20/02/2011 13:15:02 Thousands of birds die along Maumee, Lake Erie
"Wildlife officials say they have no idea what is killing thousands of ducks and geese along Lake Erie and the Maumee River. ...So far, labs tests confirm that the birds did not die of the avian flu. State wildlife officials say they may never know what is causing the deaths, but that it could be a natural occurrence." -At least they're not lying like the others. Still, it is very obvious the deaths of the animals, birds, fish and insects is something that is happening more frequently in the USA. Just deserts for sins committed! For a breakdown of how many are dying world wide and in the USA, click here.

20/02/2011 13:15:01 DARPA-funded Nano Hummingbird spybot takes flight
"We were plenty impressed when we saw the initial tests of AeroVironment's robo-hummingbird now officially dubbed the Nano Hummingbird, but we can't say they quite prepared us for the final product that the DARPA-funded company is now showing off. Not only does the bot look and fly like a real hummingbird (at least if you don't look too closely), but it packs a built-in camera and a downlink of some sort that's capable of transmitting live video." -It's no wonder DARPA is funding this. I wonder if small groups of Christians fleeing for their lives into forests will be followed by dozens of these little robots that can fly at a steady pace of 11mph, which would exhaust just about any person in a minute or so. Prophecy does say we will be attacked and sought after. So, if the technology is there for Rome to use, they will use it. And yes, it actually looks like a hummingbird!

20/02/2011 13:15:01 One minute you're just minding your own business and the next...
I just had to share this. This is so amazing. It's nice to See on one hand, because of the strangeness of it all, but on the other hand a bit concerning in the least. Why aren't they flying? And why do they not fear cruising through a neighborhood filled with human beings? In any event, it is an amazing sight to see. I just thought you would all get a kick out of this. So... enjoy. :)

18/02/2011 14:05:04 Wis. Lawmakers Flee to Block Anti-Union Bill
"Faced with a near-certain Republican victory that would end a half-century of collective bargaining for public workers, Wisconsin Democrats retaliated with the only weapon they had left: They fled." -As long as I've been alive I've never seen such an act of cowardice like this by elected officials. This openly declares they will do whatever they can to bypass due process of law so as to gain riches in greasing the palms of big corporations that drive the Senate. In other words, they have control! And the unjust laws will be passed as prophesied even if the people openly and in great numbers disagree. In fact, there are many videos panning the size of the crowd that gathered to try and stop the unjust legislation.

18/02/2011 14:05:04 Protests spread throughout Arab world
"Anti-government protesters clash with police in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen." -Now that the rioters in both Tunisia and Egypt have successfully forced their leaders to resign, it's only natural the others will try to do the same. Thing is, whether they do or not makes no difference now. The entire region is soon to be controlled by those that will bow to Rome's power. So be it. It just brings us that much closer to Home.

18/02/2011 14:05:04 16 Year Old Boy Murders Mother With A Hammer Over Playstation 3
Matthew 24:12-14 says, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."

17/02/2011 12:30:45 Pre-dawn raid destroys Bahrain protest camp
"Armed patrols prowled neighbourhoods and tanks appeared in the streets for the first time in Manama after riot police with tear gas and clubs drove protesters from a main square where they demanded sweeping political change for the kingdom." -It's almost as if they are trying to anger the people into rioting even more? The police are even destroying personal property. This is only going to make it worse! But then, could this be their plan all along? Like Egypt, it appears the police may be on a different agenda than to governmental leaders. Has this happened in the past? Yes, Rome has toppled many a nation using their own police and military forces.

17/02/2011 12:30:45 Corps using floodwall design that failed in Katrina?
"One of the lessons the flooding that followed Hurricane Katrina taught New Orleans and the engineering community is that so-called I-walls, like the ones that failed along the..." -This is insane! Why are they doing what they know for a fact does not stop hurricane flooding? Money! Once again, saving money is much more important than saving lives. I simply cannot understand this kind of thinking because being a Christian I know the difference between right and wrong. Please pray those I-walls never have to be put to the test wherein many more die so a few dollars can be saved.

