26/01/2011 14:49:00 Live fish, baby chicks tossed at North Side High School pep rally
"Live fish and baby chicks were tossed during a pep rally at North Side High School last week, leading administrators to suspend off-campus lunch privileges for seniors for two days and cancel future school assemblies. The school was celebrating its mariachi group advancing to state and the beginning of soccer and baseball seasons. During the last few minutes, someone tossed five bags containing small fish and five baby chicks, said school district spokesman Clint Bond. Three of the fish died, and one of the baby chicks was found dead in the auditorium the next day," -This is what government schooling has to offer nowadays. Want to see even worse activities offered in the schools? Click here.

25/01/2011 13:10:24 Slush fund of top politicians found at Vatican Bank, Obama, Clinton, Roberts? Legatus split!
"Slush fund accounts of major US politicians identified and seized at Vatican Bank (Rome). Connection established with Daniel Dal Bosco RICO indictment, which cites Giancarlo Bruno, Silvio Berlusconi & Ban Ki Moon. On Wednesday 5th January 2011, it emerged that US establishment-related slush fund accounts had been located in, and seized from, the Vatican Bank in Rome." -It's exactly as I've been warning people for years. It's no mistake certain pro-Catholic politicians seem to have extreme power and benefits like no other. Some even make it to the Oval office like the Bush's, Clinton, and Obama. As I've said for decades. If a politician wants his career to skyrocket, all he needs to do is bow to the Pope's desires. Prophecy said Rome would control the USA, and now we have the smoking gun. Keep in mind, Rome says they are anti-abortion, yet the politicians they fund are all pro-abortion! In fact, Clinton was the first president that pushed and approved partial birth abortion. Abortion is bad enough, but now they want to see the child they kill!? Still, this isn't unexpected since Catholic hospitals have been aborting babies all along. Only when they get caught to they act appalled.

25/01/2011 13:10:23 Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate
"Former Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams has now signed an affidavit swearing he was told by his supervisors in Hawaii that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate existed for Barack Obama Jr. in Hawaii and that neither Queens Medical Center nor Kapi'olani Medical Center in Honolulu had any record of Obama having been born in their medical facilities." -This isn't going away for Obama, but does it matter? As the previous article proved, the Pope has funded Obama's campaign all along and there's nary a soul on earth that can get them to back down now. Birth certificate or no birth certificate. Even the governor of Hawaii, who stated months ago that he would produce Obama's birth certificate has found out there is no certificate in Hawaii. Yet Obama still stands a President. Why? Rome needs a viable puppet. But just so you know, if Obama ever did cut the puppeteer's strings and ignore the Vatican's demand, you could expect he would be out of office as quick as Kennedy was

25/01/2011 13:10:23 Pope's offer was an 'insensitive takeover bid', say senior Anglicans
"One bishop has claimed that the Vatican's invitation has "embarrassed" Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, while a leading cleric compared it to a "corporate takeover bid". Another bishop admitted that relations between the two Churches had been damaged by the move." -What do they expect? Anglicans don't study Bible prophecy, so they had no clue who they were shaking hands with that day. Too late now. However, as individuals, they can still "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Revelation 18:4) But will they heed the warning of the Lord? One can only hope. (and pray)

25/01/2011 13:20:22 Renewed Push to Give Obama an Internet "Kill Switch"
"A controversial bill handing President Obama power over privately owned computer systems during a "national cyberemergency," and prohibiting any review by the court system, will return this year." -It didn't take a brain surgeon to guess they would never give up on this. As I said before, they will keep pushing at this until they get a viable kill switch for the Internet so as to stop the truth from being posted. As I also said before, just like Elijah moved on after the brook Cherith dried up, so shall we. The Loud cry will make the Internet kill switch appear quite insignificant to say the least.

24/01/2011 13:22:23 The Bigger Scandal: Catholic Church Funding of ACORN
"While Obama has strong ties to ACORN, they were originally established through the U.S. Catholic Church, which has also funded ACORN and similar organizations to the tune of millions of dollars. This is another taboo topic for most of the media. Even conservative news organizations are afraid of raising the issue, apparently fearing being tagged with the ďanti-Catholic" label. " -Isn't that interesting? It never seems to amaze me just how evil the Roman Catholic church truly is. Worse yet is how blind their church members are for staying in such a church Jesus would approve of. As is apparent just by modern day media reports, perverted sex is the main fruit of Roman Catholicism. It used to be only homosexual priests dying of AIDS 11 times greater than anyone else, or Roman Catholic priests raping little boys on a regular basis. Now it's Roman Catholic priests funding ACORN who use your tax dollars to teach pimps how to fund brothels using your tax dollars! One of the good things about the Roman Catholic church is that they do so much evil, they simply cannot hide it all anymore. This make out job that much easier. But then, prophecy did say we would know who the man of sin is in the last days. Now we see why.

