02/07/2011 12:12:11 'Bloodless persecution' predicted for Christians
"There are signs that hostility towards free and open demonstrations of faith is growing. Christians are increasingly marginalized and are appearing more often in courts over matters related to faith. So I think that we are heading for a bloodless persecution," Gudrun Kugler told Mercatornet about her organization's newest report." -Excuse me but, this has been the norm for most nations now going on 20 years. As for those that prefer bloody persecutions, that's been the norm for hundreds of years. Yet, still, some don't see Christianity as the true faith? If it wasn't true, then why does Satan attack it in legislative halls, in Rock and Roll music, in Hollywood movies, at sporting events, in all peaceful protests, in schools and playgrounds? Seriously, if it wasn't the truth, why is it so attacked!?

02/07/2011 12:12:11 Rabbi and Pope discuss Jewish-Christian cooperation in Israel
"Riskin, chief Rabbi of Efrat and chancellor of the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation, briefed the Pope in a recent audience on the work the organization is doing in Israel. "We are taking Your Holiness' call to stand in solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters in Israel and advocating on their behalf," Riskin said. ...These areas, he underscored, include "our united faith in a God of love, compassion, morality and peace rather than a God of will, power and Jihad." -In other words, the Antichrist now knows the Jewish people have caved in their religious beliefs. This so called "Rabbi" acknowledged the Vatican god as well as the Islamic god in one sentence. That open show of a weakened faith illustrates an easy prey for Rome. Therefore, just 8 short days after that meeting the riots began in Egypt to remove the last friend they had and soon Israel will have to make some very hard decisions. Will this all lead to WW3? Truth is, the powers behind WW1 and WW2 have always planned for that. So, time will tell. Thing is, time's moving REAL fast on this one.

02/07/2011 12:12:11 In Arlington, residents and businesses forced to adapt for Super Bowl
"to accommodate the Super Bowl, and to reap an additional windfall from renting out spaces to Steelers and Packers fans, they are canceling Sunday services that usually draw about 100 churchgoers." -Sports come before worship!? Even though they are worshiping on the wrong day, they do believe it is their Sabbath. Yet, the Super Bowl comes before God? In fact, this happens in many churches all across America each and every year at this time. Amazing. Sports have become more popular than the Lord for most people, just as Pagan Rome planned! But then, these are the last days when the love of many grows cold towards each other as well as the Lord.

02/07/2011 12:19:40 Man caught eating baby
"Residents of a Papua New Guinea mining town say they found a man with a history of drug abuse allegedly eating his screaming, newborn son during a sorcery initiation ceremony." -My oh my... What is this world coming to!? Oh yes, I remember now. AN END!

02/06/2011 15:15:42 Pope Calls on Christians to Mend Divisions
"Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday implored Christians to mend their divisions which he described as "an insult to God." -In other words, whoever is not a "Catholic" or at least in agreement with the Pope, as his "confessional State" demands, then they are insulting his god. So be it! Truth is, this documented pedophile's god is Satan. Yes, those are harsh words, but truth is truth and it must be declared, especially when the evidence against this man is so well documented. So, ignoring the Vatican's demands for unity, it is a blessing to proclaim true Christians must "be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you" (2 Corinthians 6:17) Homosexuality, drunkenness, murder, lies and a multitude of other Vatican fruits are indeed UNCLEAN to the soul seeking to please the Lord. So again, to be separate from Rome and all it's evils is to be closer to the Creator God that judges them unlcean.

02/06/2011 15:15:42 Equatorial Guinea President Named African Union Head
"Equatorial Guinea's President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who has held power for more than three decades, was named the ceremonial head of the African Union, an appointment human rights groups said undermined the 53-nation bloc's commitment to democracy." -Africa now has its "union" Statehood so as to make it that much easier for Rome to rule. And what will assure her desires are met in Africa? Their new president is actually a devout Roman Catholic. Worse yet, this man was put in power by Francisco Macias Nguema, who often proclaimed himself to be a god. (See next article) One by one, the leaders that rule are either removed and replaced by Catholics, or they convert. As prophesied, the Antichrist's wound is healing!

02/06/2011 15:15:42 Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo
"In July 2003, state-operated radio declared that the president is a god who is "in permanent contact with the Almighty" and "can decide to kill without anyone calling him to account and without going to hell." He personally made similar comments in 1993. Despite these comments, he still states that he is a devout Catholic and was invited to the Vatican by John Paul II and again by Benedict XVI. Macias had also proclaimed himself a god." -This man not only nurtured the new president of the African Union formed by the Pope. He also claimed to be a god on earth who can kill without fear of hellfire! Better yet, both Pope John Paul 2 and Benedict 16 invited him with open arms to the Vatican. Is it any wonder his understudy would become president of the African Union? Rome's wound is healing so well that like 2000 years ago, their "Herod's" appear to actually think they are gods!

