of Indiana has called for new legislation to clarify that a newly-signed religious freedom law does not allow discrimination against gays, following a strong backlash." --As I see it, the law was designed to help all faiths. For example, it would help the Jewish jeweler with the legal right to refuse to make jewelry with Nazi symbolism on it just as it would help the Christian refuse to make a cake for a homosexual wedding. But the hatred is obviously geared towards the Christian as usual.

I hope I'm wrong, but it does appear the governor may be getting ready to back-pedal his original decision for the law due to massive political and financial pressure from the billionaires with the real power. So, could it be as some of us assumed? It was just another way to keep religious banter flowing in politics? Yes, it appears so.

Think about that for a moment. Take abortion for example. The Vatican has many hospitals that kill babies in abortion. Better yet, Pope John Paul II admitted the Vatican killed babies all along in his mea culpa. But in the political area Rome claims to be against it. Why is that? Without their political claims against abortion they wouldn't be able to keep Catholic theology on the lips of most politicians. Yes, they claim it's "Christian" theology, and abortion is murder, but the Catholic church is not a Christian church at all. It's the prophesied whore of Babylon that will and has tried to destroy Christianity.

The fact the soon coming Sunday Laws are religious laws means they must have a way to keep religious comments in the political realm so that when the day comes to enforce them, speaking about such things won't raise many eyebrows in the general populace as they have already been condition to expect it. Need I remind you of what Arizona State Senator said last week on camera?

Or, look at homosexual marriage as yet another prime example on how Rome keeps religious chaff flowing in politics. They say they're against homosexual marriage, yet the present Jesuit Pope is pro-homosexual, the  Vatican priesthood is 98% homosexual and those very same priests are dying of AIDS 11 times greater than anyone else. In fact, the Rome Catholic Vatican is the largest known homosexual organization on the planet! That means they benefit the most by all these homosexual laws against Christians.

Bottom line is, they use the homosexual agenda to keep the Bible in politics like to do with abortion so as to have the foundation to enforce the mark of the beast. After all, everyone with a Bible knows the mark is a religious law. I mean it's first mentioned in the Bible is it not? Without the religious back and forth in the media they would have no chance whatsoever at introducing religious laws in the coming days. The prophet Daniel wasn't kidding when he said this beast would be crafty!

04/01/2015 12:47:30
'Disarm NYPD' movement grows in New York

"An activist group calling itself “Disarm NYPD” is seeking to strip officers of their firearms and boot them from select neighborhood streets, all in the name of keeping city citizens safe. ...We feel that the police have proven that they’re not responsible enough to carry arms due to the fact that they’ve been killing people so consistently for so many decades."

--It has actually gotten that bad in New York City for such a group as this to be formed?! This group even suggests "no cop zones" in areas they know are "over policed."

Now yes, we all know about how much money can be made in arresting people. So much so that private prisons are all the rage now. The USA has more prisoners than any other nation on earth and so the apparent cash cow is in fact on the butcher block. That being the case, cops will naturally gravitate towards those areas.

But it's not always about the money. Innocent people living in those areas are often trapped in poverty and so the cops need to be there. This new group's solution? Let them form their own "community-based forms of conflict resolution." Good idea? Not in a million years. Why? The criminals in power in those areas will be able to control or even "do away" with those they can't control and like the Old West, some of those neighborhoods will become a cesspool of criminal activity.

In short, I doubt very seriously the cops will allow this group to do as they want for two reasons. #1, it's just crazy to allow criminals to police themselves. (like the Vatican tries and fails to do) It simply doesn't work that way! #2, there's simply too much money to be made arresting people.

 End result? A militarized powerful police force will be formed and more will die.

04/01/2015 12:47:30
VIDEO: Capracotta, Italy, snow: Italian village buried by 100.8 inches of snow in 18 hours

"It's not an official record yet, but it looks like the Italian village got 100.8 inches (256 centimeters) on Thursday, setting the all-time mark for most snow in 24 hours. Pescocostanzo, about 21 miles (34.6 kilometers) away, only got 94.5 inches (240 cm)."

--I just had to laugh out loud when I saw this. Capracotta Italy is only a 2 hour drive from the Vatican, or a 1 hour drive as the crow flies. The Vatican is pushing global warming, and even though they are ignoring all the real Science proving the earth is cooling, they now have an 8.4 foot snowfall in their own neighborhood confirming something's amiss in the science being promoted by the Pope. It's almost as if the Lord is boldly saying they lied.

04/01/2015 12:47:30
The feds' plan to force vaccines on adults

"But in the last several months – indeed in the last weeks – there has been a literal torrent of new assaults on our liberty: In November 2014, the G20 countries redefined your money in the bank as something other than money. Therefore, in a banking collapse, you are not really insured and will be last in line behind the big derivative bailouts. Then, Obama used his pen and phone technique to ban 5.56 ammunition. Of course, he just stuck his toe in the water to see what happened, and since he apparently got away with it, nothing prevents him from banning 45s or SUVs or tanning booths, or anything else he despises. But the one that has me totally exercised is the recent position paper by the Department of Health and Human Services, “National Adult Immunization Plan” published Feb 5, 2015."

--As expected, more unjust laws for the last days on earth. This one however appears to be one they are purposely designing to generate public revolt or anarchy. Many "adults" aren't going to allow them to do this. However, many "adults" have allowed them to do this to their own children; so of course, Obama's friends in the massively corrupt AMA, who now have lawsuit immunity against anyone maimed or killed by their vaccines, can now generate billions more in profits by forcing adults to be forcibly poisoned. From bad to worse.. but then, we are very near the end.

03/01/2015 12:47:30
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

VIDEO: Benham Brothers defend Indiana religious-freedom law * VIDEO: Government actually legislating suicide now * VIDEO: Death penalty for mentally ill to get Supreme Court hearing * Russian strategist suggests nuking Yellowstone * Facebook accused of tracking all users even if they delete accounts, ask never to be followed * VIDEO: Fear of Demons Led School Assistant to Barricade Class * VIDEO: Barron Collier students say rats are taking over high school * More transgender shows coming to TV * Nashville Prosecutors Have Made Sterilization of Women Part of Plea Deals * VIDEO: 4 Star Admiral: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrated All Of Our National Security Agencies * Congress Pushes Obama-backed National Biometric ID for Americans

31/03/2015 12:24:41
Judge authorizes sterilization of mother-of-six with learning disabilities

"A mother-of-six with learning disabilities can be sterilised, a judge has ruled. Health authority and social services bosses had asked Mr Justice Cobb to authorise forced entry into the woman’s home, the use of “necessary restraint” and sterilisation, at a hearing in the court of protection – where issues relating to sick and vulnerable people are examined – in London. They argued such moves were in the best interests of the woman, who is 36." --Sound familiar? It should; Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler under Vatican orders did all he could to supposedly improve the genetic quality of the human population by doing away with what Rome considered a "life unworthy of life," so as to make way for the "perfect Aryan race" also known as his "master race." Why is this still happening today? Hitler is dead.. but his god in Rome is not.

31/03/2015 12:24:41
Police Seek Motive in Mesa Shooting That Killed 1

"Police said in a court document that Giroux sustained minor facial and other injuries while resisting arrest and struggling with officers." --The only reason I'm sharing this article is because of the picture accompanying it. More and more often we are seeing mug shots of people that are all beat up and bloody after being 'arrested' by police. And we are also finding that many times the people are found completely innocent. That means they were beaten for no reason and yet, the police are not charged with crimes. Yet, if you so much as touch a cop in some cities they declare it felony assault? THAT brothers and sisters is the age old definition of a police state.

31/03/2015 12:53:47
VIDEO: Taking Christ's name in vain, Biden blasts biblical marriage 'bigots'

"While addressing one of the nation's leading homosexual activist groups on Friday in the nation's capital, Vice President Joe Biden used the name of Jesus Christ in vain while defending the claim of the LGBT community that homosexuality is hereditary." --did you notice the crowd cheered and applauded when Biden blasphemed Jesus? This man is Roman Catholic and so using the name of Jesus like a curse word is the norm. I know, I was Catholic 29 years and everyone I knew did that. I on the other hand never understood why because even as a child I knew His name and knew it was wrong to do that. But Catholics for the most part (not all praise God) are taught it's perfectly ok to slander Jesus, mock Jesus and even blaspheme Jesus. BUT, the minute you speak ill of the Pope.. expect a problem. Why? It's because they believe "The Pope takes the place of Jesus Christ on earth...by divine right the Pope has supreme and full power in faith, in morals over each and every pastor and his flock. He is the true vicar, the head of the entire church, the father and teacher of all Christians. He is the infallible ruler, the founder of dogmas, the author of and the judge of councils; the universal ruler of truth, the arbiter of the world, the supreme judge of heaven and earth, the judge of all, being judged by no one, God himself on earth." -Quoted in the New York Catechism. (Click here for more quotes like this) So, for Biden to blaspheme Jesus? It's nothing compared to what his many gods in Rome do daily.

