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23/01/2015 14:55:23
VIDEO: US Senate Agrees with Pope on Climate Change!

 --Things are moving REAL FAST! Just this last Monday I posted a video about the Pope speaking on climate change, which we all know is how they plan to enforce the mark politically; and just yesterday the US Senate agreed with the Pope! I kind of figured they would agree, and I knew it would probably happen before he visited the Congress in September of this year, but for the Congress to declare their going to do as he commands IN THREE DAYS?! WOW! It would be nice if Congress was to act on real issues just as fast, but then.. they don't worship us as they do the Pope.

23/01/2015 14:55:23
Gore, Pharrell announce global Live Earth climate concert in June

"Live Earth is designed to galvanize public support for climate action ahead of make-or-break United Nations' talks in Paris in December on combating global warming." --Looks like the truth that the planet has been getting colder for the past couple of decades is going to be suppressed. However, had Al Gore guessed right for the Pope, we wouldn't have such rock hard evidence that he's lying, so, thank you Lord. The truth helps in more ways than most realize sometimes. So.. in order to sell the lie to the global masses, and just as they did in Nebuchadnezzar's day, (See Daniel 3:5-6) the Satanically controlled music industry is once again being recruited (by their god) to lure people from the truth. Proven fraudster, Al Gore, is quoted as saying "It is absolutely crucial that we build public will for an agreement" on what Pope Francis and President Obama call the greatest threat to our future. It speaks volumes about how blind the world is to the truth in these last days; that Francis, Gore and their supporters know they can use a silly concert to convince the public to accept whatever legislation is passed at the United Nations Climate Change conference in Paris from Nov 30-Dec 11 at the end of this year. And yes, this activity warrants a NEW PAGE on my site! Watch for it!

23/01/2015 14:55:23
Pope Francis calls for more market regulation, denies he is Marxist

"Pope Francis has called for more regulation of financial markets and rejected suggestions that his criticisms of unbridled capitalism smack of Marxism." --He claims he seeks to help the poor. But how is that possible by financial regulation? No, the truth here is, he needs to have the global ability to enforce the mark he is chomping at the bit to enforce. And so, he needs to get every nation on board with financial regulations that will allow absolutely every dime to be counted and traced. Why? Have you read Revelation 13:16-17 that says, "And he (the Pope) causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." It's time to read the prophetic Word of God. If you fail now, you will be one to echo Jeremiah 8:20. READ IT!

23/01/2015 14:55:23
Top Google executive predicts end of the internet

"There will be so many IP addresses, - so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it, it will be part of your presence all the time." --I must say, Schmidt contradicts himself boldly here. On the one hand he says "the internet will disappear," but then he describes his own personal Alice-in-Wonderland fantasy world where the internet actually evolves into an omnipresent force that interacts with you "with your permission and all of that."  It's obvious that he wants the same thing John Lennon wanted in the song 'Imagine.' Which is, no religion, no heaven or hell, just people living for the moment. Let Schmidt make his predictions; we have a God who makes declarations. We don't wait to see if they come true; we merely wait for when they come true. And God declared the world, even as Schmidt would have it, will come to an end. Schmidt made these comments on January 22nd at the World Economic Forum while sitting at a panel which included the Chief Operating and Chief Executive Officers of Facebook and Microsoft. Wait a minute... aren't these tech giants supposed to be in competition with each other? Yeah right! Their appearing side-by-side at a forum for the power elite proves hands down they're really working together; which in turn means they must answer to the same boss. Bible prophecy is vindicated yet again brothers and sisters! For it is written in Revelation 18 that these merchants of the earth work for the man of sin in Rome. And as is sadly obvious, they all have the same goal in mind. A world where mankind's devices supplant God and His people are globally eliminated. (or so they hope) To reach that goal privacy must be destroyed. But we have a Saviour who promises "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper." (Isaiah 54:17) So let them scheme against us. Their time is short; but the obedient will inherit eternity.

23/01/2015 15:52:15
California’s bullet train

"The groundbreaking ceremony for California’s long-awaited, long-debated, long-delayed high-speed rail system - a 220 mph, $68.4 billion bullet train designed to zip between Los Angeles and San Francisco in two hours and 40 minutes - was set to start at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 6." --Okay, I have to ask, have all the people with common sense in California left the planet? I mean, color me confused, but isn't California the number two state for earthquakes? (Alaska is #1) Think about that for a moment. However, if you're one in charge of such things as this in California, perhaps a moment just won't cut it. So I'll cut to the chase. Picture this.. a train, that is as big as ... a train ... is traveling at 220mph. Then an earthquake hits. Now, that train as big as ... a train ... is now off the track and heading into homes, businesses, freeways or any other populated area it sees in front of it at 220mph. Now do you see why this is a bad idea? And by the way.. common sense isn't only for the common man. You elite wannabes should contemplate its benefits too. I mean, you too can be hit by a train just as easy as we can.

