24/01/2013 14:48:51 Top psychiatrist: Meds behind school massacres
"If lawmakers and authorities are truly concerned about stopping gun violence in schools, they need to take a close look at the prescription of psychotropic drugs for children and young people, says a leading psychiatrist." --Students of prophecy have been warning people about this for years. In fact, many websites and news sources have connected the dots and proved that every student that shot up a school have been on AMA medication. Will this stop them? No. There's far too much money to be made in selling the drugs. Especially since the profits far outweigh the lawsuits in revenue. And since the love of many has waxed cold, the fact you may lose a son or daughter due to their product adversely effecting a classmate, doesn't faze them in the least. Just one more (of many) reasons to get your children out of the public school system.

24/01/2013 14:48:51 High school senior comes out as 'LGBT' while accepting award
"When the high school student in Parsippany, N.J., came out, he did so in front of the entire school. His classmates responded with a standing ovation." --This shows the success of the US Government's plan to indoctrinate the kids into accepting homosexuality as normal along with the Vatican's homosexual agenda that prodded it years ago. At the end of the video they show some comments and the place in caps, "Help stop the hate." Amazing isn't it? The Bible says homosexuality is a sin. Christians who care about their fellow man try to warn them out of love for them and their eternal souls; but because Rome and the US Government have been able to make good appear evil and evil appear good, all the children in this school applauded the boy's sinful announcement. Please pray for him and all the students. They need it desperately now.

23/01/2013 14:28:46 U.S. gift of F-16 fighters headed to Egypt
"It is appalling that the Obama administration would send F-16s and 200 military tanks to Egypt in the wake of the instability, [and the] anti-American and anti-Israel atmosphere." --Egypt is now run by the Muslim Brotherhood that is funded by Obama. And now Obama is sending the means by which to attack Jerusalem. Do you need more proof Obama is a Muslim? You do? Then click here.

23/01/2013 14:28:46 Catholic Church sex scandal.. AGAIN!
"Despite a church investigation finding Father Knowles's conduct to be highly inappropriate, after just sixteen months on administrative leave, he's once again preaching and running community groups at St Francis church in Melbourne, it's one of the busiest in the state with 10,000 parishioners visiting every week." --As I've said since day one, this church will NEVER stop molesting, abusing, raping and killing children until Jesus returns to end their well prophesied decadent reign. As you watch this and listen to how the Catholic people defend this man; they too will have to deal with the sin of allowing this awful attack on their children to flourish in their church and sometimes within their own families! Why is it they love their priests more than their own children, we many never know. However, the Lord thy God knows. And it is He they will have to answer to. SOON.

22/01/2013 12:02:15 The unintended consequences of ObamaCare
"No comments posted for video " --They say this is an "unintended" consequence. But if you look into how Obama has been spending and passing laws that force the economy sharply downward by generating less jobs, higher prices, less pay and 60 million on welfare, you begin to see a pattern towards moving to a new form of government. In a socialist society the government controls absolutely everything for the people. In countries like Mexico and other socialist nations, the people need government assistance just to survive. This is one reason our borders are open. Once in they expect government assistance, and they get it. This is exactly what Antichrist needs in America and every nation on earth. When the time comes and you refuse to accept Sunday Laws, the government can cut off your assistance. And since they control everything, this includes buying and selling of all goods. Now do you see why Ratzinger demanded a socialist form of Government for America when he was Cardinal? Now that he's Pope, is it any wonder his puppets in DC would do anything else?

22/01/2013 12:02:14 Boulder Rams Into Utah Woman's Bedroom
"The 12-foot-wide-by-9-foot-tall rock pummeled through Wanda Lee Denhalter's bedroom at 3 a.m. Jan. 19, breaking her jaw and sternum." --So many people take advantage of their youth thinking they have plenty of time to get right with God before they get old and die. But what if you die in some freak accident like this? There are billions on earth right now figuring they have plenty of time to get right by God before He splits the eastern sky. But what if He comes much sooner than you could ever imagine? My question has to be, why take the chance? Especially if you know He is coming back and there is a Heaven you could forfeit simply because you were having... dare I say it... fun?!

18/01/2013 14:12:14 Attacker throws woman onto subway tracks
"Surveillance footage obtained by MyFoxPhilly.com shows the suspect approach the woman, who is sitting on a bench at the station, and become angry with her. He then punches her multiple times, grabs her by the ankles, and flings her onto the track." --He wanted her cell phone. This is today's world brethren. The more Christians begin to understand that, the more we will see workers in the field doing the last prophesied work. Nuff said?

