29/12/2010 14:16:40 Homosexuals Brainwashing Public School Children
It's amazing how it's illegal to teach about the Christian God in the schools in this Christian country, yet Muslims teach Islam in Muslim countries, or Buddhism is taught in India's schools. No, I don't feel it should be done by government teachers, and thanks to Satan splattering Christianity into 3000+ denominations, it's any man's guess as to what should be taught. Still, at the same time most denominations do teach homosexuality is a sin, but you can still teach this wicked lifestyle to children as acceptable in a Christian nation! Homosexuals say they are created homosexuals. Not only do their own sex organs prove they're wrong, the fact they are brainwashing kids into homosexuality shows even they know it's a learned lifestyle. Notice in the video how they act as if homosexuality is completely and absolutely normal with theSe little children! It's almost as if they hired actors to be teachers who can lie affectively. The government schools are purposely forcing the children to accept homosexuality, and at the same time teaching kids to experiement. In any event, whet they're doing is cultivating a immoral world that in as little as 15 years will be an exact duplicate of Sodom and Gomorrah just as Jesus prophesied it would be! Praise the Lord this will be a very short lived society at best! Jesus will most assuredly put an end to this decadence soon. Maranatha!

29/12/2010 14:16:40 Mocked Meteorologist Gets Last Laugh
I really like this video as it lets the cat out of the bag in a big way! The "real" scientist interviewed here not only exposes the lie about global warming in a very believable way, he is now officially on record as predicting the cold snap we are now experiencing to be the worst in 100 years for Europe as well as the blizzards in N.E. America! Better yet he also predicted the floods in Pakistan and the heat wave in Russia months beforehand as well. His science is without a doubt now to be 100% accurate! He literally proved it for all to see. When all the global warming lientists said we would have a mild Winter, he said the opposite, in writing no less. And now everyone one of us in Europe and America have rock hard proof the Global warming lientists lied! What's really comical about all this is, now these same lientists are changing their storying saying the freezing clod is the end result of global warming. Not only is that impossible, it's the exact opposite of what they said a few months ago. Bottom line is, it was prophesied we would have lying scientists in our day. (lientists) And so we do!

28/12/2010 13:00:31 Minnesota has 145 tornadoes in 2010!?
"A new list is out ranking states that saw the most tornadoes in 2010." -This is very strange! Minnesota is now the #1 State in America with tornadoes!? They actually had a whopping 145 tornadoes in 2010. As far north as they are, this is indeed shocking! In fact, last year when they only had 30 tornadoes that was shocking enough. But now 145?! Amazing how many of us knew in advance how this was to be the norm today eh?

28/12/2010 13:00:31 Police: Pastor burglarized home on Christmas Eve
"Dallas police have arrested a local pastor and charged her with breaking into the home of one of her parishioners on Christmas Eve, and then trying to steal thousands dollars worth of personal..." -The Word says women cannot pastor churches. When the person ignores the Lord's plain instruction in His Word, Satan has permission by them personally to do whatever he wants simply because they show allegiance to him by denying their Lord. This is why one minute she's a pastor, the next minute she's a burglar. Satan saw she ignored the Lord, so he moved her towards more sin. This is also why we see some preachers that start off on one spurious doctrine suddenly adopting many more strange doctrines one would think they would never fall for. Once you display a desire to ignore the Lord's written Word, it's open season on your soul.

27/12/2010 15:30:52 New Video Uploaded
This video is from a sermon I shared back in October of this year. It's titled, "Are we His people?" It asks the questions, are we really preparing for the coming of our Lord? Or has the many temptations of the world lured us off the path causing us to become lukewarm and complacent to all that is happening in today's world? Do you know someone who may be putting the work God gave them to do on the back burner? If so, send them this video.

27/12/2010 15:30:51 Foreclosures on People Who Never Missed a Payment
"Mortgage service industry makes more money from foreclosures than restructuring debt. ...some people are being foreclosed who actually haven't missed any payments. ...Foreclosure happens to be more profitable to them than routine servicing of a loan. So if anything, if somebody gets in trouble, they don't have any incentive to prevent people from getting in trouble, and in fact they have incentives to get people in trouble. ...Servicers have also been found to hold payments, sometimes, to make them late." -This is insane! Even if you aren't late, the banks can make you appear late by holding your payment so as to create a situation that says you're legally delinquent. The bank can then foreclose on your loan and evict you from your home, and it's all done so they to make more money. The amount of corruption today is staggering! And still, some don't see this influx of all this evil as evidence we are in the end times? Some people are so blind! That being said, our job is clear. We need to get the word out! So.. do you have an idea that will help push the present truth out to even more souls? If so,contact us.

