16/03/2011 12:59:22 Gadhafi son: 'Everything will be over in 48 hours'
"The Libyan army told people in Benghazi to lay down their arms on Wednesday as its troops advanced closer to the rebel stronghold for what could be the decisive battle in the uprising against Moammar Gadhafi." -In other words, it's about to get a lot worse in Libya! As prophesied, bloody crimes will be done in the streets. In fact, it's already been happening as is apparent by the many videos I simply cannot post here due to their extreme graphic content. Please pray this brings many to accept Christ as Lord.

16/03/2011 12:59:22 U.S. wholesale inflation surged in February
"Wholesale prices surged last month at their fastest pace in just over 1-1/2 years due to higher energy costs and the steepest rise in food prices in 36 years." -The powers that be will do all they can to make life miserable for the common man as prophesied. Raising foods prices will also cause many to go on welfare just to eat. This will grant the government even more power over them. As for the Christians, we know our Father provides for us, so let them do as they wish. Their actions alone will cause even more people to eventually get on their knees seeking Christ. Especially after the signs start to follow God's people!

16/03/2011 12:59:22 Mother Loses Baby for 3 Years for Refusing C-Section Pre-Consent
"V.M. has been separated from her baby for three years in the name of "child welfare." All because she didn't want to pre-authorize a cesarean section that neither she nor the hospital had any reason to believe would be medically necessary, and wasn't." -Even though there wwere no complications and no need for the C-section, the hospital still took the child away accusing the mother of endangerment! She didn't sign because she wanted to make the decision on her own. Hospitals are known to do un-needed surgeries for the money. But since she refused to let them do as they wished, the parents have been fighting for 3 years to get their child back! In short, this is the illegal power of the AMA. Or as prophecy calls it, another unjust law.

15/03/2011 13:01:41 Radioactive Releases in Japan Could Last Months, Experts Say
"As the scale of Japan's nuclear crisis begins to come to light, experts in Japan and the United States say the country is now facing a cascade of accumulating problems that suggest that radioactive releases of steam from the crippled plants could go on for weeks or even months." -In other words, there is now another source of massive pollution that will kill many people and animals just as the BP oil spill continues to do. As prophesied, pestilences will rise to amazing levels in this generation. And thanks to most people's unhealthy diets, they won't have the normal immunities to fight off infection. Supposedly healthy people will die as well as things get worse. Vegans on the other hand will fair much better, especially if they trust the Creator God. Just one more good reason to stop dragging your feet towards Christ as well as get on the Heavenly diet.

15/03/2011 13:01:41 'Seal my lips': No new Census
"Melanie Palazzo, the organization's congressional action program director, said the survey is sent to some 3 million addresses each year and threatens, under penalty of fines, that residents must provide information such as "how many bedrooms do you have" and "how much is your water bill a month." -Can you read between the lines to see a prophetic reason for all this? The next "official" census is set for 2020. As students of prophecy we know the mark of the beast is to be enforced soon. How soon? No clue. We no longer have "dated" prophecies. We do know what happens next, yes. But when? No. So, could they use a census to see who will answer the question campaigned by the Vatican regarding Sunday Laws? Yes, they could very easily. Especially since the census already forces citizens to comply now. The many strange questions in the long form 2010 census was a testing of the waters to see if the people would balk at the invasive questions. As usual, many unsuspecting souls helped the Vatican see that most people will allow them to invade their privacy. No, it's not entirely their fault either. Yes, it's mostly because most don't study prophecy, but compile that with all the fluoride in the water, aluminum in the air and toxins in the foods, we see the powers that be have been able to foster a very large crop of citizens that will help them push forward Rome's agenda just as prophesied. By the way, what they weren't able to get on the long form Census they have gotten elsewhere. Most that refused to fill out the long form have filled out all the questions Rome asks on Facebook.

15/03/2011 13:01:41 Judge: Feds can examine Twitter account info
"Judge Theresa Carroll Buchanan wrote in an opinion in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia that the motion to keep their Twitter information private filed by Jacob Appelbaum, Rop Gonggrijp and Birgitta Jonsdottir, who all have ties to the whistle-blowing Web site, has been denied." -How does this affect you? If you use Twitter, the FEDS can snoop into your comments now. You think your comments are deleted? No, as the article intimates, all your comments are stored on Twitter servers for anyone to hack into and view, or any FED to peruse and use against you in court. What's could be worse? Facebook!

