Truth Provided Newsletter 4-29-2002

Guillotines in AMERICA?

 "And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years."-Revelation 20:4

Greetings everyone in these last hours of Earth's history. As we see in Revelation 20, the prophecy declares that some of the children of God that do NOT go along with the Papacy's mark will find themselves at the business end of a guillotine. All too often the argument arises. How can we as a modern nation, use guillotines. Would this not be barbaric as well as insane in today's age? After all, we are civilized now, and execution methods of the dark ages is just plain outdated! Therefore, this must prove the prophecy of Revelation chapter 20 is absolutely false!

Well, you may want to suggest to those that speak such words to you that they should hold on to their hats. LITERALLY!

A couple of years ago, some of you may recall that I made a statement on my old "current events" page that information had crossed my path regarding the fact that thousands of guillotines were being stored on American soil. Not long after I posted that information. Someone who I thought was acting on my best interests, informed me that "conspiracy theories" such as this will lend to soil the message of my ministry and I should remove the "ridiculous" claim about the guillotines. After much thought (I admit I didn't pray about it) I decided to remove the information I had placed on that page. Well... I am now kicking myself in the back end for doing just that!!

Not too long ago, I received word that the information I received regarding the guillotines was not only accurate, it was actually being lobbied in Washington DC as we speak! The states I mentioned on my "current events" page a few years back was in fact GEORGIA & MONTANA. The information I had received was that 15, 000 or 30,000 guillotines had been shipped to Georgia as well as Montana for safe keeping until such a time as they are needed. (I don't recall the exact number. It's been a while. However, I do believe it was 15, 000 for each storage facility.)

Guillotines on American soil? What are they up to?

Some of us may recall the video that was "some how" released to the general public of a man being electrocuted in Georgia. For those of us that saw the movie, "The Green Mile," we know that if you do not place water on the sponge upon the mans head that is to die by electrocution, his death will be not only prolonged and extremely violent, his head will actually ignite during the process. Not a very pleasant death I might add. Fact is, many are aware, state executions are NEVER video taped! However, the tape of a man being electrocuted in Georgia did in fact somehow surface some years back. We also know that they did NOT place "water" as a necessary conductor in the sponge. Because the video did in fact show the man's head igniting after he bounced around for quite some time in that chair.

Question: Why do you suppose a video would surface of an execution, when video's are NEVER made? And why do you suppose that "somehow" they forgot to place water on that sponge?

Answer: The video was released so the American public can see it and complain of the "inhumane" methods used, thereby giving the government officials a springboard to start the lobbying for guillotines.

This video is no mistake, and neither were the statements made afterwards regarding the graphic video. The prophecy declares that some WILL be killed by guillotine, and that is what must occur. So, the enemy will eventually figure out ways to get this done. NOT because they believe the prophecy, and want to do as the Almighty declares in the prophecy. Not at all! The fact is, the Almighty SAW this end result from the beginning and told us in advance in His prophetic Word. The wicked are merely doing what the Almighty already reported on. In other words, They WILL do it! Because our Lord SAW them do it!

Not long after that video surfaced, many state officials including the governor started a massive campaign to stop executions by electrocution. What was their decided choice for execution you ask?A no brainer eh?


Some of you may be asking, why in this modern age we would have government officials lobbying for laws that would require guillotines as a way to kill those they deem evil? With all out technology, with all our civilized ways, with all our "humane" laws, what would drive men to kill with such a thing as a guillotine? MONEY! That's right folks! It's the exact same thing that moves the beast in Rome to do the things he does. The almighty dollar bill is what they worship and the almighty dollar bill is what directs their paths.

We are living in an age when we see commercials on TV telling everyone in the USA to sign the backs of their drivers licences so they can harvest our organs for profit. Doctors all over the land lurk about like Egor in a Frankenstien flic waiting for their patients to show signs of fading. The doctors jump at the chance to harvest your dead loved ones before they even have a chance to get cold on the operating table. Think of it, you can get $40,000 for one kidney, imagine what an entire human body is worth with TWO kidney's, two eyeballs, a heart, a liver, lungs, skin, gall bladders, bone marrow, blood, etc etc etc. The hospitals of the world have become literal body snatchers! Keep in mind as well, the governing officials of the world also see a cash cow in the executioners cage because they know what the doctors will pay them for those "fresh" organs. And the Almighty Creator knew of this long before ANY of our transplant surgeons were born. Isn't that awesome how His prophecy works out? He doesn't have to give us the morbid details as to WHY they will be using guillotines, he does tells us they will!