31/03/2015 12:24:41
White House office to delete its FOIA regulations

"The White House is removing a federal regulation that subjects its Office of Administration to the Freedom of Information Act, making official a policy under Presidents Bush and Obama to reject requests for records to that office." --Why? Do I really need to answer that question? How about I just give you 666 guesses to figure out what they're up to and why they need to hide it from the general public. If you're a student of prophecy, you already know. For those that don't study prophecy, all I can say to you is, why not? Studying prophecy today is one of the easiest ways to see God's Word glorified. Christian prophecy is hands down the most powerful means by which to declare unto all that Jesus Christ is coming VERY soon!

31/03/2015 12:24:41
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

VIDEO: Colombia's first women priests preach religious gender equality * Iran flip-flops on key nuke provision * Michelle Obama: 'Black girls rock!' * VIDEO: Runaway rhino kills one, injures six in Nepal * VIDEO: 4th Grader Shames School Board On Standardized Testing And Receives A Standing Ovation * VIDEO: No one helps man beaten on train! * 'Disarm NYPD' movement grows in New York * New spa-like abortion clinic is part of a trend to de-stigmatize the procedure * VIDEO: Undercover video: College OKs pro-ISIS club * U.S. signed agreement with Mexico to teach immigrants to unionize * BREAKING: As U.S. Military Prepares Martial Law Drills Called “Operation Jade Helm,” Chechnya Threatens to Arm Mexico for Confrontation with U.S. Southern Border States

30/03/2015 13:41:00
VIDEO: 1 dead after driver tries to ram gate at NSA headquarters

"Two men dressed as women tried to ram the gate of the National Security Agency headquarters in Fort Meade with an SUV Monday morning, resulting in a shooting that left one person dead, according to authorities and sources familiar with the investigation." --okay.. I'm going to jump the gun a tad bit here and wonder out-loud just because we all know how "reliable" the US media is now-a-days. (%cough%) Notice if you will that they only say the two men were "dressed as women," but then stop short on how exactly they were dressed. Being the NSA headquarters of the most hated nation on earth (by Muslims) one has to assume they were in fact Muslim men crashing the gate. Being Muslim, they would be "dressed as women" in burqas, which if you notice is the perfect disguise for some Muslim men hell-bent on doing harm when trying to get close to their targets. If this is so, one can expect the pro-Islam media will not state it was burqas they were wearing and they won't go so far as to say they were terrorists. The fact they're already claiming it wasn't a terrorist act suggests this will be their published opinion from this day forward. If they somehow do slip up and actually admit the two men were Muslim, then confirmation could be easily assumed burqas were used. And yes, just so you know, this is the 'unspoken' reason burqas are illegal in France.

30/03/2015 13:41:00
Wendy Davis supporter hurls bomb at pro-lifers

"A new level of violence apparently has been reached by abortion advocates in Texas, which has been rocked by the issue recently, including a disruption in the state legislature when pro-abortion Democrat state Sen. Wendy Davis staged a 13-hour filibuster and later when her supporters were caught on a recording chanting “Hail Satan.” The latest case has resulted in the arrest of a Davis supporter, Melanie Toney, 52, on a charge she lobbed a lit glass bottle with explosive fuel out of her car at pro-life activists near an abortion clinic." --They openly hail satan, they throw bombs at people trying to save the lives of babies and they think this is completely normal behavior? Which side would you rather be on? The side of the Lord who created you as well as those little babies? Or on the side of satan who wants to kill you and those little babies? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

30/03/2015 15:22:07
Resistance to militarized cops begins

"Nightscopes, military assault rifles, grenade launchers and 14-ton Mine-Resistance Ambush-Protected vehicles built for taking down terrorist enclaves are becoming part of the toolbox of local police departments under a federal program that ships such equipment out on request and without charge." --Now do you see why the "war on terrorism" is the perfect excuse for those in power that seek a way to control all the people in every city in the nation? They can use the "terrorist" card to justify arming your local police to the teeth with military equipment. Why do that you ask? Look around at all the other nations the world over that have rioted and are rioting. They know the people in America will eventually crack and act out just as all the others have when their leaders continue to perform all these illegal acts without so much as a slap on the wrist. Sadly, in some areas of the nation they count on civil war so as to allow them to not only bring about martial law, but to get those tens of thousands of tanks on US soil right now ready for deployment on neighborhood streets. And yes, that is also why years ago in Texas and other southern states you saw our own military performing "urban warfare" exercises as they are doing right now in Florida.

30/03/2015 13:41:00
'The hoax is the work of Glenn Beck'

"The plan, first proposed in 1966, calls for a flood of Americans to obtain public welfare with the intention of precipitating an economic crisis that hastens the fall of capitalism and replaces it with a national system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty.” --Whether this theory is a hoax or not in the eyes of the author, doesn't really matter. The fact is, it was penned in 1966 and we now see Obama overloading the economy in the same way originator of the Cloward-Piven Strategy suggests is a good way to bring about a Socialist format wherever it's used. Whether Obama's using Piven's ideas or implementing them alongside another Socialist strategy doesn't make any difference whatsoever. The fact remains, this strategy, or a conglomerate of such strategies, will cause America to become a Socialist State. Rome wants it, Rome demanded it, and Rome is implementing it via their puppet in DC. So again, who cares if Beck, (who has many strange issues on his own) is right or wrong. Reality is and always has been what's defined by the evidence at hand. The fact they are doing all they can to make it appear as a hoax also makes it appear valid. For example; do you recall how for decades students of prophecy warned about the New World Order of Rome and how every politician and Vatican mouthpiece denied it in writing and on camera as being part of their present agenda? And as soon as Bush (#1) echoed what his father, (who helped Hitler) and the pope of his day had Hitler declares as "my new order," suddenly everyone in politics started to call for a New World Order as if it was some brand new idea. So.. hoax or not, I have eyeballs and a fairly viable lump of gray matter to see clearly that Obama is doing all he can to overload the economy (to the tune of 18 trillion in debt) so as to bring about that long prophesied one world government the Pope, Hitler and everyone in agreement with them call a New World Order.

30/03/2015 14:00:46
600 Students Expelled for Cheating on School Exams in India

"The incident has received widespread attention after Indian television footage showed parents and friends of students scaling the outer walls of school buildings to pass cheat sheets to students inside taking exams. More than 1.4 million 10th graders are taking the tests at more than 1,200 high schools across the state. They face tremendous pressure because they must pass the exams to continue their education." --Is it any wonder this world is in such a mess? Look at that picture! Those are the parents of the students climbing the walls of the school to help their kids cheat! Amazing!

30/03/2015 13:40:59
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

'No more Christians in Mideast within 2 years' * Video: Christians herded into sea, gunned downVIDEO: Chile flash flood devastation, people, pets struggle in mud & wreckage * VIDEO: Chaos at NSA HQ: 1 dead, 2 hurt * Feds hide details of Navy SEALs shootdown * He, She Or Hen? Sweden's New Gender-Neutral Pronoun * VIDEO: Clinton Foundation's biggest donor was Ukrainian oligarch * Alarms raised over pope's sex-abuse commission * Urban warfare training rattles Florida town * Resistance to militarized cops begins * 10 years later, Terri Schiavo's death still haunts * VIDEO: Mike Pence slams press as 'reckless' * FYI: Thousands of UK frequent-flyer accounts hacked * VIDEO: Florida church van crash kills 8

29/03/2015 11:25:06
Christians face 'backlash' for religious-freedom bill

"I totally understand that gay people want freedom and don’t want to be discriminated against, but neither do religious believers. And we do have this thing in America called freedom of religion. It’s the first right in the Bill of Rights. In a civil society of real freedom and real tolerance, both sides need to find a way to tolerate one another. Tolerance doesn’t mean tolerating only what you agree with. That’s not tolerance. ...#BoycottIndiana remained the top “trending” hashtag on the social networking site a day after the bill was signed." --Okay, here's the thing; I truly hope the people understand that the homosexual population in America is the SMALLEST one on record. They are only 3.4% of the population. That being the case, all you businessmen in Indiana have absolutely nothing to worry about when they scream boycott. Also keep in mind that the only reason the homosexual community has so much free airtime and political power is because of a meeting held in the Vatican back in June of 1999 wherein all CEO's and politicians were present. They are the ones that agreed to push Rome's homosexual agenda along with their buy and sell prophesied mark. So, it's only the 1% of the population of the planet, or the "elite" as some call them that are pushing this, so.. let them. You won't see a single drop in sales no matter how many homosexuals boycott your business. And by the way, why all the hoopla in the media? 19 other States have laws like Indiana, yet no media frenzy there. Why? DISTRACTION! (again) It's obviously another end run around reality so as to bring in religious talking points in politics. If it wasn't for the homosexual agenda, we wouldn't be hearing so much religious banter in the media from people who never even read a Bible. It's just one more smokescreen Rome is using to do as prophecy said they would. So.. don't let it bother you. After all, we have the promised peace of Jesus to calm our hearts. Seeing all His prophesied statements fulfilling with 100% accuracy confirms, HE IS STILL IN CONTROL!