02/06/2011 15:15:42 Nun claims to have been healed by JP2

"A French nun says she felt new inner strength and vitality as her Parkinson's disease suddenly disappeared in 2005 a recovery the Vatican attributes to the miraculous intercession of Pope John Paul II." -Besides the fact the Bible clearly states John Paul 2 cannot "affect anything that happens under the Sun" once he is dead. The Vatican is simply, and as usual, jumping the gun here. In the not so distant past, the Vatican method of canonization took at least a few hundred years of investigation. Yet, the Vatican is fast tracking JP2's sainthood in a crazed manner for some a reason. Ratzinger's decadent and well documented pedophilia problem is making it hard for Rome to look holy and trustworthy for most. So, they desperately need positive PR image for the church if they are ever to be successful in the enforcing of their mark. After the prophesied calamities increase, the pope will declare a need for religious "catholic" reformation so as to stop all the problems. With John Paul 2 firmly ensconced in "sainthood" they will have their ace in the hole to draw on. All the world (well, most of it) will then think Rome is godly and Sunday Laws will be easily ushered in upon the blind that refuse the three angels message the Lord has been trying to share with them since the end times officially began.

02/06/2011 15:31:33 Pope's blood to be built into altar
"Piotr Sionko, the spokesman for the John Paul II Centre, said the vial would be encased in crystal and built into the altar of a church in the southern city of Krakow that is opening in May." -Does this not openly prove Catholics are taught to worship the man instead of the Creator of the man? Placing the blood of a man on an altar that is supposedly dedicated to Christ denotes worship of that man over Christ. Historic fact is, all Popes have declared themselves god on earth all along! Will this overwhelmingly satanic act open the eye of some Catholics to get them to realize they need to leave this church? One can only hope.

02/04/2011 12:14:32 Tens of thousands march against Yemen's president
"Tens of thousands of protesters Thursday staged unprecedented demonstrations against Yemen's autocratic president, a key U.S. ally in battling Islamic militants, as unrest inspired by uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia spread further in the Arab world. The West is particularly concerned about instability in Yemen, home of the terrorist network al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. U.S. counterterrorism officials are worried that Yemeni security forces will be more focused on protecting the government, allowing al-Qaida to take advantage of any diminished scrutiny." -If you noticed, this unrest started in Tunisia, then spread to Egypt, who is now seen as no longer a friend to Israel, which I believe is evident as it falls under Islamic rule before our very eyes. Now Yemen, the terrorist capital of the world, is more than happy to jump on the band wagon to take down their leaders so as to have Islamic rule along with those who hate Israel. As expected, Israel is beginning to look more and more like a sitting duck. And no, Israel is no longer considered the "chosen people" as the Bible states clearly more than a few times. But Satan needs to keep the 7 year trib lie going along with all the other strange prophetic twists so as to slip by those Christians that may start to understand what Daniel really says the Pope wants to do in that land. It's not so much the people that draws Antichrist there, but the land itself! One more note... As I did my research this morning, I did not find a single article in the main stream News on this uprising in Yemen! NOT ONE! If it wasn't for a friend alerting me of this, I may have not known of it at all. Why the cover-up? Or is it that obvious?

02/04/2011 12:14:32 Convicted: Woman 'disobeyed' illegal order
"An appeal is challenging a Christian activist's conviction for failing to obey a police officer's order to shut down her camera while she was filming fellow Christian missionaries at last year's Dearborn Arab Festival because the command apparently wasn't legal." -In other words, even if the police demand you do something both you and the police know is illegal, you alone are committing a crime if you refuse to comply. That is the essence of a police State. Or as prophecy calls it, another unjust law. What appears obvious here is, if you're a Christian, then you're in their gun sights. So be it. It still won't stop Christ from coming. In fact, as it gets worse for the wicked, it's prophesied to get very much better for the Christians. Especially when the Latter Rain starts pouring!

02/04/2011 12:14:32 App to help sinners confess reconciles 21st century with Catholic faith
"Now the smartphone invented by the company that bears its name has a confession app claimed to be the first of its kind to be approved by the Catholic Church. Confession: A Roman Catholic App for iPhones and iPads is touted as the ''perfect aid for every penitent'' and is designed to be taken into the confessional." -This is what happens when Antichrist makes over 1 billion people think confessing sins to a priest is biblically ok to do. Since they ignore Scripture here, why not give them a computer app that lets them confess their sins to a computer as well? What's next? A digital prayer machine that can pray the rosary for you? Oh, wait a minute, they already have that as of 2007. Why are Catholics taught to ignore Scripture and follow the priest? Jesus said in John 3:19 it's because they, "...loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." Please pray for them, they need Jesus just as much as anyone else.

