21/02/2013 13:19:31 Exclusive: A Seat for the Pope at King David's Tomb
"An historic agreement has been drafted between Israel and the Vatican. The Israeli authorities have granted the Pope an official seat in the room where the Last Supper is believed to have taken place, on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and where David and Solomon, Jewish kings of Judea, are considered by some researchers, to also be buried." --They can place as many wicked men in this "upper room" all they like. It won't change what Jesus instituted that night 2000 years ago. In any event, this is just one more step towards the goal the Prophet Daniel spoke of regarding the Pope and his desire to rule from Jerusalem. Click here to see the prophetic facts on this and all that leads up to it. Click here to jump directly to Daniel 11:45 and the prophesied windup to all of this.

21/02/2013 13:19:31 Muslim religious leaders express esteem for Benedict XVI
"The138 Muslim wise men who wrote a letter to Benedict XVI in 2007 in response to a controversial speech he gave in Regensburg are now calling his resignation a "last act to serve as a good example" --This was all choreographed years ago. It allows Ratzinger the chance to orchestrate his exit so as to assure some sort of legacy that evades the fact that he was the first pope to be served papers to appear in court due to his molestation scandals and the fact he now plans to run into hiding under diplomatic immunity to avoid prosecution. The other toss of this coin grants a viable opportunity to catapult the long expected "better" Vatican Islam relations. This role reversal of Islam in joining hands with the pope reminds me of Yassir Arafat photographed bowing in worship to the Pope right before they poisoned him. In any event, I am sure the next pope will build on this Islam/Vatican "relations" (merger) to the point of a great persecution for the true Christians the world over. And no, just as they don't advertise the 200,000 Christians being martyred annually today, they won't be allowing the real numbers of deaths made public then either. They will however report on them from time to time just enough to keep the weak Christians fearful enough to keep quite. The obedient of course will be who the Lord uses to bring the loud cry to a global roar!

21/02/2013 13:19:31 DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners
"A provider of "realistic" shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies has created a line of "non-traditional threat" targets that include pregnant women, mothers in playgrounds and elderly American gun owners." --These "realistic shooting targets" are being shipped all over the country at the request of the police so they can practice shooting at American citizens! Besides pregnant women, and the elderly; these realistic photo-targets actually depict little boys and girls as targets! What's this world coming to!? Oh yes.. I remember now.. AN END!

21/02/2013 13:19:31 Teen dies from flu after receiving flu shot
"A second Minnesota teenager has reportedly died from complications of infection with influenza Type A during this current flu season, prompting health officials across the state to urge the public to get flu shots for their own protection. But missing from many of the news reports on this tragedy is the fact that the child in question, 14-year-old Carly Christenson, had already been vaccinated for influenza before flu season even started, proving the utter failure of flu shots to protect against the flu." --Will this stop the AMA from demanding people get vaccinated? Not at all. The profits far outweigh the losses they generate in lawsuits. Since the love of many has grown bitterly cold as prophesied, they don't care if your loved one dies as long as they can generate a profit. Welcome to the last days.

20/02/2013 13:51:19 America Catholic Magazine, Calls For Repeal Of Second Amendment
"America is a national Jesuit weekly, founded in 1909 and based in New York. The magazine has an online edition and still maintains a print subscription. It is also the only national Catholic weekly magazine in the United States, according to the America website. In the Feb. 25 edition of America, the editors argue that the only way to start a real conversation on guns is to first get rid of the Constitutional Amendment that guarantees the right to bear them." --Surprised? I'm not. This is the goal of Antichrist in all nations. And in every nation wherein they did this, the crime rate skyrocketed. But not before the governments killed millions of their own citizens. Chaotic fear is a tool Satan uses to gather all under his rule. Do you recall how he made Peter doubt that day? All you see around you is designed to make the Christian fearful so we will be less effective in the work we are called to perform. Only those that truly have Jesus as Lord will stand unshaken. Yes, some may die for their faith. But they will also arise to the better resurrection just as promised. All that happens here will be forever forgotten when Jesus awakens them to travel home. So keep the faith brothers and sisters. For those that faithfully strive unto that perfection; it will be you who witness first hand the peace of the Lord reigning supreme in your hearts while all those around you declare abject hatred for you and our Lord. You will even see their weapons fall useless at their sides! (See Isaiah 54:17) Finally, if you overcome, it will be you who are counted worthy to be in that number that will ever die.