17/02/2011 12:41:41 Baby worship extended !!!!! This shocked me honestly.
This is an old video I saw a few months ago, but I couldn't hold back any longer. This is so sad! The Bible says to lift up your hands to God in Heaven. (See Lam. 3:41) But this child is being taught to lift her little hand towards whomever's on the stage! As prophesied, they are taught to worship the creature instead of the Creator. One thing most miss is like Nebuchadnezzar in his day, music is where worship is demanded in the churches. Why? Satan is the angel of music! (See Ezekiel 28:13) Worse yet, notice the drums in the music that have originated in the jungles of Africa with witch doctors wherein they were used to conjure demonic possession. Science has recently proven the beat of a drum can accelerate or slow the heart beat where certain chemical events in the brain can be triggered to allow for all sorts of suggestive situations. This is why Rock & Roll is so addictive! Notice also how the beautiful child stops "worshipping" for a movement to see how her parents are approving of her emulation. And why isn't the one filming in worship? If the Holy Spirit is moving, would not they be enraptured as well? This again declares the worship is taught to be only flesh deep and for the eyes of the onlooker. Please pray for these dear ones as they have been lured into grave danger into a church that appeals solely to the flesh.

14/02/2011 14:46:29 Have a video I can post?
If you have a video you think I should post on this site that deals with prophetic events in any way shape or form. Or you feel the video you found is something the people that frequent this site needs to see, please e-mail me by clicking the above link at your earliest convenience and I will check it out. Thank you in advance.

16/02/2011 14:16:42 Barack Hussein Obama Explained!
This video is a bit of a campy animation, but whoever did it used facts that all of us know to point out the obvious regarding Obama's puppet strings. No, I am not racist, but I do believe the politicians used Obama simply because he was black. That way, if anyone disagreed with his policies, they could use the racist card to quench disagreement. His ethnicity can also be used to cause some to fear speaking out, and those that did, their complaints, valid as they may be, would fall on deaf ears simply because  you are now tagged a racist. What shocked me in this video was how they remind us of Obama's promises that got him elected. Not one of them have been addressed thus far. In this age of lying, one should expect some dishonesty, yes. But as much as has been done in the last 2 years is phenomenal to say the least. This is what I've been warning people about for the last decade or so. More and more dishonesty, and more and more evil fruits in politics will eventually lead to a grass roots movement demanding a "godly" leader in D.C. And now we see the Tea Party is doing just that! Soon, Rome will have their "godly" president and Sunday Laws one step closer to fruition after all the 501C3 government agents at the pulpits realize they can use him (or her) to try and quench the loud cry the Lord has us doing.

16/02/2011 14:16:42 'So This Is America': Hillary's Heckler Tackled
If you notice, Hillary doesn't miss a beat in her speech. I mean she didn't even so much as pause! She keeps talking as if nothing's happening a few feet in front of from her. Yet all the while a man is being forcefully removed from the audience by two men. The only way politicians are able to keep a straight face during times like this is if they have experience in dealing with this type of activity on a repetitive basis. What does that say about America? It boldly declares the people don't like what's happening, and the leaders simply don't care. As is obvious, the leaders will force the people to comply, or else. Prophecy said this Christian nation would eventually show its teeth, and it has been doing just that for some time now.

16/02/2011 14:16:42 Nat Geo: Coyote vs. Man
FYI: "The first-ever fatal coyote attack..  is it the start of a clash with the wild?" -I hope this isn't a growing trend. Especially since we have dozens of coyote's living in a creek near our home that often come on our land. Right up to the house at times in fact. We've already lost a family pet and I had to chase them off more than once already. Still, I can't help wondering if they are coming close to man and going into towns now simply because pollution has taken most of their prey off their meal plate. For those looking for homes on farmland like ours, not to worry. The Lord always keeps a hedge of angels around His people. Besides, for the most part they are pretty timid and easy to scare off. Still, asking the Lord for a hedge is always best.