29/03/2015 11:25:06
Alarms raised over pope's sex-abuse commission

"Several members of Pope Francis' sex abuse advisory board are expressing concern and incredulity over his decision to appoint a Chilean bishop to a diocese despite allegations from victims that he covered up for Chile's most notorious pedophile. ...It was an almost unheard-of vote of no-confidence for a bishop in an overwhelmingly Catholic country in a part of the world that the Argentine pope knows well. ...It goes completely against what he (Francis) has said in the past about those who protect abusers," --The last three Popes had the exact same negative press releases after "promising" to do something about the homosexual child rapists in in the Vatican and people are "shocked" at how this Pope (like all others) has gone back on his word? Really? It's appalling? No.. not really, it's business as usual. When are the people finally come to realize that these pedophiles in the Vatican have been raping children from day one and they will never stop EVER? So when will these people realize all this? When their sins are finally shouted from the rooftops. These Roman Catholic priests are the most vile men on the planet in every generation since Satan set up this church. Worse yet, the Jesuits are even more diabolical in that they not only rape children, they have taken an oath to kill them as well as their mothers and fathers. And now, the most evil church on earth has a Jesuit Pope? It's only a normal end result of the decadence embraced by those that worship Satan claiming to be Christians so as to destroy the faith of billions. Not to worry though... they have very little time left to continue. MARANATHA!

29/03/2015 11:25:05
Islam Wants to Convert Rome

"In the propaganda videos of the Islamic State there are many prophecies about the fall and the conquest of Rome. There is a long Islamic tradition aiming at Rome, “Romiyyah”, aiming to make it the fourth holiest city of Islam (after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem) and the base from which Islam will conquer the Western world. Rome is the greatest magnet of the mystical Islamic universe." --As we recently discovered, evidence has been unearthed that confirms the Vatican wrote the Koran. As we also know, Rome has re-written the Christian Bible many times over because they hate the KJV Bible because it exposes them as Antichrist. In fact, the KJV Preface states that in writing. That all being said, Rome knows about the prophecy of her fall before the eyes of mankind in the end. And so it appears they have figured out a way to use that prophesied event to their advantage. Now do you see why Rome has been promoting Islam and Shariah law? Prophecy says they will behead Christians that refuse the mark, right? And who on earth has a "holy book" that was written by Rome who also behead Christians? It doesn't take a theologian, rocket scientist or even a neurosurgeon to figure this out. All one needs to do is read the Word, obey the Lord, and His truth WILL be made known on to you. That's part of the reason you will have that perfect peace in the midst of all this chaos.

29/03/2015 11:25:05
VIDEO: Parents Want Boy Kicked Out of Middle School for Book He Wrote

"When should a student’s threats of violence be taken seriously and when should they be taken with a grain of salt? That’s the dilemma a Texas middle school is facing this week, after a student’s graphic and threatening book, “Killing Children,” surfaced online, pushing frightened pupils and parents to press for his expulsion. ...“It’s very graphic,” Shawnteel Blodgett, the mother of a student killed in the book, told the news station. “I haven’t been able to eat or sleep, nor has my daughter. She’s very upset about that.” ...Student threats are rising, Trump found through a 2014 analysis of school-based threats, due in large part to social media." --Why isn't he expelled? The school actually said they are discussing whether or not it could be allowed under "free speech" laws. Really? The second a kid talks about Jesus he's immediately reprimanded, beaten, suspended and even expelled, but if he talks about killing the kids that bully him he may be 'legally' able to do so? And yes, these are TEACHERS that have this question. Me thinks (again) even the kids have more sense than the teachers! Bottom line is, schools are not a safe place for children! Want proof? Click here.

29/03/2015 13:53:55
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

URGENT! VIDEO: US Senator Wants SUNDAY LAWS! * Christians herded into sea, gunned down * Christians face 'backlash' for religious-freedom bill * VIDEO: Yemen bombed: 'Crisis could deepen to all-out Sunni-Shia religious war, real aim is to stop Iran' * Shock claim: Why Obama refused to help fight Boko Haram * Muslims angry at Texas mayor after she stops Sharia court * VIDEO: Monsanto lobbyist: ‘Pesticide safe for humans to drink, but I’m not an idiot to try it myself' * WOW! VIDEO: Canada cops unleash tear gas at close range on anti-austerity protesters in Quebec * Alarms raised over pope's sex-abuse commission * 1 in 20 students in UK worked in sex trade to fund living cost * VIDEO: LA light rail train hits car, partially derails; 21 hurt * Mercury levels in Hawaiian yellowfin tuna increasing

27/03/2015 14:56:59

 --That's right, you read the title correctly! Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen, while discussing gun laws, actually suggested to the Senate Appropriation Committee mandatory attendance in churches on Sundays for all US citizens! If you're one to ignore or scoff at the prophetic facts being fulfilled regarding the mark of the beast and Sunday laws, if you're one to ignore the thousands of articles all over the world promoting Sunday Laws, what say ye now? And if you're a lukewarm Christian who is more concerned about trivial matters in life, do you think it's time you started to get serious about your walk and do what you were created to do? The Lord needs SERIOUS Christians to go forth in the loud cry! ARE YOU ONE?

27/03/2015 14:56:58
VIDEO: Q&A~ Is God Showing Signs Today?

--As promised, this is the first video in the "Q&A on Video" series I was 'asked' to do for the brethren when I was in prayer last week or so. This video's question is, "Why doesn't God use the blunt and amazing signs and prophetic fulfillments He used in the Old Testament?" I hope and pray this new page titled, Q&A on Video is a blessing to all concerned. (If you have any questions you would like to see answered on video, email me and I will get to it asap)

27/03/2015 14:56:58
'Huge surge' of 'unscreened' Muslims flooding U.S.

"It’s a huge surge under Obama. In the last three years, he’s averaged 100,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations a year. That is very alarming. It’s more than we’re importing both from Central America and Mexico combined. This is a big shift in immigration flows. ...It’s really insane what we’re doing. No one’s really talking about it, but this mass immigration from Muslim countries poses a serious national security threat,” --What we see happening here is the main reason Obama, a Muslim, was placed in the Whitehouse as president by the Roman Catholic Vatican. Unless they allow for Shariah Law in America, they won't be able to enforce the mark, and unless they have plenty of ready and willing Muslims manning the 30,000+ guillotines for the Vatican, none of this will come to fruition. So, it's common sense that we see many "unscreened" Muslims from violent regions of the world flooding into the USA. After all, it's not like prophecy said the end times was going to be a cake walk.

27/03/2015 14:56:58
Homeland chief likens Quran to 'American values

"Jeh Johnson, the secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, raised some eyebrows recently when he likened the Quran to American values and Martin Luther King. ...After receiving his award, he spoke fondly of the Quran, MPAC reported. ...DHS secretary Jeh Johnson says reading of Quran reminds him of quintessential American values.” --Still think students of prophecy are ill-advised in thinking the Vatican inspired Quran is going to help them bring about Shariah Law or a faction of it in America after hearing statements like this coming from the Department of Homeland Security? If so, you seriously need to put down the remote, turn off the video game, walk away from computer for a moment and WAKE UP! It's time to "prepare to meet thy God!"