20/02/2013 13:51:18 Papal frontrunner Cardinal Peter Turkson links sex abuse to homosexuality
"The Cardinal who is favourite to be the first black Pope has been attacked by abuse survivor groups after he linked clerical sex abuse and homosexuality. Cardinal Peter Turkson claimed that clerical sexual abuse is unlikely to ravage the Church in Africa because its culture condemns homosexuality." --Why is it common sense statements like this appear to be amazing revelations in the media? It's called political grandstanding. As for this man being a "favorite" for the office of Pope; I am not surprised for 2 reasons. #1, as Obama gave American politicians the ability to quench political issues by using the race card, a black pope would also be unstoppable in certain areas as well. #2, the fact his name is "Peter" will also allow the Vatican to make him appear to be "the one" that fulfills the false prophecies of their "St Malachy," thereby making the Vatican appear to be a prophetically sound church. Bottom line is, it's not prophecy when you make a claim, and then do all you can to assure that claim is met. That's not a prophecy. That's an agenda.

20/02/2013 13:51:18 Judge rules feds can use drones to secretly kill Americans
"More than a year after the Obama administration quietly murdered three American nationalists abroad using unmanned aerial drones, a federal judge has finally ruled that keeping the details of the killings a secret, as well as the motivation behind them, is not necessarily illegal. In her 75-page ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Colleen McMahon explained that while the government's actions in the matter appear on the surface to be "incompatible with our Constitution," they are also somehow permissible at the exact same time." --It's that kind of crazy thinking by leaders in this nation that's made America what it is today. It's also evidence that we are racing towards the end like a derailed train on a bridge.

20/02/2013 13:51:18 North Carolina High School Wrestler Penalized For Praying Before Match

"Nicholas Fant, a student at Wake Forest-Rolesville High School, has a practice of bowing down on one knee a few seconds before each match to ask God's blessing. However, this past week, when he did so during the first round of the North Carolina playoffs, he was cited by the referee." --Ok, Sports and Christianity do not mix. But then, this kid doesn't know that. As far as he knows, he's seeking God's blessing on the match. It's that act alone the school had a problem with. And rightly so. Government schools now seek Satan to rule over them. This is why we see so many school shootings, homosexuality, teen pregnancies, skyrocketing STDs in students, riots, molested children, illegal and legal drugs pumped into the kids, lessons on evolution and an outright hatred of God, as this referee displays. Is this a good environment for children?! If public schools were privately run, they would have been shut down decades ago for all the crimes.

19/02/2013 14:42:43 Pope's leaked docs show Vatican full of rivalries
"Benedict, a weak manager who may most be remembered for the way in which he left office, was no match for a culture that rejected even a modicum of transparency and preferred a damage-control campaign that diverted attention from the institution's fundamental problems." --This is one of the problems with spindoctoring every scandal that surfaces in the Vatican. Eventually the spinning has to stop, and the light of day shines all over what prophecy has warned those that trust the Christian Bible for thousands of years. By the way, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's so bad in this church now that Satan feels very much at home in the Vatican. But soon, the Light of the Lord is about to blast all this insanity completely out of existence. Only those faithful to the Creator God will benefit in His freely offered salvation. That being the case, we as the Lord's representatives on this sin filled orb have a lot of work to do.

19/02/2013 14:42:43 Homosexual Band, Breaks Barriers In Christian Music
"The bios of the musicians who make up the band Micah's Rule read like many Christian artists. ...What their bios don't mention outright might make them one of the rarest recent talents to record in Nashville, Tenn. The three musicians of Micah's Rule are an openly gay man, transgender woman and a lesbian." --First of all, the overwhelming majority of "Christian" music today is nothing more than Satanic Rock music with Christian lyrics. I guess you could say, they are the musical equivalent of the Vatican in how they mix Christianity with demon worship. Secondly, the fact most Christians love to listen to Satan's music made it very easy for this homosexual band to hornswoggle many into singing along with those that mock the very Lord that created them.

19/02/2013 14:42:42 East Coast Faces Rising Seas from Slowing Gulf Stream
"Experts on the sea level rise triggered by climate change have long known that it will proceed faster in some places than others. The mid-Atlantic coast of the U.S. is one of them, and the reason, in theory, anyway, is that global warming should slow the flow of the Gulf Stream as it moves north and then east toward northern Europe." --They keep using the global warming lie to try and cover up two things. #1, prophecy declares the weather will be out of whack right near the end. #2, the decision of BP during their oil spill to spray corexit all over the Gulf was expected by "honest scientists" to stall the Gulf stream and greatly disturb weather patterns from that day forward, especially here in the States. So, just like any liar has to do, they need to keep piling lies on top of lies to cover their tracks. This has to be one of the top ten reasons living in the last days can be just as difficult as it was for Lot when he was vexed in his soul living in Sodom. You KNOW what they're doing, saying, and preaching is wrong. But it's so widespread, that like Noah in his day, not many will join you in the safe-haven offered by God to escape damnation.

