02/07/2013 13:43:30 Rubio's Time Magazine Cover proclaims him GOP savior
"Time Magazine released the cover of its Feb. 18 issue on Thursday, featuring an image of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) with the phrase "The Republican Savior." --I guess it's only fair since Obama has been touted as savior more than a few times. In any event, Roman rulers declared themselves "gods on earth" as we all know. The Pope, of which prophecy declared received Roman power from Satan after Pagan Rome fell, has also declared himself a "god on earth" quite often, as well as "Caesar" believe it or not! So, as Herod did of old, so shall politicians under the Popes do today.

02/07/2013 13:43:30 Vatican official says ending clerical sexual abuse is long-term effort
"The Catholic Church's efforts to prevent clerical sexual abuse and protect children around the world will be "a long-term effort," said Father Robert W. Oliver, a Boston priest who began work Feb. 1 as the promoter of justice in the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith." --How long you ask? It's been going on since 60AD just as the prophet Daniel predicted!

02/07/2013 13:43:30 Cleft Lip, Club Foot Abortions 10X More Than Reported
"In a shocking new report, the London Telegraph newspaper indicates European researchers show abortions done on babies with minor disabilities that doctors can easily correct is ten times higher than previously indicated." --If this keeps up, and I'm sure it will, soon mothers will abort children based on hair or eye color just as Hitler, under Roman command demanded of his "perfect race."

02/07/2013 13:43:30 Friar accused of abuse in 2 states kills self
"A Franciscan friar accused of sexually abusing students at Catholic high schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania killed himself at a western Pennsylvania monastery, police said Saturday." --The atmosphere of the Roman Catholic monastery not only breeds homosexuality, it breeds despair. And then these men are set loose on the children in Roman Catholic schools. This church actually does all it can to help Satan do all he needs to do to destroy lives. Period. Please keep praying for the children of God still trapped in that church. They have very little time left to heed the call of Revelation 18:1-5. They need to "come out of her my people" before it's too late!

02/06/2013 13:44:06 Vatican Denies Muslim Link to John Paul II's Assassination Attempt
"Agca's new claim is that the Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran and Nazi-Fascist Islam are the real explanation behind the motive to kill the Pope as a crucial point in the final war against the hatred Christian west, he said. According to the Vatican spokesman, Agca said he had kept the assignment "completely secret" and revealed it only to Pope John Paul II when the Pontiff visited him in prison in December 1983 to offer him forgiveness." --So let me get this straight. Back in 1981 when the Vatican was causing problems for Islam and seeking to generate a way to make Christians look bad, they report a Muslim terrorist shot JPII. Then years later when that same Muslim actually admits he was hired by Iran and Islam to cause Christians to be hated, the Vatican now denies it? Especially now when the Pope is doing all he can to help Islam in their agenda against the Christians? One can see the truth this easy here. The Muslim author obviously benefits by telling the truth in a big way here. While at the same time Rome benefits by calling him a liar in a big way as well. Only those who refuse to study prophecy and read Newspapers will fall for this pile of baloney. Problem is, most people don't read Bibles or the News today anyway. No matter.. Our God knows everything they're up to, and His elect cannot be deceived.

02/06/2013 13:44:06 Vatican Denies Involvement Via Bank

"The Vatican on Tuesday denied an Italian newspaper report linking its IOR bank to Monte dei Paschi di Siena's 2007 acquisition of smaller rival Antonveneta, a deal which is now the centre of a widening corruption investigation." --Just to name a few, they lied about killing 500,000,000 Christians for 1260 years and got caught, they lied about Ustashe war crimes and got caught, they lied about molesting millions of children for eons and got caught, they lied about the torturous Canadian orphanages and got caught, they lied about holding Satanic masses in the Vatican and got caught, they lied about the creation of Islam and got caught, they lied about mixing Paganism with Christianity and got caught, they lied about Mary being a virgin her entire life and got caught, they lied about the burial box of James and got caught, they lied about live birth abortions of babies in Catholic hospitals and got caught, they lied about using torture on non-Catholics and got caught, they lied about Catholic priests dying of AIDS 11 times greater than anyone else and got caught, they lied about using Hitler to kill the Jews and got caught.  Maybe it's just me.. but do you think they're lying about this scandal as well?

02/06/2013 13:44:06 Is persecution right around the corner?
"In 1936 Germany was in the midst of economic ruin and social upheaval, facing an uncertain future. A charismatic leader by the name of Adolph Hitler was rising to power and he pointed Germans to a new direction that would bring the nation and its people back to greatness, if they only trusted him." --The Vatican tried to rule the world back then and failed. Today, with present technology and 175 nations in their hip pocket, they are once again doing as they did when they used Hitler. Today, it's Obama they're using to get the job done. In short, yes. Persecution is banging on our doors right now. Especially if you're a Christian minister and refuse to get a 501c3!