27/03/2015 14:56:57
Priest arrested for exorcism on anorexic girl

"A judge in Burgos has called for the arrest of exorcist, Jesús Hernández Sahagún, along with the girl’s priest after she went through 13 exorcisms while still a minor. Sahagún, the official exorcist of Valladolid, is facing charges of gender violence, causing injury and mistreatment according to local newspaper, Diario de Burgos, and has been asked to make a statement on the events." --It's bad enough this Roman Catholic priest violently attacked this frail child, he did so 13 times and wasn't even done "exorcising" the demon yet. Here's the thing. Do a tad bit of research on Vatican approved exorcism methods and you will find a cash cow for Rome. Vatican prelates have no faith in Jesus Christ. In fact, they have stated in writing they hate Christians. These priests are not only 98% homosexual, they have also been exposed as card carrying devil worshipers. That is the main reason they have no power in casting out demons. Didn't Jesus say in Matthew 12:26 that "if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?" Let me ask you this. How many times would Jesus or any of His obedient Apostles have to say "come out" to the demons in people? 13 times? 10 times? or even 5 times? Nope! They only had to say it ONE TIME! But because Roman Catholics are taught not to trust Bibles, and their priests rely on this, they can make tons of money charging them for multiple exorcism sessions. Need I remind you of what happened in September of 2002? A teen aged girl that was possessed by a demon started to convulse under the power of that demon during a Mass held by Pope John Paul II. When she started to spew insults in a cavernous voice, the Vatican's head exorcist, or "chief Satan buster" as he was called, tried to cast the demon out this little girl and the demon laughed and pushed him away with "super human strength" according to the Vatican. And then, the Pope himself came off his "throne" and tried to cast the demon out as well. The Vatican then reported, "Despite the Pope's efforts and those of his chief "Satan-buster", Fr Gabriele Amorth, the girl remained "possessed." The Devil's voice sneeringly laughed from within her at the Pope's failed attempt to drive him away." (click here for entire articles) Sometimes it's that easy to expose the man of sin.

27/03/2015 14:56:57
US annual threats assessment removes Iran from terror threats list

"Outside of the politically correct verbiage and categorization issues (such as replacing the term “jihadist” with “violent extremist”), the report reveals that the intelligence community believes Tehran presents a persistent, significant threat to the United States. The report reveals that Iran presents a significant threat to the United States: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is an ongoing threat to US national interests because of its support to the Assad regime in Syria, promulgation of anti-Israeli policies, development of advanced military capabilities, and pursuit of its nuclear program.” --And still, some don't believe Obama is a Muslim and Rome is backing Iran's Nuclear program so as to put pressure on the Jewish population they have always hated. It's amazing how the hatred of a few power crazed men can threaten the lives of so many people. What's even more amazing is how some actually think the people of physical Israel are the chosen people of God today when the biblical fact is, they are not. But then Rome needs people to think they are so the prophecies exposing their agenda can be kept well hidden while the REAL Israel of the Bible is slowly but surely being persecuted and martyred all over the world. After all, it's not like Rome has never used smokescreens before.

27/03/2015 14:56:57
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Japanese Tea Tests Positive For Fukushima Radiation * Cop Arrested After Video Shows Her Shoot Unarmed Man in Back Lying Face Down in the Snow * Antibiotics in meat on the rise worldwide, especially bacon * VIDEO: Teen shoots dead 6-year-old brother and kills himself * 'Huge surge' of 'unscreened' Muslims flooding U.S. * VIDEO: Gov. Mike Pence signs 'religious freedom' bill * Covert warfare coming to Texas * U.S. caves to key Iranian demands on nuke deal * Lefty lawmaker warns: Climate change makes women prostitutes * VIDEO: Transgender homecoming king commits suicide * Institute of Physics Accused of Corruption as Climate Change ’97 Percent Consensus’ Claim is Debunked * Bill allows shooting babies through heart with poison * VIDEO: Police seek two people unaccounted for after New York explosion

26/03/2015 16:23:48
Judge convicts Christian for voicing Bible verse

"A Christian street preacher convicted and fined by a U.K. judge, who also serves with an Islamic Shariah court, is guilty of having breached the public order by his choice of Bible verses. Michael Overd, a former British paratrooper who has been street preaching for five years, was convicted this week of delivering “homophobic sermons” over a loudspeaker in Taunton, Somerset, last summer." --Some can say when a man speaks what he believes to be the truth, it is usually his own opinion and subject to debate. But the Bible is a book penned by God, which has been debated for thousands of years. These unchanging truths are now known and well understood by both the 'intelligent' believer and unbeliever as something not worth fighting over anymore because it's been done to death. As both sides can see, not 50 years ago those very same truths were still considered truth by all, far and wide. And even though the ancient Word of God has never been changed, although Rome has tried to change it, suddenly the truths that were embraced as such for 6000 years are now suddenly untrue? How is that possible? How is it possible for something most agreed on to be truth, especially in the area of the unnatural act of homosexuality suddenly become a lie? It's because Satan knows his time is short and those that bow to his lordship will do as he commands. Once again we have the confirmed facts dictating that the Word of the Creator God is now considered hate speech just as prophecy in that same Bible predicted it would be. That all being said, do you, 'the scoffer,' still believe the end of days is far off? If stories like this cause you to question that long lived mindset, then please click here to get the answers you need regarding all the well confirmed historic facts matched to Christian prophecy that declares, we are very near the end.

26/03/2015 16:23:48
VIDEO: Ivy League dean: ISIS welcome on campus

"A secretly shot video seems to capture Cornell University’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido, claiming it’s quite OK for an ISIS “freedom fighter” to come to campus and talk to students about the group’s mission. ...About midway through the interview, the reporter asks Scaffido: “Maybe we could bring a freedom fighter to speak. That would be possible?” And Scaffido, who’s identified as working with Cornell for more than 20 years, replies: “Yep. We’ve done things like that, yep.” --You have GOT to be kidding me!? Why does this happen? As the end of the video reports, each University in America get hundreds of millions of dollars in grants from the pro-Islam Vatican controlled US Government each year. The fact the dean of students is okaying everything this "student" is asking for suggests he's already been briefed and he knows he needs to allow Islam into his school so as to assure he keeps his job. Again, it's back to the almighty dollar bill. Most unjust laws and crazy situations like this can all be traced back to someone making a buck or someone losing a buck when they get fired. in short, we can all thank those that worship money and not the Lord for the extreme decadence we all must live in daily now.

26/03/2015 16:23:48
VIDEO: Mandatory-vaccine battle heats up amid new threat

"The 2015 measles outbreak most likely started from an 11-year-old unvaccinated traveler who became infected overseas then visited the Disneyland amusement park in California, the CDC reports. The strain of measles virus in the outbreak was identical to the virus type that caused a large measles outbreak in the Philippines last year." --What they're not saying speaks volumes here. Disneyland has had international visitors for literally decades. Anyone with half an ounce of viable gray matter knows that. So why all of a sudden has measles surfaced? Two words.. Illegal aliens. But no one wants to admit that. Especially Obama and his AMA friends that stand to make mountains of profits in toxic vaccine sales in the coming months.

26/03/2015 16:23:50
VIDEO: Obama takes Kentucky in March Madness bracket

"President Obama has chosen the University of Kentucky basketball team as his national champion for 2015." --Notice how the president uses "Sports lingo" as he speaks of his favorites teams? No, that's no big deal, but I have to ask, where does he find the time? I'm just a lowly pastor and minister who has discovered once being called to do this work for the Lord that I have a very busy day. What with the updates to the site, researching out articles on current events and of course making the occasional video, answering hundreds of emails a week as well as numerous phone calls and even dealing with the many attacks upon the church itself as well as my life personally, I don't have time for much of anything else. In fact, there have been some things I have given up over the years that I truly miss just to do this work I love. That all being said, how I ask can a president who is supposed to be running the nation as well as dealing with foreign relations, emails, phone calls, national threats, the economy, and visits to the White house do it? Well, when you see how he's doing everything the Vatican tells him to do as well as every speech being written by Rome and then posted on teleprompters wherein he doesn't even need to memorize them, it's no wonder he's broke records in how many vacations he's taken, money he's blown on entertaining, as well as having all the time in the world to keep up with every basketball team in the nation and able to actually know the stats of individual players as well as their coaches strengths and weaknesses with such confidence that he can televise his "picks" for the season; is it any wonder this nation is in such a mess? Barack Hussein Obama is a Vatican sellout just riding on a White House job offered him with the understanding that he can do whatever he wants while in DC as long as he agrees to read every speech word for word and make the normal appearances from time to time. This video confirms that hands down.

