Truth Provided Newsletter 4-26-2002


Greetings in these last days. In this newsletter I hope and pray that I am able to light a fire under the seats of some that read these newsletters. Reason being, I am seeing things happening in the world that I am sure most you see as well. The Vatican as well as the Governments of this world are moving forward on plans at breakneck speeds to completely control every life on Earth. I am not bringing this to anyone's attention to strike up a revolt, a rebellion, or even a boycott of any kind because Prophecy of our Lord is not something we can stop. I am hoping to bring to your attention the urgency of the times we find ourselves living in. It is time we got busy as well as serious about our Christian walks.

Think about this for a moment. All of us could have been born 100, 200, or even 1000 years ago. Instead ALL of us were born to be alive in these last days. The Almighty is not a God of disorder. YOUR WERE BORN FOR A REASON! You were also born at this time in history for a reason! And it is no mistake that many of you already have a competent knowledge of the written Word as well as the Prophecies concerning our day. It's literally time to get busy!

The Latter Rain is not going to fall on an unready church. The Lord is not going to bless His church with a "more abundant" portion of His Spirit unless they are worthy of it. That is why there is a "difference" in the air lately. Does your spirit feel an urgency to get even closer to the Lord recently? There's a reason for that! Have you been craving more intense Bible studies lately?  There's a reason for that! Have you been investigating Bible prophecy a lot more lately? There's a reason for that! Have certain events in the news been opening your eyes to once misunderstood prophetic facts lately? There's a reason for that! Have friends, co-workers, relatives, or even complete strangers been talking about what they believe to be fulfillment of prophecy lately? There's a reason for that! Has your dream life been "acting up?" There's a reason for that! Has anyone asked you out of the blue what your opinion is regarding the way the weather has been acting lately, or activities in the middle east, or earthquakes, planetary alignments, red tides, etc? Do they ask you if it's "in the Bible?" Are they asking your opinion as to why the government is passing such strange and scary laws? Fact is, they are asking YOU for a reason. The Lord has impressed upon their hearts that YOU can direct them to the answers they seek. THE WORD of GOD!

"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:" -1 Peter 3:15

Before the "Early Rain" fell upon the Apostles in the early church, we saw how the Lord directed them to come together "in one accord" in regards to Scriptural jurisprudence. This had to occur BEFORE the outpouring of His Holy Spirit could be done (Early Rain). The church of today must also be ready as well as willing to accept the Almighty and His will for them. He will never force Himself upon us. The Latter Rain is already starting to "drizzle" as many of you are very much aware. I know, some of you have contacted me about what's been happening lately. Many men and women of God are coming forth with new found fire from within as to the urgency of the situation. There isn't a lot of time left. Still, there is ENOUGH time left to do as the Almighty has stated WILL be done in these days. Regardless of how short or long the time frame is, we mustn't waste it! Some of us will need every nano second in the days ahead to get, and be ready to do that which we were created to do. The Lord will not short change us no more than he would short change Noah and his family.

One wonderful thing I have seen lately is many people from all walks of life are searching for churches that preach Truth and Truth alone like never before. The Holy Spirit is pushing His children to get deeper into His Word and the churches they are in now simply refuse to do that. Prophecy is a major area of study now for many for obvious reasons. Yet you can literally visit every church in your neighborhoods and you will not find a single one preaching prophecy. Especially prophecy concerning the Antichrist or the mark of the beast. I tried for 10 YEARS to find a church that taught as I knew my family needed to be taught regarding the "present Truth." In fact, the last two years I looked almost weekly to find NONE, ZIP, NADA, NARRY A ONE! Then finally, a few shorts months ago, the Lord did direct me to a church we now call home.

Never before have I seen such an urgency as well as excitement in people from all walks of life regarding the times we live in. It's a conglomerate of feelings. Everything from the excitement one feels knowing their Lord is soon in coming, to sadness knowing that some they love are not ready for Him to return. No longer can we stand back hoping someone else will share Jesus with them. No longer should we be worried about how our loved ones, co workers, or even complete strangers will think of us for preaching Bible facts to them. The enemy is BOLD, yet many of the Christians of today are shy and afraid or even indifferent. We must rise up and let them know that being "lukewarm" is deadly to the Christian. We must let them know that they may be the only Bible some people read...

Romans 10:14, "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?"

