03/03/2011 13:01:42 Ohio house explodes; 2 bodies found amid debris
"An Ohio home exploded into flames early Wednesday, killing a woman and her grandson in a blast that was heard miles away and leaving nothing at the site but a large crater filled with debris." -Even though this is happening once or twice a month now, the gas companies don't seem to be doing anything to stop it. Why? Money has become far more valuable than human life in these last days.

03/03/2011 13:01:42 Florida Burning
"A fast moving wildfire burns across 16,000 acres." -Today that number of acres has been reported to have grown to 17,500 acres. Yes it's natural for forests to burn down from time to time. It's natures way of replenishing the soil. However, as we watch the number of fires grow each year, one can see that this adds to the calamities that grow in number to eventually lead to an excuse via the 501C3 pastors to have lawmakers quench the loud cry. Problem is, they don't realize prophecy says they will fail in a big way here.

03/03/2011 13:31:59 Congresswoman outraged over "racist" Pepsi commercial
This shows the careless and out of focus mindset of most leaders in the world todat. Our economy is crashing, we are at war, gas prices are rising, food prices are rising, schools are failing, crime is off the charts, wildlife is dying, quakes are in the hundreds, and unemployment is sky rocketing yet this Congresswoman is mostly concerned about a racist Pepsi commercial? Now do you see how easy it is for Satan to get unjust laws passed? The leaders priorities are all about generating cash instead of bettering society. Once Pepsi gets wind of this congresswoman's comments you can rest assured millions of dollars will be handed her to calm the waters. This is how it's worked in D.C. for over a century now. But then, that too was prophesied.

03/02/2011 14:00:52 UK cleric plans Thursday Sharia rally in D.C.
"On 3rd March 2011 From 1pm to 4pm (local time), at Pennsylvania Avenue, outside the White House, the Muslims will let the tyrant Barack Obama and the American people know that a new constitution beckons the US called the Shariah, and that this worldwide revolution will see it implemented inshaa allah (God willing) very very soon." -What amazes me about all this is there are millions of pastors in America and well over 200 million Christians sitting on couches. Yet will they march as well to drown this event out? Especially when a million Muslims plan to march on D.C in July? Not likely, as the complacency of all pastors will not lead them to move their congregation. Worse yet, those that still have a desire to do the right thing have their hands tied. The 501C3 they clamored after to save a few bucks prevents them from partaking in any political activism. So this looks to be a done deal for the Muslims and we can thanks all the 501C3 preachers and pastors for that. Their love of money outshines their love of Truth. So be it. Prophecy did say they would be preachers of filthy lucre anyway.

03/02/2011 14:00:52 High court rules for military funeral protesters
"The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the First Amendment protects fundamentalist church members who mount attention-getting, anti-gay protests outside military funerals." -Some may say this a victory for Christians, but think again. The Roman Catholic Supreme Court knows exactly what they're doing here. Rome hates Christians just as much as their invented religion of Islam. This Supreme Court approval will make the hate spread far and wide now. Bottom line is, Christians will still be harassed and even arrested when they speak of Jesus Christ in football stadiums, on the grounds of all public or private buildings, in Schools, at the work place, at abortion clinics and on busses as well as many other places. They allowed the Westboro Baptists to do what they do simply because the Vatican needs to cultivate more hatred of Christians. What better way to get everyone else on the same page as Rome by allowing those claiming to be Christians to legally use bold hatred against their fellow man? No, this is not a victory for Christians at all. Looking ahead prophetically, we see the Word of God states laws will be passed that make it legal to kill Christians, when that law comes to fruition, all this conditioning of the masses will make it easy for some to do just that. Only problem is, as prophesied, their weapons will fall useless at their sides not too long before we proclaim, "...Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the LORD; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation." -Isaiah 25:9

03/02/2011 14:00:52 Holy Name Cathedral Satanic Artworks
"Satanic & alien artwork throughout the tabernacle of Archdiocese of Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral as seen in feature documentary Rape of the Soul..." -This not only shows the demonic facts and fruits of Roman Catholicism, it shows their alien agenda is deep within their dogma.