20/12/2010 13:34:03 Have a video I can post?
If you have a video you think I should post on this site that deals with prophetic events in any way shape or form, or you feel it's something the church needs to see, please e-mail me the link at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

26/12/2010 12:47:26 End of Liberty
I've had this video in my "to post" folder for a few weeks now. I never had time to watch it yet because it's a 1 hour and 14 minute video. But after receiving so many emails from subscribers asking me to watch it, I did so today. And I must say all of you really need to see this video! Please set aside some time soon and watch it. And no, I am not suggesting any of us watch it to join the authors in a resistance against the government. We are already part of Heaven's resistance. Prophetically speaking, it would be a major waste of time to join with them anyway. Basic reality dictates you cannot stop prophecy! If you're a prophecy understanding Christian, you need to watch this video because it's packed with at least 50% of the prophetic facts we as the remnant have been seeing all along. Yes, that's only half, but what I like about the video is they prove everything they're saying! That makes the message we have been preaching confirmed and our characters vindicated at the same time. What's outlined in this video is what's outlined in prophecy as well as what's outlined in our present truth message regarding the state of the world right before the end. But the authors of the video don't know it. If they did, they wouldn't be asking you to join them in a resistance. Even though it's only a portion of the big picture prophesied by our Creator God, it should be enough to get some of those riding the fence between trusting Christ or trusting man to get off that fence and get right with God before life as we know it changes drastically. For those of you that have been sharing prophetic facts regarding the future of mankind with friends, show them this video. It may make them realize what you've been saying for years is true.

26/12/2010 12:47:26 Acrobats strip for Pope Benedict XVI, perform topless in Vatican
"A usually staid weekly Papal audience was spiced up this week with an acrobatic performance by a troupe of topless men. The four performers dressed in white suits walked across the stage towards the Papal throne and surprised the Pope by whipping off their shirts before beginning an acrobatic performance on Tuesday. The Pope looked on as the men hoisted each other into the air, one on top of the other, three high." -Let me get this straight. The Vatican, the largest known organized group of homosexual child rapists, and Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict 16 a known pedophile protector is to be present at this event. So naturally they have young men strip half their clothing off in an alluring manner, as seductive Rock music is played loudly while the young men perform ancient sexual acrobatic poses before him while the nuns revel in fleshly excitement? And absolutely no one sees anything wrong with this!? Absolutely insane! This is how corrupt it is prophesied to get for this church. They say they are Christians but their actions boldly declare they are anything but! This church is most assuredly the whore of Babylon! Spiritual adultery is easily seen as their fruit.

24/12/2010 14:19:28 Congressman Barney Frank admits to radical homosexual agenda
"Barney Frank isn't holding anything back. Yesterday we brought you a video of the Massachusetts Democrat calling it “discriminatory" if gays and straights weren't allowed to shower together. Now, he's saying he wants to “own up" to the “radical homosexual agenda." -This is what happens when sin is so embraced as the norm. Decadence and perversion like this has become so wide spread today it has made many of the most hardened scoffers decide to take a second look as Christian prophecy. 

24/12/2010 14:19:27 TSA refuse to identify themselves!
No, I do not support "wake up America" or any other organization like them. However, this video does show something is terribly wrong in how the government is flexing its muscles just as Hitler did before he lowered the boom. The TSA are at a train station just strolling around for some reason. When they are asked why they're there, they actually refuse to answer. In fact they won't even tell their names when asked. Why are they afraid to state their names? It's the same reason some authorities wear masks when they break down your doors at 4:00am. As we watch how society is being purposely split into civilians and soldiers I can envision a day where all police will be required to cover their faces to hide their identity out of fear. For whatever reason, it's obvious the TSA is about to be stationed at train stations now. Rome needs to lock down all transportation so as to prevent remnant Christians from escaping local officials enforcing the mark of the beast. So, expect this and don't let it bother you. Our Lord warned us of all this long ago. Be joyful in fact! We are almost home. And by the way, this is not just happening in America. It's even worse in some nations where the ticket inspectors for the trains beat up passengers!

24/12/2010 14:33:15 Always keep your eyes on the road
FYI: This video will catch you off guard just as much as if you were to be one that does this while driving. Even though most of those that frequent this site have already stopped taking part in the "holiday" seasons invented by Pagans which was later adopted by Roman Catholics who then pushed it on society so all can join them in the sin filled merrymaking. Some of you still do celebrate. So I implore you to please be extra careful as you travel to visit loved ones.

