21/02/2011 13:35:55 Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead
"Oil from the BP spill remains stuck on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, according to a top scientist's video and slides that she says demonstrate the oil isn't degrading as hoped and has decimated life on parts of the sea floor." -And all along we've been told all is well? Sinking the oil with chemicals does the same thing as sweeping dust under a rug. The problem is still there. But now it's allowed to keep killing for eons. I guess it's only fitting. Jesus did say that He returns to destroy those that destroy the Earth. So, compiling this idiocy with the aluminum and barium laden chemtrails killing the soil (and people) it won't be long now before our Lord returns.

20/02/2011 13:06:27 Thousands march in Morocco to seek reform
"Thousands of people marched in cities across Morocco on Sunday, demanding a new constitution to bring more democracy in the North African kingdom amid the wave of Arab world upheaval." -This has now become REAL obvious! The Muslims that Obama helped take Egypt are most assuredly performing some sort of pre-planned attack on the constitutions in the Arab world. Soon, like the EU, there will be constitutions favoring Vatican dogma in all nations of the World including the USA.

20/02/2011 13:06:27 Bahrain royal family orders army to turn on the people
"Bahrain's ruling family has defied mounting international criticism by ordering the army to turn on its people for the first time since pro-reform demonstrations erupted five days ago." -Maybe it's just me, but I can't helping thinking that attacking the public won't actually do much in the way of quenching dissension. In fact it fuels it. Hmmm I wonder... is that their plan?

20/02/2011 13:06:27 Thousands call for death of Iran opposition leaders
"Thousands of government supporters called for the execution of opposition leaders at Friday prayers in the Iranian capital Tehran, following last week's anti-government demonstrations." -Death seems to be the fruit of this movement in the Middle East. But then, death has been the fruit of the enemy of souls for 6000 years now. One thing is for sure, if there was a nation that was wholly Christian shore to shore and there was a problem with the government. You wouldn't see a single solitary riot. Perhaps this is a fruit of Islam we can exploit to evangelize the truth regarding the real Prince of peace, to those Muslim's that think this religion is peaceful.

18/02/2011 16:34:17 Ark. cities feel unexplained surge in earthquakes
"The U.S. Geological Survey has reported more than 30 earthquakes in the area since Sunday, including a magnitude 3.8 quake Thursday morning and at least 16 others occurring Wednesday, two of which were magnitude 3.2 and 3.5. More than 700 quakes have occurred in the region over the past six months." -As the Lord descended upon Mt Sinai it shook terribly. That was just one mountain He visited! As our God gets closer to this planet, as prophesied, the earthquakes will increase. Arkansas is just one area of the planet that's shaking. Click here to see how the quakes are increasing as He gets closer.

18/02/2011 13:47:26 University defines Christians as 'oppressors'
"The statement singles out Christians for discrimination by stating, "In the United States, this is institutionalized oppressions toward those who are not Christian." -Now that's just plain laughable! Worse yet, it is nothing more than a bold faced lie. How can this University make such an imbecilic claim when all Schools teach things that go directly against Christianity that purposely persecute any and all Christians that try to speak out against it. Everything from evolution to homosexuality proves it is the Christians that are oppressed in all the schools and not the opposite. What's truly unsettling here is, these are the types of narrow minds that are actually teaching our children!? For hundreds more reasons to leave the schools, click here.

18/02/2011 13:47:26 Suez Canal Workers Join Broad Strikes in Egypt
"Hundreds of workers went on strike on Thursday along the Suez Canal, one of the world's strategic waterways, joining others across Egypt pressing demands for better wages and conditions." -A strike is a gentle way of shutting down the canal that Israel sees as vital to their daily needs. If this strike persists or any length of time, one can rest assured more unrest will be the end result. However, to actually attack and destroy the canal is not in anyone's best interests. So it will be interesting to see how this pans out. Bottom line is this. As we look at the Middle East at present one can see that those those that hate Israel now have complete control over that entire region.