23/01/2015 14:55:23
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Obama's speech scored at 9th-grade level * Muses rage against 'gods' who gave us abortion * FYI: Sitting will kill you, even if you exercise * Asteroid to pass close to Earth next week * VIDEO: New Tonga volcanic island likely to disappear * Obama's top Asia adviser: goal is for complete trade pact in 2015 * VIDEO: Watters' World: Radical imam edition * VIDEO: Islam experts: No-go zones looming for America * VIDEO: Muslim call-to-prayer broadcast on UCLA campus * Government grills grade-schoolers over lesbianism * VIDEO: Police release insane Ferguson looting video, are criticized for transparency * Detroit man who murdered two white teens declares ‘black lives matter’ during sentencing * VIDEO: 'God's wrath is on white America' * VIDEO: Police union to state lawmakers: Don't mess with no-knock warrants * VIDEO: Sheriffs sound off on Islamic 'terror camps' in U.S. * Journalism dean: 1st Amendment ends at insulting Muhammad * VIDEO: Doomsday Clock moves two minutes closer to midnight * WOW! Magnificent blue glow of Hong Kong seas also disturbing * Year of disasters sinks trust in business and governments * Stepping Hill nurse 'murdered three patients by contaminating saline bags'

22/01/2015 15:55:57
VIDEO: Sheriffs sound off on Islamic 'terror camps' in U.S.

"When his film crew showed up at the compound in Red House they were greeted by hostile Muslim of Americas members. The leader of the group confronted the crew as they exited their car. “Leave,” he said. “Don’t say another word. Leave, period. You understand?” As the crew drove off, the Muslim leader struck their car window with his cane." --Remember the video I posted on Monday? Check this one out of some men going to one of the terror camps on US soil wherein they (the Muslims) said anyone can come and check them out to make sure they're peaceful. Well, as is obvious in the video, they are NOT peaceful at all! Many won't believe it, but this is happening in American right now! Rome is using Muslim leader Barack Hussein Obama to give power unto the Muslim brotherhood (that he funded with our tax dollars) so as to do as prophecy says Rome will do in the very near future. What is that you ask? Read Revelation 20:4.

22/01/2015 15:55:56
Nearly half of Americans support demilitarizing police - poll

"The US public is split on the issue of expanding the military arsenal of police, with nearly half of Americans saying cops should carry fewer weapons, according to the latest poll." --Does it matter what the public wants? More than half of Americans want abortion outlawed, oppose homosexual marriage, want the borders secured, oppose Obamacare, don't want vaccines forced on them, and so on and so forth. It doesn't matter because what Jesuit Pope Francis wants is what America (and the world) gets. He can't force people to bow down to his mark of authority by merely scolding them. So we can expect the militarization of police to increase exponentially as the day draws closer for Sunday sacredness to become the law of the land. Remnant Christians need to take advantage of the fact that so many people recognize we are close to becoming an all-out police state since it confirms bible prophecy to be true. And for those whom we witness that scoff at the notion martial law is coming, be sure to share John 14:29 with them. The more seeds we plant today, the more the Holy Spirit can water tomorrow.

22/01/2015 15:55:56
‘Hidden’ High Levels Of Cancer-Causing Formaldehyde Found in E-Cigarettes

"E-cigarettes may not be as “safe” an alternative to cigarette smoking as hoped, according to a new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers found “hidden” high levels of the known carcinogen formaldehyde in popular tank-system e-cigarettes, by way of formaldehyde-releasing agents given off during the vaping process." --Yes, it may seem like a major unbelievable conspiracy in how "hidden" toxins are suddenly found in everything from e-cigarettes to canned soups, but you have to keep in mind that the powers that be are extremely rich and very powerful and they will create ways to make more money even if it means some may die in the process. And no, they have no fear of being caught (by man) because they all ascribe to the old saying, which is, "We do the unspeakable and get away with it, because it is so very unbelievable." And yes, I am suggesting "someone" knew that formaldehyde was in the tank and they allowed it anyway. Worse yet, the government regulators of such manufactured items ignored it just as they do the many toxins in processed foods. Why? Have you seen how much money can be made caring for the sick in this nation? So.. the general consensus among those sitting at the helm of the AMA is that they need more sick people.

22/01/2015 15:55:56
VIDEO: Here's What Fast Food Looks Like After Two Years

"In an effort to show that highly processed foods are bad for you, a chiropractor in Michigan has kept a McDonald's cheeseburger, french fries, and Taco Bell taco in the open air on her reception desk for two years, and basically nothing has happened to them. Have you ever seen a mummified cheeseburger? Well, you're about to." --This reminds me of a tub of margarine that was dropped in a garage one day wherein the one dropping it forgot to go back to clean up the spilled blob. 20 years later he returned to see it covered in dust as expected. But when he poked it he found the margarine under the dust was fresh as the day he bought it. Why? Like the fast food in this article, even the bugs and bacteria that would ordinarily cause it to decompose and disappear won't touch it because nothing in it is edible. Yet people scarf this garbage down daily and wonder why they get cancer and a host of other strange diseases. By the way.. margarine's base element is plastic. One can only imagine what's in the burger and fries.

22/01/2015 15:55:56
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

13 Christians Kidnapped In Libya * VIDEO: Gov't-challenging pastor beaten in brutal attack * Parent outraged over possible pentagram symbol on Mid-South bus * Catholic Church Endorses poisonous GMOs As Cure for World Hunger * Woman who provided 65,000 abortions calls killing of unborn a “sacrament” and a “blessing” * VIDEO: Pedophile Cop Tackled By Father At Festival!! (Americas Cops) 2015 * GOP leaders to grant Obama 'enormous' new power * VIDEO: Sheriffs sound off on Islamic 'terror camps' in U.S. * Driver chased toward Capitol during Obama speech * Russia positioning nukes to confront NATO? * Secret U.S. cable: French 'blind' to Muslim problem * A mom's open letter to 'pro-choice' women * VIDEO: Cops fatally shoot motorist with raised hands * VIDEO: Girls' basketball coach bit fellow coach’s face * Can America survive abortion?

