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Movements of Rome

Greetings in these last hours of earths history. In this months Newsletter I would like to share with you a few articles that seem to shout in thunderous tones that Rome is indeed running rampant across the Globe. It appears every aspect of evil is embraced by the Vatican these days. So much so that the media cannot contain itself but to report it in droves. I am sure that even the media itself is having to pick and choose what stories to write about and what stories should be just tucked away because of the simple fact that there are just too many evils coming from this Church. They truly cannot report on all of them. Many are even farmed out to other media sources so that at least the story gets out. I am certain that if there was one media outlet completely dedicated to exposing the evils of Rome, this would be one busy pack of reporters.

Truth is, I know of this "reporting" dilemma myself. I have a bulging file cabinet, over 150 mb of cataloged email files, dozens of videos, numerous cassette tapes, and scores of books with quote after quote from Rome declaring by their doctrines, evil is good and Christianity is evil. I have been telling friends of the ministry for YEARS that when I am blessed with the opportunity to go into the ministry full time my web site will most definitely double in size in no time flat, and not long after that, triple in size. This will occur mainly because I have so many articles to share with you all that I truly do not have the time to share them. I have literally thousands upon thousands of articles piling up all over the place that expose the Vat-of-sin in Rome in a bevy of ways. Everything from hundreds upon hundreds of articles speaking of child molestation, to priests with AIDS, priests robbing brinks armored cars, to a priest posing nude with a Bible as a prop to hide his genitals! The collection is truly vast.

So, with that in mind, please understand the articles I am about to share with you now are merely a speck in the mountain of evidence compiled against the vat-of-sin in Rome.

Vatican Bank Top 10 Money Laundering Destination
For Immediate Release
November 23, 2001

Law Offices Of Jonathan Levy and Thomas Dewey Easton
Tel. 513-528-0586

According to one global source, the Vatican is the main destination for over $55 billion in illegal Italian money laundering and the number 8 destination worldwide for laundered money, ranked well ahead of such offshore havens as the Bahamas, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

In a recent report by the London Telegraph and the Inside Fraud Bulletin, the Vatican was named as a top "cut out" country along with the offshore banking centers of Nauru, Macao, and Mauritius. A "cut out" country is one whose banking secrecy makes it is all but impossible to trace laundered funds back to their source.

The Vatican Bank is desperately resisting a legal action for an accounting of stolen World War II assets in a San Francisco Federal court (Alperin v. Vatican Bank) filed by Serb and Jewish Holocaust survivors. Contrary to the above reports, a declaration filed under penalty of perjury by the Vatican Bank’s attorney, Franzo Grande Stevens, states in part that the Vatican Bank’s "fundamental purpose is to promote pious acts" and that its depositors "are essentially limited to Vatican state employees, members of the Holy See, religious orders, and persons who deposit money destined, at least in part, for works of piety." Stevens also declared to the court that the Pope controls the Vatican Bank and that bank records are not retained after ten years.

It seems that the Vatican Bank, a major illegal money laundering operation, is hiding behind the benign image of John Paul II. Given the Vatican Banks alleged involvement with Nazi loot and current links to organized crime, a reckoning cannot be far off. The accumulating evidence points to a more piratical than pietical Vatican Bank

For more information see:
For more information, go to the "Up to date info on the VATICAN LAWSUIT" page.

Works of piety? Does the Vatican consider the Inquisition an act of piety as well? March 12, 2000 was an open admission of the Vatican that it did in fact fund what it considered "acts of piety" by the Inquisition itself. Not to mention the crimes this law office is busy bringing to the forefront in a court of law. Indeed the Vatican is frantically trying to stop its inevitable and prophecied global exposure as the Antichrist of prophecy. However, as all eyes will soon see, a "day of reckoning" is short in coming. There is far toi much evidence to support the fact that the vatican is NOT using those funds for acts of piety. It is using them to kill, maim, and destroy. As was said so perfectly in the article, "The accumulating evidence points to a more piratical than pietical Vatican Bank"

Pope is Bin Laden's Christmas target - ex-CIA chief

The Vatican's security advisor believes the Pope is the prime target of Osama bin Laden. Vince Cannistraro says bin Laden sees His Holiness as a symbolic head of the crusaders. The former CIA anti-terrorism chief says he fears a Christmas assassination attempt. Mr Cannistraro says the al-Qaida terror network will attempt an attack during the festive season in revenge for the West's bombing of Afghanistan during the muslim holy month of Ramadan.

