01/10/2014 13:50:44 Muslim Brotherhood inside the Obama administration
"Retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney, who served as both assistant vice chief of staff and commander in chief of U.S. Air Forces Europe, has surprised interviewers on a radio program by confirming the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood inside the U.S. government." --If you think this is all anti-Obama hype, and you really don't think the man is a Muslim, click here for a growing compilation of facts on my site that has numerous articles, videos and pics confirming, he's not only a Muslim, he is working directly with the author of the Islamic faith, the Roman Catholic church.

01/10/2014 13:50:44 Ex-Swiss guard complains of sexual advances in Vatican
"For almost 500 years, young men from all over Switzerland have made the trek to Rome to guard the pope as Swiss guards. Now a former member of the elite division has revealed that, besides protecting the pontiff, he spent his two years in the Vatican rebuffing unwanted sexual advances from priests, bishops and even a high-ranking cardinal. The unnamed guard told a Swiss newspaper that he was the subject of 20 “unambiguous sexual requests/" --Do you believe Christian prophecy? If so, see what the prophet Daniel said about the prelates of Rome. He said in Daniel 11:37, "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all." This is why most churches don't preach or teach prophecy anymore. They are protecting the man of sin in Rome.

01/10/2014 13:50:44 Vatican denies pope is open to recognition of gay civil unions
"The Vatican on Sunday denied Italian media reports that recent comments by Pope Francis signaled his openness to the legal recognition of same-sex unions in Italy." --This is actually an easy to conform lie of the Vatican. Click here and you will see over 1.3 million articles confirming that as a Cardinal in Argentina, the present Pope did in fact support homosexual civil unions in a big way! Now do you see why they have been making plans since 2008 to effectively censor the Internet? Truth is, they're already censor my site, and how many of us have come across articles or videos where a pop up states, "this video is not available in your country." The fix is in. All they need to do is flick the big switch. Until they do.. spread the word and print out as much as you can on to paper.

01/09/2014 14:44:14 Obama DOJ pick: Global edict 'law of the land'
“Debo Adegbile, President Obama’s nominee to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, wants U.S. judges to ensure “customary international law” is “the law of the land.” Adegbile also was party to an effort funded by billionaire George Soros to push for a new, “progressive” U.S. Constitution. ... Sunstein has also been pushing for a new socialist-style U.S. bill of rights.” –Still think the prophecy concerning the shredding of the US Constitution is bogus? It’s no mistake we see every country in the world changing their constitutions under direction of the Pope. Religious laws, which will lead to Sunday Laws, must be drafted into each Constitution across the globe if the Antichrist in Rome is going to be able to enforce his mark. You may also want to see this video I did a few weeks ago about the certain demise of the US Constitution. They are making plans right now to do away with it. We are that close to the end!

01/09/2014 14:44:14 Texas megachurch pastor: Obama is paving the way for the Antichrist
“Although President Obama is certainly not the Antichrist, his policies are paving the way for the Antichrist,” wrote Jeffress in a press release for the book." --Anyone with basic knowledge of the Antichrist and the society he prefers to reveal himself to knows this. So it's no big revelation. What this 501c3 pastor fails to mention is what real students of prophecy have known all along. Obama is nothing more than a puppet of the Vatican. It is Rome that is paving the way for long prophesied in your face apparition of the Antichrist, and since America is the world's foremost superpower, and under Satan's thumb, they will pave the way through this nation. In fact, prophecy goes into great detail as to America's spiritual demise that sets the stage for Antichrist. One other thing most will miss here is how apparent it is that this so called pastor is a career man. Notice "his about page" on his website. It reads more like a bio for a politician on campaign as well as a resume for someone seeking a career in public speaking in Hollywood. The fact he brags about his 11,000 member church suggests it's all about the man that fills this church to capacity and not the Creator who promises to fill the hearts of man to capacity so as to ready them for eternity.

01/08/2014 13:20:36 Obama to be 'president' even when term ends
"Will President Obama be treated as if he’s still running America even after his term expires? The answer is a guaranteed yes, according to Rush Limbaugh, the nation’s most-listened-to radio broadcaster. Obama’s announcement that he plans to continue to reside in Washington, D.C., when his term ends was mostly ignored during the Christmas news cycle." --I agree with Limbaugh on this, but he may be missing another toss of the coin when it comes to Obama's desire to remain as president, or actually rule as dictator. Back in May of 2009 I did a Newsletter wherein I show a Bill (H.J. Res.5) that was brought before Congress that is passed effectively removes term limits on US Presidents. That means, Obama could actually become Dictator. All Obama needs to do to guarantee a third term is to distract the American people with another false flag attack and promote himself as the protector of the people during his manufactured crisis. Kind of the way Bush did it with 911, only with more permanence. And if the crisis is bad enough he can declare martial law which will suspend all elections. He can then appeal to the people and say it's best he stays in office during this critical time. Will he do it? No clue, no care. But he has stated on record, as Limbaugh says here, that he has no intention of leaving DC after 2016. Truth is, even if Obama doesn't do this, the next president can do it because all the tools needed to get that Bill passed are already in place. In short, as Rome has been demanding all along; America will become a Socialist nation and its president a Dictator. And before you email me, no, I do not promote Rush Limbaugh at all. It's just that he's the one chiming in here. I don't promote or support any political party whatsoever. Never have, never will. After all, I am a citizen of Heaven as long as I stay obedient to its Laws.

01/08/2014 13:20:36 Atheists Donate Thousands to Former SDA Pastor, Ryan Bell
"Ryan Bell, a former pastor who lost all his jobs after announcing he will experiment with atheism for a year, is currently getting overwhelming financial support from atheists and others after revealing in the fourth day of his controversial experiment that he was running out of money." --Since I did a video about this SDA pastor becoming an Atheist a few days ago, some SDA's emailed me claiming this pastor was "let go" from the SDA church over a year ago. But if you go to this article and even to his blog, you will see he announced his Atheistic plans on January 1 of this year. He then stated on his blog that by January 3, he was fired by the church. The reason I post this is to illustrate how the SDA church has lost its First Love. Not only are the pastors promoting everything from homosexual marriage and now Atheism as worthy of embrace, as expected when you ignore the Lord, we now see the people within the church being easily moved by the enemy of souls to use lies to defend their church. No, I don't accuse those that emailed me, because they probably only echoed their pastors who lied to them without checking into it. In any event, apostasy, when left unchecked, will spread like cancer all throughout the congregation. This is why Jesus clearly said to "come out of her" when her fruits became tainted with apostasy. Prophecy said the SDA church would fall, and so it has. Pray for them.