15/03/2011 13:01:41 Japan Earthquake: before and after
"Aerial photos taken over Japan have revealed the scale of devastation across dozens of suburbs and tens of thousands of homes and businesses. Hover over each satellite photo to view the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami." -This is so sad! When you hover over the pic, drag your mouse to the left to see the "after" pic.

15/03/2011 13:21:11 17 000 pregnancies at KZN schools in 2010
"No fewer than 17 260 pregnancies were recorded in KwaZulu-Natal schools last year, the provincial education MEC said on Thursday." -In the last days it is prophesied that the lusts of the flesh will explode globally. Thanks to parents allowing Satan to control their passions, their children are now following mommy and daddy in their pleasure filled lifestyle. Schools are most assuredly not a safe environment for children! See more proof here.

14/03/2011 13:45:12 Seabed split; quake tilted Earth's axis 10 cm
"Satoko Oki of the University of Tokyo's Earthquake Research Institute said the massive quake, estimated to be nearly 1,000 times more powerful than the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake that killed more than 6,000 people, was caused by a rupture near the boundary between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates." -In other words, a larger fault means more quakes globally. Just as prophesied.

14/03/2011 13:45:12 Expert: Nuclear Radiation Could Spread Far Beyond Japan
"Japan has evacuated civilians from areas surrounding the troubled plant, but Cirincione says radiation could spread far beyond Japan if efforts to contain the crisis fail." -As prophesied the calamities will increase. As also prophesied, the hearts of men will be failing them due to fear of what's coming upon the earth.

14/03/2011 13:45:12 Japan nuclear mishap 'among worst ever'
"This is going to go down in history as one of the three greatest nuclear incidents if it stops now," Joseph Cirincione, the head of the Ploughsares Fund, said in an interview on CNN on Saturday. "If it continues, if they don't get control of this and we go from a partial meltdown of the core to a full meltdown, this will be a complete disaster," he said." -In other words, pray for these people that the Lord's mercy is upon them even though most of them are Buddhists and deny Him. They can still be reached by our Lord. In fact, it's time like these that many come to know the Lord. No, the Lord doesn't attack them to make them love Him. Satan attacks them because he literally has permission to by they themselves. They deny the very Lord that would have protected them had they trusted Him. So please pray this opens many eyes. Especially when they realize the Christian God prophesied all this and their false god Buddha had no ability to prophesy so as to help them prepare.

14/03/2011 13:52:26 Volcano erupts in Japan
"It is being speculated that the volcano's activity is linked with the 8.9 magnitude earthquake which struck Japan, but as of now nothing can be said for sure. The volcano is actually located on the ring of fire, and it lies 950 miles from the epicenter of Friday's earthquake." -Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear meltdown, and now a volcano erupts? And still some say Christian prophecy is not worth studying?

14/03/2011 13:53:53 Border Patrol nabs 100s of terror-linked illegals
"Hundreds of illegal aliens from terror-linked nations such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Iran and Syria have been nabbed by the U.S. Border Patrol sneaking illegally into the country, and an organization that monitors government's actions and prosecutes malfeasance says given Barack Obama's record on border security, it's not a surprise." -Let's see.. riots in Wisconsin, animals dying coast to coast, unemployment near 20%, we are in 2 wars and working on #3, economy is failing, food and gas prices are rising, a Muslim is in the Oval Office, hundreds of earthquakes are occurring, forest fires are raging, tornadoes in Winter, chemtrails are poisoning the soil and people, unjust laws are passed often, police brutality is frequent, crime rate is insane, numerous corrupt government agencies are caught red handed on camera, Homosexuals are getting married, heterosexuals are getting divorced, millions of babies have been murdered, Politicians are laughing, priests are raping boys, disease is rampant, the AMA is killing people, millions of illegal aliens are living off our tax dollars, and now many of the illegals are flooding in from terrorist countries? Yes, it looks like the prophesied anarchy is very soon in coming. Need another reason to get out of the cities?

13/03/2011 10:58:37 Courts have 'special animosity' for Christians
"An attorney for a Christian couple who faced religious discrimination in their request to provide foster care says there's no point in appealing a stunning decision that accused them of "infecting" children with their beliefs, because the nation's legal system is skewed against Christianity." -Still, do Christians give up? No. Even though the courts persecute us we still have a work to do. This is why many of us will be called to stand before magistrates that never heard the Truth as it is written in the Word. That judge was blessed with the chance to hear the truth from those Christians. Sadly, this judge denounced it all. There are many more that need to hear and decided as well. So expect more and more Christians to be persecuted in our day. Stand firm brothers and sisters, our Lord has promised to be with us always, even to the end of the world!

