16/02/2012 14:21:02 Medical amnesty bill could become state law
On the one hand this can be a good thing in that teenagers that get their friends dangerously drunk will now have no fear of arrest when they call for medical help. The norm now is, many teens have lapsed into a coma and died because their friends feared they could be arrested for underage drinking. But now, if this Bill passes, they can play till their literally blind staggering drunk knowing if they get dangerously drunk, their friends will be able to call for help without fear. That has it's bad points as well because not every teen is going to be easy to control once the "spirits" kick in. How many of us recall how belligerent some drunks can get? That fact alone causes many of their "friends" to let them do as they please. Soon there will be even more drunken teens behind the wheel of a car, walking on the ledge of a building, or starting fights with people that can literally kill them with one punch. No, this isn't going to end well at all. But then, that's the plan of the demon that pushes the alcohol in the first place.

16/02/2012 14:26:10 Study: Lead is in hundreds of lipsticks
FYI: "A new study from the federal government shows hundreds of lipsticks contain lead." -Amazing how the desire to apply things to the body that are not what the Lord would consider wise or Christlike always seem to end up being a problem for us in the long run. You see? Simple obedience to His Word makes life so much safer in ways you may never realize. And by the way, lipstick was originally invented and worn by prostitutes thousands of years ago as a way of advertisement. That fact alone has caused many Christian women to stop wearing it long ago. What amazes me is the side effects of lead poisoning are not listed on the lipstick labels!

15/02/2012 14:49:37 Beck Announces 'We Are All Catholics Now' campaign
"The controversy over the Obama administration's contraception mandate is at a boiling point, as many Catholic leaders continue to view the president's so-called "accommodation" as a failure to protect religious liberty. Now, Glenn Beck is coming forward with a new movement called "We Are All Catholics Now." The main goal of the initiative is to ask Americans to reach out to Congressional leaders (at the moment, Senators) to encourage the passage of legislation that would protect religious groups' conscience rights." -As I stated yesterday, this is what I perceived this contraception movement was created to do by the Vatican. But I NEVER thought it would happen this fast! Rome now has a way to be catapulted into the limelight in a way that makes them appear moral and good with all churches that agree with them on this. Beck, "a Mormon," is one that can lead such a charge wherein many churches will proclaim boldly that "we are all Catholics now" to fight this legislation. After all, he was instrumental in leading more than one grass roots movement in the past. He is also very active in the Tea Party movement. Now.. Keep in mind, those that refuse to join such a campaign will be looked upon in a negative way by all those that join with Rome. But then, that's what Satan's going for here. The more the remnant people refuse to go along with the sinful masses, the more we will appear to be the problem. So be it! Maranatha!

15/02/2012 14:10:07 How easy it is to forget
All too often we see in our children things we would like to change and try to express our concerns for them in ways they just don't understand. The flip side is true with our children not realizing just how much we love them and want the best for them. So, to prevent problems in the future, why not give your child a hug. And you kids? Why not just give your parents a hug in return. After all, you are family.

14/02/2012 14:37:45 President Obamas Speech On Birth Control
Notice how whenever he speaks of a Christian church or hospital he speaks of them as being "Catholic" only. Why does he do this? It's because, being a politician, he knows the Roman Catholic Pope is the only viable political entity worth addressing in any "religious" political issue. After all, it is only the Pope who sits for all religious faiths in all United Nations meetings since John Paul II was awarded that chair. And especially since June 26, 2000 when the Pope was elected as the official political leader of all the worlds "Christian" churches that have joined with the one world church. Or as they call it, the "World Council of Churches" (WCC). And yes, the Seventh Day Adventist church is a part of that global church that Christian prophecy declared long ago would be instrumental in building that image of the beast for Rome. In fact, all this talk of birth control was able to bring about the Vatican's end run around morality lately. This is why they always play this card even though they kill babies in Catholic hospitals and literally 98% of all Catholics use contraception. It will allow for them to monopolize the media on issues like this to keep the church leaders before the people as if they are a huge moral authority, when in fact they are the most evil entity known to man. Still, what Mike Huckabee said the other day makes it all come into perspective as to why they played this political came with healthcare. When it comes to all religious organizations that are part of the WCC, Huckabee said, "In many ways, thanks to President Obama, we are all Catholics now." This is just one more reason not be be part of the one world church! Truth is, Huckabee is the ultimate image of a Roman prelate in that he is both a politician and an ordained minister in the Baptist church. So yes, this birth control issue was Rome's foot in the door on this all along. Where will it lead? Study prophecy, and you will be in the know, just as every Remnant Christian is.