03/02/2011 14:00:52 Danger on 18 Wheels
FYI: I'm glad they finally did a video on this. I must admit I never knew those rear guards were this weak on the trucks! The video shows how even if your driving as slow as 35mph, in the USA the guards on the backs of tractor trailers simply aren't able to stop you from going under the truck thereby resulting in serious if not fatal injuries. However, in Canada they are strong enough? What's up with that? In any event, please be careful when following a truck.

03/01/2011 14:40:27 Hilltop landslide buries 400 homes in Bolivia
"Heavy rains have caused a hilltop to collapse in a poor district of the Bolivian capital La Paz, cracking roads, destroying at least 400 homes and burying people's belongings under mud and debris." -This has to be the worst thing I've ever seen on a long while. The hilltop literally slid and dragged all the homes, roads and infrastructure along with it. There is no way imaginable they can repair such damage. Truth is, one would think it very unwise to live in such an area after seeing how unstable it is.

03/01/2011 14:40:26 Christian man vanishes in hunt for Noah's Ark
"The Jupiter, Fla., filmmaker can be described as a man of obsession - obsessed with Noah's Ark since his childhood, and today obsessed with locating his friend and fellow ark hunter who mysteriously vanished on Turkey's Mount Ararat in September, sparking the worst kind of speculation. -This region of the world is infamous for its bad treatment of Christians, yet some still venture in? They are lost on Mt. Ararat, where many before them have been killed, so more go in? Please pray for this man and the friend he was looking for.

03/01/2011 14:40:26 Microsoft Research using Kinect
It's nice to see how far technology can go, but at the same time a bit concerning to say the least. As you watch him explain the 3D technology that can now be embedded into a screen using kinect cameras, it won't be long before we can walk into a store and actually think we're talking to a live sales person behind a counter, when in fact it's all a projection on a screen. Compile this with holographic technology already being used, and soon many will be deceived in all sorts of strange ways. Especially when cults with money get a hold of such technology so as to make all sorts of "miraculous" deceptions appear valid. One can only imagine what the Vatican has planned with this technology. All I see here is a conditioning of the minds that don't read Bibles so as to ready them for that day Antichrist actually does stand before them as Christ.

03/01/2011 14:40:26 Violent Weather Yet Again
"Flooding, thunderstorms, and tornadoes across the nation." -More than half the nation saw violent weather the other day and it isn't even Spring yet! First we have the worst snowstorm in history covering most of the nation and now we look to have a rather violent Spring to boot. But then, this is due process of the course we find ourselves on as prophecy rolls forward in fruition. The calamities will increase as the loud cry gets louder, and the false pastors will use the calamities as a way to get Sunday Laws passed so as to try and quench the loud cry. Still, God's people have not to worry. We have a mighty God in Heaven.

03/01/2011 14:51:36 Sand Liquefies With Vibration
This is a real shocker to see! Simply vibrating the chunks of dark sand that was dug up from the man's yard causes it to literally liquify. This is why the Christchurch earthquake was able to topple the buildings with not as much effort as other quakes in the past. I must say, mankind has a lot to learn about how much wisdom is still hidden in the creation of all things great and small. Even the very sand they base their lives on can melt all by a simple "shaking."

28/02/2011 13:46:08 Video of thousands clashing with police in Croatia, dozens injured
"Croatian police clashed with approximately 15-thousand anti-government protesters who rallied in the capital on Saturday, and state television reported that officers used tear gas to disperse the group. At least 25 people were injured. Dozens of mostly young demonstrators charged at a police cordon preventing them from reaching a central square in Zagreb where the government headquarters is located, Croatian television reported." -It's now happening in Croatia! Each nation is rioting for the exact same reason. They all want their constitutions changed! Do you study prophecy? Do you not realize who is behind this obviously organized global riot? I will give you 666 guesses.

28/02/2011 13:46:08 Gulf dolphins are dying
"More than 70 dolphins washed up on shore in Mississippi and Alabama." -15 times more dolphins are winding up dead. And these are only the ones that wash up on shore. Most stay out in the Gulf and are either eaten or drift further into the ocean. It's only when an on shore breeze or storm occurs that we see them appear on our shores. Last week it was only baby dolphins washing ashore dead in Mississippi and Alabama. Now the adults are dying, along with even more babies. And it's not just the shores of Mississippi and Alabama that see this now. It's happening all the way from Louisianan to the Florida panhandle! The amount of animal, bird, fish and insect deaths are adding up all over the world. How bad is it? Click here.