21/01/2015 13:19:29
10 states line up to limit federal power

"Officials from Arizona, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia and Wyoming have filed resolutions calling for a convention of states that would propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution with the express purpose of limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government." --They will fail. How do I know this? Not only was it prophesied they would do away with our Constitution, (As 159 out of 176 nations around the world have already done since Vatican became a sovereign power in 1929) the American leaders have actually started to rewrite the Constitution in the exact same building they wrote the first one.

21/01/2015 13:19:28
Ecumenism will break shackles of racism, St Louis priest says

"The ecumenism preached by Martin Luther King Jr. in his 1963 "I Have a Dream" speech is key to breaking the shackles of individualism and systemic racism, a St. Louis priest has said." --Okay so now if you don't support the Vatican's ecumenical movement you're a racist? Now do you see why Obama was moved into office and the race wars began? That way the Pope can swoop in (again) and save the day, when in reality he caused the problem in the first place. Still... let me think this through just a tad more. I'm white, so if I don't want to be unequally yoked with a white Mormon for example, according to this Vatican priest that makes me a racist?! Remember the Hate Crimes Act of 1990 that I discuss on my "Hating the Christian" page? The statistics proved even back in 1990 that religious hate crimes were far too few in number to warrant special attention in legislative halls, but with the 1990 Act, they merged religion as well as sexual orientation and racism into the mix to bump the number up. And so now, if you try to share truth that exposes false religion you can be "legally" tagged a racist! Unjust laws abound just as prophecy predicted! Truth is, I'm not a homophobe for calling homosexuality a sin. I'm not a sexist for opposing abortion. I'm not a legalist for obeying the 10 Commandments. And I'm certainly not racist for rejecting false religions or lukewarm Christian churches that teach lies no matter how many times to gather with the Pope to sing Kumbaya. Sound doctrine is colorblind, but ecumenism is totally blind.

21/01/2015 13:19:28
Conan Gets Animated With 'Archer'

"In a crossover we can all get behind, Conan was turned into a cartoon and teamed up with egotistical super spy Sterling Archer to escape some bad guys. While the red-headed host may be adept at interviewing celebs, handling a gun proved to be a bit more difficult for him." --Knowing that O'Brian has a demonic desire to get a laugh no matter how low or evil he has to stoop, I knew before clicking play this clip was going to be bad. Still, for some out there, this "animation" may appear to be funny and innocent, but we have to remember we are in the last days and students of prophecy know that the lost of the world need to be "indoctrinated" (brainwashed) into thinking killing is completely and utterly acceptable; "in some cases." So look around, what do you see? Is Satan working towards that end? After all, he knows his time is short. If you open your eyes you can see that we have the violent movies, video games, sports and even music that inundate us with all sorts of killings. We have legalized abortion and even death panels for the old or sick among us to make it appear even less taboo. But that's obviously not enough for Satan or his cronies in Hollywood anymore. We now have so called comedians like Conan O'Brien declaring killing people can actually be a "sexual thrill?!" No, not everyone will buy that, but on a planet filled with over 7 billion souls, who for the most part emulate Noah's day, you will have at least a few hundred million scattered among us that if given the chance, would see killing their fellow man as "pleasure filled." In fact, many serial killers have admitted that's how they see it! So.. for those of you that may think I'm going a bit overboard on this prophetic reality of our time. One question: Do you reside on this planet?

21/01/2015 13:19:27
Pro-Life Mother of Four Fired From Catholic Hospital

"In July 2013, Montserrat Balselles was dismissed from her job at a Catholic hospital because she didn’t want to participate in abortions and openly expressed her pro-life views." --What does supposedly pro-life Jesuit Pope Francis have to say about this? Nothing apparently, as he's too busy trying to figure out how to convince people global cooling is really global warming. This woman and her four children became homeless when she lost her job. Since Francis is all about social justice (er.. um.. socialism) and helping the poor, maybe he'll relocate her to the Vatican. The wealthiest city in history which spared no expense in helping the homeless by ... wait for it ... by installing three showers for the homeless to use under the colonnade of St. Peter's Basilica, along with shower's at a dozen Roman parishes which will no doubt be under the supervision of the most notorious band of child molesters in history. Where did the Pope get the money to pay for these showers? Maybe from the profits from abortions at Catholic hospitals? Please keep this woman in prayer as the story says she "describes herself as a Catholic activist." How sad her loyalty to the Catholic Church keeps her in the church that kicked her (and her kids) to the curb. One can only hope there is a follow up to this story one day where she describes herself as an ex-Catholic turned Sabbath keeping Remnant Christian. What a testimony that would be!

21/01/2015 13:19:27
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

 VIDEO: Richest 1% 'will own half the world's wealth by 2016' * VIDEO: Newly found chemicals in fracking wastewater lead to cancer * VIDEO: Choked by Austerity: Child poverty, youth unemployment rise in Greece * VIDEO: Bible Scripture Found Hidden in Mummy Mask Could End Up Being the Oldest Gospel Ever * Yes, there ARE 'no-go' zones in Europe * Government a 'threat to everyone's freedom' * Government monitoring every aspect of your life? * Horrors continue under Michelle O's lunch rules

20/01/2015 13:32:52
VIDEO: Muslims hold secret meeting in Texas!