14/02/2012 14:37:44 Inside Australia's Chilling New Cult
"Former real estate developer, Alan John Miller, from Kingaroy in Queensland, is the leader of Gods Way of Love. He has an estimated 100,000 DVDs in global circulation and financially survives on collecting donations from followers. He also uses donations to acquire property for sanctuaries, in preparation for doomsday. The earth will "change a lot" in the next few years, Miller believes. "What you now know as countries will disappear completely, other ones will change completely," he told his followers at a recent seminar aired by Sunday Night." -The only reason he knows about such things is because the Bible predicted these things long ago. Thing is, the Bible also predicted people like him would claim to be Jesus Christ as well. This guy is gaining a global following just as many others are doing right now. We are that close to the end! Especially when the media makes it a point to give them all sorts of free media exposure! This video is just over 30minutes long! Yes, they do show in an offhand kind of way that he is delusional, but they also make it a point to show seemingly intelligent people being enraptured by this guy as if he really is Jesus! It amazing how easy it is to prove using the Bible that all this was predicted, and therefore totally demonic. But Satan knows, the overwhelming majority of people alive today simply don't read Bibles. Billions are headed for Hell simply because of laziness! Our work is literally cut for us.

13/02/2012 14:51:19 Realtime EPA radiation monitoring
"EPA Real Time Japan Nuclear Radiation Monitoring Of Every Major US City on a single page with live click-able thumbnails to view larger radiation graphs and a live radiation map to fast navigation between cities." -If you live in or frightfully near a big city, you may want to check into this as soon as possible. If this doesn't convince some to get out of the cities, I fear nothing will.

13/02/2012 15:02:48 Blueberries faked in most foods!
FYI: "The blueberries found in blueberry bagels, cereals, breads and muffins are REAL blueberries right? Wrong! Award-winning investigative journalist Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, exposes the deceptive chemical ingredients and dishonest marketing of "blueberry" products from big-name food and cereal companies. The blueberries, it turns out, are made from artificial colors, hydrogenated oils and liquid sugars." -In short.. "read the labels" before buying. What's becoming suggested as each day passes by is that the box most foods are packaged in may in fact have more nutritional value than the foods they contain.

13/02/2012 14:51:19 Water droplets orbiting a needle in space
Just as it's hard to understand how a planet circles a Sun, it still happens as we can see every single day. I think it is amazing how as we get more and more knowledge in certain areas of science, that the Creator God and His creation is being validated more and more to be just that. His absolute creation. Still, even though they have as much evidence as this before their own eyes and heart, many still choose to ignore it for some so called "plausible" explanation. Truth is, it was "plausible" at one time that that planet was flat.

02/12/2012 11:24:53 Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop Over Facebook Post
"The disgruntled teenage daughter of a tech-savvy, gun-toting father just got a very public lesson in respecting one's elders." -Prophecy said in the last days children will be disobedient to their parents. All too often this causes some parents to go ballistic and actually harm and even kill their own children. Praise the Lord that it was only his daughter's laptop that bore the brunt of his anger. Do I approve of this video or the shooting itself? No, of course not. But I can say, it's easy to see how some parents can be tempted to do such things as this. In any event, for this video to go viral has to be embarrassing to both the teen as well as her dad. But then, this too is just another "perk" of being on Facebook.

02/12/2012 11:24:53 Processed food -vs- whole food
Using "smart pills" that contain cameras and sensors that broadcast information via bluetooth to the doctor standing by, they have been able to show the differences "internally" between digesting processed foods in the human body and whole foods. Perhaps this may change your eating habits?

02/12/2012 11:24:52 10 Future Law Enforcement Technologies
"Here are 10 reasons to comply with the cops of the future." -I must say, the future is rather bleak for the criminal with all this technology. Why post this you ask? As students of prophecy we are very aware that soon all remnant Christians will be considered criminals simply because of their faith. One good thing about all this is, the majority of the weapons are being designed for crowd control, and true Christians aren't the type to be "in the crowd."