26/03/2015 16:23:48
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Atheist vaccine fanatics invoking Jesus to violate human rights for mandatory vaccine push * Democrats in Congress Urged to Be 'Bold' Like Republicans With God Talk; Assert Christian Faith Supports Gov't Funding for Planned Parenthood, Welfare * VIDEO: Co-pilot hijacked, crashed passenger jet * Homeland chief likens Quran to 'American values' * VIDEO: 'Massive destruction': Deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma * VIDEO: HIV 'epidemic' hits American heartland * Huge asteroid capable of wiping out entire country is on near-collision course with Earth  * VIDEO: Legal Marijuana Sales Grow 74 Percent in 2014 * Obama finds an ally on political controversies at the Vatican * Monsanto Asks World Health Organization to ‘Retract’ Cancer Link

25/03/2015 15:45:49
VIDEO: Mayor takes stand against Muslim Shariah courts

"The media frenzy was touched off by reports that an Islamic tribunal was being set up in the Dallas, Texas, area. A group of imams from surrounding mosques would sit on what they call a “mediation panel,” as defacto judges, and mediate disputes between Muslims who voluntarily submit to its edicts. They denied this was a Shariah court, saying the panel would mete out nonbinding decisions in business disputes, divorces and other family matters “in full accordance with the law.” ...The problem is they come here for the freedom and opportunities that aren’t available in their home countries (usually Muslim controlled) and upon arrival decide they want to change the U.S. to reflect the political/religious environment they left. ...The concept of ‘Shariah mediation’ to settle disputes between Muslims here in the U.S. is indeed disturbing.” he said. “It is the first step in establishing a parallel system of government within our own system.” --When Satan wanted to introduce satanic Rock & Roll to the people, he didn't use Marilyn Manson covered in makeup and spewing blood from his mouth as he sings about worshipping the devil, no he had to start off with something much less in his character, so he used a good looking momma's boy named Elvis who loved to sing Gospel. Or what about when the enemy of souls wanted to create the Hollywood film industry that would indoctrinate the minds of billions into thinking killing their fellow man was entertaining? He didn't start out with the blood and guts horror films of today, no he started with silent movies and comedies to make Hollywood appear fun and family orientated. Beelzebub always uses the toehold to get to the leg. Prophecy confirms that Christians will be beheaded for their faith, and so Shariah Law, or a version of it, has to be written into the law of the land and so it must be introduced to the people in as innocent a manner as possible. So, as this group of Imams claim they will only create a Shariah Court to deal with divorce and other trivial matters, once they get their foot in the door they will quickly push that door of opportunity wide open so as to do exactly as Christian prophecy said they would. So be it, it just means we are that much closer. MARANATHA!

25/03/2015 15:45:49
Arizona Wants to Hide Names of Police Who Kill People

"GOP lawmakers in Arizona are reacting to the recent media attention to police brutality cases by attempting to scale back transparency. Arizona Senate Bill 1445 would prohibit law enforcement agencies from releasing the names of officers “involved in a use of deadly physical force incident that results in death or serious physical injury" for 60 days after the confrontation." --They seek this because of the frequency by which they plan to get violent in coming days. They know just by what's happening all over the country that they are sitting on a powder keg of civil unrest. Even if the people don't react right away, you do realize where this will lead don't you? Besides the fact that we are already headed towards a police state, what they're now planning will force all police departments to hide the faces of their officers making them even more untrustworthy. Just as we see them doing with SWAT team cops, all cops will be required to keep their faces covered so as to protect the police and not the ones they have sworn to "protect and serve." Now I understand completely that we are in the last days and these cops are people too. They need to be protected from the occasional insane citizen just as much as anyone else does. And we also know that the majority of cops out there are not bad. In fact, most are good cops. Especially in rural America. But when they do force all of them to "hide" their faces, if you think it's bad now when the occasional rogue cop goes berserk pummeling an old man or a defenseless teenager, when he is given total anonymity he knows his superiors will do all they can to protect him, so he may go that extra mile next time and more innocent victims will die. The end times are truly upon us. Officer friendly is getting harder and harder to find.

25/03/2015 15:45:49
Major United Methodist Gay Lobby Group Accused of Endorsing Polyamory

"Reconciling Ministries Network, a pro-gay Methodist group, recently posted an article on its website that appeared to endorse polyamorous relationships. Authored by the Rev. Dave Barnhart, the recent blog entry sought to argue against claims of slippery slope if gay marriage were legalized and embraced by the church." --They are doing exactly as students of prophecy said they would do if homosexual marriage was legalized. Polyamory is exactly like polygamy, only difference being is the "partners" don't necessarily need to be married. All parties agree to consent to "relations" as long as those "relations" are with people they agree with. In short, as one homosexual activist stated not too long ago on camera, (at 3:44 in video) their intention was not so much to legalize homosexual marriage, but to do away with the institution of marriage altogether. In short, they seek the exact same society as that of Sodom and Gomorrah. And according to Christian prophecy, that's exactly what will happen right before Jesus gets here. In fact, that day is here now. We are THAT close.

25/03/2015 15:45:49
Pregnant Food Network star and husband murdered

"Robert Jason Owens, 36, a contractor who was hired to work on the couple's home, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, as well as breaking and entering, and larceny after breaking and entering, the sheriff's office said. He also was charged with the murder of an unborn child.." --Yes, this is tragic and so very sad that a young mother, her baby, and her husband are murdered. Our prayers go out to the family left behind in their time of grief. So, why did I post this article? Did you notice the man was also charged with murdering the unborn child? But this is America. I thought it was perfectly legal to kill babies inside the womb. Can you see the profit driven hypocrisy in all this? The prosecuting attorney chooses to charge the man with murdering the "unborn child" because he can benefit financially and politically in the long run if and when he wins the case. But, if that woman was to go to the abortionist the day before being murdered and paid to have them kill her baby, she nor her so called "doctor" would have been charged with murder. How I ask can the American justice system have it both ways? To be biblically honest, they can't in reality. But in a profit driven, lie embracing end time society, all bets are off when it comes to the almighty dollar.

25/03/2015 15:45:48
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Church attacks: Christian community demands protection for churches in Mumbai * Islam Wants to Convert Rome * Methodological issues and evidence of malfeasance in research purporting to show thimerosal in vaccines is safe * 10,000 baby sea lions dead in California * VIDEO: Obama to keep 9,800 troops in Afghanistan through 2015 * VIDEO: Mayor takes stand against Muslim Shariah courts * VIDEO: Top Saudi cleric: 'Burn all the churches' * FYI: Unborn babies grimace when moms smoke * Navy bans chaplain from ministering to family of dead sailor * VIDEO: Mentally ill woman beaten to death in Kabul

24/03/2015 14:59:11
Muslim actor plays Jesus in Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing Jesus’ TV special

"“Bless you for playing Jesus, peace be upon him.” This was the reaction of Lebanese-born actor Haaz Sleiman’s mother upon learning that her son had been cast as Jesus in National Geographic Channel’s “Killing Jesus. ” The three Abrahamic religions will collide on March 29 when the television special premieres, and the 24-year-old Muslim actor stars as Jesus, the Jewish rabbi that Christians believe was God in the flesh. The television movie is adapted from the New York Times bestselling book by Fox News host and Roman Catholic Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. Sleiman digested the book among others in preparation for the role. He says he was excited to portray Jesus, a person he describes as “the ultimate teacher” who has “heavily influenced” his life." --Bill O'Reilly is not only a Roman Catholic, he is a foul mouthed wildly popular political reporter for the Vatican who helps manipulate the minds of millions every week on "The O'Reilly Factor" so as to lure them into agreement with Rome. So, it's no mistake that in his movie about "the Catholic version of Jesus" we see a Muslim playing the part of Jesus. Not only is Rome very interested in pushing their pro-Islam or 'Chrislam' agenda so as to have those that kill Christians in their camp, they also love to mock Jesus openly before all. In today's world, Muslims are killing 200,000+ Christians each and every year, yet Roman Catholic reporter Bill O'Reilly has a Muslim playing the part of Jesus in a movie?! Oh.. and by the way.. the film's title "Killing Jesus" is yet another way to not only declare "Rome killed Him." Have you ever been in a Catholic church? If so, remember the DEAD Jesus on the cross, the DEAD Jesus in His mother's arms, or the INFANT Jesus? In Catholicism Jesus is depicted in statues as either dead or as an infant unable to help you. But look at the statues of their "saints." They all look healthy and very much alive with kneelers in front of them so you can pray to them. The other toss of the coin is that a "dead Jesus" can instill fear in the hearts of Christians. And just as Roman Catholic drunkard and foul mouthed Mel Gibson's movie the "Passion of the Christ" we see yet another "one eyes Jesus" in this second Roman Catholic film. Why "one eye?" If you have ever delved into the occult you know all about who uses the "one eye" symbol. If you don't know about this, research the "Eye of Horus" on the back of the American dollar bill when you get time. One more thing.. Why are all the Roman Catholic movies about Jesus concentrating on His death instead of His message and WHY He died? It's because the Popes truly are ANTICHRIST.