Truth is, lately it's actually a lot easier to preach the present Truth concerning the Three Angels message. Seriously! It used to be that I would have to figure out a way to strike up a conversation that I would eventually be able to lead to prophecy so I can get people to ask me questions concerning the days we live in. I do that so when I answer their questions, they can't blow me off and walk away because THEY ASKED me. People are polite by nature and they will let you answer "their" question. (Try it.. it works!) However, lately it seems all you have to do sometimes is say "hi" and before you know it you are talking about the strange weather... earthquakes... red tides... middle east wars... Bible prophecy.... red heifers... strange planetary alignments...  etc. It's time to get busy! The news media of today has blessed us all with ample ammunition in this war against Satan. Small talk can actually be used to generate meaningful conversations about BIBLE PROPHECY and most people today will listen and even respond with more questions. Isn't that always the case? The devil looks to destroy the human race, or generate movements in his agenda, and by doing so also open the door for the children of God to move forward in the work of the Kingdom. For example... Since September 11, the devil has been able to get "certain laws" passed without trouble right? Not only that, the governments have stirred up the people into a frenzy of religious activity as well because of September 11. We can use this to our advantage! They are already used to speaking about "religious topics" like never before. It's truly an easy task now to street preach without people even realizing your street preaching! THEY ARE LISTENING!

The Lord is moving people! The Almighty is getting His children ready to receive the Latter Rain. The enemy is also busy. Sad thing is, it appears the church of Babylon has been much more active then the church of Christ lately. There's a reason for that too! It's in Revelation chapter 3. The enemy knows his time is short. The enemy also knows that some Christians will be slumbering in their walk. He knows that because he helped them get that way. The enemy is counting on that to continue! He loves it when he gets governments to pass laws like "Roe -vs- Wade" and not a single man or woman of God with any "genuine" faith steps forward to stop him. He loves it when he can get Presidents like Clinton to pass Executive Orders that are not only communist in nature, but PROPHETIC in regards to the mark of the beast. He loves it when people spew quips like... "history repeats itself.... the world will never end... there is no such thing as a devil.... etc"

Again, I am not saying a revolt, revolution, rebellion, or boycott is the answer. But I am saying a REVIVAL is needed! What we see occurring as well as what's about to occur has been prophecied to occur and we cannot stop it. Nor would we want to! My cry is MARANATHA! COME LORD JESUS! What I am hoping to do is convince the people of God it is time to repent and make straight the paths of the Lord. HE IS COMING SOON! We need a revival in the land. We need real Christians to drop to their knees in repentance. We need them to turn off the TV's, put down the remotes, pick up their Bibles and get ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ. We need these Christians to get out there and preach, pass out tracts, start churches, make videos, do radio broadcasts, pray, teach, etc etc etc. If we don't start getting serious when it's comparatively easy to do so, we will never even think about it when it will be ILLEGAL to do so.

The Latter Rain needs to fall on fertile soil. The heart needs to be ready for its arrival. We need to study the Word daily now. Don't leave your homes without reading His Word. We mustn't step out of our bedrooms before praying to Him on our knees asking for His guidance for the day He has given us. Pray for wisdom! Pray for Truth! Pray for your loved ones! Pray for your church family! Pray for your pastors! Pray for the Latter Rain!

The enemy is getting ready all around us. He is snatching as many souls as he can. He is passing laws, blinding eyes, poisoning brains, riddling bodies with disease, pumping garbage into the minds of our children, preaching to them with his rock & roll, and his most favored servant in the Vatican has been making plans that every single soul on earth will soon answer to him and his prophecied mark. Look around.. can you see Antichrist moving forward rapidly now?

(TPNL = Truth Provided Newsletter)

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Can you see how he is re-writing Bibles, making videos about false rapture theories, making satanic holidays for Christians, getting everyone to eat poisonous foods, teaching idol worship is necessary, attacking God's Law, Persecuting Christians, getting governments to enforce religious laws, creating satanic agencies for Christian churches, teaching false doctrines and traditions of men. Can you see this as day by day life on Earth?

These are but a few mere facts. Of course there are many many more "goings on" than this. I would be hard pressed to share them all in a series of Newsletters let alone just one. My point is this however, since the enemy is so active, wouldn't one think there is a reason for all this? Shall we wait until we have a police state before moving forward in our calling? Christians must start BELIEVING the prophecy of their Creator as something that is going to happen with 100% accuracy. The following article I just received while writing this newsletter tells us we are already in a police state in the USA. So why wait?