01/07/2014 14:42:33 Group unveils Satan statue design for Oklahoma
"The New York-based Satanic Temple formally submitted its application to a panel that oversees the Capitol grounds, including an artist's rendering that depicts Satan as Baphomet, a goat-headed figure with horns, wings and a long beard that's often used as a symbol of the occult. In the rendering, Satan is sitting in a pentagram-adorned throne with smiling children next to him." --No I am not posting this article because I think Satanists will be able to lure people into Hell with them with this ridiculous statue. I post it so you can see what I've been saying about the Roman Catholic church for decades. It is a Satanic church masquerading as Christian to lure people into Hellfire, and the prelates who run this church believe they will rule in Hell with Satan. Not only has the Vatican been caught red-handed holding Satanic masses inside Vatican walls recently, they have also proven to all with eyes that see they are in agreement with Satanism on a doctrinal level. It is only the Catholic and Satanic church where we see the use of candles, and this includes colorful ones, as well as black ones, both use symbols of Baal, both use black robes, both wear black clothing outside the church, both use inverted crosses, both use the image of lightning bolts in worship, both use serpent imaging and crosiers, both use tridents, both use the coptic shell, both have the eye of horus (Satan) images painted and carved throughout their churches, both call their gatherings a "mass", both use chants and incantations in worship, both use ritual daggers, chalices, and icons, both use statues, both use human skulls in worship, both use crucifixes, both use pentagrams, swastikas and other strange symbolism, both use miters, both use beaded prayer chains, both use sandalwood incense, both have sacrificial services, both have a "victim" in the mass, and both use demonic hand signals, which by the way is why I posted the article. Look at the hands of the statue the Satanists want to use. As some of you know, I made a flash animation some years ago wherein I show how the Vatican's use of Paganistic symbolism in their worship just like the Satanist. Click here for the section of the animation wherein you can clearly see the Popes of Rome using the exact same three finger salute of Satan.

01/07/2014 14:42:33 Italy court overturns paedophile conviction because girl, 11, was 'in love'
"Italy's highest court has overturned the conviction of a 60-year-old man for having sex with an 11-year-old girl, because the verdict failed to take into account their "amorous relationship." --First of all I am not surprised this happened in Italy, the home of the Vatican, and I'm not surprised it's happening now while pedophilia is gaining support in the media. If nothing else will convince some that Jesus is soon in coming, perhaps this will? One can only hope.

01/06/2014 13:29:36 A new, and unlikely, powerful voice in Washington: The Pope

"Shortly before leaving the Capitol for the holiday recess, Senate Democrats gathered behind closed doors to lay out an agenda for 2014. When the majority leader, Harry Reid, exhorted colleagues to "deal with the issue of income inequality," the talk took a spiritual turn. "You know," declared Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., who caucuses with Democrats, "we have a strong ally on our side in this issue - and that is the pope."  --Yes, as students of both prophecy and historic record, we in the remnant church have expected this. Especially because of the fact this Pope is a Jesuit. Reason being is, the Jesuits run Georgetown University in Washington DC where men like Clinton were trained in political science, have been educated to push the Vatican agenda. This means their plans put forth in writing back in 1930 are right on track! They stated, "The old Protestant culture is about at the end of its rope... Why can't we make the U.S. Catholic in legislation, Catholic in justice, aims and ideals?" -Father F. X. Talbot, editor of America, official jesuit magazine for the U.S. statement in New York Globe Dec. 14, 1930

01/06/2014 13:29:36 Pedophilia the next 'sexual-rights' revolution?

"The underlying assumption that has led to the increasing legitimization of same-sex marriage is now fueling a growing effort in academic circles to mainstream pedophilia." --This will work to legalize pedophilia because by the time it reaches the courts, I am sure polygamy will have already been legalized. As many of you know that have been following the site over the years, as students of prophecy we’ve known all along that homosexual marriage was going to be legalized so as to assure pedophilia will be as well. But, as we also stated, polygamy would have to legalized first because society simply isn’t ready for legalize child molestation. So, as we have seen in the News lately, there have been all sorts of pro-polygamy articles, videos, cover stories, and just recently we saw a major TV network planning a reality show based on a polygamist family. Yes, that’s illegal, but we are in the last days wherein, if the leaders want it, they will purposely look the other way when laws are broken so as to garner public support.

01/06/2014 13:29:36 Conservatives are afraid of pope’s ‘pure Christianity,’ not ‘pure Marxism’
"They’re not really afraid of ‘pure Marxism,’” Cahill said, quoting one of Limbaugh’s complaints. “They might be more afraid of ‘pure Christianity,’ which it sounds to me like what he’s spouting.” --Does anyone read Bibles anymore? It appears they don't even read History books for that matter. No Mr Cahill, historic, well documented and even admitted fact is, the Roman Catholic church is not a Christian church. As prophesied by our Lord, the leaders in Rome embrace just over 86% Paganism. truth is, they have admitted same in writing. That being said, the Pope is not "spouting pure Christianity" at all Mr Cahill. He's spouting pure Catholicism.