13/03/2011 10:58:37 Cruise ship and bullet train missing after Japan quake
"A large number of tourists are thought to be among 400 passengers feared drowned after a high-speed bullet train and cruise ship went missing following the devastating Japanese earthquake earlier today.The massive earthquake, 8,000 times stronger than the one that hist New Zealand last month sent a catastrophic 33 foot tsunami hurtling across the Pacific Ocean." -Will some people start to seek God after this? Yes, many! We have a wonderful opportunity to share the Lord with them. Please pray the Lord directs them to the truth as it should be preached.

13/03/2011 10:58:36 Meltdown Caused Nuke Plant Explosion
"The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) said Saturday afternoon the explosion at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant could only have been caused by a meltdown of the reactor core." -As expected, the quake caused a nuclear power plant to meltdown. It is this type of domino affect that will increase globally as the calamities grow in number week after week. Sadly, most will ignore all these prophesied warnings all the way up until the final plague destroys them all

13/03/2011 10:58:36 February federal budget deficit sets record
"The federal government's budget deficit grew by $222.5 billion in February, the largest one-month increase in history. Economists are forecasting the deficit for the year will be the biggest imbalance on record." -Back in the 1930's when the movement to destroy America from within was first discovered, it was pointed out the best way to do this was to waste money on wars, increase illegal aliens who rely on welfare, remove jobs to get Americans on welfare, spend money on crazy research programs, give massive sums of money to foreign interests, increase the size of government to allow for thousands of large salaries, and loan billions of dollars to those nations and corporations who cannot possibly pay it back. Sounds like they're right on track. As prophesied the people are crying to God for the unjust treatment at the hands of their leaders. So be it! Maranatha!

13/03/2011 11:06:32 Police unveil drone that can see inside houses
"Police in Miami spent $50,000 on the remote controlled drown which will can see inside people's homes if it flies low enough. Police will be able to control the flying surveillance camera while real-time pictures are relayed to the officer on the ground." -You know what I like about all this? Just like Goliath walking towards David completely fortified appearing to be unbeatable, which for all intents and purposes, he was, for a ruddy little guy like David. David was victorious because this is when our God shines the most! The fact the powers that be are doing everything they can to make it appear absolutely impossible to escape them, our God can, and will do things they never imagined! The coming days are about to become amazing for the people of God.

03/11/2011 14:04:28 Pope: Jesus was not a political revolutionary

 "He wrote that Jesus "does not come as a destroyer. He does not come bearing the sword of a revolutionary." -As usual, the Pope is mixing truth with lies so as to play the "moral" card as well as build his foundation for Sunday Laws. But then that too was prophesied to be his main weapon of choice, that being "craftiness," so as to lure billions to Christ-less graves. In regards to Jesus coming as a destroyer, has the Pope not read 2 Thessalonians 2:8 wherein it says, "And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:" Yes, he probably did read that, but he prefers to turn that around so as to make the prophesied incarnation of Satan impersonating Jesus as "the Christ" to appear more believable for the masses he's already conditioned spiritually. That way when this "Jesus" of his demands Sunday Laws, most will bow in worship. As prophesied, Antichrist will come bearing gifts, love, peace, healings, joy and happiness for all those reveling in the sins of Roman Catholic theology. For those that seek to follow the real Jesus Christ, he will bring upon them his eternal hatred, force them to lose their jobs, and eventually their lives if they refuse to bow to his false Sabbath. The Bible clearly says when the real Christ comes, He will destroy the wicked on that day. But Rome is suggesting the exact opposite. Why? The Pope is setting the stage for Antichrist. As for the Sword of the Lord. Both edges of this Sword speaks quite boldly against every lie of Roman Catholicism in all 66 books of the Bible. Soon every soul on earth will know the truth about Babylon and all her sisters in overwhelmingly graphic detail. As for the pope suggesting he personally emulates Christ in a separation of politics and religion, this is the ultimate in bold faced lies, and we once again have him doing so in writing! Yes, Christ did separate the church & State perfectly. Of this we know from reading Matthew 22:21. But the Pope has mixed the two since day one as is historically documented since 538A.D and is verified by every history buff since time began. Hence, the "woman on the beast."

