21/02/2013 12:58:38 Obama, the puppet master
"President Barack Obama is a master at limiting, shaping and manipulating media coverage of himself and his White House." --They are mistaken on a large scale indeed. Obama may appear to be controlling the media because he's the occupant of the oval office at present. Does that means the last few presidents were puppet masters as well? No, it's as the picture shows in the beginning of the video. That Phallic spire known as the Washington monument is actually a monument to Rome wherein the first one like it was erected in modern times. Obama, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, all of them did as the pope demanded. Why else would the Roman spire be there as a show of loyalty? Why else would the federal buildings all stand in Roman architecture? Why else would the government have blue laws, Pagan holidays, Latin terminology in the definitions of law, Roman gods on coins, Roman images on paper money, Roman goddesses atop the capital building, Pagan symbols formed in the streets leading to the White House and West coast government buildings designed to mimic Vatican swastikas? No, Obama, like all the rest is merely following orders of the man of sin. But then, most ignore that prophetic fact because Rome is so very good at hiding behind closed doors. But not for long. The true King of the Universe is about to eternally blast that door wide open for all to see. 

21/02/2013 12:58:38 Did fifth-graders have murder plot?
"no comments posted on the video" --Two ten year olds take it upon themselves to plot the murder of a fellow classmate simply because one of of the boys said, "She's rude and makes fun of me and my friends." Thanks to violent video games, movies, rock music and society in general, as well as a lack of Christian love in the family, killing someone because they're rude seems like no big thing for children today. Again I declare, government schools are not a safe place for children.

21/02/2013 12:58:38 Black mob beats man until skull breaks
"CBS affiliate is claiming that "flash mob" violence in New York has reached "epidemic" levels. Store owners are reporting more than 50 recent attacks, where surveillance video show the perpetrators as black, but which the station reports as teenagers." --The media refuses to report on it because of the way Washington keeps playing the race card in politics. (See this) Any negative racial violence in the media will force them to speak on things they usually tag as racist whenever their opponents bring it up. It also allows the criminals to grow in number while at the same time fuel the flames of racial tension in the nation, which will lead to riots in numerous cities of course. That will in turn bring about the "need" for martial law; and then the question will be answered as to why the DHS has billions of hollow point rounds in their coffers.

20/02/2013 13:37:47 Muslim accused of beheading 2 Christians in U.S.
"Authorities in New Jersey allege a Muslim man beheaded two Coptic Christians, burying their bodies and heads and hands in separate graves near Philadelphia, bringing the horror of the persecution of Christians in Islamic nations to the United States." --He will be termed a "radical" or "extremist" of course, and this will be done to protect the Muslims in America, all the while ignoring the fact their Koran does in fact demand the killing of Christians. If this isn't so, then explain why over 200,000 Christians die at the hands of Muslims every year now. That's one Christian every 2.6 minutes! So no, they're not extremists at all. Their simply Muslims.

20/02/2013 13:37:47 Yet another Scandal for the Roman Catholic Church!
"no comments on the video" --It's the many scandals that will eventually cause billions to realize how evil this church truly is. It's no longer the dark ages, it's not even the 20th century wherein they enjoyed numerous atrocities. Thanks to the Internet and the massive numbers of victims finally speaking out, this church is being exposed to all in a very graphic manner. That fact alone will make our work that much easier. So please, keep the tracts moving. Many are starting to listen.

20/02/2013 13:37:47 METAS Seventh - Day Adventist School
"Annual Function 16th feb 2012 Starring ;- STD IXth "A"" --These young SDA people are on stage before all the world to dance to the beat of the drum in direct violation of Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy. Does this not suggest to the young that all of this is perfectly acceptable to our Heavenly Father? Yes it does. It's apparent none of the young people in the SDA church ever read a Bible let alone Spirit of Prophecy. The SDA church is now no different than any other church in the world. For pictures, videos, studies, and articles that prove the SDA church is in fact walking hand in hand with the Babylonian Vatican, visit SDAapostasy.org

19/02/2013 14:26:00 Even more reasons for the Pope to step down
"He's the first head of the Catholic Church to quit the highest post since the Middle Ages." --As I said in 2005, Ratzinger, who was the head Cardinal in the John Paul II conclave, took the unprecedented step up to the office of Pope to evade prosecution. In so doing, he has allowed the church to play the part of the weakened vessel so as to allow Homosexual marriage to gain the upper hand in Catholic nations. That act alone will allow them to have a staged "reformation" so as to bring in a "new & improved" pope they can all worship who will demand religious laws so as to clean up the mess left by Ratzinger.