02/04/2011 12:26:18 Vatican: 1997 Irish abuse letter 'misunderstood'
"The letter confirms that the cover-up goes as far as the Vatican, that Vatican officials knew exactly what was going on, and that they proactively sought to deter Irish bishops from cooperating with civil authorities in Ireland," said Andrew Madden, a former Dublin altar boy who was raped repeatedly by a priest, Ivan Payne, in the 1980s. "This letter also documents how the church remained of the view that it is a law unto itself, how its rules and regulations regarding the handling of a criminal offense take precedence over civil society's laws," said Madden, who in 1995 became the first victim in Ireland to go public with a lawsuit against the church." -In other words, Rome is lying again to try and hide what's still happening to little boys in their church! What most don't realize is, prophecy said long ago the Roman prelates would be homosexuals, and documented historic facts as far back as 60AD state they rape young boys. Still, since Rome has been able to gain unrivaled political power just as Christian prophecy predicted, one can expect they will get away with this. That is until Jesus gets back. Maranatha!! (By the way... they pulled this article on many sources already! I had to re-search for it again! So, read it while it's still online.)

02/03/2011 14:42:52 Obama to Egyptian Army: Remove Mubarak now, start transition
"President Barack Obama delivered an ultimatum to Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman and the army and security chiefs: Mubarak must be removed in the coming hours or else US aid to Egypt will be cut off..." -This is so telling in so many ways, yet some still don't believe Obama is a Muslim. Nor do they see that being a Muslims he would want his Muslim friends to control that region. Especially since it was discovered yesterday that Obama's friends started the riots in the first place. Even Rush Limbaugh knows Obama started the riots, yet no one complains. Think about this. A few weeks ago Senator Gifford was shot and other killed in Arizona and the media was all over this blaming politicians for what happened. Yet, 17 are dead in Egypt, and many more wounded but the main stream media that some with good research have stated is controlled by Rome doesn't seem to want to comment. So, why are they doing it? Rome wants Israel! Antichrist knows to stand in the Holy Land is to snub God boldly. And according to prophecy, this is exactly what he will do. Unless Egypt's pro-Israel stance is somehow changed to a pro-Islam stance, they can never hope to shift the region in their direction. To put it bluntly, without Egypt, Israel will be left with no friends in Mideast. Now do you see why it was so important for Rome to have a Muslim president in the White House?

02/03/2011 14:42:51 Microsoft warns of security flaw that 'affects 900 MILLION people using Internet Explorer'
FYI: "The computer giant warned of a newly-discovered flaw in Windows that could be exploited by hackers to steal personal details or take over computers. The glitch is so severe it potentially affects every user of Internet Explorer." -Firefox and other browsers that don't use the MSIE DLL's should work fine.

02/03/2011 14:42:51 Bus Ads Offer Protection to Muslims Leaving Their Faith
"A conservative gadfly and her organization have plastered more than two dozen New York City buses with ads asking: “Leaving Islam? Fatwa on your head? Is your family threatening you?" ...“There are people that live in real fear and whose lives are threatened," Geller said. “We want to provide an opportunity for them to have a resource to go to. It's a religious freedom issue." -Is this not a fruit of Roman Catholicism? Did not the Inquisition kill anyone that sought refuge in Christ outside the church of Rome? Fruit this blunt cannot be denied! Rome has invented Islam and I (and you) can prove it now. Click here.

02/03/2011 14:56:40 Pay-as-you go meters will see internet users charged PER GIGABYTE
"Bell, the country's largest telecommunications company, has now decided to take advantage of the decision which means that instead of a flat fee, subscribers will pay for content per gigabyte. Furthermore, there will be a limit to how much data can be downloaded." -It's just one more way to make money while at the same time control who streams what on the Internet. Could it be this is their reason? Let's say there is a video about government corruption online that affects you and your family. Would most people be willing to pay to see the video? Probably, yes. But after a few weeks of this it will get very expensive for most people. Plus, we have to look at the addiction of Hollywood and how it keeps their prey. Most people will eventually ignore such videos because they know if they waste bandwidth watching them they won't be able to watch their entertainment videos. Ok.. it may appear far fetched, but then look around. How many freedoms have been yanked recently using far fetched agendas? Need I mention global warming and how a carbon tax is now levied?

02/02/2011 13:53:46 The latest TC Yasi coverage on your ABC
"Gusts in excess of 320 kilometres an hour are expected as Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi crosses the coast of North QLD and the Weather Bureau says the system could be "more life-threatening" than any storm in living memory." -Please keep God's people in that region in prayer! This looks to be a major storm. If my calculations are correct, 320 kilometers per hour is 200 miles per hour.

02/02/2011 13:53:46 Virginia eyes switching off dollar
"Virginia state Delegate Robert G. Marshall has introduced legislation to study whether the Commonwealth should make the preparations now to switch suddenly to an alternative currency in the event of an implosion of the Federal Reserve System and the destruction of the dollar. ...I read the financial pages and I see the coverup that the Obama administration is engaging in, eliminating the cost of food and energy from CPI to fool the public (about the rate of inflation)." -If you've been doing the research, it's already been revealed that the Vatican plans a global currency. But with the American dollar still on top, it can't do that. So every step is being taken to cause our dollar to fall. The last few decades have been a slow but sure attack on our economy, and recently the speed has been greatly increased. In other words, you're watching prophecy fulfill before your eyes.