'Living in a police state'

By JOHN WISELY and STEPHEN W. HUBER, Of The Oakland Press April 24, 2002
 April 24, 2002

The state Legislature has given police power to search your home without telling you why. Two new laws, which took effect Monday as part of anti-terror efforts, also shield from public scrutiny the reasons for police searches. Defense lawyers and civil libertarians are outraged at the laws, which make search warrants and supporting documents such as affidavits non-public records. "If you think the police did secretive work before, just wait," defense attorney William Cataldo said. "It gives more power to the ignorant and more power to those who would take your rights." Defense lawyer Walter Piszczatowski said: "This is nuts, this is beyond nuts. "What happened to the Fourth Amendment? We're living in a police state." That means the public, the press, and in some cases even the person accused of the crime, can't know why the police entered a home without permission.

Under previous laws, the records were public, unless a judge ordered them sealed for a specific reason. In federal courts, that remains the case. But now, search warrants in state courts are automatically closed to public view. "I think this is absolutely unconstitutional," said Dawn Phillips, a First Amendment lawyer with the Michigan Press Association. "We objected to it at the time. This thing passed like greased lightning." The House portion of the bill passed unanimously and the Senate version passed 27-8. The chief sponsor of the bill in the state senate was Shirley Johnson (R-Royal Oak) while Bill Bullard (R-Highland Township) was a cosponsor. In the state House, Nancy Cassis (R-Novi) was among 20 sponsors.

The American Civil Liberties Union also objected to the law's change.

That means the public, the press, and in some cases even the person accused of the crime, can't know why the police entered a home without permission. ..."An officer executing a search is not required to give a copy of the affidavit to the person or leave a copy at the place from which the property was taken," according to Ferry's memo.

Read entire article here...

It can't happen to me? Is that what some are saying to themselves right now? The police would have no reason to invade my home with guns drawn? Imagine if you will... it's the still of the night. You an your family are sound asleep. Suddenly your front and back door are knocked off their hinges, and you and your family are face down on the living room rug handcuffed. And not a single police officer has to tell you WHY. According to this article they really don't even have to have an excuse now. Common sense tells us that the only reason the law was passed is because Americans would no doubt be VERY upset if they REALLY knew why their homes were being invaded! Seriously, it's a no brainer! Fact is, the police invading the homes probably won't even know WHY they are there. They are simply following orders. The Jesuit controlled officials seeking out the Christians are telling them to search their homes and report back to them what is found. The amount of time we have is indeed limited. But that's not an issue for us because we serve a Mighty God! His timing is perfect, the Latter Rain will fall when He decides. Ready or not, the Christian church will be directly involved in the closing events of Earth's history. Some will be used by the Almighty, and sadly some will be used by the enemy. My prayer is that we are ready to be used by the Almighty to glorify Him in a mighty way. I would rather we all have our lamps filled with Oil, amen? It's time to get busy!

Want some clues as to how fast the "United States of America Church" will be officially formed? Watch this president and how he acts before the public eye in the coming months. Clinton was an extremely evil man, but Bush is one that hopes to use Religion to get his agenda realized so as to clean up the image of public office. Even Al Gore tried to use this tactic in his campaign. Everyone knows how Clinton was in one adulterous relationship after another right? Did we not all see Al Gore faking a kiss with his wife at the democratic convention? Bush is "preaching to America" from his lectern. And yes, there's a reason for that!

April 23, 2002

Religion Today News Summary

President Bush's Scary Speech 

Speaking out on faith is a double-edged sword for President George W. Bush.  An article from the April 22 New York Times cited a number of examples to show the president increasingly sprinkles the language of faith into his government speeches.  And that, they report, is a problem for some people.  Apparently, phrases such as, "We place our sorrows and cares before him, seeking God's mercy," "We ought to recognize the healing power of faith in our society" and "Justice and cruelty have always been at war, and God is not neutral between them" shouldn't be spoken by a U.S. President.

 According to the New York Times, Bush's belief that religion has a place in government has bothered secularists and some religious leaders for quite some time.  "He went for a kind of post-Sept. 11 pluralism to presidential evangelism today," said the Rev Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.  "This man now seems to have an enormous difficulty separating his personal religious commitment from his public policy positions."  The Rev. Arthur Caliandro, senior minister of Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, said, "I think it's very dangerous."

Associates close to the President verify his faith is "not a political ploy, and that he should have the liberty to speak as he wishes," the Times added.