02/10/2012 14:18:11 Preystations: No law to down CIA drones
"The talks come just hours after a US drone attack in Northwest Pakistan killed 10 suspected militants. Washington has been criticized for its CIA led aerial strikes with some allegedly targeting Pakistani civilians and funeral services." -In other words, the drones are killing innocent people, and they know it. But since there is no law on the books to stop them right now, the killings continue. Drones are nothing more than remote controlled killing machines manned by soldiers many miles away. Their cameras cannot identify a militant from a civilian or an apple from a grenade. So, the soldier running the drone, sometimes thousands of miles away, shoots to kill them all because he's told it's "an acceptable loss." Worse yet, these faulty killing machines are about to be used in every nation whether they are at war or not. In fact, the American Congress just ok'd these drones for use in America and Obama is about to sign a Bill that allows 30,000 of them in our cities as we speak! There are only 275 cities in America with 100,000 citizens or more. That means there will be at least 109 of these drones in each city! Still think it's safe to live in the cities? Yes, I understand you can sometimes get a better paying job there. But what's more imnportant? You're bank acount? Or your family's welfare? And by the way. I lived in the Chicago area for most of my life. When we moved away to a rural area, (about 16 yrs ago) not only was the gasoline less expensive, so was the rent. In fact, the rent near the city was $1,500 to 2,000 a month for a 3-4 bedroom house on a small city lot. In the country $400 on average. But we found a 5 bedroom house on 5 acres for $100.00 a month! No, I didn't misplace a zero! That's one hundred dollars a month! We also found that  food, utilities and other basic necessities of life were far cheaper away from the city. Not to mention the cleaner air, no noise pollution, no crime, no traffic (at all) and beautiful scenery. Even the police are friendlier out here! Nuff said?

02/10/2012 14:18:11 Roman Catholic Bill O'Reilly defends Ellen DeGeneres
"The Fox News commentator came to DeGeneres' defense after conservative group One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, pressed JC Penney to replace the comedian and talk show host as their spokesperson because she is a lesbian." -Bill O'Reilly, a devout Catholic is the ultimate example of the lukewarmness of Catholicism as well as the majority way of thinking in America. Why is it the Popes always declare their religion to be the true faith when all Catholics in the media as well as politics defend the rights of homosexuals to flood America with their lifestyle? Or why with the contraceptive issue, does the Pope assume all Catholics follow his demands in not using them, when a recent Reuters poll proved 98% of Catholics do use contraceptives? It's because this is not a church based on Christian truths and morals. It's a church that the Bible defines and one that allows the lost to claim Christ Lord to take away your shame while embracing sin. This is just as Isaiah 4:1 declared the majority of the people would do today. And because this worldly version of Christians is so popular with the masses, all other denominations have join with them just as prophecy predicted. This is why society is as it is today! Truth is, how else was Satan going to be able to diminish the faith of billions? The media is his main method of choice and he has plenty of lost "celebrities" to push Sodom and Gomorrah upon us all. So be it. It's just making the kingdom of Christ that much more enticing to those vexed by all this decadence.

02/10/2012 14:18:11 How "The Pill" works as an Abortifacient

"This video is an animation showing how the contraceptive pill sometimes causes embryonic abortions." -I must say, this is a video many young women are not going to like to see. But truth can be hard to hear at times. It's tests like this that separate the weak from the strong sometimes. The birth control pill, is not always going to perform like a contraceptive device. It's actually able to perform as an abortion device when the need arises! They used to work in a way that prevented conception in the 1960's, yes. But side effects were deadly. Everything from blood clots to strokes. So, they changed the way the pill worked in a way they never told the publc! Possibly millions of women may have unknowingly aborted their children by taking the pill! Someone needs to do something about this! I can only imagine how many millions of lawsuits this may bring about if this gets out. Still, this is not a reason for Christian women to panic, because the Word is plain. If you don't know about a sin you're committing, you cannot be judged for it, because the Lord "winks at our times of ignorance." However, once you do know, and chose to do it anyway, then it is sin. (See Acts 17:30 or 1 Timothy 1:13) This was brought to my attention yesterday evening. As a pastor, I am duty bound to warn those that the Lord has placed in my care. I will not jeopardize the truth I am given to preach any more than I would the desk I am called to speak from. So please, accept this truth in the Spirit it was given.