18/02/2011 13:47:26 Catholics rethink celibacy rule

"Shrinking parishes, a dwindling number of clergy and the taint from the Catholic Church's sex-abuse scandal are prompting calls in parts of Europe for church leaders to re-examine some of the institution's basic policies. More than 140 Catholic theologians from Germany, Austria and Switzerland this month published an open declaration to the church, urging officials to phase out the celibacy requirement for priests and implement other drastic reforms, such as ordaining women, allowing divorce and recognizing same-sex couples." -Amazing! For eons they state celibacy is biblical and when their pews start to empty they suddenly see a need to dump the doctrine? Notice this if you will... Rome has always declared the popes were infallible. They have also declared since their inception that each of their doctrines are found in Scripture. (they lie of course) Yet, pope after pope has submitted in writing that previous popes were wrong in dogmatic statements. First off, that act alone proves lied about infallibility, and secondly, for theologians to suggest a change in church doctrines is necessary proves their doctrines are in fact changeable via the whims of man and not by God. After all, is it not written in Malachi 3:6 "For I am the LORD, I change not..." That being the case, the fact Rome constantly adds and removes doctrines openly declares them to be the prophesied church of Antichrist and not the church of Jesus Christ. If their doctrines can change, and they have many times, then their doctrines are of demons and their traditions are of men just as Scripture declared they would be long ago.

18/02/2011 14:03:59 Californian Middle Schools Are Tracking Kids With GPS
"Around 75 seventh and eight graders in Anaheim have become the first kids in California to be followed using GPS, after concerns that their truancy could lead to prosecution. The tab is getting picked up by the state of California, after previous trials in Baltimore and San Antonio saw attendance amongst skiving kids rise from 77 per cent to 95 per cent after the program finished." -Big brother knows that if you teach the children early that their leaders can control their every move, when they become adults they will more apt to blindly obey their authority figures.

17/02/2011 12:22:45 Medvedev, Pope to discuss religious ties in Vatican
"Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will meet with Pope Benedict XVI for the first time on Thursday to discuss bilateral and religious ties, his aide Sergei Prikholdko said. The sides will discuss global affairs and cooperation within the framework of various international organizations. The aide to the Russian president also said the president and the Pontiff will discuss dialog between the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches." -First of all, what business does a church have in meddling in global affairs? Well, none actually, but this is no ordinary church. It's the prophecies woman on a beast that will gather all nations under her thumb. Meeting with Russian politicians and religious leaders is necessary if Rome wants to convey their requirements regarding "cooperation" with the Pope's global plans to enforce a mark.

17/02/2011 12:22:45 'Concerning' mass of dead fish, ducks blankets Little River in Windsor
"There's an increasingly smelly fish-and-duck soup at the mouth of Little River as thousands of dead shad and several dozen dead ducks blanket the water's surface, causing some alarm among residents." -Again the lientists are proclaiming "cold water" is to blame. Problem is, ducks are well insolated and they do not swim "in" water, yet they too are found dead! Now that Winter is ending and Spring is approaching, I wonder what excuse they will use when the next crop of dead fish pop up? For an idea of just how bad it's getting for nature, click here. And yes, these strange deaths was porphesied!

17/02/2011 12:22:45 Muslim Brotherhood to help change constitution
"The Egyptian military has granted legitimacy to the once-banned Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood by appointing Sobhi Saleh, a former lawmaker from the Brotherhood, to an eight-member panel of experts it has created to amend the country's constitution..." -Did we not see this one coming? And seeing how Obama, the Muslim puppet of Rome is on the same page as the Muslim brotherhood, the Vatican will be very active in this constitution just like they were in the European Union's Consitution as well as the African Union's being lead by a devout Roman Catholic. And judging by past Vatican statements regarding all governments and their constitutions; As soon as Obama and Harper finalize the erasing of the Canada and U.S. border, the Vatican will be active in our new constitution as well.

16/02/2011 14:02:16 Riots break out in Libyan city of Benghazi
"Hundreds of protesters were reported to have clashed with with police overnight in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi after a human rights activist was arrested." -Just so you know, the city of Benghazi is the second largest city in Libya and it is the main city (capital) of the Cyrencia region in Libya. That being said, who is rioting now? Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, and Iran. The land of Israel is most assuredly not a place one would want to be visiting or worse yet, living in right now. Everyone that's rioting have intense hatred for Israel.