Many have always thought that grand movements of Government that would take many decades would be needed to enforce the mark of the beast or even come close to that. Truth is, these movements have been subtle as well as constant over the last 150+ years. And as Ellen White said, the movements of hell are going to be rapid ones in these last days. The enemy has conditioned not only the wicked, he has also gotten much of the Christian church in such a state of "lukewarmness" that the "little things" he has done have appeared to be trivial to many at the time. But when you compile ALL those evil movements  of government over the years into one package that is NOW our present definition of LAW in the United States, one can see the cunning movements of a diabolical enemy. For example... You can actually see how many years of evil works can be used in the end time to help the agenda of hell. Look at the Roman Catholic church's stance on birth control. Everyone that reads Scriptures, specifically "Solomn's song," are totally aware that sex between husband and wife is not just for procreation. The Roman Catholic church has taught the opposite for eons. Why? It's all in the numbers... Look the United states Senate having more than 50% of its members proclaiming Catholicism as their religion. Look at the Catholic majority in Congress as well. Plus, look at the 100% Roman Catholic supreme court we see today. The Roman Catholic church directed completely by Satan has generated a literal population explosion OF CATHOLICS! I remember when I was young that if you told someone you came from a family of 13 their first response was, "oh...your Catholic eh?" Is it any wonder that such evil laws are being passed today? Only a fallen angle with the powers of Satan himself could have generated such an outcome as this over time.

Absolutely every aspect of life on Earth is now being controlled or being lobbied for control in the governments of this world. The beast in Rome has the uncanny wisdom of a fallen angel on their side. Satan has been able to make everything fall his way for the final act. The one world church is under his Roman control. The one world court system is his as well. And seeing how the one world courts IS his, the one world government will have to answer to Rome. The Vatican has even generated a massive storage of gold so as to back the Euro dollar that is slated as the one world currency because prophecy DOES predict a global financial disaster in James 5:1-3. But before doing that a few more aspects of control must be put in place to make the transition run ever smoother. For example... taxes...

Globalist Taxers Want Your Money

Wes Vernon,
Saturday, March 16, 2002

WASHINGTON World Government is pounding on our door and demanding that the U.S. surrender its sovereignty and let the United Nations take over our lives. Worldwide taxes would be imposed by people in far-off lands elected by no one. This is not conspiracy theory. This is fact. It is happening right now. Alarmed citizens are bombarding the White House with demands that the U.S. say no to global taxes. Global taxation is the centerpiece of a four-day United Nations conference starting Monday. The gathering is to consider recommendations of a special High Level Council. The mail pouring into the White House results from the efforts of those activist groups that have pierced the heavy curtain of silence erected by the media establishment, which is taking no note of the implications of the meeting in Monterrey, Mexico. American Policy Center, for example, has issued a bulletin saying, "Quite simply, the U.N. wants the ability to tax citizens of the United States and other nations on an individual basis.

Do you think the IRS of the USA will stop taxing when the UN IRS begins? No matter, it's only money eh? Could this be the year for Global Government to start flexing its prophetic muscles? Even the secular media seems to think so. Please, I implore you. Read the entire article below. It's time to get busy!

This could be the year


This may be the year from which there is no turning back. Global governance advocates have been relentlessly advancing their agenda for a generation. Since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, their progress has been astounding. Most of the recommendations of the Commission on Global Governance are nearing implementation. The events scheduled to occur this year may push the world beyond the point of no return.

The Euro became the coin-of-the-realm for 12 European countries on January 1. Ten years in the making, this event homogenizes the European economy under the control of a central authority. The three European hold-outs, including the United Kingdom, are expected to be forced into the mix sooner or later. This event gives the European Union an economic foundation and justification for its existence. It is a major step toward the regionalization of global governance.

A Similar structure is envisioned for the Western hemisphere. NAFTA was a start, and the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas is expected to finish the job. Economic zones are being established in Asia, and all will function under the auspices of the World Trade Organization which, incidentally, is being consolidated into the direct administrative structure of the United Nations.

The U.N.'s High Level Panel of Financing Development will meet in Monterey, Mexico, March 18 - 22, 2002, to adopt the Panel's report. Among the recommendations are: a World Taxing Authority, global taxes on fossil fuel, global taxes on currency exchange, consolidation of all international finance and development agencies under U.N. authority, global regulation of multinational corporations and much more.

The International Criminal Court is expected to enter into force this year, having been ratified by 47 of the required 60 nations. This is the first treaty in history to claim authority in nations that have not ratified the treaty. Americans should visit this website to see that important information, such as the treaty and a list of nations that have ratified the treaty, is reserved for people who pay to secure a password. The United Nations believes strongly in the control of information.

This new global institution brings implications too horrible to exaggerate. It is authorized to prosecute "crimes against humanity," which it defines. The court is not subject to veto by any other authority and is unaccountable to any nation or authority. At U.N. meetings, the United States is regularly accused of such "crimes against humanity," as allowing the death penalty, and civilian gun ownership, and allowing citizens to drive gas-guzzling, carbon-spewing SUVs.