02/06/2013 13:44:05 Churches joining forces for Ecumenical Prayer Service
"Several Henderson County churches will join together on Friday for an Ecumenical Prayer Service hosted by Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church." --As the pews empty of Roman Catholics who are tired of the cornucopia of corruption and molestation scandals one right after another, Rome has been able to fill the pews with the lost who at one time claimed to be "Protestant" just as prophecy predicted. One can hear the three frogs serenading each other right now in fact. (See Revelation 16:13)

02/05/2013 14:16:04 Why is government stockpiling guns, ammo?
"Is the U.S. government getting ready for a war we donít know about? And, if that's why Washington is stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition (hollow points, by the way), why is Homeland Security doing the buying instead of the Defense Department?" --Prophecy says it will become very difficult right near the end. Yes, for the most part, many won't care or even notice the changes due to their own blindness. For the government to be stockpiling ammo right after soliciting US troops to shoot on American citizens, one can only deduce that our political leaders are about to do something so evil that the American people will revolt. Could it be their fear of mass revolt is causing them to stockpile ammo to defend their actions? Time will tell. The fact Obama already stated he wanted to fund a domestic military in a 2008 campaign speech suggests the Nazi brownshirts are already trained and ready to bare their arms. Martial law cannot be enforced without a massive military force to back it up. Seeing how the bulk of our military are already policing other nations so as to assure Rome's NWO plans will be implemented; a domestic force here at home will be needed to assure the same result. I even wonder at times if the once anti-government militia was convinced to help Obama, and soon to join forces. In any event, obedient Christians have a living God and a powerful hedge of angels about them. The rest are literally on their own.

02/05/2013 14:16:04 Obama Decides to Send Drones to Kill Americans
"Human rights advocates were floored on Monday night when NBC News published the details of an alarming Justice Department memo detailing the protocol for sending drones after United States citizens. It's not as if they hadn't suspected that the Obama administration's top secret drone attack protocol contained some unsavory details. They just didn't expect them to be so frightfully broad." --Is this not exactly as we stated back when these drones were first used in Afghanistan years ago? Yes, many scoffed and even laughed when I stated the drones will be used in America on Americans. I wonder who's laughing now? Common sense is just one more blessing obedient Christians can count on from the true living God of creation. Even here the elect cannot be deceived. (Also see this)

02/05/2013 14:16:04 New National Identification System Is Coming
"Maybe we should just brand all the babies." With this joke, Ronald Reagan swatted down a national identification card, or an enhanced Social Security card, proposed by his attorney general in 1981. For more than three decades since, attempts to implement the proposal have all met with failure, but now national ID is back, and itís worse than ever. ...The system creates a guilty-until-proven-innocent approach to employment that also allows DHS to monitor every worker throughout the country." --Hitler... er.. um.. Pope Pius XII would be proud. All that Nazi Germany saw will and for the most part has already been implemented in the USA. Much of it is actually in force behind closed doors and from the bench of corrupt judges right now. Soon, every American will see it first hand. Christian prophecy is no joke! Students of prophecy expected this, and much more.

02/05/2013 14:16:04 Why Police Lie Under Oath
"THOUSANDS of people plead guilty to crimes every year in the United States because they know that the odds of a jury's believing their word over a police officer's are slim to none. As a juror, whom are you likely to believe: the alleged criminal in an orange jumpsuit or two well-groomed police officers in uniforms who just swore to God they're telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but? As one of my colleagues recently put it, "Everyone knows you have to be crazy to accuse the police of lying." --In other words, Satan has already indoctrinated the Police into lying under oath so that when a Christian stands before a judge in the coming days for crimes he or she never committed, they will have all the "facts" they need to assure a lengthy sentence. No problem, Jesus will still be with us in the jail cells too.

02/04/2013 13:29:20 A Single Intelligence Network for a New World Order
"The Homeland Security Department, National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, and Federal Bureau of Investigation now represent a massive governmental data gathering behemoth that is building on traditional and new relationships with foreign intelligence and national security agencies to build a network of shared databases." --And it's all based in the USA. Why? It is here the mark is enforced first. And it is the Vatican controlled US government that will assure it's enforced globally.