16/02/2011 14:02:15 World Bank: Food prices at "dangerous levels"
"The bank released a report Tuesday that said global food prices have jumped 29 percent in the past year, and are just 3 percent below the all-time peak hit in 2008. Bank President Robert Zoellick said the rising prices have hit people hardest in the developing world because they spend as much as half their income on food." -All the floods, droughts, and strange weather during the last 6 months alone are taking their toll on the weaker countries when it comes to food imports. Soon they will be forced to beg for help, and those able to give will do so "with certain conditions" that will drive them into both slavery as well as total dependence upon both the government and those lending assistance. In other words, perfect conditions for Roman control.

16/02/2011 14:02:15 Hand washing is now tracked!?
"The system, designed by the Birmingham company Proventix, tracks employees' hand-washing and gives them messages encouraging them to use sinks or sanitizing stations in patients' rooms and in hallways." -While I see it a good idea that doctors and nurses wash their hands often, on the other hand I see how society has become so complacent to "big brother" that it's easy to see how the powers that be will be able to control even more of our lives in the coming days. As the old saying goes, once you give them an inch, they think they're a ruler. Hence... the next article.

16/02/2011 14:10:24 All children to be registered in national biometric records
"Below the radar of public opinion, Mexico has started to assemble the type of biometric national identity database that could be used to document names for a North American Trusted Traveler border pass card, a plan already being developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for Mexican citizens. It apparently would be similar to the program that has become commonplace in the European Union to allow free transit for EU citizens to move, live and work wherever they choose within the EU, disregarding nation-of-origin and national border restrictions." -In other words, as prophesied, every man woman and child on earth will need to be tracked so when the mark of the beast is enforced it will be child's play to track down dissenters. When they finalize the "Club of Rome" wherein all the world is split into 10 regions as prophesied, each citizen will be "registered" if they want to travel or work anywhere in the world. At present, effectively tracking you with a passport is just plain impossible. Especially since they can be faked. But try to fake a fingerprint, an eyeball, or a DNA strand. Worse yet, whenever you use  your global ID card which is slated to have every spec of info on you including all your credit cards, every transaction will be traceable at the mere flick of a key on any police monitor.

15/02/2011 14:10:26 Anti-government demonstrations swell in Iran; clashes reported
"Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched in downtown Tehran in defiance of the Iranian government and its security forces who beat back protesters on Monday and lobbed tear gas canisters into the crowd, witnesses said." -It seems what the USA started Egypt has now spread to Iran. Could it be their tests to see if they could use citizens to cause a leader to fall worked so well they plan to use it in Iran and other nations now? Just thinking out loud is all. Still, it will be interesting to see how this all pans out. Especially since prophecy predicts the land of Israel is to be surrounded in today's world. Watch for the Vatican offering a "friendly" hand towards Israel in the near future. After all, an Israelis leader did say in the early 1980's that they would follow Antichrist himself if he offered peace. Little did that man know that the Pope is in fact that man.

15/02/2011 14:10:20 Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood plans political party
"Egypt's long banned Muslim Brotherhood said Tuesday it intends to form a political party once democracy is established, as the country's new military rulers launched a panel of experts to amend the country's constitution enough to allow democratic elections later this year." -I wonder, will the scoffers e-mail an apology after declaring that which is happening now was impossible? No, I don't expect so. Christian prophecy is always right, but most can't handle being proven wrong. Hopefully some seeds are being watered right now.

15/02/2011 14:10:20 Bahrain Protests Day Two: Protesters Take Control Of Main Square
"DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: Thousands of protesters poured into a main square in Bahrain's capital Tuesday in an Egypt-style rebellion that sharply escalated pressure on authorities as the Arab push for change gripped the Gulf for the first time." -Protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Algeria, and now Bahrain. As prophesied, the land of Israel will be surrounded by those that hate them, while the real Israel (us) is persecuted and killed, and during all this the birds, fish, animals, and insects are to be dying. Sound like today?