03/11/2011 13:58:11 Obama Creates World's First Superstate With US-Canada Merger
"In a shocking coup d'etat said to rival Nazi Germany's 1938 Anschluss (German for "link-up") of the Austrian Republic, the United States this past week effectively took control of Canada creating what is being called by Russian diplomatic officials as the world's first 21st Century "Superstate." ...Concealed in the "diplo-speak" wording of this historic agreement, however, is the complete overturning of the sovereignty of both the American and Canadian peoples laws and regulations they have lived under for centuries, but which will now be "melded" together with no votes allowed by either of them ever again." -This is exactly what prophecy said would happen long ago. In my June 2006, Truth Provided Newsletter I shared how they planned to do this, as per prophetic order. And just as we figured, America and Canada have become "Kingdom #1" in this New World Order. Soon, we will see the other nine "kingdoms" step up and Antichrist will rule the world! Bottom line is, if you still don't trust Christian prophecy after this blunt occurrence, you are most assuredly one very blind indivudal. That being said, you need to open a Bible immediately so as to get ready to meet the Lord they God.

03/11/2011 13:58:11 Japan quake among worst ever recorded
"The quake that hit Japan was a magnitude 8.9, the biggest earthquake to hit the country since officials began keeping records in the late 1800s, and one of the biggest ever recorded in the world, according to the U.S. Geological Survey." -Jesus is coming soon. The fact the earthquakes are increasing in number and frequency declares the nearness of His coming quite boldly.

03/11/2011 13:58:11 Hundreds killed in tsunami after 8.9 Japan quake
"A ferocious tsunami spawned by one of the largest earthquakes on record slammed Japan's eastern coast Friday, killing hundreds of people as it swept away ships, cars and homes while widespread fires burned out of control. ...The magnitude-8.9 offshore quake unleashed a 23-foot (seven-meter) tsunami and was followed for hours by more than 50 aftershocks, many of them of more than magnitude 6.0." -Some reports declare the tsunami to be 33 feet high. The Internet is literally buzzing with this quake, as is expected. So I won't post the dozens of articles and videos I found on this. Suffice it to say, are you ready to meet the Lord thy God? If not, why not?

03/10/2011 13:03:51 Even Atheists Need to Switch Off on Sundays
 "Germany's highest court has ruled that Sunday should be kept as a day of rest and has overturned a Berlin law easing restrictions on Sunday shopping. ...The court on Tuesday decided in favor of the churches, saying that Sunday opening should not take place four weeks in a row. ...After all even the strictest atheist needs the switching off that Sundays allow." -First of all, it's no mistake that Germany, the home of Hitler and the present Pope is doing such things, secondly, many that scoff at the Sunday Law prophecy have always stated "what about Atheists?" As we have been saving for decades, they will have to comply as well, and now we see that the Truth proclaimed by God's people was correct again. I love it when the powers that be do exactly as Christian prophecy says they will. It vindicates and glorifies our God when His prophecy locks it down so tight. By the way, notice how they have a clause in Germany that allows for a certain number of Sundays being opened in a row. That way, they can still do Xmas shopping in December! In other words, again they prove this has nothing to do with a real Sabbath at all. It's all about the mark of the Roman Catholic beast.

03/10/2011 13:03:51 Christian churches burned by rampaging Muslims
"...the wave of arson started by Muslims framing Christians for desecrating a Quran. The Muslims desecrated a Quran and put it in a church compound and then accused Christians of desecrating a Quran, then started attacking," -This is what Rome has done in numerous historic movements against Bible Christians that deny their dogma, and now we see this same fruit in Islam? This is no coincidence brother and sisters. Especially since we know Rome invented Islam to do exactly as they're doing right now.

03/10/2011 13:03:51 Hundreds of Anglicans moving to Catholic church
"Church officials haven't released numbers, but a Catholic magazine, The Tablet, has reported that about 20 priests and 600 lay people around England are making the move. Five former bishops have already gone over." -What many fail to realize is, the 20 priests and bishops were actually Roman Catholics from the very start. All they're doing here is what Rome has done for eons. They literally infiltrate a church, act like the denomination they invade and then slowly indoctrinate the members into Catholicism. Then, after they have sufficiently corrupted the Truth, they "leave" the churches to go back to Rome bringing all their victims with them. Truth is, this deceptive act is a required act of Rome for all Jesuit priests. It's actually mentioned in the Jesuit oath.