02/04/2013 13:49:47 'Safe' church has 'right people carrying guns'
"My church is safe because we have the right people carrying guns." --The enemy of souls has gotten just about everyone so fearful today that none, including their pastors, have any faith in God to protect them. In fact, Arkansas State Senate approved a Bill allowing guns in church! Does this not dictate to the Christians that God won't protect you? Truth is, the promises in the Bible are only applicable to obedient Christians. This is why the pastors are arming their churches. Their guilt and sinful ways have diminished their faith so low they can't imagine God will be there for them. Question: Did all those guns help Koresh in Waco? No, they actually made it worse. Can you imagine if Jesus and His Apostles were armed to the teeth? Fear is Satan's hot button. Just as he used it on Peter to get him to sink in the water, he is using it today to get many to sink in despair. If you don't feel you have the faith to trust the Lord, here's a novel idea. Study His Word daily, and pray without ceasing. After all, is it not written in Romans 10:17 that "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

02/04/2013 13:29:20 Cardinal: I wasn't taught about sex abuse
"A US Catholic cardinal stripped of his duties said he didn't know how to handle sex abuse claims, as he had not learned about it at college. ...This may well be Mahony's wildest claim yet. Even grade school drop outs know that laws prohibit child sex crimes and that when we know about or suspect child sex crimes, we are supposed to call the police. Period." --This is why Catholicism is so dangerous. They know sex abuse is a crime, but they refuse to tell the authorities because they don't know how? In other words, the brainwashing techniques are that invasive and sin has that much of a hold on them. Anyone with normal morals, let alone Christian morals, knows you must call the police when a child is being molested. How is it Catholic priests and nuns don't realize that? Worse yet, even though he was relieved of his post, the man is STILL not being jailed?! That's how much control Rome was prophesied to have. As for the parents that know about all this. You may think it's ok to place your children in danger feeling that since your priests make light of it, it must not be all that bad. But the true Judge is about to appear on this planet where lame excuses like that drift off into nothingness as the true light of common sense are placed upon them. Seriously, being a Roman Catholic that day will be very frightening to say the least. Especially if you have children.

02/04/2013 13:29:20 Evil, evil everywhere, and God is impotent
"It's not that the artists were necessarily evangelists for their perspectives, but what they believed to be true, the foundation of anyone's worldview, is clearly reflected in their art: the fascination with Greek philosophy and mythology (such as Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" or Raphael's "The School of Athens"), the budding humanism (Michelangelo's "David" or Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man"), and so forth. Today's artists, many of whom have shifted from frescoes to a more silver screen, likewise often reveal their worldview in their films, reflecting not only what they believe to be true, but also the general zeitgeist of the times, just as in the Renaissance." --Finally, an accurate depiction of what Hollywood's all about. Still, we all know "Christians" that continue to enjoy watching the very movies that indoctrinate the mind into forgetting about God. It's like inviting Satan into your home to entertain you and your children. So be it.. it's not like they haven't been warned.

02/04/2013 13:29:20 Christian School Locked in Legal Battle With Teachers Fired for Refusing to Affirm Their Faith
"Two former elementary school teachers and a once-secular school in California are fighting a complicated legal battle in the courts regarding the dismissal of the teachers for refusing to provide proof of their Christian faith." --In other words, if you're not a Christian, and don't believe in the Christian God, you should not be fired from teaching in Christian schools? We know the public school system is a mess. It appears parents have to make sure Christian schools are actually Christian now as well. Homeschooling never looked so good!!

02/04/2013 13:49:47 High school to students: Watch violent 'Django'
"The assignment, reported by the Birmingham News, is "in an effort to develop your understanding of the black history that surrounds you daily." --No, the assignment will actually teach the children to hate the white man so as to generate the race war we see DC building towards as we speak. Why a race war? It will allow for martial law, the suspension (termination) of the Constitution, (as prophesied) as well as suspending all elections so as to herald the arrival of Socialism just as the present Pope suggested.

02/03/2013 13:25:45 9 killed by boulder size hail in India
"Hailstones the size of boulders have rained down on villages in southern India. At least nine people were killed when the violent weather hit several villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The hailstorm which lasted for almost 20 minutes, destroyed crops, houses and live stock, causing devastating financial implications for residents. It was once-in-lifetime experience for people living in seven villages in Chevella, Moinabad and Shankarpally." --Still think the 125lb chunks of hail in Plague #7 is impossible?