"The Pope is the prime target because the US continued to bomb during Ramadan," Mr Cannistraro warns. "He looks at the Pope as the symbolic head of the crusaders and a natural target." Terrorist experts believe an earlier plot on the Pope's life by Islamic extremists was foiled in 1995 when he visited the Philippines. A spokesman for the Vatican told Ananova: "We never comment on the security arrangements of the Pope." Italy's Corriere della Sera newspaper says US Intelligence have uncovered plans to assassinate John Paul II at least 3 times in the last five years. Former US President Bill Clinton confirmed the failed plot in the Philippines to kill the Pontiff by a kamikaze pilot crashing a small plane onto the Pope's car. The pilot had been trained in a flight school in the US.

Last updated: 09:57 Thursday 22nd November 2001
See this story on Ananova:

This makes it far easier to explain to those that do not believe the Vatican is considered a "Christian" organization responsible for acts of terror by modern day terrorists. Osama Bin Laden and ALL those that hate "Christianity" are truly hating CATHOLICISM thinking it is Christianity. They THINK Christians are evil simply because of the documented historic facts concerning the atrocities of ROME. The Roman Catholic Church has KILLED over 150 million people, and Bin Laden, as well all those that think like he does, actually look at the Pope as the leader of the Christian church simply because he SAYS he's the leader. Soon the entire world will see who the REAL cause of all the wars and terrorism is. For prophecy does declare that the Lord will expose the Vatican what it is before the eyes of man.

The following is a quote from -Charles Malik. Former Pres. Gen. Assemble of the UN, Ambassador to the US from Lebanon.

The only hope for the Western World lies in an alliance between the Roman Catholic church, which is the most commonly, influential, controlling, unifying, element in Europe and the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Rome must unite with Eastern Othodoxy because the Eastern Orthodox Church controls the Western Middle East. (The east end of the Mediterranean), and if they do not solidify that control, Islam will march across Europe. Islam is political. The only hope for the Western World lies then in a united Europe under the control of the Pope."

 The east end of the Med... is where the stronghold of Islam resides. Don't think for a moment the Gulf War with Iraq was only about OIL. Saddam Hussein see's himself as the head of Islam. Also understand that the pope has been considered the leader of Europe for decades now. Every aspect of their changing political structure as well as their monetary system have all been the brainchild of Rome. Europe has been the testing grounds for a Global Government for many years now. You can now cross any border in the entire continent without bothering to show a passport or exchange your currency. Soon this "new world order" will be implemented on a global scale. When? As soon as the prophecied economic disaster occurs. However, are there signs the agents of Rome are getting a bit impatient? Do they want to "jump the gun" before all the pieces of the puzzle are put in place?


Friday Church  News Notes, November 2, 2001 (David W. Cloud, Fundamental Baptist  Information Service, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061, 866-295-4143,  Roman Catholic bishops in the European Union have  issued a report calling for the creation of a global government "to counter  worldwide poverty and instability." This is the type of thing that the  Antichrist will also promise in his quick rise to power in coming days.

The Vatican has proven to enough "heads of state" that the "new world order" already implemented in Europe works. The agents of Rome that are obviously unaware of what's going on behind closed doors are actually letting the cat out of the bag here. In a way you can say they are "prophesying" just as Rock & Roll singers allow demons to speak through them regarding the plans of hell. Antichrist is standing much bolder now folks. This can only mean one thing. The prophetic facts for our day are about to escalate like never before. REPENT!!! FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND!

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat arrived in Rome tonight for talks with Pope John Paul II and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

ROME, Oct 29 AP  Arafat told reporters at Caimpino airport that international pressure was behind Israel's decision to withdraw troops from Bethlehem and nearly Beit Jalla and said he hopes the pullouts would continue. Israel said today it would withdraw from four more West Bank towns if a cease-fire can be maintained. The incursions have been sharply criticised in the international community. Arafat was to have an audience tomorrow morning with the pontiff, then a meeting with Berlusconi. The Palestinian leader is a frequent visitor to Rome.  He was last here in August for meetings with the pontiff and Berlusconi. Today's audience with John Paul will be there 11th meeting. Italy is a strong supporter of Palestinian rights and backs Arafat's call for an international force to monitor the conflict. Since the fighting began more than a year ago, more than 700 people have been killed on the Palestinian side and nearly 200 on the Israeli side.