03/10/2011 13:03:51 Earthquake rocks Japan
"A 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan this afternoon has triggered a small tsunami, but with no reports of damage." -Have you noticed? Quakes are so frequent now that most News outlets report on them as if it's just a normal fact of life now. But they're not! They are a normal occurrence only when you're speaking of the warning system God has declared in Prophecy as His way of letting mankind know it's all about to end.

03/09/2011 14:59:47 'One million' dead sardines clog Redondo Beach marina
"US officials fear a public health hazard after an estimated one million sardines that inexplicably washed up in a California marina begin to rot." -It's not going to go away, and it will get much worse in the coming days. How bad is it now all around the world? Click here to find out.

03/09/2011 14:59:47 11 killed in Muslim-Christian clashes in Egypt
"The clashes broke out Tuesday night when a Muslim mob attacked thousands of Christians protesting against the burning of a Cairo church last week." -Time is always the one to reveal the true reasons behind acts of men. Egypt falls, the Muslim brotherhood steps in, and now Christian churches are torched and Christians are killed in riots. Is it becoming clearer for those that failed to read between the lines thus far? One can only hope.

03/09/2011 14:59:47 Magnitude-7.3 quake hits northeast Japan; no damage
"A strong earthquake triggered a small tsunami along Japan's northeastern coast Wednesday and shook buildings hundreds of miles away in Tokyo. There were no immediate reports of significant damage or injuries." -I doubt very much damage will the discovered as Japan and China are good about creating earthquake ready buildings. However, an earthquake is still an earthquake. Plus, if it hits off shore an earthquake ready building is not designed to survive a tsunami. Some may think this is all natural, but if you study the Word of God you will find He created this planet to allow for life to flourish, not kill it. Earthquakes, storms, fires, and the like are not natural to His original design in any way. As for earthquakes however, they are a prophetic statement declaring His soon arrival. Did He not shake the mountain as He descended upon Sinai thousands of years ago? That being said, how many earthquakes have been occurring lately? Click here to find out.

03/09/2011 14:59:47 Man commits suicide after being threatened on Facebook
"He had threatened suicide during a Facebook conversation after an incident with a former girlfriend's father. The inquest heard that Mr Herbert, of Cheltenham, was then told that if he did not take his own life others would do it for him." -Just one more perk of being on Facebook.

03/08/2011 13:00:20 Heads of Google, eBay, Facebook and Twitter will advise G8 summit
"So what if Barack Obama managed to bring the vast majority of US tech leaders in for a private meeting recently? Nicolas Sarkozy can do it too!" -Still don't think Facebook is a problem? Why would a global governing entity be interested in it if they had no plans to use it? Seriously, why spend over $1 billion dollars on something and then offer it for free to people if you didn't have plans to use the people's private info for something sinister? In today's world where nothing is free, do you not see the red flags here?

03/08/2011 13:00:20 Plans to invade Israel prepared
"A few weeks back, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in a public speech commemorating Hezbollah "martyrs," particularly Hezbollah operations chief Imad Muganiyeh whom Hezbollah believes Israel assassinated in Syria two years ago, that Hezbollah was prepared to occupy the region. "If Israel tries to invade Lebanon again, then be ready to occupy Galilee," Nasrallah declared." -Or as Rome wants it said, keep watching the Middle East while we manipulate the events to make our false prophecies seem valid. While you're bust doing that we can attack the real Israel as prophesied. Truth is, if pastors taught the real Bible and real prophecy, there would be a lot less smoke out there.

03/08/2011 13:00:20 Internet access blocked across much of Libya
"It's sort of becoming the "thing to do" when people are revolting: find a way to cut people's access to the internet. This happened across most of Libya yesterday, according to various traffic monitors. Traffic from the country to sites like YouTube and Google nearly disappeared, even though it seems that technically, the servers are still up and running." -In other words, when Americans start to riot due to everything from high prices to unjust laws, the government can shut down the Internet here as well to prevent a communication between the masses. Control is the intent and control is their agenda as prophecy stated so long ago.

03/07/2011 13:45:14 Religion calendar: Lent begins Wednesday
"Protestant and Roman Catholic Christians this week will begin their annual Lenten observance, a 40-day period marked by fasting, prayer and alms-giving that leads to the celebration of Easter on April 24." -Prophecy said all the world will follow after the beast in Rome, and they already do so with Sunday Sabbath, Christmas, Easter and other Pagan rituals, and now we see that Ash Wednesday is also being embraced by all churches. A day to honor the Pagan Queen of Heaven "Ashtaroth." And rightly so, as they are all one big happy family since joining the One World Church that is lead by Rome.

