29/12/2011 13:29:42 Christianity in Middle East in Jeopardy (12.27.11)
We go to war (illegally) in Iraq and Afghanistan. We defeat them, and then Christians are targeted and killed off even worse. It used to be when a nation went to war and defeated another nation, the defeated are then taken over and forced to bow to the God of the victor. However, if you're only going to war for financial gain, then it's any man's guess as to what will happen next. Seeing how Bush claimed to be a "born again Christian" when he invaded Iraq, his violent methods towards the civilians forced millions more to become Christian haters. This was most assuredly well played by Antichrist in Rome!

29/12/2011 13:29:42 Man gagged, bound & pepper sprayed to death by Tampa police
"No doubt you've heard the adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture of 62-year-old Nick Christie could be worth thousands of dollars when a jury sees it. The photo shows the Ohio man restrained inside the Lee County Jail with his body covered in pepper spray." -The police today are becoming just as violent as the Roman soldiers or Nazis in their day. Not only does the OWS movement create all sorts of political opportunities to manipulate the masses Rome can and will use, it creates stress and builds up the tempers of the police just as Satan needs them to be at when the time comes to use them in his last hooray against God's people. This torture and murder by the police was done back in 2008. Yet the family has yet to see justice served. In fact, even though this man's death was ruled a homicide by the Coroner, the Sherrif's office cleared the Tampa police of any wrong doing thereby preventing a criminal trial from proceeding! Unjust acts and laws like this are very common now just as prophecy predicted.

29/12/2011 13:29:42 Your Milk on Drugs
"Although banned in most other industrialized nations due to the health risks to humans and harm to the animals, Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH or rBST) is still injected into dairy cows in the US to increase milk-production." -It was prophesied long ago that dairy products would become unsafe for human consumption, and that day is now here! What say ye now those that scoff such prophetic facts as these? Blunt fulfillments like this make it your duty to rethink your stand.

28/12/2011 12:51:23 Disappearing mosquitoes mystify scientists
"The disappearance of mosquitoes from villages in north-eastern Tanzania is delighting villagers long-plagued by malaria, but mystifying scientists who worry that this could be a new manifestation of climate change." -Prophecy said the animals, birds, fish and insects would die off right before Christ returns, and so they are. How bad is it? Click here.

28/12/2011 12:51:23 Forced sterilization in America
"Decades ago many states had eugenics laws enforcing sterilization policies. The victims are still awaiting justice." -I reported on this on WTPR years ago. However, even though this happened in the 1960's in America, nothing has been done about it! Truth is, many illegal acts like this that would make Adolph Hitler proud are still going on today, But because of government controlled media, and lawyers that fear to do anything about it, most of it won't be revealed until Christ causes it to be shout from the rooftops right before those guilty of such evil acts upon the innocent burn up in Hellfire. And by the way, keep in mind that our government leaders are not surgeons. The AMA had to step in to help them perform this horrendous crime against humanity.

28/12/2011 12:51:22 Mystery kidney disease strikes Nicaraguan sugarcane region
"An unexplained kidney disease epidemic hits Nicaragua's impoverished sugar-growing town of La Islas with locals blaming pollution." -In the last days, prophecy says strange new diseases will erupt globally. In this region a new kidney disease that's killing more people than HIV and Diabetes combined has now surfaced to add to the growing list of modern day diseases scientists cannot explain, doctors profit off of, and Christian prophecy predicted. By the way, are you aware that most modern day diseases are man made?

25/12/2011 16:19:42 SDR brother discusses Xmas on global TV program

This program was broadcast in Europe, Africa and America last week. Literally hundreds of millions may have seen it. They also ran promos that will be used when they re-broadcast. (see one here)  Notice how this Seventh Day Remnant brother in Christ is the only one bringing a Bible and reserach notes to the discussion regarding Christmas and its Pagan origion. He is also the only one that kept a civil tongue, and a smile on his face during the broadcast. The three "preachers" (one "disappered" after part 1) who brought no Bibles, nor any notes in hand for that matter, chose to discuss their findings using only what they were taught about Christmas from childhood. They brow beat this brother and even accused him of twisting Scripture when in fact they were the ones doing it. The only one that appeared not to be upset with him was the host and an admitted Atheist woman. All the other "Christians" appeared genuinely upset and called him a legalist simply because he used Bible verses. At one point they accused him of using antiquated Old Testament Scripture claiming it was no longer valid. So he then used New Testament passages, which then caused them to intensify their comments and cut him off mid-sentence numerous times to try and make it difficult for him to share the truth they obviously hated. Yet, the truth was proclaimed, and the Lord was glorified! Brothers and sisters, this is what all SDR's are going through right now when we share facts with pastors and Christians in all the churches, including the SDA church on all topics including Christmas. I pray all of us are ready to respond with the Word of Truth. (click the article link for part 1. Then click here for part 2 and part 3)