24/01/2011 13:44:00 Pope John Paul II's Vatican warned Irish bishops not to report child rape!
"A newly revealed 1997 letter from the Vatican warned Ireland's Catholic bishops not to report all suspected child-abuse cases to police a disclosure that victims groups described as "the smoking gun" needed to show that the Vatican enforced a worldwide culture of cover-up." -And this Pope is about to become a saint? Perhaps the patron saint of child molesters? And STILL most Catholics will ignore this. Please pray for them. They too deserve a chance to be saved.

24/01/2011 13:22:23 Mary unites Christians and Muslims
"Christians and Muslims might lack a common dogmatic base from which to discuss theology, but they share devotion and esteem for a woman who brings them together: Mary, mother of Jesus." -There's no mistake Mary is mentioned in high regard in the Muslim's Quran. Rome wrote that book! They planNed long ago to use Mary to gather the Muslim into their camp to help in their prophesied plans to not only rule the world, but enforce her mark. Just as Rome used Hitler to kill the Jews, Rome will use Islam to kill those that refuse her mark. We now know Rome invented Islam, and we know Revelation 20:4 says many Christians in our day will be beheaded. With that truth before us, what religion on earth today is infamous for cutting off the heads of their enemies? Islam! When you put 2+2 together here you will most assuredly find it equals 666.

24/01/2011 13:22:23 Burge witness: Torture charges 'unprecedented'

"Before a packed courtroom, Anthony Holmes told how he still dreams he is inside the now infamous room at the Area 2 station on the South Side where Burge allegedly used electric shock and suffocation to coerce confessions from suspects." -If this is happening in Chicago, I wonder where else it's happening? Keep in mind, this is just a few years after Rome gained control of D.C., who then, under the Bush administration started using torture on prisoners. We all know torture is a fingerprint of Roman Catholicism. So this proves Rome has now taken at least one big city as her own. This also shows the evil mindset of mankind is well on its prophesied course for becoming bloodthirsty enough to kill Sabbath keepers when Rome demands it. Also keep in mind, when the truth come out that Rome is behind certain activities in one area, one can rest assured she is behind many more doors as well. Her massive amount of wicked activities can no longer be hidden from plain view now. This is why those that study prophecy can easily identify Antichrist today. 

24/01/2011 13:37:10 Monsanto's Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases and Endangers Human and Animal Health
"While visiting a seed corn dealer's demonstration plots in Iowa last fall, Dr. Don Huber walked passed a soybean field and noticed a distinct line separating severely diseased yellowing soybeans on the right from healthy green plants on the left (see photo). The yellow section was suffering from Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS), a serious plant disease that ravaged the Midwest in 2009 and 10, driving down yields and profits. Something had caused that area of soybeans to be highly susceptible and Don had a good idea what it was." -We have droughts, Winter storms, fish kills, and heat waves destroying the food industry around the world, and now we have Monsanto killing plants!? Some would call this a perfect storm for disaster. A student in prophecy calls it the end times.

23/01/2011 13:18:11 Jesuits Well Represented in U.S. Congress and Obama Administration
"Ten percent of the 112th U.S. Congress are Jesuit college and university alumni/ae. Among the 535 Members of this Congress, 53 of them are alumni/ae of Jesuit institutions. At least 30 alums also serve in appointed positions in the Obama Administration." -Is this not prophesied? Is this not what we have been preaching for decades? And is this not the expressed desire of the Antichrist in Rome? Don't believe it is? Their very own words confirm this and expose them as the monster they are prophesied to be. "Democracy is a michievous dream where the Catholic Church does not predominate." -Brownson's Review. "There is one, and only one, sure democracy, the Catholicism of the Popes" -The Catholic World, Oct, 1937. Want to see many more desires of the Antichrist? Click here By the way, when they say 10%, they are lying. Many more Jesuits are working in Congress. Most are well disguised. Truth is, most politicians are trained by them at Georgetown University in D.C. Bill Clinton was one of their most recent favorites.