02/03/2013 13:25:45 Church should have more control over Russian life: Putin
"He has also tried to mix spirituality with his own brand of patriotism in order to unify the officially secular country where ethnic and political fault lines are beginning to show." --Before meeting with the Pope in 2009, this man was totally against any mention of religion in politics whatsoever. After meeting the Pope he now appears to realize mixing religion with politics allows for him to have absolute power when standing as a Herod for Rome. The church & State demands of Rome aren't just for America. They are global! The fact a nation like Russia, previously an Atheistic promoter is now on board with the NWO says a lot for how close we are to going Home obedient ones.

02/03/2013 13:25:45 Many Catholics see Obama's compromise on healthcare reform as a "miracle"
"Most have been cautions in their reactions, but there are some, like Michael Sean Winters in an article for the National Catholic Reporter who speak of a " miracle": yesterday, the United States department of Health announced modifications to President Obama's healthcare reform rules, exempting Catholic institutions from having to pay for abortion and birth control services for their employees." --Is this not what we expected? I can recall stating at the start that they can play this up to where it looks impossible to win for the Catholics. That way when Obama finally "caves" and will give them the appearance of being holy in that God granted their request. But those of us with memories recall how Obama let them off the hook back in February of 2012. But the Bishops purposely ignored that offer so as to keep the pot boiling for 12 more months to build up despair in their congregation. And now, they suddenly have their man made "miracle." So be it. As obedient Christians, we prefer the real thing.

02/03/2013 13:25:45 Archbishop: Critics Waging 'Pogrom' Against Church
"The Vatican's head of doctrine says critics in North America and Europe are conducting a "concerted campaign" to discredit the Catholic Church that is resulting in open attacks against priests." --Just to name a few, Catholic priests have killed 500 million Christianstortured just as manymolested tens of millions, they have brinks trucks, burned Bibles, euthanized millions, embezzled billions, posed nude, created Islam, funded Hitler, killed millions of Jews, toppled governments, started wars, spread AIDS, endorsed Harry Potter, held Satanic masses in the Vatican, jailed church whistleblowers, joined with heathens, castrated millions of children, declared God a woman, endorsed evolution, promoted NAMBLA, claimed Pope is a god, sacrificed animals in church, demanded payment for prayers, praised Buddhism, declared Jesus not needed for salvation, and declared the slaughter of Christians "good behavior." No sir. It's not "pogrom." It's TRUTH. (For topics mentioned without links. See this, this, this, and this.)

02/03/2013 13:57:31 US Senate Shoots Down Bid to Halt Sales of F-16s, Tanks to Egypt
"The U.S. Senate Thursday defeated an amendment that aimed to prevent the Obama administration from transferring F-16 fighter aircraft and Abrams tanks to an Egypt in disarray." --In other words, it's not just Obama anymore. The majority of the Senate is now under Satan's control as well now. This was expected yes. But not this soon as many of us that study such things thought. Still, expected none the less.

02/01/2013 13:07:16 SDA University names new economics centre after abortionist
"The Seventh-day Adventist website ADvindicate has recently drawn attention to the fact that La Sierra University has named a new economics centre after abortionist and gambling magnate Edward C. Allred, who in 1980 claimed to have personally aborted a quarter of a million babies in twelve years." --Seriously, are you still SDA? Seriously?! If this new "fruit" of the SDA church isn't enough to prove it has become a sister to Babylon, check out SDAapostasy.org for studies, Scripture, SOP quotes never shared in SDA church, videos, articles, and pictures that boldly proclaim prophecy has been fulfilled. The SDA church has fallen and the "remnant of her seed" is going to finish the work in the 11th hour.

02/01/2013 13:07:16 University of Michigan Kicks Christian Club off Campus
"The University of Michigan is accused of kicking an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter off campus because the group requires its leaders to be Christians, an apparent violation of the university's non-discrimination policy." --In other words, if an Atheist, a homosexual, or a Satanist wants to join the group without converting, the University says they should be allowed to. And you know they will join so as to disrupt the meetings. "Hating the Christian" is something students of prophecy have noticed and warned about for decades now. Sadly, most ignored the warning so as to allow it to get to this point. No matter.. we expected that too.

02/01/2013 13:07:16 School Recites Pledge in Arabic, One Nation Under Allah?
"A Colorado high school principal is defending his decision to allow students from a cultural club to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic, and denied that it was attempt to push an Islamic agenda." --He allows the kids to pledge allegiance to Allah and claims it's not a pro-Islamic message? And he's a principle? Is there anyone in the public school system that doesn't lie, hate God, love homosexuals, and have common sense? How can they call it education when it's clearly indoctrination?