01/05/2014 14:40:05 Texas library offers glimpse of bookless future
"All-digital libraries have been on college campuses for years. But the county, which runs no other libraries, made history when it decided to open BiblioTech. It is the first bookless public library system in the country, according to information gathered by the American Library Association." --This can be a bit of a problem for those of us exposing Antichrist and his fruits of the past that match his fruits of today. Well, it's more of an annoyance than anything else. Why? The Vatican has been known to rewrite books and even burn or rewrite Bibles to hide their long prophesied identity for hundreds of years. But there were always thousands of books tucked away in attics and other dusty regions wherein they just couldn't reach. And yes, they have altered history by their lies. Even the schools of today have fictitious history lessons that are wildly different than when I was a student. And even back then they had all sorts of changes in them. Worse yet, theological books have also been altered by Rome so as to keep the masses ignorant of their past. For example, most Christians today believe the great tribulation is still in the future because Rome erased the fact they killed 500,000,000 Christians during their 1260 prophesied reign of terror. Now that books are starting to find their way to a digital format, it will be childishly easy for them to erase comments, articles, and any other evidence against them in modern books and News reports by simply editing them digitally from their central location. No, they don't have a central library yet, But I am sure they will soon so as to have the ability to do so from one location wherein all libraries tap in to the books globally. They can edit one book and all the libraries the world over will be "updated." Still.. truth is truth and it will be made known no matter what. It may just be a tad bit more difficult to do so with some is all. Thing is, we are promised that the elect can't be deceived, so that number headed to heaven will stay intact. Sadly, the majority out there don't really want the truth anyway. They prefer to live in denial of the confirmed facts displayed all around them. This digital library that can be built on a foundation of lies will be utopia that prefer sin over eternal life.

01/05/2014 14:40:04 Constitution 'exemption' zone spans 100 miles inland of US border– judge
"A US federal judge has reaffirmed an Obama administration policy granting officials the authority to search Americans' laptops, citing a controversial premise that makes citizens within 100 miles of the border eligible for a police check." --Was it not prophesied the US Constitution would be nullified? Today, it's ignored by police that set up "free speech zones" in cities with visiting dignitaries, and now it's 100 miles deep on any US border. Tomorrow, it will be completely re-written coast to coast as we have already seen by watching what they're doing right now in Virginia. See this video when you get time.

01/05/2014 14:40:04 Wikileaks founder Julian Assange derides Catholic confessional system
"Wikileaks founder Julian Assange stirred a new controversy this week when he denounced the Catholic Church's confessional system as a means to spy on its congregants for the sake of power." --He's 100% correct. In fact, the confessional was originally designed by Rome to spy on kings and queens that "confessed" certain political crimes so as to allow Rome the upper hand without the victim (confessee) ever realizing he or she just gave the Vatican information that allowed them to be overthrown. The fact Scripture declares confessing to man your sins in the hopes of forgiveness was blasphemous. Had those confessing to priests decided to read their Bibles they would have known the priests were liars and actually one of the many Antichrists prophecy says will be spawned by the prelates of Rome. Click here for more info about the Roman Catholic confessional doctrine.

01/03/2014 13:27:43 Pope calls for global solidarity in New Year blessing
"We all have a responsibility to act so that the world may be a community of brothers who respect each other, who accept their diversity and who take care of one another," the pope said on Catholic World Peace Day." --This is exactly what prophecy says Antichrist will do. Especially in the last days! The actual definition of "solidarity" is, "A union of interests, purposes, or sympathies among members of a group; fellowship of responsibilities and interests." But the Word of God says not to join with those that are outside the faith. You can verify that in Amos 3:3, 1 Corinthians 15:33, 2 Corinthians 6:14,17, 2 Thessalonians 3:6,14 and James 4:4. Thing is, most are unaware that the prophet Daniel when speaking of Antichrist said that "through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand." Daniel 8:25. It can't be said any plainer than that.

01/03/2014 13:27:43 Frozen Out: 98% of Stories Ignore That Ice-bound Ship Was On Global Warming Mission
"The Russian ship, Akademic Shokalskiy, was stranded in the ice while on a climate change research expedition, yet nearly 98 percent of network news reports about the stranded researchers failed to mention their mission at all. Forty out of 41 stories (97.5 percent) on the network morning and evening news shows since Dec. 25 failed to mention climate change had anything to do with the expedition. In fact, rather than point out the mission was to find evidence of climate change, the networks often referred to the stranded people as “passengers,” “trackers” and even “tourists,” without a word about climate change or global warming." --This is what happens when you lie. Sooner or later the lie will be exposed, and you end up with egg on your shirt. After all, it is written in Proverbs 19:5 that "A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape."

01/03/2014 13:27:43 DePaul the first Catholic university to offer LGBTQ minor
"The president spoke, and we were blown away, mostly upon hearing that DePaul was the first Catholic university in the country that had an LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) studies program. Here was a priest speaking in public about the need to support a curriculum that honors the historic oppression of this community. We were blown away." --I must say that I am not in the least surprised at this. First Obama, a puppet of Rome sanctions homosexual marriage. Then the present Pope does it, who by the way has been pro-homosexual for decades. And now many Catholic universities are puffing up their chests with pride that they are following the leader of their Pope by embracing homosexuality as well? So sad.. By the way, when Jesus returns the term "blown away" won't quite have the same meaning for most.

01/02/2014 13:56:38 Malaysia's Islamic authorities seize Bibles as Allah row deepens
"Islamic authorities in Malaysia on Thursday seized 321 Bibles from a Christian group because they used the word Allah to refer to God, signaling growing intolerance that may inflame ethnic and religious tension in the Southeast Asian country." --This is not the first time we've seen articles like this. Muslims are openly declaring the so called Christian pastors and Vatican prelates are lying when they say Allah is the Christian God. Amazing isn't it? This is what happens when you lie. Sooner or later you are eventually caught in that lie. Thing is, the SDA church and the Roman Catholic church were caught lying about the Christian God sooner than they had hoped. That being said.. if you're a Catholic, SDA or any other denomination that claims Allah is the Christian God, do you really want to stay in such a church that claims the fallen angel, or "god" of this world, who uses the name "Allah" at present, that's actually killing your brothers and sisters in the faith to the tune of 1 every 2 minutes is the Christian God of the Bible? If spiritual common sense evades these pastors so easily, how can you trust them to preach the more powerful truths in the Word? In other words, the long prophesied call in Revelation 14:6-12 and 18:1-4 is now becoming quite loud don't you think? I mean, if you can't hear that call by now with all the prophetic facts laid out before you, you may never hear it.