24/03/2015 14:59:11
Obamacare 'designed' to close rural hospitals

"The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, is forcing many rural hospitals to close – just like it was meant to do, according to the former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. ...Forty-eight rural hospitals have closed since 2010 and 283 others are in danger of closing, according to the Washington Post . Most of those closures were in the South, with 10 of them in Texas alone." --Unfortunate? Or expected? Me thinks the latter. Obama, as well as his boss in Rome knows, those that understand prophecy also understand it's time to leave the cities. But if the people (especially Christians) leave the cities, how will they be able to effectively control them en masse? We all know martial law has its 'city' limits. And so, closing hospitals in the rural areas will force some (especially the sick and aged) into the cities for healthcare and under the thumb of the beast. At the same time this will also grant those in favor of "universal healthcare" or a "Socialist" format in the US the soapbox they need to stand on to convince many. Still, the other toss of the coin is that this will allow our God's hand to be seen more frequently by the obedient ones while the stupefying chatter goes back and forth among the lost. And yes, some strong Christians will refuse to move into the city and so prayer will be offered for those in danger and miraculous healings will be witnessed by many. In fact, this what Jesus did as He spread the truth when He walked among us, and this is how it will happen right before He gets here. The prophecy concerning the latter rain confirms this. So again, there's always an unforeseen silver lining in the government clouds of gloom and doom that allows God's hand to shine forth in mercy and in love. But because most people refuse to read their Bibles today, as the prophet Amos predicted, they often fail to see it. This is where we the "remnant of her seed" come in. Go forth and TELL THEM what Jesus has done for you. It's just that easy.

24/03/2015 14:59:11
VIDEO: Feds arrest family for 'refusing to answer questions'

"A man, woman and their 4-year-old boy at an unidentified Inland Border Patrol checkpoint are ordered and pulled from their vehicle, questioned and taken into custody – all for the seeming offense of refusing to say where they were headed." --Many of us have seen the YT videos wherein people are exercising their Constitutional rights in refusing to answer questions at inland 'border patrol' checkpoints. These checkpoints are not only nowhere near the border, they are 100% illegal and the cops know it. So, many of the videos showing people refusing to do as the cops demand are allowed to go on their way after a few minutes because they are clogging traffic. Two things seem apparent here in this video however. #1, if you have your window rolled down enough for a rogue cop to stick his arm in, he will do it and pull you out. #2, the cops may be arresting people now just to let all the "Constitutionally aware" citizens know, if you don't cooperate, you will be arrested. Here's the thing though. Yes, they will be arrested. But, they will be almost immediately released once they stand before a judge. The cops know this too. All of this is just as a show of force and inconvenience. Why? To get the people used to the long prophesied POLICE STATE.

24/03/2015 14:59:11
‘Fifty Shades’ returned to the shelves at Catholic college bookstore

"Fifty Shades of Grey” is back on the shelf at the Boston College Bookstore. E.L. James’s S&M-themed bestseller was briefly pulled after a customer complained about seeing the erotic novel on the display." --Surprised? Why should you be? First and foremost, we all know Paganism is all about the lusts of the flesh. But what does that have to do with Catholicism? Not only do we see over 85% of Pagan dogma in Roman Catholicism, we have actual Roman Catholic Prelates admitting in writing that their religion is in fact based on Paganism. For those who could care less about the many Vatican statements regarding Paganism, I would like to share my favorite one here... Cardinal Newman admits in his book that; the "The use of temples, and these dedicated to particular saints, and ornamented on occasions with branches of trees; incense, lamps, and candles; votive offerings on recovery from illness; holy water; asylums; holydays and seasons, use of calendars, processions, blessings on the fields; sacerdotal vestments, the tonsure, the ring in marriage, turning to the East, images at a later date, perhaps the ecclesiastical chant, and the Kyrie Eleison, are all of pagan origin, and sanctified by their adoption into the Church. " -An Essay on The Development of the Christian Doctrine John Henry "Cardinal Newman" p.359

24/03/2015 14:59:11
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

There will be adjustments living in Google's brave new world * India: 600 violent attacks on Christians and Muslims since May * War on women gets hot with radioactive maxi-pads * 'Failing hospitals, rising costs, unsustainable business model' * VIDEO: Passenger jet crashes in French Alps * AUDIO: 5 years later, Obamacare's broken promises get worse * VIDEO: New investigation of Obamacare architect * VIDEO: Students return to find teacher now a woman * VIDEO: Secret Service purposely hiding facts from Congress about what happened 2 weeks ago * VIDEO: School Bus Crashes into Mansion * FEMA To Deny Funding To States Without Global Warming Plans * All New York must honor Allah * VIDEO: Welcome to the tropics: Bogota covered in 24 inches of snow * Vatican interfaith expert hails Catholic-Muslim progress

23/03/2015 14:41:28
VIDEO: Lunar shift over blood-moons 'discovery' ...

"A spokesman for mega-pastor John Hagee insists in a letter to WND that he never claimed to be the discoverer of the blood-moons phenomenon, but, he concedes no wrongdoing in his new movie, “Four Blood Moons,” releasing Monday and apparently won’t issue a public statement to that effect or recut a scene in the movie, as demanded by WND. ...Hagee says in the movie: “The thing that compelled me to write the ‘Four Blood Moons ’ was when I discovered the scientific fact NASA was pointing out that it happened in 1492 and it happened in 1948 and it happened in 1967 and it was going to happen in 2015.” --Now that's all well and good, but the fact remains, Hagee was caught in a lie and recanting now will only hurt his career. That's right, I said 'career' because the man has no calling, but he does in fact have a very lucrative career. Back in April of 2014 I did a video exposing all the lies surrounding the blood red moons as well as showing how Hagee has not only been exposed as a liar, but a false prophet as well. He even declare Jesus is not the Messiah for the Jews, therefore setting them up to accept Antichrist incarnate. He, like all those echoing his lies are doing this to protect the Vatican. How you ask? If you can push the blood moon prophecy into our day, then the blood moon that was prophesied to appear AFTER the inquisitions of Rome will be forgotten as will the fact that it confirmed the Popes are in fact Antichrist. I go into detail about all that in that April 2014 video I linked a moment ago. That all being said, another tell-tale sign of Satan's fingerprints being all over this one is, have you noticed that the only ones pushing the blood red moons "prophecies" today are the ones who have been caught lying on multiple topics as well as bible doctrine and prophecy? What you won't hear these false prophets and false teachers sharing are all the other days these blood red moons fell on that have absolutely no significance whatsoever throughout history. So, just as Rome has done, so do her pawns. They will use Scripture to their advantage and they will even use certain dates in history that allow for their false agenda to be proclaimed far and wide. But they will never share the Scripture or facts that confirm they are liars. No matter, all this folderol will be part of that which will be shouted from the rooftops soon enough anyway. MARANATHA!

23/03/2015 14:41:28
Ted Cruz: 'Our rights come from God Almighty'

"The idea that, the revolutionary idea, that this country was founded upon, which was our rights, they don’t come from man. They come from God Almighty. And it’s the purpose of the Constitution … to serve as chains, to bind the mischief of government.” --That may be true, but what he's not saying is, #1 he, like many of his political friends, are fully aware that a new constitution is being drafted as we speak. And #2, with that new constitution will be a complete separation of church & state directly as Rome dictates. Prophecy will be fulfilled. If he gains the presidency as a Vatican emulating Southern Baptist, rest assured that it will be business as usual, but with one very obvious exception. As I stated over the years and repeated just the other day, watch for more and more religious statements from the politicians. Especially during election years. The general public has to get used to these men and women in power to be doing as such so as to better cultivate the mindset prophecy predicts that sees no problem passing religious laws.