Two nations that both embrace killing. The Muslims that are ruled by Arafat with their Koran that declares "Kill the infidel!" And the Pope who leads the very church that killed 150 million Christians have had ELEVEN MEETINGS since the unrest began? How many meetings has the Pope had with leaders of Israel? One? Two? None? One can see where the allegiance of the Pope resides. Just as it was back in Hitler's day, the Pope is siding with the one that openly hates the Jewish people. Why is this blunt reality being ignored? Fact is, it has to do with Global Government and the acceptance thereof. Just as Vietnam wouldn't bow to the Pope idea of "conversion" to Catholicism, neither will Israel. However, Palestine is more than willing to side with the Pope and take part in his global agenda. In fact, Palestine has already made an open declaration of acceptance of the Babylonian god of Rome.


The Palestinian Authority has issued a large stamp, valid for international mail, featuring images of the Canaanite god Ba'al as an idol and a bull.  In the Bible and in the Koran, Ba'al is an idol and a false god who is in opposition to the one and only true God.  Ba'al has also been referred to as the devil (Satan) through the names Ba'ali'za'bub and Iba'lis.  Thus, most Christians and Jews would consider this stamp offensive.  Jews, Christians and Moslems hold the Holy Land, where many of their holiest sites are located, to be very important to them, and many come here as religious pilgrims to visit their sites of worship.  The fact that this stamp was issued by a government that controls parts of the Holy Land implies a lack of respect for both tourists and inhabitants of the land who hold deep religious beliefs.
Click on the above link to learn more and see the stamp.

First the Pope visits Jerusalem. Then he makes friends with Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat. War breaks out, more meetings with Arafat. More killings commence. More meetings with Arafat. Now Arafat is openly sporting the stamp the Babylonian Vatican prefers. Summary? Rome and Palestine are one. Want further proof?  

More Muslims Than Christians to Attend Papal Mass
John Paul II a Popular Figure in Kazakhstan

ROME, SEPT. 6, 2001 ( More Muslims than Christians will attend the big public Mass that John Paul II will celebrate when he visits Kazakhstan this month.  Father Edoardo Canetta, a member of the papal-visit organizing committee and an Italian missionary who has been in Kazakhstan for the past seven years, announced the news during a press conference on the Sept. 22-25 trip.  On Tuesday, tickets started to be distributed in Kazakhstan for the Mass and other papal events, the priest said. The organizers marveled at the response: 90% of those requesting tickets are Kazakhs, a traditionally Muslim ethnic group.   "There is enormous expectation for the Pope's arrival, not only among Catholics, but also among Orthodox and Muslims," Father Canetta told the Vatican agency Fides.  The grand mufti has called on Muslim faithful to prepare to receive the Great Guest. Several Muslim religious leaders have invited Muslims to attend the Mass, "a sacred action, which will do us good also," they said.  Only 300,000 of the republic's 15 million people are Catholic. In a national competition held two years ago, John Paul II was named the most popular figure of the 20th century.  Unlike their counterparts in Ukraine, the Orthodox in Kazakhstan also look forward to the Pope's visit. Catholics enjoy good relations with Orthodox in Kazakhstan. In fact, several parish buildings are shared.  Today, Monsignor Tomasz Peta, apostolic administrator in Astana, met with Orthodox representatives to cooperate in organizing the visit. He is also scheduled to meet with the new Lutheran bishop.  To date, 500 journalists are accredited to report on the visit. The most numerous are Kazakhs, followed by reporters from Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

Only those that do NOT believe the Christian Bible see nothing wrong with going against that which is written... 2 Thessalonians 3:14, "And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed." The Pope has been instrumental in bringing the Muslim people to his church for many years. In fact , it has been reported not long ago the shooting of the Pope in 1989 was a staged event designed to allow the Muslim people SEE the Pope forgive his would be assassin for attempting to kill him. Ever since then the relations between Rome and the Islamic nation has blossomed. Case in point, did you notice the date of this article? It was penned 5 days BEFORE the September 11 attack on the World Trade center.

Is this decadent desire to join with nonbelievers spreading into the pews of Rome?

Poll: Catholics view fundamentalists less favorably

By Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY

American Catholics look more favorably on Muslims and Mormons than they do on fundamentalist Christians, according to a new poll on political, cultural and moral trends in Catholic life.