28/02/2011 13:46:08 Baby Joseph NOT in vegetative state
"These two brief videos taken soon before Baby Joseph was scheduled to have his brearthing tube removed clearly indicate that he is responding to stimulation." -I've been following this story for a little while now. So I am wondering, will the AMA kill this child like they did so many others before him? Hopefully not. So please pray brothers and sisters. The child is obviously not in a vegetative state as they declare.

28/02/2011 13:46:08 Phoenix teacher arrested in dog sex sting
"A middle school teacher is one of two Valley men arrested for using a popular Internet website to connect with people offering their dogs for sexual acts with humans." -This is just sick! This is just one more of hundreds of reasons to keep your kids out of the government school system. Seeing how, as prophesied, the lamb horned beast of Revelation was to become extremely evil, one can only imagine how evil their schooling system will become. But now that we have many articles to suggest it has come to that now. we the children of God know exactly what we're looking at here. This is par for the course. Click here for many articles regarding the school systems of the world, especially in the USA.

27/02/2011 13:21:38 The Truth about Facebook!
"Do you have a Facebook? Do you use it regularly? Do you think what happins in Facebook stays in Facebook? Watch this..." -I like the way this video is put together. Still, I wonder, will anyone listen and get off of Facebook? Especially now when we know how corrupt our government is and how they can (and will) use this information against us so as to track us when they enforce the mark of the beast. The facts are here. The U.S. Government funded the creation of Facebook. One would think that fact alone would make many people leave Facebook.

27/02/2011 13:21:38 Court case warns EPA could 'own' your land!
"A legal team asking the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in an Idaho controversy is warning landowners that under the compliance order procedures being used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency virtually anyone could be told to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in permit fees - or face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and penalties - over ordinary home construction work." -The application for the permit costs $200,000 to boot! Prophecy said unjust laws would flourish in our day, and so they do.

27/02/2011 13:21:38 Tunisian prime minister announces resignation
"Tunisia's Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi on Sunday announced that he was stepping down, a move that highlights the difficulty Tunisia's interim cabinet is having trying to assert its authority little more than a month after the downfall of the country's authoritarian ruler." -One more down, a few more to go and the Antichrist in Rome will have complete control in the Middle East. Are you ready? Are you sure!?

27/02/2011 13:21:38 High School Marching Band Covers "Bulls On Parade"
This is what our schools are doing to our children right now. As we know, music always fashions society and Satan is indeed the angel of music. (See Ezekiel 28:13) Watch how some of the teenagers in this school band are forced into a frenzy by the teacher to the tune of a Satanic rock band. Would you want your child learning how to make Rock music in a school like this? How bad has it gotten in the schools? Click here.

25/02/2011 14:01:50 New Zealand earthquake caused by new fault line
"The devastating earthquake that tore through Christchurch on Tuesday is the product of a new fault line in the Earth's crust that seismologists were previously unaware of." -Amazing how little mankind knows isn't it? Imagine how surprised they will be when the prophesied global quake hits along with those 125lb chunks of hail raining down on everyone killing all life on earth. Most deceived Christians will still be waiting for the seven year tribulation when that day comes. And then then they will shout, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." - Jeremiah 8:20

25/02/2011 14:01:50 Video of Greece strike turning violent in Athens
"Young demonstrators hurled rocks and fire bombs at riot police as clashes broke out on Wednesday in Athens during a mass rally against austerity measures, part of a general strike that crippled services and public ransportation around the country. Police fired tear gas and flash grenades at protesters, blanketing parts of the city centre in choking smoke." -It's amazing how many riots are going on right now in countries around the world. Are the people being primed for the arrival of Antichrist? Or does it have to get much worse? Time will tell.