16/02/2011 14:16:42 "Forgotten border" now making headlines
"A recent government report states the terrorist threat from Canada is greater than from Mexico, and that only 32 miles of the border is adequately patrolled." -Only 32 miles of the Canadian U.S. border is patrolled!? What's really disturbing is, the Canadian U.S. border is the largest border in the entire world! It's 5,525 miles long! (8,891km) Yet, only 32 miles is patrolled? And we wonder how drugs get into the USA when Mexico is patrolled? One good thing I see about all this is, this wide open door proves God's hand is still mercifully upon the American people. But very soon, it will be lifted when national apostasy reigns regarding Sunday Laws. Millions are about to discover first hand just how frightening it is to be all alone and without the favor of the Christian God upon them. The day is coming when no more will the Lord allow the Atheist or the scoffer or the anti-Christian to have a free ride with the people of God. His wrath is prophesied to fall without the mixture of mercy within it. Maranatha!

15/02/2011 14:02:06 Obama calls out Iran on suppressing protests
"During a news conference, President Barack Obama says the Middle East should look to Egypt's example as a way to bring about change, rather than Iran where people are beaten and gunned down..." -In other words, Obama is seeding hatred in Iran to bring about the same "democratic" changes we see in Egypt. Rome MUST have that region! As is apparent, Islam is their tool to do so. As prophesied the Pope literally drools over the prospect of standing on the land of Israel as victor. He will have it, but, prophecy does say that is what brings him down. With all the hatred being fueled by Washington D.C. via Roman puppeteering in that region, it's no wonder WMD's are being found on U.S. soil right now! See next video regarding this...

15/02/2011 14:02:06 San Diego Port Security Says WMD Found on American Soil
"Assistant Director of the Port of San Diego admitted to a KGTV reporter that officials have found, in the past, weapons of "mass effect." A public affairs official interrupted the officer during the interview saying they would provide more information later, but the Department of Homeland Security, responding 23 days later, said the officer was "confused" and "nervous"." -This is not good to hear, but then it's not unexpected either. This is overwhelmingly a VERY good reason to get out of the cities. Especially the large ones. We know the government will lie to prevent a panic, or hide their actions. Watching this officer admit there are WMD's on U.S. soil and then his superior's attempt at an immediate cover-up is unsettlingly to say the least. Again, is this not expected? As the White house goes about destroying peoples lives and even killing them in that region of the world, it doesn't take an IQ much higher than a rock to realize someone is going to act out.

15/02/2011 14:02:06 Raw Video: Bahrain 1000'S Take to The Streets
"Despite the state's crackdown on protests and demonstrations the People of Bahrain have taken to the streets again today in large numbers." -As I stated in the headline section above, prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes in the Middle East. Sadly, due to the fact 100% of all churches (except the remnant church) refuse to teach prophecy as it is written. Therefore, most have no idea of what's actually happening in the Middle East. They do know it's unsettling, but they can't quite understand why.

14/02/2011 14:46:33 Airport Body Scan Radiation Concerns UCSF Researchers
"The manufacturer, Rapiscan, claims they are safe, and compliant with all U.S. regulations and standards. But Stroud said, "We simply don't know enough about low intensity radiation." Stroud said the low intensity radiation appears to mostly concentrate in the skin. "Skin is where a lot of this particular radiation probably will be most damaging," he said." -Amazing isn't it? Everything is regulated that "may" cause harm to humans in America, expect of course those things the government does? They admit we don't know enough about low intensity radiation, yet they use it anyway!? And because the courts are designed to prevent law suits regarding harmful events that over 20 years time cause harm, they really don't care. Even here we see the love of many has simply grown very cold.

14/02/2011 14:46:29 Tortured in Egypt
"Story behind the revolution. Warning: Extremely graphic images." -This is ridiculous! I recall seeing these videos years ago! Yet the media didn't have much to say then. What's worse, did you notice that for a few moments in the video they speak about how evil torture is, and then they talk about how the CIA in America sent terrorists to Egypt to be tortured. That was back in 2001! Sometimes it's just plain annoying to see how blind some in the media are. This also reminds me of how Roman politicians work. When running for governor, Jesuit trained William Jefferson Clinton was anti-abortion. When running for president he was all for it. Need we guess anymore who controls the media? If it walks like a duck... 