--It’s amazing how many prophetic events are occurring all around us, and especially when it comes to the political movements of those persecuting Christians right now. I truly hope Christ’s bride is readying herself.

20/01/2015 13:32:52
Washington State seeking two-tier system for driver’s license, ID cards

"State officials believe that the move will bring the state into compliance with the 2005 REAL ID act, which was passed by Congress in the wake of the 2001 terrorist attacks... The REAL ID law, which has had several implementation delays, has started restricting access to some facilities within the past year and, no sooner than 2016, will require the compliant licenses for boarding commercial aircraft. Gov. Jay Inslee on Friday noted that he voted against the federal law while he was in Congress, and he still doesn’t agree with the policy. But, he said: "The federal government is at some point going to drop the hammer and we don’t have a lot of options." --Now do you see why I created the "Global ID" page on my site years ago? Common prophetic sense tells us the "Real ID Act" isn't going to go away. They need it! In fact, one can see this can very easily become a hot topic at the time of Jesuit Pope Francis' visit to the USA this year. That being said, if Governor Inslee really doesn't agree with this policy why did his state just sign a 5-year contract with a private security firm to produce biometric driver's licenses? Because like all politicians, and this is easily seen confirmed by SDA politician Ben Carson's recent comments, if he doesn't like a policy, he's still "go along to get along." That is of course if he wants to keep his job. And yes, his state isn't the only one issuing "enhanced" ID cards now. All 50 states will soon comply with the REAL ID Act just as students of prophecy expected. Is it constitutional? Seriously.. does it matter? Case in point, as of Monday, folks in Idaho can "be denied access to federal facilities and commercial flights" because Idaho lawmakers blocked the REAL ID Act from being implemented there. 2015 is certainly shaping up to be very wild year indeed. Me thinks a tad more evangelistic work or a "push forward" of same is wise at this point for those of us seeking the outpouring of the Latter Rain. After all, if our King sees your desire to do the work, HE WILL give you the work to do. Truth is, since we see they're doing all they can to slow and even stop the work in some areas confirms we need to hit while the iron's hot! Soon it will be night when no man can work!

20/01/2015 13:32:51
CDC: Vaccine can't handle this 'severe' flu season

"Frieden also admitted the flu vaccine this season has been particularly ineffective, largely because the virus has mutated to a virulent strain of the H3N2 virus that is not included in the vaccine. About two-thirds of the H3N2 viruses analyzed this season are different from the H3N2 virus that is included in this year’s CDC-approved flu vaccine." --What they're not saying is the flu vaccine is never able to handle any flu season because the so called vaccine is for the previous year's flu. And how can it be called a vaccine when you need a new one each year? It's called a vaccine so to sells! The flu virus is a life form capable of adapting to its environment so as to assure life continues. And so, with each new vaccine comes a newer stronger vaccine chock full of everything from anti-freeze to mercury that won't help you even if you had a time machine to take it the previous year. But, the media pushes it and they tag it a "vaccine" to sell it and millions stand in line to get it, and the AMA assures their customer base constant growth as the people get sicker and sicker from the toxins in the "vaccines." Don't believe me? Click here for a growing mountain of facts.

20/01/2015 13:32:51
Pelosi pick: Make U.S. schools like madrassas

"Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., has declared that tea partiers on Capitol Hill would like “to see African-Americans hanging from trees.” And he suggested that U.S. schools should be modeled after Islamic madrassas, where education is based on the Quran. Now, he’s going to be privy to some of the nation’s most sensitive intelligence. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced she will appoint him as the first Muslim lawmaker on the body’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Politico reported Tuesday." --Now do you see why we have a Muslim president? Before answering, have you seen this article wherein the Mayor of Syracuse appointed a local representative of the nation of Islam to the city's school board? That being the case, do you still think your child is going to be all safe and cozy in American schools? If so, click here.

20/01/2015 13:32:51
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Fire chief's ouster beginning of the end for Christians? * Army commanders order removal of 'God and country' recruiting sign * Generals conclude Obama backed al-Qaida * VIDEO: 7 homeschool kids 'stolen' by sheriff's deputies * Supreme Court justices officiated at same-sex 'marriages' * Babies not the only victims of abortion * VIDEO: New police radars can 'see' inside homes * VIDEO: Teen poses as hospital physician for a month * ISIS Plans On Killing ‘Hundreds of Millions’ in ‘Religious Cleansing’ * ISIS executes 13 teens for watching soccer * VIDEO: Students taken to mosque for 'diversity' * VIDEO: Fighting breaks out in Nepal parliament in constitution row * VIDEO: Medicare Chief Resigns After Obamacare Blunder

19/01/2015 12:18:51
Woman plans to marry her father after two years of dating

"A teenager has revealed in an interview that she plans to marry her father and have children after dating for two years. The unnamed 18-year-old revealed in an interview with New York Magazine her romantic relationship of almost two years with her biological father after being estranged from him for 12 years. ...After the wedding, the woman says they plan to move to New Jersey where adult incest is legal." --Do you study prophecy, then this is no big shocker to you. Especially after seeing how polygamy and homosexual marriage are being embraced in America . But if you don't study prophecy, I can see how your jaw would be hitting the floor right now!