23/01/2011 13:18:11 Vatican's global importance evident in leaked cables
"Leaked State Department cables are giving insight into the Vatican's influential role on the world stage and the United States' efforts to cooperate with the Holy See in advancing common interests." -In other words, Christian prophecy was once again 100% CORRECT when declaring the Antichrist in Rome was seeking a New World Order so as to enforce her mark. What most fail to realize is they plan to use the muscle of the United States to enforce it.

23/01/2011 13:18:11 River fish loaded with Prozac: study
"Research during the last two decades has revealed that pharmaceutical drugs and personal care products are a major source of pollution in the marine environment. Even in very low concentrations, they have altered the ecosystems." -It's all adding up. Oil, garbage, toxic waste, corexit, and now drugs are finally taking their toll on the rivers, lakes and streams. In short, all those that saw no wrong in all this pollution over the years have both caused and deserve what's coming upon them now.

23/01/2011 13:45:01 Mexican trucks to be rolling across U.S. in 6 months
"Department of Transportation officials and the U.S. trade representative's office are in Mexico this week negotiating final details of a renewed Mexican truck demonstration project with the goal of allowing foreign long-haul loads to roam U.S. roads by summer. ...Mexico still lacks a reliable federal system of conducting background checks before it issues commercial driver's licenses. There also is evidence Mexican trucks and drivers operate without complying with the drug testing standards, driver physical requirements and safety inspection procedures that U.S. truck drivers are forced to meet." -In other words, our leaders have once again chosen money over the safety of their own citizens. Will this generate more prejudice and hatred in the nation? Yes, of course it will because everyone knows there are many racist people in this nation. For Congress this is a win win situation. More hatred, means more unjust laws to try and curb the hatred, while at the same time, more unjust laws to govern highway traffic. Will this give police probable cause to pull over any and all vehicles they deem suspicious on the road for "our safety?" Yes it will.

21/01/2011 15:10:25 U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void
 "The U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision that serves to allow judges to void the Constitution in their courtrooms. The decision was issued on January 18, 2011, and the Court did not even explain the decision (Docket No. 10-632, 10-633, and 10-690)" -This is what happens when Catholics become the majority on the Supreme Court. This decision will of course snowball in the coming days all the way up to Sunday Laws being drafted and enforced. This also solidifies a prophetic utterance made many years ago that predicted the U.S. Constitution would be made void in our day. Who made that prophetic statement? Click here to find out.

21/01/2011 15:10:25 Judge OKs 'flag of Islam on American soil'
"Attorneys for a Marine Corps veteran of the Iraq War say they have filed a petition to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after a federal district judge ruled it is OK for the U.S. government to fund commercial enterprises that promote the indoctrination of Islamic law, or Shariah, in the United States. ...AIG used more than "$100 million in federal tax money to support Islamic religious indoctrination through the funding and promotion of Shariah-compliant financing. ...SCF is financing that follows the dictates of Islamic law," -Now do you see why Obama, a Muslim, bailed out AIG?

21/01/2011 15:26:42 Tests Confirm Banned Drugs in US Beef
FYI: "The Department of Health (DOH) said two supermarkets, Costco and RT-MART, had removed U.S.-imported beef products from the shelves yesterday, after they were found to contain small amounts of banned drugs a day before during a regular check." -Just one more of literally dozens of reasons to stop eating meat.

21/01/2011 15:21:51 55 buffalo die mysteriously on southern Cayuga County farm
"Sempronius buffalo farmer Peter Head has lost 55 animals to a mysterious illness since October, but autopsies have shown no clear cause of death. "We're going nuts down here trying to figure out what's going on," he said. "This is going to put me out of business. That's half my frickin' herd." -It's not getting better. It's getting worse. What amazes me is the media hasn't blacked this stuff out yet. But then, perhaps they plan to explain the deaths away to try and quench panic? Truth is, lientists are in fact doing that already. Just as prophesied. Have you seen the big list of animal deaths yet? If not, click here.

21/01/2011 15:21:51 New pesticides are 'killing honeybee population worldwide'
"The claims, which appear in an unpublished study carried out at the US Department of Agriculture's Bee Research Laboratory, add to the evidence that pesticides are partly responsible for the mysterious decline of one of the world's best loved insects." -I have no doubt pesticides in the air have something to do with all this. But this article, like many others are obviously someone's idea of damage control in that they are trying to explain away all the mysterious deaths around the world using some "scientific reasons" as prophecy predicted they would.