23/03/2015 14:41:28
VIDEO: Catholic bishop heckled by opponents of child sex abuse

"Newly named bishop of Osorno in Chile Juan Barros was pushed and shoved by demonstrators carrying black balloons as he squeezed through the crowd in Saint Matthew's Church." --Once again, another Pope, this time a Jesuit Pope, has promised to "crack down" on the child molestation in the Vatican. Yes, I know you and I are sick of hearing this tripe and I'm not sure if you know this, but they have been molesting little boys long before the church "officially" formed as a church and State in 538AD. See this document on the Vatican website from 60AD wherein they admit they need to stop molesting little boys. So, as expected, when Jesuit Pope Francis said he would "crack down" on molestation, he like all his predecessors lied. Both Benedict XVI and John Paul II "promised" to crack down as well. So it was expected for this pope to do so as well. In fact, this is one 'tradition' each and every pope has followed since this church began! Only difference now is, it appears the Catholic people, (only in Chile so far) have had enough. I'm just glad they didn't beat him as they mobbed him and ripped his Dagon Miter from his head. In any event, hopefully more and more Catholics get wind of this and realize, it's business as usual in the vat of sin in Rome. Sin is what they promote, embrace and live by and sin is what they shall do.

23/03/2015 14:41:27
Secret Service scorched for bizarre slaying

"On Oct. 3, 2013, unarmed suburban mother Miriam Carey was accused of ramming a White House barricade with her car. Secret Service agents and Capitol Police officers chased her down and shot her dead. They were rewarded with a standing ovation in Congress. On March 4, 2015, two apparently drunk Secret Service officers rammed a White House barricade and drove through the middle of an active bomb investigation. One agent was a member of the president’s protective detail. They were set free. They were not given sobriety tests. They were not fired. They were not suspended. They have been reassigned to desk jobs. With full pay." --Just as pedophiles join the Roman Catholic church knowing they will be protected, we now see murderers are joining the secret service knowing they too will be protected.

23/03/2015 14:41:27
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

More than 400 Washington foster parents object to flu shots * VIDEO: Police: 12-year-old tried to kill mom for taking iPhone * VIDEO: Catholic bishop heckled by opponents of child sex abuse * 5 high school students in Tucson charged with plotting to kill classmate * FYI: The dark side of iPads coming to light * Obamacare 'designed' to close rural hospitals * New wave of Islamic immigration planned for U.S. * Monsanto weed killer can 'probably' cause cancer: World Health Organization * Hitler: 'Your child belongs to us already' *  10 Dirty Secrets Of The Catholic Church * VIDEO: I spy...then sell the data: Orbital's bet on satellites and drones * Is NYC’s new gunshot detection system recording private conversations?

21/03/2015 23:34:27
Vietnamese Christian Lawyer Fears Leaving Home After Attack

"A Vietnamese Christian rights lawyer and Protestant church leader has been attacked when he left his home in Hanoi following years of house arrest and imprisonment, activists have told BosNewsLife. Nguyen Van Dai fears to leave his home following the attacked by "thugs" on March 5 and March 6, when his house arrest period had expired."--I wonder, if he was a Roman Catholic, who by the way represent the second highest "faith" in that nation, second only to Buddhists. If he was Catholic, would he be persecuted and jailed for his faith? I doubt it. Especially since the Catholics have a political leader like the Pope who will use his worldly powers to put pressure on political opponents. When the Christian only relies on Jesus, those in power think they have no one there to protect them. They are about to find out how wrong they truly are. Our King is soon to confirm that He has never left His people's side, and He's about to do so globally.

21/03/2015 23:34:28
New Climate Paper Gives Global Warming Alarmists ‘One Helluva Beating’

"The paper – Rethinking the lower bound on aerosol radiative forcing by Bjorn Stevens of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany, published in the American Meteorological Society journal – finds that the effects of aerosols on climate are much smaller than those in almost all the computer models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. ...According to the IPCC’s models, the effect of aerosols on climate could be as much as 4.5 degrees C. But Stevens paper suggests that this is a considerable overestimate and that the reduction they effect on temperature cannot be more than 1.8 degrees C. This pretty much kills the alarmists’ “the aerosols ate my homework” excuse stone dead. If the cooling effects of aerosols turn out to be much smaller than the IPCC thinks, then what this means is that the rise in global temperatures attributable to man-made CO2 is also much smaller than the alarmists’ computer models acknowledge." --Yes, I posted this here, in the links section below as well as on my "Climate Change will lead to the Mark" page as well because it's that important. Even though it won't slow the Pope's (now proven) lies about climate change being echoed by his pawn Al Gore, (truth in names?) it confirms the prophetic fact that #1, our scientists are lying to us, and #2, they really will use the "climate change" and the coming disasters as their reason to enforce Sunday Laws. That being said, watch for more and more religiously tainted comments to be coming from politicians and the media that promote them in the days ahead so as to have a well "conditioned' mindset created among the masses that will make it easy for them to start bringing up reasons for "religious laws."

21/03/2015 23:34:28
The online dating site sued for targeting married people

"An online dating site that targets married people is being accused of breaking the law. A court in France must now decide whether the company is illegally encouraging spouses to cheat. Is it permitted for a dating website to promote adultery, when fidelity in marriage is written into French civil law?" --Not only does this show how society has gone completely off the path (as expected) and no longer looks at the Bible as a worthy guide in any area society, including blatant sinfulness; but notice if you will the company's logo that appears in all their ads. It's actually an apple that has been bitten. Some may think the company may not know about the significance behind what happened in Eden when Satan lured Eve away from Adam her earthly husband, nor do they see how Satan lured her to commit adultery against her God. But their URL certainly suggests they know exactly what they're doing. They are purposely mocking the Creator God and His institution of marriage as it was created in Eden. The fact they have such a URL confirms they KNOW marriage was instituted in Eden and so their URL as well as their logo is used to point that out in a mocking manner. As Christians we can't help but be concerned for the souls of those reveling in sin. So please pray for them. In today's world, we may be the only people praying for them.

21/03/2015 23:34:28
In rare step, Scottish prelate caught in sex scandal quits as cardinal

"A Scottish cardinal who stepped down as an archbishop in 2013 amid revelations of sexual misconduct now has renounced his rights and privileges as a cardinal, although he will retain the title, the Vatican announced Friday." --This is so disgusting. The Vatican won't even strip him of his title? But then, they never do. Still, being a Catholic Cardinal is nothing to be proud of, but still the fact they won't even do a minor slap on the wrist like that is appalling! The headline itself belies the truth of this vile church. The sex scandals happen so often yet the culprits step down so infrequently it actually makes headlines when one loses "his privileges as a member of the College of Cardinals." Oh wait, he didn't lose them, he voluntarily gave them up. What a sham Pope Francis' zero tolerance policy for sexual abuse is. In fact, it's exactly as I stated would happen after John Paul II "vetoed zero tolerance" on child molestation knowing it would empty the priesthood! This story reports Cardinal O'Brien was part of the assembly which elected Pope Francis in 2013. This means the Jesuit Pope is simply paying on favors as promised. For you Catholics out there, have you no shame? This now well documented pervert helped choose the man you have been taught to blasphemously refer to as holy father, who in turn protects him for helping your children bet raped, yet you still remain loyal to your defiled church? Those among you who love truly Jesus will come out of that vile church and be blessed for it. Of this we have God's Word as proof. (See Revelation 18:1-5) But those who continue to be partakers of her sins will be receiving of her plagues soon. (See Revelation 18:4-8) The Lord implores you "Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before thy time?" -Ecclesiastes 7:17

22/03/2015 12:22:10
FYI: VIDEO: Microsoft will let you unlock Windows 10 using facial recognition

"Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) introduced the latest new feature for Windows 10, called Windows Hello. The security tool will let you access your PC through facial recognition, an iris scan or a read of your fingerprint." --If you watch the video with the memory in mind about all the hacked corporations and medical databases lately you begin to see a pattern emerging. They want to be able to track everyone on the planet effectively. You can't enforce the mark without tracking each person. So they get their hackers to go after big corporations and hospitals so as to generate the fear they need to sell a brand new technology that will supposedly 'prevent' you from being hacked. How convenient. Well.. for those of us with criminal records from a sordid past, if you must, just use your fingerprint since they already have that in the system. No need to help them by using your face or eyes to further track you. If they want to track me they will have to get very high tech drone cameras that can chase me and take pics of my fingertips.. ok. enough kidding aside.. I am sure when Windows 10 comes out the security feature will be voluntary, so.. don't worry about it. However, if you work in an office, school, factory or just about any place of employment that uses computers, YOU WILL eventually have to deal with this.