19/01/2015 12:18:48
VIDEO: Mother Charged With Burning Newborn Baby To Death In Burlington County

"Authorities say 22-year-old Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier of Pemberton Township, Burlington County doused her newborn baby with a flammable liquid then set the child on fire in the middle of a road." --As appalling as this crime is, do you remember just a few months ago this story (now updated) with college students expressing their support to legalize the killing of infants and even young children as a form of post-birth abortion? There's an entire subculture out there that thinks murdering babies is acceptable as long as the parents decide they don't want the child anymore. How could they think something so twisted? Maybe because of college professors like Kirsten Kramer who argues that infanticide is different than murder. And no, she's not alone in her sick beliefs either. Amazing how the more educated some are the more twisted their minds become? Perhaps they would gladly argue this young mother only did two things wrong; the method was too barbaric and she didn't have a license or permission to kill the baby. Think the "killing a baby without a license" comment was an over-exaggeration? Do you recall the grandmother who murdered her pre-birth grandchild with an abortion pill recently? She was sentenced to prison but not for murder. Instead she was imprisoned for "violating a state law that requires abortions to be performed by physicians." She needed a "license" or "permission" to kill. Amazing as it? The majority of people will soon accuse commandment-keeping Christians like those of us in the Seventh Day Remnant Church of being the reason for all the calamities happening worldwide, while turning a blind eye to their own bloodlust. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see!

19/01/2015 12:18:48
Humans push planet beyond boundaries towards "danger zone": study

"Scientists consider climate change the most serious crossed boundary... The study results are set to be incorporated into the new global development goals that will be finalised in September at the United Nations in New York to replace the Millennium Development Goals on poverty alleviation expiring this year." --Hot on the heels of Pope Francis declaring climate change to be the gravest threat mankind faces, a new study is conveniently published to back him up. Not that I disagree this planet is in the danger zone. After all Jesus Himself said unless He cut short these last days "no flesh should be saved." (Mark 13:20) He also said that He will destroy those who destroy the earth (Revelation 11:18). The researchers claim only 4 of 9 "danger zones" have been crossed. But I'm sure all of them have. Plus many more they don't even know how to identify. They don't even mention GMO's or the Vatican controlled pharmaceutical industry. Ultimately the only way to be in a "safe zone" now is "keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus." (Revelation 14:12) Getting back to this article, is it a coincidence Pope Francis is going to visit the United States (scheduled Sept 25-27) at the end of the same week the UN will hold its Millennium Development Goals (MGD) summit in New York? (Sept 20-22) Okay that was dumb question. Since the UN summit starts on a Sunday, I wouldn't be too surprised if Francis arrives in the USA a few days early to address the delegates from all over the world on the Vatican's admitted counterfeit Sabbath. Even if not, there can be no doubt the MGD recommendations will be the primary topic of Francis' visit.

19/01/2015 12:18:48
U.S. politicians on video with underage sex slaves?

"There is evidence Epstein kept cameras hidden in the bedrooms of his various homes. Damaging videos of sitting U.S. politicians abusing schoolgirls could constitute a national security threat, providing sources of blackmail for foreign countries. Prince Andrew is the only currently serving political figure alleged to have participated in Epstein’s underage activities." --As is intimated in this article, one can expect the main reason for the investigation won't be that children are being raped by politicians. It will be that videos of those politicians can be used as blackmail against them so as to have certain laws passed. As is obvious, and yes it was prophesied to be this way, slavery is back; and not just for labor intensive activities. What's about to transpire is chilling in that some of these politicians are in fact being blackmailed as we speak. They are guilty as charged! One can also expect that higher ranking politicians are the ones holding the videos and doing the blackmailing so as to assure their decadent and prophesied unjust laws come to fruition. So be it. It just means our trek towards home is about to accelerate even faster in the coming days. But then, that too was prophesied.

19/01/2015 12:18:47
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

VIDEO: Meteor-like object lights up sky over Russian Far East * Pelosi pick tied to Islamist 'front' group * Man Who Filmed Execution Is Arrested, Saudi Outlets Say * VIDEO: Parents claim sex abuse covered up * Cambodia’s Internal-Security Chief: ‘I Learned From Hitler’ * Baby Screamed During Live-Birth Abortion, We Can’t Forget This Baby’s Cries * First 'Gay School' Catering to LGBT Students to Open in the UK as Christian Schools Fear Closure for Teaching Biblical Traditional Marriage * Fox News Host Calls Out Duke University's Hypocrisy for Considering Muslim Call to Prayer While Silencing Evangelical Christian Voices on Homosexuality, Abortion * Ireland Gets Its 1st Openly Gay Govt. Minister

18/01/2015 13:49:18
VIDEO: Ben Carson likens Islamic State to American patriots

--This is not going to be an easy video for some people to watch. Especially if you're SDA. But being a watchman on the wall, I must proclaim the truth no matter what. Sadly, I am sure that some that are angered by the truth will unsubscribe after seeing the undeniable facts laid out in the video. But then, I'm not in it for the hits to the videos. I'm in it for the hits to the heart.

18/01/2015 13:49:21
Deadly anti-Charlie Hebdo riots as France defends free speech

"Five people were killed and churches set on fire in Niger on Saturday in fresh protests against the French weekly Charlie Hebdo's Mohammed cover, as France condemned the violence and defended freedom of expression. ...The death toll from riots a day earlier in Niger's second city of Zinder had climbed from four to five after a body was found "burned inside a church", he added." --Okay.. so let me get this straight. Charlie Hebdo, a bold Atheist Magazine that has blasphemed Jesus as well as posted historical facts about Mohammed, which angered the Muslims, and so they burn Churches? That means, Christians are actually being blamed for what the Atheists say now? REALLY?!