14/02/2011 14:46:29 Philly DA charges priests, teacher with assault
"Two priests, a former priest and a Catholic school teacher have been charged with sexually assaulting young boys in Philadelphia, while a former church official has been charged..." -Notice, 3 priests and a Catholic school teacher involved in the exact same activity Pope Benedict 16 was as Cardinal, yet they are convicted and he is not. Nuff said? Just in case you didn't know how wicked Rome is, click here for hundreds of articles regarding the same thing.

13/02/2011 12:37:42 Healing Cancer from the inside out
I am presently watching a DVD one of my subscribers mailed me titled, " Healing Cancer from the inside out." I already knew that Chemo and other AMA Cancer treatments were nothing more than money making schemes. But I had no idea there was this much proof on it! The DVD not only shows numerous "so called" terminal patients completely an utterly healed of all types of cancers, they have actual data to prove Cancer treatments simply do not work. They also have ample data proving natural methods do work! The only reason the AMA is offering these poisonous treatments is because there is big money funding it. They show documented proof of this as well. The wicked were able to pass laws legalizing these poisonous treatments so as to make the natural methods seems bogus many years ago so as to create a multi billion dollar empire for the "so called" doctors. Worse yet, if your doctor found out about the natural methods and actually told you about it, he would lose his license and actually be jailed! So, you tell me, are AMA doctor's going to tell you the truth and risk their livelihood? The video clip linked here is only a preview of the DVD of course. And I've never promoted a video like this before. But I believe it is a must to watch if you, or someone you know has Cancer! Bottom line is, our God has already created a cure for all diseases, and it's growing all around us! The AMA hides that fact so as to make money on massively expensive drugs, and they will be judged for it. The DVD also speaks of AIDS, diabetes, and other so called incurable diseases as being 100% curable! Better yet, instead of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to the AMA for something that won't heal you, you may pay up to a whopping $500 over the long term to the REAL doctors that actually heal you by using that which God has supplied already in nature.

13/02/2011 12:37:42 Using nature's genius in architecture
What I like about this video is the scientists acknowledge the Genius of Nature. For example, the simple structure of the hexagram in nature that allows for uneven landscapes to be developed can be utilized by man when building large structures over difficult terrain. Yes, they mistakenly place a 3.5 billion year lifespan on creation, and do attribute it all to evolution. But that's how Satan has made them use their own so called intelligence to ccalculate out the Creator who actually did all this in 6 mere days, not 3.5 billion years. However, for those of us that know the Creator and His infinite genius, we can see Him glorified in this video in how His creation can still to this day make the most intelligent people on earth stand in awe of something as simple as the bumps on the back of a beetle! Our God is most assuredly an awesome God! The scoffer truly has no excuse!

13/02/2011 12:37:42 Cops taser crippled boy 19 times!
His back was broken from a fall, and his heal bone literally broken off as well. Lying there, he was obviously in shock and unable to comprehend anything the cop was saying. Still, they tasered him 19 times for not answering questions!? I thought tasers were supposed to be used to control violent suspects. To use them like this is no different than Roman priests during the Inquisition using torture to get certain questions answered! It has become clear now that the demon controlling Rome has spread its influence rather far. But then, that too was prophesied.

13/02/2011 12:53:20 The Dog Who Knows 1,000 Words
"Neil Degrasse Tyson introduces you to one amazing K-9." -What saddens me about this is, no one attributed that dog's intellect to the Creator that made him. Still, I did think it was a nice video for you to see as it does bless the hearts of God's people to see His creation glorifying Him like this. I used to think my dog was overly intelligent with his 30 word vocabulary. But then, we never trained him to do tricks.