15/02/2011 14:10:20 Start-up Indiana church uses sex to sell message
"New Day Church, a year-old congregation in Hendricks County, Ind., is finding that sex helps sell its message of faith. An edgy marketing campaign asking, "What happens when God gets between the sheets?" promotes a sermon series that started Sunday focusing on the link between sex and religion." -Marketing campaign!? This is what happens when the preachers have no faith whatsoever! The Lord will not bless their efforts to start a church, so they resort to using whatever sells. Where most churches use Rock music to get the people in the pews, this one goes one step further and actually uses sexual enticement to draw the people in. Would a true Christian want to be part of a church that's filled with sexual deviates? I'm sure the pews will fill with all sorts of people seeking the opposite or worse, homosexual partners. If you use sex to bring them in, then sex is what they expect once there. The Word is plain, if you lift up Christ, He alone will draw all men unto Him. Since the pastor doesn't know Christ at all, he lifts up the flesh instead. And some scoffers still cant see this as a sign of the end!?

14/02/2011 14:30:25 Catholics Remove 'Holocaust' from Bible
"The word "holocaust" was previously used in the English version of the Catholic Bible to refer to a burnt offering. The word has been changed to "burnt offering" due to the fact that the word “Holocaust" has for the past several decades been used to refer to the murder of millions of Jews during World War II." -In other words, the Vatican admits the Catholic Bible is loaded with changes to allow for a "politically correct" version of the Gospel. Wherein the KJV is filled with words that are "totally correct" to begin with. Not to mention, the KJV doesn't havethousands of verses missing along with many books and verses added that glorify Pagan dogma. (Apocrypha) Leave it to Rome to once again admit in writing they changed the Word of God to please mankind. Still, the timing of this admission begs the question, is Rome trying to please Israel now that Egypt has fallen to the anti-Israel Muslim brotherhood? Could be. By the way, the word "holocaust" is not in the Word of God anyway. The Vatican added it themselves long ago, and now they deleted it. Ironic? Especially since all Catholic Bibles are imprimatured by the "infallible" Pope? The fact they are changing it again proves the infallible doctrine is also a lie. But then, remnant Christians already knew that.

14/02/2011 14:30:25 Bangladesh girl bled to death after lashing say doctors
"A Bangladeshi girl who was publicly whipped for an alleged affair with a married man bled to death, according to a fresh post-mortem examination." -It's got to be getting real hard for Muslims to convince people their religion is godly now-a-days with all this violence in the News on a daily basis. Like the author of their religion, which has been documented to be the Pope, the constant evil fruits are making it far easier for the remnant child of God to declare the truth as it is written. The seeking heart knows what it's looking at when violence and peacefulness are displayed in their respective glory.

14/02/2011 14:30:25 Textbook 'romanticizes' history of Islam
"Three North County residents contend a textbook used to teach seventh-graders about the Islamic religion in the San Dieguito Union High School District “romanticizes" the history of the religion, and they want the district to use supplemental information to provide what they say would be a more balanced view." -Teaching about Jesus Christ is illegal, but about demonic gods? Legal. Has anyone noticed that since a Muslim President was elected Islamic teachings have escalated in the schools like never before? Want to see hundreds of articles proving the schools are designed to brainwash your children into a demonic mindset? Click here.
13/02/2011 12:28:08 California wants lesbians as mandatory 'role' models
"Lawmakers in the state of California are proposing a law that would require schools to portray lesbians, homosexuals, transsexuals and those who have chosen other alternative sexual lifestyles as positive role models to children in all public schools there." -In other words, whether you agree or not, your son or daughter will be taught that homosexuality is a positive lifestyle that your child can achieve to. Now do you see why so many Christian parents opt to homeschool the children God has placed in their care? Would you like a few hundred more reasons? Click here.

13/02/2011 12:28:08 Upper-cased passwords frustrate hackers
FYI: "...researchers have found that simply by upper-casing your password you can minimise a hacker's chance of breaking into your account." -It's also a good idea to go alpha-numeric as well. That being, some numbers and some letter and of course some of the letters should be uppercase. Plus, some programmers are allowing for special characters in passwords as well. Characters like "#$&*" and so on can really mess up a hackers day.