21/01/2011 15:10:25 Yellowstone Has Bulged as Magma Pocket Swells
"Yellowstone National Park's supervolcano just took a deep "breath," causing miles of ground to rise dramatically, scientists report. ...It's an extraordinary uplift, because it covers such a large area and the rates are so high," -Keep in mind, this is the largest super volcano on the planet. Could it be the "deep" quakes around the world are somehow connected to super volcanoes like Yellowstone? Whether they are or not doesn't matter. What matters is, when this blows, some end time scoffers may finally start to listen. (I hope)

20/01/2011 14:49:06 The sun rises two days early in Greenland, sparking fears that climate change is accelerating
"Experts say the sun should have risen over the Arctic nation's most westerly town, Ilulissat, yesterday, ending a month-and-a-half of winter darkness. But for the first time in history light began creeping over the horizon at around 1pm on Tuesday 48 hours ahead of the usual date of 13 January." -And still, most will ignore this because American Idol's new season just started, the movie theaters have new releases, and their careers are gaining ground. Sadly, many of those ignoring such things are Christians. Jeremiah said it so clearly about such lukewarm Christians when he said, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." -Jeremiah 8:20

20/01/2011 14:49:06 Twin suns to be setting on Earth soon?
"Yes, any day now we see a second sun light up the sky, if only for a matter of weeks. The infamous red super-giant star in Orion's nebula - Betelgeuse - is predicted to go gangbusters and the impending super-nova may reach Earth before 2012, and when it does, all of our wildest Star Wars dreams will come true." -For those of us that understand Bible prophecy, you are aware of the importance of the Orion Nebula are you not? If not,see this

20/01/2011 14:49:06 Shift of Earth's magnetic north pole affects Tampa airport
"Runway changes are needed to account for the moving magnetic pole, which is nearing Russia at 40 miles per year. ...The airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to repaint the numeric designators at each end and change taxiway signage to account for the shift in location of the Earth's magnetic north pole." -Let me ask you this. Ever wonder why whales started beaching themselves years ago? It's because they use the earth's magnetic pole to navigate. Is nature about to go a bit off kilter making it impossible for some species to survive? Has it not already? See this large list of wildlife deaths to answer that question.

20/01/2011 14:49:06 Bill would make Coloradans organ donors by default
"Some Colorado lawmakers say their state should be the first one where people become organ donors by default, even though other states' efforts have been halted by worries about making such a personal decision automatic." -In other words, like Hitler, the U.S. government has discovered the value of harvesting the human body. Hitler of course was mostly into the hair and gold filings. Today, there's organs that go for tens of thousands of dollars each. The love of money has far superseded the moral aspects of just about everything today. But then, I guess after finding you can make billions killing babies, they were bound to be moved by Satan to go further into grizzly businesses . Only in the end times do you see such mass possessions like this. Even our forefathers could not have imagined this!

20/01/2011 14:49:06 House passes health law repeal
"House Republicans passed a bill to repeal President Barack Obama's health care plan Wednesday, taking their first major step toward rolling back the massive overhaul that has dominated the American political landscape for almost two years." -Don't get your hopes up too high on this announcement. Once it gets to the Senate, the odds are it will be stopped. Rome needs this to be able to enforce her mark. If it does get repealed, expect a "watered down" version that will do the same job, only with a more "acceptable" flavor for those involved. In other words, money will change hands to appease those fighting it.

19/01/2011 13:55:45 Alarming NOAA data, Rapid Pole Shift
"The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center maintains a data set of annual magnetic north pole coordinates going back to the year 1590, derived from early measurements from ships logs to modern day techniques. Noting that there has been lots of reporting of pole shift lately, to the point where the phenomenon is actually causing real-world issues such as temporary airport closures, a deeper investigation was in order. ...it is alarming to discover the amount of pole shift just over the past 10 to 20 years." -And why shouldn't this happen? Is it not our God, "Which shaketh the earth out of her place, and the pillars thereof tremble" (Job 9:6) when man sins against His Law? Still mankind will ignore this because it's such a slow process. They attriubute His longsuffering to nonexistence or natural occurrences in nature. Well, He is about to, "...shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger." (Isaiah 13:13) The fact so many animals are dying proves something is very wrong with the planet. Even the earthquakes declare His coming is near in how they are increasing. These calamities will most assuredly increase in number and soon Rome will demand all keep Sunday holy to stop it. THEN the plagues will come making all this seem like a walk in the park. Are you excited that we are about to see our Lord? I know I am! Maranatha!