16/01/2013 12:31:38 Could TVs start watching customers?
"Verizon files patent for system to listen in on conversations in living rooms." --I posted something about this not too long ago. Some may have thought it was all a hoax, and Verizon would never think about going this far. But now we see it wasn't a hoax. It's bad enough there are cameras on just about every street corner in major cities across America. Soon they will have them watching you in the privacy of your own home. However, obedient Christians that have already tossed their TV's won't have an issue in this area. Amazing how our Lord moves us in advance eh?

16/01/2013 12:31:38 10 Disgusting Food Ingredients
"Fruit and vegetables might be your new favorite foods after you learn about these 10 disgusting ingredients." --I am so glad I became a Vegan years ago. After seeing this, you may become one too. And again, it's interesting to see how the obedient people of God were moved by the Lord to avoid certain foods long before they started to offer such "tasty" tidbits?

15/01/2013 13:47:10 Rampant INjustice
"no comments posted by video author." --This video goes into great detail on how the United States Government, under the Obama administration is emulating Nazi type tactics when raiding small businesses without due process of law. They trampled all over the constitution in these raids and they did so purposely. Prophecy says injustice like this will become the norm, and so it has been for years now. However, most may be unaware that prophecy also says they will remove the US Constitution. This video proves, they no longer adhere to anything on that aging parchment drafted by our Nation's forefathers.

15/01/2013 13:47:10 Bullet-proof vests for US school children
"A firm in Colombia which makes bullet-proof vests is now creating body armour for children. The company says it is responding to a surge in interest from the United States, following the attack on an elementary school in December. Twenty children and six adults were killed by a gunman at the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut." --After parents get the bill for these vests, they will find homeschooling is not only much cheaper and beneficial for the child's education. It's much safer.

14/01/2013 11:56:01 Gitmo-go-round: Torture & drones 'new normal' for America
"The notorious US detention facility at Guantanamo bay in Cuba marks its 11th anniversary, despite president Obama's four-year old promise to shut the camp." --As we know, when a politician makes a promise to gain the White House seat, they always break the promise once in office. Why? Rome controls the White House. Once they are elected they are told how things are really going to be run once in that seat. Any swaying off the directive put forth by the Pope will be fatal. This is why places like Gitmo will stay open. Rome is the author and keeper of torture. This has been known as their main fruit for literally eons, and literally billions of witnesses. No president, king, or emperor can change that. However, the King of kings will end it. Soon.

14/01/2013 11:56:01 Grocery store pork loaded with bacteria?
"Study finds 69 percent of raw pig meat is contaminated." --The reporter actually claims if you cook it right the germs within the meat will die. For the most part that's true, What they're not saying is there is a worm in the pig flesh that cannot be killed by cooking. Try this to see for yourself. Cook a pork chop at 500 degrees for approx. 3 hours. It will literally become a hardened chunk of what looks like charcoal. Wait for it to cool. Then break it open over a piece of white paper. Sift through the ash and you will find what looks like mouse droppings. Break one of those little football shaped cocoons open and inside you will find a live worm! If you cook pork "well done" those worms will wrap themselves just enough to survive. Even your stomach acid can't kill them once you swallow. They will eventually work their way through the stomach wall and throughout your body to settle in your many joints to cause pain as well as other areas of the body. I experienced this first hand decades ago before giving up meat altogether. Now do you see why God declared pigs to be unclean?

01/12/2013 18:20:50 Farrakhan: 'Django Unchained' Is 'Preparation For Race War'

"In an interview with YourBlackWorld.net, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Django Unchained: "If a black man came out of that movie thinking like Django and white people came out of that movie seeing the slaughter of white people and they are armed to the teeth, it's preparation for a race war." --Is this not exactly as we expected? It's movies like this that will fuel the flames of hatred in this nation. Hollywood knows all too well how they affect the minds of millions. Study upon study has proven this for decades. Just as they needed a plane to fly into the twin towers to get the people to want laws passed that removed certain freedoms. A race war will cause the people to cry out for even more laws to be passed that will grant even more control for the corrupt politicians. The people will demand martial law to stop the "bloody crimes" in the city that Ezekiel 7:23 predicts, and once that's in place, a new form of government will be formed just as the present Pope demanded back in 1985 when he was still a Cardinal. Socialism will become the norm in the USA, and not long after that, the mark will be enforced.

