03/03/2014 13:23:54 South Carolina Legislation Would Ban Abortions Should Fetus Be Able To Feel Pain
"If H. 4223 becomes law, the life of unborn babies past the 20 week stage of pregnancy, who most consider are able to feel pain at this late stage in their development, would be protected from the work of ab0rt!on practitioners." --Have they never seen the video titled "The Silent Scream" wherein they show a 12 week old "fetus" screaming when the doctor rips him apart? Still, one can see that if they follow this route of legislation the supporters of abortion will demand drugs to put the baby to sleep so they can kill it without pain. But the fact remains, even at 12 weeks it does in fact feel pain. May God have mercy on their souls.

03/03/2014 13:23:54 28 killed, 113 injured in mass stabbing at train station in China
"Knife-wielding assailants attacked people at a train station in southwestern China on Saturday in what authorities called a terrorist attack and police fatally shot five of the assailants, leaving 28 people dead and 113 injured, state media said." --When we see attacks like this one has to ask how would gun control have stopped this type of attack? No, I am not an advocate for guns. But I am one for common sense. Even if a gun was never invented, man is still very capable of killing his fellowman. And if you notice, this attack saw more deaths than most mass shootings because a gun makes nose, whereas a knife is silent. In any event, my point is, the prophecy is sure. Ezekiel 7:23 clearly said, "Make a chain: for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence."

03/02/2014 13:29:19 Why Are Christians the World's Most Persecuted Group?
"Why are Christians, as a new Pew report documents, the most persecuted religious group in the world? And why is their persecution occurring primarily throughout the Islamic world?" --If you read the article you will see that even though this is a supposed Christian website reporting on persecution, they say nothing about the fact that Jesus prophesied His followers would be persecuted, and especially in the last days. One would think a Christian website would jump at the chance at glorifying the Lord they worship by showing how His prophecy is always 100% accurate. But then, this is a disobedient Christian website, and being as such, prophecy cannot be understood at all. Want proof you need to be obedient to understand prophecy? Click here.

03/02/2014 13:29:19 AP Newsbreak: Washington nuke waste tanks flawed?
"While one of the newer double-walled nuclear waste storage tanks at a Washington state complex has leaked, six others have "significant construction flaws" that could lead to additional leaks, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. ...Thirteen additional tanks also might be compromised, according to the documents." --One small earthquake in this area and tens of thousands of people will be exposed to lethal doses of radiation and the planet will have yet another source of life ending pollutants spewing into the air and leaking into the ground water just like we see in Fukishima. Soon the prophecy regarding a massive increase in calamities will be easily realized and acknowledged even by the many scoffers that walk among us.

03/02/2014 13:29:19 Brighton High School students don hijabs to explore literature, religion and identity
"The exercise gave students a chance to learn about an unfamiliar culture and religion. But in a school community where no students and only one teacher outwardly practice Islam, wearing the scarves was a good way to draw curious looks, questions and a few unfriendly comments." --The public schools system outlaws Christianity on every level in the schools, yet they promote Islam without so much as a whimper of revolt from the parents? Not surprised at all. Especially since we have had a Muslim president for years now. And why do you suppose Rome feels we needed a Muslim president? Click here.

28/02/2014 14:31:53 Google ordered to remove anti-Islamic film from YouTube
"A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday ordered Google Inc to remove from its YouTube video-sharing website an anti-Islamic film that had sparked protests across the Muslim world. By a 2-1 vote, a panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Google's assertion that the removal of the film "Innocence of Muslims" amounted to a prior restraint of speech that violated the U.S. Constitution." --While at the same time, the thousands of videos that blaspheme Jesus Christ are allowed to stay online sighting free speech as their right? One of two things is happening here. #1, the powers that be side with Muslims because of Obama and Rome being in bed with them. #2, the Christians are so lazy and complacent in America that Islam is having a field day here. But have you noticed? Truth is, BOTH #1 & 2 apply to what's happening in reality.

28/02/2014 14:31:53 Congressman rips 'lackluster' response to Texas terror camp
"Charges government's approach to threat 'appalling, but typical.' ...This lackluster response to the threat of terrorist involvement is more than troubling it's appalling, but typical," Gohmert said in a statement to the Clarion Project. ...declassified FBI documents confirm the existence of an enclave that is part of a network in the U.S. identified by the Department of Homeland Security as a terrorist organization, according to an investigation by the Clarion Project and ACT!" --Ok, they know it's a terrorist group, yet they are free to move about the country unmolested? Now do you see why Rome insisted on a Muslim president for this nation? Another man in office would not allow any of this. In any event, as we watch all that's happening against Christians and for the Muslims, it's obvious, the guillotines will be pulled out of mothballs soon. Maranatha!