A nationwide phone survey of 1,508 Roman Catholics found 56% had a favorable impression of Islam. Similar majorities had a favorable view of Mormons (54%), Buddhists (57%) and Hindus (54%), but only 46% of Catholics had a favorable view of fundamentalist Christians. The Oct. 25-Nov. 1 survey by Le Moyne College of Syracuse, N.Y., and Zogby International of Utica, N.Y., had a margin of error of less than +/-3 percentage points.

Read entire article :

If only the loyal Catholics new what their very own Bibles say about such activity. It makes it that much easier to understand why the Vatican chooses to teach all Catholics to look at the Bible as a "dead letter" now doesn't it. They fear another "Council of Valencia" is in the making if their flock starts to believe their Bibles. So... rather than put forth proclamation that all Bible are forbidden, it is a far better method to teach that all Bibles are inferior. Sad thing is... many seem to believe the lie.

Text of Pope John Paul II's Prayer for Peace

Published: Sep 23, 2001

Text of Pope John Paul II's prayer for peace Sunday in Astana, Kazakstan:
From this city, from Kazakstan, a country that is an example of harmony between men and women of different origins and beliefs, I wish to make an earnest call to everyone, Christians and the followers of other religions, that we work together to build a world without violence, a world that loves life, and grows in justice and solidarity. We must not let what has happened lead to a deepening of divisions. Religion must never be used as a reason for conflict.  From this place, I invite both God whose children we all are, that the supreme good of peace may reign in the world. May people everywhere, strengthened by divine wisdom, work for a civilization of love, in which there is no room for hatred, discrimination or violence.

With all my heart, I beg God to keep the world in peace.  Amen.
AP-ES-09-23-01 0231EDT

The Pope declares "I wish to make an earnest call to everyone, Christians and the followers of other religions, that we work together to build a world without violence" Yet the Word of God declares in 2 Corinthians 6:14, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" How can the Pope or anyone else for that matter look for peace outside the will of the Creator?

The Pope also said, "Religion must never be used as a reason for conflict." Yet when we look back to February 1991 when the Pope himself re-insitituted the "The Holy Office"  formerly known as the INQUISITION, we graphically see again a two-faced message being preached from Rome. The Pope is telling everyone the World over that we should not allow Religion to become a reason for conflict, yet when you look back in History you see that's exactly what the Spanish Inquisition was designed to do. In other words, AS OF February 1991,  the Pope is declaring, "RELIGION MUST NOT BE THE CAUSE FOR WAR AND UNREST, AND IF YOU DON'T STOP IT, THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH WILL DESTROY YOU!"

Keep in mind, this will not be the only ploy used to CONTROL the people and create a false peace prophecy declares will occur just before Jesus returns. The Pope will also try an appeal to the what some consider the "lunatic fringe" as well. And in so doing, declare himself a major false prophet worthy of the title Antichrist. What am I getting at...?


"Claims Catholic scholars in a nation wide newspaper. This is the only true explanation for the walls between east and west Germany falling. The rise of democracy in the USSR. The celebrated decline on apartheid. Peace in South America. Nuclear disarmament, etc... The Pope is simply waiting for the right time to make the announcement to the World that Christ has returned to bring peace. -Lighthouse ministries. (Read from a National Newspaper by Dr Dwight Eric Haynes during a seminar entitled, Proleptic Perspective of the Sanctuary Tape #1)

Yes, the Pope will seek the minds and allegiance of even those that choose not to believe that which is written. 1 Thessalonians 5:3, "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." Sad fact is, MANY that claim to be Bible believers are the very ones that are falling for these lies. No walk of life is safe from the snare of hell.

Bush pursues Catholic support
By Scott Lindlaw Associated Press 

WASHINGTON -- It was more than a social call:  Five days after taking office, President Bush paid a visit to Washington Archbishop Theodore E. Mc Carrick, foreshadowing what has become a meticulous outreach to the nation's Roman Catholics -- a bloc he sees as vital if he is to have a prayer of re-election.  Bush, a Methodist, is lavishing attention on Catholic leaders and their flocks.  He and Democrat Al Gore split the Catholic vote last year -- a big gain for the Republican side after Bill Clinton captured the Catholic vote by a 16-point margin in 1996 and a 9-point gap in 1992, according to exit polling by the Voter News Service. Advisers say they believe Catholics, about one-quarter of the November electorate, are particularly receptive to Bush's initiative to bring religious groups into government-funded charity efforts. "their core values fit with his agenda," White House spokesman Tucker Eskew said.  "...defense of the family, defense of life.  Those issues all ring true with this president's character and that faith's values."Today, Catholics wield special clout in the White House.