01/01/2013 13:07:15 Burglar Flees Florida Home After Being Ordered Out in the Name of Jesus
"A gun-wielding burglar who recently attempted to rob over a dozen women attending a residential jewelry party is behind bars after he fled the scene when the women ordered him out in the name of Jesus. ...When I realized what was going on, I stood up and said, 'In the name of Jesus, get out of my house now!'" Hagler told local television station WJXT-TV. "And he said [again], 'I'm going to shoot someone.'" --As we know, the Lord only judges the heart by the truth they understand at that moment. (See Acts 17:30 & 1 Timothy 1:13) The fact a group of Sunday keeping Christians gathering to buy something as unChristian as jewelry were still able to glorify the name of Jesus in such a way proves we worship a merciful God. It also proves they're not only doing the best they can, with the truth they understand, they would be wonderful candidates for all the truth we know in the remnant church. We certainly have much work to do obedient ones. Just think, if someone on the milk of truth can glorify God like this, one can only imagine how those dining on the meat of His truth can do to glorify our Lord.

31/01/2013 13:44:00 Massive number of U.S. cities abandon Bible
"In times of trouble, many people often wonder, "Oh, God. Where are you when I need you most?" But with the nation facing drastic financial and social challenges in recent years, a new study ranking American support for the Holy Bible reveals an astounding 91 out of 96 U.S. cities, a whopping 95 percent are not "Bible-minded." --I knew it was bad, but I had no idea it was that bad! So, I am sure the question out there has to be, "why is this happening?" Click here to find out.

31/01/2013 13:43:59 Protestants, Catholics Sign Ecumenical baptism agreement
"Leaders from several Protestant denominations met with representatives from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops last night to sign an ecumenical document agreeing to recognize each otherís baptisms." --Prophecy stated long ago all three frogs will join forces and work together to eventually battle the God of creation, and now we see they are already eyeing the same lily pad as we speak.

31/01/2013 13:43:59 How Confusion Breeds Chrislam
"One Arabic version of the Gospel of Matthew changes Matthew 28:19 from this: "baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit," to this: "cleanse them by water in the name of Allah, his Messiah and his Holy Spirit." --As prophesied, the Vatican is, and has always been the author of confusion. This is why Chrislam is spreading as it is. When people refuse to open Bibles to see simple truth instead of allowing wolves in sheep's clothing to convince them otherwise using demon inspired heresies that for some come off believable, you're bound to get many to clamor to join in the melee. Especially if they can convince them they can still go to Heaven while still enjoying sin on earth.

31/01/2013 13:43:59 Archbishop Gomez Hails Senate Immigration-Reform Plan
"It is vital that the framework includes a path to citizenship, so that undocumented immigrants can come out of the shadows and into the light and have a chance to become Americans." --Just one more "man of the cloth" lying in front of the masses, and again, no one seems to notice. Illegal immigrants can "become Americans" just like anyone else by simply following normal "legal" procedures. Lying about them being unable to do so won't make that reality false. Literally millions of legal immigrants can attest to that fact. In any event, the reason Rome praises immigration reform is due to the massive influx of Roman Catholic voters. They know they will do as they boasted they would do in 1930 when one Jesuit priest stated "The old Protestant culture is about at the end of its rope... Why can't we make the U.S. Catholic in legislation, Catholic in justice, aims and ideals?" (click here for more quotes and sources on this topic) When America starts to use "Catholic justice and ideals" morality in this nation will crash through the floorboards. And yes, that was prophesied and that is what will happen.

30/01/2013 13:21:31 Church at home: why the 'house church movement' is growing
"Today we are going to look at an interesting phenomenon exploding across the United States and the world: The "Home Church Movement." Or as some say, the House Church, or "Simple Church" movement. The idea is for Christians to meet in homes rather than in large church buildings, much like the early Christians did for centuries." --Ok, so they're a little late in announcing this of course. We here at poGm have been doing home church since 1993. We were also the first to do an online audio church service in 1999. Later we were blessed with our own audio server and created our own online church server in 2004. (which you're invited to attend) We also allow brethren to join us LIVE in a simulcast on WTPR and a teleconference. (See more info on that here) In any event, it's nice to see others are doing the same finally. Basic reality is, the Christian church started in the homes 2000 years ago and it will most assuredly end in the homes as new laws outlawing the truth we embrace continue to come to fruition.

30/01/2013 13:21:31 'Israel, Vatican near historic relationship upgrade'
"After 14 years of glacial negotiations, Israel and the Vatican are on the verge of signing a long-elusive agreement that would formalize diplomatic relations, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said on Tuesday." --Surprised? Not at all. The prophet Daniel predicted this long ago. Still, if you don't believe prophecy, perhaps the wars in the Middle east, the lack of US support of Israel, and the change of hands in Egypt that hate Israel should convince you that Rome's "friends" have finally been able to convince the leaders in Israel that it's time to listen to Antichrist's NWO plans.