13/02/2011 12:28:08 Archdiocese's policies on sex abuse by priests feeble and ineffective
"Like its 2005 predecessor, the latest report detailed in graphic terms instances of alleged abuse by priests. One case involved a 10-year-old victim who was allegedly "passed around" among two priests and a teacher at St. Jerome's Parish in Northeast Philadelphia in 1998 and 1999." -How bad is it STILL in the Roman Catholic church when it comes to child rape? With a Pope who was served court papers regarding his involvement, who then later refused to appear thanks to "diplomatic immunity," we many never know. That is of course until Christ gets back and all their sins are shouted from the rooftops. For now, see the hundreds of facts we do know about by clicking here.

02/11/2011 14:53:11 Democracy protests bring down Egypt's Mubarak
"The people ousted the regime," rang out chants from crowds of hundreds of thousands massed in Cairo's central Tahrir, or Liberation, Square and outside Mubarak's main palace several miles away in a northern district of the capital." -What the people in this region don't realize is, they were used as pawns by the USA to help Rome move into the Middle East with an anchor so huge that, as prophesied, no one "is able to make war with him" now. As Ezekiel prophesied, the "land" of Isreal is surrounded by Islam, the true Israel (real Christians) are killed by the same Islam to the tune of 200,000 a year, and the animals, fish, birds, and insects are dying all over the world all at the same time!

02/11/2011 14:53:10 Al-Awaki: Rob Christians, Jews to finance jihad
"The American-born fugitive Muslim leader Anwar al-Awlaki says the costs of fighting jihad around the world are so high that Christians and Jews should be paying for it. In an article in the Winter issue of al-Qaida's Inspire magazine he says it's permitted, even encouraged, for jihadis to steal from unbelievers anyone not Muslim to help finance jihad." -What amazes me on this is that some SDA preachers actually say Allah is the same God we worship. Yet Muslims teach their God approves of killing lying and stealing? As Jesus declared so clearly in Revelation 18, it's time to get out of those churches that simply do not preach TRUTH.

02/11/2011 14:53:10 London museum goes wild with animal sex show
"A museum in London is throwing caution to the wind for an exhibition on sex in the animal kingdom complete with copulating chimps and randy rabbits just in time for Valentine's Day." -Some people are so sick! And to think, their local government funds such things as if it's perfectly acceptable. Keep in mind, since Rome controls 175 nations out of 192, it doesn't take much of an IQ to guess where they get such approvals. The sexual appetite of today's world is most assuredly perverted. This museum is nothing more than a front for fostering bestiality. Just when you though it couldn't get any worse, eh? I can't imagine what's next. Welcome to the end times!

02/11/2011 14:53:09 Scientists Make Dozens of Storms in the Abu Dhabi Desert?
"In arid lands, the ability to create freshwater out of thin air would be priceless. Now a Swiss company, Meteo Systems, is poised to earn a pretty penny in Abu Dhabi with a controversial weather modification system said to be responsible for dozens of rain showers in the desert last summer." -These guys just won't leave well enough alone! Don't they realize there's a reason for the desert just like there's a reason for the rain forest? If you remove a desert in one area, you unbalance the climate in another. But then, their feeble attempts at "creating" will eventually sicken the earth to the point where the Lord will put an end to those that would destroy the earth just as prophecy said He would. In other words, it's par for today's course.

02/11/2011 15:11:04 George Lucas says world will end in 2012
"Rogen told the Toronto Sun: "George Lucas sits down and seriously proceeds to talk for around 25 minutes about how he thinks the world is going to end in the year 2012, like, for real. He thinks it." -This is what happens when the Bible is not trusted but novelists and Hollywood fanfare is. This man is so wrapped up in hi sown make believe world of fictional lies, that thinking 2012 makes perfect sense to him. But then, like billions of others, he probably thought the end would come on January 1, 2000. What's really sad about this is, most sheeple believe what they see on the silver screen. Therefore, if Lucas proclaims it as fact, then it must be. There are so many "strong delusions" out there today, as prophecy predicted that it's getting hard to keep track.

