Rules and regulations for the poGm Conference room:

  • PLEASE do not give your e-mail address out to anyone in this room without checking with a moderator first. You may end up on a mass e-mail list filled with viruses!
  • PLEASE do not ask anyone for their e-mail address in this room. If you need to contact someone, ask a moderator, and they will help you contact them.
  • PLEASE do not post ANY links in this room without checking with a moderator first.
  • PLEASE do not click on any links in this room unless sent by a moderator.
  • PLEASE do not give any of your personal information to anyone without checking with a Moderator first.
  • If anyone asks you for your private information, or e-mail address alert a moderator immediately!
  • Click here for info on how Moderators deal with trouble makers.

Due to recent attacks, we needed to step up security. These rules are not "control" issues as some that have attacked this ministry declare. This is the best way we know to prevent further attacks.

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