19/02/2013 14:19:21 SDA Andrews University Harlem Shake
"No comments on the video" --Notice the vulgar body movements of these poor deceived SDA student at Andrews University. Then when the music kicks up the beat and they all start shaking and dancing, notice how the demonic music seems to have control over them like a pack of possessed children. This I am sad to report is the fruit of this SDA college today. Prophecy said the SDA church would become a sister of fallen Babylon, and here we see one more method by which to prove this prophecy fulfilled. By the way, this video was originally posted proudly on a mainstream SDA magazine website (Spectrum) wherein they show videos from many other SDA colleges! (See it here) In some of the videos they actually wear face masks of demons or zombies, and in one video a girl is on all fours with a saddle on her back moving her head around like a possessed rocker while another student dressed like a cowboy straddles her like he's riding her while spinning a lasso! In another video a student has his head in a microwave while one is gyrating on the floor next to him in what appears to be an epileptic fit. And that's not even the worst of it! Some images are VERY perverted and quite vulgar to say the least in these videos! This further proves the original desire for purity in the SDA church is long gone. Just as prophecy predicted.

19/02/2013 14:19:21 Harper launching long-awaited religious freedom office
"The announcement will be made at the Ahmadiyya Muslim community centre and mosque in Vaughan, Ont., a community north of Toronto." --The term "religious freedom" is a deceptive term at best. For example, in China and Russia, the term religious freedom means you have the freedom to be Roman Catholic. They of course say this will be an ecumenical office, but the same office in other nations boldly declares otherwise. Truth is, in the USA, if you refuse the 501c3 tax ID number as a ministry, you are prevented from all sorts of business options as a church, and the Roman Catholic IRS assures your hands will remain tied. So be it. My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills anyway.

18/02/2013 12:28:31 France demands Twitter reveal IDs over hate speech
"French and US legislation is colliding over a case of online hate-speech. Twitter, an American company, has been ordered by a French Court to reveal personal data of users posting anti-Semitic messages." --As expected, the powers that be are not giving up on their desire to remove free speech online. Their newest target this time is Twitter. And yes, it's once again dealing with religious statements. This time, the flip side of the Muslim / Jew hate-fest. No, they don't care that much if you share racial comments, or even open hatred for some companies that sell porn, alcohol or other items that are harmful to children. They don't even care if you share hatred for political leaders or little white bunnies that cross your path for that matter. It's once again "religious" speech they aim to censor. Why? Satan knows the remnant people have the absolute truth about the man of sin and his global agenda with the nations and in the churches. If they can limit free speech in the religious community, they feel they can hinder the truth that brings many out of Babylon. Yes, some weak Christians will allow them to shut them up in the coming days. But not those with an abundance of Rain upon them!

18/02/2013 12:28:31 Multiple 'fireballs' seen zooming over Miami
"Authorities received numerous reports of "fireballs" zooming through the sky over Miami on Sunday night, and at least one of them was caught on tape by an amateur videographer." The source of the lights: officials say they were likely meteors, albeit smaller than the major meteor event filmed over Russia on Friday that left hundreds injured from shattered glass resulting from a shockwave in the atmosphere." --One can expect sightings like this will increase with each passing day. Sadly, as prophecy also predicts, the desire to get right with God won't change for most. Still.. press on obedient ones. Those that will believe will be placed in your path by the Almighty so you can share your faith. So please stay in the Word and on your knees as often as possible. Those He sends your way will need to hear what you have to share.

18/02/2013 12:28:30 Group to honor Benedict XVI with longest applause in history
"After announcing Benedict XVI would resign, a Spanish youth group plans to thank him in an interesting way. They plan to break the Guinness World Record for the longest applause of History." --This Pope, like all those before him, is evil. The fact he is seeking diplomatic immunity for his crimes proves this hands down. Yet, most will honor him as a holy man. Why? It's merely the prophetic fulfillment of Romans 1:32 that says, "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."

17/02/2013 11:12:57 Planet Earth gets ready for its close-up
"Space start-up company UrtheCast wants to bring Earth into sharper focus with state-of-the-art cameras mounted aboard the International Space Station. The company is building a web platform to stream a live signal of our planet, giving viewers a new perspective of events unfolding on Earth in near real time." --Perhaps someone needs to make a list and post all the methods by which government can now track each and every citizen on earth. It has to be dozens by now! And with this new camera, they can zoom in from outer-space and watch all of us in real time! By the way, if you are of our faith and actually make such a list, email it to me and I will post it on this website and give you credit for it.