02/10/2011 13:43:52 Obama signature creates 'continental perimeter'
"Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper quietly have taken a major step toward erasing the border between the two nations with a new "Beyond the Border" bilateral declaration. In a ceremony designed to remain below the radar of national public opinion, Obama and Harper bypassed Congress to sign on the basis of their executive authority a declaration that put in place a new national security vision defined not by U.S. national borders, but by a continental view of a "North American perimeter." -And to think, for literally decades all the politicians lied and said this was not their agenda? Prophecy said the Antichrist in Rome would separate the planet into ten separate kingdoms, and this is exactly what they're doing.

02/10/2011 13:43:52 ICE Allowed 890 convicts of Serious Crimes released into U.S. in 09
"Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) failed to identify more than 800 criminal alien convicts eligible for deportation before they were released from U.S. prisons, including "many" of "the most egregious criminal aliens, who pose a significant pubic safety risk," according to a report by the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)." -Keep in mind, they didn't release all 890 at once. They messed up 890 separate times! Coincidence? Prophecy declares bloody crimes shall occur in the streets. Rome needs a higher crime rate to create a reason for control. Chicago already suggested the use of military troops in inner city streets a year or so back, why not nationally? This is one reason the borders are left open and prisons just happen to allow violent illegals free reign. Not to mention Mexico's prisons suspiciously allowing a jail break of 140 prisoners near the US border 7 weeks ago. Coincidence?

02/10/2011 13:43:52 Terror threat in U.S. is highest since 9/11
"The latest intelligence shows that the threat from Al Qaeda cells and their allies - is increasingly coming from inside the country, said Napolitano ominously noting that another attack could come "with little or no warning." -Do you believe her when she says it will be foreign terrorists living in the USA? Or will it be another inside job like 911? The fact is, thanks to Bush and now Obama opening the Mexican border to allow for many illegal aliens, including Muslims, then it looks like this could happen. Or, is they allowed for the open borders so as to create an excuse when the next false flag attack occurs? They can declare the illegal aliens did it easily now. Truth is, does it really matter anymore? Jesus is coming back. That's all that truly matters now! So please, "prepare the meet they God" by studying His Word daily so that day doesn't come upon you as a thief in the night.

02/10/2011 13:43:52 President of the World: the Bill Clinton phenomenon
"Since President Clinton left office in January 2001, he's taken on a new and very successful role as an international humanitarian his Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton Health Access Initiative, the William J. Clinton Foundation and countless other worthy efforts have made him a hero to peoples across the globe." -Nothing ever happens in politics without first discussing behind closed doors an agenda that pleases Rome. Clinton is being poised for something as is very obvious. For years I've said Clinton is the end time president due to laws he put in place that affect all of us today and some that will affect us in the very near future, and now we see him once again gaining the limelight in areas Rome needs. This man was trained by Jesuits for a reason! It's no mistake he's using the media to push his image forward at this time. This Jesuit trained politician is going to do all he can for the cause of Antichrist. Just like John Paul II did for Satan in his reign.

02/09/2011 12:57:48 This Could Threaten the Future of Food Destroying the Entire Food Chain
"Roundup, Monsanto's glyphosate-based herbicide, is causing Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS), a serious plant disease, in many fields. Study after study shows that glyphosate is contributing not only to the huge increase in SDS, but also to the outbreak of numerous other diseases." -Now do you see why the Clinton's stockpiled literally tons of dry goods a few years ago as well as invested in a global seed bank in Norway? When they destroy the food market they can ration their food out and made trillions! What they fail to contemplate is the Lord has already promised His people that their bread and waters shall be supplied. Bottom line is, if you're not a Christian, you're in for a rough ride if the Lord allows this to go down in your lifetime!