25/12/2011 16:19:42 Ceausescu's visit to Pyongyang, North Korea in 1971
When you watch this keep in mind this is a nation that worships their leader as a god on earth. All form of Christianity is outlawed and punishable by death. This is why the present Pope speaks so highly of socialism. If he can get all the world to worship him en masse as the North Korean's do their leaders, he would be the happiest man on earth. Also notice that they put on this massive display for a visiting dignitary from Romania! And now now under direct order of their leader himself. They are taught from a very early age that their leaders are gods. This is why they assume the same form of worship for another political leader.

25/12/2011 16:19:42 Intelligent And Friendly Bear
This video reminds me of a pet gray squirrel I had some years ago. Not quite as huge as that bear of course, but just as loving and kind. That little squirrel would run all over my body as if I was his favorite tree. And when I would tickle his little tummy he would nibble on my fingers so gentle it brought great joy to my heart because I knew for a fact he could bite right through my finger with very little effort, but he held back out of love. I miss that little guy! Just think... when we get to Heaven, all the animals, birds and fish will be just as loving and fun to play with as our Heavenly Father promised they would! Click here for that amazing truth in Scripture as well as many other facts found in His Word about Heaven. 

25/12/2011 12:18:27 Man pronounced brain dead now walking and talking
"Arizona college student Sam Schmid who was pronounced brain dead after a car accident, wakes up from a coma, even as doctors debated taking him off life support." -This illustrates two things most Christians are aware of today. #1, doctors are not "gods on earth" and they do make mistakes. Quite often in fact. (click here for proof) #2, there is a God in heaven that still performs miracles to this day. What's not being mentioned in this video is that the staff doctors in that hospital were planning on pulling the plug that would kill this young man. But the Lord obviously stepped in and prevented their plans by moving his doctor to get them to wait one more week.

25/12/2011 12:18:27 Justice Dept. targets police bias

"The U.S. Justice Department is investigating police bias in Seattle, following the release of patrol car video of an officer shooting a Native American. It's one of 20 such investigations against local police departments." -Everyone's on edge due to the economy, as well as prophetic events fulfilling all around them. Yes, most are unaware of what's happening, but the demons they entertain are very aware. So they push the necessary buttons to get a usually calm situation to flare up into a more violent situation. Cops are vulnerable people just like anyone else. However, they "legally" carry guns. Did this cop overreact? Yes it's very obvious he did. Five shots fired at a man with a simple carving knife and a piece of wood is not a lethal situation. Yet, he was never charged with murder because he can "legally" kill if he feels threatened.

25/12/2011 12:18:27 Entertainment Industry set up SOPA?!
The guy in this video explains thisng very well and in an unorthodox, and almost comical manner. To summarize, the entertainment industry actually created and distributed file sharing software and then taught people how to use it for free. After they made hundreds of millions of dollars and had millions of people using their software, they then lobbied laws to make it illegal to use their software! They did this to make even more millions at suing them. Worse yet, they did this to create a need to make new unjust laws that will shut down millions of websites that use what they offered in their file sharing software first place as a felony offence. It's interesting to note that not a single software company offered file sharing software. Only the entertainment industry did this, and then lobbied laws (SOPA) to stop it. Prophecy said "craftiness" and "unjust laws" will be used against the people to control them and quench the truth. Leave it Satan to figure out a way to get his pawns to profit by it. This is always how he works. By the way, have you made a video with copyrighted music in the background? If so, this law will shut you down if passed. Have you created a web page that has quotes from third party sources? This law may be a problem for you as well.