17/02/2013 11:12:57 Meteor explosion injuries will run gamut
"As more than 1,000 people seek medical attention for injuries caused by a meteor explosion over Russia's Ural Mountains Friday, experts say these injuries could range from minor eye scratches to blunt force trauma." --The total injured has exceeded 1000 and according to this report, 3000 buildings damaged. Keep in mind this is only ONE meteor that did all this damage. One can't even imagine how bad it will be when plague #7 hits! Unless you have faith, and are walking with Christ in that same faith by that time, you most assuredly will die on that day with all the rest. Are you one to procrastinate? If so, now's the time to step up!

17/02/2013 11:12:57 Pilgrims cover St. Peter's Square to thank Pope for his pontificate
"no comments on video" --This is so very sad and so telling when it comes to how deceived the precious Roman Catholic people have now become. I implore you to keep them in prayer. They are so blinded by this man. Literally thousands of Catholics were gathered before the pope in what can only be described as public worship of a man we all now have documented evidence that proves he is an advocate to the pedophile. Worse yet, he admits his crimes and seeks diplomatic immunity for his crimes. Yet, his subjects still worship him. It's as prophecy predicted. The lost always seek a wicked ruler. Again, please pray for them. There is very little time left for them to be saved.

15/02/2013 14:26:50 Meteorite fragments injure 700 in Siberia
"A hail of meteorite fragments hit Russia's Chelyabinsk region Friday, injuring at least 950 people, officials said. The meteorite, which weighed about 10 tons, broke through the atmosphere around 9:20 a.m., traveling at a speed of 33,000 mph, ITAR-Tass reported. At least 750 of the injured were in the city of Chelyabinsk, Der Spiegel reported." --Either millions of amateur astronomers missed this, or they did report it and our elected officials decided not to alert the masses seeing how it was unstoppable. In any event, one can add this to the many "signs in the heavens" that have been seen lately and will increase very shortly. Especially in the coming months. 950 people were adversely affected by this meteor, 300 buildings damaged, and 750 people were injured. Also see this video where they show the trail cloud and then a few moments later you hear a massive blast along with what appears to be multiple impact sounds. It actually sounded like a fire fight for a few moments! Now imagine this happening globally when the 7th plague hits! Then see this video is an in depth look at this meteor with 7 minutes worth of video clips. This video shows the blast wave generated by the explosion miles above in the atmosphere at two sites. Hopefully all this (as well as what's coming) will get many on their knees to prepare to meet thy God!

15/02/2013 14:26:49 Watching you Designer shows off ARGUS' power
"no description of video available." --This is a very shocking video to say the least. This proves the military has been busy the last few decades creating means by which to track every human on the face of the earth. Still don't think the mark of the beast can be enforced in today's world? This video will grant you that wonderful awakening so many of your Christian friends or loved ones have been praying would be sent your way.

15/02/2013 14:26:50 Are government benefits fueling US poverty?
"Mitt Romney was roundly skewered during the presidential campaign when he was secretly recorded telling a group of donors about the "47 percent" of Americans who are, "dependent upon government." Romney later said his remarks were "completely wrong." But Ohio University economist Richard Vedder believes they were right." --They bring up the fact that government assistance actually pays more in some cases that getting a real job, and so some will opt rather to do just that. What amazes me is how no one in this video caught the fact that this is how Socialism works. The government gives the people what they need. Or at least claim to do that. In such a society, the slightest refusal to do as the government demands causes you to lose all your benefits. That is the perfect environment by which to enforce the mark of the beast. This is why the present Pope (while still a Cardinal) demanded all governments move towards socialism back in 1985.

14/02/2013 13:50:33 'Starve society to impose unseen poverty'
"France says it's unlikely to meet its target of reducing the public deficit to the 3 percent limit set by the EU. Portugal and Spain are also trying to deal with unprecedented levels of unemployment, while Greece has suffered ongoing protests over it's austerity policies." --This is how all government change their societies into a much more controlled environment. And it always starts with corruption at the highest levels. They know they're corrupt and so to prevent an outcry that drums them out of office, they slowly but surely merge from one type of society to the next. Once they get the economy sufficiently destroyed, any glimmer of hope looks good to the people after a long term recession. Even if it means Socialism. The general consensus at this time is that it's better to lose their freedoms that than to starve.