30/01/2013 13:21:31 Twisters in Mississippi, Indiana, more forecast through Wednesday
"Severe weather hit the central and southeast United States on Wednesday, with tornadoes ripping through Mississippi, Indiana and Tennessee, killing at least one person." --Need I remind you that it's January 30, the dead of Winter and not March or April when tornadoes are usually expected? But then, students of prophecy did expect the weather to go a bit off kilter in the end.

30/01/2013 13:21:31 Obama vs. Fox News
"In a recent interview with The New Republic, President Obama was back to his grousing about the one television news outlet in America that wonít fall in line and treat him as emperor." --That's well said and the basic truth in a nutshell. Bottom line is, Fox News won't bow in worship to Obama like all the rest of the Networks. So Obama is doing all he can to do discredit it. Sad thing is, he will probably be successful. Another sad thing is, the majority of Americans believe what all the other News Networks have to say about Obama. That being the case, they will eventually agree that granting him a third term, or installing him as emperor is the best way to go.

29/01/2013 14:19:04 Remembering the Sabbath
 "When we are exhorted to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy, the word holy simply means set apart for special use. In light of the Hebrew rules regarding the day, it would appear that the special use of the day does not have to do with giving yourself more to do." --Not only does this author twist the meaning of Sabbath to make it appear to be Sunday. He claims going to church violates Sabbath because he's not "resting" on that day. Worse yet, his claim to "remember" the Sabbath also takes away from the original reason for that word "remember" in commandment #4. That word "remember" is actually a prophetic statement. Prophecy clearly states we would be taught to forget Sabbath in both how to keep it holy, as well as which day of the week is actually the Sabbath.

29/01/2013 14:19:04 Notre Dame's Plan for Homosexual Outreach
"After years of petitions, the University of Notre Dame has announced it will create an official campus support group for homosexual students and their friends. But Notre Dame has a more radical idea than the petitioners imagined: It plans to create a permanent student organization grounded fully in Catholic social and moral teaching." --The word "hypocrite" can't sufficiently describe Roman Catholic teachers anymore. It just doesn't cut the mustard due to the overwhelming embrace of all that's evil by this church. But then, as students of prophecy, we knew all along about Rome's homosexual agenda years before it became "popular" thanks to their numerous political games to get it to this point. No matter, it just illustrates we are that much closer to home. In any event, keep sharing with our dear Catholic neighbors because most of them have no clue how evil their leaders truly are. If they did, they would leave Babylon just as prophecy says many of them will do.

29/01/2013 14:19:04 Global Antibiotic 'Apocalypse' Coming, England's Chief Medical Officer Warns
"Prof. Dame Sally Davies, England's chief medical officer, has warned of an "apocalyptic" scenario when the rate of drug resistant infections rises and antibiotics lose their effectiveness in an increasingly growing world." --This is what happens when corrupt medical associations mess with natural methods that infections can build a resistance to. This will add to the prophesied pestilence in a big way! The powers that be know you can't regulate such things like colloidal silver because you can make it in your own home. So, they refine it to make it more potent and sell-able to the masses. However, in so doing, they also make it far weaker in the long run naturally.

29/01/2013 14:19:03 US Tech School Testing Biometric Payment Program For Cashless Society
"The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is partnering with a technology firm to offer a pilot biometric program on campus. Developers hope the pilot program will one day lead to a cashless society. The university says it is the first in the country to use the technology." --To all those scoffers out there that have said students of prophecy were crazy for proclaiming a cashless society was on the horizon. What say ye now?

28/01/2013 13:30:52 Religion comes to Davos forum
"Questions about God and religion were rife at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort of Davos this year, providing a philosophical break from the more temporal concerns that tend to dominate the annual gathering of business and political leaders." --As expected, all business and political leaders are discussing religion. Why? Business is where you generate a need to buy and sell. Politicians are the ones that pass the laws the prevent it during the enforcement of the mark. So again, as expected, they're talking.