25/02/2011 14:01:50 Gaddafi will fight on, 1000 dead in Libya just a beginning
"Supporters of Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi appear to be turning their back on him while the international community unites against the bloodshed. The country's Interior Minister has resigned and joined the anti-government protesters, after reports of 300 unarmed civilians being killed in Libya's second largest city, Benghazi. He accused Gaddafi of planning a wide scale attack on his own country-men." -The truth is, so far it's 1000 in Tripoli and 2000 dead in Benghazi. (see this article) What bothers me about this is, Rome knew people would die when they started this constitutional attack in that region. Gaddafi is not known to be a pushover. So, as prophesied, bloody crimes will be committed in the streets for as long as it takes for Antichrist to stand victorious. The reporter actually hits the nail on the head when he says dictatorships only survive as long as the West can use them. But then the the other reporter appears ill informed, or at least helping to fan the smokescreen in saying the West is not in control here. However she does later admit the West cannot show its hand in this for obvious reasons. In any event, now that the region is doing exactly as Rome needs them to do in regards to Constitutions that will allow for the prophesied Sunday Laws, the leaders that refuse to bow to the Pope need to go.

25/02/2011 14:01:49 Have a video I can post?
If you have a video you think I should post on this site that deals with prophetic events in any way shape or form. Or you feel the video you found is something the people that frequent this site needs to see, please e-mail me by clicking the above link at your earliest convenience and I will check it out. Thank you in advance.

24/02/2011 14:01:28 Mark of the Beast video BANNED ON FACEBOOK!
Back in 2008 the so called Christian website named, "God tube" banned my Antichrist video after it was only on their site 4 days wherein it received 2453 viewings ranking it #1 for 4 straight days under the topic "Antichrist." I wonder if this is what's happening on Facebook now with my Mark of the Beast video. The Roman Catholic church desperately fears exposure that is entirely backed by Scripture and Historic record, so to prevent their deceived flock seeing it. They influence or even threaten websites that allow free speech in this area as many of us have discovered the last decade or so. But then, I am used to this as it has been the case with every ISP that hosted my site over the years. Fearful Vatican prelates will do whatever they can to try and quench the Truth about them because they know they cannot refute it. This is why the Lord has blessed this ministry with many devoted brothers and sisters in Christ that have literally burned tens of thousands of my "Seven" DVD series.  Better yet, they have actually passed them out all around the world now, and I never asked a single person to do that. This proves the hand of God is upon this truth we proclaim. It has literally become a loud cry in some regions! At last count (today) we have 445 remnant Christians helping us spread the Present Truth message of this ministry all around the world, and that number grows with each passing day. That's of course not counting the millions of websites that link to one or more of the 7000+ pages on this site.  See this pic of a Google search for "RemnantofGod.org" before we were censored. So, Rome can ban us all they want on Facebook. It's already too late to stop what the Lord hath wrought. Even if they were to shut this ministry down completely, the Truth the Lord has blessed us with to share is going to be proclaimed far and wide no matter what! You can't censor all of the sites and you certainly cannot censor the tract, DVD, and booklet passing going on every day now. Nothing can stop the Truth! NOTHING! One would have thought Rome would have learned that after killing 500 million Christians! But then, wisdom is not a fruit of those possessed of Satan.

24/02/2011 14:01:28 Egypt chants, "To Jerusalem we are heading, Martyrs in the millions."
Now that the Suez Canal is wide open and Iran has sent two warships through to Syria, one can only wonder if this chant is a promise or a threat. Keep in mind though, Satan is fueling all this unrest for a reason. When Antichrist arrives to bring "peace" the masses will accept him with open arms just as prophecy declares. So it's going to have to keep boiling over so as to make his "peace" appear acceptable. This could take weeks, months and even years as we have learned in the past. Regardless of how long it does take, we have the opportunity to get right with God, and do the work of evangelizing souls while it is still day. So.. care t join us in this final and well prophesied work?

24/02/2011 14:01:28 Libya mercenaries in Benghazi entering homes & shooting people
"HELP ANYONE PLEASE !!! Mercenaries with yellow hats in the street Shamsa - Benghazi, Libya" -This is obviously a plea for help from a Libyan family. Whether it is true or not regarding the guys with the yellow hats truly doesn't matter. They are breaking into homes. The reason I posted this is to let some of the more naive know that mob rule is not something you want to discover first hand upon your family. Soon we will see riots in the USA and other countries before long. This is yet another reason to get out of the cities. You're going to have to move soon anyway. Why not avoid the riot rush?