28/02/2014 14:31:53 South Carolina City Implements Law Requiring $120 Permit To Feed The Homeless
"Civil rights are often lost in societies by politicians scapegoating unpopular minorities. This happened with jews, gypsies, etc in Nazi Germany and we must be very careful the same does not happen here. One human being should be able to voluntarily give food to another in all cases, without exception. The concept of a permit needed that costs $120 per week is fascist, anti-human and downright evil." --I couldn't have said it better myself! Still, it's obvious, they impose the cost to try and slow the Christians down. What they fail to realize is, our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. I am sure most Christian missionaries will pay the fee.

27/02/2014 15:33:55 Chain cites 'copyright law' in refusing to print images of Bible verses, woman says
"A Mississippi woman says she waged a nearly three-week battle to get pictures of Bible Scripture printed, after the photo department at a national chain store insisted that her images of Gospel inspiration violated copyright laws." --What this woman, and millions of others just like her are unaware of is that the NIV, NASB and a host of other Bible versions are copyrighted simply because they have been re-written by man. If she was trying to do the same thing with a KJV Bible she would have find she has no copyright issues at all. Shocked? See my "Bogus Bibles" page for more info on this. By the way, it's no mistake these bogus bibles are here at this time in history.

27/02/2014 15:33:54 Population of Known Alien Planets Nearly Doubles as NASA Discovers 715 New Worlds
"NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered more than 700 new exoplanets, nearly doubling the current number of confirmed alien worlds. The 715 newfound planets, which scientists announced today (Feb. 26), boost the total alien-world tally to between 1,500 and 1,800, depending on which of the five main extrasolar planet discovery catalogs is used." --If you're a Bible believing Christian, you already know about the many worlds our Creator God has made throughout the Universe. But if you're like most lukewarm Christians, you have no clue. So the powers that be have decided to step up their PR campaign on such things to take advantage of your spiritually weakened condition. How are they doing this you ask, and what does this article have to do with all this? Check out this Newsletter I did back in 2008 titled "Rome, the original UFO enthusiast." In short.. they're most assuredly up to something.

27/02/2014 15:33:54 Syracuse Catholic churches hold workshops on how to promote 'trans rights'
"As the debate over transgenderism grows across the country, two Catholic churches are holding what local news calls a "series of talks on what it's like to be transgender." The talks, which are sponsored by All Saints Catholic Church and St. Lucy's Catholic Church, were organized by the All Saints LGBT Task Force and  "volunteers from Family Allies for Trans Equality in New York State." They will all be held at the All Saints Parish's Bishop Harrison Center." --The Vatican priesthood is now known to be 98% homosexual men. The priests in the Roman Catholic church are known to molest millions of little boys for centuries. And the Roman Catholic priests are dying of AIDS 11 times greater than any other group on the planet. That being said, are you surprised the Pope is pro-homosexual and some Catholic churches are on the forefront of the homosexual movement? Prophecy stated long ago the prelates of Rome would be homosexual, and so they are.

26/02/2014 15:32:04 'We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis'
"Testifying before a House Judiciary Committee looking into whether the president is faithfully executing the law, Turley flatly stated, "We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis with sweeping implications for our system of government." --You do realize this was prophesied to happen in the USA, right? If not, click here. Also see this short video, and then this video. And if you're not prepared for what's already begun, you may want to click here as well.

26/02/2014 15:32:04 Squat this! U.S. property taken in name of Allah
"The Washington Post, CBS News and others neglected to mention the religious connection to Islam in their reports on these racially separate squatters. ...It's going on in every state." --Why is it we keep seeing one thing after another in the News about Muslims circumventing US law in a multitude of ways? Well, we do have a mountain of evidence confirming we have a Muslim president in the White House, and that president is controlled by the Vatican that, along with all Protestants, is pushing Islam into the churches. Why would they want to bring about Sharia Law or at least have some Muslims in power in America? Click here.

26/02/2014 15:40:15 Now a dating app for 'throuples', 3nder promises to be new Tinder
"You have probably heard of online dating app Tinder which tries to match up couples but now there is an app designed for those looking for a "throuple." According to its website, ..."all swingers, newbies, curious and experienced" who are "discriminated by society the same way gay people were 15 years ago." ...It allows you to keep your identity hidden from friends and family so you can browse freely." --This is the exact same society of Sodom and Gomorrah in their day. Christian prophecy is THAT accurate!