23/12/2011 13:34:54 Overruled: Government Invasion of your Parental Rights
"Parents all over America are losing their rights and don't even know it. If you care about your rights as a parent, please share this video with your family and friends. Featuring 3 reenactments based on real cases." -Children are now a money making commodity to the elite of the world. Having the parents lose the right to raise their child as they see fit is something we can expect so those in power can become rich. Doctors can withold information from parents, teachers can force homosexual literature upon 5 year olds, the government can step in and prevent parents from homeschooling children, and the schools can now force parents to stop taking their children to church if the child doesn't want to go. In some countries a doctor can literally murder your child if he or she is under one year old if he decides their quality of life is threatened by some disability. Unjust laws like this easily pass through Congress because for the first time in history, morals have eroded to such a level that no one seems to know right from wrong anymore. Every parent needs to see this video! However, I do NOT suggest you sign the petition at the end of the video. Why? I am a firm believer that prayer is much more effective, and I simply don't trust what's going on here. You may recall years ago wherein I warned many not to "sign up" to Ron Paul's movement. Reason was, his views were exactly what most "conservative" or "Christian" people in this nation agreed with. Signing up allows the powers that be to have a list of people that disagree with their current plans. Signing any petition puts you on a list, and in today's world, that's just not a wise act. As prophesied, mens hearts are evil continually, and we have to be very careful in examing "the fruits" Christ said we must look for. Again, prayer is what matters here. After all, even if you do sign the petition, it won't change the law. They will still do as they please. Only now, they know where you, "an opposer' lives while they do it. This is also why Facebook is so dangerous. The powers that be have way too much informations now. But then, as students if prophecy, we know this was to be expected.

23/12/2011 13:34:54 Powerful wind storms strike North Georgia
"Powerful wind storms wrecked havoc in Georgia, knocking out power to thousands and destroying one home." -No, this isn't al old News report from the Spring of this year during tornado season. It's a News report on a tornado that destroyed homes in Georgia yesterday; the day Winter started for 2011! Make special note that the reporter and the author of the headline said nothing about a tornado so as to hide the obvious strange weather pattern. However, the man that lived through it did call it a tornado. He even note dhow his "ears popped" from the pressure as many of us have witnessed when tornadoes came close. That simply cannot happen in a "wind storm."

23/12/2011 13:53:10 Govt asking citizens about emergency food supplies
"Whether it's flooding or another severe weather event, emergency officials want to make sure Tennesseans are prepared." -In today's world of lying politicians and unjust laws being passed almost every month, should we trust government agents that come knocking? Seriously, I'm just asking a question that most with common sense can answer. The police are going door to door to ask people if they stockpile food. This just a few months after we discovered growing our own food in some States or even bringing food across State lines can now be considered illegal. Still, even with that reality being part of every day life for some, there are still 3 other reasons to do this. #1, they are truly concerned for your well being. #2, they want to know if you're one of those people that stockpile food when they empty store shelves. #3, they are planning a man made disaster that will empty stores and force you to rely on their help. If you have food, you won't be easily controlled. Again, I'm not being paranoid. But when we see those we know fore a fact have lied to us in the past doing such things, it makes us wonder... what are they up to now?

22/12/2011 13:57:09 Techno mass at Swedish church
"All Saints Church in Stockholm introduces techno-mass, preaching the bible through the medium of hard-core dance music." -Satan is the angel of music, (see Ezekiel 28:13) so it's clear as to why most churches, including this Catholic church, chose to entertain the masses with it. Yes, they will attract people to their churches, but they won't attract real Christians. Why? Only Christ being lifted up can do that. (See John 12:32)

22/12/2011 13:57:09 Communism Is 'a Great Concept' That 'Makes Perfect Sense'
"According to "The View's" Whoopi Goldberg, communism is a "great concept" that "makes perfect sense" on paper. The comedienne and co-host made the rather astounding comment on Tuesday while discussing the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il." -Amazing how the media is echoing the present Pope's governing suggestions via the mouth of Whoopie Goldberg, a woman who was raised as both a Jew and a Roman Catholic. Like the NWO concept that was spoken of numerous times in the past by politicians behind closed doors and then denied openly by those speaking of it. It eventually became "ok" to speak on publicly. Communism has now found its niche in the main stream voice as well thanks to OWS promoting what Rome asked them to. And if you notice, it's not just in New York City. It's in well over 1000 cities worldwide now. That way they can claim it's what the people want. But when was the last time what the people wanted mattered? It's what Rome wants and as prophecy predicted long ago, it's what they will have. But only for a very short time. Maranatha!