23/12/2010 13:16:47 Ancient humans, dubbed 'Denisovans', interbred with us
"Scientists say an entirely separate type of human identified from bones in Siberia co-existed and interbred with our own species. The ancient humans have been dubbed Denisovans after the caves in Siberia where their remains were found." -In other words, Rome's UFO agenda is moving forward quite nicely. Anyone with an understanding of creation knows this is literally impossible. But the majority of scientists don't believe in God. So, as prophesied, they too are allowed to believe a lie simply because the Truth is hated by them.

23/12/2010 13:16:47 EU approved GMO crops under enormous US pressure
"More than a million people have now signed a petition calling for a complete ban on the use of genetically modified crops in Europe. It comes after last summer’s decision by the EU to allow the growing of some GMO crops." -This is yet another smoking gun factoid proving the Vatican controls the American government. How so? Did you see the article I posted yesterday wherein Wikileaks exposed the Pope's support for GMO crops? If that doesn't convince you, then research out the last 50 years or so of political statements made first in the Vatican that were later adopted by the USA as much needed agendas, and you may just reap  a much needed revelation. 

23/12/2010 13:21:58 Brandon Stine, 11, Dies after Playing Pass Out Game
FYI: " An eleven-year-old boy is dead because he played a game we've reported on before. Many kids are not grasping how deadly it can be. They call it " The Choking Game ", " Pass Out " and other names, but what it should be called is dangerous and crazy." -The kids actually get pleasure out of this! I know, I saw many kids do it when I was a youth! Some actually went into convulsions! One of the last prophecies deal directly with a "craze for pleasure." If stuff like this doesn't convince the scoffer, then the euphoria realized by millions daily thanks to sex, drugs and rock and roll should open some eyes.

22/12/2010 13:45:10 Massive pipeline blast turns streets into flaming rivers in Mexico
"A massive oil pipeline explosion destroyed parts of a central Mexican city on Sunday, incinerating people, cars, houses and trees as gushing crude oil turned streets into flaming rivers. At least 28 people were killed, 13 of them children, in a disaster authorities blamed on oil thieves." -It was a literal Hell on earth, and it was all because someone wanted to steal the oil! More and more disasters like this are expected as we get closer to the return of our Lord. Satan knows his time is short, so he will be killing off as many as possible to seal their eternal fate! This is why it's so important to seek Jesus Christ as Saviour now. Truth is, no one really knows when they're going to die, so why take the chance? Don't think only the old die. In today's world death has been going after even little children and young people. You truly never know what each day brings!

22/12/2010 13:45:10 Apple founder charged with targeting Christians for discrimination

"The issue erupted recently over the application that facilitates those who want to sign the Manhattan Declaration, a "Call of Christian Conscience" that enjoys the support of prominent Christian clergy, ministers and scholars. The document promotes both the pro-life and pro-traditional marriage positions in today's hot political wars. The application had been approved by Apple reviewers and rated 4-plus, which evidenced that it contained no offensive content, according to spokesmen for the some 500,000 people who have signed the declaration, which was launched in 2009." -Jobs killed that app and called it offensive when only 7000 people complained. However, the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage app is still in his operating system? Again a small minority gains the upper hand? Is Jobs in bed with the Vatican? The reason I think that is because in America the homosexual community is by far the smallest, yet at the same time the most powerful politically. Anyone that has watched politics knows Rome has a homosexual agenda geared at pushing it into society as an accepted lifestyle. Yes I know they say one thing in front of the cameras, but their behind closed door movements proves otherwise. One other thing, I also just discovered that Jobs killed the Wikileaks app as well in his new operating system. All in all, this will most assuredly generate a global boycott I'm sure if he doesn't apologize and replace the apps. But will he do it? Or will he take advantage of the short term memory problems of most consumers today? Time will tell.

22/12/2010 14:07:00 Treacherous Floodwaters Wash Away Homes
"Dangerous flooding in Arizona, California." -For some reason they don't mention the floods in Utah. But then, the main stream media covered up the floods in the Midwest that displaced more people than Katrina as well. So I guess they have their reasons for doing what they do. For a look at many disasters all around the world, click here

21/12/2010 11:52:59 Mysterious whale deaths off Argentina
"Whale corpses are washing ashore in Argentina, in what experts say is the largest number of deaths amongst the species that's ever documented. Marine biologists in Argentina are struggling to find out what has gone so wrong in the tranquil waters." -Pollution, red tides, toxic waste dumping, oil spills, and sin in general all adds up to what was prophesied long ago regarding the oceans. And, as also prophesied, scientists will lie about the calamities and attempt to explain such occurrences as normal ecological disasters. They did this with the BP oil spills, global warming, as well as El Nino and other strange suggestions over the last few decades.