03/07/2011 13:45:14 Radio host leaves due to Islam statements
"Fred Grandy, the former "Love Boat" star who served several terms in Congress before landing a gig as a radio host, resigned from his show this week after he was pressured to stop talking so much about radical Islam. ...You're not allowed to talk about what's happening in your country." -That's exactly it. If you talk on the air about what Islam is up to behind closed doors they will pressure you to stop. It's obvious the TV media has been well censored, now they're focusing their sights on radio. After that's sowed up, one can only expect the Internet to be next. Rome needs to get Islam well entrenched in American politics and society. How else will they be able to use the guillotines already stored on U.S. soil?

03/07/2011 13:45:13 4 years in prison for being homeless!
"Authorities say Kongkham fled from Philadelphia to Broward County with her daughters in October 2008, two weeks after Pennsylvania child welfare officials placed the girls in foster care." -Yes, she dug a hole in a playground an lived there with her children for a few days because she literally had no place else to go. Since the love of many has waxed so cold, most turn a blind eye to their fellow man in need. Since no one was there to help her, she gets a 4 year prison sentence? Why not just house her and feed her and her children? This is a travesty of justice! Especially after a judge in Brooklyn gave a homeless man custody of his son just last week!? Yes, I also understand the kids may have had a few bug bites on them. But this woman dug that hole to hide her children with her because she knew what would happen if they were found sleeping in the street! She loves her daughters and she was desperately trying to protect them! Being a pastor who has been involved with people in the past in similar situations, I know very well how the authorities exaggerate to make their case. What most don't realize is there's money to be made every time some one is jailed and a child is placed in a foster home. The love of many has waxed so cold when instead of helping this poor Vietnamese woman and her daughters, they jail her and take her children from her all so someone can have a few dollars! What a strange society indeed!

03/07/2011 13:45:13 Nine more arrested in raids over 100-strong 'Facebook' mall fight
"A total of 30 teenagers and young men have now been charged over the fight, which allegedly involved more than 100 people from rival groups. Police have said the fight was initiated and organised using Facebook." -Maybe it's just me, but I'm finding it more and more difficult to see any good reason to be on Facebook. I must say I am half tempted to create a page exposing Facebook! Truth is, I won't be at a loss for articles!

03/06/2011 12:19:45 MK proposes day off on Sundays
 "A bill proposing declaring Sunday an official day of rest will be put forward by National Union-NRP chairman MK Zevulun Orlev in the coming days. According to the bill, Friday will be turned into a regular workday, until Shabbat begins, and the weekend will last until Monday morning." -This is an old article (May of 2007) that a visitor to the site sent to me today. But it bears repeating in that many feel it's impossible for the Jews to ignore Sabbath to keep Sunday holy in its place as prophecy declared most on earth would do. But here we see them pushing forth a Bill years ago which does in fact swap Sabbath for Sunday. For hundreds of articles proving Sunday Laws are near, click here.

03/06/2011 12:19:45 Roman Catholic (Jesuit) hospital forcing mother of 6 to starve to death
"A grandmother who suffered severe brain damage when she had a stroke last April has had her feeding tube removed and is now dying of starvation because she does not have health insurance. ...The 58-year-old, who has been in a 'persistent vegetative state' since the stroke, had spent eight costly months at Georgetown University Medical Centre before being transferred to a nursing home in Millersville, Maryland." -It's amazing how the AMA has been able to declare certain people worthy of death simply because they cannot figure out how to help them come out of comas! They truly believe they are all knowing and when someone is "tagged" terminal, they kill them quicker to save money. But if they have cancer, they kill them slower to make money. And they still call natural methods that actually heal people quakery!? As is obvious, this Roman Catholic hospital is declaring money is far more important than the life of a mother of 6. Does this not declare openly that Roman Catholicism is not a Christian religion? Jesus would never approve of killing anyone simply to save money! The other toss of the coin is, this proves the AMA is just as bloodthirsty as the Vatican itself. Click here for more strange tactics of the AMA that are allowed in our hospitals.