19/01/2011 13:55:45 Judge orders Christians to allow homosexuals a bed in their hotel
"Two Christian hotel owners punished for refusing a bed to a gay couple claimed yesterday that their religion is being suppressed." -Will this test the salt of some Christians? Yes it will. Will it make some of them weak enough to accept the mark of the beast? Again, yes it will. When the government forces Christians to condone sinful acts like this, but protects Muslims from having to condone what they consider sin, it becomes evident Christians are now second class citizens. No matter, our King will be here soon.

19/01/2011 13:55:44 Magnitude 7.2 quake hits Pakistan
"A major 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked a remote area of southwestern Pakistan early Wednesday, shaking many parts of the country and causing tremors as far away as India and the United Arab Emirates. The quake was centered in Baluchistan province, the country's most sparsely populated area, said the United States Geological Service, occurring at 1:30 a.m. local time at a depth of some 50 miles." -7.2 is quite intense, yet praise the Lord it didn't kill anyone. Or at least that's what the media reports. Still, quakes are increasing as is their sizejust as prophecy predicted. See the big list of disasters here.

19/01/2011 14:06:28 If Quakes Weren't Enough, Enter the 'Superstorm'
"California faces the risk not just of devastating earthquakes but also of a catastrophic storm that could tear at the coasts, inundate the Central Valley and cause four to five times as much economic damage as a large quake, scientists and emergency planners warn. ...over 100 scientists calculated the probable consequences of a "superstorm" carrying tropical moisture from the South Pacific and dropping up to 10 feet of rain across the state." -Weather has been a bit strange lately don't you think? So this is something to watch for in the coming days. Especially for coastal regions as they are vulnerable to Oceanic weather patterns. Who knows this better than folks in Oregon that had their beach homes covered in massive sand dunes. There is a video on this, but you have to sit through a few minutes of advertisements of a perverted sitcom. So I opted to spare you the drivel.

18/01/2011 13:22:00 Bill Gates: Cell phones can track newborns for shots
"Microsoft mogul Bill Gates says cell-phone technology could be used to register every birth around the globe and track children to make sure they have been vaccinated as government advisers urge." -When money no longer excites the heart, power becomes the next best thing to crave. What most in public office ignore is, vaccines do guarantee one thing. The AMA will have a steady flow of customers as long as toxic vaccines are used. And since the AMA is the richest and most powerful corporation on earth that uses politicians like puppets, one expect vaccines will be here for a long time. After all, prophecy did say Rome would use drugs to deceive the nations.

18/01/2011 13:22:00 Killings of newborn babies on the rise in Pakistan
"The lifeless bodies of two tiny babies are being given their final bath before burial in Karachi, after they were left to die in the southern Pakistani city's garbage dumps. ...More than 1,000 infants most of them girls were killed or abandoned to die in Pakistan last year according to conservative estimates by the Edhi Foundation, a charity working to reverse the grim trend. ...The majority of police stations do not register cases of infanticide, let alone launch investigations into them" -Religion of peace!? Not by a long shot. And to think most leaders bow to the money Muslim Sheiks offer them to help them infiltrate society. This world is about to become very much like the world Rome created during the Inquisitions. So be it. It just means we are that much closer to seeing it all end.

18/01/2011 13:22:00 DA will check Facebook profiles for jury picks
"The district attorney's office plans to use prospective jurors' Facebook profiles and postings when considering whether an individual is qualified to sit on a jury. ...People tend to post more freely on Facebook then they might face to face," Villalobos said. ďAs a DA (district attorney) I would be all for it because the more information I have, the better off we are going to be in getting a fair jury and getting the convictions and acquittals the system needs to function." -Just one more perk for using Facebook. It's that "informative" only because most people are tempted to make it that way. And since it's there for the viewing, most "legal" organizations will use it to their benefit. Worse yet, most criminals will do so as well. People are walking into a major problem with both eyes wide open on this one!

