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 articles posted 12/11/05

  Spokesman stands by Jesus-Santa reference
      Says Bush 'meant exactly what he said' at tree lighting ceremony
      Posted: December 6, 2005 5:33 p.m. Eastern
      By Les Kinsolving
      2005 WorldNetDaily.com

      Presidential press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters today President Bush "meant exactly what he said" when he alluded to Jesus during his remarks at the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony only to end that part of his speech with a reference to Santa Claus. National Christmas Tree lighting at White House

      As WorldNetDaily reported, flanked by the first lady, as well as members of Congress and the Cabinet, Bush told the public at the event: "The lighting of the National Christmas tree is one of the great traditions in our nation's capital. Each year, we gather here to celebrate the season of hope and joy - and to remember the story of one humble life that lifted the sights of humanity. Santa, thanks for coming. Glad you made it."

      The remark received a few chuckles from those in attendance, as Bush continued to speak to a Santa Claus figure, stating, "I know you've got a lot of commitments this time of year. By the way, we have a lot of chimneys at the White House if you're looking for something to do."

      At today's White House press briefing, WND asked McClellan if the president would apologize to Christians offended by his referring to Jesus as Santa. Suggesting the administration failed to see a problem with the remark, McClellan responded, "The president meant exactly what he said."


The attack on the Christian is escalating to such an extent that blasphemous jokes about our Lord and Saviour are made by a "so called" born again Christian. George W. Bush has proven who's side he is on since day one of sitting in that kindergarten class while ignoring those airplanes slamming into the twin towers. He, like all the rest in the media, have drawn the line in the sand. Like Goliath, they stand erect and boldly mock and ridicule our Lord, His peaceful ways and His glaring Truth, and claim their hatefilled and murderous acts are superior. They claim to be good and moral and at time they even claim Christ Lord! Yet time and time again they show the fruits of those that not only hate Christ, but seek to destroy Him, His people, and His Truth. Outside of praying for their precious souls in the hopes they accept Christ as Lord, what can we do about any of this?

Romans 12:19, "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."

Like David, all we can do is press forward and take the steps directed by our God. This is not our fight. They have tempted our God to respond as did Goliath. All we can do is trust Him to do as He has prophecied and watch Goliath fall at the very breath of His coming. So, let them mock, let them ridicule. Let them portray Christians in Hollywood movies as simple minded people wearing multicolored wigs flashing bible verses on posters. Let the media wrongfully call us Christian terrorists. Let the Vatican design laws to take away our freedoms. Let them do all they can muster. For this is all they can do until Christ returns. How trivial and ridiculous all their shallow actions will seem one million years from now.

Christ is risen! Christ will come again!

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200 more Churches Commit to the First Annual Ten Commandments Day: 

Nov 3, 2005 (BOCA RATON, FL)-- Another 200 churches have signed on to take  part in the first annual worldwide Ten Commandments Day coming up on Feb 5,
2006, reported Ron Wexler, President and CEO of the Ten Commandments Commission, one of the world's fastest growing faith-based grassroots efforts. "This is in addition to the hundreds of churches, synagogues, ministries, and  organizations that have already partnered with us in this massive, organized show of  support for God's law and righteous standard," he said.  

Wexler expressed his thankfulness and joy for the latest outpouring of  support for the Ten Commandments effort. "We knew it would come, but this latest  series of commitments exceeds our wildest expectations," he said. "Our ultimate  hope is for one million churches, cathedrals, synagogues, and other groups  around the world to partner with us and participate in the first-ever global Ten  Commandments Day celebration."  Ten Commandments Day on February 5th will be an opportunity for millions of  church and religious leaders, along with believers from around the globe, to come together in unity, repentance, prayer, and hope, explained Wexler. "I  earnestly believe and pray that together we will be able to bring a reverence for  God's word and authority back to the nations of the earth," he said.  For churches, synagogues, and believers who observe a Saturday Sabbath, Ten  Commandments Day will be celebrated on Saturday, February 4 th. Added Wexler, "We have also created a unique 'Ten Commandments Pin' to serve  as a global symbol of our stand for God's law and righteousness.

We want every  person who cares about Judeo-Christian values to wear this pin as a bold  expression of reverence for God's unchanging standard."  Heading the list of ministry leaders who have joined in supporting the Ten  Commandments Commission is Dr. Paul Crouch, founder of Trinity Broadcasting  Network, the world's largest religious television network. "This is one of the  most profoundly important campaigns that believers and Christian leaders can be  involved in at a most crucial time in history," said Dr. Crouch. "With so many  ongoing attacks against the very foundations any nation needs to survive and  prosper, Christians everywhere simply must make a bold stand for God's  righteous standard. I believe this is a divinely appointed opportunity."  Among the other ministry leaders who are offering their active support for  the Ten Commandments Commission are: Pastor T.D. Jakes (The Potter's House),  Richard Shakarian (Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship), Pastor Billy Joe  Daugherty (Tulsa Victory Christian Center), Benny Hinn (Benny Hinn Ministries), Ted  Haggard (National Association of Evangelicals), Dr. Mark J. Chironna  (Master's Touch International Church), Richard Roberts (Oral Roberts University),  Marilyn Hickey (Marilyn Hickey Ministries), Bishop Paul S. Morton (Life Center  Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral), Dr. Jerry Horner (Director of Doctoral Studies,  Beacon University), Dr. Charles Phillips (Official Representative to the United  Nations as a Non-Government Official to the Economic Council), Bishop Harold  Ray (Redemptive Life Fellowship), Bishop Eddie L. Long (Bishop Eddie Long  Ministries), Dr. Charles Green (Faith Church of New Orleans), Floyd Flake (Pastor  and former Congressman), and Rabbi Yehuda David Greenberg.  "Ten Commandments Day is going to be a monumental event in the history of our  nation and across the globe," declared Susan Zahn, President of WDC Media, a  leading Christian Public Relations firm. "I believe we will witness the impact  of it for years to come."  

Media Contact
Susan Zahn
WDC Media


As those of us that understand bible jurisprudence can see, the denominations listed in this ecumenical event are not Christian at all. This is well known as fact by even babes in Christ when they see the blasphemies of Rome, the worshipers of money on TBN, and the open hatred of Christ by those in the Jewish faith. So what should we as true commandment keeping Christians do in a case like this? Well, it's really quite simple. What does our Lord and Saviour suggest in His Word regarding walking with those that deny Him and His Word? Should we join with them and suggest all is well with God? What does His Word say on this?

How can we walk with those that deny plain Bible teachings and at the same time claim to be in God's good graces? IMPOSSIBLE! He is not a God of putty where we can mold Him to our desires! He is a God of TRUTH! We can do nothing less then HIS WILL.

For more info on this so called "Ten Commandments Day" celebration, click here.

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