Catholic voters in 2000:

*  Made up a fourth of the electorate.
*  Split the vote between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George Bush, 49 percent to 47 percent.
*  Identified themselves as 40 percent Democrat, 35 percent Republican, 22 percent independent.
*  Generally identified themselves as moderate, with 27 percent conservative and 20 percent liberal.  By comparison, 37 percent of Protestants said they are conservative.
*  Were no more opposed to abortion than Protestants.  Just over half of Catholic voters, 55 percent, said abortion should be always or mostly legal, compared with half of Protestants who felt that way.

The Catholic church declares its views on abortion, and most Catholics I know echo those ideals as well. Yet, numbers do not lie. It's all a farce. When you are behind a curtain where no one is looking, the truth comes out. And the survey said...? 55% of Catholics have no real objection to abortion, in fact they prefer it stays legal. Historically speaking, this was never the case.

Before abortion was legalized, Catholics were known to steer clear of even birth control methods not approved by the Vatican. Now do you understand the cleverness of Satan? Preach BIRTH CONTROL!! That way MANY "Catholics" are born. This has been their agenda all along. Now we see it coming to pass. The Mark of the Beast needs to be enforced. And the only way it can be done is to get Government officials scurrying to do the bidding of the Church of Rome TO GAIN VOTES! Watch the topics of legislation in the near future. In fact, look at the recent past as well. Clinton was already aware of the POWER OF CATHOLIC VOTES was he not? As was Ronald Reagon. Now that the church of Rome has over 50% of Congress, and over 50% of the Senate in its court, getting the President to do it's bidding has become child's play. Think about it. Power crazed Government officials will gladly sell us all down the river and do all that Rome asks to ensure their silk lined pockets remain packed to the gills with OUR tax dollars. If votes keep them rich, then votes is all they care about. No matter WHO is voting and for what reason!

Pope Calls All World Religions to January Peace Summit in Assisi

Pope John Paul II has called a meeting of leaders of all the world's religions on Jan. 24, in the Italian hill city of Assisi, birthplace of St. Francis, to pray for peace and to work to improve relations between Christians and Muslims, which deteriorated following the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. According to Reuters, the Pope, speaking to pilgrims and tourists in St.Peter's Square on Nov. 18, said the international situation concerned him.

In his address on Sunday, the Pope also urged Roman Catholics to hold a fast for peace on Dec. 14. By abstaining from food, the Pope said Catholics could help concentrate their prayers for a world where peace is stable and founded on justice. "Let's try to find proper solutions to the many problems that assail humanity," he said.

He said it was particularly important for Muslims and Christians to show the world ``that religions must never be allowed to become a cause of conflict, hate and violence.''

Think about this. When you pull all religions together you sufficiently remove one major aspect of the political agenda. Regardless is a person is Democratic or Republican, or even Communist. If you can get them to agree on a Religious footing, you have sufficiently quenched all political opposition. It no longer matters what your party desires when your religious leader is your main governing voice. Not too long ago this would be impossible. Never before would you be able to pull all parties together under one agenda. That being world peace. It is a "good agenda" however, it is also a prophecied agenda as well. But the people do not realize this. The Antichrist is totally aware that in order to get the parties to unite, the church must do it first. And as of June 26, 2000 we see this as reality. Prophecy declares the beast in Rome would have his "one world church" and now, thanks to the beginning of the "United Religions Initiative" we see that the Pope has no problem calling ALL the worlds religions to a meeting. Restr assured... THEY WILL ATTEND!

Before closing I would like to curtail a possible flood of cards and letters regarding my statement I made at the start of this newsletter regarding a Roman Catholic priest that posed nude using a Bible to hide his genitals.

Holy nudity
A priest gets in trouble for posing naked in support of charity.