18/01/2015 13:49:24
Scientists eviscerate feds' 'hottest year' claim

"A number of reputable scientists also immediately cast doubt on the federal government’s declaration Friday. “Using the normal rules of science, is 58.46 degrees then distinguishable from 58.45 degrees? In a word, ‘No, ’” wrote Patrick J. Michaels on the Cato Institute website. His assessment was cited on Marc Morano’s Climate Depot website, which routinely debunks claims of global warming. Climatologist Roy Spencer is quoted there: “We are arguing over the significance of a hundredths of a degree.” And physicist Lubos Motl: “Please laugh out loud when someone will be telling you that it was the warmest year.” --OK.. it's this easy to see why they claim it was the warmest year. In the 1990's, Nazi war criminal who later became Pope John Paul II sought out Al Gore to push a climate change agenda so as to have the tools in place that will allow them to later claim Sabbath keepers are causing all the soon to come (now here) calamities. But Al Gore, having a 50/50 chance at guessing right, messed up. Science and simple reality any one with 2 or more working brain cells can attest to, we are not "warming" at all. We are actually getting colder on planet earth. But.. too much work has been done to push the arming hoax, too many laws passed to enforce their money making schemes, and too many nations are now paying into the new international restrictions set up by the Pope ..er..um.. Al Gore, and so the lie has to be shored up daily now. So, NASA scientists had to do as commanded to help the present Jesuit Pope with his "climate change" agenda. I guess Hell has to literally freeze over before some under their thumb can see the truth? I agree with Meteorologist John Coleman and others who said, "it’s time to dump the theory." But.. they will never do that unless they can find a way to keep their climate change agenda intact while doing so.

18/01/2015 13:49:27
Study Shows Volcanoes May Be Causing Global Cooling

"But while scientists may have arrived at a consensus that our planet is warming, according to a new study published this week, some of the warming effects have been offset by small volcanic eruptions over the last decade. The vast quantities of ash and gases ejected from the volcanoes have had a remarkable cooling effect on the climate, by blocking solar radiation." --We live in an age of lying, but sometimes the truth is so obvious the liars are forced to change their story, as we see the Pope and Al Gore may be doing soon. Or.. is it they have already started with this article? But even then, with their change of plans comes the need to tell new lies to cover their old tracks. Case in point; we were told repeatedly since the 90's scientists were at "a consensus that our planet is warming" That's a lie in and of itself. Plenty of ethical scientists claimed otherwise, but the liars in the news media, politics and academia suppressed their voices because truth would interfere with the Vatican's new world order (NWO) agenda. In the 2nd to last paragraph of this article you'll read about these lie-entists admitting the planet has been cooling for 15 years. And we're expected to believe they're just now figuring that out?! I'm no PhD, but I can read a thermometer; when temperatures drop that means it isn't getting warmer - duh! They have to admit all this because they realize humans have skin that registers c-c-c-old. Especially here in the m-m-midwest where the p-p-polar v-v-vortex keeps visiting us. So, to cover their tracks, even though they have been saying all along for the last 15 years that it's been getting warmer, that it's been getting colder? And it's all because of "about a dozen small volcanic eruptions" over the last 15 years causing this. Really? So in 15 years we're only getting one small eruption worldwide on an average of 1.25 per year? Folks, volcanic activity has been literally off the charts in these last days, but the leaders of the NWO at the Vatican declared in 1998 that the end of the world is still far off, so their puppets have to preach peace and safety too. Fact is, volcanoes are going to play a major part in the last seven plagues, which are much closer than most think. Jesus really does comes as a "thief in the night" for those unprepared!

18/01/2015 13:49:30
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

17 latest victims of the religion of peace * VIDEO: Parents aghast! School films girls changing clothes * For N.Korea, never too soon to start brainwashing * VIDEO: Gunman opens fire at Florida mall * Prosecutor: Mother set newborn on fire on New Jersey road * VIDEO: Muslim protesters burn churches in Niger; shout 'Down with France' * Pope FEARS storm and runs to leave his flock in danger * VIDEO: ‘We are fed up’: Thousands hit Berlin streets for anti-TTIP, GMO demonstration * VIDEO: 'No more backdoors': US, allies use terrorism panic to push global surveillance policy * VIDEO: Could it be worse? Paralyzed man in prison for gun possession

16/01/2015 14:02:54
VIDEO: Pope demands limits on free speech!

--Now that was quick! Just yesterday we saw Obama (under obvious Vatican orders) announce an anti-extremist summit that would be held next month to curb religious comments that they claim cause violence when in fact they expose the dangerous doctrines Rome hopes to get all to bow to as truth. And now we see the Pope demanding in his own "gentle" way that no one should have the right to speak to others about their religion no matter what! Can you guess why he said that? Things are moving REAL FAST now that they have their most recent crisis to build on. (the Paris attack) And yes, I am sure these new "religious laws" will be fast tracked on an international basis. Very soon it will be illegal to speak truth to anyone you meet. Will that stop the Loud Cry? They hope so, but they have no hope at all when it comes to our Lord's already written will. Maranatha!