19/02/2013 14:42:42 Misstep in gun bill could defeat the effort
"Forget police drones flying over your house. How about police coming inside, once a year, to have a look around? As Orwellian as that sounds, it isn't hypothetical. The notion of police home inspections was introduced in a bill last week in Olympia." --If this Bill is passed it means if you own a gun you now have to allow police to come in whenever they please to search your home from top to bottom. This is exactly how Nazi Germany treated their citizens right before Hitler started to growl. And yes, Hitler was following orders of the Pope back then just as American politicians do today.

18/02/2013 13:01:42 Vatican prelates and Papal worship

"If an infallible pope can abdicate for age or ill health, why not for scandal or mismanagement? Why not from a palace coup or popular revolt?Some conservatives were not pleased. Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz, who was private secretary to the late Pope John Paul II, noted that Benedict's predecessor stayed in his job despite great physical suffering. "One doesn't come down from the cross," Dziwisz said." --I've come across numerous articles wherein Bishops, Cardinals, nuns and priests are all praising this Pope who actually go so far as to compare this man of sin to Jesus Christ. But what irks me the most is when they make the assumption that the Pope is actually on the same cross as Christ! But then, prophecy did say blasphemy would be par for the course for this church. One last thing... If you're Catholic and about to send off an email to me, please read the collection of quotes I have on the site that confirm this isn't the first time Vatican prelates have claimed the Pope is a "God on earth." YOU ARE in the church of the Antichrist. Every prophecy that has ever been uttered in the Word regarding Antichrist Have been fulfilled by the Popes of Rome. Click here for 26 out of literally hundreds that are found in the Word and verified in historic record.

18/02/2013 13:01:42 Benedict's resignation good time to end Protestant Reformation?
"Gathered in the Basilica of Assisi, mixing with leaders from Christian communions, imams, rabbis, priests, Buddhist monks and priests of many religions, it was obvious only the pope could pull off getting religious leaders of all faiths together." --That my friends is absolute prophetic fulfillment! Revelation 13:3 says, "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast." The healing of this wound is becoming very apparent as we speak. But only for those with eyes that see. For all the rest? They will follow after this beast. As for the Protestant Reformation. That will NEVER end! the "remnant of her seed" confirms that in a big way. The fact Satan will eventually try to kill us off proves this is nothing more than a boasting of that fallen angel who knows better than anyone that his time is short. Maranatha!

18/02/2013 13:01:42 NBC skit has Jesus on murderous rampage
"NBC’s "Saturday Night Live" spoofed famous Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino over the weekend with a gruesomely violent, fictitious movie trailer about Jesus wreaking bloody revenge upon the Romans who killed him. "He's risen from the dead," the parody's voiceover intones, "and He's preaching anything but forgiveness. He may be wearing sandals, but He can still kick a-." --Imagine if a skit about Mohammed was broadcast nationwide in some middle eastern country? There would be riots, bombs going off, and death as far as the eye can see. Yet in a Christian nation, we see NBC blaspheming Jesus Christ, the God of most Americans, yet no outcry is noticed? No, I am not suggesting Christians rise up and do as Muslims do. That's just plain evil. But we can speak out, boycott NBC, and even refuse to buy any products advertised on NBC. But will Christians do that? Not likely. As prophesied, their Heavenly faith is as weak as the Muslim's hellish faith is strong. And no, I will not post this in the video section of the website. It's embedded at the end of this article and I didn't watch it. Nor would I suggest any Christian watch it. Belittling our Lord so as to tempt you to laugh will only weaken your faith and diminish His eternal Royalty in your mind. Watching it would also tempt the heart to vengeance against those writing such skits; and this is no doubt the reason Satan authored it in the first place. What Jesus did for all of us, including the writers of this blasphemous skit, makes viewing such things as revolting as a dog returning to his own vomit!

18/02/2013 13:01:42 Feds buying enough bullets for '24-year war'
"To provide some perspective," Levin noted, "experts estimate that at the peak of the Iraq war American troops were firing around 5.5 million rounds per month. At that rate, the [Department of Homeland Security] is armed now for a 24-year Iraq war. A 24-year Iraq war!" --Keep in mind, all those rounds are to be aimed at American citizens. The DHS is home based. They do not fight foreign wars. Is this another sign of civil war looming on our horizon? Or is it the Feds are so fearful about their future plans that they know Americans will rebel? Time will tell. The fact they are "training" their soldiers by performing drills in American cities lately suggests they are expecting a problem. And as we all know, they are very good at creating false flag attacks that they can effectively use against us. Still think the prophetic statement regarding "leaving the cities" is farfetched?

