25/03/2014 13:49:32 Kansas to criminalize complaints against cops
"House Bill 2698 in the Kansas State legislature has run cold, but if enacted, it would deal a serious blow to anyone who has a complaint against cops. The bill would remove the option to complain anonymously, allow the cop in question to see the evidence against him or her before investigation, prevent the FBI or other agencies from looking into complaints the cops deemed fraudulent, and perhaps worst of all, criminalize the filing of a complaint that is dismissed by cops. The Resident discusses this whole ball of crazy." --What's uncovered in this video is absolutely insane. If they pass this law it will change things forever! It's laws like this, if allowed to pass, will make even the most hardened scoffer see that yes, we are in a police state in the USA.

24/03/2014 14:20:28 Papal LaCosa Nostra
--This is a video based on an audio clip I did back in June of 2003 that illustrates how the Vatican emulates or shall I say, actually fathered the Mafia business practices of today. I felt it was worthy of posting today as I just got an article the other day wherein the present Pope was claiming the Mafia needed to clean up its act. What he isn't saying is what's been obvious from day one. The Mafia structured their organization so as to emulate the Vatican's because it works so well. What I mean is, they claim to have legit businesses out front in the public eye, but behind closed doors all sorts of illegal activity flourishes.

23/03/2014 10:27:50 Govt School seeking non-Christians for employment
--If I've said it once, I've said it 1000 times, the schools in America are not a safe place for children. Please share this with those that are riding the fence regarding homeschooling their children. Also let them see the well over 1000 articles on my HomeSchool Spurs page on the site.

23/03/2014 10:29:09 Modern civilization headed for collapse, says NASA-funded study
"According to a new scientific study funded by NASA, modern civilization is heading for collapse within a matter of decades. In the study, mathematicians used theoretical models to predict what will happen to the industrialized world over the course of the next century. And they found that even with conservative estimates, the Earth is headed down a very tumultuous path." --Read between the lines and two things come up here. #1, the Vatican's redistribution of wealth, and #2, the globalists desire to kill more babies via abortion. It's an amazing sight to see how many people in power are so blinded to how easily Satan leads them via the demonic rings he has placed in their noses.

21/03/2014 19:57:02 Jimmy Kimmel mocks the Lord before all
"Jimmy Kimmel poked fun Wednesday night at creationists who reject the Big Bang theory as biblically contradictory. The talk show host interviewed "God," portrayed by Regis Philbin, about the recent discovery of evidence to support that theory of the universe's origins." --Don't let this bother you too much obedient ones. It is however an opportunity to pray for all involved. Truth is, the laughing is about to end for all eternity and they need to get prepared just as much as anyone else.

20/03/2014 14:39:31 Facebook's "Deep Face" and big data know what you look like
"Facebook has taken another big step to gathering data about users with its new "Deep Face" program. Promising to recognize faces in photos uploaded with 97 percent accuracy, the new program could be a boon for marketers who want to make sure their ads find the right people." --There is no conceivable reason for Facebook to identify each and every user by their face UNLESS Facebook is what this ministry has been warning everyone about ever since they set up that site. Rome needs to have an easy way to identify as many people as possible so as to make enforcing the mark that much easier. As we know, you don't even have to have a Facebook account to be "tagged" because some family members have your photos on their pages without your permission. This allows the government controlled Facebook system to gather much more data than most even realize. And it's all thanks to big government taking advantage of those you love. By the way.. if you're new to this webiste and you don't think Facebook is controlled by Government officials, you need to see the well over 200 articles and videos I have compiled here..

19/03/2014 20:48:51 NSA surveillance program reaches 'into the past' to retrieve, replay phone calls
"The National Security Agency has built a surveillance system capable of recording “100 percent" of a foreign country's telephone calls, enabling the agency to rewind and review conversations as long as a month after they take place, according to people with direct knowledge of the effort and documents supplied by former contractor Edward Snowden." --Thanks to technology, Rome has created a monster far worse than Adolph Hitler in the office of the United States Presidency. But then, that's necessary to enforce their long prophesied mark.