14/02/2013 13:50:33 Physicist declares teaching creationism Is a child abuse
"In brief video published by Big Think on Monday, physics professor Lawrence Krauss said that teaching school children incorrect facts about the age of the planet was a form of abuse." --He claims evolution is factual, and creationism false. How can he be a physicist when there are so many facts proving Creationism is actually true Science? It's simple. He was taught by men that hate God that much. He harps on the age of the earth being 4.5 billion and the Biblical fact that it's 6000 years can't possibly be true. Yet his 4.5 billion year age was based on "facts" brought forth by carbon dating. Which also aged a living mollusk to be hundreds of millions of years old. When they hate God, blunt reality becomes a myth to them. It seems even nonbelievers must deal with the "strong delusion" that causes them to believe the lies.

14/02/2013 13:58:37 Catholic School boots 6-year-old after she gets cut
"A Staten Island first grader was tossed out of her private school after she suffered a gash to her head in the classroom, and mom pointed out her safety concerns." --The child gets hurt. As she bleeds, the nun wipes her wound with a Clorox (bleach) wipe! Then when the mother rightfully complains. Because of her complaint the nuns kick her 6 yr old daughter to the curb. No, this is not a church of love and compassion. It's all about the dollar just like all the rest.

13/02/2013 12:14:07 Detroit facing surge of black violence
"Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist. WND considers it racist not to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims." --Thanks to Washington DC's racist agenda to keep legit opposition at bay, the media refuses to report on black teens attacking white people because they fear it would be racist to do so. As Ezekiel predicted, violence in the city will explode! Just one more reason to get out of the cities!

13/02/2013 12:14:07 Escort agency recruiting via Facebook
"Many women contacted by a Kamloops, B.C., escort agency are underage and in school." --Do you have a daughter that has "pretty" pictures on Facebook? The criminals (pimps) that run high price escort services, (selling hookers) are going to approach your daughter with a tempting offer to make big money without telling her the whole truth. Now I know many parents think Facebook is safe, even though there are so many articles and videos proving it's very dangerous all over the Internet. Perhaps this video will wake some of them up. (one can hope) As a parent, you can tell your daughter till she's blue in the face that she cannot become an escort. But the fact remains, as you tell them no, a "friend" on Facebook will show them how much fun it is to make a lot of money. And we all know how Satan has been able to make parents look hateful in the eyes of their own children, so they're bound to take their "BFF's" advice over yours every time.

02/12/2013 13:02:53 Drone-Proof Fashion: How to become stealthy to surveillance?
"Some fashionistas strive for sexy when it comes to clothes, but one artist from New York is taking a rather utilitarian approach with outfits, he's unveiled a whole line of garments designed to make the wearer nearly invisible to drones." --You know society has dangerous when there is actually a market in creating clothing and cell phone pockets that make you invisible to your governing officials. One can only imagine how far this will go.

02/12/2013 13:02:53 Software that tracks people on social media created by defense firm
"A multinational security firm has secretly developed software capable of tracking people's movements and predicting future behaviour by mining data from social networking websites." --Are you still on Facebook? Then this video is bound to scare you. I must say the governing powers are very grateful for all your assistance in tracking you and  your children. They can find out where you're at every moment of the day, when you frequent the gym, the foodmart, your friends homes, school, work, etc. They even know what time of the day you frequent each and every place you visit! And none of this would have been possible until you got Facebook page, Twitter account, or Myspace page. When it comes time to enforce the mark, everyone on social networks will be the first on their list to be approached. Now do you see why I'm not on Facebook? Why make it easy for them?

02/11/2013 14:27:52 'Globalizing Torture': 54 countries help CIA kidnap, detain & torture
"At least 54 countries including Syria, Iran, Sweden, Iceland, and UK offered CIA "covert support" to detain, transport, interrogate and torture suspects in the years following the 9/11 attacks, according to a new report." --Romans tortured their victims. The Vatican tortured hundreds of millions. Therefore it's only natural that the United States government, which has been under Roman rule for decades now, would also torture their victims. And because of America's popularity among the nations, 54 countries have agreed to help them do this dirty deed. And yes, Italy is one of those nations. And now, Obama picks a Muslim to be CIA chief?! It's about to get a LOT worse! Especially for Christians. No matter.. we expected this and most of us are prepared. Please pray for those that aren't ready to die for their faith. Pray they get into the Word and on their knees as often as they can. This is the only way to assure their faith will grow.

02/11/2013 14:23:55 The media love affair with Obama continues
"Bernie Goldberg sounds off on the President's second term." --Newsweek is doing all it can to make Obama appear to be a god. Yes, it sounds idiotic and insane; but prophecy does say Rome's puppets, or "Herods" as history calls them, will be following the beast in Rome quite closely. Just as Caesar demanded worship, and thereby tempted Herod to do the same. So does the Pope today, which in turn causes men like Obama to claim the same as well. Never thought it would get this crazy? That's probably because you never thought you would live to see the extreme last days in your generation. Hopefully this is all it takes to get some on their knees.