02/02/2011 13:53:46 Debt or alive: Obama 'pushing panic button'
"Members of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party urgently have been warning Congress, especially GOP members of the House, that the U.S. debt limit must be raised and raised soon to avoid default, the dollar's collapse and various other catastrophies. "Failure to raise the limit would precipitate a default by the United States," threatened Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in a recent letter to Congress. "Default would effectively impose a significant and long-lasting tax on all Americans and all American businesses and could lead to the loss of millions of American jobs." -In other words, it's going to happen. When? No clue, but soon I'm sure. That being said. Where is your faith strongest? In the Lord thy God? Or in your dollar? This test is going to shake up and wake up quite a few. As prophesied, some you would never expect will step up to glorify God. As also prophesied, some you would never expect will deny Him. The wheat and tares are getting ready for the harvest. And it's NOT just money! But when you take money away from some people, they allow it to foster everything from fear to anger.

02/02/2011 13:59:38 Dozens of police break up brawl at NC church
"Authorities say a dispute over leadership at a church in western North Carolina turned from angry words to fist fights. About 30 police officers from five agencies were called to break up fights Sunday at Greater New Zion Baptist Church in Fletcher, about 94 miles west of Charlotte." -When you see people claiming to be peace loving Christians beating each other senseless, you know the loves of many has waxed cold just as Jesus said it would.

02/02/2011 14:01:29 19 Immigration Facts That Very Few People Are Talking About
"Immigration is not a bad thing. In fact, the United States is a nation that is made up of immigrants. However, the truth is that rampant, unchecked illegal immigration is a really, really horrible thing and it is permanently destroying many areas of the southwest United States." -Not an easy article to read. Very upsetting to say the least. And to think, this is all done so politicians with delusions of grandeur can please the Pope in Rome.

02/01/2011 15:09:29 New estimates put Pakistan's nuclear arsenal at more than 100
"The Pakistanis have significantly accelerated productionof uranium and plutonium for bombs and developed new weapons to deliver them. After years of approximate weapons parity, experts said, Pakistan has now edged ahead of India, its nuclear-armed rival." -Color me confused, but wouldn't one would think Pakistan would be more of the focus of the White House in that region, but no. They go after Iraq, and Afghanistan who are known not to have a single nuke? And now they're looking to invade Iran. Another non-nuke nation? Is it the USA fears nukes? Or is it Pakistan is already in bed with Rome? Truth is, that is it exactly. Do you recall when Yasser Arafat was photgraphed performing an  act of worship to the Pope in 2003? Pakistan is not a problem because they are in agreement with Rome. Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran on the other hand are not. Nuff said?

02/01/2011 15:09:29 Easter Sunday asteroid on path toward Earth
"Forget about President Obama's State of the Union Address, writes Ray Villard, news director for the Hubble Space Telescope, America's real "Sputnik moment" should be attempting to deflect an asteroid currently hurtling toward Earth. Earlier this year, Russian scientist Leonid Sokolov of St. Petersburg State University announced his calculations that the asteroid Apophis will pass within 18,000 miles of Earth, close enough to knock geosynchronous satellites out of the sky." -You would think events like this would make mankind realize we are all on the same planet. Will it? Not likely. Man is too busy reveling in sin to bother. As for Easter, see this.

01/01/2011 15:09:29 U.S. 'held secret meeting with Muslim Brotherhood"
"The Egyptian government has information a diplomat at the U.S. embassy in Cairo secretly met yesterday with a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, the nation's major Islamist opposition group, WND has learned. The topic of the meeting was the future of Egypt following the "fall" of President Hosni Mubarak, an Egyptian intelligence official told WND." -Still, with all the articles and evidence the USA fueled the riots in Egypt as well as other nations recently, will that matter at all? Will the main stream media cover any of this? Not unless they can make then can put a positive spin on it. Obama, being a Muslim, wants this as much as Rome does. One would think Israel has to be very concerned at this point. And no, the nation of Israel is not the chosen people. Rome has sufficiently twisted Scripture and altered history to make it appear as such. But the Scriptures prove who the real Israel is. Why do they hide such facts? See this video to find out.

02/01/2011 15:21:38 Gov. Quinn signs civil union bill into law
"With the move, Illinois joins five other states and the District of Columbia in establishing statewide laws to provide the equivalent of state-level spousal rights to same sex couples." -We are one step closer to Home where none of this perverted sinfulness is allowed. Praise the Lord His Kingdom is not one affected by sin, for it is written that such things will never be allowed to rise up ever again for all eternity! In other words, we will finally find perfect peace! By the way, there are a lot of other things we will experience in Heaven. It's amazing how much the Word does describe it. Not all of it of course, but a good portion is shared by our Lord. Click here to get a glimpse.