18/03/2014 16:41:01 Russia TV host: Russia could turn USA into radioactive ashes
"A Russian TV host has threatened the United States with a nuclear strike in his news broadcast. The remarks made by Dmitry Kiselyov were broadcast at the same time as the polls closed in the disputed Crimean referendum about secession from Ukraine. With a picture of a nuclear explosion behind him and words "Into radioactive ashes" written across the screen, Kiselyov said: "Russia is the only country in the world that is really able to turn the USA into radioactive ashes." --Just one more blessing of the Obama administration. It looks like we have been thrust right back into a cold war with Russia. The "wars and rumors of war" is most assuredly in an accelerated mode today. May God have mercy on his soul and the souls of those involved in these wars for profit.

17/03/2014 19:38:52 Vatican UFO
--The Vatican has been pushing the UFO agenda for literally centuries. Their agenda is now just coming to be realized by some. This video only touches on the bold fingerprints of Rome on all this so as to keep it short. In the video I share some centuries old paintings found in the Vatican itself that depicts UFO's hovering over Christ's baptism as well as one suggesting an alien impregnated Mary with the baby Jesus. If you want more in depth info on this, please see the Newsletter I did on this back in July of 2008.

14/03/2014 17:56:47 Pope to address Congress?!
--The Catholics in power right here in America are moving to make the Pope appear moral and one with authority by having him stand before Congress to present his "message." As students of prophecy we know what that message is. They are fast tracking this Pope into a global power in the hopes of catching God's remnant people off guard. We need to get REAL serious about our walks now brothers and sisters. If you're not in the Word and prayer daily, YOU WILL be caught off guard! Please pray for each other. Things are moving very fast as expected.

03/12/2014 19:52:10 The Popes and 666
--I've had this information on the website for many years. In fact, even before building the site I was sharing this on the street in tracts that I shared with others. I feel that the timing is right for such a video as this because of what we see in the music industry and their open allegiance to Satan. Now that most people know that hand sign does in fact mean 666, they will now be able to better understand the truth about the Pope and his prophesied allegiance.

03/11/2014 20:32:03 Satanism practiced by the Popes
--I am making this video so as to have a permalink for those souls that email me regarding comments I make from time to time about the Popes of Rome and their obvious Satanic activities. This video not only shows documentation, but a picture that cannot be denied. ...more to come.

08/02/2011 18:01:37 Have a Video I can Post?
If you have a video you think I should post on this site that deals with prophetic events in any way shape or form. Or you feel the video you found is something the people that frequent this site need to see, please e-mail me by clicking the above link at your earliest convenience and I will check it out. Thank you in advance. (Check out www.John1429.org for all poGm full length videos)

03/09/2014 17:42:36 Water, power cut off from Protestant families
--There are already some among us that will kill people because they refuse to join in debauchery that is sanctioned by the Roman Catholic church. This is happening right now in Mexico!

03/07/2014 18:18:36 Inside the Vatican, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
"What's it like to be a gay priest inside the Vatican? Several Vatican insiders speak out in FRONTLINE's “Secrets of the Vatican," --Soon the prophecy regarding the smoke rising from the Vatican will be fulfilled before the eyes of all on earth. Many that are tired of the sinfulness and downright decadence of Rome already hate the way this church soils the image of Christ. They are also fed up with the men in the Vatican because of their blatant hypocrisy and outright immoral ways. Revelation 17:12-16 says, "And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire." Since we know the "ten horns/toes" are already lining up, it won't be long before the smoke ascends. Maranatha!

03/06/2014 20:05:17 Pregnant mom spoke of 'demons' before drive into ocean
"It's billed as “The World's Most Famous Beach," but Daytona Beach came close to becoming a deadly scene Tuesday evening when a pregnant mother drove her minivan packed with three children into the ocean, prompting lifeguards and bystanders to spring to their rescue. ...Ebony Wilkerson, a 32-year-old from South Carolina, had been talking about “demons" just hours before driving her black Honda Odyssey into the surf shortly before 5 p.m. in front of horrified onlookers, according to Daytona Beach police." --In today's world, the lost can even go so far as to actually declare demons are messing with them and still, most looking on will only think they're crazy. Why is that? Have you seen the prophecy of Amos 8:11? Since most today don't read or trust Bibles anymore, they cannot imagine demons are real. And so, she will be tagged "mentally deficient." She will be pumped chock full of drugs to "calm her demons." And then she will be sent on her merry way along with millions of others "conversing" with demons. Bottom line is this... if you're not walking with Jesus right now, it's literally open season on YOU. "because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:" -1 Peter 5:8.