--When the Protestant leaders openly declared allegiance and obedience to the Pope as tens of thousands just did in Kenneth Copeland's church, they fulfilled a prophecy that many today are completely unaware of. (If you haven't seen the video yet, click here) Yes, we all saw how "the wound was healed" when the Pope was placed on Rolling Stone magazine. Still, many lukewarm Christians blew it off because they know the only people reading such magazines are not the type that sit in the pew next to them. So, they went back to their TV's, Sporting events, and careers for the most part waiting for the next big event to be fulfilled. Well that day has come. And yes, it came rather quick! That magazine with the Pope's image on it was published on January 28. The videos and articles about the Pope and Copeland came out on YouTube on February 24! Less than 4 weeks after all the lost acknowledged the Pope worthy of worship, tens of thousands of Christians did so on TV with Copeland. Why is this an issue? Click here, and then click here. We are THAT CLOSE!

25/02/2014 11:20:34 White House attempts to unleash Ministry of Truth to control all news sources in America
"If you weren't already outraged by the illegal and unethically intertwined relationships between government and the mainstream media, then this revelation is sure send you over the edge." --Please don't let their attempts at making lies appear as truth dear ones. Jesus said in Matthew 24:24 that the elect cannot be deceived. Let them have their day. We already know with all the recent prophetic fulfillments that for those that refuse to repent, their day is EXTREMELY short now. And our eternity is still that... eternal. Maranatha!

25/02/2014 12:10:27 95 yr old man killed by police
"According to the latest news that Kass is reporting, in the police report the reason that police state they had to shoot Mr. Wrana was that “they were afraid for their lives." There were apparently at least 4 officers, and one officer had a riot shield and Taser. As Kass reports:" --Keep in mind the man was 95 and needed to use a walker to get around. The excuse "I was afraid for my life" is the key here. Whenever they use it, it allows police to get away with murder. 30 years ago this would not be a problem. If a 95 year old man didn't want to go to the hospital, the police would simply give up and say, you can't force the man to go. But today, the massively corrupt AMA makes tens of thousands whenever old people walk into the hospital, so of course, force is used to guarantee a profit. Just one more unjust law for the end days we live in.

24/02/2014 10:57:57 Spanking, Paddling and Padded Rooms: Are School Punishments Getting Worse?
"The image of a paddle-wielding elementary-school teacher may seem like an antiquated one to the vast majority of Americans. But this week, a proposed Kansas law which would give educators (and caregivers) permission to spank students even harder than currently allowed there is serving as a harsh reminder that corporal punishment, still legal in 19 states, is alive and well in U.S. schools." --Nuff said? No? Then click here.

24/02/2014 10:54:20 'We put the fun in funeral'
"The Wisconsin National Guard announced Tuesday that it had suspended a member from honor guard duties after she apparently posted to social media a photograph of soldiers mugging around an empty, flag-draped casket." --I don't normally send off an RSS feed as an article excerpt. But I do so this time to make a point about how easily controlled the media has now become. On this feed there is a link on the bottom that says, "Read the full story." Click it and you will see the military was able to pull the article! It's bad enough they're having fun at the expense of our fallen soldiers. But when caught, they do all they can to hide their cold hearts towards their fallen comrades. As our Lord stated in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

24/02/2014 10:54:20 Romance in the air? Facebook knows before you do
"Facebook recently did a study that suggests it can predict users' future romantic relationships by examining their online activity." --If Facebook was all about the freedom to just meet friends online, why do they do so much demographic research? Want the answer? Click here for well over 200 articles confirming who's really running Facebook.

23/02/2014 13:51:07 1 million jobs lost for minimum-wage hike 'a wash'
"In his State of the Union message, President Obama urged Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, saying it is simply wrong for any Americans to be working hard and still living in poverty. On Dec. 4, Obama said, “There's no solid evidence that a higher minimum wage costs jobs, and research shows it raises incomes for low-wage workers and boosts short-term economic growth." --Small businesses, which are the backbone of society, know Obama is lying here. If they have to pay their workers more money, then they have to lay off some people to do it. Worse yet, they then have to raise their prices to be able to afford keeping the minimum amount of workers on the payroll. Raising the pay without raising the cost of the products per business will ultimately force all manufacturers to either raise costs or cut even more workers. In both cases it's a lose lose for the people and a win win for big brother. In a Socialist form of government they must force the people to rely on the government to get by so as to keep the big brother scenario well ensconced. If they do this, this means that when the employer lays off the people, the unemployed workers are forced to ask for government assistance. Better yet, when the businesses are forced to raise their prices to try and pay the remaining employees, the consumers buying their products eventually need to ask the government for assistance to be able to buy what they need to survive. In other words, raising the minimum wage without lowering the cost of living forced everyone to eventually need government assistance whether they have a job or not. It is here we see Obama's win win, and Rome assurance that the mark will be that much easier to enforce. How so? If you refuse the mark, they refuse your benefits. After all, the mark is first enforced by removing the ability to "buy and sell" is it not?