31/01/2011 12:49:28 Worldwide Islamist revolution explodes
"Islamists, in particular the anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood, seem poised to take power throughout the Middle East as a result of riots that have already toppled one Arab regime and are threatening others, in what some are calling only the latest wave of an Islamic "tsunami" sweeping the globe. In Egypt, members of President Hosni Mubarak's family reportedly have fled the country as a flood of violent, fatal street protests threatens the stability of this most populous Arab nation, a longtime U.S. ally and the only Muslim nation with a long-lasting peace agreement with Israel. The White House has been championing the protests, calling for a transition to democratic rule in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood formed the main opposition to Mubarak." -Now do you see why the USA needed to have a Muslim for President? Rome could never hope to gain the upper hand in Egypt without Muslims feeling they have someone in their corner who is in a powerfull position. Obama not only grants them that, he has sanctioned the riots. Please pray for the Christians in Egypt. It's not going to be easy for them real quick.

31/01/2011 12:49:28 As Egypt goes offline US gets internet 'kill switch' bill ready
"As Egypt's government attempts to crackdown on street protests by shutting down internet and mobile phone services, the US is preparing to reintroduce a bill that could be used to shut down the internet. The legislation, which would grant US President Barack Obama powers to seize control of and even shut down the internet, would soon be reintroduced to a senate committee, Wired.com reported." -Did Egypt need to shut down the Internet? No, of course not. Did the USA need Egypt to shut down the Internet so as to push a Bill through that gives Obama that power? Yes, of course. The powers that be know they can always get the job done much faster after a crisis. Even if it's a manufactured one. 911 proved that hands down.

31/01/2011 12:49:28 Ground Zero imam: 'Apostates against Islam must be jailed'
"Those who leave Islam and preach against the Muslim religion must be jailed, declared the imam who has become the new face of the proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in New York City." -When a Muslim leaves Islam and joins Christ, the Truth is so powerful that Muslim clerics do all they can to try and stop it from spreading. They fear Christ with a passion. So much so that they usually kill the one that leaves Islam. We've all heard about "honor killings" where parents actually kill their own children that convert to Christianity. Still, in the USA they are somewhat prevented by law. (for now) I have to wonder that if fear runs so deep within a religion, why embrace it? How can it be of any use to the soul seeking peace? Islam is about violence and death. Christianity is about peace and eternal life.

31/01/2011 12:49:27 Deadly superbug hits Britain says health protection agency
"The bacteria have spread from India and Pakistan and are now being found in hospitals here. The NDM-1 bugs are resistant to carbapenem antibiotics, which are given to patients as a last resort after all other drugs have failed." -This is what happens when you rely on drugs rather than real treatments that actually heal the sick instead of masking the symptoms. The AMA and others that emulate it are all about making money. So of course they will create ways for you to stay sick and on their drugs. However, it appears it is starting to catch up with them. The bugs naturally become more resistant to the manmade remedies. Still, there are billions who trust these doctors. And they do so all the way to their graves.

31/01/2011 13:01:43 Holograms Of Staff To Help Airport Security
"The digital illusions will greet travellers before they go into the security search area, explaining liquid restrictions and reminding customers about boarding cards. The technology has been developed with Musion and the holograms are carefully prepared to retain maximum transparency and strength." -Now, let me ask you this. If the government was to use this technology, which is always 20 to 30 years more advanced than what the public sees, how easy will it be to generate a guy like Matreiya who magically appears before crowds at seminars acting like he is a god of sorts? No, I am not saying holograms will be the prophetic fulfillment of Satan appearing as Jesus. Satan craves worship, and he will appear just as prophesied to get that worship. Still, these holograms can create all sorts of strange religions if those with the power so desire. And seeing how Rome has done this before with Islam, one can only imagine as to what they're up to right now. Now, keep in mind, the holograms on CNN and other News outlets are purposely campy looking to make us think it's still in early stages of development. But when you look at other private company holograms like this one by Richard Branson, you see that they can look perfectly real and very lifelike. There are other ones of Kate Moss floating in air and even Al Gore that look very real as well. Again, the powers that be have holograms that are even better. That being said, the only way to avoid being deceived is to stay in the Word. DAILY.

30/01/2011 12:38:30 Don't look now! No John 3:16 at Super Bowl
"On Super Bowl Sunday, an organization that sponsors debates between Christians and atheists will not be given the opportunity it planned to spark a nationwide discussion on Jesus Christ, for Fox Broadcasting Company has rejected its commercial featuring John 3:16." -Christians have been censored once again. Why? FEAR plain and simple. The powers that be know about the God we worship, and they know about the power He grants those that obey Him. To have a reformation of souls following after the true God scare the daylights out of the media as well as those that control it. So, the commercial spot allowing 100 million people to "look up 3:16" won't be run because they fear Christ and His people. Does it matter? No, the Loud Cry will do far more than a TV commercial aimed at 100 million football fans anyway. They just hope to slow the inevitable down is all. And by the way, watching Sports? Never did, never will. I have much better things to do with my time.