03/04/2014 19:14:07 Yikes! Ban Christian symbols?
"no comments on video" --This video is frightening! The guy in the video is obviously not building up a real petition against Christians. He is however making a valid point. Notice how easy it was for him to get people to sign the petition! And no, he was not hiding the petition's agenda one single bit. He explains in detail to each and every person that he wants to get a law passed to ban the first amendment rights of all Christians from sharing their faith in public; be it bumper stickers, t-shirts or whatever. Everyone knew exactly what they were signing, yet they signed anyway. That being said... how hard will it be for the powers that be to get such laws passed in the near future. Christians are actually hated for the most part right now! This video illustrates that it won't be that much longer. Maranatha!

03/03/2014 18:47:04 California farmers hire dowsers to find water
"With California in the grips of drought, farmers throughout the state are using a mysterious and some say foolhardy tool for locating underground water: dowsers, or water witches." --California is not famous for its faith in the Creator God that made each and every one of them. In fact, California is infamous for its faith in Satan and all his demonic cohorts. Even the "Holly-wood" sign is based on the wood Witches use to make their wands from. That's right, their wand is made from to wood from a Holly tree. So naturally, when those in California seek help from their woes, like all Pagans of old have done, they will cry out to Satan for help and not the Lord that loved them enough to die for them. As Christians called to spread present truth, we certainly have our work cut out for us.

03/02/2014 18:37:42 Pope Francis to Muslims, Jews and Catholics: "we have the same Father"
"Pope Francis welcomed an inter-religious group from Argentina made up of 15 Jews, 15 Muslims and 15 Christians. They were on their way back from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land." --If we have the same Father, why is it the Jews deny Jesus as Lord and the Muslims kill as many Christians as they can? Even a 6 year old child with the ability to read a Newspaper can see, this Pope is lying here. If we all had the same Father, we would all be Christians. Period. The God of Heaven is not a God of confusion. But the god of Hell is in fact prophesied to be "the" god of confusion. In fact, that is how Babylon is defined.

03/02/2014 18:37:42 Japanese Game Show Bed Launch Prank
"A Japanese game show launches a man sleeping into the air. I hope his fear is amusing for you all. This Game Show is in the Monsters Inc universe so screams = energy." --This is very disturbing to watch. Sure, most will find it hilarious; but think of it this way. That man is being literally terrified to the core! He has no idea it's a prank! Yet his family and friends are weeping with joy as they laugh hysterically over his terror filled plight. What I see here is a conditioning of minds to find joy in the turmoil and terror of others, including their very own loved ones. Kinda reminds me of a watered down version of the Roman coliseum where most cheered and laughed with glee as Christians were eaten alive.

28/02/2014 19:15:01 SEDE VACANTE: a look back at Benedict XVI\'s pledge of obedience to the new Pope
"On February 28, 2013, Benedict XVI met for the last time as Pope with cardinals before stepping down." --Why did they publish this video a year later? It has to do with the present Pope's current campaign as the "Pope of the people." He's on Rolling Stone magazine one month, next he's on camera in Kenneth Copeland's church the next month, and now he is showing in this video how even the previous Pope promises to "unconditionally" obey his every whim. Why? First of all, the present Pope needs unconditional obedience if his plans are to be successful. So of course he's going to be launched in the media like he's another "god on earth" as his office claims in writing. Secondly, any opportunity to convince the masses to disobey the real and ever living Lord will of course be his main objective. Praise the Lord the elect know and believe Acts 5:29 which says, "we ought to obey God rather than men." Still, how ironic is this? They repeatedly claim Peter is the first Pope, yet the real Apostle Peter, a married man no less, is the one that made the statement in Acts 5:29 to begin with. And now we see the man of sin that claims to be the present day "Peter" doing the exact opposite of what Peter was moved by the Holy Spirit to do. If this or any Pope was truly an extension of Peter's ministry, would they not do as he has done?

28/02/2014 19:15:01 How wolves change rivers
--Awesome video! It will bless your heart! This video confirms how inept and uneducated mankind can be when it comes to his deadly influence in nature. He thinks he is doing the right thing sometimes yes, like killing off all the wolves because they fear them, but in actuality he is doing much more damage to nature than he realizes. As this video confirms, if you leave nature alone the way the Creator designed it to be, everything works well together. This video CONFIRMS there is a Creator God!