02/11/2011 15:14:21 Hosni Mubarak resigns as president of Egypt
"Crowds in Tahrir Square erupted in jubilant cheers on Friday after Vice President Suleiman, appearing briefly on Egypt state TV, announced that President Mubarak has stepped down from presidency." -Now the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama sanctioned will step in, if not in complete control, at least at the table where laws are drafted and the land of Israel is without a friend in that region. As prophesied, soon the "land of Israel" will be surrounded by Muslims demanding Sharia Law, which by the way is the Muslim Brotherhood agenda in that region. Since we already know Obama is a Muslim, we now know his helping the Muslim Brotherhood in that region is in fact an agreement with Sharia, but then his actions towards his wife at Muslim meetings proved that not too long ago. That being said, are you aware Sharia dictates Christians should be killed? And are you aware Muslims prefer to decapitate their victims. And are you aware many that refuse the mark of the beast will be beheaded? Soon we will see those 30,000+ guillotines on U.S. soil coming out of mothballs to do their prophesied work.

02/11/2011 15:14:21 Rep. Pence: De-fund Planned Parenthood Now
"Citing the recent video investigation by Live Action seen here at Breitbart.tv, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) called on Congress to pull all federal funding from Planned Parenthood saying videos should be a "scandal to all Americans." -I think it's pretty amazing how easy it is to expose corruption by simply using a hidden camera. I wonder how long it will be before hidden cameras are outlawed inAmerica. After all, some have already been convicted of crimes for merely videotaping corrupted police officers. So.. it could happen soon I'm sure.

02/11/2011 15:14:21 7-year-old boy raped at Oakland Boys and Girls Club
"Officer Holly Joshi said the boy was attacked about 7 p.m. Wednesday by several other boys in a bathroom at the Ossian E. Carr Branch at 8530 International Blvd. Joshi said there are five suspects, all younger than 12." -Homosexual acts have become so engrained in society now as a way to lessen the decadence of the Vatican's homosexual attacks on boys, that it's bound to become a tempting option for those that love to push the envelope when it comes to all things taboo. But when it wells up in the hearts of 12 year olds, it proves we are most assuredly emulating the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, just as Jesus predicted!

02/11/2011 15:14:21 Gas explosion levels homes in Pa. neighborhood
"A natural gas explosion rocked a downtown neighborhood overnight in Allentown, Pa., leveling two houses and spawning fires that burned for hours through an entire row of neighboring homes." -This is happening multiple times a month now! An overhaul of the piping system is obviosuly needed. Yet, because the gas companies are so protected by law, and the fact millions of homes use gas, I don't expect they will be doing anything about this due to the cost of doing the right thing. Satan uses things like this to assure many people die without Christ. As society proves, many people figure they won't bother to get right with God until they're old and gray. But what if you won't live to see tomorrow?

02/10/2011 14:01:31 It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Drone?
"By 2013 unmanned aerial drones may fly over neighborhoods across America" -What did I say a few years ago? Soon we will have those drones flying over Afghanistan flying over our neighborhoods. And every scoffer within ear shot laughed boldly! Are you laughing now? Now, picture yourself living in the city after the mark of the beast starts to be enforced. Do you think you will be able to get you and your loved ones out easy enough? Cities are going to have the drones, of this we have no doubt now. But rural areas? Not likely. Nuff said?

02/10/2011 14:01:31 Miami Turning Into Vegas?
"Florida lawmakers pushing for casino resorts to spur economic growth." -Sin always looks attractive when money is to be had. Especially when doing the right thing is no longer considered profitable. As we all know, gambling always generates crime. As prophesied, this is how today's world is to look in the end.

02/10/2011 14:01:31 Police Officer Threatens to Taser Man's Genitals
No, I don't go looking for police brutality videos in my spare time. It's just that, more and more videos like this are popping up in my regular daily research for articles to post. What this cop is doing is what has become the norm in some big cities, and has been for decades. No, they didn't always have tasers, but fists work well more often than not. I know, I was beaten by 4 cops when I was a teen. However, they usually don't do this kind of thing in front of cameras. And no, not all cops are this bad. It's just that more and more are being hired and you're always going to get some bad apples in the bunch. Still, the fact this cop is doing this in front of a camera (that he knows is there) suggests this may become a regular option for police in the coming days. Could this be a testing of the waters? Time will tell.