23/02/2014 13:51:07 NYC: more black babies killed by abortion than born
"In 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758), and the black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple, according to a report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene." --Compile that number with inner city crime rates, gang warfare, drugs, alcohol, and a host of other deadly decadence brought on by refusing to employ young people in the black community in some big cities and it looks to me like those in power are purposely committing genocidal crimes in the USA! And as expected, this won't get much media attention at all. This actually reminds me of the targeted sterilization of the black women in America in the 1960's and 70's. Worse yet, could it be these abortions where "plan B" when the idea to force sterilize the women failed to resurrect? Or is this the "compulsory, government mandated "green abortions" that would help them control population growth that Obama's Science Czar John Holdren drummed up in 2009? Does it matter? We couldn't stop them if we tried. But our Lord can. And He will SOON.

21/02/2014 13:53:50 Report: Vatican Presses for Control of Mount Zion
"Israel could be entering the final stages of negotiations to turn over control of Mount Zion to the Vatican, if recent reports by Israel National News are to be believed. ...Others are not so sure, and believe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to turn over control of Mount Zion prior to Pope Francis' visit to the Holy Land in May." --For all those claiming the king of the north is Turkey, and it is them that will control Israel in the last days. What say ye now? I pray you reevaluate that which you studied with reliable sources before it's too late. At present, you're being used to generate a smokescreen for the Vatican. Click here for all the prophetic facts defined as well as historic facts found in Daniel 11:45 that perfectly confirms that the king of the north always was and always will be, the Roman Catholic Vatican.

21/02/2014 13:53:50 Obama finds brand-new way to spy on you
"Plaintiffs in a case challenging the U.S. government's programs that spy on innocent Americans have submitted a special supplement to the court, pointing out that the Obama administration has been caught spying even on confidential attorney-client communications, and then providing “false representations" to the court." --They may be able to bring this into a courtroom. But I highly doubt Obama will ever set foot in that courtroom. Being president, and being a president with Vatican inspired Socialistic tendencies suggests he will be protected by the very ones that put him in that office. And I don't mean voters. Common sense grants us a real clear view on the fruits of this man in DC, as well as the means by which he gained power. On top of that, we have witnessed so many scandals in just 5 years' time to confirm the prelates of Rome are using this man just as prophecy said they would. Only Rome can commit as many scandals and get away with it. ...for now. Maranatha!

21/02/2014 13:53:49 Dozens die in clashes with police
"At least 26 people were killed in Kiev on Tuesday, including 10 police officers and hundreds were hospitalized in what was Ukraine's deadliest day since since winning independence from the Soviet Union in 1991." --That doesn't sound like a protest. That sounds more like a civil war to me. And why is it that every time a US official meets with leaders in foreign nations, more often than not the people start to riot? Ok.. I know.. dumb question. Sorry.. I just couldn't help myself.

20/02/2014 14:26:01 Time for a Guaranteed Income?
"Switzerland will soon hold a nationwide referendum on granting a guaranteed and unconditional minimum monthly income of $2,800 for each Swiss adult. In America, where Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty just celebrated its 50th anniversary of failing to achieve victory, liberals jumped on the Swiss news to reconsider the un-American-sounding idea of a universal basic income." --Why is government acting so generous? If you watch what's been happening in America the last 5 years you know we now see over 50 million families are on some sort of government assistance. If you know of anyone on such assistance you also know the government constantly forces them to jump through bureaucratic hoops sometimes upwards of 3 times a year with gobs of paperwork to keep their benefits. In short, they are testing the waters and seeing that yes, Americans will do whatever big brother asks of them so long as their benefits are not taken away. Now, jump ahead a few short years when the mark of the beast is being enforced. If they can get half to three quarters of the nation on government assistance, they can easily force all of them to receive the mark by simply threatening their assistance. But now Sweden has decided that's not enough. If they can get 100% of the people used to relying on government money, a much higher number of the people will receive the mark without so much as a whimper. Only the obedient Christians will be a problem at that time and therefore much easier to target. Still.. that's when our God shines the most. In fact, those that have been preparing all along look forward to that day. His hand will be VERY visible indeed. He will be glorified! Maranatha!  