02/09/2012 14:50:28 Obama invokes NDAA using Iran as a Natl Emergency Threat!
"The executive order directs all government agencies to respond immediately to the threat. It further invokes the authority of the 2012 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which gives the President the power to launch military action against any nation without the approval of Congress." -Are we about to go to war? Is Obama setting the stage to become Dictator? Is this why Iran officially asked for a NWO yesterday? Was it an act of surrender? Or is Obama using fabricated wartime emergency to cause certain laws to be invoked that control the masses better as Bush Jr and others have? Politics! If it wasn't for the way they fulfill prophecy so often, I wouldn't have a clue as to what this beast is up to. But then, Daniel did say long ago the Vatican would use "craftiness" to bring about his agenda. Keep in mind, this craftiness has to be confusing enough to where even a seasoned Senator who disagrees with such things the difficult task as clearly understand what's up at times. Or worse yet, to have the necessary support to fight it. The mortal wound of 1798AD is healing brothers and sisters! Just as expected.

02/09/2012 14:50:28 The DHS Defends Globalism, Not America
"The Department Of Homeland Security is the very epitome of unnecessary bureaucracy. Its formation was predicated on the existence of terrorist threats, many of which the U.S. government and orbiting alphabet agencies either created through acts of war, or fabricated out of thin air. Its policies of centralization were sold to the public as necessary to prevent systemic "miscommunications" that never actually took place." -DHS is supposed to mean "Dept of HOMEland security." So why is it now being used in an international sense? That's because it's really all about "ROMEland security!" In other words, the DHS is nothing more than a global version of Hitler's SS. As I stated back in a February of 2008 Truth Provided Newsletter, this is nothing more than the Vatican's 4th Reich coming into existence. Prophecy predicted it to arrive, and as we look around today we can clearly see present political structuring confirming it's rapidly resurrecting existence!

02/09/2012 14:50:29 Banned chemical weapon for use in UK?
"The UK government may consider the development of chemical weapons for domestic law enforcement, that's according to the national academy of sciences. The group of experts has asked UK officials to clarify their intentions for the substances. The nerve gases being discussed were banned from military use nearly 20 years ago." -That's right! Nerve gas banned for use in the military against enemies 20 years ago is now being considered as a way to control citizens that protest? Here's a novel idea. Stop all the strange unjust laws and corrupt political acts and the people will stop protesting! Yes, that's a pipe dream that will never come until Jesus returns. But it's always nice to think about. By the way, Sadam Hussein, and others like him have gassed their own citizens in the past. In fact, it was one of the reasons Bush Jr used to go to war. But now it's ok for an American ally to use it? Unjust laws certianly do abound in this end time society just as prophecy said it would.

02/08/2012 15:19:30 If You See Something, Film Something
GRAPHIC CONTENT!!! The main reason I'm posting this video is because the one I posted yesterday about the cops shooting a man in the chest 5 times was pulled fromYouTube before most of you were able to see it. The portion of that pulled video that shows the murder, is the very first clip in this video. However, they don't show how the teens laughed about it all. Even though there was no "copyright infringement" on that video, they pulled it anyway for obvious reasons. The video I post today is a collection of numerous clips wherein it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the police are being trained to be just as violent and sadistic as Roman soldiers were 2000 years ago and Nazi soldiers were in WW2. Prophecy said this was to come to fruition in the end, and this video boldly declares that to be the case right now! Again, be forewarned this is very GRAPHIC CONTENT of violent acts by police. I do not like posting videos like this for obvious reasons. And I know all police aren't like this. Especially outside the cities. But all true Christians need to be aware that we are about to become criminals simply because of our faith. If this is how Americans are treated that are supposedly declared "innocent" before proven guilty at trial, it's going to be very rough for Christians who will be declared guilty before trial. If you have a problem with anger now, pray the Lord helps you correct that soon, or you may have to deal with violence like this upon you or your loved ones. Many police will attack at the slightest provocation now. (And no! I do not support "revolution" as the video suggests at the end.)

02/08/2012 15:19:30 Gay couple ties knot in Archie comic (Notice they only had pro-homo people being interviewed)
"The popular comic book company, Archie Comics, features its first gay wedding after over 70 years of publications. Tara Cleary reports." -Notice how when they ask questions of the general public, they only allow those that had pro-homosexual responses to air. The schools have been pushing homosexuality upon the children for over a decade now, and now we see them going after the children that read comics as well. It truly is as Jesus said it would be in the end. Sodom and Gomorrah is here today!