01/12/2013 18:20:50 The Truthseeker: Schools, Guns & Drugs
"Sandy Hook's real bond to Columbine, Big Pharma's horrific studies laid bare for the first time and a peek into the village of eternity. Seek truth from facts with psych med victims, the man who unearthed the industry's deadly find, Irving Kirsch, US government whistleblower Allen Jones, the world's top happiness Professor Andrew Oswald, and Tracey Lawson, author of A Year in the Village of Eternity." --This video not only exposes the AMA's evil drug industry and how they not only test their drugs on children; they force feed the kids drugs without any real research into the drug, or the child's physical makeup before being prescribed. Plus, they also show how a healthy diet blows the doors off the AMA's claims for a better life through drugs. I just wish they went into a bit more detail on that topic. Still, it was mentioned and for some, that may be good enough.

13/01/2013 12:55:57 "Doomsday" Asteroid That Could Crash Into Earth
"Astronomers following the so-called "doomsday" asteroid Apophis which could collide with Earth have discovered it is 20% bigger than previously thought." --One thing about asteroids is that they spin. In so doing, their girth can be hidden in the shadows while the person on earth peers into their telescope. Another problem with asteroids is that they are hard to detect until nearly on top of us. In any event, what we see here is just one more sign from the Heavens as to the urgency of our times. Even with all our scientific knowledge, we are still at the mercy of the Creator who protects the planet from all that's flying out there around us. However, I have no doubt a comet that will bring about the 125lb chunks of hail that fall in plague 7 is on its way towards us right now. No one has seen it with the naked eye as of yet. But those of us that study prophecy have seen this coming for centuries!

01/11/2013 14:40:55 Vivos Survival Bunkers Sell
"Hundreds are paying big bucks for doomsday real estate if Armageddon arrives." --Two prophecies fulfilled in one fell swoop! Luke 21:26 which says, "Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth." and Revelation 6:16 which says they "said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:" Before you email me and declare Noah was prepared for the flood, what so wrong about all this? Noah was going to stay behind after the flood. Christians are leaving when our King gets here. (Also see this video. They've been doing this for years now!)

01/11/2013 14:40:55 Are we seeing President Obama's big power grab?
"No comments posted on this video" --As much as I don't appreciate Bill O'Reilly and his hateful insults to all those that oppose him, I must admit he hit the nail right on the head with this commentary. But then, he is obviously reading a script. Obama is going to go for more power and as I stated in May of 2009, it does appear he seeks to become dictator. So much so that talk of a third term (as I pointed out as well in 2009) for Obama is actually making it to mainstream media. As I said before, I say again. The only way Obama will gain a third term is if Rome's plans to install him as Dictator fail before 2016.

01/11/2013 14:51:38 Parents and Students brawl at Bus stop
"Cell phone videos captured by students show a crowd of as many as 60 students and parents fighting in the streets of Swissvale, on both Monday and Tuesday." --The prophet Ezekiel said in Ezekiel 7:23, "Make a chain: for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence."

01/10/2013 12:40:36 Texas school can force teenagers to wear locator chip: judge
"A public school district in Texas can require students to wear locator chips when they are on school property, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday in a case raising technology-driven privacy concerns among liberal and conservative groups alike." --The parents of the teen objected thinking the chip was the mark of the beast The judge knew they believed it was the mark and ruled against them anyway. This proves they won't care what you believe when that day comes. And no, the chip is not the mark. However, this chip, as well as the global ID Card are methods by which the government can control the masses when it comes time to enforce the actual mark. This is why we see them using such technology in the schools. By the time the children become adults, they will be well conditioned into thinking government surveillance of their every move is completely acceptable.

01/10/2013 12:40:36 The Business of War: SOFEX
"SOFEX is where the world's leading generals come to buy everything from handguns to laser-guided missile systems. It stands for "Special Operations Forces Exhibition Conference" and it's essentially a trade-show where just about anyone with enough money can buy the most powerful weapons in the world." --It literally looks like something out of a Hollywood movie wherein a crazed dictator looks to take over the world using violence. When you see how they advertise weapons like McDonalds advertises burgers, you can't help discern how much control Satan has over all these men!