28/01/2013 13:30:51 Starving North Koreans 'are forced to eat their children'
"One father is said to have been executed by firing squad for killing his two kids for food. And it has sparked fears there could be further cases of cannibalism in the country. The Sunday Times told how undercover reporters recorded several horror stories from inside the poverty-stricken nation." --No one if "forced" to eat their own children! Only those without morals or love for their children can do such a thing. Still, this is what happens when the leaders in the nation hoard the riches and shut down industry wherein the people can find gainful employment. Sad thing here is, this is where America is headed with the present leadership. As the number of Americans on government assistance grows, so will the government's ability to force even more to reside under their thumb. Once there, the leaders can remove the assistance and live high on the hog as royalty knowing the population is powerless to stop them. This scenario has been played out so many times in history that it's amazing to me how so many people miss all the warning signs. But then, being ensconced in their careers, Hollywood and Monday night football does make a an easy method of cultivating sheeple. (Also see this article)

28/01/2013 13:30:51 SS disability could fail as early as 2016
"As President Obama faces pressure on the left to defend federal entitlement programs from the benefit cuts that the Republicans say are necessary to keep the programs solvent decades down the road, one part of Social Security could fall short of paying out full benefits within a few years; even while Obama is still president." --This article is actually deceptive in nature. I know some that are on SS and the forms recently mailed out specifically states all benefits will cease within 4 years. Will this cause millions of people to run to the arms of big government for help? Yes it will. Exactly as planned. It's either do that, or starve and be tempted to do as the Koreans are doing right now. Why are they predicting 4 years? Could it be as many believe will happen by 2016? the US Government will change drastically by then as Rome plans? Time will tell. How can they do it that fast? Race wars? False flag attack? Another "unnatural" disaster? Blunt force? Who knows? They literally have a smorgasbord of ways to do it now. Will it happen on time? Doubt it. After all, they can plan to do whatever they want, all they want. If God's people aren't ready for it, He simply won't allow it. Remember the Real ID card that was slated to be enforced in May of 2008.. 2009... 2010? Our God is still in control no matter what these men think. And don't think dragging your spiritual feet will cause the Lord to tarry much longer. There are millions that are readying for His return. And as Scripture has proven time and again, ready or not, His hand will move exactly how and when He stated.

28/01/2013 13:30:51 The coming collapse of the abortion lobby
"They want abortion defined as fundamental health care for women  ...and they want every American to pay for it. They do not believe an individual should have a choice whether to participate in abortion. They plan to force every American, regardless of their personal beliefs and values, to participate in abortion as part of the everyday fabric of our culture through tax subsidies and occupational mandates." --Me thinks if they do this, literally millions of Christians will leave the country immediately and seek citizenship elsewhere. That being the case, I doubt it will ever happen "as planned" because they need the tax revenue from those Christians to keep their silk lined pockets bulging. Still, please pray this never comes to be. I know it will be hard to move, but it may be far easier than trying to evade the IRS when you refuse to pay taxes that are used to kill babies.

27/01/2013 11:21:39 Bill Gates Hates Cash. Here's Why
"The Better Than Cash Alliance, which was founded last September and is partially financed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted a breakfast at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Speakers from the Philippines, Colombia, and the U.S., among other countries, made the case for why electronic transactions are better than cash payments." --Once again we see political leaders are proving students of prophecy truly do know what prophecy says will happen in our day. We expect a cashless society, and here we see those with the money and power are doing all they can to remove cash from the hands of the people. Why? If cash is available, they cannot enforce the mark of the beast.

27/01/2013 11:21:39 Catholic Hospitals Win Suit Saying Fetuses Arenít Human
"A chain of Catholic Hospitals has beaten a malpractice lawsuit by saying that fetuses are not equivalent to human lives." --The other day when I posted the article that spoke of this, Catholics the world over said, that's the lawyers opinion, not the church's. Yet here we see they won the case! This means the church ALLOWED the lawyers to argue that a fetus is not a person so as to win the suit. If the church truly did believe fetuses were human, they would have stopped those lawyers just as they try to do in Congress whenever they're playing their political games with abortion laws. In other words, where it benefits them, they will claim to be pro-life just as easy as pro-choice. This is actually our smoking gun that proves the Vatican is home to a pack of liars. And who is the father of lies? I'll give you 666 guesses. Bottom line is this. If pro-choice people had mothers that were pro-choice, we wouldn't have this problem today. And millions of children would still be alive.

27/01/2013 11:21:39 Florida 'Satanists' praise governor for prayer bill
"A group of self-proclaimed Satanists on Friday praised Florida Gov. Rick Scott for signing a bill into law last year that lets Florida school boards permit student-initiated prayer and other "inspirational messages." --Why are they so happy? They know our political leaders are "politically correct" to the point of insanity. What that means is, since Satanism is now considered a valid "religion" inmost prisons, they can now lobby to assure satanic prayer is allowed in schools as well now. At first some will assume this is not going to be popular. But then the first teen dressed in Gothic clothing was also tagged an unlikely trend setter. Now look around. Just one more reason to homeschool. Need a few thousand more reasons? Click here.

