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POGM Cards

  • Leave them on the counter by the cashier after you purchase something.
  • Leave them at a gas pump for the next person getting gas to find.
  • Leave them in bathroom stalls for people to read while taking a break. (We all love to read in there!)
  • Leave them inside books about prophecy in book stores or libraries.
  • Leave them on store shelves.
  • Place them inside pockets of clothing in clothing stores.
  • Place them inside shoe boxes in stores.
  • Please them in school lunch boxes, pots and pans, Tupperware containers, filing cabinets, etc in stores.
  • Leave them in church pews.
  • Leave them in song books at church.
  • Place them on car windshields you park next to.
  • Place them inside the cars. (if they leave the window open of course.)
  • Mail them anonymously to people at random from addresses in the phone book each week.
  • Place them in plastic bags and tie them to helium balloons and release them outside.
  • Casually drop them in front of groups of people, and whoever offers to help pick them up, let them keep it.
  • When buying newspapers from a machine, place one in each paper still in the machine.
  • Leave them with your tip at restaurants.
  • Send one along with your monthly bills.
  • Leave them in Taxi cabs, trains, busses, or airplanes.
  • Place them in study hall at school.
  • Place them in books at the library.
  • Drop them in peoples shopping carts when they look away.
  • Scatter them like the leaves of Autumn.

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