01/02/2014 13:56:38 Obama backed wrong side in Syria
"Thanks to Barack Obama, all Americans have innocent blood on their hands because of his decision to support Christian-killing terrorists in Syria with weapons purchased with U.S. taxpayer dollars. After threatening to use U.S. military force to topple Syria’s Bashar Assad, Obama backed off and sent weapons to Muslim Brotherhood rebels pledged to overthrow him. Those forces have been routed by al-Qaida and its allies and all the weapons the U.S provided have been captured." --He also sent $1.2 Billion to the Muslim brotherhood in March of 2012. That being said, have you ever asked yourself this question? Is Obama a Muslim? Click here to find out.

01/02/2014 13:56:37 Va. lawmaker introduces mental health bills
"A Montgomery County lawmaker has proposed changes to Virginia's laws on holding people involuntarily for evaluation and treatment in psychiatric emergencies." --With all the hatred of Christians in today's society, this type of law will be very troubling for some Christians who are tagged "insane" by the powers that be simply because they choose to obey God rather than man. Over the years we've seen Christian parents lose their children to foster homes for their faith as well as some families fleeing their home countries because their government seeks to jail them for wanting to homeschool their children. We know some of us will be "detained" by authorities and some will be jailed for crimes we never committed in the coming days. Still.. not to worry obedient ones. Even John the apostle was banished to a leper colony for his faith. So remember "my brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;  Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience." (James 1:2,3) Truth is, while on the Isle of Patmos, the Lord Jesus visited John the apostle often in vision. In fact, the book of Revelation was penned during that trying time. If for nothing else, being "detained" will actually allow for some Christians to better focus in His truth so as to build their relationship in the Lord.

01/01/2014 13:29:29 The true Sabbath under attack as prophesied!

 The following headlines are articles I never posted due to their repetitiveness. I've already commented on these types of topics wherein Sabbath is twisted to look like it's on Sunday. Below is just that last 5 months' worth of articles. So.. as promised, here they are. By the way, the newer headlines are at the bottom.

Sabbath-morning soccer game isn't keeping it holy - Predictions Sunday trading will surpass Saturday - 'Holy war' breaks out over Sabbath elevator - Vacationing with God - 100 Years Of Sunday Baseball In Nebraska - Sunday laws - Is mowing on Sunday a fast track to hell? - God put the Sabbath there for a reason, use it - Jesus didn’t mow on Sunday - Patras Metropolitan: No Sunday Work - Keep holy the Sabbath - Keeping Holy the Sabbath Day - Greek retail workers protest Sunday shopping rules  - Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister: Get Off Facebook!  (A Digital Sabbath) - Christians seek time off for Sunday services in Johor - Jesus’ Eager Desire: Our Participation in the Sunday Mass - Poles Apart – Proposed Ban On Sunday Retail Work - High court reaffirms ban on Sunday shopping - Sunday ban on door-to-door salesmen - Christians have a right not to work on Sunday, court decides - Working on Sunday - How to Keep Holy the Sabbath Amid Youth Sports Schedules - Failing to protect Sunday as non North West race day erodes Christian principles - France adopts cautious approach to more Sunday trading - The M&S pork and champagne row raises the matter of Sunday trading - Fight looms in Norway over Sunday shopping - Shopping or not on Sundays in France

01/01/2014 13:29:30 Abe says Japan's pacifist constitution may be revised by 2020
"Japan's nationalist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said the country's pacifist post-World War II constitution which limits its military to self-defence could be amended by 2020. In a New Year comment published in the conservative daily Sankei Shimbun on Wednesday, Abe predicted the constitution "will have been revised" by 2020 when Tokyo hosts the Summer Olympics." --If you study prophecy as well as current events, you know they will first of all rewrite their Constitution to allow for Sunday Laws, as have all the other countries that have been forced to change their Constitutions by Rome either causing war or economic downfalls. And yes, it does appear their being "picked" to host the 2020 Olympics was their "reward" for agreeing to change their Constitution. The fact they "promise" to ratify the changes by that date throws up many red flags. Also notice how the media has kept it very quiet about all the counties in the last 5 years that have bowed to Rome and changed their Constitutions to reflect Vatican dogma. It's no coincidence so many nations agreed in such a short time span to do something that all throughout history most nations have never if ever rarely done before. Changing a Constitution is a drastically rare event. So why is it so many nations have done so in just the last few years? It has to do with the Pope's prophesied New World Order.

01/01/2014 13:29:30 Pope Francis: Church can't 'interfere' with homosexuals
"Pope Francis said the church has the right to express its opinions but not to "interfere spiritually" in the lives of gays and lesbians, expanding on explosive comments he made in July about not judging homosexuals. ...The church has sometimes locked itself up in small things," the pope said, "in small-minded rules." --To say the church must not interfere with homosexuals is to deny the Gospel message wherein we are to warn everyone about the coming of the Lord and the need for repentance. Worse yet, for a religious leader to say what he said overwhelmingly exposes him as being very angry and even hateful towards Jesus Christ and His written Word. But then, being students of prophecy, that's something we've all known about Popes for decades now.

31/12/2013 14:29:15 Muslim and Catholic youth united on Staten Island to feed the homeless
"Building on the shared religious teachings of social justice and eschewing a worldwide trend of conflict, Muslim and Roman Catholic teens cooked together on a recent Sunday at the Staten Island Interfaith Stew for the Homeless in Tompkinsville." --Was it a selfless act? Or was it a political public relations ploy so as to gain more acceptance for Islam among the nations? Click here and see that yes, the Pope is all about pushing Islam into society so as to have the tools needs for the prophesied beheading of Christians that refuse the Popes mark.

31/12/2013 14:29:15 Pope enjoys 88% popularity in US, CNN poll shows
"The CCN/ORC International poll found that 88% of Americans approve of the Pope’s performance. Similar survey results in other countries suggest that the Pontiff is the world’s most popular religious leader today." --CNN can say anything they want, it doesn't make it true. In fact, those of us that study current events know that CNN is pro-Catholic and has already agreed to post calendars on their sites promoting the Pope's Sunday Sabbath as if it's the seventh day, so consider the source. Still, he is popular because the Word of God clearly stated long ago that "all the world wondered after the beast" in Revelation 13:3.