16/01/2015 14:02:54
'Pleasure activist' teaches sex-ed to 13-year-olds at high school

"A California school district has posted online a defense of its use of Planned Parenthood personnel for public school sex-education courses amid new allegations that one of the workers calls herself a “pleasure activist” and another leads demonstrations at a nearby “sex toy porn shop” called Good Vibrations." --Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a Satanic vile government funded organization that uses all sorts of excuses and "societal current lessons" for children that are truly designed to cause the kids to get pregnant and then become paying customers of theirs so as to make money and yes, kill more babies. There.. I said it. Need I say more? Well.. maybe just one more thing. Why does this woman claim to be a "pleasure activist?" It has to do with one of the final prophesied events of today's society. Click here to see what I mean. Students of prophecy have been expecting this for literally decades.

16/01/2015 14:02:54
Germany Proposes 'Jihadi Identity Card'

"Despite confiscating passports, Germany has found Jihadists have still been able to leave the country to fight and get training abroad by using their Federal identity cards, so the state has proposed to replace them, with specially designed ‘Jihadi’ cards... Because the cards are valid travel documents, Germany has seen a number of suspected terrorists who have already had their passports revoked easily slip away to Turkey, with whom Germany has a borders agreement... Jihadists are not the only minority group in German society who could be targeted by the introduction of segregated identity cards." --Kind of reminds me of Nazi German with their issuing of "papers" to all citizens. It always starts off as a good idea to curb criminals and then, everyone else is expected to participate. What am I getting at? Minorities like Sabbath keeping Christians will no doubt be issued ID cards as well. Before Sabbath keeping Christians are fully banned from buying and selling on the open market, the powers-that-be could use something like this to harass and deny Sabbath keepers all kinds of freedoms or services. Yes, they could claim it was all due to gremlins in the system or human error, but have you seen the proposed Real ID cards of the not so distant past? That's right! They demand you list your religiosity on that card! Having it there will cause prejudice by many. Don't believe me? Have you seen how homosexuals treat Christian business owners lately? Cards like this can and will frighten some of the weaker Christians into giving up. The Mother of all Harlots proves once again how crafty she is by using her Islamic sect to attack Christians in ways the lukewarm church won't recognize. Only obedient Christians have the blessing of wisdom from on High that grants them eyes that see, and only by remaining obedient will you continue to discern the stumbling blocks Rome throws your way. This one is pretty obvious; but again, Jesus does promise in Matthew 24:24 that the elect cannot be deceived. So.. stay in the Word and stay on your knees.

16/01/2015 14:02:53
Christianity Is Exploding in China

"There’s nothing secret about Chongyi Church, one of the largest in China. Its lighted steeple and giant cross penetrate the night sky of Hangzhou, the capital of coastal Zhejiang Province." --Ignoring the Pagan steeple and Roman cross, the picture of their procession in the streets depict Roman Catholicism and not Christianity. But then, most believe they are one in the same. This is why Islam hates Christians so much. They think Christians killed them in the Crusades when in fact it was Roman Catholic prelates that slaughtered them. There's no getting around historic fact.

16/01/2015 14:38:32
Ash plume from underwater volcano off Tonga cancels flights and turns sea red

"An underwater volcano off Tonga was spewing ash high into the air on Tuesday, causing several carriers to suspend air travel to the South Pacific island nation and turning the surrounding ocean blood red, residents and officials said." --OK, in one violent event we see three harbingers being illustrated here. Plagues number two and three with the bloody waters, and plague number five with the darkened skies. And yes, I am sure many will look at all this as normal because their scientific leaders say it is. Scientists have even come up with some very strange but expected lies about bloody waters showing up in rivers, lakes streams and oceans. I recall years ago reading about one "scientist" that claimed "Pfiesteria piscicida", the one celled micro-organism turning H20 blood red, was an alien lifeform. Amazing eh? And I am sure they will soon declare the increased volcanic eruptions as the norm soon as well. But what many fail to realize is, their lies were also prophesied, and the numerous unnatural events occurring the world over, from animals dying to thousands of strange natural disasters, it won't be too long before many start to see the lies for what they are. Lies.

16/01/2015 14:02:53
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

How Evangelicals Are Changing Their Minds on Gay Marriage * Death threats! Will FEC disclosure make citizens a target? * VIDEO: O'Reilly jumps on WND terror-training camp report * Europe’s Leading Rabbi: Jews Must Begin Carrying Guns * FYI: Zombie Cookie: The Tracking Cookie That You Can’t Kill * Russia's 'Nazi' Postal Uniforms Create Internet Buzz * VIDEO: Blown away: Woman catches Miami PD using her brother’s mugshot for target practice * VIDEO: Luxury missile silo condos promise more than mere survival in apocalypse * VIDEO: Oklahoma carries out its first execution since botched one * Most Americans Who Got This Season's Flu Shot Could Get Sick Anyway * Unprecedented Earthquake in Playa del Carmen and Tulum * VIDEO: Roman Catholic Churches open their doors to undocumented immigrants

15/01/2015 12:33:13
VIDEO: Charlie Hebdo Writer Holds Up Muhammed Cover on Sky News; Network Cuts Away and Apologizes