So... let's cut to the chase!

Why would guillotines represent the better option? I am sure most of you have figured it out already eh? Why don't they choose "lethal injection" as an alternative? That is a VERY humane way to break the sixth commandment isn't it? Or what about cyanide gas? The same gas used on the Jews that was manufactured by the family business of John Paul II's parents? I never heard of anyone igniting or screaming or writhing for 2 or 3 minutes in a gas chamber or on a lethal injection table. Have you? So why don't they use those "so called" humane methods to kill the Christians they will eventually have in their jails? BECAUSE THE ORGANS WOULD BE POISONED AND NOT WORTHY OF HARVESTING!
You    can't    make    money!

Below is an excerpt from Bill #1274 in the Georgia House of Representatives. You can view the ENTIRE bill here...  I highlighted for obvious reasons... Notice how the bill lets the cat out of the bag as to WHY they want guillotines

Georgia House of Representatives - 1995/1996 Sessions

HB 1274 - Death penalty; guillotine provisions

Code Sections - 17-10-38/ 17-10-44


  1- 1  To amend Article 2 of Chapter 10 of Title 17 of the Official
  1- 2  Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to the
death penalty
  1- 3  generally, so as to provide a statement of legislative
  1- 4  policy; to provide for
death by guillotine; to provide for
  1- 5  applicability; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other
  1- 6  purposes. 

    SECTION 1. 

  1- 8  The General Assembly finds that while prisoners condemned to
  1- 9  death may wish to donate one or more of their
organs for
transplant, any such desire is thwarted by the fact that
electrocution makes all such organs unsuitable for
transplant. The intent of the General Assembly in enacting
  1-13  this legislation is to provide for a method of execution
  1-14  which is compatible with the
donation of organs by a
  1-15  condemned prisoner.

The "video" that was released of the man in the electric chair declared, "THIS IS INHUMANE" did it not? Yet we see here in the wording of Bill #1274, their main concern is NOT whether or not it's inhumane to do so. The Bill states plainly that, "electrocution makes all such organs unsuitable for transplant. " Prophecy is SO amazing! They don't care about the inhumanity at all! The video was merely a way to pull at our hearts strings so as to get their agenda spring-boarded before "certain" eyes. Had they alerted the public that they wanted to use guillotines so as to harvest organs of dead inmates, their would be public outcry! Plus think about what they will do with the headless bodies! Our technology is such that these bodies can be kept alive indefinitely with machinery WITHOUT a head so as to assure the organs stay fresh! How are they going to "hide" that fact? Who knows... who cares!

Let me ask you what I consider a dumb question. If you are in jail for "whatever reason" the government has put you there, and they decide YOU have to die because the Pope says so. What choice of execution are you going to take? Seriously? What person in their right mind is going to say, FRY ME! The prophecy declares the children of God will be jailed, and executed by GUILLOTINE, and we see that soon that will be the case in Georgia! For whatever reason they can think of, many of us will indeed be blessed with the wonderful opportunity to die a martyrs death for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And don't think it will stop with Georgia. 30,000 guillotines is a bit much for one state.

By the way... How do you suppose "Christians" will end up behind bars? Sure, most of us will have fabricated crimes designed around us to make us residents of the "gray bar motel." But are there "certain crimes" we may find ourselves convicted of?

NATIONAL ISSUE: One Court For All The World?
A United Nations meeting
in Rome is wrapping up five weeks of work on a proposed international criminal court. The new court would have worldwide jurisdiction and could investigate, indict, hold, try, and punish, those who committed certain crimes. The proposed international court would subject Americans to a new world authority... "Were talking about creating here something that exercises genuine power, real put-people-in-jail power, but that is responsible to no one but itself." said Lee Casey, a constitutional lawyer with the Washington firm of Hunton & Williams. [Investment Business Daily, Thursday July 16, 1998 Los Angeles, California]

What do you suppose a "certain crime" would be for Rome? How would they define it?

The archbishop of St. Louis said: "Heresy and unbelief are crimes; and in Christian countries, as in Italy and Spain, for instance, where all people are Catholics, and where the catholic religion is an essential part of the law of the land, they are punished as crimes." ... "Every cardinal, archbishop, and bishop in the Catholic Church takes an oath of allegiance to the pope, in which occur the following words" "Heretic, schismatic's, and rebels to our said lord (the pope), or his aforesaid successors, I will to my utmost persecute and oppose." [Josiah Strong, "Our Country," ch. 5, pars 2-4.]