30/01/2011 12:38:30 Take UFOs seriously, SA group urges
"A small, but vocal South African group is urging people to take UFO sightings seriously and has called for the government to release secret UFO files." -Who could have predicted it would become an accepted assumption in society that aliens from other planets, who supposedly have far better technology than humans, yet somehow are unable to land or even communicate with us, would be somehow launched into the mainstream as real entities that can offer society a better order? Oh yeah, I remember now, it was us; the students of prophecy that warned the leaders and media puppets via Roman prodding would preach this idiocy soon. It's things like this that vindicate our message while at the same time confirm the lost are purposely ignoring Truth as it is proclaimed by the remnant people and backed up by the written Word of God. But then, that too was prophesied.

30/01/2011 12:38:29 'Mother,' 'Father' Changing to 'Parent One,' 'Parent Two' on Passport Applications]
"The words 'mother' and 'father' will be removed from U.S. passport applications and replaced with gender neutral terminology, the State Department says." -Let the homosexuals have their day. Don't let all this insanity get you upset. It will all be over as soon as Jesus gets back. Soon we will never again have to think about the sinful lifestyles of those that have allowed Satan to rule their every move. Still, while we still have some time left, please pray for them as they deserve to be freed from sin like anyone else.

30/01/2011 12:38:29 Genetically selecting 'gay' embryos?
"If two homosexual men want to use in vitro fertilization to conceive a baby and then use genetics technology to ensure the baby is also "gay," while disposing of any "straight" embryos, would the law have any ethical problems with that? America's leading ethicist in the field of human reproduction has written a paper that argues future homosexual couples should have "the right" to do exactly that." -Insanity at best! What the homosexuals are doing here is, if they find out the baby is normal in every way, they will simply kill it! And the AMA will help them do so violently! Truth is, common sense declares you simply cannot be born homosexual. It is an easy to prove possession of a demon. There are 2 very easy ways to prove that. #1, every homosexual that has found Jesus as Lord and Saviour (in the REAL way) have experienced the homosexual demon leave them and their heterosexuality returned intact. #2 If you think you're born homosexual, then why do you have sex organs that can only work to procreate with the opposite sex? That's right, it's THAT easy! Even if they don't want to acknowledge fact #1, as is the case with many homosexuals that claim to be Christians, they cannot get around fact #2. Their own bodies testify against them.

30/01/2011 12:50:56 John Paul II's body to be placed in Vatican basilica
"The newspaper reported that the body of John Paul II will be "enclosed" and that the placement of his body will be marked "by a simple marble stone engraved with: Beatus Ioannes Paulus II." -What this means is, his rotting corpse will now be literally worshipped by millions as they parade by along with all the other evil men before him that were called pope. Amazing how much emphasis is placed upon the creature rather than the Creator. But then, that too was prophesied.

 "Kozinski explained to ZENIT why a "confessional" state, that is, one in which Catholicism is the official religion, is necessary to provide a proper foundation for human flourishing." -Prophecy said the house of Antichrist will seek to force everyone on earth under one religion, therefore Rome will do exactly that. What most don't realize is, all "Christian" denominations, including the SDA church have already joined with Rome in the World council of Churches. So convincing lukewarm Christians is already a done deal. In fact, when you merge Catholics with so called Protestants, as the WCC has done, you get the largest group on earth. How will they get Muslims to go along? Well, demons in Rome have already used "Mary" to lure Catholics back into the church in the early 1900's with demonic apparitions, and Mary is already a key figure in the Koran, so, it will be interesting to see how they do it. In any event, once they get this done, and they will do it; convincing all peoples that a Sunday Law is needed to stop the global calamities will be accepted by all as proper. Except of course the remnant people. It is then we will be the world wide target of all as the Jews were in Esther's day. And like Esther's day, our God will do unto them as they would have done unto us when He splits that Eastern Sky! (I will be doing a blog entry on breaking down this article soon. So please watch for it.)

28/01/2011 14:10:38 Palestinians proposed giving Temple Mount to the Pope
"Wikileaks have done it again. Displayed double standards, and the true motives of the "peace makers" in the Middle East." -Prophecy did say the Antichrist in Rome will seek to set up his temple in the Middle East. Rome has always wanted that land since they invented Islam to help them take it. It appears that day is soon upon us now. Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE!?