02/07/2012 15:01:20 Bank of America refuses cash mortgage payment!
Just so you know, Bank of America is a Jesuit owned and operated bank. No, I am not saying that as an insult. It's true. (click here) The Vatican is home to Antichrist. And Antichrist needs to remove all cash on the planet in order to create the digital monetary system that can make it easy to control "buying and selling." Without this control, they cannot hope to enforce the mark of the beast. Bank of America is the largest bank in America, surpassing even J.P Morgan!. So, it is no wonder they are spearheading this refusal of cash today. They are merely following orders. 

02/07/2012 15:04:37 Man Shot In The Chest 5 Times By Police
WARNING: GRAPHIC SCENE: Yes, I believe the police used way too much force here. If they felt the need to, why not just shoot one time to stop him in his tracks? Instead the cop shot him 5 times in the chest, and then 5 times more in the back as he's falling. That is absolutely insane! The kid was obviously showing off as he jostled towards the cop with that crow bar! Still, they shot to kill this kid, period! He was turning around to flee proving he was no longer a threat, yet they kept shooting!? This is the mindset of many police now thanks to the fact that violence is everywhere. Their's is an thankless job indeed. And no, not all cops are this bad. But most in the cities are. Still, that's not why I posted the video. Listen to the laughter and snide remarks of the teenagers taping the whole scene! That kid died right in front of them, and all they did was laugh and joke about it? His life ended that very moment! Yet no one cared! Jesus said the love of many would wax cold, and it truly has gotten cold as ice out there today! (This video can also be used to warn teenagers that cops will shoot you if you merely act out!)

02/06/2012 13:38:17 FBI Uses Chainsaw In Raid On Wrong Fitchburg Apartment
"I just happened to glance over and saw this huge chainsaw ripping down the side of my door," she explains. "And I was freaking out. I didn't know what was going on." Within moments, the chainsaw had cut through most of her door, and someone on the FBI's arrest team kicked the rest of it in. "That's when I heard the clicking of a gun and I heard 'FBI, get down!', so I laid right on down." -Ok, it's understandable that they can on occasion get the wrong house. No big deal. That's life. But a chainsaw?! What if this woman or her daughter were standing next to the door when that spinning saw came flying thorugh? Is there no more concern for the safety of others? Apparently not. When the love waxes cold, it gets even colder when it comes to strangers.

02/06/2012 13:38:16 Decline in Honey Bees
As we can see by my "Strange Wildlife Deaths" page, honey bees, along with many other insects, birds, animals and fish, deaths like this is quickly becoming the norm in today's world. However, with the bees there may be a sinister entity behind it that can profit by it. Who am I talking about? Monsanto of course. Yes, that seems odd and a bit out there but evidence is about to be released online soon about Monsanto's work in killing off the bees so as to replace their own GMO bee. Sounds insane yes, but the technology is in fact already here today.

02/06/2012 13:38:16 Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs Are Designed To Recruit Kids
"Scott Lively says that Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in schools are designed to find lonely, impressionable outcasts and recruit them into homosexuality." -Just as the Roman Catholic pedophile priest goes after certain types of kids, the homosexual activist is doing the exact same thing because they are both directed by the same demon. Is your child shy, or friendless for the most part. Then for evil men such as these, your child is a target! If you can't get your child out of danger, at least teach them to scream out at the first sign of danger. That will make the predator realize they aren't really an easy mark.

02/05/2012 12:28:25 Muslim Faith: Path of peace or road to ruin?
"The Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan has its own unique brand of Islam. Now, it has opened its doors to more fundamentalist strains of the religion. But will it help defuse social tensions, or lead to radicalization and the erosion of freedoms?" -It's obvious religious freedom will be the first to go here as you notice the reporter has to wear a scarf to report the news. Still, this is not why I posted the video. At 1:37 in the video the man being interviewed states Islam slowly took over after the Soviet Union collapsed. He states the "very fast growth" of Islam was domestically driven because of poverty, poor education and corruption. Now, let me ask you this. What political power on earth has almost 2000 years worth of experience in how to manipulate the masses by watching what the people do after countries rise and fall. The Vatican, right? Who was it that was instrumental in getting the Soviet Union to fall? Ronald Reagan and the Vatican. We now know Rome invented Islam, and we now see why they forced the Soviet nation to fall. In so doing Islam can flourish to the numbers needed that will allow Rome to have the methods needed to be able to kill as many Christians as possible. When the prophesied 1798AD mortal wound of this beast is healed, it is then you will see them use Islam in the way they used Hitler. Only this time it will be done globally and without any opposition.