The Vatican has the one world court. It has the one world church. And as soon as we have the global financial disaster James speaks of in Chapter 5, the Vatican will hold the one world currency already backed in it's treasury as well. The wound will be healed, and the people of God will be arrested for "certain crimes." And the United States of America will do exactly as prophecy said it would. It will HELP ROME kill the Christians, and enforce the mark of the beast. And of course many of us will choose death over denying the Truth we know in Christ.

America was started mainly because the children of God sought a land where they could be free from Papal persecutions. And now we see every president in the modern era as well as religious leaders meeting with the prophetically known man of sin. The Pope is dictating to the most powerful nation on earth its agenda, and the USA must comply. Any president that chooses to deny the desires of Rome will find that OVER 50% of Congress is Catholic making his denial trivial. He will also notice that over 50% of the Senate is Catholic as well. Not to mention the US Supreme court being 100% Catholic. He has no choice. He must comply! However, if the president still decides to ignore the desires of the Pope, his life most certainly would be in grave danger. Hence, John F Kennedy's assassination not long after denying "certain demands" of his Pope. I am sure many of us have scanned the websites that have ample info on WHY Kennedy was shot and how it was the Vatican that gained the most by his death. Plus it was the Vatican that would be hurt most by Kennedy's "decisions" in office. So, I don't feel I need to get into that right now.

Every president has met with the Pope. The present one is no exception...


VATICAN, ( -- Pope John Paul II will meet with US President George W. Bush at the Vatican on Tuesday, May 28.

President Bush is currently in Europe, where his schedule includes stops in Berlin, Moscow, and Paris. He will arrive in Rome on May 27 for a NATO conference, then visit the Pope the following day. This will be the second encounter for the Pope and the American leader. The first occurred last July 23, when Bush and his wife visited the Pontiff at his summer residence on Castel Gandalfo. The Pope's discussion with the US President are expected to include the Middle East peace process and the terror attacks on the United States. (Last October, shortly after those attacks, the Pope met with former President George Bush, the current president's father.) A White House official recently assured reporters that the President did not intend to bring up the topic of the scandal caused by clerical misconduct in the US.  

Middle east peace? Just what is the Pope's idea for peace in the Middle East?

Vatican Says No Peace Until Israel Quits Territories
December 13, 2001 3:31 pm EST
By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican said Thursday peace between Israelis and Palestinians would never be possible until the Jewish state withdrew from the occupied territories and a Palestinian state was born.

...Israel has thus far resisted calls by the Vatican for a special statute to protect Jerusalem as the city sacred to Christians, Muslims and Jews. Palestinians see East Jerusalem, which Israel captured in 1967, as the capital of a future state.

Is  picture worth a thousand words? Or would it be a thousand ACRES?
Have you EVER seen a Jewish leaders do this?

I literally have dozens of articles of the Pope backing the terrorists of Arafat. Most have realized the fact that the Pope has spoken to Arafat "AN ADMITTED TERRORIST" over a dozen times, yet he has NEVER spoken to Ariel Sharon ONCE! Plus, on May 13, 2002 on national television, Arafat thanked Roman Catholic priests on NBC News for helping his Palestinian killers in the Bethlehem church that was under siege for so long. So the agenda is obvious! Prophecy states the Vat of sin will plant it's feet in Jerusalem, (Their last mistake by the way, see Daniel 11:45) and the only way possible is to generate a Palestinian statehood that would welcome the Pope as a literal "god on earth" into their land for all that he has done for them. (Can you imagine the ceremony?) Perhaps one day soon I will have a newsletter on ALL the strange things happening between Rome and Palestine. That is indeed a pressing issue to say the least.

By the way, are you curious as to why Bush is meeting with the Pope? Could it be to join in agreement with the Roman International Court? The necessary number of countries have already signed the treaty making the Roman Statute of the International Court system a reality. However, the USA has opted NOT to sign. (so far) Will they? Personally, I don't believe it matters at this point. I see it as a mere formality. Prophecy declares the USA will help the Beast enforce the mark. So regardless of what they decide in Washington DC, the USA will help Rome regardless.