17/02/2013 10:55:14 Pope will have security, immunity by remaining in the Vatican
"Pope Benedict's decision to live in the Vatican after he resigns will provide him with security and privacy. It will also offer legal protection from any attempt to prosecute him in connection with sexual abuse cases around the world, Church sources and legal experts say." --To claim diplomatic immunity is to boldly admit he is guilty of crimes levied against him. But instead of paying for his crimes, he chooses the cowardly option to hide in Vatican city. It still amazes me how Catholics still worship this man or any pope for that matter. (And yes, they do worship him. See this video for proof) Their crimes are known by billions the world over for centuries. They no longer have an answer to the question, why do you worship the popes after so many crimes have been committed by them against their neighbors as well as their own children? Catholics have no other option after seeing all that's transpired but to admit with heartfelt honesty that they are not worthy of Heaven while still in this church. No, that is not a sarcastic statement. It's simple biblical truth. (See 1 Corinthians 6:9,10) Truth is, even Jesus Himself tried to warn them about all this in Revelation 18. But as expected, they ignore Him as well. So be it.. the signs around us prove they won't have long to wait for judgment to fall upon them. Still.. if they do choose to do the right thing and repent, they too can be saved. So pray for them. Please.

17/02/2013 10:55:14 Malaysia 'Bible-Burning Festival' Over Use of 'Allah' Threatens Country's Stability
"In a recent media program, Ali reportedly advocated that all Muslims burn Bibles which give reference to God as "Allah," as extremist Muslims in the country believe that term belong solely to Islam, according to The Malaysian Insider." --I wonder what the Catholic and SDA church will say regarding all this? Both the Roman Catholic and SDA church have been declaring Allah is the same as the Christian God lately so as to bring everyone under one roof just as prophecy said they would. Yet even Muslims are declaring Allah is not the Christian God! The RCC and SDA churches have been ignoring Scripture now for months on this. Perhaps now they will believe it when those that embrace the Koran say  they're wrong? After all, if you seek to fly together as do birds of the same feather, why not prove you want an ecumenical group hug by agreeing to disagree? No.. that would be too easy and counterproductive to their one world church agenda. So.. the Muslims will have to be the ones that change their tune. It's not likely the RCC and SDA church will ever admit they're wrong on this. They've ignored their Heaven sent opportunities to repent on this for quite some time already. In fact, it's been so long that probation has already closed on the corporate body of both churches. This is why we in the SDR church are doing all we can to warn the people entrapped therein. Probation is about to close on the individuals ignoring their apostate state very soon.

17/02/2013 10:55:14 Obama to push universal preschool proposal
"Two days after his State of the Union pledge to guarantee high quality preschool for every 4-year-old in the U.S. ...Obama cast his preschool plan as a way to bring low-income and minority children up to speed with higher-income children." --Problem with that theory is, it's a lie. It's already been discovered decades ago that it would be better to start schooling children around the ages of 10 or 12 to allow for them to have a real childhood. It also allows the brain to grow and be ready to learn the "three R's" after learning the basics in life. But because Satan knows it's easier to brainwash children before they learn to think on their own, Obama is pushing to do just that.

15/02/2013 14:03:07 Pope to seek immunity for crimes committed
"Ratzinger's meeting follows upon the apparent receipt by the Vatican of a diplomatic note from an undisclosed European government on February 4, stating its intention to issue an arrest warrant for Ratzinger, who resigned from his pontificate less than a week later. ...under international law and treaties that have been ratified by Italy, ...governments are forbidden from granting such protection to those like Joseph Ratzinger who have aided and abetted criminal actions, such as ordering Bishops and Cardinals in America and elsewhere to protect known child rapists among their clergy." --Back on Monday when the Pope announced his resignation, I stated the following as one of three reasons I believed he was resigning. "His part in the molestation scandal has come to a losing end for him in "private" court and his stepping down is their way of removing the possible embarrassment of a pope in jail." This is one of the blessings of studying prophecy along with current events. The Lord promised to bless His children with a clearer eye as to what's happening. After all the Lord did say in Matthew 24:24 that the elect cannot be deceived, did He not? As for reason # 1& 2 in my comments on Monday. I still see both of those as being viable. Especially #2, as we see the Internet all abuzz with talk about "St. Malachy's" so called prophecies. One thing that does concern me however is Ratzinger's welfare. He's already leaving the Vatican in disgrace; but now that this may end up in the courts to further embarrass the church leaders, I would not put it past them to kill this man to put an end to it all. So please pray that he repents before they have a chance to do so. By the way, besides Ratzinger's part in the molestation scandal, he was also charged with child torture, trafficking and genocide! Is this why Ratzinger says he will be "hidden from the world" when he resigns? Could it be he will be hiding in a jail cell? If so, perhaps now he will repent. So again, please pray for him.