By Jack Boulware

Jan. 17, 2001 | At the time, it sounded like a good idea to Father Olan Rynn. The project was a calendar, the sales of which would raise funds for child cancer and cerebral palsy. A young mother in Galway, Ireland, came up with the idea, based on another charity calendar in the U.K. Celebrities throughout Galway had agreed to pose for the project, including several athletes, a gynecologist and the proprietor of a bookshop. The sole stipulation was that each had to appear naked.

The 28-year-old Rynn said, "Oh sure, why not?" and had his photo taken while sitting bare-ass naked in a wing chair with legs crossed, wearing only his Roman collar, and a Bible hiding his penis. ENTIRE ARTICLE ...

That's right. It really happened, and the Bible, the Holy WORD OF GOD is now needed to hide his WHAT? This ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST uses the Holy Word of God as a pornographic prop?! No respect whatsoever for the Word of God Almighty is so apparent in this Synagogue of Satan! Think of it! All those in the world that look to the Roman Catholic church as a Christian church are now making decisions for OTHER religions because this church is obviously EVIL TO THE CORE! They actually believe Christianity is evil simply because they believe Catholicism is Christianity! The devil really IS that cunning!

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When my sister, Crystal, sent me the Remnant of God link last week, the first  thing that registered in my mind was, "God, not another Christian website..."  (Do keep in mind that I have always been a firm believer in Christ, but not  necessarily always a follower- I am 17). I went there, and let's just say  that I haven't been able to resist the urge to type "" in my  browser URL box, every time I sign online! :)
In Christ's Love,

YOUR site is the greatest!...your doing a great service to god!...keep it  up!...


Hi Nicholas,

I have read three of your books.  Each of them are right on the the mark with scripture.  Praise Jesus for your obedience unto HIM.

Please forward to me The Second Window

I am in the process of praying and sharing this information with my nieghbors.  They are Pre-Trib, Once saved always saved, and possess no clue to the importance of Sabbath worship.  They believe as many do:  The law was abolished at calvery.  Please say prayer for our nieghbors and also for my wife that is somewhat believing their theories of scripture.

Thanks again for your open heart to the true meaning of God's Holy Oracles.


You know....... as I read, and re-read your website, I can't believe how much courage this takes!   Wow!  So much info is available to the public if they will just read and believe.  You really have a message, and life can't be easy for you!   People can sure be hateful.  Yes, the viruses and all.  The attacks won't stop as long as the end is coming nearer and nearer.   You are to be commended.   For me, I find that you are very easy to listen to in chat....  Sorry to say some of the others are not!!   I guess that most don't see the urgency of this message like we do!    Your professionalism does show..... while others have none!!!   The Father raised you up to be a great speaker for our time.  I truly believe this..
I can appreciate all of your concerns. 

Love to you and yours!

Hi Nicholas;

You are a prince for taking the time to put this together.

I have printed "Rapture" and "7 year Trib" on plain bond paper.  I will buy some document protectors and some binders, so that I may use the facts as study materials for friends and family.  I am currently meeting with military chaplains, in attempt to get them to see the true light of the Holy Word of the Most High (Jesus). 

 Nicholas,  thank you again for your talent and your time. I am very grateful to have your talent and service in my path.  May HIS hand of blessing touch so very softly and sweetly in your time of prayer, praise and need.

 In HIS service and for HIS glory,

Very sincerely,

I just recently finished reading your newest addition under the topic  Man.   Disturbing. I have read information on a few of the other organizations, however this was the first time I have seen it in relation to the rcc. Several years ago, after watching jfk and hoover I had come to the conclusion that jfk's demise was an inside job. 

 The picture I have formed of this conspiracy reality has come from many years of snap shot glimpses of disconnected information.  I have a picture that is close to 3 dimensional now.  Although the author of the (recent to me) paper does not do as good a job as you do connecting the dots, I certainly get the gist.

 Talk to you soon bro,

God bless you Nicholas, You speak the truth, without condemning those who might be part of this, without realizing what they do. I wrote to you over a year ago, I don't know if you remember, but I do. :) I still have found no home church, but I keep my faith. This message hit me hard because although I have moved to the Midwest, I just moved here from Oak Harbor Wa a year and a half ago, I grew up there, and had catholic and Baptist friends there. I pray that God can help them, and us. :) I love them, I do not want them to be lost, I'm praying they won't be, I think I know them, God knows them better. :)

In christian love,

My fervent prayer is that you have been blessed by the Truth Provided in this Newsletter.

Truth is Truth!


John 14:29!

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