So... is Bush meeting with the Pope for a reason? Is something on the near horizon that needs his extreme attention? The fact is well known across the globe, that anytime ANY governing official is about to do a major change in policy he must always have an audience with the Pope to assure their agenda doesn't harm his. Everyone in office KNOWS who the "one world government" has already elected. So, does this meeting between the Pope and Bush affect ALL people on earth? And does it tie in with the 30,000 guillotines on American soil? Fact is, the international court will officially begin on July 1, 2002. Go to their website ( ) and notice the announcement on page one. It IS going to happen! No doubt this WILL be a hot topic between the two. So, no matter what Bush decides, the Vatican will have its power regardless if he signs or not, and the TRUE child of God will have their persecution personally directed by the Roman Court itself. The Pope has the one world church, court, and money. The governments have the people under control with executive orders as well as "new laws" enacted thanks to the "terrorist" attacks on 9/11. The "human islands" are well surrounded. The "homeland security" is set up AND ACCEPTED by all. And all they await is the 'financial' catalyst that will get ALL the laws enforced on each an every person alive! And for those that won't go along with this? Their "heresy" will have them making a choice of cold hard steel, or a massive dose of electricity as a method of execution.

The big picture sure gets smaller doesn't it? Especially since you get a glimpse of it in His Word beforehand. The sad thing is, most of the world cannot see it. This includes those who claim Jesus as Lord. Main reason being is they believe the twisted prophecies of Rome. Most Christians I meet actually believe that the temple must be rebuilt in Jerusalem before Christ returns. Many believe Jesus will rapture them up before the plagues as well. Even more believe Jesus will bring 1000 years of peace and rule FROM that temple in Jerusalem ON planet Earth. And still others believe that Israel will be surrounded when 'Jesus,' who is actually Antichrist, steps in to save them. Fact is, ALL these twisted lies are designed to get them looking elsewhere and NOT at the actual prophetic events of toady. Another fact is, NONE of those "so called" prophecies are found in the Bible. Yet most believe them because that is what's being preached from pulpits, mentioned at gatherings, printed in tracts, portrayed on video, spoken by TV evangelists and discussed on radio broadcasts. That way when the REAL prophetic events occur, the Christians will be totally unaware of them. They will be watching Israel and the Temple construction.  Think about that, do we really need the temple rebuilt? Will they start to sacrifice animals once again so as to deny the Lamb of God who declared IT IS FINISHED?

Stay IN your Bibles, and study prophecy! Soon the freedom of all mankind will be extremely limited. The governments of this world will declare that we need to give up a little freedom for the sake of "security." And some will go so far as to belittle the rights without ANY explanation. How many recall the ridiculous statement made by one of the most evil man known to date. William Jefferson Clinton...

"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans ..."  -Bill Clinton (USA TODAY, 11 March 1993, page 2A)

Soon the image of the beast will be a reality in the USA. The American people will see their nation helping the Vat of sin in Rome enforce it's most evil mark EVER known by mankind upon the foreheads and hands of BILLIONS! And they won't need a "computer chip implant" to do it. They won't need a "tattoo of a bar code" either. They will be able to get literally BILLIONS sealed for hell by one simple method. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS AGREE THAT THE LAW OF GOD CAN BE SUPERCEDED BY THE LAW OF MANKIND! The agreement of billions will declare to their very own Creator that they don't believe His Word is Truth. Plain and simple! And they will be SEALED for eternity as not worthy of life eternal!

Fact is... many so called "Christian" organizations are already doing as the beast needs to get that reality quickened...

Friday, May 10, 2002

Episcopalians Urge Congress to Pass Hate Crimes Bill

(ENS) - With comprehensive hate crimes bills just a few days away from appearing on the Senate's agenda, more than 130 Episcopal clergy have signed a letter calling on Congress to pass legislation to fight hate crimes in the United States.  The letter in support of the Local law Enforcement Enhancement Act of 2001 (S.625/H.R.1343) is a part of an effort organized by the Episcopal Church's Office of Government Relations in coalition with the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the Interfaith Alliance.  The bills are cosponsored by 51 senators and 206 representatives.

The U.S. Senate is expected to consider hate crimes legislation prior to the Memorial Day recess at the end of May.  Hate crimes legislation would expand federal jurisdiction to serious, violent hate crimes based on the perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender or disability of the victims.