28/01/2011 14:10:38 Cop's right to protect gospel preachers asserted in court
"If a soldier or a police officer performs in an unlawful way, he can never tell a judge, 'I did this because I was ordered to do it.' Following orders is never a defense. Therefore police officers have a right to disobey orders that are not constitutional and not fear retribution from superiors," he said. In April, 2007, Kutztown University campus police officer Steven Armbruster refused to obey an order from his chief to "push" a peaceful group of evangelists off campus." -It's good to see there are still some police officers out there that take their Romans 13:1 ordination seriously. Sadly, their superiors don't. Still, if I was a cop I would tell my boss I cannot break the law simply because you tell me to because I'm the one that will suffer for it anyway. Both by the hand of my God as well as by the hand of man. In this case, the best thing to do is not follow orders. But... will the police put forth a moral front? Not likely. So far, most officers will break the law if told to by their superiors. So pray for those few moral officers who have the true courage they were blessed with to be able to endure being ridiculed for doing the right thing. Peer pressure can be a powerful temptation.

28/01/2011 14:10:38 Chick-fil-A removed from IU South Bend campus
"Students at Indiana University South Bend may have noticed something missing from their lunch menu. Chick-fil-A sandwiches are no longer allowed to be sold on campus. The university decided to remove Chick-fil-A as a campus vendor after news that a Pennsylvania franchise will be donating food for an event hosted by a known anti-homosexual group." -This is getting ridiculous! Christians are targeted simply because they are Christians now. I think it would be a good idea if all Christians in America boycotted each and every single product that has homosexual backers in any way shape or form. They are doing this to the Christians on a daily basis, so the Christians should do the same. In fact, to buy products that help fund the homsoexual agenda is sinful in that it condones the practice. Therefore it is the duty of the Christian not to touch the unclean thing. Perhaps after a year or so of major corporations loosing billions in revenue will make them wake up. Still.. I do realize we are living in the end times, and I also realize most Christians are lukewarm today so, this is not something I see happening any time soon. Nevertheless, prayer is needed here for all those involved.

28/01/2011 14:23:51 Hawaii Senate ends daily chamber prayers
"Fearing a possible court challenge, Hawaii's state Senate has voted to silence the daily prayer offered before each session began making it the first state legislative body in the nation to halt the practice. A citizen's complaint had prompted the American Civil Liberties Union last summer to send the Senate a letter noting that its invocations often referenced Jesus Christ, contravening the separation of church and state." -Soon many more States will follow suit I'm sure. Ever notice this? Atheists are by far the smallest minority on earth second only to homosexuals. Yet both seem to have enough money and political pull to do such things in society. Why? It's because when you follow Satan's will, riches and even power of the world will be yours, sometimes for a lifetime. But Jesus said in Matthew 16:26, "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" It is the likes of these that will weep and nash their own teeth as they burn up in hell fire when they discover what they gave up for a few short years of pleasure on earth. So sad!

28/01/2011 14:10:38 The day part of the Internet died: Egypt goes dark
"Almost simultaneously, the handful of companies that pipe the Internet into and out of Egypt went dark as protesters were gearing up for a fresh round of demonstrations calling for the end of President Hosni Mubarak's nearly 30-year rule, experts said. Egypt has apparently done what many technologists thought was unthinkable for any country with a major Internet economy: It unplugged itself entirely from the Internet to try and silence dissent." -In other words, as suspected, the Internet kill switch is already a real item. It's just a matter of the red tape being pushed though legislative halls to make it appear to be legal for those panting towards the switch. BTW: There is a video on this page, but I don't want to post this article as a video article because the video doesn't touch in the Internet kill switch. However, it does show what appears to be a peaceful protester walking with two or three others being shot dead by police. So, be forewarned. So far 5 have been killed by police like this in Egypt. Prophecy did say bloody crimes would be on the streets, and now we see even the police are performing some of them.

27/01/2011 13:19:26 Slain U.S. missionary was fleeing cartel gunmen with husband
"The missionaries' chase across northern Tamaulipas state is the latest chapter involving U.S. citizens caught in the crossfire of Mexico's drug war." -Will this spark an outrage big enough to close the borders and prevent anymore illegal aliens from joining our ranks? Probably not. Rome needs an influx of Catholic voters and a few Christian martyrs is perfectly acceptable at this point. At least this dear Indiana woman died doing what she cherished in her heart. She was working for Jesus at the moment she was called to rest. Please pray for her husband that did all he could to get her to safety and failed. His heart is broken deeply.

27/01/2011 13:29:43 World's largest super-volcano set to erupt - wiping out 2/3 of US?
"It would explode with a force a thousand times more powerful than the Mount St Helens eruption in 1980. Spewing lava far into the sky, a cloud of plant-killing ash would fan out and dump a layer 10ft deep up to 1,000 miles away. Two-thirds of the U.S. could become uninhabitable as toxic air sweeps through it, grounding thousands of flights and forcing millions to leave their homes." -Yes, Yellowstone is home to the world's largest volcano, and yes if it blows it can destroy much of the USA. But it would seem the timing is more apt to be part of the havoc witnessed by all when the Eastern Sky splits wherein mountains will be shaking like reeds in the wind. Still, mankind is capable of forcing the issue with many different forms of modern technology if he so desires. Judging by the "Georgia Guidsetones" idiocy this could be a way to help them to their goal. No, I do not believe the Lord will allow such demonic souls to do such a horrendous act as this. For it is prophesied the Lord will return to destroy those that would destroy the Earth. In other words, according to the Word of our God, their days are numbered. It is the days of the Christian that are eternal.