21/03/2015 23:34:27
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Brooklyn Fire Kills 7 Children, City’s Worst Toll Since 2007 * For polyamorists, three’s not a crowd; it’s just the start * Another scorned U.S. ally turns to Russia * Obama's new frontier in immigration 'reform' * Union lobbyist who worked one day as a teacher suing Illinois for $30,000 pension * VIDEO: Principal: 'I just don't like the black kids' * Deadly train accident in Bachhrawan, India * Bodies of five babies found in house in southwestern France * War and chaos ahead: How mega-rich are preparing * New Inquisition: Punish climate-change 'deniers' * Gay marriage will crush country * Louie Gohmert: 'It's time to bomb Iran' * VIDEO: Obama 'empowering the rise of jihadist forces' * New Climate Paper Gives Global Warming Alarmists ‘One Helluva Beating' * Northcom: New Russian cruise missile threatens U.S. * Police departments hiring immigrants as officers * Feds to weigh children in daycare * VIDEO: New York house fire kills seven children

20/03/2015 13:44:13
VIDEO: Q&A's in video format?

--What do you think about this idea? I've already done this in the past with some of the questions on my "easy facts" page years ago, but it was very time consuming and I had to put it on hold. But now that I have software that works much faster when making videos and I was thinking we could make a video database of Q&A's on topics important to Christians so that those sharing their faith online could have a quick and easy way to answer questions. All you need to do when someone asks a question is send them a link to a quick video, they have their answer.

20/03/2015 13:44:10
VIDEO: Holy Altar constructed for Third Jewish Temple

"End-times prophecy watchers are marveling over a news report out of Jerusalem this week that the Altar of the Lord has been reconstructed by the Temple Institute. The Institute, based in the Old City of Jerusalem, announced it has finished building an altar that is essentially “ready for use” in sacrificial services." --This ministry has been preaching for literally decades about this third temple. But not in the way you might assume. To sum it up nicely, there is no need for this temple! Well.. that is if you believe the bible prophecies and not the ones they twist way out of context in this article or video. However, if you believe in those bogus prophecies and these Vatican operatives claiming to be Christian preachers, or even false teachers from the 9th hour church like Ron Wyatt, then you will believe the third temple is necessary. In fact, there are millions already helping these false preachers, teachers and prophets the world over. Many Christians have been yanked off the path to preach you need to keep the feast days that were actually abolished on Calvary. In so doing they are the very ones that will not only help bring Antichrist unto the people as "Messiah," they will also be used by Satan to declare what Jesus did 2000 years ago was insufficient. The fact they keep the feast days that were the "shadowy things" that pointed to Calvary confirms they don't believe Jesus said "it is finished" when He died and that temple veil ripped that day. But Satan hates what happened on the cross and so he has been busy teaching people for 2000 years that a third temple is needed to start those sacrifices again. The "Lamb of God" was already sacrificed and all the feast days that pointed to that love filled event came to fruition on Calvary! But because so many people are disobedient today and we are VERY near the end, most will believe the bogus prophesies that have been manufactured by Satan and his man of sin in Rome. Why? If you keep your eyes on his lies, and read his bogus bibles, then the real prophecies that are fulfilling all around us won't be noticed at all. That's why so many of these lukewarm Christians believe this folderol. Ever notice that? The strong Christians who have fruits and many evidences of God's hand upon them don't believe this tripe. But those that have weak prayer lives, disobey His law and refuse to study His Word properly do believe it because they are already well CONvinced by Satan's wolves it's the truth. Our duty is plain... we need to spread the present truth far and wide!

20/03/2015 14:21:48
4th challenge to Obamacare hits Supreme Court

"Once the person relinquishes that information to the insurance company, it is subject to seizure by the government without a warrant under the voluntary relinquishment to private third parties doctrine, and a host of federal and state laws," --It's bad enough Obamacare forces citizens to buy a products which is against Constitutional law, it has recently been discovered it can be used to gather private data that can be used against innocent people who refuse to do as big brother commands. Now do you see why Roman Catholic Joe Biden said it was a "big ______ deal" on a hot mic where everyone in the country could hear him and see him say it on camera? Being an obedient Roman Catholic, Biden knows his god in Rome can use Obamacare to enforce the mark of the beast. As we all witnessed, no one read that law because it was thousands of pages long, and it somehow passed anyway? And now that some have finally read it, many now know why they passed it without reading it. Will the supreme Court shut Obamacare down? You tell me... Out of the 9 judges on the panel, 6 are roman Catholic. One can rest assured the Pope has been talking with those judges! They need Obamacare or at least something very similar to it wherein they can gather all the data on each citizen in the USA by using the viciously corrupted AMA to do it. And we must not forget the fact that Obamacare has wording in it that declares it to be an international law as well as well as having the legalized ability to perform beheadings written right into it for the man of sin. The fact prophecy says the mark will be enforced in USA first and then go global suggests this is one surefire method to assure the mark goes global. Holding back healthcare from the desperately sick and fearful until they 'agree' to receive the mark will grant them billions of souls to join them in eternal damnation in one fell swoop.

13/03/2015 13:56:17
VIDEO: Fiery Trials of the Remnant

--The video is of a sermon I did last year. It's about how the Lord allows trials to occur upon His obedient children to help them grow in the faith. I did this sermon after noticing how all of us in the church were not only experiencing intense trials, but most of us were passing them as well. Still, as is expected, some new to the faith were unaware of the blessings promised due to such trials and so I did the sermon to help them understand why they're being attacked. I hope this blesses you the viewer that if you too are obedient to Christ as prophecy said "the remnant of her seed" would be, you too are experiencing such trials with smiles. (BTW.. it took Youtube over 20 hours to process this video! It uploaded quickly, but it started "processing" yesterday early afternoon and stuck at "95%" from then on. And yes.. I am aware you need to cancel and re-upload at times. At the fourth try I just let it sit at "95%" all night, all morning and then just after noon it was finally online.)

03/06/2015 15:09:36
VIDEO: SDA Ben Carson skewers CNN, backs off 'gays'

“Here’s the point,” he said, National Journal reported. “I believe in traditional marriage between a man and woman. I also believe that our Constitution protects everybody regardless of their beliefs and that includes people who are gay. I have no problem with them doing whatever they want to do. I’m just not willing to change that position on marriage for anybody.." --Mr Carson, as far as the Bible dictates, all obedient Christians do have a problem when some poor souls choose to do whatever it is they want to do. No, we aren't to ridicule or persecute them, but it is our Christian duty to try and help sinners, be they homosexual, drunkards or fornicators just to name a few. Sin is sin, we are not to pick and choose which is ok and which is not. The fact you choose to "look the other way" and then actually say "I have no problem with them doing whatever they want to do" is once again making Christianity look bad. For centuries, and especially the last few decades alone we have seen lukewarm Christians looking the other way instead of going forth in the great commission of the Gospel message to bring souls out of the bondage of sin and into the arms of Jesus. Mr Carson, your 'politically correct" statements are confirming to all with eyes that see that you aren't concerned with the will of God at all. The fact you have chosen to run for president confirms this hands down. Therefore you must bow to the will of the powers that be on earth so as to assure you have a chance to advance your career towards the Whitehouse. Let me ask you this sir. What if you actually win the election? Once in that Oval office are you prepared to declare unto all Americans the will of God and outlaw abortion, homosexual marriage, or even gambling to name a few? Or better yet, will you stand as president and proclaim God's Law supreme as it is written? Judging by your wishy washy stance right now, I doubt you will do any of that if you stand as president. In fact, it appears if you are allowed to win your prize it would be business as usual in Washington DC with an SDA president.

13/02/2015 14:53:25
VIDEO: SDA Conference: Sunday worship 'no big deal'

--The title of the video says it all don’t you think? Yes, many will think I’m ignoring the fact they claim to be doing a "community outreach" by having Sunday worship services. But this is a church structured worship service on the Roman Sabbath that flies directly in the face of the truth put forth in James 4:4. Worse yet, this pastor says something at the end of the article that literally echoes Rome’s reasoning to worship on Sunday during Constantine’s day! And.. this isn’t the first time the General Conference has okayed the gathering for worship on the Roman Sunday Sabbath. In fact, dozens of SDA churches worship on Sunday right now. Surprised? Yes.. some may be. But then it’s not like the SDA church wants to make it globally known... well.. at least not yet. After all, in prophetic fulfillment, timing is everything. Even if you're on the wrong side.

02/06/2015 12:39:38
VIDEO: Obama says Christians are killers too

--Unless you see this video and hear what Obama said with your own ears, you may not believe it. The video of him speaking is less than a minute but it packs quite a wallop and it is totally against Christians! So.. can you guess as to why he needs to make Christians look as bad as the killers in Rome .. er.. um.. Islam?