15/02/2013 14:14:57 Big Brother to monitor 'sovereign citizens'
"With almost no media coverage, the White House last week announced its new Interagency Working Group to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence that will target not only Islamic terrorists but so-called violent "sovereign citizens." The FBI defines "sovereign citizens" as "anti-government extremists who believe that even though they physically reside in this country, they are separate or 'sovereign' from the United States." --The leaders have become so corrupt that many American citizens have declared themselves sovereign; and in so doing claim the legal right to ignore all the laws of the land. (See an actual sovereign citizen win in court) Now what they're doing may be legal "on paper." But as we watch Obama and most judges ignore all sorts of laws on the books including the Constitution, I am sure some sovereign citizens are about to be harassed in ways they could never imagine. In any event, as prophecy predicts, many unjust laws are on the books right now. Hence the reason many citizens are fed up.

15/02/2013 14:03:07 FAA To Kickoff State Drone 'Competition'
"States will soon compete to operate six unmanned aircraft test sites, commonly known as drones, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced on Wednesday. The FAA wants states to compete for the drone test sites, mandated by Congress last year in the 2012 FAA Reauthorization bill. The sites will test the safety of drones in order to introduce them into the National Airspace System by 2015." --Do you still think the end times wherein government is able to track and control every citizen is still decades away?

15/02/2013 14:03:07 Facebook wins legal battle to force Europeans to use real names online
"Today's decision means that Facebook can continue to insist Europeans use their real names on the site." --And why do they insist on using real names? When the authorities need to access Facebook to tract down criminals, or Christians who are declared criminals for their faith, real names will be needed to find them. I wonder how many times I would have to say "I told you so" before some Christians that use Facebook decide to stop? (For over 160 articles exposing Facebook. Click here!)

14/02/2013 14:03:16 School says 'USA, USA' racist chant
"Last Wednesday, Camarillo High School administrators ordered students Austin Medeiros, Stefan Valenzuela, and their two friends to remove their American flag bandanas and suspended them after they led fellow students at a basketball game in "USA, USA" chants. Camarillo school officials felt those actions had "racial overtones." --Again, if a teacher, or in this case the supervisor of the teachers, can't grasp common sense, or even display a firm grip on reality, how is it they're allowed to teach children? How it is now considered racist to wear the US flag or chant the word "USA" at a basketball game? And in a United States government school no less. Why is that? The NWO removes all borders. Therefore you must never claim an illegal immigrant is "illegal" or you're tagged a racist.

14/02/2013 14:03:16 Obama's inauguration reverend: All whites are going to hell
"All white people are going to hell, longtime African-American civil rights advocate Rev. Joseph Lowery told an audience at a get-out-the-vote event held Oct. 27 in Georgia." --It's racism like this in "supposed" respected offices that will generate national riots if this continues unchecked. Unrest in prophesied, but in what manner it grows is not always clear. Still, it will happen. Whether it's by racist men like this, or evil politicians that promote racist men like this, it doesn't matter. It will happen.

14/02/2013 14:03:16 Women in combat: Will they have to register for the draft?
"Now that the Pentagon is lifting its ban on women in combat, does this mean that women could potentially be drafted, too? And as a practical matter: When women turn 18, will they now need to register, as men do, so that they can be conscripted in the event of a World War III, or any military emergency where the US government decides it needs troops quickly?" --When I saw this I was speechless. Why would the Pentagon consider such a thing? To them, human lives are merely pawns in their global chess game. And seeing how the military is so spread out all over the globe, they need more warm bodies within the ranks to hold guns. This is also why Obama seeks to follow the Vatican suggestion in Hitler's day with the brown-shirts. They need more control and without more soldiers that's not possible.

14/02/2013 14:03:16 Homeland Security promotes welfare to new immigrants
"Welcome to USA.gov," a website maintained by the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), bills itself as the "primary gateway for new immigrants to find basic information on how to settle in the United States," featuring a prominent section for new immigrants about how to access government benefits." -- Bottom line is this. Rome needs a large Catholic voting bloc in America to get their agenda met. So they must emulate Mexican governmental policy here in America so as to give Mexicans a reason to cross the border. Since their government gives them just enough to starve on at home, America should do this as well. Eventually, the American economy will emulate that of Mexico. In fact, that's their plan so as to bring about the need for Socialism. Bankrupting the economy is a sure fire way to foster the need for a new currency along with a new governmental structure. Dumping billions into the hands of illegal aliens is just one of dozens of ways they're doing this right now.

13/02/2013 12:22:15 Catholic University Revises Handbook To Protect LGBT
"As stewards of this great institution, we are responsible for the advancement of all existing and prospective students." --I agree LGBT's should not be attacked any more than an alcoholic or a drug addict. After all, sin is sin. They need to be educated so as to see the sin and escape its clutches. But uplifting them as worthy of special consideration is only going to give them the thought that God approves of their sinfulness while at the same time grant them the political foundation they need to spread their wickedness around the world. But then, that is exactly what prophecy said they will do. And it's Roman Catholic institutions, Congressmen and homosexuals in the Vatican that will bring this to fruition.