27/01/2013 11:21:39 Vatican gives blessing to Obama gun control proposal
"The Vatican praised President Barack Obama's proposals for curbing gun violence, saying they are a "step in a right direction." --For those of you that wondered, now you know you were correct. The devil is obviously in the details on this one. For Rome to make this statement is not only going to get some Catholics to bow to the pope in worship and turn in their guns, it will also alert the politicians that bow to the pope so as to better their career that there's yet another way to get promoted and even a pay raise if they do this for the pope. No, I don't think Christians need guns. But I do defend their constitutional right to own them if they so choose. But this is not just about gun control. It's about shredding the US Constitution so as to bring in Rome's version as we see happening all over the world. We just happen to be their next target is all. (Also see this article titled "Some Bishops want your guns")

25/01/2013 14:35:28 Priest in trouble for denying existence of Jesus
"A veteran priest in Ireland has reportedly been forced to quit a Bible-teaching job after writing a book claiming Jesus never existed. ...Brodie reportedly had questioned Jesus' existence for the past four decades, but was unable until now to share his beliefs with the public." --This is a good example of how Catholicism works via the office of Rome. They knew this man didn't believe in Jesus for over 40 years, yet they allowed him to continue teaching Bible classes all along. It wasn't until he published a book making his views public that he's now a problem. In other words, they tell such atheistic priests to go ahead and preach whatever you wish privately, just don't do it openly because we need to keep playing the moral card so as to gain the upper hand politically.

25/01/2013 14:35:28 School Wants to Limit Parental Access to Children
"Under the new rules, parents would have to register online and obtain an "event ticket" to eat lunch with their children." --The orchestrated paranoia of the US Government upon the American people has enabled them to have much more control over the children as well now. If you thought it was bad before, ask anyone that has spent time behind bars and they will tell you that public school is very much a soft version of government prisons. Could it be the gun ban fiasco is a smokescreen that will keep the focus off what they really doing with our kids right now? After all, government schooling has already proven itself to be the worst experience known to mankind when it comes to fostering a mindset that denies the Creator God and all that He stands for.

25/01/2013 14:35:27 Muslim Brotherhood group to 'connect all U.S. schools'
"A Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization has partnered with the U.S. Department of Education and the State Department to facilitate an online program aiming to connect all U.S. schools with classrooms abroad by 2016." --The only reason this is being allowed is because we have a Muslim president who funded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt so as to gain the upper hand and take over that country for his version of Islam. And seeing how the public school system has to do as the government that funds it demands, all children will soon be indoctrinated into thinking Islam is acceptable. Before long, Islam will be part of American society, and Rome will be able to use Islam to do exactly as prophecy said they will do to all those that simply don't read Bibles.

25/01/2013 14:35:27 Killer teen loved violent video games
"The New Mexico teenager accused of killing his parents and three younger siblings was 'involved heavily' with violent video games prior the shooting, the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office said." --Preachers in the 1950's said Rock music would lead teens to worship Satan. That has come to fruition. Preachers in the 1960's said the free love movement would generate a deviant sex life in America and an increase in STD's. That too has come to pass. Preachers in the 1970's said violent movies would lead to an increase in crime. That was proven fulfilled time and again. Preachers in the 1970's also stated the Roe v Wade decision would lead to millions of dead babies. That too have been a proven fact annually. And then preachers in the 1980's and 90's said violent video games would lead to more violent crimes, and now we see this too has come to fruition just like all the rest. Just as Israel ignored the warnings for the Lord in the past, the prophesied Israel of today has ignored Him as well. Worse yet, now they have little time to repent.

24/01/2013 14:57:47 Newsweek Hails Obama as Messianic 'Second Coming'?
"The popular news publication Newsweek recently released an online cover story about Barack Obama that has generated controversy among readers because of its large-lettered headline "The Second Coming." --Obama has been worshipped, prayed too, and even depicted as Messiah for 4 years now. Why? Do some research into ancient Rome and how the leaders claimed to be gods. Truth is, since the Vatican joined Church & State into one evil entity the Popes have always claimed to be "another God on earth" in numerous written statements. In fact, one even claimed the title as Caesar as well. As the Church and the State join hands, as they already have thanks to the long prophesied 501c3, the political leaders will eventually emulate the desire to be a "god" just as Herod of old. As they perfect this joining of Church and State over the coming years, we will see religious laws flourish until the final one becomes possible. That of course being the mark of the Roman Catholic Beast itself.