30/12/2013 14:55:09 'This Week' Game Changer Pope Francis is the 'World's Parish Priest'
"What we were after was a good pastor with a track record of solid administration, fatherly warmth, tender care for his sheep, for his people, and boy, we got that on steroids with Pope Francis. He's the world's parish priest," Dolan said." --Do you have to be a prophet to have seen this coming? No, not at all. But you would have to be obedient to the Lord that wrote the prophetic books to be able to see this coming. And so we did. Prophecy clearly states in many areas that Rome would gather all the world's wicked souls under her roof by allowing sin as the norm in the church. And this Pope has done this better than any before him. Everything from pleasing the elite who want a socialist form of global government to their blatant homosexual lifestyle that looks to corrupt the image of God in the eyes of many. This Pope more than most in recent times has portrayed the ultimate spirit of Antichrist! What's worse is the fact that the majority of the lost, Catholic or non-Catholic alike, are very pleased with this man of sin due to his bold sanctification of sin before all. In turn this will make the remnant of her seed stand out that much more in the coming days. So be it. It's not like we weren't warned well in advance so as to prepare for what comes next.

30/12/2013 14:55:08 8 SDA's killed by lightening inside Church
"Lightning has struck a church in Malawi, killing eight worshippers and injuring a number of others. Several members of a Seventh Day Adventist church in the Malawian capital Lilongwe were admitted to hospital. One witness said: “I first heard a loud burst which frightened almost everybody and a few minutes later I just saw a stampede. ...It was not immediately clear whether those injured had been struck by the lightning or were crushed in the panic to escape.” --Prayerfully, those 8 souls were ready to die. One can only hope at this point. Sadly, being in the SDA church as they were; a church that prophecy predicted would fall into the arms of Rome, all this does make one wonder when they will arise. Yes, I understand God's people are scattered throughout all the churches while Revelation 18:1-5 is still being shared in the hopes of calling them out before the plagues begin. But soon that call will end for all eternity, and only the obedient bride will be safe under the wings of the Almighty. While the disobedient will be shaken out of Christ's true church to face eternal damnation. When the last soul makes their choice on earth to deny Jesus as Lord, the plagues will fall and all the lost the world over will die only to be raised 1000 years later to face the second death. On that day, even the most crafty and well written heresy can in no way prevent their long prophesied and eternal demise.

30/12/2013 14:55:08 IRS rule may allow political targeting
"Barack Obama’s Internal Revenue Service was caught this year targeting conservative groups with harassment that included invasive probes into the content of prayers and unwarranted delays. That issue is being worked out in court. But the IRS, nevertheless, remains on the attack, proposing new regulations that would silence the president’s critics." --Perhaps now the laughing will stop among the scoffers that read my Roman Catholic IRS page? One can only hope. As is obvious now, the IRS is now using the exact same tactics of the Inquisitional courts of Rome as well as the Vatican's historically confirmed third Reich with Adolph Hitler.

29/12/2013 15:30:21 Ecumenical interest sparked by Pope Francis' exhortation
"Why is Pope Francis’ recently published Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, or The Joy of the Gospel, causing such interest and excitement far beyond the confines of the Catholic church? What new possibilities does it offer to those engaged in the search for full, visible Christian unity? And can it really usher in a new era of ecumenical springtime, half a century on from the innovations of the Second Vatican Council?" --Yes it will, just as prophecy predicted. The Pope is the main puppet of Satan and many church leaders over the centuries have proclaimed the office of Pope to be Antichrist correctly. The Pope is claiming far and wide that ecumenicalism is a good thing when in fact it's the exact opposite of what the Word of God says in Amos 3:3, 1 Corinthians 15:33, 2 Corinthians 6:14,17, 2 Thessalonians 3:6,14 and James 4:4. How is it that the Pope claims it's ok to join with nonbelievers in worship yet Jesus says we must never do so? It's because the Popes of Rome are in fact ANTICHRIST.

29/12/2013 15:30:21 Boy Scouts open ranks to gay youth on Jan. 1
"Some churches are dropping their sponsorship of Scout units because of the new policy and some families are switching to a new conservative alternative called Trail Life USA. But massive defections haven't materialized and most major sponsors, including the Roman Catholic and Mormon churches, are maintaining ties." --That's right, some churches are breaking ties with the scouts after they announced they would allow homosexuals into the group. But as we see documented in this article, not the Roman Catholic church. Their homosexual agenda is going forward just as smoothly as it has for decades. Now that homosexual marriage is legal, and the Pope is pro-homosexual, it's becoming less taboo to embrace all sorts of sinful abominations now, including homosexuality. So of course, the Pope will keep the donations flowing in to keep the Boy Scouts financed. This will assure more boys will be indoctrinated into their long prophesied perverted lifestyle

27/12/2013 13:29:26 'Angels have no wings': Catholic 'angelologist'
"Angels exist but do not have wings and are more like shards of light, at least according to a top Catholic Church "angelologist" who says the heavenly beings are now back in vogue thanks to New Age religions." --First of all, in the last few decades there have been so many strange statements made by the Vatican that easily proves not one leader in that church seems to have ever opened a Bible to properly study it. And it's no mistake that this "angelologist" is claiming the angels are made only out of light. We know what the Bible says about Satan being an angels of light in 2Corinthians 11:14. Knowing the Vatican and its obsession with sin and even Satanism for that matter, one can easily deduce the only "angels" they communicate with are fallen angels. It's also no mistake they are making this announcement after a so called "angel of light" appeared at the Vatican inspired Promise keepers meeting in Cedar Falls Iowa the other day. But the clincher in all this is that this "angelologist" claims angels have no wings. He obviously needs to see the following verses. Exodus 25:20; 37:9, Ruth 2:12, 2Samuel 22:11, 1Kings 6:27; 8:6,7, 1Chronicles 28:18, 2Chronicles 3:11,13; 5:7,8, Psalm 17:8; 18:10; 36:7; 57:1; 61:4; 63:7; 91:4, Isaiah 6:2; 8:8, Ezekiel 10:5,8,16,19; 11:22, Malachi 4:2.