24/02/2011 14:21:56 Caught on Camera: Coach Shoves Player
"(Roman Catholic) Holy Family University basketball coach sits down face-to-face with student." -We all know that Sports today are nothing more than a spin-off from the Roman Coliseum wherein Christians were violently killed for accepting Christ as Lord. In today's society of violence and hatred it's obvious to see who helps to fuel such things. The Roman Catholic church is very active in Sports, and very active in training their students to be more and more violent. Yet, no one seems to notice? What really gets me here is how the Roman Catholic coach keeps saying it was an accident. Yet, after shoving the kid to the floor, he kicks him and then yells at him about getting blood on himself. Yes, the kick was gentle, but the shove was not. He was obviously trying to train the kid how to rough up an opposing team player. Violence has always been a fruit of Rome. And that violence will boil over in the coming days as prophecy predicted long ago. The fact a Roman Catholic Coach is using such tactics proves it's already in the minds of most Catholics as normal behaviour.

23/02/2011 15:01:13 Canadian Family Fights to Keep Boy's Breathing Tube in Place
"The boy, Joseph Maraachli, has been in a vegetative state at a hospital in London, Ontario, since last fall. He's been treated for a neurodegenerative disease that doctors ruled leaves no hope for the boy." -This is how government health care works, and this is what Obamacare is all about. They are trying to force the parents to kill their son based solely on the opinions of a doctor. Please pray this child wakes up and proves yet another doctor wrong. Want to see how crazy some doctors can get? Click here.

23/02/2011 15:01:13 Infant dolphin deaths spiking in Gulf after oil spill
"Baby dolphins, some barely three feet in length, are washing up along the Mississippi and Alabama coastlines at 10 times the normal rate of stillborn and infant deaths, researchers are finding." -Mankind is paying for his stupidity more and more each day now. They did what they did all for the love of money, and now countless creatures have died, and many more will die. How bad has it gotten so far? Click here.

23/02/2011 15:01:13 Arvada Police defend arrest of 11-year-old over drawing
"Arvada Police are defending the way they handled the arrest of an 11-year-old boy. The Arvada boy was arrested and hauled away in handcuffs from his home for drawing stick figures in school, something his therapist told him to do." -Government schooling at it's best. Even though the "therapist" proved the child was simply doing as he was told, the cops still declared they felt they did nothing wrong. Yes, this is a ticklish area and I probably would have wanted the cops to do something as well if my children were in that school. But I wouldn't think it's wise to come to his home, handcuff him and through him in jail! How bad has it gotten in the schools? Click here.

23/02/2011 15:06:45 Burned to Death for Not Shooting Protesters in Libya
"Burned to Death for Not Shooting Protesters in Libya" -WARNING! GRAPHIC! No, the link will NOT work. I only posted it to show that it is happening. If you want to view the video, just put the headline in your favorite search engine and watch it. It doesn't actually show them burning, but it does show their burned bodies. This is how insane some leaders are today. This is most assuredly going to cause it to get much worse in that region.

22/02/2011 14:32:51 Christchurch Earthquake: Full Coverage
"Christchurch are residents exiting the city after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit at 12:51pm on Tuesday 22 February. Source ONE News TVNZ." -Do you recall the article I posted back on 9/21 that reported on 700 earthquakes in Christchurch? And now, 5 months later they get hit with a massive quake? I wonder, is Arkansas about to see the same thing? On February 18, they too reported 700+ quakes in the last 6 months. What is cause for concern in this area is, the New Madrid fault, reported to be the largest fault in the USA, is where these tremors are coming from. In any event, the calamities will increase in the coming days, especially in the USA for their sins against the Lord, and this will happen all the way through the Loud Cry. Are YOU ready to do the work or at least help those that are doing it?

22/02/2011 14:32:51 United State Navy Commercial
When you watch this video you see weapon after weapon that can destroy quite well, and then the narrator declares "America's Navy to be "a Global force for good." One might think, are they applying for a job? But when reality kicks in and we look around we realize that no, they already have that job. And the Roman pope is their god, just as the Roman soldiers of old worshiped Caesar. Ever notice that while they are proclaiming themselves a global force for good, there is nary a nation that can stop them? Prophecy did say no one would be able to fight the beast, and now that Rome has it's global police force, no one can.