20/02/2014 14:26:01 Pupils skinned cats at £25k-a-year 'Catholic Eton'
"Pupils at a private school dubbed ‘the Catholic Eton' skinned live cats, stoned wild birds and wrapped younger boys in cling film and duct tape, a tribunal heard. ...Pupils at a private school dubbed ‘the Catholic Eton' skinned live cats, stoned wild birds and wrapped younger boys in cling film and duct tape, a tribunal heard." --It is by their fruits ye shall know them, right? Sadly, these young men are being trained up in a way they should not go. But then, this is a high society Roman Catholic private school. Disciplining the kids may cause their very rich parents to pull them and their money from the school. So.. let the "boys be boys" by all means. In any event. If you want a Christian education, Rome is not a safe place to be.

20/02/2014 14:26:01 Utah mom buys up all 'indecent' T-shirts at PacSun store
"Cox said she complained about the window display to a store manager and was told the T-shirts couldn't be taken down without approval from the corporate office. She then bought all 19 T-shirts in stock, for a total of $567. She says she plans to return them later, toward the end of the chain store's 60-day return period." --What an excellent idea! But before buying them, I think it would be wise to have a copy of their return policy in writing. I would also take photos of the shop, especially by the cashier with my cell phone so as to prevent a hassle when I return the items later. This will prevent the manager from posting a new sign claiming it's been there all along. I wonder if enough Christians did this in Malls across America, would some stores stop selling such awful stuff. One can only hope.

19/02/2014 14:27:52 Government issues new Shabbat guidelines in benefits row

 "An internal memo entitled The Jewish Sabbath has been distributed to Jobcentres. ...The Department for Work and Pensions has issued special “Shabbat" guidelines to ensure observant Jews are not denied benefit for refusing to work on Saturdays." --Ok, one more time. The Sabbath is not a "Jewish Sabbath" at all because it was sanctified in Eden thousands of years before a Jew was ever born. (See Genesis 2:3) In fact, Satan was already cast out of Heaven so as to be in the tree to tempt Eve before the Jews were a nation. (See Genesis 3:1-4 & Luke 10:18) Abraham kept the Sabbath long before the Jewish nation was even a glimmer in his eye. (See Genesis 26:5) And finally, are you sitting down? This is a big one. Psalm 103:20 says the angels in Heaven kept the Sabbath long before man was ever even created. After all, had the Commandments not been valid before mankind, explain how Satan sinned, was cast out, and then in that tree in Eden?! All Ten Commandments had to be in force BEFORE Satan fell and BEFORE man was created for him to be in that garden, let alone that tree. If you would like more info on the fact it's not a "Jewish Sabbath" click here for an interesting poem written in the late 1800s.  By the way, it's no mistake they want Sabbath to appear "Jewish." It's much easier to preach it "abolished at the cross" to Sunday keepers if they think it's "Jewish."

19/02/2014 14:27:51 Mexican Catholics find God in Islam
"Why are some Mexicans leaving the Catholic Church and converting? The reasons are as diverse as the population. Some question Catholic doctrine and the concept of the Trinity three Gods in one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit as opposed to one God in Islam. Others express disgust in ongoing allegations of sex scandals and pederasty that have plagued the church in the past decade. Still others say they want to have a better understanding of Islam." --I was wondering when we were going to see an article like this popping up Now that the Pope is pushing Islam in every nation on earth, it will make the transition effortless for even more to jump ship or "gather as one" with Islam as per Vatican II command. The more the merrier for when the guillotines are brought out of mothballs. Problem is, both ships are sinking fast. Still it's a win win for Rome seeing how they will still benefit by any schism that results. After all, they don't see it as a schism since they invented Islam in the first place. And yes, that too is why some are leaving Rome for Islam. After all, they don't care what church you gather in now as long as it's part of the One World Church, of which the Pope in Rome stands as leader. This is why Vatican II was considered so evil by men of God with eyes that understood prophecy back when it was discussed and penned in the early 1960's. Prophecy stated all the people will gather to worship the beast did it not? Is your church part of the World Council of churches? If you're Catholic, Protestant, or SDA, then YES, the Pope is YOUR leader. Now do you see why the SDR church is so hated?

19/02/2014 14:27:52 The Catholic church isn't the only institution to close ranks in a scandal
"The UN claims that years of Catholic sex abuse and concealment have gone largely uncorrected. On the radio on Wednesday a victim accused an unnamed priest of having regularly raped her and others as children, on the grounds that it was "God's punishment for their sinfulness". Despite constant pleas for his removal, he is still in office." --If any other organization on earth was caught doing a fraction of the crimes the Vatican does, they would be closed and all the leaders would be in court and soon behind bars. So, why doesn't this happen today with the prelates of Rome? It's because only one wound was to be administered. Napoleon already did that in 1798. Prophecy says the next big thing to happen for the Vatican is absolute death "and the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning," (Revelation 18:9) In other words.. just give it a little time. Christian prophecy WILL be fulfilled. The smoke will rise in Rome. SOON. We have God's Word on that.