27/12/2013 13:29:25 Wall Street advisor recommends guns, ammo for protection in collapse
"A top financial advisor, worried that Obamacare, the NSA spying scandal and spiraling national debt is increasing the chances for a fiscal and social disaster, is recommending that Americans prepare a “bug-out bag” that includes food, a gun and ammo to help them stay alive." --Why are so many so called "trusted" advisors suggesting such fearful preparations? It's because of what Christian prophecy stated long ago in Luke 21:26-27, "Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory." Again, not to worry obedient ones, our Lord promised us in 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

27/12/2013 13:29:25 Pope creates Vatican agency to tackle sex abuse
"Pope Francis will establish a special commission to help protect children from sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, the archbishop of Boston announced on Thursday. The move is the pope’s first major initiative to address the abuse of children." --I don't believe it for a minute. Why? Every single Pope in modern time has claimed to do something about the pedophiles. Problem is, it only gets worse with each Pope. In fact, right after John Paul II announced his plans to stop the pedophiles in the Vatican, he immediately opposed the zero tolerance the American Bishops installed in 2002 and allowed the molestations to flourish. The fact the Vatican just refused to give the UN details on the ongoing sex abuse confirms it's business as usual in the Vatican when it comes to allowing child molestation. What they don't tell the people is, the Didache Documents of 60AD show that the founders of this prophesied evil church had a problem with pedophiles thousands of years ago! But because people live and die on a regular basis and those exposing the Vatican drift away into history, the literal vat of sin in Rome just keeps repeating the same lie with every Pope that they will do something about it. Praise God we are in the very last days. We won't have to listen to or watch this insanity much longer.

26/12/2013 15:21:16 Pope Francis' Christmas message: Let us all unite for peace
"Pope Francis used the first Christmas address of his papacy Wednesday to make a broad call for global peace and an end to violence in Syria and parts of Africa, urging atheists and followers of other religions to join together in this common cause." --He is doing what previous Popes and prelates agreed upon doing back when Vatican II was initiated regarding their antichristian ecumenical plans. But that's nothing compared to the prophetic fact that it says in Daniel 8:25 that the Antichrist in Rome will use peace to destroy many.

26/12/2013 15:21:16 Pope Francis: 'All Religions are True'
"According to Pope Francis, it doesn’t matter whether you are a heteros*xual or a homos*xual, a pro-lifer or pro-choicer, conservative or liberal or even a communist, because they all worship the same divine God and he loves them all." --Not only does this prove this Pope is working directly with Satan more than most Popes in recent times, he is also illustrating he doesn't believe the Christian Bible wherein it says in Psalms 5:5, "The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity." And Jesus said in Luke 13:27, "But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity." What most people are missing here is that prophecy does say Antichrist will gather all religions under one roof. This Pope is helping Satan do just that with comments like this. In so doing by the way, the real Christians will stick out like sore thumbs because the Spirit of the Lord prevents us from joining with the world and all its wickedness. That is obviously Satan's plan to better expose us to those he will move to do us harm. Still, this does not matter because we all saw in Scripture that whenever the obedient people of God were surrounded and overwhelmed by the enemy of souls, it is then our Father's hand moves quite graphically. Today will be no different. Especially when they try to make void His Law in the coming days with their Sunday Laws, for it is also written in Psalms 119:126, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law."

26/12/2013 15:21:16 Al-Azhar University: the Muslim Vatican?
"Al-Azhar University in Cairo has been a highly respected intellectual center for Sunni Islam throughout the Muslim world for more than 1,000 years. It is also an institution heavily involved in Egyptian secular politics. We featured Al-Azhar University last week on "Interfaith Voices" as we continued our "God and Government" series in Egypt. At one point, I asked one of our analysts, Jessica Winegar of Northwestern University, if there were any institution in the world comparable to Al-Azhar. "Maybe the Vatican," she replied." --This should not surprise anyone that has been watching how Rome and Islam have been working hand in hand the last few years. The fact Islam was invented and nurtured by the Vatican makes the obvious end result in Islam being an emulation in how the Vatican, which claims to be a church, is so boldly involved in the politics of the day. Like father like son.

25/12/2013 14:39:24 Bizarre media 'meltdown' over NSA spying
"What’s most dangerous about what is going on is the fact that every time someone picks up their phone, or sends an email, or goes to social media like Facebook, or uses Skype, they now know that the government is watching. And this keeps us from being critical of the government. ...And that’s not just un-American, it’s like the former Soviet Union or China." --I wonder if their technical difficulties mentioned in the article were the work of the NSA? In any event, why do they want to prevent people being from being critical of the government? It's obvious I think. What they're doing most of the time is now illegal and many people know it. But if enough people hear about it they will stop voting and eventually revolt and actually remove them from office physically just as they have in many countries recently. So, they opt rather to use the exact same methods Rome did during the Inquisition to stop people from exposing their prophesied agenda. The fact the US Government is using Vatican tactics also confirms what we've been saying for decades. Rome controls the USA just as the Lord revealed in His prophetic Word. And the mark of that beast is on the very near horizon!

25/12/2013 14:39:24 'Sexual apartheid?' UK universities embroiled in segregation row
"In April this year, the University of Leicester launched an investigation into a public lecture held by its student Islamic society after pictures of signs at the event suggested that men and women were encouraged to sit separately." --That's right, the UK university was caught red handed bowing to Islamic values just as Rome commanded them to do. And if you don't think Rome is behind all this, click here.

25/12/2013 14:39:23 Orthodox clergy claim new Ruble sign like Christ's
"Russia’s new currency symbol has hit a nerve with the Orthodox Christian community, as they say it closely resembles a version of the ancient monogram for Jesus Christ’s name, Chi Rho." --Just to clarify, no, that is not the Christian sign for Jesus. It's Rome's Catholic sign for their Pagan god. In fact, Roman Emperors used that very same symbol on their coins! Truth is, how many of us have seen that symbol atop the ROMAN Catholic churches all our lives? No, it's not the symbol of Christ at all. It's the symbol of Rome confirming they now have Russia in their hip pocket.