17/01/2011 14:02:41 The Muslim Brotherhood Path to Victory
"Britain's willful blindness to the Muslim Brotherhood's subversive agenda, and its acquiescence to its vitriolic propaganda is not merely a local disease. The international tentacles of the MB assist the organization to infect other countries. Unfortunately the United States seems to follow in the footsteps of England, unwisely ignoring the growing influence of the MB in its borders." -Rome needs the Muslims to gain power within the infrastructure of many nations as they did with Hitler. This way, like before, they can use the Muslims to kill as many as they please that go against their agenda, and act as if they are appalled by the killings. Documented evidence has been unearthed that the Vatican invented the religion of Islam long ago under Satan's direct influence so as to do that which they are doing right now. Keep in mind, the prophecy states Christians will be beheaded. Who on earth today hates Christians, and do beheadings on a regular basis? Nuff said?

17/01/2011 14:02:41 Gov. Quinn promises to quickly sign Ill. tax hike
"Lawmakers worked overnight to pass the increase to raise the personal income tax rate from 3 percent to 5 percent for four years a 66 percent increase. Corporate income taxes also will rise, but Quinn rejected the notion that it would decimate businesses. The rate increase might be the biggest any state has adopted in percentage terms while grappling with recent economic woes." -Will this add to an increase is pressure to those who don't trust the Christian God? Yes, of course it will. Truth is, there are no financial woes for Illinois at all. It's just that government has grown so big they have to tax to citizens to pay for the influx of new politicians on the payroll. This naturally leads to unjust treatment of the people when these new politicians seek to make a name for themselves, as well as cash in on the benefits of passing new unjust laws, which of course was prophesied.

17/01/2011 14:02:41 The app that can read your mind: iPhone brainwave detector arrives
"It's a device that would be more at home on the set of a Star Wars movie than the streets of Britain. But an iPhone application has been developed that can read minds. The XWave allows users to control on-screen objects with their minds as well as train their brains to control attention spans and relaxation levels." -Since science mapped the human brain, they are of course able to do much more now to manipulate that mind. Toys like this aren't really toys. They will cause many to gain a higher "self" in the so called "mystic religions" that allow for self to see its "god" within. Or worse yet, what if the toy turns out to be a transmitter instead of a receiver? After all, government has already "tapped" into our private lives via our phone lines as well as electronically reading every e-mail sent and every text in social networks. Yes, this may seem far fetched for some right now. And I'm sure I'll get some emails suggesting I make a tinfoil bonnet. But when they said in the 1940's & 50's that Rock music would lure souls to Satan, they laughed back then too. What many fail to realize is, if this toy is on the market now, what the government has behind closed doors is decades more advanced than what they allow the public to have. One can only imagine just how evil their plans are with all this strange technology. Compile this "toy" with the mind altering flashes in videos games and movies, with the digitized subliminal messages in music and TV commercials, as well as the many mind altering drugs sold by legal as well as illegal drug pushers, admitted chemtrails laden with aluminum, fluoride in water, toxic flu shots, mercury laden food additives and you have a society that's childishly easy to convince that going to church on Sunday as well as killing any Sabbath keepers is what will stop all the calamities God has sent on the earth. After all, prophecy says they will seek to kill us one day, does it not? Even if you believe this is just a toy. Let me ask you this. How do you suppose they found out which part of your brain is used to do certain things? How did they find out what frequency the brain sends that can be received by a "toy" that reflects that reception to a computer screen? This proves they know exactly what frequency your brain transmits because the video screen is showing the mind can in fact move an object on that screen. This also means they know exactly what frequency can be received as well now. No matter, our God has promised to protect His people till the end. I feel sorry for the wicked.

16/01/2011 14:50:41 Vatican Lists New Sins for Society
"After 1500 years of a largely-accepted list of seven mortal sins, Archbishop Girotti announces some additions, and this time, they affect all of human society." -In other words, what they're saying is, since they can no longer re-write the Bible without actually writing a whole new one, they have decided the Bible was unfinished and suddenly after thousands of years the Vatican, the documented home of the most decadent sinners on the planet are privy to "new sins" God has decided to suddenly add? How can those that don't know God, know what sin is? The truth here is, they are writing new laws they plan to enforce once their prophesied mortal wound heals. They tried this with Hitler and failed because their timing was off. If you notice,  some of the "new sins" listed in the article can be easily seen as "laws" that reflect their New World Order based on Vatican control just as our God prophesied they would. Won't be too much longer now brothers and sisters. Their public flexing shows they know what they couldn't do in Hitler's day they can do today.