The Kyoto Protocol is also expected to enter into force this year, despite rejection by the United States. This international agreement was never about protecting the environment it has always been an economic instrument through which an agency of the U.N. could regulate the use of fossil fuel energy to effect the transfer of wealth from developed, to developing countries.

There is virtually no chance that the unrealistic targets for emissions reductions can be met, and even if they were met, it would have no effect on global climate. The protocol sets up intricate mechanisms for the allocation of economic "incentives" and "disincentives" for participants. This, of course, is U.N.-speak for taking from those who have and giving it to those who have not.

The Earth Charter, first proposed at the 1992 U.N. Conference on Environment and Development, was adopted by Maurice Strong's Earth Council, and Mikhail Gorbechev's Green Cross International . After a decade of systematic promotion, the document is now ready for adoption as the "bible" of the new, evolving world religion.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the UNCED, the event through which the concept of "sustainable development" officially entered the world in the form of "Agenda 21." The celebration, labeled World Summit on Sustainable Development, is scheduled for Aug. 26 through Sept. 4, 2002, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Early estimates say more than 50,000 people will attend.

Preparatory Committees have been meeting for years, developing the agenda and planning for the huge celebration. The last three days are to be devoted to "world leaders," who will adopt the various documents presented at the meeting. Like the Millennium Summit held in New York in 2000, this body of world leaders has no official authority, but its actions are taken by the U.N. as moral authority to move the U.N. agenda forward.

The U.N. agenda is an action plan for the implementation of global governance. The events scheduled for this year are designed to give meaning, definition and enforcement authority to a worldwide system of governance which has no tolerance for the principles of freedom on which the United States was founded. This could well be the year history will record as the point in time when world government became a reality. Jan 5, 2002 Henry Lamb reporting...  (Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization and chairman of Sovereignty International.)

"Why are we not more wide-awake? Each worker may now understand his special work, and receive strength to take hold of it anew. Distinct and peculiar developments of the boundless glory of God will bring tributary offerings of varied kinds to the feet of Jesus. Every new disclosure of the Saviour's love turns the balance for some soul in one direction or the other. The end of all things is at hand. The men of the world are rushing on to their ruin. Their schemes, their confederacies, are many. New devices will continually be brought in to make of no effect the counsel of God. Men are heaping up treasures of gold and silver to be consumed by the fires of the last days."--Review and Herald, June 2, 1903.  {CM 17.1}

Are you ready? Are you sure?

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Hello Nicholas,

Thanks so much for receiving my words.  I've never been so impressed with a site so much in all my life.  And if you knew me, you'd know that such words do not flow readily or often. How can I help you other than in prayer? 

Your friend in Jesus,

Iona D.

I have already read half of this great book.  And I am eager to finish it and pass it on to many confused brethern.  Also the clips of the Babylon Whore are fantastic.  I am 100% convinced of the corruption of the church through Roman Catholism.  Thank you for opening my eyes widerer than ever.  Please allow me to download this God sent material that I may teach my family, and friends

Dorsey B.

This is a very true film ,,,God bless you Nic...


HE is the ONLY way!||||

Powerful slide show. 

How long has your ministry been operating ?
Mark P.
Columbus GA

Brother Nicholas, You've done a OUTSTANDING JOB with the slide show, sorry to hear about all the problems that you've been hit with, Your in my prayer's.

God Bless,
David K

Thank you for sending me your newsletter. PLEASE..Never take me off your list.

I've already ask for the books so I won't do that again as I'm sure they are on the email way.  Is your site with any one Christian church or is it non/un denominational.  Some places sounded like it could be Adventist, others any church.  I'd really like to know.  I have spent most of the day on this site and want to say Its really great.  Mind boggling in many places.

Thanks and keep up the good work


Hi,  Just a thought--would the lack of definition in the word "terroism" have anything to do with the one world court?  Let me know...


sure like your website!!!


Hello Nicholas, my dear and faithful Brother in Jesus;

Your ministry continues to bless my heart and mind.  I am so overwhelmed
with the facts that are available, and that so many confessed lovers of God
look away when the facts are made available to them.

IPlease keep pressing forward with the truth.  May God Almighty continue to
bless your ministry for HIS purpose and glory.  Amen

P.S.  I am praying always for the success of your ministry.

Very Sincerely,
George A.

My fervent prayer is that you have been blessed by the Truth Provided in this Newsletter.

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