02/09/2011 12:57:48 A License to Shampoo: Jobs Needing State Approval Rise
"Amid calls for shrinking government, lawmakers across the country are vowing to cut regulations that crimp economic growth. President Barack Obama recently said it's time to root out laws that "are just plain dumb." Tell that to the cat groomers, tattoo artists, tree trimmers and about a dozen other specialists across the country who are clamoring for more rules governing small businesses." -When the economy is suffering, when jobs are scarce, and when pocketbooks are empty, the government decides to make it more difficult to get a job? Worse yet, you have to pay to get a License? This is just another unjust law coming to fruition as prophesied.

02/09/2011 13:02:29 35 Zoo Animals Freeze To Death In Northern Mexico
"Thirty-five animals at a zoo in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua have frozen to death during the region's coldest weather in six decades." -The only reason I post this is to illustrate how lientists are not being truthful when it comes to global warming. If the globe if warming, why are so many nations experiencing record low temperatures? Since they are already used to lying for the sake of making billions in their new tax programs created by global warming, it will be easy to lie about the present calamities affecting the globe in these last days. And yes, that too was prophesied.

02/09/2011 12:57:48 Judge says parents can't treat injured wrestler at home
"A judge on Monday refused to let the parents of a hospitalized Chichester High School wrestler treat his spinal injuries at home with alternative medicine but left unresolved the battle between his family and doctors over his care." -Even though there is overwhelming evidence that natural methods work far batter than AMA drugs, the powers that be don't believe it. So they plan to force this child to have surgery and or drugs regardless of what his parents want! How can the government claim such rights over the parents? They can't. This is another prophesied unjust law.

02/08/2011 12:57:08 State plan to control job market
 "If the government has its way, private companies will no longer be able to hire employees without first considering people listed on a government database of unemployed South Africans. Failure to do so could result in heavy fines for companies." -Why do this? Common sense actually. When they get all the companies to comply to their method of controlling the job market, within a short period of time, absolutely every able bodied worker will be on the government's list. As we know the African Union was just formed recently with a devout Roman Catholic dictator at the head. When the mark of the beast is enforced, every worker on that list that denies the Roman mandate of Sunday laws will be immediately unemployed as prophesied. This type of control is a must if they are to enforce that mark. For those of us in America that wonder if they are in such a list. Yes you are. It's called Social Security. To see more methods of control that have been put in place worldwide to assure Sunday laws are enforced, click here.

02/08/2011 12:57:07 Muslim Brotherhood awakens terrorist wing
"An Egyptian Islamist terrorist organization founded by the Muslim Brotherhood is re-establishing itself amid the political upheaval in Cairo, WND has learned. Both Egyptian and Israeli security officials said the group, Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, is being reconstituted at the direction of the Muslim Brotherhood." -Did we not say this would happen? Everything is going forward for Rome just as they planned. What many people forget is, when this happened in Israel 30 years ago, the terrorist organization calling itself the Taliban was born. I wonder what name will rise from this mess? By the way, this is the same Muslim brotherhood that's flexing its muscles that Obama sanctions.

02/08/2011 12:57:07 Obama's Social Security number goes to court

"An attorney who has aggressively pursued the release of President Obama's Hawaii long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate filed a complaint in federal court yesterday to force the release of Obama's Social Security files." -Will he get the files? Not likely. I wonder... if this eligibility issue get's too politically embarrassing for Obama, or it becomes impossible to circumvent, will he be installed as dictator to quench it? Just a thought. A scary one yes, but still, just a thought. By the way, so many wonder as to why he was escalated into running for president when only being a Senator for 150 days. Me thinks it was a test to see if the people would demand proof of citizenship in Illinois. When they didn't they obviously figured it was a go. And why not change his name to a more Americanized name? Being  Muslim that's a bit too much for him to swallow, plus, he had to be appealing to the Muslims he was planning to sway in the coming days. Rome needed a Muslim president to do exactly what they're doing in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen right now. They will also need him and his cohorts in the coming days as well. Are you ready? Are you sure?

02/08/2011 13:15:31 FCC: Presidential emergency alerts to be tested
"The primary goal is to provide the President with a mechanism to communicate with the American public during times of national emergency." -Does this not sound like the ruling methods of a communist form of government? Do they not have their dictator bark orders via the TV almost daily in those nations? Yes they do. But then, that's what Rome's been working towards all along