16/01/2011 14:50:41 Vatican engineered victory for Pelosicare (Obamacare)
"The evidence indicates that the Bishops and the Vatican itself are calling the shots behind the scene. In fact, as many media organizations are now reporting, they engineered the "compromise" that deleted abortion funding so the bill could pass the House. The Los Angeles Times reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic, not only "conferred with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to be sure the new restrictions were acceptable" but "consulted by telephone with a cardinal in Rome." -It's always nice to see someone else validating what we the remnant people have been saying all along. It's hard at times to be looked upon as the only ones saying such things, but every now and then others do echo the truths we preach, and by so doing confirm the Truth for what it is. In short, Rome needs Obamacare to enforce her mark. We now have proof they were behind it.

16/01/2011 14:50:41 A Catholic Wind in the White House
"Bush attends an Episcopal church in Washington and belongs to a Methodist church in Texas, and his political base is solidly evangelical. Yet this Protestant president has surrounded himself with Roman Catholic intellectuals, speechwriters, professors, priests, bishops and politicians. These Catholics -- and thus Catholic social teaching -- have for the past eight years been shaping Bush's speeches, policies and legacy to a degree perhaps unprecedented in U.S. history." -Ok, so it is a 2 year old article, but it confirms what we saw of Bush's law making process during his administration as well as his decisions to go to war. A war only benefiting Rome. The fact our gas prices still went up after gaining control over all the oil proved we weren't there for America. As we've said for many years, Rome has absolute control in the White house, this article just makes it that much easier to convey that fact to scoffers. Now do you see why Bush claimed the pope was a god on earth on that video? As you can tell by the interviewer's expression of expectation when asking Bush the question, like kissing the pope's ring, Bush had to say what he said as a sign of loyalty. After all, he owed the Pope a lot for all the help regarding unjust laws passed globally during in those 8 years.

14/01/2011 13:32:04 Weather control is no myth: Scientists engineer thunderstorms over Abu Dhabi
"Discussions of weather control technology used to be limited to the hushed gossip of conspiracy theorists, but it turns out the conspiracy theorists were right (again). Today in Abu Dhabi, scientists have successfully manipulated entire weather systems, causing up to fifty downpours of rain across the Al Ain region the desert nation over the last year." -Yes, many of us knew of this for some time now. Especially when a German Meteorologist let the cat out of the bag in February of 2008. But it is nice to see the facts laid out in print anyway. Still, with all this manipulation of nature, things are bound to get messed up. Man never seems to learn from his mistakes I guess. You cannot improve on perfection. However, when the scientist is an Atheist he thinks he can improve on what God created, and with that foolish mindset ruins it for everyone else. I wonder, will the military see value in this science? Yes, I agree, that's a dumb question.

14/01/2011 13:32:03 Harry Potter was a good Christian?
"In a new book out this month, author Danielle Tumminio asserts Harry Potter is good Christian. Tumminio argues Potter lives a life that lines up with Christian values." -This author has been pushing this insane idea for years now. No doubt with Vatican backing as Rome has done this as well for years. But is it true? Can a wizard named Harry Potter or even Joe Schmoe be a good Christian? Well, Leviticus 20:27 states a Wizard should be stoned to death, and Deuteronomy 18:11,12 states they are an abomination unto God. So, no, a wizard is not considered a good Christian in any way shape or form. So, why are they pushing this? The last prophecy to be fulfilled before the mark of the beast is in fact a widespread, almost global acceptance of the occult and wizardry. In other words, Christian prophecy is once again 100% right on target!

14/01/2011 13:32:03 Ship with acid capsizes near the Loreley
"A tanker ship carrying 2,400 tonnes of sulphuric acid has capsized on the Rhine River near the rocky point known as the Loreley. Two crew members are missing." -As if we needed yet another lethal spill into the waters? But then, mankind is being dealt with in an obvious way as prophecy declared is to be his lot in these days. So expect more and more "mishaps" to become the norm for our day. Calamities are prophesied to increase, and so they will. If there's one thing I've learned all these years of studying Christian prophecy is, when the Lord says it's going to happen, it will. And not even the most powerful leader on earth can so much as slow it down, let alone stop it.