03/06/2011 12:19:45 Hospital Bacteria Strain Killing Patients
"You may have heard of MRSA, the antibiotic-resistant superbug that can eat through patients' skin. But there's another bug few have heard about that can be just as menacing. As CBS 2's Susan Carlson reports, it's causing deadly and preventable infections." -This is one more benefit of trusting the insane methods of the AMA over God given natural healing methods. Basic hygiene 101 is overlooked in many hospitals as well as the basic blessings of fresh air and Vitamin D from the Sun. All hospital windows are sealed shut allowing all sorts of deadly viruses ample room for growth, and they know this has been happening for over 100 years! yet they won't open the windows to let the fresh air or even Sunlight kill such things? What's worse, people die simply because an easy to kill infection is allowed to flourish unchecked! Pray the signs that follow God's people start soon as it is getting more and more obvious that people are getting sicker and sicker in greater numbers today.

03/06/2011 12:19:45 Health Department unveiling free iPhone application that allows New Yorkers to find free condoms
"We are trying to reach everyone having sex," said Monica Sweeney, the agency's point person for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control. "The younger generation uses their iPhone and we want to make it convenient for them to access condoms." -Steve Jobs removes pro-life apps and pro-heterosexual apps, even though there was a majority demanding their stay. He chose rather to go with the much smaller crowd of pro-abortion and pro-homosexual apps, and now they are looking to target the "younger generation" with sexual perks on top of it? Is this why Jobs is sick? We may not know till all the sins are shouted from the rooftops. Regardless of the reasons please pray for the man as he needs Christ just as much as anyone else, and seeing how he is very sick, he may be on the verge of needing Him in a very graphic way right now. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he accepted Christ as Lord, was healed and then spoke of Christ before the world? So, please pray.. stranger things have happened!

03/04/2011 15:05:22 Google May Have Promoted a Contest to Get Kids Social Security Numbers
FYI: "You see what Google knows and many parents don't know is that a person's city of birth and year of birth can be used to make a statistical guess about the first five digits of his/her social security number. Then, if you can somehow obtain those last four SSN digits explicitly ~ voila, you've unlocked countless troves of personal information from someone who didn't even understand that such a disclosure was happening." -As a youth I knew that your date of birth, last name was all the police needed to pull your police records. Today, it's even easier, yet still so many people post their private info online thinking they're safe.

03/04/2011 15:05:22 Teens use 'mob theft' to rob St. Paul store
"About 30 to 40 youths dashed into a Holiday gas station on St. Paul's West Side Saturday night, snatched up dozens of juice bottles, candy, chips and other junk food and took off without paying." -This says a lot for our society today. For 30 to 40 teens to go in on this type of activity is not surprising as most teens today are into anything evil as being something new and exciting to try. It's amazing how easily Satan has control of some people now. And some wonder why there's so much crime.

03/04/2011 15:05:22 Detective fired for trying to secede from U.S.
"Last April, a veteran Sarasota homicide detective went to the courthouse and tried to secede from the United States of America. The detective, Tom Laughlin, filed a convoluted document declaring himself a "sovereign citizen." The filing included a thumbprint on each page and a photocopy of 21 silver pieces, the price to become a "freeman." In doing so, Laughlin, 42, joined a small but growing group of U.S. citizens who claim they are not subject to federal law, that they no longer have to pay taxes and that their homes are their embassies." -Sounds strange to say the least, but at the same time, it makes sense that people would want to divorce themselves from their leaders when so much corruption has become the norm. Living in the last days certainly has it's twists and turns.

03/04/2011 15:05:21 Citizens cheer as hail turns city white
"It is one of the signs of doomsday as we have heard that unlikely weather would be seen around the world in its last days," said Abdul Shakoor in Garhi Shahu. He said that "we have witnessed an odd event, which shows us that the end of the world is near." -Amazing how even some non-Christians can see what some of us have known since childhood regarding strange weather being a prophetic event for our day. No, I don't seem them as being ready for Christ as they do in fact deny Him as Lord. But it's still amazing that they have been warned and the warning is twisted by their false theology to glorify a false god instead of the true God of creation who is trying to reach them in the first place. This is what's also happening in the Christian churches. They know the basics of certain prophetic events, but because their pastors don't preach prophecy as it is written, and since they don't preach it, their flock feels it's not important to study it, therefore their opinions twist the prophetic events to fit their faulty assumptions thereby making themselves unready using the exact same prophetic events that make the real believers trim their lamps for the arrival of the Bridegroom. So be it! He's coming anyway!