02/10/2011 14:01:30 Fatigued Pilots Exposed
FYI: "Brian Ross uncovers the risky reality of pilots' flying planes on little sleep." -This is just one more reason to drive your car, use trains, or use Internet conferencing. We shouldn't have to take a gamble with our lives to travel to mom's house! They said they would change things 2 years ago after that deadly crash blamed on fatigue. They obviously haven't done thing one because again, money is to be saved. That being said, PRAY if you must go on an airplane.

02/09/2011 13:14:17 Dead Fish Wash Up At Sebastian Inlet State Park
"I saw the fish jumping out there and I thought it was going to be a really good day for fishing, and then I noticed over here in the surf that they're all dead," fisherman Jeff Johnson told WPBF 25 News. ...Just because there's such a large school of them, they use up the oxygen really quickly, and because they are coming closer to shore, there's not as high of a water turnover rate sometimes when you're in an area with not as much tidal flow," FWC biologist Kelli O'Donnell said." -Lientists are sticking to their stories of lack of oxygen, and most are believing them. If it was true, then ALL the fish in the lake would die. Not just one species. Compile all this destruction with all the other things mankind does to the planet, one can understand why the Lord says He will destroy those who would think to destroy the earth when He returns. Never before in the history of mankind was it possible for man to actually destroy this world. Still, some scoffers will ignore that prophetic fact as well as the hundreds of others. Click here to see how bad it's getting out there for the wildlife on this planet!

02/09/2011 13:14:17 Diabetics Cured Within 30 Days
"After eating raw foods, 6 diabetics are declared cured within 30 days. This isn't considered possible in Western Medicine.." -This proves (as do hundreds of other videos, websites, and books) that we have been lied to by every single AMA doctor when it comes to diabetes. One woman says she wonders why the doctors don't know about this, but all of their teachers do know this so they don't tell the doctors. And those doctors that do find out about it are told to keep quite or they will be fired or even jailed! Why don't they want the doctors to tell their patients you ask? In 2007 alone, the total costs for diabetes was a whopping $174,000,000,000! That's just in one country! There are 195 countries on earth. With that much money coming in for one disease alone, the doctors would be considered insane by their peers if they told you how to permanently heal yourself. The almighty dollar is obviously their god! And they worship it far more than you can every imagine. Millions die daily as an offering to that bloodthirsty god in fact. Please pray for those doctors. They have no idea how bad their judgment is to be upon them!

02/09/2011 13:14:17 Pregnant woman mistakenly gets abortion drug
"A Colorado woman who is six weeks pregnant says a pharmacist at a grocery store mistakenly gave her an abortion drug instead of an antibiotic and now she fears the error will cause her to miscarry..." -AMA mistakes are to this day the unrivaled number one cause of death in the United States. Yet they continue to flourish unscathed. Worse yet, they are trying to outlaw natural methods that not only heal, but heal permanently and for literally pennies on the dollar! Now do you see why miraculous healings prophesied for our day? Most fear the AMA and don't know about natural methods. Our job is clear. Please pray the Lord sends us many workers in this field.

02/09/2011 13:14:16 Judge Tosses Suit After School Sub Shows 'Brokeback Mountain
"12-year-old student's family sues teacher for 'extreme emotional distress' after showing film." -11 and 12 years olds are forced to watch an R-rated homosexual movie with explicit homosexual sex scenes in Math class? And when the students parents file a lawsuit the Judge dismisses the case!? Now do you see why so many people are pulling their kid out of Government schools!? They expose the kids to all sorts of decadence and when they're caught nothing happens. The parents have no way to protect their children so they pull them out of the schools. Want to see hundreds of more reasons to pull your children out of government schools? Click here.