22/12/2011 13:57:09 Cat soothing crying baby to sleep
"Our cat Stewie helps put our new baby Connar to sleep... cutest bit is right at the end!" -Not sure what the "cutest bit" was at the end is. It's all cute as far as I can see. This is a precious video showing the love God's creatures have for each other. Yes, man does rule the animal kingdom as our God declared 6000 years ago, and yes all animals do inherently fear us. But many of us know how loving animals can become when they realize how loving humans can be. This video is a perfect example of that love that can only come from the Author of love itself. Our awesome Creator.

21/12/2011 14:30:22 'Brain-Eating Amoeba' Deaths Linked to Neti Pots?
FYI: "At least two people are dead in Louisiana after officials believe "brain-eating amoebas" entered the victims' sinuses through tap water used to fill neti pots." -Amazing how they assume that tap water is ok to drink, yet deadly to use in neti pots. Is it any wonder so many people use bottled water or steam distill their own water in most nations? This is just one more reason to move out of the city where well water is much much safer to not only drink, but use in neti pots.

21/12/2011 14:30:22 Egypt: Army beats protestors to death

"Footage broadcast on the private Egyptian CBC television network showed soldiers beating two protesters with sticks, repeatedly stomping on the head of one, before leaving the motionless bodies on the pavement." -Keep in mind, the police are part of the "new and improved" governing body in that nation now. This is what always happens when you bow to Rome and all her to dictate your actions against your own citizens. Have they learned nothing from what happened in Germany after Rome's man stepped up to follow orders?

21/12/2011 14:30:21 North Korea: video from the inside
"North Korea is a very closed country. but tourists are allowed in. A Radio Netherlands' journalist joined a tour and secretely filmed from a bus. You see images of the Korean landscape and People. Red Cross employee Jaap Timmer, who lived in North Korea for 3 years, comments on the footage." -The narrator states at first that "everyone is poor." But I have to ask, what if you never knew about the riches of other people in other nations, how can you be considered poor if you're perfectly happy as you are? North Korea has no Internet, and the majority of its citizens have had no real contact with other nations for decades due to economic sanctions as well as homegrown political restrictions. If the leaders weren't such rabid anti-Christians, this kind of separation from the world would be very attractive. It's almost as if time stood still in this nation. The simple life is something many people today long for. Especially the elderly. Technological advances are good on one hand, but on the other hand it causes us all to lose sight of the blessings of life itself. Today, most kids have no idea what it's like to actually use their imagination. And most adults don't know how to just "turn off" their toys to be alone with their thoughts. But then Satan knows that to do so would mean they would have an opportunity to hear the Lord's voice much clearer. So.. the technological onslaught continues.

20/12/2011 15:32:18 Families fight to find infants stolen by Catholic Church
"This year, more than a thousand families have come forward with claims that they were victims of baby trafficking committed by a variety of networks from the 1940s until as recently as the early 1990s." -This is one of many reasons the Roman Catholic church is identified as the beast in Christian prophecy!

20/12/2011 15:32:17 Dutch Television Hosts to Eat Each Other's Flesh on Live TV
"It's crazy what people will do on TV for ratings. Now , TV hosts on a Dutch channel are going to eat each other. Literally. Just to see what human flesh tastes like. This might just be the first time cannibalism is broadcast on Live TV." -Seriously! After seeing them cook each other's flesh and then eat each other's flesh, can anyone still believe we are not in the very last days!? UPDATE The Dutch Officials have reported they don't plan to investigate this cannibalistic act as a crime!

20/12/2011 15:32:13 Finally a cure for Cancer in Canada but Big Pharma Say's NO
FYI: Everyone and anyone you know that has cancer, or knows of someone with cancer needs to see this video or at least get a hold of this medicine. However, getting a hold of this cheap powder that heals cancer my be difficult because big pharma doesn't want to lose billions in profits each month. So, it won't be easy to say the least!