18/02/2014 12:07:56 Schlafly: America must stop 'dictatorial Obama'
"The woman who vanquished the Equal Rights Amendment more than a generation ago is now focused on stopping what she considers amnesty for people in the country illegally, who will never vote Republican and often don't respect America's founding principles." --Again, I am neither Republican or Democratic because voting for the "lesser of two evils" is still a vote for evil. But it has however become obvious that Obama's immigration reform idea will eventually assure a one party system in America. And we all know Rome is presently Democratic because it's a format that easily allows for Socialistic changes to be adopted. The fact we have numerous Communist leaders influencing Congressmen now confirms this as a done deal. But for those that don't think it's possible to do away with the one party system; have you ever seen this public statement made by Vatican prelates before? "The Catholic Church in this nation must live on to accomplish her work, even though our Republican form of government disappears." -The Catholic World, April, 1935, p.12. They made that statement just six years after they reaffirmed their church & state status in 1929 just as prophecy predicted. Christian prophecy is THAT accurate!

18/02/2014 12:07:56 Government sues to shut down criticism
"Technically, what the city council of San Juan Capistrano, Calif., did was to vote behind closed doors to ban newspaper racks from city property. The move, which shocked local journalists, came just four days after one publication, Community Common Sense, which often has been critical of the council majority, placed its news rack alongside others at city hall and the community center. The council moved swiftly in response by banning all racks." --Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler would be proud. As expected, we see that first comes the lawsuit so as to prevent free speech, then, as history confirms, force will be employed to impose the unjust laws they passed. Or as prophecy puts it, the beast will "speak, and cause" their agenda to be met. (Revelation 13:15) Just so you know.. Speak = Legislation. Cause = Enforcement.

18/02/2014 12:07:56 Obama Admin Confirms Support for Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist
"The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group. 33 million Egyptians took to the streets to protest the Islamic yoke of tyranny imposed by the violent and vicious Muslim Brotherhood. Obama is standing with the Islamic supremacist terrorists employing them in our embassy. He is playing a dangerous game, and it is the American people who are sure to lose." --If you don't realize by now that Barack Hussein Obama is a full-fledged Muslim working directly with Rome, you need to click here.

17/02/2014 10:58:10 'Son of God': Church Leaders Buying Out Theaters For Screenings
"Various religious organizations throughout the country have been buying out screens and distributing tickets to groups of thousands of people for "Theater Take-Overs" on Thursday, Feb. 27, the night before the film's officially released, according to production company Lightworkers Media." --The fact that Hollywood is producing this blasphemous film and false prophet Rick Warren is sanctioning it should cause red flags to pop up all over the place. But these are the last days and as we saw with the Mel Gibson flick "Passion of the ANTI-Christ" most who claim to be Christians today truly have no idea of what their Bible has to say about our Saviour, Lord and King. I am sure this movie will "seed" the minds of millions and eventually billions so as to ready them for THE Antichrist when he makes his long prophesied appearance. As this movie depicts, he will no doubt be a worldly Jesus all the world would love to bow to. Or as prophecy calls him, "another Jesus."

"Moments in the film like this have several critics wondering just how much director Darren Aronofsky has twisted the scriptural account of Noah to fit his own agenda for the movie of the same name. ...Environmental themes in the film can be seen in a later scene as well, when Noah confronts the warlord Akkad with a message from the Creator: “We must change. We must treat the world with mercy so that the Creator will show us mercy." --It's no mistake we're seeing so many "religious" films from the confirmed Satanic Hollywood. As expected, Hollywood's version of Bible stories is always far beyond the truth. And as we've seen in the past, we see now, their films usually have a political agenda behind them wherein they hope to garner Christian support for their plans. Or at the very least, soil the Christian faith. They openly belittle the written Word so as to make it appear trivial and less important and in so doing cripple the faith of many. This film, like the new film about Jesus, are purposely designed to destroy the faith of all that view it while at the same time indoctrinate them to be ready for Antichrist's Hollywood gilded appearance. And again, expect all the "popular" preachers to promote these Hollywood movies. In fact, they've already started buying out all the theaters so as to have their flocks view them. And that BEFORE anyone has a chance to inspect them. But then, most pastors today are wolves in sheep's clothing who are more concerned with the collection plate than the souls.