27/01/2011 13:08:54 GM food crop containing human genes is set to be approved for commercial production
"The laboratory-created rice produces some of the human proteins found in breast milk and saliva. Its U.S. developers say they could be used to treat children with diarrhoea, a major killer in the Third World. The rice is a major step in so-called Frankenstein Foods, the first mingling of human-origin genes and those from plants. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture has already signalled it plans to allow commercial cultivation." -It's bad enough cows are now eating rendered cow flesh, scientists now want humans to become cannibalistic in nature as well? I can't begin to imagine how many things are wrong about this scenarios, yet, this is life in today's end time society. It's things like this that make the Christians cry out, MARANATHA!

27/01/2011 13:08:53 Muslims post death threats on doors of Christian homes
"Officials in the south Ethiopian city of Besheno are looking the other way as Muslim mobs in the city put death threats on the doors of Christian villagers, according to organizations that work in the area. The door-mounted death threats are only the latest incidents in a series of acts of intimidation that include taking away church property, beating evangelists and killing family members." -Peaceful religion Mr Bush? This is why lying is such a weak tactic. It always comes back to expose the liar. But then, this is the age of lying. More and more lies will be proclaimed in the coming days as if they are truth. Especially the one wherein they declare Jesus is in the desert or inner rooms. Truth is, that has already started. For those being vexed on a daily basis with all this, just think, it will all be over soon and we will reside in Heaven where nary a lie is uttered for all eternity. What a blessing is eternal peace is to the heart that loves Jesus. Amen!

26/01/2011 14:36:02 World business leaders told flying saucers are real & extraterrestrials exist
"At five thousand dollars a ticket, some business leaders got more than they bargained for when they attended the first day of the Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) being held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They were told flying saucers are real, and they better start thinking about the business implications of extraterrestrial life and technologies." -I have to say, I don't much like talking about UFO stuff because I know it's nothing but demons masquerading as alien life forms, so I don't want anyone thinking I believe in little green men, because I do not. They are demons. Nothing more, nothing less. Plus, I don't know how much to trust this "ExoNews" website that has this article. But I did discoever this article is on many other sites as well. Still, I wanted to verify that this was discussed at the meeting and not just one of those crazy rumors some UFO enthusiasts like to spread. So I searched, and found the GFC website as well as their scheduled list of "talks" posted outline. Click here and then do a CTRL-F search for the word, "extraterrestrial" on that page and you will find they did in fact say extraterrestrial life is real at those meetings. They also discussed the impact extraterrestrials would have regarding "economic competitiveness" for the businessmen at the meeting. That being said, if in fact they are planning a proUFO push in the coming days, then Rome's UFO agenda is winding towards fruition.

26/01/2011 14:36:02 Game-changer! Arizona to pass 2012 eligibility law
"A plan in Arizona to require presidential candidates to prove their eligibility to occupy the Oval Office is approaching critical mass, even though it has just been introduced. The proposal from state Rep. Judy Burges, who carried a similar plan that fell short last year only because of political maneuvering, was introduced yesterday with 16 members of the state Senate as co-sponsors. It needs only 16 votes in the Senate to pass." -What amazes me about all this is, Obama could have nipped this in the bud 2 years ago just by simply showing his long form (real) birth certificate. Something the governor of Hawaii has admitted is "missing" so far. What I also find interesting about all this is, if he decides not to run in 2012, then this can be seen as a possible admission he was illegally placed in office by "someone" with power. I'll give you 666 guesses as to who that was.

26/01/2011 14:36:02 Supreme Court Lets D.C. 'homosexual Marriage' Ruling Stand
"The U.S. Supreme Court handed traditional marriage supporters a disappointing loss Jan. 18, declining to take up a case in which the District of Columbia refused to allow citizens to vote on an initiative defining marriage as between one man and one woman." -They won't let the people vote on this because they know it's not something the majority agrees with. Too much money has changed hands to let the voting process stop it! In other words, it doesn't matter what the majority says anymore. The guys with the money speak for D.C. now. Now do you see why Satan wanted Roman Catholics on the Supreme Court? But then, it's not like we didn't expect that. Jesus did say it will be like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah when He returns. Therefore you would need a pro homosexual court system to come to that end. We all know the Roman Catholic church has the largest known organized group of homosexuals on the planet, so it was just a manner of time where their wickedness would influence world politics. So let them have their day. We'll take eternity.