02/05/2012 12:28:25 Anonymous vows to fight ACTA across Europe
"A wolf in sheep's clothing, that's how ACTA opponents have described the international copyright treaty. Thousands are to protest in Sweden on Saturday while in Poland the legislation has been suspended after attacks on government websites." -They say ATCA, SOPA, PIPA, or ANY laws like this WILL prevent piracy that takes billions out of the hands of entertainers. But a simple AM or FM radio proves they're lying. How so? Radio has been playing music for many decades wherein anyone can turn on the radio and listen to music for free. Musicians have literally made hundreds of billions of dollars over the years simply because people that hear their music on the radio went to the store to buy their music. The exact same thing happens when people listen to music on the Internet. Truth is, if they make it illegal for anyone to listen to music freely, the musicians will suffer. Radio was, and still is the original "try before you buy" marketing concept. So, we know they'r elying here. That being the case, since it's not about the musicians, it must be about censorship. If I'm wrong, and it's really all about the bootlegged music or movies, then pass a law where only musicians can sell MP3 players, and movie producers sell DVD players. That way everyone will be happy

02/05/2012 12:28:24 Mind-reading device could become reality
"A device which reads the thoughts of brain-damaged patients could become a reality, scientists claimed, after proving they could tell what someone was hearing just by decoding their brain waves." -Listen to the brain waves in this video. It sounds eerie yes, and it is a bit hard to understand at first, but it is actually working! Give them a year or two to fine tune the technology and then imagine a time where police are making statements to you while using this device to listen to what you're thinking as they prod you for a response. No, this isn't science fiction. We have the technology now! It just needs to be perfected a bit.

02/03/2012 14:04:00 Baptists blaspheme God in the same way Rome does

"Bishop Eddie Long, the subject of sexual allegations made by male members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, is making headlines again. This time it's because video of one of his church services has gone viral. Long has recently started performing church services again after briefly stepping down as head pastor from the church due to a sex scandal and subsequent divorce from his wife. This Sunday, however, he invited a special guest, Rabbi Ralph Messer. The church televised a very special edition of worship service as the rabbi crowned the bishop as "king." -As they use their Satan inspired Rock music along with theatrics and lighting to rev up the congregation, they also blaspheme by attributing all the titles of Jesus Christ unto this mere man, just as Rome does with the Popes. They even "raise him up" off the stage in the very same way Pharaoh of old and the Popes of Rome are raised up as an act of worship. It is also done to mock Christ when He was "raised up" for all mankind on the cross. With this act the entire church audience cheers, applauds and according to biblical jurisprudence, actually worship this man as their king! One minute he is in the midst of a vulgar homosexual scandal that costs him his marriage, the next he is crowned a king in God's government! It most assuredly is the end of days brothers and sisters!

02/03/2012 14:04:00 Reporters Jobless After Monsanto & Cancer Milk Story
"most of the milk in California and in fact most of the country was contaminated with the artificial growth hormone Posilac. This is injected into cows so that they produce more milk and has been proven to be a cancer-causing growth hormone." -But, the reporters were told to cover it up. They refused, and they were fired. As prophesied, dairy products are now unsafe! Especially milk. And rightly so, as it has been proven that the milk carries every nuance of that which is in the bloodstream. This is why nursing mothers have to be so careful with what they eat.

02/03/2012 14:04:00 Winter Warmth Problems?
Prophecy says the weather will mess up near the end. Prophecy also says Satan will force scientists to lie about just anything they can to try and prevent souls from seeking repentance noticing how the signs are upon us. They lie about the quakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and even al the dead fish, birds, animals and insects the world over. And now, in the first few moments of this video they say the this January is the warmest since 2006? But I live in Indiana, and have been here almost 2 decades. I know for a fact this wasn't the case in 2006. But scientists also know short term memory of most is lacking in a major way thansk to chemtrails, food additives, vaccines and water treatments, so they know they can lie and the majority won't even notice it. One can only imagine what Spring will bring.