21/12/2010 11:52:58 Will Net Neutrality Save the Internet?
"Net Neutrality is a proposed set of regulatory powers that would grant the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the ability to control how Internet service providers (ISPs) package their services. Proponents argue that such rules are necessary to ensure that ISPs treat all data on the Internet equally and don't slow or even restrict access to various websites and other parts of the Internet." -This video has a good explanation of 'so called' net neutrality. As you will see here, there is no need for this in the USA, but it appears the FCC wants to make it appear as if it's needed so more power is given to them. In short, they are about to remove the only safe haven on earth will the common man's voice can be heard.

20/12/2010 13:34:03 A chicken's head is like a steadicam
Mankind has just recently created what's called stedicam technology. Most of you that use cameras know what that is. It's when you have trouble keeping your video camera steady enough to get a good shot, software in the camera does it for you. Notice the chicken's head that was created by our God 6000 years ago. Better yet, this was created out of nothing, and even more amazing is, it's all done with biotechnology. Or as we have called it for eons. Flesh and bone!

19/12/2010 13:48:52 Police Catch 14 Year Old Hitman In Mexico
Keep in mind, the overwhelming majority of Mexicans are Roman Catholics. This religion breeds this type of mind wherein the children are expendable. The fact Catholics don't leave their churches even after their priests rape their sons proves this hands down. And now they are training the youth like Islam does to kill innocent people so as to make political statements? Is this why our borders are wide open? After all, it's much easier to control the people if terrorists are bombing the civilians. The government can milk this to pass laws to "protect us" like they supposedly did with 911. And now we hear that over 140 prisoners walked out of a prison in Northern Mexico just south of Laredo Texas? And where do you think these criminals will run to hide from Mexican authorities? American cities! Are we being set up? AGAIN!?

19/12/2010 13:48:51 Wikileaks reveals to world that EPA allowed the killing of honey bees
AUDIO "The world honey bee population has plunged in recent years, worrying beekeepers and farmers who know how critical bee pollination is for many crops. A number of theories have popped up as to why the North American honey bee population has declined–electromagnetic radiation, malnutrition, and climate change have all been pinpointed. Now a leaked EPA document reveals that the agency allowed the widespread use of a bee-toxic pesticide, despite warnings from EPA scientists." -There you have it! Many scoffers have declared over the last year or so that the remnant Christians with real discernment on this were making it all up when we said the government was behind the honey bee die off. Still, even though we see we were correct on this, will this change anyone's views of remnant Christians? No, probably not. However, when the signs start to follow God's people, many will stop scoffing. Especially the ill.

19/12/2010 13:48:51 Snow storm delays flights across Europe
"Hundreds of thousands of travellers are stranded at London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports and more snow is forecast." -Unseasonably cold weather in Europe as well as many States here in America from the Midwest all the way to the East Coast. Here in Indiana we only had a few weeks of Fall weather before the deep freeze hit. We've had below zero temps here more than a few times already and it's not even Winter yet! But what bothers me the most about all this is, Al Gore hasn't been arrested for bilking billions out of gullible investors and national leaders with his global warming scam. Reason being is, in these last days, the laws of the land will only apply to the common man.

17/12/2010 15:24:23 The billion-bug highway you can't see
I never knew this existed. Did you? Sure, I thought like many of you that yes, there are bugs in the air all the time. And I have seen them pretty high up when climbing trees as a youth or painting water towers as a teen. But I never knew they had the ability to get this high up!  I just thought you would like to see this. Amazing how no matter how old you live you can still be genuinely surprised by our Heavenly Father's wonderful creation.

17/12/2010 15:24:23 Criminal Rothschilds

This is an old video I had laying around that I thought you may like to see. So, who is Rothschild? Click here to find out. Notice at around 3:33 in the video they uncover the fact that Rothschild helps the Vatican hide it's wealth. A wealth no man can even imagine. It was reported by a UK politician in a video I posted some weeks ago that the Vatican wealth is more massive than anyone could ever imagine. Yet, there are millions starving to death right now? No, the Vatican doesn't create charities to help the people. Mother Teresa's missing millions proved that hands down! Oh yes, they do acts of kindness on the surface to keep up appearances. But when you peer under the rug and see how little they actually do, it makes it very obvious this is not a Christian church. For them to have connections with the criminal Rothschild family makes that point crystal clear.

16/12/2010 14:03:37 New video uploaded!
The new video is titled, "I want to see the Lord's hand!" This video is a sermon I did back on July, 03, 2010. It's about how the Christian can learn to see the Lord's hand move in their life, whether it be answered prayers or asking the Lord to heal someone. I pray you're blessed by it.