17/02/2014 10:58:10 States look to rein in government surveillance
"Angry over revelations of National Security Agency surveillance and frustrated with what they consider outdated digital privacy laws, state lawmakers around the nation are proposing bills to curtail the powers of law enforcement to monitor and track citizens. Their efforts in at least 14 states are a direct message to the federal government: If you don't take action to strengthen privacy, we will." --Before you get all excited and bubbly deep within thinking you see a light at the end of the tunnel, consider this. First and foremost, it's the end times. Secondly, only 14 States out of 50 disagree with DC. And last but not least, as easy as it was for Satan to corrupt our Federal officials into his way of thinking at the onset, it won't be long before he can either do the same with local leaders, or replace them with pawns that will bow to his power. Prophecy does not say things get better. It says they get much worse before we get home. So.. expect it, and prepare for it.

16/02/2014 12:35:14 Holder Urges States to Lift Bans on Felons Voting
"Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. called Tuesday for the repeal of laws that prohibit millions of felons from voting, underscoring the Obama administration's determination to elevate issues of criminal justice and race in the president's second term and create a lasting civil rights legacy." --This man's agenda is now obvious. First he garners the homosexual vote by pandering to them by expanding homosexual marriage benefits, and now he's seeking to help millions of felons the right to vote as well? Why is he doing this? He may not be aware of this, but the demon he entertains is. The recidivism rate of some felons is upwards of 80%! That means, most felons will be re-arrested for new crimes after they serve time. American prisons do NOT rehabilitate anyone. Worse yet, being the end times as it is, the majority of the people are already evil anyway. If as a politician you get those known to be in Satan's camp in your camp, you stand to have a massive voting block to rely on when election time comes around. In short, Holder looks at it as a win win for his side of the isle. Satan looks at it as a win win for his agenda to get more unjust laws passed against God's people. When the majority that vote bow to Satan's authority, those that refuse to vote or even participate in such things are now considered sitting ducks. Or so the enemy of souls thinks. Jesus is still coming and prophecy will still be fulfilled. In fact, Satan's tactics to slow it are actually making it easier for our God to be glorified. That is of course if you have the faith. The nice thing here is, it won't take many that have the faith to see our Lord glorified before the Universe. Goliath found out about that bold reality a bit too late. Soon his unjust god will discover that as well.

16/02/2014 12:46:54 Facebook is Read More Than the Bible
"In 2006, a CBS News poll found that about 40 million in the U.S. and Canada read the bible every day. Comparably, Facebook reports about 143 million people in the U.S. and Canada actively using the site." --Just one more temptation from the devil to get people out of their Bibles. Do you have a Facebook page? Do you read Facebook more than you do your Bible? Keep in mind, your Father knows if you are being honest when you answer that question of self.  

16/02/2014 12:35:14 Woman Claims She Saw Heaven While Clinically Dead; Divine Encounters Are Real, Says Doctor
"A North Carolina woman claims to have seen heaven and spoken to Jesus during the time she was pronounced clinically dead while she underwent surgery to remove her appendix." --Amazing how the media won't allow any Biblically accurate account of Christianity to be aired, but doctrines of demons like this seem to find their way to TV's all across the land on a regular basis. If you want to believe her, you have that right. But if you prefer to believe what the Lord thy God says about where you go when you die, then click here. Truth is, Satan has been saying "Ye shall not surely die" in Genesis 3:4 since the Garden of Eden was on earth 6000 years ago. Do you think he's going to give up on such a powerful lie now? Especially after watching how Adam and Eve were so easily manipulated by it?

16/02/2014 12:35:14 Mere presence of gun prompts no-knock raid
"Texas law-enforcement officers conducted a no-knock raid as if a firearm in the home “could somehow load itself, disengage its own safety, open the door, and begin to fire at the police," according to a brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court. ...The state admits the raid was based “solely on the suspicion that there were legally owned firearms in the household." --It's actually getting to the point where so many articles are coming out about these unjust laws that I am flooded with a major backlog. As some of you already know, I don't like reporting on such things because I don't want anyone to think that all cops are corrupt. But as we get closer to the end, the numbers will grow exponentially. Just giving a heads up is all.

14/02/2014 13:29:35 China pushes mobile payments system, seeks to overtake cash and plastic
 "China is developing its first national single mobile payment platform. It's been created to lift domestic information consumption and boost economic growth, and could replace cash, credit and debit cards." --Couple this idea with the already existent "coin card" as well as the "digital currency idea" in Canada and you have all the tools you need to remove cash from society so as to be able to enforce the mark of the beast, which of course starts by banning the ability to "buy and sell" for those refusing to agree with the Roman mandate.

