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 articles posted 12/26/05

  Unite against terror, Pope says in Christmas speech
By Philip Pullella Sun Dec 25, 7:02 AM ET

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict, in his first Christmas address, on Sunday urged humanity to unite against terrorism, poverty and environmental blight and called for a "new world order" to correct economic imbalances. The Pope made his comments to tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered under umbrellas in a rainy St Peter square for his "Urbi et Orbi" (to the city and the world) message and blessing. In his address, telecast live from the central balcony of St Peter's Basilica to tens of millions of people in nearly 40 countries, he also urged his listeners not to let technological achievements blind them to true human values.

He said humanity should look to the Christ child for encouragement in times of difficulty and fear. "A united humanity will be able to confront the many troubling problems of the present time: from the menace of terrorism to the humiliating poverty in which millions of human beings live, from the proliferation of weapons to the pandemics and the environmental destruction which threatens the future of our planet," he said.

"Do not fear; put your trust in him! The life-giving power of his light is an incentive for building a new world order based on just ethical and economic relationships," he said, speaking in Italian.

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Why does this pope like the previous pope desire a NEW WORLD ORDER?

Ex Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera states... "The main underlying Roman Catholic purpose is to infiltrate, and penetrate all the areas of life, were the Roman Catholic Church can have control with excess in a One World Government. ...this have been in preparation especially since the formation of the Jesuit order in 1541 to infiltrate absolutely every area of society so as to take over the world politically and religiously. The two main doctrines of Catholicism that define this are... The doctrine of the Apostolic succession, which is actually the Papacy. And the doctrine of temporal power which is secular government.  The office of Pope illustrates this easily... The Pope is the head of the Church as well as the head of the State of Rome."

Think of it this way as well. ANY nation on earth has high hopes to rule the world, right? The USA, Russia, even Iran and Iraq display desires to rule the world. The Vatican is no exception because it is not only a church, it is a sovereign state as well! The beast (Rome) most assuredly has the harlot woman (Catholic church) guiding its reigns.

This isn’t a new thing. The present thrust for political unity is not unique by any means. By invasion, men such as Charlemagne, Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm, and even Hitler, have tried to unite Europe, as well as the world as one. Human efforts to unite Europe have consistently failed all throughout history since the fall of Rome. And this is as the prophecy declared it should and will be. However, a new effort is being made to unite Europe by appealing to the almighty dollar, as well as the luxury of convenience. It seems it’s much easier to conquer by consent rather than conquest.  There is no doubt that the architects of the European Economic Community, or Common Market, have goals that are just now coming to light. The EEC had its beginnings in 1957. The initial gathering, in the City Hall of Rome itself, was signed, sealed and delivered by what is known as the Treaty of Rome. Initially, six nations were signatories to this treaty… West Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Later, six more nations have joined—Great Britain, the Irish Republic, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, and Greece. Together, these nations represent an economic landscape that far exceeds that of the United States of America. And the Pope knows this. The Pope is about to “quietly” do what most men through time have been unable to do by force.

The Roman Catholic Vatican nation, or beast as Daniel and Revelation refer to it as, must have global power so as to enforce it’s prophecied mark upon the small and great, rich and poor, free and bond. This global government idea is as old as life itself. This has always been the case with the god of this world. So, it is no surprise that in our day in age, we too must contend with the likes of Roman rule.

On February 17, 1950, Banker, Paul Warburg stated before the US Senate, and by the way, he said this a mere seven years prior to the formation of the EEC that, "We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent." Is it any wonder a banker would say such words? Where’s the connection you ask?

Revelation 13:17 says plainly that the global power, which most Christians refer to as Antichrist, will put forth laws that state “no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." Buying and selling is a very important aspect of the banking industry. They are literally the ones holding the reigns on this one. In my June 6, 1999 Truth Provided Newsletter I shared a partial list of all the attendees of the Bilderberger’s global meeting that was held in Portugal on June 3,4,5,6th of that year. The list I had in that newsletter was rather huge, regardless of the fact that it was a partial list. They have been planning a New World Order for many years people. It appears the time is come! John Paul II declared he wanted a New World Order back in January of 2004. And now we see his predecessor echoing his very words. Are there any signs this new pope is on this path?

What did Revelation 17 say about the LAST desire of this beast?

Can prophecy be so accurate? Would the Vatican actually declare it has TEN KINGS on this earth NOW? Read this...

Adaptive Model of the Global World System
 "The Club [of Rome] had its beginnings in April of 1968, when leaders from ten different countries gathered in Rome...The organization claims to have the solutions for world peace and prosperity...The Club of Rome has been charged with the task of overseeing the regionalizaton and unification of the entire world...

"The Club's findings and recommendations are published from time to time in special, highly confidential reports, which are sent to the power-elite to be implemented. On 17 September 1973 the Club released one such report, entitled Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System... The document reveals that the Club has divided the world into ten political/ economic regions, which it refers to as 'kingdoms.'"

What are these TEN KINGDOMS they refer to? Or, New World Order?