02/11/2013 14:23:54 Tornado in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
"Hi! Smilin Observer here! I was at work when I heard what sounded like a "freight train". The power went out in the small building I was in. So I went outside to take a look. What I saw drove me to urgency. I gathered my things and made my escape to a more structurally sound part of the hotel where I work. Then I got the bigger picture, so I pulled out my Handy Cam and the rest is history, recounted only in this video. Thank you Jesus I wasn't caught up in it, and have mercy on those who were." --Praise the Lord this young man wasn't harmed. What he doesn't mention is, it's February 10th, which is the dead of Winter when this tornado came barreling through his city. Still think students of prophecy are nuts when they declared years ago that the weather would go crazy? (Also see this video of the same tornado crossing a road)

02/10/2013 13:55:07 US using drones to kill people who might commit crime
"John Brennan defended the program which he helped develop, saying it is "ethical and just" and claiming the strikes are carefully vetted. However human rights groups claim the program has in fact led to a large number of civilian deaths. So did US lawmakers hold Brennan accountable for his counter terrorism policies?" --No they did not. Worse yet, as he is asked about the way the drones are deployed, he actually admits some people are killed to prevent possible crimes against Americans later. In other words, they can kill you "before" you commit a crime? I can't imagine living my life with a brain that thinks this way! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the peace He grants those that love and worship Him. Our God is an awesome God!

02/10/2013 13:55:07 UK 'black box' spy devices to monitor internet
"The UK government is said to be considering the use of special 'black boxes', to record people's internet activities, all in the name of national security." --Watching every citizen is not about national security. It's about having control over each citizen so that the corrupt politicians can have a tool by which to "remove" them whenever their so called illegal actions cause a problem for them. Now think about this. The mark is not yet enforced. It's going to get a LOT worse before that day gets here. These numerous control methods will be piled so high by then that every soul on earth will be easily controlled "physically." Still.. does that matter? They cannot control us spiritually. That is why the death sentence will eventually come to fruition. They know they cannot control the faithful ones, so they figure killing them will be the only way to rid them of the problem. THAT ACT will be their final political act. And as Haman discovered in his day, it will be those that seek to kill God's obedient people that die, and not the faithful few.

02/08/2013 14:51:38 Man Quits Job After Getting W-2 with '666' on it
"A Tennessee maintenance worker has quit his job after discovering the number "666" printed on his W-2 tax form. The man, Walter Slonopas, a 52-year-old born-again Christian, told The Tennessean that God was worth more than money." --I blame all the inept preachers and pastors out there that cause loyal souls like this man to be deceived into believing a lie. Prophecy clearly says the number "666" is the number of a man's name. (See Revelation 13:17,18) That man is of course the man of sin in Rome where every title given to the Pope in Latin actually equals "666" by simply adding them up. Anyone can learn to do this easily because Latin is both their alphabet and numeric system; or "Roman Numerals" as they're called. It's that easy. But the false and quite lazy preachers and pastors don't have the time to study the Word so as to be good shepherds to the flock. They're more concerned with fleecing the flock! They are nothing more than hirelings! (See John 10:12) Yes, I am upset. VERY upset in fact because this is happening way too much. This man wants to please God. That much is obvious here. He actually quit his job to do so! He is doing this only because he is trusting the lies his pastor tells him are truth, when it fact they are not. Click here for the facts regarding 666. And click here for the facts regarding the mark. Enough is enough! This truth has to get out there or more gentle and loyal souls like this will find themselves in even more danger as the errors their leaders teach lure them into sin.

02/08/2013 14:51:38 Chgo police to no longer respond to all 911 calls
"no comments on video" --Chicago is the worst city in the nation when it comes to the murder rate. They have the tightest gun laws in the country, which by the way proves hands down gun control is a joke, and now the police are abandoning the people when crime is at its peak? Worse yet, when the criminals learn the cops aren't coming when the alarms go off in the businesses and homes they're robbing, the crime rate will most assuredly skyrocket. Prophecy said crime will increase in the cities, and now we see how this will come about.

02/01/2013 13:01:57 New Video Released!
The title of the video is "The 7 Plagues." It's an old WTPR broadcast made in 2005 regarding how the Almighty has given us ample signs of how He will bring about the plagues upon the wicked. We now have evidence within His creation of His hand getting ready to move. Have the prophesied winds started to blow? Are the angels holding them back as promised? Watch the video to find out.