14/02/2014 13:29:34 Walgreens Just Fired This Man Because He Refused To Kill Babies
"The pro-abortion movement has become so powerful in America that adherence to its murderous tenets is now apparently more important than the constitutionally guaranteed right to free religious exercise. This tragic point was illustrated in the recent termination of a Walgreens pharmacist whose Christian faith prevented him from distributing abortifacient drugs to pregnant women." --Just as we see the homosexual movement doing all it can to persecute Christians that are only trying to help them. (that is "IF" the Christians do it in a Christ like manner) We see now that whenever sinfulness is embraced by the majority in society, any action of an obedient Christian to help them see the dangers therein will be considered a threat. It used to be just a few decades ago that if you had a sinful lust in anyway shape or form, it was done in the closet so as to prevent society from looking down on you. But now that the end of time is coming to a rapid close, those with Christian fruits are being tempted to go in the closet while society jumps for joy dancing in the streets. As prophesied, the Bible never said it was going to be an easy time. Just as Lot was vexed in Sodom, so is every Christian now vexed on the planet.

14/02/2014 13:29:34 New studies: 'Conspiracy theorists' sane; government dupes crazy, hostile
"Recent studies by psychologists and social scientists in the US and UK suggest that contrary to mainstream media stereotypes, those labeled “conspiracy theorists" appear to be saner than those who accept the official versions of contested events." --Thanks to massive corruption across the board, this day's coming was inevitable wherein those that warned the masses about 911 being an inside job finally appear to be the only ones with the truth now-a-days. However, with this massive corruption comes massive control so.. our vindication came a bit too late. Now that those fueling the corruption know it, they will of course grow even more powerful and corrupt. So be it, our King is still coming.

13/02/2014 06:48:39 Obama calls religious freedom a national security issue
"President Obama told a nondenominational gathering of political leaders Thursday that freedom of religion across the world is important to national security and is a central tenet of U.S. diplomacy." --This is an age old tactic of Rome. As we see in China, Russia and other nations, when "religious freedom" laws are passed, they mean you are only legally recognized as a "church" via the standards put forth by the government. In China for example, only Catholic churches are allowed to operate "legally." In the USA we see all sorts of laws being passed that are designed to cripple real Christians and their work while at the same time helping churches that will do whatever the government demands no matter how sinful the request may be. For example, if Obama gets his way, and he will eventually, you will only be recognized as a "Christian church" if you sanction abortion, homosexual marriage, Islam, Pagan rituals, and a host of other Vatican contrived doctrines. Maranatha.

13/02/2014 06:48:39 Catholic archbishop: homophobia "insults" God
"Speaking to the Irish Independent, the senior cleric said this meant that "anybody who doesn't show love towards gay and lesbian people is insulting God. They are not just homophobic if they do that – they are actually Godophobic because God loves every one of those people." --The truth here is, the term "homophobic" is only targeted towards Christians who believe the Bible and what it says about homosexuality. That means, this archbishop actually insults God by claiming His written and eternal Word is a lie. Yes, God loves the homosexual just as much as anyone else that needs to be saved from sin. Truth is, those that love God also love the homosexual enough to tell them the truth about their eternal plight if they refuse to repent. Would I be showing love to my fellow man if I knew what he was about to drink was poison? No, of course not. Why is it I am considered hateful when I try to warn them about the poison of sin? Claiming our love for them and the Scriptures that are written to help them is fearful or "homophobic" is not only a bold faced lie, it's an insult to the Lord that moves us to warn them. But then, this is a Roman Catholic Archbishop that has a problem with the truth as it is written. And we all know 98% of the Vatican prelates are homosexual.

02/12/2014 15:13:36 Will Obama not leave office after 2016?
"For the second time this year, talk-radio giant Rush Limbaugh has expressed his fear that President Obama may not step down when his term ends in 2017." --I recall commenting on this not too long ago in a previous report wherein some Senators were seeking to remove the two term limit for presidents. Since William Jefferson Clinton gave life unto executive orders that John Fitzgerald Kennedy penned, it's always been a real possibility that a US President can move the office towards a Dictatorship so as to bring in Rome's Socialist form of Government in the USA. But never more so than when Barack Hussein Obama took office to help them foster their Islamic agenda against the people of God that are soon to go forth in the Loud Cry. So be it.. this won't stop prophecy from being fulfilled and this won't stop our God from being glorified any more than it could stop that pebble sailing towards Goliath's forehead. But then, as Biblical history has confirmed time and time again, some people insist on learning the hard way.