22/02/2011 14:32:50 Fighter Jets Ordered To Fire On Protesters
"Libya made good on its threats to get bloody today, sending fighter jets to fire on protesters in Tripoli, Al Jazeera reports, though it cautions that reports are difficult to verify because Libyan intelligence has shut down all landline and wireless communications. But two military pilots seem to confirm the story: They landed in Malta, declaring that they'd been ordered to bomb protesters, but had refused to do so and defected instead. Security forces on the ground are also reportedly using live ammunition, and witnesses told Al Jazeera that at least 61 have been killed today." -When I first came across this story the other day I didn't post it because I simply didn't believe it. I thought it was too crazy to be true. Turns out. It was true! So I'm posting it now. They are actually using military aircraft to kill civilian protesters. Well over 200 are dead thus far! As prophesied, there are bloody crimes in the streets!

22/02/2011 14:32:51 Miley Cyrus receives 'inspiration' award, urges kids not to obey parents
"I want (kids) to do something they love," Cyrus urged during her acceptance speech at the first annual Global Action Awards. "Not something that seems like a chore because someone tells them that's the right thing to do, or what their parents want, or what's important to people around them, but what's on their heart." -The children in our nation are being directly influenced by the most wicked people in the world, and the only reason it's working is because their parents allow them to do so because those influencing them are cute, cuddly, funny and talented. They treat these demonic entertainers in the same way they do their bibles. They only look at the book. They never look under the cover!

21/02/2011 14:02:16 New Video uploaded!
This video, "What did the the Pioneers believe," is a shorter version of a sermon exposing a strange booklet that is luring some Christians back into Babylon. Being a Pastor in the remnant movement, it is my duty to be a faithful watchman on the wall. I must alert all those Christians that are being led into apostasy by following after the corrupted teachings of mankind that they are in grave danger.

21/02/2011 14:02:16 Government Eugenics Program Profiling Your Kids As 'Potentia'l' Killers
"Eugenics was practiced around the world and was promoted by governments, and influential individuals and institutions. Its advocates regarded it as a social philosophy for the improvement of human hereditary traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of certain people and traits, and the reduction of reproduction of certain people and traits." -Or as Hitler called it, "the perfect race." This is just one more block of evidence proving Hitler was controlled by the Vatican. If it was just his insanity that fuel the drive for a perfect race, then why after he died do we still see governments using his exact same methods? It's because the puppet master that controlled Hitler is still very active. It's called, the Roman Catholic Vatican.

21/02/2011 14:02:16 Churches Open Doors to Muslim Worship
"Two Protestant churches are taking some heat from critics for opening their church buildings to Muslims needing places to worship because their own facilities were either too small, or under construction." -Rome's ecumenical movement is working just as prophecy said it would. Not only are the preachers in the USA embracing Islam, they are allowing them to use their churches to help it grow.

21/02/2011 14:02:16 Large loss of life in Libyan city
"Unconfirmed eyewitness reports from Benghazi in Libya say dozens of people have been shot dead during protests on Saturday, many killed by snipers who had holed up in a compound before opening fire on the crowds." -As far as I'm concerned. If the people are rioting without using guns, for the police to shoot and kill them is just plain murder. The Middle East is most assuredly crying out for a Saviour. Problem is, they don't know the real Saviour, nor His Father so their cries are directed to another. It appears the unrest is building up for a purpose, and that purpose is for Antichrist to "save the day." Had they known Jesus, they would have been saved for eternity. 

20/02/2011 13:15:02 Deadly Libyan crackdown leaves 84 dead
"More than 80 people are now reported to have been killed in Libya after a deadly crackdown, according to New York based human rights watchdog, Human Rights Watch." -The people are protesting, yes. But it's not like they have the ability to do deadly harm to the police. That being the case; why not just use tear gas or fire hoses to disperse the crowds? Well, according to prophecy, the love for their fellow man is no longer in the hearts of many. So certain tactics will be more and more the norm in coming days.