24/12/2013 13:50:05 Future credit cards could thwart Target hackers
"The theft of 40 million credit and debit card numbers from Target (TGT) in the middle of the holiday shopping season is renewing pressure on the credit card industry to improve its defenses against fraud. ...Because it's so high-profile and it came along right at this time of year, this could spur U.S. financial institutions to move more quickly." --Coincidence? Not likely. The United States government actually has the technology to create a secure card that can hold all your personal data as well as all your credit cards. And then "suddenly" Target's credit card database gets hacked so as to make a brand new market for their brand new card? Hmmmm. Something smells Dagon here.

24/12/2013 13:50:06 NY School All-in on Trend of All-Digital Textbooks
"We went to digital because it makes for better learning," says Frank Portanova, vice principal at Stepinac. "This is the way kids learn today. And the online content is a lot richer. You've got assessments, you've got virtual labs, you've got blogging." --What he's not saying here is how the digital book idea is a win win for the Vatican. Why? First of all, this is a Roman Catholic "all boy" school that's spearheading this. And it will most assuredly catch on because the Vatican has been infamous in burning books for centuries. They have also been caught actually re-writing books to hide historic facts that expose them as the home of Antichrist. But now thanks to Kindle and other electronic book companies, most of the books are now digital. That being the case, the Vatican knows they can edit the books whenever the need arises with just a few moments on a keyboard. If the Lord tarries in his coming, eventually all books on the planet will become digitized. For Rome, that would be long hoped for Xanadu!

24/12/2013 13:50:05 Father sentenced to life in prison for 'murder' after daughter dies following MMR vaccine
"A U.K. father has been sentenced to life in prison after being falsely accused of murdering his own daughter, who reportedly developed mysterious head injuries just one day after receiving the high-risk measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, more commonly known as MMR. Investigative journalist Christina England reports that the father was basically denied his right to defend himself with evidence and witnesses and instead just assumed by the court to have shaken his baby to death with no real proof to support these allegations or the final judgment." --If the evidence was allowed to be brought forth in court, the AMA would have to remove the MMR vaccine as well as shelve quite a few other vaccines they've recently developed. So, instead of doing the right thing to save lives, they opt rather to allow the father to be falsely jailed for life for the crime they actually committed. This is what happens when the AMA, and their foreign partners have the money the corrupt judges drool after. Only in the last days is justice extinct.

23/12/2013 14:30:12 EU Sunday Alliance pushing for Sunday Laws
 "A work-free Sunday and decent working hours are of paramount importance for citizens and workers throughout Europe and are not necessarily in conflict with economic competitiveness." --For well over 100 years the obedient people of God have been warning the world that the Pope and his cohorts will demand Sunday Laws so as to force everyone into false worship and therefore receive the mark of the beast. At the same time we have been warning people that they will not move the population into false worship so as to hide their true agenda. After all, if they say you have to go to church on Sundays to acknowledge the Catholic version of Jesus Christ, all the non-Christian religions of the world would have issue with it. So, they will have to come about it in a different manner so as to convince them to agree. In some nations, like America and Jerusalem, they push the "family day" scenario to "guilt" the people into taking Sundays off. In other nations they claim it will help the economy to close doors on Sunday, and in others still, like all in the EU, they push the idea that it allows for workers to take a much needed weekly break. In any event, as expected, we see them doing exactly as the prophecy said they would do all along.

23/12/2013 14:30:12 Portland Math Teacher Who Barred Planned Parenthood From Classroom Fired
"As previously reported, Bill Diss, an 11-year math and computer science teacher at Benson High School in Portland, was removed from the school by police this past March because he refused to allow the organization in his classroom. Planned Parenthood had visited Diss’ class to urge students to sign up for its Teen Outreach Program (TOP) as it was seeking to recruit youth throughout the school." --If you bring Jesus into the classroom, you're fired. If you refuse Satan in the classroom, you're fired. Lesson learned? One can only hope.

23/12/2013 14:30:12 Pope Francis: He’s ‘made Catholicism cool in 2013’
“There’s a new spirit in the church right now, Mr. Nykaza said. “I’m hearing that young adults love Pope Francis. After all, he’s taking selfies with them.” --Being "cool" won't get you to Heaven. Jesus will. Truth is, the Pope is all about making Catholicism "cool" for everyone in the world, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Homosexual, or Atheist. But the Bible says in James 4:4, "Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." Still, the prophecy also says in Revelation 13:3&4 that all the world will wonder after the beast, and making it appear "cool" is just one more way of getting there.

22/12/2013 13:06:20 Pope shrugs off 'Marxist' label
"Pope Francis, who made headlines in recent weeks by lambasting 'trickle down" economic theories as unfair to the poor, is shrugging off criticism from political conservatives who dubbed him a Marxist." --Why shrug it off you ask? He has no choice. Truth is truth. The previous Popes also stated their desire for a socialist society. He just happens to be more vocal about it because of the timing of his comments. He is truly a Marxist and he will do exactly as prophecy says he will do. He has no choice. Like all previous Popes, he too bows in worship to Satan and simply cannot disobey his god. The basic reality in all this is, our Lord saw all the plans of these popes long ago and shared them with us. Even Satan cannot stop his fate now. All he can do is lie about, gild the lily here and there to hide it, and twist Scripture to try and validate it. But the elect cannot be deceived. And the man of sin is forever exposed. And yes, that too was prophesied.

22/12/2013 13:06:20 Vatican pushing for Catholics to "come home."
"Through television advertisements on secular television, TV viewers are taken by surprise with soulful, gripping messages about the Catholic Church. At the end of each commercial is a simple, warm invitation: "Come home to the Catholic Church." --The commercials they put out were easy to expose by simply using a Bible. So, I did just that. I made a video using their commercial some time ago. But as many of you are already aware, the Catholic church complained about this video and had it pulled from YouTube for claiming I committed copyright infringement. They of course lied. But knowing I would have to waste a lot of money getting a lawyer so as to force YouTube to re-post the video, I opted rather to ignore them and let everyone know I posted the video on John1429.org. Once there, just scroll to the video titled, "Vatican Commercial" to view it. Or click this link to bypass the player and watch it fullscreen. By the way, it's no mistake the man of sin in Rome is calling the Catholics home. Revelation 8:1-4 proves God is calling them out of the Vatican churches. So, Satan is attempting a counter-revival. Praise the Lord, he has already failed.