A press conference with sponsors of the legislation and religious leaders is scheduled for the week of May 13 to raise support for Congress to pass the bills, according to ENS.  "The strong support from the clergy and Episcopalians from across the country will no doubt send the clear message that the church expects this important legislation to be taken up and considered soon," said John B. Johnson of the Office of Government Relations.

Want to know the REAL agenda behind the 'HATE CRIMES" bill? See my March 20, 2002 Truth Provided Newsletter entitled, "Is Preaching Gospel now a Hate Crime?" They want to STOP those that have REAL Truth from preaching because Satan knows that it will affect the Elect. He is hoping for a landslide decision to go along with his agenda. Fact is, the Elect can NOT be deceived, but he's deceived even himself enough to think they can be.

 How far can this "hate crimes" lobbying go? Will the government officials of our land use the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a way to PUBLICLY speak their opinions regarding religious issues?  Will they proclaim that people of faith are deadly to society?

Governor's Anti-Religious Remarks Raising Flags in Virginia
By Rusty Pugh May 22, 2002 (AgapePress) -

A pro-family activist says the Governor of Virginia (Joe Glover... see pic on left) believes that people of faith are a threat to the world. Just one day after earning praise from religious leaders for signing "In God We Trust" legislation, Virginia Governor Mark Warner made an anti-religious remark during a college graduation ceremony.

An Associated Press article quotes Warner telling University of Virginia graduates: "One of the greatest threats facing our world comes from those who believe they are acting out God’s will, no matter what religion they practice." Family Policy Network president Joe Glover says the governor's remarks were an intentional slap in the face to religious conservatives, made to an obviously not-so-conservative audience.

Some are STILL confused I am sure as to how this "hate crimes" situation ties in with the Vat of sin in Rome. Well, see this next article and REMEMBER, the Pope and Islam, and their EXTREME friendly relationship! Is this "ecumenical" group hug paying off for BOTH the Pope and Arafat?

Christians accused of inciting hatred

A MELBOURNE Christian group has been accused of vilifying Muslims in what could be a test case for Victoria's controversial new race and religious hate laws.

The Islamic Council of Victoria claims the fundamentalist Catch The Fire Ministries incited hatred against the Islamic faith during a Koran study conference held in Surrey Hills in March.

..."It's like the hate literature that was incited against the Jews in Europe in the 1930s," said Islamic Council human rights co-ordinator Bilal Cleland. (See pic on left)

"It's an attempt to turn the war on terrorism into a war on Islam."

Catch The Fire Ministries, which claims to have 5000 followers across Australia, would neither confirm nor deny that the comments were made at the conference.

..."The truth has to be spoken. I have no fear to speak the truth . . . but if we have hurt someone's feelings we are sorry about it."

...Catch the Fire Ministries is a non-denominational group which, according to its website, aims "to take the good news of the gospel from town to town, city to city, state to state, country to country and proclaim the name of Jesus".

Entire Article...,5478,4400036%255E661,00.html

This Christian ministry states they did NOT make the statement. But will it matter? No. Fact is, MANY of us will be thrown behinds bars for NOT making statements as well. They will simply LIE and say we did "certain crimes." We will be persecuted by Rome and it's friends the world over. It's no mistake the Roman Beast would pick the Muslims as a friend. Like the Catholics, the Muslims are now over a BILLION strong. Their LIES about you and me will be seen as TRUTH by the "Catholic" governments of the world. Especially the 100% Catholic Supreme Court of the USA. And when they are joined with a little over a billion Catholic repeating the same lies... well, do I need to illustrate the obvious?

One last thing. Do you think Catholic theologians, deacons, priests, laypeople and just plan Catholics feel the torture and murders of millions by their church was a good or bad thing? See this "Q&A page" on the EWTN Catholic website regarding that very question...  These Catholics running the mainstream as well as televised "EWTN" Catholic ministry actually feel it was the ultimate GOOD to burn people at the stake! It is actually recorded on that "EWTN Q&A" page. See the excerpts of it below...

"If heretics were (and are) on a "highway to Hell", does it make sense to mercifully kill a relapsed heretic, so that he or she can "peacefully" pass into the "furnace of fire" (#1034)?

From the perspective of an obstinate heretic who was taken to the scaffold to be executed but who recanted before dying, the Inquisition may have ultimately been a “good” thing, assuming, of course, that the person went to Heaven who would have otherwise gone to Hell, except for the “grace” of the Inquisition. Of course, only God knows for sure.