"Hebdo writer Caroline Fourest appeared Wednesday evening on SkyNews to tout her magazine’s hot-selling post-attack issue, with cover art showing Muhammed holding up a “Je Suis Charlie” sign and a caption reading “All Is Forgiven.” ...the photographer panned upwards and then SkyNews immediately returned back to studio. The anchor then explained the decision to cut away: “We at SkyNews have chosen not to show that cover, so we’d appreciate it, Caroline, not showing that.” “I do apologize,” the anchor continued, “for any of our viewers who may have been offended by that.” --OK, here's the thing. Check out this Mediaite News report from back in 2011 where Stephen Colbert blasphemes Jesus Christ on camera in numerous ways as well as poke fun at Vatican dogma. And yes, Stephen Colbert is, and I quote, "A devout Roman Catholic." During his "Dorito" comedy skit this man even went so far as to claim Jesus "snackrificed himself for us" and then claimed that the demonic Vatican dogma of transubstantiation would also mean "Jesus could be a Dorito" for Catholics to partake at Mass so as to increase attendance. Now here's the thing.. That entire video was aired on the very same website wherein they boldly prevent a mockery of Mohammed on camera and even apologized for allowing it to 'mistakenly' happen on their broadcast! That being said.. have you noticed that Christianity has become legal to mock but Islam illegal? And why is that? I will be making a video about that today. I will post it later on my YouTube page and John1429.org.

15/01/2015 12:33:13
Muslim Leaders to Hold ‘Stand with the Prophet’ Rally in Texas

"Muslim leaders from across America will gather in Texas this weekend to hold the annual Stand With the Prophet in Honor and Respect conference, a weekend forum that is being billed as a “movement to defend Prophet Muhammad, his person, and his message,” according to event information." --Seriously?! In a nation that apparently still holds the highest population of people claiming to be Christians we see Muslims, who are right now killing a Christian every two minutes, being honored in Texas?! Are you kidding me?! One would think the President of this Christian nation would have something to say about that. Oh.. wait a minute... that's right... He actually approves and uplifts the Muslim faith 100%.

15/01/2015 12:33:13
VIDEO: Secrets for Sale at Slur: 'Whistleblowers should be paid for risks'

"Leaking top-secret information and staying anonymous is hard enough. But what about making profit of it? Well, it might be easier then you think. An anonymous online bitcoin marketplace will open soon, where registered users can put up for sale all types of information. And whoever bids the most, wins it..." --Right off the bat I see two major problems with a publicly known whistleblowing portal. #1, who's to say the information won't be bogus and spewed forth just to make a buck? Those on the bad end of the blown whistle can use the idea that it's all a lie for some whistleblower to make money. #2, one can see how big government can benefit greatly by setting up whistleblowing portals that appears to be a way to protect the whistleblower, but in reality is a way for them to track down those they fear the most. In any event.. like preaching the Word of God, one has to make the decision; is it a career, or is it a calling? Is it the money that motivates you to go forth, or is it the truth? ...In short.. things are speeding up just as expected.

15/01/2015 12:33:13
Concerning Report Finds Monsanto Chemical in Hospital Feeding Tubes

"New lab report testing carried out by Moms Across America has found the world’s number one herbicide, glyphosate, to be in feeding tube liquid which is given to babies and children who are in need of nutrition in intensive care." --It's obvious the people in charge of the medical system have no other agenda than to sicken people at the youngest age possible so they'll become sources of constant income from birth to death. Lives will be cut short, but as long as those lives are spent buying drugs or visiting overpriced hospitals, who cares right? It's all about the bottom line now isn't? Kinda reminds me of the Mafia's favored comment before killing one of their own, "You understand don't you? It's just business." Pumping weed-killer into babies proves the love of money trumps the love for our fellow human beings. Love for each other has waxed so cold it's frozen rock solid. Yes I know most people in the so-called healthcare industry think they are helping people. And some aspects of healthcare are legit and quite needful. However those who know they're doing harm, but rationalize it so they can stick around for a paycheck, I can't even fathom how horrible it will be when the LORD recompenses them for their dirty deeds on the day of His vengeance. Which by the way is racing towards us at breakneck speed.

15/01/2015 12:33:13
Additional articles confirming the TIME OF THE END we now live in

Axed for his Christianity, fire chief fights back * Kindergarten perp: School backs off handcuffed 4-year-old * Muslim call to prayer to sound at Duke University * Proposed LGBT club prompts new Rankin school policy * I am a Marxist, Dalai Lama says * VIDEO: Boy, 3, beaten for eating last piece of cheesecake * Lawyer Who Drafted Roe vs. Wade: “Use Abortion to Eliminate Poor People” * VIDEO: N.C. town sued over sculpture of soldier with cross agrees to remove it * Immigrants can now get Mexican birth certificates in US * VIDEO: Investigation Continues Into Suburban Crematorium, Office * Let Me Die, Chinese Mother Says as Cancer Threatens Bankruptcy * VIDEO: Fire 'n' Iceland: Volcanic Holuhraun lava field bigger than Manhattan * Britain’s GCHQ Domestic Spying Apparatus to be granted Greater Surveillance Powers after Paris Attacks * You Won’t Believe How Much Pesticide You’re Eating Every Day

14/01/2015 15:23:32
VIDEO: Obama Declares Anti Extremism Summit

--This is what students of prophecy have been waiting for. Not too long ago, the faith of the obedient Christian was tagged "extremist" and even "hateful" by many in the media because we refuse to bow to the worldly churches that claim Allah is God and homosexual marriage is ok. With this new and long expected unjust law will come a "legal" way for the powers that be to deal with those that choose to obey God rather than man. Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?! If not, click here.