22/12/2013 13:06:20 Sexy Vatican: Hot priest calendar 2014 released
"Vatican has released a new calendar of hottest priest for 2014 year. It has became a modern Christmas tradition since 2003, which started Venetian photographer Piero Pazzi.The calendar became popular souvenir for tourists, especially among women, there are doubt whether all the handsome young men in their clerical rig are really priests. " --Amazing, you just can't make this stuff up! Truth is truly stranger than fiction now-a-days. The Vatican is actually tempting women (and men) to lust after these priests to break commandment #7 just as Pagan Rome has always done. Historic fact is, Pagans have always been and always will be about sex. And yes, I say men will be tempted here as well because we all know the Vatican was just exposed not too long ago as being 98% homosexual. So, this calendar is a financial win win for the Pope. Women will buy it to lust after the men, and men will buy it to lust after the men as well.

20/12/2013 13:30:52 Pope Francis Meets With Head of International Islamic Organization
"The pope met with the head of an international Islamic organization on Friday, a meeting that was characterized as the first-ever for the group. ...Francis also held an ecumenical meeting in March, greeting Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders, as well as those who ascribe to no faith at all. During the occasion, he praised the Muslim leaders that had come for the meeting, remarking that they were men who “adore the one, living, and merciful God and who call upon Him in prayer." --It appears the Pope hates Jesus Christ Himself, or simply despises His written Word. Specifically the passages that declare we must not associate with nonbelievers. Some are found in Amos 3:3, 1 Corinthians 15:33, 2 Corinthians 6:14,17, 2 Thessalonians 3:6,14 and James 4:4. Either the Pope needs to obey Jesus, who he claims to "replace" as per Vatican dogma, or he needs to openly declare himself Antichrist and get it over with. You can't claim both positions while there are still people on earth with the ability to read a Bible.

20/12/2013 13:30:52 Center For American Progress Panel: End 'Christian Privilege' In Name Of Religious Freedom
"A panel discussion sponsored by John Podesta’s Center for American Progress (CAP) on Thursday came to the conclusion that Christian conservatives use religion as a justification for their discriminatory behavior. Americans, they argue, will never enjoy full religious freedom until Christians’ claims for religious liberty are defeated." --Still think the prophecy regarding Christian persecution in America to be a wild eyed idea of some fanatical false prophets? What say ye now? And guess what? All of this is because of Roman Catholic Bishops pressuring politicians to do things the Roman Catholic way in America. And no, before you email me, it's not only about abortion. I agree that abortion is evil, but Rome uses abortion to get their foot in the door to further their agenda in DC. The fact the Vatican admitted killing babies in their favored Pope's "Mea culpa," and the fact Roman Catholic hospitals still abort babies daily or the fact they win lawsuits claiming the Fetus is not a human confirms they don't care about the babies. It's all about power, and the babies grant them that power in DC.

20/12/2013 13:30:52 'Duck Dynasty' performer fired for quoting Bible verse against homosexuality
"Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong. … Sin becomes fine. Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” --You know what everyone keeps missing here? The homosexuals are angry that Christians are right. So they get lawmakers to back their sinful lifestyles so that speaking against borders on being illegal. It shows how fearful they truly are when any mention of the Bible angers them. Their ironic claim to live and let live is simply one sided. What I mean is, they demand we stop speaking about their sinful lifestyles. But they want the option to speak against our moral lifestyles. In other words, if you're a homosexual and speak against Christians, you should never be fired. But if you're a Christian and do as Ephesians 5:11 says is your duty, you should be fired. A double standard, yes. But not for long. Their temporary victory is about to become eternal damnation. And by the way, it's no mistake the homosexual agenda is so vile and in your face now-a-days. Could it be the Vatican is pushing their homosexual agenda so that so called Christians that bow to the Pope in worship will demand America cleans up its act? It sure seems plausible to me that all of this is Rome's crafty little way of creating a need for a new and improved "moral" society based on Catholic morals. After all, is this not what the Pope has been demanding when he claims to be the "moral leader of the world?"

19/12/2013 13:51:12 ‘Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria’ Ignored
"One of the worst Christian massacres—complete with mass graves, tortured-to-death women and children, and destroyed churches—recently took place in Syria, at the hands of the U.S.-supported jihadi “rebels”; and the U.S. government and its “mainstream media” mouthpiece are, as usual, silent (that is, when not actively trying to minimize matters)." --Jesus said, "Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake.  Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets." -Luke 6:22-23

19/12/2013 13:51:11 Pope Francis trashes the ‘prosperity gospel’: Pompous Christians are ugly pagans

“It is an ugly thing,” he said, according to Vatican Radio, “when you see a Christian who doesn’t want to humble himself, who doesn’t want to serve, a Christian who struts about everywhere: it’s ugly, eh? That is not a Christian: that’s a pagan!” --Some needs to alert the Pope that he is the head of the Roman Catholic church. The church wherein 86.2% of its doctrine is based on Pagan theology. Just to name a few, just as Pagans of old, the Pope has a Pagan goddess called "Queen of Heaven." Just as the Pagans of old, the Pope teaches transubstantiation. Just as Pagans of old, the Pope uses a rosary in repetitive prayer rituals. Just as the Pagans of old the Pope embraces the "Day of the Sun god Baal." Just as the Pagans of old the Pope embraces the birthday of Tammuzz on December 25. Just as the Pagans of old the Pope embraces homosexuality. Just as the Pagans of old the Pope demands all to worship hundreds of idols. Just as the Pagans of old, the Pope worships the creature over the Creator. Just as Pagans of old, the Pope baptizes babies. Just as the Pagan leaders of old the Pope claims the title Vicarivs Filii Dei. Just as the Pagans of old the Pope declares himself a "god on earth." Just as the Pagans of old the Pope condones the persecution and killing of Christians. (Click here for more info on Paganism in this church)