If you think that the Inquisition was evil or misguided, just consider the state of those countries today where the Inquisitions were the most active – Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Nearly everyone in those countries is Catholic, and consequently, all three of those nations have the most restrictive abortion laws in the world"

Yes, those countries are mostly Catholic today. Why? Their ancestors were FORCED to be Catholic and if they refused they would BURN ALIVE! Even Nebuchadnezzar knew that FIRE on FLESH was an excellent way to get people to BOW DOWN TO IDOLS! This mainstream Catholic ministry feels it is a blessed and holy method to get "heretics" to recant their faith in Christ and become "Catholic"so as to avoid being BURNED ALIVE! Will they use that exact same method today with the guillotines?  

Prophecy says a resounding YES!

Revelation 13:12, "And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed."

Discuss this in either the POGM Forums or POGM Audio Conference...



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Hi Nicholas,

Very sad to hear that they refuse the ad. Did you send out a press release about this? That might give you nationwide free publicity about the message, while keeping the money in your pocket.

Hope the plan to bring this message to a wide public will succeed very soon!

best regards,

Niko ..., the Netherlands

I am keeping you and your ministry in my prayers



PS 23





I am saying a REVIVAL is needed! Better words were never heard!! We're working on it brother. Pray with us - we're sponsoring a Conference May 9-12th and we are totally expecting REVIVAL to break loose in this area!  God has told Mike & I to open The Remnant back up here in Nacogdoches. We need your prayers for that too. And you are so right on! As usual. Love you brother flex flex! Time is short and these are exciting days we live in. Your message was very encouraging - we were ordained to be part of the end time harvest. What a blessing that is. What a privilege that is. Don't forget to say a little prayer for Peg and Bip and Puja. :)
God bless you!


Dear Nicholas,

     Please remove me from your newsletter list.
     Your recent anti-Catholic video was a vile and insulting attempt to smear my Church. It is clear that you are SDA, and they are completely out in left field.  Ms. White had a head injury before she started having her "visions," and they were not of God, but Satan to confuse and miselad people like you, people who failed in the Catholic Church and try to blame the Church for their failure. 
     I shall pray the Rosary for you. 

God bless,



            May I ask what program you use to make your slide show?  Do you need one specific type program?  Your Antichrist Slide show is really really neat.  I would like to try to do something with horses we have to sell?  I appreciate your input.  Thank you so much.

Take care
 Love the Lord,

Hi,  Just a thought--would the lack of definition in the word "terrorism" have anything to do with the one world court?  Let me know...


WoW Man this is Great!!! The slideshow! I  still keep the Sabbath and the Catholic hospital that I work for don't like  it. I got written up last Friday for leaving early as they put it. ...

I pray that I see you on yahoo tonight.
  God Bless You


Dear Nicholas,

A fantastic site which has really opened my eyes.

I am a Gnostic Christian who has never been a fan of the Organised Church (particularly the Roman Church), as I feel it is contrary to what true Christianity was always intended to be. What we have today is not Christ's ministry, I believe, but a tool for giving man God-like powers and controlling the masses through fear and guilt.

I would appreciate being permitted to read the Catholic comments.

Yours honourably,

(in England)

BTW - did you know that the 12-stars symbol in gold which appears on the blue flag of the European Union is a Catholic symbol associated with the "cult of Mary"? It was adopted by the EU after some very high-level deceptions about its true meaning, or so I have read elsewhere. Any thoughts? In Peace, R.

Thank you very much for responding to my e-mail.  I was speaking about your testimony on your website.  I am a teacher and one of my students found your website and as I began reading it everything that you talked about, the Lord had began showing me though other sources.  It is so amazing sometimes how the Lord will bring things into light.  But now I am curious, where do you attend church now and what audio church service are you talking about?


Can't make it to church each week?  Presents of God ministry now has an AUDIO CHAT room on the site at This AUDIO CHAT will broadcast LIVE Bible studies and Church services for those that have yet to find a church near to their home.

This online church service is NOT meant to be a permanent replacement. It can however be used to share in Bible study and worship services until such a time as a church is found near your home.

The audio chat room allows for TWO WAY communication. In ther words, you can actually participate LIVE by either microphone or text chat.

My fervent prayer is that you have been blessed by the Truth Provided in this Newsletter.

Truth is Truth!


John 14:29!

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