13/02/2013 12:22:15 Students taught: It's unfair to be white
"Despite the longstanding message that a person's skin color should not matter in America, students at the University of Wisconsin, Superior are now being taught that it's "unfair" to be white. It's part of a controversial effort known as the Unfair Campaign, designed to teach America's youth that "systems and institutions are set up for us [whites]" and as such are "unfair." One of the main slogans for the campaign is: "It's hard to see racism when you're white." --No, it's quite easy to see racism when they're attacking you. This is what happens when you elect racist leaders. Could it be this is why black on white crime has escalated off the charts while the media refuses to report on it? It appears so. They are trying to bludgeon white people into surrendering physically as well as politically in all this. Can this nation be any more divided? Not likely. Eventually all this racism will ignite a spark that will turn into an all-out inferno. Some that study current events as they apply to prophecy can legitimately say now that is in fact why they're doing this. Even if they fail, the prophecy of Ezekiel 7:23 about the city being full of violence has already been fulfilled many times over.

13/02/2013 12:22:15 7-year-old interrogated for 10 hours over missing $5, family outraged
"A 7-year-old was interrogated for 10 hours according to an article from today at the New York Post. Frances Mendez, says the cops went too far when they handcuffed and interrogated her 7-year-old son, Wilson Reyes for ten hours over a playground dispute involving $5." --If the parents did that to their child they would be jailed and the child would be taken away by police. But since the government teachers and police are the ones doing it, it's perfectly ok?! Prophecy said those in leadership would be massively corrupt and downright hypocritical, and we can clearly see they have definitely fulfilled that prophecy!

13/02/2013 12:22:15 UN climate report: 20 yrs of overestimates!
"A preliminary draft of a report by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was leaked to the public this month, and climate skeptics say it contains fresh evidence of 20 years of overstated global warming." --Still, with all this evidence piling up proving global warming is a hoax to generate billions as well as unjust laws, will men like Al Gore see jail time? Not likely. In this age of lying, most in the courts lie just as much as those that appoint the judges.

02/12/2013 12:44:21 'Suspicionless' Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border
"The Department of Homeland Security's civil rights watchdog has concluded that travelers along the nation's borders may have their electronics seized and the contents of those devices examined for any reason whatsoever, all in the name of national security." --Still don't think we live in a police state? Really? In a police state even the innocent are suspect to search and seizure. Don't believe me? Look into how Nazi Germany treated their citizens.

02/12/2013 12:59:39 Hacked NYPD Posters Spotted Around The City
"At first glance, the above phone booth poster looks like a legitimate NYPD ad–the department’s logo is there, as is the ubiquitous Ad Council mark. On further inspection, though, that bomb being dropped on a few innocent-looking pedestrians seems a little fishy, doesn’t it? And the tagline, "Drones: Protection When You Least Expect It" clever, but it’s tough to imagine the cops signing off on it." --One of the nice things about truth is, eventually many discover it.

02/12/2013 12:44:21 Judge approves birth certificate listing three parents
"Imagine growing up with not two, but three parents: a "married" lesbian couple and a gay male sperm donor (who happens to be their hair dresser). All three will be able to legally adopt this toddler." --Please pray for this poor child. So many children are being put up for adoption with the assumption they will end up in safe homes. But as we see here, that's not always the case.

02/12/2013 12:44:22 70-year-old Muslim marries 15-yr old
"She is not 15 as everybody claims," he said. "She's 25 years old and she's mature enough to make her own decisions... I was fooled by the girl's family." --He is angry because she is an adult and he wanted a child! The only reason this pedophile is not arrested is because his Vatican inspired religion allows for pedophila, and rightfully so as the Vatican has been molesting children since 60AD. Like Rome, he is protected to do as he pleases with children by hiding behind a manmade religion. This is also why there is a push in the World to legalize pedophilia. Both Rome and Islam will benefit greatly by this once passed.

02/12/2013 12:44:21 Preschool Closing After Sexual Activity Between Students
"Some students in the preschool class at the First Lutheran Church of Carson School would engage in oral sex during naptime, in the tunnel slide on the playground and in an outside bathroom, attorney Greg Owen told ABCNews.com." --4 and 5 year olds are doing this because society, especially in the schools themselves, has degraded to such an extent that wickedness like this has become the norm. Worse yet, this is supposedly a Christian school. As we watch how Rome and Islam seek to legalize pedophilia, could it be the schools are readying the children to become future victims?