19/12/2011 12:03:22 2011 - A Global Shaking of all things
This video is a compilation of the prophesied natural disasters as well as the distress of nations Jesus said would happen in our day. Some may think when watching that it's coverning decades of time, when in fact it's only covering the last 12 months! This video covers around one tenth of what I shared on the main page of the site for 2011. That's right, I said ONE TENTH! It's that bad now! The video covers the more globally reported calamities. Still, some of the other calamities are not mentioned due to repetitiveness of disasters. For example, where the video shows one earthquake, we know there were dozens more this year. Plus, the locally reported calamities are usually deleted from the major media. That's why the Lord has blessed me with a network of subscribers that feed me local reports daily. (Thank you by thee way!!) I try to post as much as I can, and this video cannot come close to how bad it really is. Still, this video is powerful! 2011 has been a very bad year just as prophecy predicted. In fact, it was announced back in July that 2011 broke all records for numbers of disasters as well as costs to repair damages done! That was 5 months ago! It's gotten much worse from then on. Still, 2012 will no doubt be worse, as will the following years. As these calamities increase, the people of God will start doing what prophecy says they will do regarding warning the people of the extreme closeness of Christ's coming. Then it will get much worse as the majority ignore the warnings.

19/12/2011 12:03:21 Clergy Members Arrested with OWS Protesters
This is obvious and blatant propaganda of the Vatican! Notice how "gently" the police arrest the clergy. Notice how easily they are handcuffed and taken into custody. Notice how it's done behind a fence so as to prevent the crowds from assisting the clergy. These scarlet colored priests are purposely being arrested and slowly being paraded in front of thecrowd and many cameras so as to make everyone feel as if Rome is their friend in all this and on their side till the end. We already discovered weeks ago that the murderous Jesuits are funding this movement. It's no mistake this has spread to literally thousands of cities all around the world now. Only Rome has political connections in all those nations to be able to orchestrate something like this. The people of the world are being conned into compliance by Roman Catholic prelates. We are literally watching prophecy fulfill right before our eyes. Soon everyone will wonder after this beast even if they aren't church goers simply because they "appear" to be the friend of all. Just as Daniel predicted, by peace this beast will destroy many! Maranatha!

19/12/2011 12:03:21 Confessions: Pharma NOT in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness
"The United States health care system is killing Americans at an alarming rate, even though we spend over fifteen percent of the Gross National Product (GNP) on health care." -Is this not what we've been saying for decades? In fact, I created the "AMA Insanity" page on the foundation that the AMA is not in the business of healing anyone. To heal you would mean to lose you as a customer. In other words, if they healed anyone they would be putting themselves out of business. What this video is proving is Natural Methods are in fact the ONLY method known to man that actually heals people! Yet those that use such methods are called quacks?

18/12/2011 13:33:03 Pep fest kissing
You are simply NOT going to believe this!! This is so upsetting that I cannot imagine how no one stopped this!! This was actually done in a Highschool auditorium with teachers and parents in 100% agreement! They blindfolded the teens and had someone literally make out with them. One couple fell to the floor in rapturous kissing while one was groping the girl that was kissing him. Now.. are you sitting down? The teens were actually kissing THEIR PARENTS and everyone in the auditorium knew it except them! If this doesn't prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the government schools are designed by the devil himself, nothing will! But just in case you can't see the forest for the trees here, click here for thousands of articles and videos.

18/12/2011 13:33:02 Floods Kill Hundreds in Philippines
"The Red Cross says over 400 people have been killed in storm-triggered floods in southern Philippines." -Disasters like this are indeed spreading all around the world. Sadly, in nations like this where the majority are Roman Catholics we see many souls dying without Christ. We have much work to do before it gets worse. Please pray for the families who are suffering right now as well as all the workers we have in this region. Satan is doing all he can to prevent the truth about Rome from spreading to devout Catholic families. And by the way, this video is over 24 hours old. (I don't post on Sabbath) The death toll is now over 650 with hundreds more missing.