The Ten Kingdoms of the New World Government

Kingdom 1: Canada and the United States of America
Kingdom 2: European Union - Western Europe
Kingdom 3: Japan
Kingdom 4: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel and Pacific Islands
Kingdom 5: Eastern Europe
Kingdom 6: Latin America - Mexico, Central and South America
Kingdom 7: North Africa and the Middle East (Moslems)
Kingdom 8: Central Africa
Kingdom 9: South and Southeast Asia
Kingdom 10: Central Asia

For more info on this see my April 2005 Truth Provided Newsletter

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Vatican: Parts of David’s Tomb to Be Under Papal Control

16:21 Oct 20, '05 / 17 Tishrei 5766
By Naomi Grossman

An official Vatican newspaper has reported that during his upcoming visit to the Vatican, President Moshe Katsav will sign an agreement giving parts of David’s Tomb over to papal control.

If such an agreement is signed, it will put an end to drawn out negotiations that began in 1998. Israeli and Vatican representatives began discussing issues of jurisdiction over certain sites around seven years ago. These sites include various buildings and parcels of land that the Catholic church claims it used to control.

The church is now seeking to reclaim its ownership of these sites. Among the places under debate is an area that the church refers to as the site of the “last supper,” which is situated at the burial site of Kings David, Solomon, Rechavam, Assa, Chezekiyahu and Amatzia.

The Vatican newspaper, El Messagero, reports that President Katsav is expected to sign an agreement during his visit that will give the church control over the upper part of David’s Tomb. The church has already shown Israel a trial agreement, according to which the Vatican will receive control over this part of David’s Tomb in exchange for the ancient synagogue in Toledo, Spain, which was converted into a church after the expulsion of the Jews in 1492.

In response to the newspaper’s report, an official from the Foreign Ministry states “Israel is not prepared to relinquish its jurisdiction over this area.” At the same time, they admit that a blueprint of a possible agreement with the Vatican has been received.

Source =

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Report: Israel to hand control of Jerusalem holy site to Vatican

November 7, 2005

Israel is to give the Vatican control over one of the most sacred Christian sites in Jerusalem, several European newspapers have reported recently.

According to the reports,
Israel will give the Holy See possession of the Coenaculum, or the Room of the Last Supper (also known as the Upper Room or the Cenacle), on Mount Zion. In exchange, Israel is to gain control of a 12th-century synagogue in Toledo, Spain, which is currently the Santa Maria la Blanca Church, says the Times of London. The synagogue became a church during the 15th-century expulsion of Jews from Spain.

President Moshe Katsav and Pope Benedict XVI
are to announce the historic real estate deal during their upcoming meeting in Rome, the reports claimed.

The Foreign Ministry has dismissed the reports as "nonsense," but they have already aroused stormy reactions from religious factions warning against a change in the fragile status quo in relations among Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Israeli government sources said the report recycles an old proposal that came up during more than a decade of Israel-Vatican talks on bilateral ties. They called the Catholic proposal "insulting and unreasonable," and said an Israeli investigation indicated that the Vatican does not even own the Toledo church.

The ministry said Israel rejected the proposal in 2003 and that the issue has not been raised since.

The only Israeli official who has publicly spoken about this issue is former interior minister Avraham Poraz (Shinui), who said during a visit to the Vatican last September that from Israel's perspective,
the exchange could take place if the relevant parties were to agree.

In the last few days, officials in the Greek Orthodox Church have asked the Jerusalem municipality for an explanation, since it claims ownership of all of Mount Zion. The Diaspora Yeshiva, which uses several buildings on Mount Zion, asked Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Sunday to intervene in an effort to prevent "the Tomb of David from getting into Christian hands."

In a letter to Sharon, Diaspora Yeshiva representative Shmuel Berkovitz said, "Turning the Coenaculum into an active church is a way of desecrating the holiness of the Tomb of David" and is offensive to Jews. Berkovitz, an expert on holy places, said the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who could be expected to visit the Coenaculum would make the lives of the yeshiva students intolerable.

In a letter to Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski, Diaspora Yeshiva head Rabbi Mordechai Goldstein said the yeshiva would not let such an agreement pass quietly. Diaspora Yeshiva students have been involved in several violent conflicts with their neighbors, and in 1978 took control of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, which is near the Room of the Last Supper.

The two rooms are considered the fourth-holiest site in the Christian world. The Room of the Last Supper, where, as the name indicates, the Last Supper is said to have taken place, is on the second floor of the building in question. The first floor houses the Tomb of David, a holy site for Jews and Muslims, where King David is said to be buried.

SOURCE: Haaretz


The fact they have already started construction on the third temple, and the fact there is much talk in the Press about this Vatican takeover makes it obvious that yet another prophecy of ANTICHRIST is about to be fulfilled by the Vatican. Which prophecy you ask?

Speaking of the beast, Daniel says...

This will be the Vatican's final and most fatal mistake. Things are most assuredly SPEEDING UP!

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