02/12/2013 12:52:10 Most parents 'lie to their children'
"Most parents tell lies to their children as a tactic to change their behaviour, suggests a study of families in the United States and China." --Sadly, this is true. Worse yet, every parent that tells their child about Santa Clause not only lies to their child, they teach their child the power behind lying. For years their child believed them about Santa. When they finally come of age and realize it was all a lie, they know deep inside they truly believed it. Now they realize they have a powerful new tool they can use to get out of trouble that their very own parents taught them!

02/11/2013 13:56:58 Pope to resign, first pontiff to quit since Middle Ages
"Pope Benedict XVI is to resign for reasons relating to his health, according to a Vatican spokesperson. He's the first head of the Catholic Church to quit the highest post since the Middle Ages." --They are lying about his health being the reason to resign in their statement. This can be easily confirmed by looking back to John Paul II and how he couldn't form words or even keep his head up due to his disease ravaged body. Yet he stayed in office for some time. I actually see three reasons why he's doing this. #1, The Vatican is about to bring about many Satanic demands and actions before the masses that Ratzinger's profile doesn't fit, and will be hard for them to spin. Therefore bringing in another pope to do it will grant them the option to declare an anti-Pope is among them. Look how well they spin Obama and his evil agenda. #2, He and his cohorts are anxious to see what students of prophecy see as "the agenda of Malachi", of which the false prophets in the Vatican claim are actual prophecies coming to fruition when in fact are simply plans they've had for years. They are ready to enforce the mark, and they need a political transition towards that end. #3, His part in the molestation scandal has come to a losing end for him in "private" court and his stepping down is their way of removing the possible embarrassment of a pope in jail. It's either that or they kill him. In any event, they are going to do something very evil, very soon.

02/11/2013 13:56:58 Shock claim: Obama picks Muslim for CIA chief
"One of the FBI's former top experts on Islam has announced that President Obama's pick to head the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, converted to Islam years ago in Saudi Arabia." --This is no shock at all seeing how Obama is a Muslim. The CIA is infamous for mass-murder on numerous occasions and in many nations. Now that a Muslim is leading this wolf pack, one can expect more Christians to die.

02/11/2013 14:19:25 Preparing You To Receive The Mark Of The Beast
"The tech-savvy tats come embedded with antennae that would wirelessly alert nearby computers to your malady and help you receive prompt help." --No, this isn't the mark of the beast. It's just one more poor soul who allows his pastor to read his bible so he doesn't have to. That way, Rome can assure everyone sitting in his church will be caught off guard when the real mark of the beast is enforced. What is this mark? Click here for a short video. Or click here for a page on this site explaining it in more detail.

02/11/2013 13:56:58 NYC schools giving out tens of thousands of morning-after pill
"Handouts of the "morning-after pill" to sexually active students have skyrocketed under an unpublicized project in which health centers in public schools offer girls a full menu of free birth-control drugs and devices, records obtained by The Post show." --The morning after pill only works if a child has been conceived. That means, it's a pill that kills children, and teachers are now handing them out to children like candy! Yes the AMA lies and says it's not the abortion pill, but then they lie about all their other drugs as well. Still think homeschooling is too difficult? If so, click here for a few thousand more reasons to think otherwise.

02/11/2013 13:56:58 Black mob takes over neighborhood, again
"Tourists are flocking to New Orleans for Mardi Gras: Just in time for party-goers to witness a black mob that has taken over an entire neighborhood. And few seem to care." --What these thugs fail to realize is, their actions will eventually lead to civil war if enough people get upset. And judging by the way America is divided and very angry already, that day is a lot sooner than most want to admit. By the way... visiting New Orleans this time of year is never a wise thing to do. The sin that the police allow to run rampant in broad daylight on their city streets is deadly to the soul. It's one thing to be put in mortal danger. It's quite another to be in eternal danger of damnation!

02/10/2013 13:45:01 Nostra Aetate; Visiting Muslim and Catholic relationships
"Recently Aquinas Institute conducted "The True & Holy Catholic Engagement of Islam". Pope Benedict XVI declared 2013 a "Year of Faith" for Roman Catholics, and it also coincides with , 50 years anniversary of Nostra Aetate; the second Vatican Council on October 1962. The discussion was to examine how far we have made strides in Muslim, Catholic relationships and where we have failed over last 50 years." --This "Nostra Aetate" goes far beyond buddying up with Muslims. Look at the graphic they have on the cover of their book. It is a bold declaration by the Vatican that the Holy Scriptures are a lie! How so? All those symbols represent all the false religions joining as one. Now read Amos 3:3, 1 Corinthians 15:33, 2 Corinthians 6:14,17, 2 Thessalonians 3:14 and James 4:4.