18/12/2011 13:33:02 Why did Comet Lovejoy survive plunge into the Sun?
"We don't know yet. We're looking into it. Our people are on it. According to Mike Wall, at Space.com, today, "Researchers will keep analyzing the images to better understand the comet's daring solar approach." -What I like about this is that it allows us to show that scientists are not as intelligent as some give them credit for. Yes, they have some amazing blessings in that area, and have helped society advance forward just as prophecy predicted. But they aren't "gods" as some people believe in that they are all knowing and unable to falter. They have no clue as to why this comet survived it's plunge into 2 million degree flames. That being said, most of these "scientists" also believe we came from monkeys. Yet, many other scientists have used real methods of discovery to find that every aspect of evolution has been proven false. Yet still, some believe in evolution because some "scientists" swear by it, just like most (if not all) scientists have declared since day one that comets, that are mostly made of ice, will melt if they get anywhere near the Sun. Yet this comet not only came within 87,000 miles of the Sun, it circled it and came out the other side unscathed!

16/12/2011 13:30:43 Mother sues Allentown officer who used Taser on her daughter
"The mother of a 14-year-old Dieruff High School student has filed a federal lawsuit claiming an Allentown police officer used excessive force when he shot her daughter in the groin with a stun gun during class dismissal in September." -Not an easy video to watch. The police officer had at least 50 lbs on the teenage girl, yet he tased her anyway. Notice in the video that the girl actually raises her hands in surrender, but the officer shoots her in the groin with those burred darts! Why did he need to shoot her with a taser? And why did he shoot here there? Well, it's a sad reality today that this is happening because torture has been legalized in America! A taser electrocutes you into submission in the very same way war criminals in both Nazi Germany as well as North Korea did in back rooms to "unruly" prisoners of war. Why are they using torture you ask? First you have to see who the father of torture is in modern times before learning the truth. So, click here when you get time.

16/12/2011 13:30:42 Alternative Nativity Scene Set Up At Capitol
"The Freedom From Religion Foundation said its display is meant to celebrate the winter solstice. The group said that in celebrating the winter solstice, it is celebrating reality." -First of all, they are Pagans, not Atheists. Yes, they may claim to be Atheist, but declaring their desire to celebrate the Winter Solstice says otherwise. This means they are not only Pagans, they are hypocrites as well. Truth is, Pagans do worship a god. A false god yes, but "a god" nonetheless. So, how can they claim to be Atheist? As for December 25 being the Solstice and the "reason for the season." They're actually correct here because historic fact is, Jesus could not possibly have been born in Winter. Click here for the proof.

16/12/2011 13:30:42 Breaking news Dramatic flooding and rescues in NZ wild weather
"2 tourists are rescued from a tree in Nelsons Maitai Valley, and in Pohara , near Takaka, roads become raging torrents and houses are trashed as over 500mm of rain falls in the region, once again my truck was the only vehicle able to get through, and once again James Mc Gregor and the MetVUW.com website forecast this event with amazing accuracy." -Strange weather and property destruction like this is to be the norm very soon on a global scale according to Christian prophecy. Still, most will ignore it all the way up to when the Eastern sky splits wide open. And yes, that denial of the facts is also prophecied.

15/12/2011 13:12:08 Politics, Religion and the Tea Party
"With a powerful Tea Party movement framing Republican policy in Washington and across the United States, Fault Lines looks into the links between the Tea Party movement, the Christian conservative movement, and Republican politics ahead of the GOP primaries. As the race to be the Republican nominee in the 2012 Presidential election heats up, Fault lines follows the Iowa campaign trail, to understand how the far-right conservative movement is reshaping the American political debate, and to open a window onto the political landscape of the United States, its religious sensibilities, its fears, and possibly its future." -Just as we expected decades ago when the so called "need" of a religious grass roots movement was realized by students of prophecy as a soon coming event in our nation, we see the Christians in this nation are playing right into the hands of politicians prodded by Rome to play the part as godly men and women. If a so called "religious" candidate gains office it will be the beginning of the end for religious freedom in America. So many believe their politicians out of sheer need to because it's so bad now. But we did learn something with George W. Bush who claimed to be a born again Christian. He used the Christians in this nation to get elected and then torture was legalized by this so called Christian President and we went to war and killed hundreds of thousands of men women and children. Truth is, we now realize the term "Christian Politician" is an oxymoron statement in bold letters. This is why most of us within the remnant have either stopped voting or never voted altogether. Prophecy will be fulfilled. This is the only thing we as Christians can trust. We then must act accordingly and get ready to meet our Lord in the air.