02/10/2013 13:45:01 2nd Amendment 'too controversial' for radio listeners
"Officials with the radio industry powerhouse Clear Channel have followed in the footsteps of a conservative Washington talk station in concluding that a message regarding the Second Amendment is “too controversial” for people in the Washington area to hear." --Welcome to my world guys! I've been booted off three radio stations because the truth I preach about Rome was "too controversial" for the listening audience. This is why I created the "Worldwide Truth Provided Radio" (WTPR) station on the poGm servers. Free speech is only free when those who make the laws agree with what you say.

02/10/2013 13:45:01 Vatican hopes secret files exonerate 'Hitler's pope'
"Asked why the Vatican had not made the new material available until now or, where stories were known, disseminated them more widely,Thomas said: "The church thinks across centuries. If there's a dispute for 50 years, so what?" --That is one lame excuse. If it was true, why do they always spindoctor all their present day scandals so quickly? If Hitler's Pope was as innocent as they claim, why wait so long to prove it? After all, allowing the facts to fester on for decades allowed for millions to find out how evil he, and all popes are. No, this man is not innocent at all. The fact it took them so long to build up a case for him proves this hands down. Still, they do realize the majority of the world has grown complacent. They now know they can uplift this man to sainthood without too much opposition. No matter. Jesus is still coming back, and the Vatican will still crumble into ash at His presence.

02/10/2013 13:45:01 Most British Catholic MPs voted for same-sex marriage
"A majority of the Catholic members of the British House of Commons voted in favor of a proposal to recognize same-sex marriage, despite the strong opposition of the Catholic hierarchy." --One will also find that if research is done, the majority of homosexuals are in fact Catholic. Sadly, so is the majority of women that kill their babies, drunkards, murderers, and drug addicts just to name a few. This is what Roman Catholicism breeds with their doctrine that declares you can be saved IN your sins instead of FROM your sins. But then, that is exactly how Satan entraps billions the world over. The majority thinks that if they do good works and aren't very evil like murderers and rapists, they can have hope to gain Heaven. Most also think all they need to do is believe in Jesus and they will gain Heaven. But James 2:19 says, "...the devils also believe, and tremble." And we all know there won't be any devils in Heaven! In other words, anyone can believe Jesus exists. It's only those that obey His Word that are counted worthy of eternal life.

02/08/2013 14:58:43 What evil lurks in the brain?
"After studying the brains of violent killers, rapists and robbers, German neurologist Gerhard Roth claims to have found a "dark patch" in the center of the brain, he calls it the evil spot, a genetic source of violent behavior." --It's not going to work guys. Mankind is not created with "original sin" as the Antichrist in Rome teaches. There isn't a "dark patch" in human brains placed there by the Creator God. It's the enemy of God, or Satan as he is called that tempts people to walk into his darkened camp after they're created. So your drugs, lobotomies, and shock treatments won't change any of that. Only Jesus Christ can scare the demons off.

02/08/2013 14:58:43 Churches Cancel Services for Super Bowl
"A number of churches across the country have decided to cancel, move or substitute their Sunday night services as the Super Bowl presents a conflict with their regular service times." --In other words, the lust of the flesh, that being violent sports in this case, is much more important than the love of God for those claiming to be Christians. And yes, that is prophesied for our day. This is nothing new either. I've noticed in the last few years that most churches have canceled church so as to party during the most violent sporting event on earth. This not only proves these churches are not Christian churches as the Bible defines. It also proves their Sabbath is not a real Sabbath either. If it was, they would have too much love in their hearts for God to put Him on the back burner so they could watch their favorite team bludgeon their opponents. Love for their fellow man would also be a factor in their heart. Something Football makes of no consequence as is obvious by the violence of the game and the increasing number of riots afterwards.  

02/08/2013 14:58:43 Illinois armed police force the installation of a Smart Meter
"Two young moms from Naperville, Illinois were dragged from their own backyards and arrested by police for refusing to accept the installation of a new 'smart meter', a wireless utility meter on their property." --Most counties claim you can refuse the installation. If that's so, why did they arrest these women? And if they're so safe, why are the women trying to prevent their installation? One good thing about living in the rural areas is the meter is usually not on the houses. It's usually on a pole 50 to 100 feet away from the house. One more reason to move out of the cites.

02/08/2013 14:58:43 Crowd packs heat; Oak Harbor backs down
"There were handguns in holsters and rifles slung over shoulders and an unknown number of people concealing their weapons as the Oak Harbor City Council met. ...William Frail had an M-1 rifle on his shoulder as he testified. "Sir, my mother was Jew," he said. "My family went to the chambers. I will not go into the night quietly while these two ask me to board the train." --This is where America is headed folks. This isn't the first time people showed up in large numbers with guns to protest something. So far in all cases, the police backed off. However, eventually the cops will appear in a much more threatening manner as a show of force, and some crazed individual will fire off the first shot and Civil War will ensue! If both sides keep flexing like this, eventually someone is going to flinch, and then it's game on! Then we will see martial law come to town.